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Title: The Quiltmakers Gift

Author: Jeff Brumbeau

Grade Level: 3 - 5

Summary: The Quilt Maker is a woman who makes admiral quilts that everyone wants
to purchase; however, the woman will not sell the quilts for money, but instead, she gives
her quilts to the poor people. The King finds out about the Quilt Maker and wants to get
one of her quilts for himself. When the Quilt Maker tells the King that he has to give
away everything he owns before she gives him a quilt, he refuses; however, as the story
unfolds, the King becomes less selfish in order to get what he wants, one of the Quilt
Maker’s prized quilts.

                                 Literary Report Card

                               King’s Elementary School

Student: The Quilt maker

   Characteristic             Grade                       Comment
                                         The Quilt Maker made the most beautiful quilts
Creative                        A        ever made.
                                         The Quilt Maker stood up to the King and told
Brave                           A        him that she would not make him a quilt until he
                                         gave away everything he owned.
                                         The Quilt Maker kept her word and gave the
Honest                          A        King a quilt after he gave away all of his
                                         The Quilt Maker would not sell her quilts for
Greedy                          D        money, but instead, she would only give the
                                         quilts away to the poor people.
                                         The Quilt Maker wanted things to meet her
                                         standards, in other words, she wanted her way
Selfish                         C        such as when she stuck to her word and refused
                                         to give the King a quilt until he gave away his

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