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                                         MEETING AGENDA
                                                    Friday, March 13, 2009
                                           California Department of Public Health
                                                      East End Complex
                                                  Building 172 - Auditorium
                                                    1500 Capitol Avenue
                                                   Sacramento, CA 95814

9:00-9:15 AM        Meeting called to order/Welcome                                    Frieda Y. Taylor, RTCC Chairperson
                    Opening Remarks
9:15-9:20           Approval of minutes of March 12, 2008 meeting                      Frieda Y. Taylor, RTCC Chairperson
9:20–9:40           Evaluation of the Skull Category in XT programs                    Linda Ortega
9:40–10:40          Review/Approval of Mammography School Curriculum
                    Update of Regulations/Legislation                Phillip Scott
10:40–11:00         RTCC Sub-Committee Reports                                         Frieda Y. Taylor, RTCC Chairperson
11:00–11:30         Minimum Standards for Limited Permit Schools/
                    Proposed Regulatory Changes                                        Linda Ortega, Chairperson
11:30–1:00 PM       LUNCH
1:00–1:15           Presentations                                                      Frieda Y. Taylor, RTCC Chairperson
1:15–1:45           Minimum Standards for Bone Densitometry Technician
                    Radiology Programs/Proposed Regulatory Changes     Beverley Tracewell, Chairperson
1:45–2:15           Minimum Standards for Fluoroscopy Schools/
                    Proposed Regulatory Changes                                        Melissa Martin, Chairperson
2:15–2:30           Break
2:30–3:00           Minimum Standards for Therapeutic Schools/
                    Proposed Regulatory Changes                                        Stephanie Eatmon, Chairperson
3:00–3:30           Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic                  Diane Garcia, Chairperson
                    Technology (JRCERT)/ Proposed Regulatory Changes                   Leslie Winter, JRCERT
3:30-4:00           Minimum Standards for Diagnostic Schools/Proposed
                    Regulatory Changes                                                 Anita Slechta, Chairperson
4:00–4:45           Public Comment Period
4:45–5:00           Closing Comments/Adjourn                                           Frieda Y. Taylor, RTCC Chairperson
Special Accommodations:
For individuals with disabilities, the Department will provide assistive services such as sign-language interpretation, real-time
captioning, note takers, reading or writing assistance, and conversion of training or meeting materials into Braille, large print,
audio cassette, computer disk or electronic form. Please submit request within ten working days prior to the meeting to:
                    Yolanda Powell                                       Nina Gonzales
                    (916) 324-4149                                       (916) 440-7935

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