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Pastor s Message (DOC)


									     Message from Pastor Dick                  allow us to visit our relatives in Norway
                                               and Finland. We wondered if we would
Have you noticed, as I have, the               ever be able to take such a vacation.
wonderful provision of God seen in the
lengthening days that cause growth in the      I will never forget the conversation I had
natural world? This occurs even in the         with my bishop at that time. He asked the
absence of the warmth we might normally        question, ―Why don’t you just go?‖ I
expect this time of year. There is no          feared we would amass too great a debt.
getting around it; this has been a cold        He urged, ―Go and trust that God will
spring. Still, the flowers are blooming,       continue to provide for you.‖ It did not
trees are blossoming (our apple tree seems     seem the prudent thing to do. We did
to have an overabundance of blossoms           decide to go, however, and through the
this year), the grass is growing, and we       years, we have remarked again and again
have quite a time keeping up with it all.      how blessed we were by that experience.
In spite of the extra work it brings, I love
                                               What is my point? Just this: very often
this time of year.
                                               doing the prudent thing really only
I love this time of year; it promises          disguises our lack of trust in the
growth and fruitfulness. As a sort of          abundance of God’s grace, and our fear
down payment on the promise, we get to         concerning the future. We look at the past
see the first signs of a promised harvest.     and we make projections about the future,
(Many without a particularly warm spot         and then we act on the basis of those
have not dared to put their tomato plants      projections, not daring to dream that God
out.) I think I also love this year            is able and willing to do more than we
particularly, because the cool, damp           envision. We play it conservatively,
weather reminds me of my family’s first        trying to hedge our bets and anticipate
trip to Scandinavia. This spring has a         every possible downturn. In the process
nostalgic feel to it.                          we take God out of the picture. In
                                               considering the expenses of the trip and
The summer when we made that trip came         our limited resources, I had not allowed
after a particularly difficult time in our     for the possibility that the Lord would
family. Roxanne’s mother had died after        choose to bless us. God did it (partially)
a difficult battle with lung cancer. That      through the congregation we were serving
was tough in itself. Worse was the             at the time.
following experience of a breach of trust
in financial matters between us and a          At Holy Trinity we are approaching the
member of the congregation. It appeared        end of our fiscal year. We are facing the
we had lost to fraud the funds Roxanne         task of adopting a budget for the next
had been left by her mother. We had            fiscal year. Given the realities of the
intended those funds to be used to help        economic situation in the larger
provide education for our children, and to     community, and the experiences of Holy
Trinity over the past several years, it       Summer Worship… here before
seems prudent to be very conservative in      we know it!
our projections of expected income.
However, if we do that are we not really      On Sunday, May 29th, we started a single
saying we believe that God is going to do     summer service schedule, beginning at
less through Holy Trinity in the coming       9:30AM.
year than God has done in the past? That
is a prescription to die as a congregation.   The first weeks of June include High
The congregation, no less than individuals    School Senior Sunday Celebration on
lives by faith. God always calls us to        June 5, Pentecost and Confirmation
envision a greater and livelier future than   (Reaffirmation of Baptism) on June 12,
what we have known. God calls us to act       and the annual congregational meeting on
in faith.                                     June 19, immediately following the
                                              worship service.
That is not to say that we should be
extravagantly optimistic about what we        But come early! Beginning at 9:15 AM
think the church will have as income. But     on most Sundays, we’ll gather to sing any
if we do not set a goal that gives us         of the favorites you’ve been missing
something to shoot for, we will continue      lately. Joy will be on call to play any of
to write budgets that are smaller and         the ELW hymns and songs you request
smaller, and the congregation will shrivel.   (Christmas, Easter, or Patriotic… no
                                              limits here) to sing. It provides an
                                              uplifting way to gather and prepare for
Please remember to have a family              worship; join us!
member or friend contact the pastor or the
church office if you are hospitalized or      In these upcoming summer worship hours
need pastoral care. Pastor Dick’s home        we will also renew our acquaintance with
and cell phone numbers are printed on         the Marty Haugen liturgical setting ―Now
the calendar page of the newsletter if you    the Feast and Celebration‖ in worship, as
need to reach him for an emergency.           well as learn a few of the ―paperless‖
                                              songs on the spot.
                 Deaths                       Chancel choir will meet on these first
      Helen Taylor - May 12, 2011             Summer Sundays beginning at 8:45 AM
                                              to prepare an anthem for that day. If you
      Jean Bussell – May 25, 2011             are interested in singing in this ―pick-up
                                              choir‖ for one or more Sundays, just come
                                              at 8:44 (bring your voice!)
                                              Joy Lingerfelt
Sunday Morning Adult Education               We have ordered ten books ahead of the
                                             study if you would like to purchase a
Taking a break from our usual format, this   copy, bring $16 to the church office.
summer we will offer a book study of the
just-released, exciting book by Marcus            Special Sundays in June
Borg, ―Speaking Christian: Why
Christian Words Have Lost their Meaning           Sunday, June 5 at 9:30 a.m.
and Power—and How They can be                    High School Senior Recognition
                                                  Sunday, June 12 at 9:30 a.m.
A number of folks have already read it             Pentecost and Confirmation
and have rave reviews: ―Probably one of            Wear the colors of fire – red,
the most, if not THE most important book             orange, yellow or gold!
we have accessed to the HTLC library‖--
Eldora Pederson. ―This book is just
SIMPLY FABULOUS! I can only read a               Annual Meeting of the
bit at a time, but it answers so many                 Congregation
questions I have.‖ – Merry Van Deusen.        Sunday June 19th after 9:30 AM
―This is a book that deepened my
                                                  worship – 10:30 AM
understanding with every page—a must
read.‖ – Don Corson. And from the ad in
The Lutheran Magazine: ―This book             Annual Reports will be available
could start a revolution. Borg cracks open         on Sunday, June 5th
the encrusted words of faith and pops
them into fresh language that people can               Congratulations!
understand and trust. The last time this      Eric Braun & Alexandra Mateu were
happened, we got the Reformation.‖            married on May 7th in Victoria, British
                                             Columbia and had a second ceremony in
The study will take place on Sunday               Port Townsend on May 14th!
mornings following worship, beginning
on June 5th, gathering at around 10:45
AM. The class will be facilitated by Don
Corson who attended a seminar by Borg          We will continue communing with
prior to the publishing of this book. The       the ancient practice of intinction
study will be arranged so that you can       (dipping) through the season of Easter,
drop in or out as your summer schedule                  Sunday, June 5th.
allows and it is not necessary to have a
copy of the book in hand.

       Holy Trinity Preschool                         Congregational Life
     Jesus loves children and we do too!
                                               Retirees’ Lunch Group will meet on
We had lots to celebrate in May. We            Tuesday, June 7 at noon at Joshua’s
celebrated Mother’s Day with our               Restaurant. $11 pays for your meal, tax
Mother’s Teas. We gave our mothers and         and tip. All retirees are invited! Contact
grandmothers presents, hand drawn              Esther Swenson 457-4646 or Lois Larsen
placemats, sang songs and shared a snack.      457-9706 for more information.
We finished our year on Friday, May 27th
with graduation for the three day class.       The Holy Bookers Book Club meets on
We are so proud of our graduates. They         the first Wednesday in the church library.
sang to their families, received a diploma     New members are welcome, Wednesday,
and were gifted with a Holy Trinity            June 1 from 5-6 PM. The following is a
Preschool T-shirt. It was wonderful to         schedule of books to be discussed:
                                                    June: The Zoo Keeper’s Wife by
bring both classes together for our year
                                                         Diane Ackerman. Leader:
end potluck.
                                                         Eldora Pederson
The year has flown and we are grateful to           (Not meeting in July or August)
all who helped us, supported us, prayed             Sept: When God Doesn’t Answer Your
for us, and most importantly encouraged                  Prayer by Jerry Sittser. Leader:
us. We thank God who blesses us with                     Martha Sirguy
his endless grace and enfolds us with love.         Oct: The Book Thief, by Marcus
                                                         Zusak. Leader: Karen Tharaldsen
Have a spectacular summer!                          Nov: Speaking Christian by Marcus
                                                         Borg. Leader: Merry Van Deusen
Peace, Zorba                                        Dec: The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah
                                                         Vowell. Leader: Bonnie
    Enrollment for Fall Preschool
The Holy Trinity Lutheran Preschool is         Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on the
enrolling for preschool. Children must be      second Monday of each month, June 13
age three by August 31st to enroll in the 2-   at 1 PM in the chapel. Contact Carol
day class and age four by August 31st to       Dunlap or Karen Epler for more info. All
enroll in the 3-day class. Contact the         are welcome!
church office at 452-2323 for more
information or an enrollment form.             The Saturday Men’s Breakfast group is
                                               open to all men. They start with breakfast
                                               at 7:30 AM and conclude around 9:00
                                               AM. All are welcome!
Bulk Food Repackaging News                    Holy K.O.W. (Kids on Wednesdays)
                We provided 40 bags of        Calling all KOW-hands to the corral!
                Split Pea soup to the         This fun evening for families with young
                Forks Stand Down in           children begins with a meal provided at
                May, which 65 veterans        5:30 pm, followed by fun activities that
                and their families            vary each week. Our time ends at 6:30
                attended. We also took        pm with a Bible lesson and dessert. Come
200 bags of Chili to the food banks. These    join us! (Volunteers always needed -
organizations are extremely grateful to       contact Vicki Corson about how to support
Holy Trinity for the meals we provide.        our young families!)

The Port Angeles Food Bank needs more         Holy KOW March calendar of activities:
soup and has arranged for a donation of         June 1  Outdoor Games
some of the beans and all of the tomatoes       June 8  Bulk Food
from one of their donors for us this month.     June 15 Annual End of Year Luau
We are providing the other ingredients.
This reduces our costs considerably. On       Special thanks and big KOW Hip Horray!
Wednesday, June 8 at 5:30 PM we will          To faithful helpers Tara Lange and Dave
be assembling Bean & Barley soup mixes        Shargel.
and could use many hands. This is our last
session until September so please come        Lutheran World Relief Quilters meet on
and bring your friends and family to help.    the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month, June
                                              14 & 28 at 10 AM in the quilting room
After the summer break we’ll be back in       downstairs. More hands are needed. No
September and will need the following         experience is necessary. All are welcome.
items.                                        If you are interested in starting another
    Lentils & Split Peas – 25 pound bags     quilting group to meet at a different time,
      preferred                               give us a call in the church office.
    Brown rice
    Ziplocs - sandwich and snack size        Friday Night Movie gathering meets in
    Cash                                     the Youth Room at 7:00 PM. Popcorn is
                                              provided. A list of movies is in a large
Our Stewardship Project of the Month          envelope on the bottom shelf just outside
is for the Lutheran World Relief layette      the office. The ratings are listed with each
kits:                                         movie so parents can decide if the movie
      cloth diapers                           will be appropriate for their children.
      receiving blankets                      Children must be accompanied by an

If you would like to receive a list and         HTLC Building and Grounds
description of the movies by e-mail,                    Workday
e-mail to Bonnie Christianson at
                                                   Saturday, June 11th
                                                    starting at 9 AM
Our Self-Service Library is open                      (Lunch will be provided.)
whenever the church building is open.         The plan is to work on the following:
Easy directions for locating, checking out        Painting the trim (red) on the
and returning books are posted in the                education wing – south side.
library and fireside room. The library has
                                                  Paint siding around south entry
over 3,500 books and several periodicals.
                                                  Wash mold off north side of
Several new books for children and adults
                                                     sanctuary – especially west side
are added each month. See the ―Library
                                                     and repaint
Notes‖ on page 13.
                                                  Clean gutters at both entrances and
60ish Men’s Group - This is a group of               on garage.
men of a certain age (60ish) that meet on a   If you would like to help with any of these
somewhat regular basis, on Friday             tasks – contact Rob Ruud at 457-7389
evenings for a simple supper, using the
PBS series ―God In America.‖ Because
we have chosen to meet on Fridays, and              $1,000 Thrivent Choice
Fridays often have other community                     Dollars Allocated
events happening, the schedule is some-       Thank You Thrivent Members! In May
what up in the air. If you would like to be   HTLC Choice Dollars were allocated to
a part of this group, talk to Pastor Dick,    the following HTLC ministries who are
Andy Meyer, Gene Unger, Rob Ruud,             ―helping our neighbors.‖
Bob Larsen, Don Corson or Jim Ude. The
next gathering is on Friday June 3rd at           $200 to Bulk Food Repackaging
5:30 PM.                                          $200 to Breakfast Bar Project for
                                                      homeless youth
    Marian Johnson is at Avamere Rehab.           $200 to LWR Quilters
           and would love visitors.               $200 to Advocacy in Action
    1000 So. 5th Ave., Sequim, WA 98382
                                                  $200 to HTLC Youth Activities
                                              Watch for more Thrivent Choice dollars
Doris Walls is recovering at Sequim Health
                                              to be allocated in the future.
   and Rehab. and would love visitors.
      650 W. Hemlock, Sequim, WA              Vicki Corson, Thrivent Congregational
                 582-2400                     Advocate
Paula Grimes is leaving from her                             Thanks!
 position as Preschool Assistant
                                             Thanks for your support of the Lenten
At our HTLC Preschool graduation we          stewardship project – God’s Global
bid farewell not only to our 3 day class     Barnyard, an ELCA Hunger project. We
but to our wonderful teacher assistant       tallied the donations - $255 which enabled
Paula Grimes. After five years being the     us to purchase one sheep, one goat, one
cheerful ―other hands‖ for Zorba, Paula      pig, two ducks and ten chicks. Thanks!
has decided to be more at home for her
own two girls. Paula brought to her job a    The Quilt & LWR shipment included 66
love of children, a caring compassion, a     quilts, 42 school kits, 28 health kits, 12
cheerful smile, and a calm personality.      sewing kits and 13 layette kits! Thanks
She has expressed a satisfaction of          for your support!
bringing God’s love to our little ones. We   Thanks to the Men’s Breakfast Group
all will miss her preschool presence. But    for making breakfast for Holy KOW
Paula will continue her office presence,     dinner in May.
working a couple of days a week in the
church office.                               Thanks to Merry Van Deusen and her
                                             team of volunteers for their time and
We are looking for someone to fill Paula’s   talent making the ―Jammin for Justice‖
shoes. An application and job description    event a success! It was a great evening of
is available in the church office. If you    music and fellowship!
know of someone who might be interested
in this position, please have them call or   Thanks to Zorba for hauling HTLC
stop by.                                     coffee grounds and food scraps to your
                                             home compost bin from the upstairs
             HTLC’s                          kitchen.
        Mission Statement                    Thanks to Barbara Townsend and
Called by God’s grace to share the           Esther Swenson for helping to host the
           Good News,                        annual Preschool Potluck following
   We are the hands of Christ:               graduation.
          opened in love,                    Thanks to Barbara and Esther who also
      extended in welcome,                   defrosted the freezers downstairs.
        joined in worship,
                                             Thanks to all who have donated paper,
        offered in service,                  napkins, paper towels, stamps and copy
       reaching for justice.                 paper.

               More Thanks!                          Financial Situation as of
We have had a really great team of                       April 30, 2011
Sunday School teachers this year who                   April General Fund Income:
                                                            Actual: $37,207
have faithfully shared God’s love with our
                                                            Budget: $43,326
HTLC children. Please offer your thanks
to Gretchen Souza and Katie Sirguy who           April General Fund Expenses: $42,682
shepherded our Dining with God kids
(middle school and high school), to Ann               YTD 4/30 Income: $366,656
Lundwall who crafted weekly with the 4th-            YTD 4/30 Expenses: $413,409
6th graders, to Candy Burkhardt and Kathy             YTD 4/30 deficit = $46,753
Nielsen who delighted in the queries of             Mortgage Balance: $382,886.62
the Kindergarten through 3rd graders, to          5.75% - Pay off date: August 1, 2020
Brandon Sirguy and Katie Beery who
bounced with the preschoolers, and to
Gene Unger, Kathy Braun, and Art Ruud                  Our Mission Partners
who played and sang with the two year               First Step Family Support Center
olds. Many, many thanks for a great year!                       Parentline
                                                         Encore-Adult Day Care
                                                  Lutheran Community Services NW
                                                     Tanzania - School Scholarships
               Z’s Green Tip                                 Holden Village
                By Zorba Stricker                 Salishan Eastside Lutheran Mission
                                                          SW WA Synod ELCA
    There is still a need to conserve water.      Lutherwood Camp & Retreat Center
    Catch water from sinks to water plants;        Serenity House and Dream Center
    use a dishpan. Use a barrel outside to        Healthy Families of Clallam County
           catch water. It all helps!            Volunteers in Medicine of the Olympics

                                                         Stay for Brunch
    Remember to recycle when you are at              July 10th and August 14th
    HTLC. There are a recycle bins in the                 in the Fellowship Hall
     Fellowship Hall, upstairs lobby and              following 9:30 AM worship
              office. Thanks!                  Sponsored by Peggy & Friends (I may be
                                               calling you!) Donations will be accepted
                                               and proceeds will be forwarded to VIMO
                                               and MANNA. If you would like to host
                                               another Sunday, call the office to get it on
                                               the calendar.
       A Little HTLC History                   Lopez. At the Mar. 2, 1955, meeting
                                               authority was given to buy the land for
Because of my present position as the          $14,005.00.
facilities guy, and because I have been
attending this church for a long, long time,   The September minutes contain the
I have come to appreciate even more the        following passage ―Mrs. Oscar (Grace)
wonderful legacy our building represents.      Erickson advised the group of God’s
I thought it would be fun and informative      challenge to us in the mission field in our
to look through the Church records around      own community and explained that the
the time of construction. So here are          growth of our Church depends on our own
some random gleanings from 1954-1956           activity in making new members for our
Vestry meetings and related documents.         Church.‖ Grace was a member of the
                                               Building Committee, her husband was a
In 1954 there was much discussion about        vestry member, and their daughter,
whether we should add on to the existing       Sandra, was one of 30 confirmed earlier in
building at 8th and Oak or build new.          May. At this meeting preliminary plans
Evidently the congregation was thinking        from the architect were adopted.
big because when the Education Study
Committee asked the question ―How large        Bids were requested but came out
an enrollment in our Sunday School             ―disappointedly‖ high over the architect’s
should we plan for?‖ the blank was filled      estimate. At the congregational meeting of
in with 800.                                   Mar. 3, 1956, a resolution passed that we
                                               enter into a contract with DelGuzzi
A building fund campaign was started and       Construction for $227,600. The vote was
the Mar 3, 1954, Vestry minutes reported       102 ―yes‖ and 3 ―no.‖ The tally was
that pledges were made totaling $145,636       preserved on a scrap of paper included
to be paid over 3 years. To put this in        with the minutes. The local firm,
perspective, the average income of             DelGuzzi, was chosen because they
members was reported as about $5,400,          seemed to be more willing to negotiate on
there were 525 families, only 10 families      some items than the actual low bidder
were giving over $4.50 per week in their       from Seattle. There was also an issue
regular offering and 456 families were         about whether they would be using kiln
giving less than $1.25. In today’s dollars     dried lumber. The total cost of the new
the pledged amount to the building fund        building with architect fees, land,
would be well over one million.                furnishings, etc., was to be $319,516.19.
                                               (In today’s dollars $2,575,298
At the Jan. 23, 1955, congregational
meeting it was resolved to sell the present    I did not find the actual move in date but
building and build new at Chase and            the Mar. 3, 1957 minutes proudly

proclaim the Vestry met in the Fireside      Fischer), Don Cornell (husband of the late
Room (the exact location was never           Maxine), Dr. Quintin Kintner (who was
mentioned in any other minutes). The         married to Margaret White, father of Dr.
meeting adjourned for group discussions      William Kintner, grandfather of the late
by the board members and resumed at          Quinn Kintner), Ed Halberg (father of the
10:30 P.M. The time the meeting actually     late Dorothy Duncan, grandfather of
concluded was not mentioned but I            Kathy Braun, great grandfather of Rachel
counted 15 more motions and reports after    Braun), Mrs. Alf Ruud (mother of Art and
10:30. Evidently they liked the building     Rob Ruud).
so much they wanted to spend more time
there.                                       I’ve done the connections from my very
                                             limited memory; I would love to hear
Throughout the documents I found names       about any others. I would also love to
with wonderful memories and                  hear from all who have memories about
connections. Grace and Oscar’s daughter,     these times. Maybe these could be put in
Sandra, went off to Pacific Lutheran         a later article. I think some of us would
College were she met a student headed for    like to just sit down and hear the ―old
the seminary. They returned to Port          timers‖ reminisce.
Angeles in 1962 to get married in the
relatively new building. They would          Rob Ruud
serve congregations in Renton,
Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis
before Sandy returned one more time in       Thank you Holy Trinity for supporting
1988 when her husband Charlie Mays was       the Jammin' for Justice event on May
called as pastor to this congregation.       21. After expenses we made almost
                                             $4,000 (as of May 24). Amazing!
Other familiar names with present or         Wonderful! Thank you! LPPO will
recent connections to HTLC: Present          receive $2,000, MANNA $1,600 and
members – Virgil Read, Delores               Advocacy in Action will use the
Mangano, Dennis Duncan, Mrs. Sig             remaining for upcoming projects and
(Georgetta) Larson, Mrs. Kenneth (Jo)        'seed' money for next year.
Breitbach. Several of the men mentioned
have passed away but their wives are still   Thank you Advocacy in Action team for
very much with us including – Harold         the countless hours given to make this a
Elmer (husband of Agnes, father of           successful event. We are the hands of
Sandra Miller-Lange), Earl Rinehart          Christ ... offered in service, reaching for
(husband of Hazel}, Stanley Johnson          justice. Faithful action for the common
(husband of Marian). Others include          good. Merry VanDeusen
Pastor Carl Fischer (father of Dr. Mark
        Vacation Bible School                          “New Wine” is coming!
                                                         Tuesday, July 12th
Hosted by St. Andrew’s Episcopal
Church the week of July 18-22, our              In July, a Lutheran youth drama group
annual ecumenical Vacation Bible School         from Sauk Rapids, MN, named New
will be loads of interesting fun for kids       Wine, will be in our midst, spending a few
from age three through grade five.              nights, and on the night they arrive, we
                                                hope to welcome them with dinner, and
ReNew is the theme which is an
                                                then follow them upstairs to see their
environmentally focused VBS program
                                                musical/play production written by their
that inspires kids and adults to grow in
faith, have fun, and change the world as
they practice stewardship of creation.          We’ll have a signup sheet at the office
Based on the parable of the sower, kids         counter as the event gets closer, for any
will learn all kinds of great stuff about       families interested in participating in the
God’s love for them and how we live and         potluck, or even perhaps housing a few of
grow together in that love.                     the visitors. (34 youth and chaperones are
                                                in the group.)
Registration forms will be out in early
June. Be sure to think of your neighbors        July 12, 2011, is the date we have set
and friends and invite them to join us.         aside for this.
Craft and snack lists will be available later
                                                Here is a note from the Pastor about his
in June.
                                                expectations (and experiences) for the
Specific personnel needs are for group          Drama Troup that he also directs.
leaders, helpers, and youth helpers.
                                                ―We will offer whoever shows up an
Contact Vicki Corson if you would like to
                                                evening performance of our musical
                                                KINGDOM TALES. It is a show for all
                                                ages and its message is one that the
                                                Christian community can rally around.
                                                Realizing that it's tough to draw a crowd
                                                on a summer's evening, we are completely
                                                alright with small audiences. We once
                                                performed at a large church in LA in
                                                which 4 people came to the show. They
                                                were a great audience: our philosophy has
                                                been: whoever comes is why we are
                                                performing. We would hope to put out a
                                                basket for a freewill offering, but we don't
require any specific amount of                  More Recycling Opportunities
offering! For your end of the work, all we             are coming!
would need from you is space in which to
perform (we bring our own sound and           Just a note to suggest that if you plan to
lights), one meal (supper before the          get a new backpack for school next year
performance), floor space on which to         (or if you have several collecting dust in
sleep, and the distribution in your area of   the closet), save that gently used one for a
a few posters we would send you. We're        caring project we plan to launch later this
certainly not opposed to staying in homes     year.
but we come with sleeping bags ready to
camp out on the floor.‖‖                      Another project we are looking into is
                                              collecting old athletic shoes (shoes that
Surely, on a midsummer week night, we         are not even good enough to donate to
can provide an audience greater than 4?!!     Goodwill, etc.and would remain forever in
                                              the landfill). The Nike company’s Reuse-
Joy Lingerfelt and Pastor Dick Grinstad       A Shoe program collects worn-out athletic
                                              shoes for recycling, regardless of
     Worship Volunteers Needed                manufacturer. The shoes are transformed
              Ushers                          into Nike Grind, a material used for
     Snack Hosts or Coffee Hosts              athletic and playground surfaces as well
                                              as select Nike products.
     Communion Set Up/Clean Up
We’ll be happy to show you all you need       By the way, last call for any used or
    to know…. Contact the office!             broken crayons. We will be sending a
                                              batch to Crazy Crayons later in June.
 Nursery Attendants are needed!
 Contact the church office for volunteer
application and background check forms.
Volunteers must be a church member and
be approved by the education committee.

     Offering Tellers are needed!
 Contact Gene Unger, Treasurer at 452-
 2098 or the church office. Volunteers
must be a member and be approved by the
           finance committee.

          LIBRARY NOTES                         words help young readers see that what
 Read the reviews of 11 outstanding new         seems dark and mysterious is actually
  books added to the library on May 13.         familiar and safe. A young boy who is
 Be among the first to check them out for       afraid of the dark is taken through his
          summertime reading!                   home on the farm and finds that people
                                                and animals are snug and safe even
    NEW BOOKS IN THE YOUTH                      though the day is done and its sun is gone.
           SECTION                              This beautifully illustrated ―lullaby‖ is a
            Reviewed by Vi Nixon                book to read aloud again and again.

Patchwork Family by Jeanne Zornes;                   NEW BOOKS FOR ADULTS
illustrated by Tim O’Toole. In this story           Reviewed by Tracy Beals, Bonnie
of a blended family, a quilt of memory            Christianson, Don Corson, Lois Larsen,
patches helps young Miguel come to                   Eldora Pederson, Norma Turner,
terms with the ―patchwork family‖ in                      and Merry Van Deusen
which he finds himself when his father
remarries and he acquires a new mom,            Non-Fiction
brother, and sister. It illustrates how those   Speaking Christian: Why Christian
struggling with changes within the family       Words Have Lost Their Meaning and
are helped when their fears are met with        Power – And How They Can Be Restored
love and understanding.                         (2011) by Marcus Borg is a must read.
                                                Borg writes that how we understand
Puzzle Island devised and illustrated by        Christian language is the central conflict
Paul Adshead. This delightful book will         in Christianity today. He convincingly
be the perfect antidote to those moments        writes that words like ―mercy‖ and
during the long days of summer when the         ―righteousness‖ and concepts like ―sin‖
complaint, ―There is nothing to do!‖ is         have been co-opted by ―fundamentalist‖
heard! The reader is asked to help save a       Christians to totally demean their original
very rare creature from going extinct. A        meanings found in the context of the
puzzle on each page of the book reveals a       original language and times. This is a
clue to this very secret mission. This          book that deepened my understanding
absorbing book supports the claim that          with every page. By Don Corson
―play is child’s work…children play to
learn, to grow and to experience the world      Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of
around them.‖                                   Boundless Compassion (2010) by
                                                Gregory Boyle. Father Boyle’s story
The Midnight Farm by Reeve                      provides a chance to see the face of
Lindbergh; illustrated by Susan Jeffers.        compassion and forgiveness: the pain, the
Remarkable illustrations and soothing           joy, and most of all, the faith that
redemption is real. Ministering in the         rigidity. In The Wordy Shipmates, Sarah
epicenter of the gang capital of the nation,   Vowell dispels those images and offers a
he creates Homeboy Industries where            look at 17th century New England that is
gang rivals can learn to work side by side.    both humorous (Imagine! Humorous
Kids call him ―G-dog‖, others call him the     Pilgrims!) and factual. Both Vowell’s
―Ghandi of Gangs‖. It is an inspirational      writing and her approach to history are
read. By Norma Turner                          unconventional. This book is fun and
                                               informative. I recommend it highly. By
Half the Sky (2009) by Nicholas D.             Bonnie Christianson
Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is one of
the most important books I have ever           Unlikely Angel (2005) by Ashley Smith.
read! It grabbed me with personal stories      In March 2005 Brian Nichols shot and
of poverty and its effects on women            killed 4 people in an Atlanta courtroom,
around the world and inspired me with          escaped, then kept Ashley Smith hostage
accounts of work being done to alleviate       in her apartment for 7 hours. This is
these injustices. With realistic optimism      Smith’s memory of that event and how it
the authors offer compelling, practical        forever changed her life. (She currently
strategies for helping change women’s          works as a radiation technologist, has
lives. The women of the world are waiting      remarried, coaches in a high school, and is
for YOUR help! By Tracy Beals                  expecting another child.) A suspense
                                               filled quick read that shows how empathy
At Home: A Short History of Private Life       and faith can work miracles. By Merry
(2010) by Bill Bryson will not disappoint      Van Deusen
regarding the amount of diverse, obscure,
and fascinating information found              Fiction
between a book’s covers. Given to me
                                               The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party
while recovering from hip replacement
                                               (2011) by Alexander McCall Smith. In
surgery, I enjoyed reading it from the
                                               McCall Smith’s latest book, Precious
Introduction to the end on page 452. I
                                               Ramotswe of the No.1 Ladies Detective
think another good way to read the book
                                               Agency, is investigating the killing of two
would be to go to the Index and choose
                                               cows on a nearby farm. There are many
topics that interest you and read what
                                               suspects, but Mma Ramotswe uses her
Bryson discloses. Enjoy! By Eldora
                                               kind, gentle, and wise ways to get to the
                                               truth. Grace Makutsi, an associate at the
The Wordy Shipmates (2008) by Sarah            detective agency, is involved in
Vowell. ―Puritans‖ evokes images for           preparations for her wedding, and there is
most of us of the Mayflower, the First         a crisis concerning shoes. Read and enjoy
Thanksgiving, austerity, and moral             this delightful story! By Lois Larsen

Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days At               ELCA Disaster Response
the Links of Utopia (2009) by David L.         Responding to U.S. Severe Storms
Cook is a novel about a rancher and a          ELCA Disaster Response is supporting
young golf professional. To tell his story,    communities overwhelmed by tornadoes,
Cook draws upon his Christian faith and        rising waters and leveled by destructive
his 25 years experience as a mental coach      winds. The ELCA church is reaching out
for professional athletes, business clients,   to the survivors of these devastating
and others. Golf champion Tom Lehman           storms and assessing the needs, working
states, ―All golfers should read Golf’s        together for as long as it takes.
Sacred Journey. It’s a book that will
change the way your think and the way          Gifts designated to ELCA Disaster
you live.‖ A quick read for golfers and        Response will be used 100% to help
non-golfers. By Eldora Pederson                disaster survivors clean-up, rebuild and
                                               recover. The tornado completely
LIBRARY BOARD: Pam Bundy, Helen                destroyed the church building at Peace
Harvey, Lois Larsen, Vi Nixon, Ann Marie       Lutheran Church in Joplin, Missouri.
Rahfeldt, Caralee Rupprecht, Merry Van         Thankfully all members are accounted for.
Deusen, Eldora Pederson – chair
                                               You help by donating through HTLC by
                                               marking ―Disaster Response‖ in the memo
                                               line on your check.

                                                         Radio Broadcast
           Donate supplies!                              Sponsors Needed
    Paper Towels, Napkins, Stamps              The chart is on the bulletin board in the
       Copy paper: 8 ½ x 11 or                 lobby has some empty Sundays. The cost
              8 ½ x 14                         is $50.00 per week. There are two lines
                                               for each week so two can share the cost at
                                               $25.00 each. Contact Peggy in the church
                                               office at 452-2323 if you have any
   CDs containing 150 photos from the          questions.
 farewell service and luncheon for Pastor
 Julie on Feb. 6th are available. CDs are        The Radio Broadcast on KONP AM
free, but you need to contact the office to               will be at 9:30 AM
         have one made for you.                       on June 12th and July 24th
                                                  due to the Seattle Mariners game.

        Identity Theft: What you                                   Erika Meyer, a soon-to-be-graduate from
             need to know!                                         Pacific Lutheran University, has been
     Sponsored by the Clallam Jefferson                            accepted to a 13-month public health
        County Chapter of Thrivent                                 internship in Copenhagen, Denmark
         Financial for Lutherans.                                  starting August 1st. She needs your help!
                                                                   Make sure to call her at 360-775-5303 if
Identity theft can happen to anyone,                               you need someone to take care of your
anywhere at any time. Don’t let it happen                          house/pets/garden while you're traveling,
to you.                                                            or need a nanny or babysitter for the
                                                                   summer. Thanks so much!
You are invited to a free educational
workshop, ―Identity Theft: What you need
to know,‖ and learn about steps you can                                     PLU Night at the
take to help protect yourself from identity                             Tacoma Rainiers Baseball
theft and what you can do it if happens to                                      Stadium
you.                                                                   Friday, August 12th at 7 PM
The workshop will be presented by                                  Admission is $10 and includes a hot dog,
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans                                   chips, soda and Friday Night Fireworks!
representative Stephen Moser on                                    All students, faculty, staff, alumni and
Wednesday, June 1st, from 6:00 to 7:30                             friends are invited to PLU Night at the
p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church in                                   Rainiers. Come check out the newly
Sequim. For more information, contact                              renovated Cheney Stadium.
Steve at (360) 681-8882 or No                                     Please visit to register
products will be offered for sale. A light                         or call (253) 535-7415.
dinner will be served.
The ―Identity Theft: What you need to know‖ workshop is
                                                                   Submissions for the monthly newsletter:
intended only to educate you about financial decisions. It is      Send to the office by the 15th of the month.
broad in scope and does not consider your individual personal      Copies can be sent via e-mail, regular mail or
financial situation, which is unique. The information and advice
may not be appropriate in all cases. For additional important      in person. Items are subject to editorial
disclosure information, please visit     review by the staff..
We will host a similar seminar at HTLC
                                                                   USPS Identification Statement:
sometime this summer. Watch for details
                                                                   The Trumpet Newsletter is published monthly
in the bulletin or newsletter.                                     by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 301 E.
                                                                   Lopez Ave., Port Angeles, WA 98362


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