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									                                                                                    January/February 2008

                                            January 24th                       February 28th

                                            Guild 101                          Preparing your
                                                                               Quilts for Exhibition
                                            The wonderful thing about a
                                                                               or Competition
                                            new year is new/or renewed
                                            ideas and projects that we are
                                            eager to tackle. That is exactly   An informative and fun lecture
  Our Mission is:                           what is planned for your           that will have you showcasing
                                            January guild meeting.             your best work in style! Tracy
  ✦To contribute to the knowledge of                                           Byers is a local quilt teacher
    quilting and the textile arts.          Program Chair, Marcia Gilson,      and pattern designer who has
  ✦ To  promote the appreciation of fine     plans on giving a short            also been involved in the
    quilts and quilt making.                description of the guild, aka      challenging and changing field
  ✦ To contribute to the growth and
                                            Marys River Quilt Guild 101.       of quilt judging on a regional
    knowledge of the art and the industry
                                            The new Block of the Month         level for the past six years.
    through educational meetings and
                                            program will be presented and      She'll give you the inside
                                            explained. Committees will be      scoop on what the judges are
                                            sharing the opportunities you      looking for (and what they
                                            can have if you choose to be a     aren't!), as well as tips for
  Officers                                    part of them and we will all get   entering different types of
                                            to know each other a bit better.   competitions. Her trunk show
  President - **
                                            Come and see what is in store      contains examples of the good,
  Vice-President-**Donna Johnson            for 2008 – you don’t want to       the bad and the ugly!
                                            miss out on the fun.
  Secretary -**Debbie Van Der
                                            Newsletter Format                  For Sale
  Treasurer - Denise Goodale
                                            By now you might have              Grace Quilting Frame with
   **We will be electing new                noticed that this newsletter has   king size add on.  3 years old.  
  officers for these positions at           a different look from the          New $1200, asking $700.
  our January meeting. See                  previous ones. This is due to      Phone 757-6117 email:
                                            the fact that the editor’s         vickiesinthegarden@juno.com
  article on page 2.
                                            computer crashed before the        Vickie Smith
                                            holidays and the replacement
                                            computer is now a Macintosh
                                            instead of a PC.

January/February 2008 newsletter                                                             page 1
Library News                                               anyone to sleep in the bed or sit on it with the quilt
                                                           on it, but for the time being it makes it easy to enjoy
Five new books were added to the guild Library in
December.  Ricky Tim's Rhapsody Quilts - his               Thank you again for participating in the quilt show
techniques are always interesting and worth trying         and giving people an opportunity to win something
for unique, one of a kind quilts.                          they would never otherwise have the opportunity to
Ruth B. McDowell's Design Workshop: Turn
Your Inspiration into an Artfully Piece Quilt.  I          PS. When I meet someone new from Sisters or that
found this and her last book to be a simpler version       is a quilter I always tell them I am the lucky person
on her classic "Piecing, Beyond the Basics" and            that won the 2007 quilt! Most look at me with great
highly recommend it for of those of you wanting to         jealousy.                             Linda Steele
branch out with your own designs. Maaike
Bakker Strip Pieced Quilts: Easy Designs from              Elections
Just Six Fabrics.  If you want to make a quilt that
will require less thought and still look great this is a   Guild officers are elected on a two year rotation.
great find. Gloria Loughman's Luminous                      The positions of secretary and vice-president are up
Landscapes.  Using paint and thread with your              for election in 2008. At the November guild
landscape quilts to turn them from ordinary into true      meeting Debbie Van der Sommen and Kelly
zingers! Curl-Up Quilts by Becky Goldsmith and             Esbenshade were nominated for these positions
Linda Jenkins.  I have found these two to always           respectively. Since our president, Mistianne
write a very understandable, easy to follow book           Guzman moved away we also need to fill the
with great illustrations and techniques.  For you          remaining year of her position. Kathy Butler’s
flannel lovers, this book is about flannel applique.         name was placed in nomination. Additional
                                                           nominations will be taken from the floor and then
The library committee will be ordering new books           we will vote for new officers at our January meeting.
again in February.  Please let us know about any
particular book you would like to see in the guild         Membership Renewal
library.                          Jean McDaniel
                                                           It is time to renew your guild membership. Please
Letter from raffle quilt winner                            fill out the form on the last page of the newsletter
                                                           and bring it to the meeting along with your money.
Linda Stelle
                                                           If you are unable to attend the meeting, please mail
Please extend my long over-due gratitude to the
                                                           your check and the form to MRQG, PO Box 1317,
Marys River Quilt Guild, for creating the beautiful
                                                           Philomath, 97370-1317.
quilt which I had the good luck to win! It is truly a
thing of beauty and I feel so fortunate to own it! I
                                                           Prog rams - a year at a Glance
am President of AmeriTitle and I have shared it with
dozens of people who have laid their hands on it in
                                                           Our new program chair, Marcia Gilson has been on
wonder. Where did you come up with such a great
                                                           the job for a few weeks and already has lined up
idea, how may people did it take to make it, how
                                                           some new and interesting programs. Look for
long did it take to complete and who are the women
                                                           speaker Martha Sparks giving Highlights from the
of Marys River Quilt Guild? Please extend my
                                                           Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum’s Permanent
heartfelt thanks to them and assure them I will
                                                           Collection in August and Peggy Gelbrich telling
treasure it always.
                                                           about Signature Quilts in September. Our Challenge
                                                           meeting will continue in October. See our website
Currently I have the quilt on a bed in my home that
                                                           for a complete listing of programs for the year.
is in a spare room and one I can take people into to
see it in its full glory. In No way would I allow

January/February 2008 newsletter                                                         page 2
Service Committee                                       Quilt Guild Challenge

Attention all quilters!!  The service committee         A Galaxy of Stars is the theme for the 2008 Quilt
members, like many quilters, are gifted at              Guild Challenge. The theme is based on the 2008
conceiving and starting projects and not quite as       Star Raffle Quilt. Fabric packets are available for
gifted at finishing them!  We have many, many            purchase at the guild meetings. The cost is $10.
blocks that have been donated and/or that have been     Using the five fabrics in the packet—three fat
constructed by members from packets that we             quarters and two fat eighths—guild members are
organized.  We would like to invite anyone who
                                                        invited to use their imaginations to make a project
would like to join us on our work mornings to come
                                                        that reflects the theme. Additional fabrics of the
help put these into useable quilts.  We have lots of
different jobs for people if they would like to help,   quilter’s choice also can be added.
including sewing on labels, hand stitching or
machine stitching bindings and quilting or tying        The challenge is to use some of each fabric in the
quilts.                                                 top/outside of your project where it shows. The
                                                        rules/guidelines are: to meet the challenge and to try
The museum has told us that most likely sometime        at least one new technique or idea that is a challenge
this summer we will be able to expand our work          for you. No additional fabric has been ordered, so it
area to a room upstairs so that we can prepare          will be up to each quilter to find more yardage of a
projects in one place and work in another.  We          particular fabric, if you need it. Quilters will reveal
would have more room for people who would like to       their projects at the 2008 October guild meeting.
join us.  If you are interested we meet on the
morning of the guild meeting from 8:30 - 11:30.  
                                                        Block of the Month
Occasionally the meeting time is changed to
accommodate my work schedule so if you are
                                                        It has been a few years since we have had a “Block
interested in joining us, please contact me or a
                                                        of the Month”. With the tremendous help of Lisa
member of the committee to make sure that we will
                                                        Ullmer, we have rejuvenated this guild activity and
be there.  Hope to see some more members come
                                                        hope that many of you will enjoy the challenge and
and help.
                                                        participate. A block and color/fabric theme is
                                                        chosen for each month. Participants make a block
Lynn Grube chair (dlgrube@pioneer.net), Carol
                                                        and put them into a drawing. A name is drawn from
Farnes, Bunny Brehm, Elsa McCloskey ,Myra
                                                        those that have put in blocks that month and the
Kiekel, Emily Miller, Loyce Lemay
                                                        winner goes home with hopefully enough blocks to
                                                        put together a small quilt top.

Secret Sisters                                          Blocks have been chosen that fit into the star theme
                                                        and to give us inspiration to make a quilt or two to
Calling all members!  Do you want to check out new      honor Oregon in 2009 as it celebrates its 150th
places or share great places with other quilters?       birthday. The hope is that you will love the blocks
Here is your chance to coordinate trips.  The job is    so much that you will make one for the drawing and
easy.  Just think of places to visit and tell all the   another for yourself. Maybe you will even consider
other Secret Sisters about it and set a date.  Have     making a third one and we can use it for a raffle
people volunteer to drive and there you go.  You can    quilt to support a guild project. The ideas are
even have pot lucks or craft nights.  It is all up to   endless. Make sure to pick up a packet of patterns at
you. Do you think gifts are too much?  Change the       the January meeting so you won’t miss out on this
process to Birthdays and Christmas only.  The job is    fun project.
up for grabs and anyone can do it.  Just let Debbie
VDS know you are interested.A Galaxy of Stars
2008 Marys River Quilt Guild Challenge

   January/February 2008 newsletter                                                      page 3
                                                           December - Helping Hands
                                                           We tied seven quilts at the meeting and three
                                                           people brought back quilts that they had taken at
                                                           the November meeting to either quilt or bind for us.
                                                           These pictures show many helping hands putting
                                                           on a binding.

MRQG Cosmic Raffle Quilt 2008

Forwarding an intergalactic communication from         you help, the more chances you will have to win
the crew (Kathy Butler, Kelly Esbenshade and           the "satellite" quilt.  
Debbie van der Sommen)...
                                                       More details will be available later in the year on
The journey continues...  The Cosmic Quilt has         the ticket sales from “The Firm” and Jan Andrews-
turned out to be a large galactic queen size, it was   McKirdie.
transported off to Jean McDaniel at the December
guild meeting for some stellar quilting.  It should    Background Information on our
be back to be shown at either the January or           Candidates
February guild meeting. The star theme has
proved to be very popular to all who have viewed       Since the nation is learning more about the
it. We think it will have universal appeal to ticket   presidential candidates we thought it would be
buyers, which will help benefit the Guild!              helpful to know a bit more about our fellow guild
                                                       members whose names have been placed in
The second "prize" quilt will be jettisoned this       nomination for office
spring. It will be a smaller version of the Cosmic
Quilt with a few variations to make it unique.  This
quilt will be won by someone within the guild who      Kathy Butler - for president
has helped with this mission.  By your                 (completing the one year term left
participation, you will earn chances to                from Mistianne)
win.  Already, for each star that you made for the
Cosmic Quilt, your name will be entered into a         I live in Philomath with my husband Warner. We
separate drawing.  In addition, for each ticket you    are both retired, me from middle school teaching/
sell, your name will be entered again.  The more       administration, and Warner a Naval aviator, and
                                                       (continued on page 5)

     January/February 2008 newsletter                                                     page 4
(Election Information continued )                              I have always been intrigued by the
                                                               textile/fiber arts, I love fabric and adore
are transplants to the wonderful northwest. We have            yarn.  My interests other than quilting are
four children: a son in Vail, CO, a daughter and son           crocheting, wool felt, punch hook rugs
in law in Ft Worth, TX and two sons and daughter               and weaving.  I am attempting to teach
in law in Monterey, CA.                                        myself how to spin my own yarn and
                                                               even have a pygora goat.  I have high
To further my hobby of quilting  I work at JanniLou            hopes for her as a source of raw material
Creations one day a week and teach quilt classes. I            (she gets a little nervous about how I
previously managed a quilt shop in California and              look at her).
taught quilt classes as well and belonged to three             

quilt guilds in the area. I have been lucky to have            My only regret about my obsessions is
several quilts published in Jan Krentz's books.                not having enough time to get all my
                                                               ideas accomplished, I have more than my
My other interests including gardening and am                  fair share of UFOs.  I think that puts
certified as an OSU Master Gardener. I volunteer                most of us in the same boat... now if we
teaching others about good gardening practices.                could just get it to cruise to the
We have been lucky to settle in such a warm and                Caribbean!
welcoming community.

Kelly Esbenshade - Candidate for                               Debbie Van Der Sommen -
Vice President (two year position)                             for secretary (two year

I have a wonderful, supportive husband and a
talented 10 year old son.  My husband, Mark, makes             Debbie is currently serving a 2 year term
all the appropriate ohhs and ahhs when I show him              as guild secretary and has enjoyed it so
my projects and my son, Jake, is learning to quilt             much that she is willing to run again. She
and has shown great imagination.                               has been a sewing fiend since she was a

My Grandma taught me how to sew, embroider and
crochet when I was a young girl.  I made my first               Although she began quilting 30 years
quilt when I was about 15 years old, It was a                  ago, since moving to Oregon she has
green and white baby blanket for a neighbor.                   increased her production.  She is married
                                                               to Mike and has an 18 year old son who
Almost all the quilts I have made I have given                 both keep her busy too.
away, I take a picture of it and send it off, set it free!  
I make things for people I love and I want my quilts
to be used, not stored away, another lesson I learned
from Grandma.

January/February 2008 newsletter                                                                page 5
               Contemporary Fiber Arts Group is Forming

What :        An organizational meeting to launch a local contemporary fiber arts group is
              in the planning stage. Contemporary fiber art encompasses all forms of
              artwork that use fiber as a medium. The potential goals for this group are:
              •Share information about fiber arts activities and opportunities such as

              workshops and exhibits
              •Provide fellowship for the contemporary fiber arts community
              •Promote the appreciation of contemporary fiber arts to the community
              •Enhance contemporary fiber arts knowledge, techniques, materials, and


              We have secured a meeting location and time for a once-a-month meeting
               (7 pm, second Tuesday of each month) at the Corvallis Art Center. There
              will be an initial $20/year membership fee for those interesting in joining to
              offset the rental cost for the meeting space, and to have funds to pay for any
              guest speakers.

When:         Tuesday, February 12, 2008
              7 pm

Where:        Corvallis Art Center, lower level
              Use outside stairs to lower level accessed from parking lot on west side of

If you are unable to attend the initial meeting but would like to be included in e mail
correspondence about the formation of the group, please send an e mail message to Nancy
at bryantn@comcast.net

Initial Planners Nancy Bryant and Cheryl Jordan
For information contact Nancy at: bryantn@comcast.net or 754-7540, evenings

January/February 2008 newsletter                                                         page 6
                                  Membership Application/Renewal



Guild 101                         Phone_________________________ Email________________________________

FEBRUARY 28                                                 Type of membership
Preparing your Quilts for                               January 1 - December 31, 2008
Exhibition or Competition
                                                          (Check appropriate box)

Wearable Art - Monine Stebbins
                                  child up to 17 $10.00

APRIL 24                          adult $25.00
Speaker - Patsy Brookshire,
                                  senior (65+) $20.00
MAY 22
APNQ “Spice of Life” slide show   over 80 - free

                                                                     First Class

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