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									                                  2011 AREA J –RACE MANAGEMENT SEMINARS
THE SEMINAR AND WHO IT’S FOR                                           need to have your own copy of the current US SAILING Race
These seminars are sponsored by the US SAILING Race                    Management Handbook and meet the program's other
Management Committee and US SAILING Area J. They are                   criteria. An application for certification will be provided to
designed for people with some race committee (RC)                      each participant in this seminar.
experience, and newcomers, who wish to become certified                THE DAY’S SCHEDULE
under US SAILING's race officer certification program as a US          0800     Registration and continental breakfast
SAILING Club Race Officer.                                             0830     Seminar begins
WHAT TO EXPECT                                                         1200     Lunch
The topics covered include: RC objectives, RC responsibilities,        1645     Test
sailing instructions, RC jobs, RC equipment, setting the               1715     Test debriefing
course, starting system, starting penalties, before the start,         1730     Seminar concludes
during the race, finishing, scoring and advertising & eligibility.     SEMINAR FEES
The two day Advanced Seminar covers the same and                       The registration fees are as follows:
additional material.                                                        Basic Seminar - $45 for US SAILING members, $75 for
HOW TO PREPARE                                                                  a non-member.
At the seminar, you will need your own copy of the Racing                   Advanced Seminar - $75 for US SAILING members,
Rules of Sailing (“RRS”) and you will be given a copy of Join                   $105 for a non-member.
the Race Committee Team. To prepare for the seminar you                Seminar fees cover; continental breakfast, refreshments for
should try to answer the Study Questions, available on the US          an afternoon break, lunch, all seminar materials, instruction,
SAILING web site under Basic Seminar Study Questions.                  and administration of the test.
Please bring the questions and your answers with you to the            REGISTRATION REQUIRED
seminar. The Club Race Officer Certification Test will be given        You can register on the US SAILING web site.
at the end of the seminar and is optional. However, to be
certified as a US SAILING Club Race Officer under US                     For additional information, contact Area “J” Race Officer
SAILING's race officer certification program, you must                   Mark Townsend, (562) 433-4366 (Home) or
complete the basic seminar and pass the test. You will also              s_mark_townsend@hotmail.com (email)
 DATES                  TYPE           LOCATION                      Event Location                     General Contact
                                                                     2600 South Harbor Blvd.
                        Basic          Santa Barbara Channel Area                                       Gene Beville
 January 23, 2011                                                    Channel Islands Harbor, CA 93035
                        (1 day)        Pacific Corinthian Y.C.                                          genebeville@aol.com
                                                                     P: (805) 985-7292
                                                                     4469 Admiralty Way
                        Basic          Santa Monica Bay Area                                            Bill Stump
 January 29, 2011                                                    Marina del Rey, CA 90292
                        (1 day)        California Y.C.                                                  billstump2002@aol.com
                                                                     P: (310) 823-4567
                                                                     6201 E. Appian Way,
                        Basic          San Pedro Bay Area                                               Rick Roberts/LBYC
 February 5, 2011                                                    Long Beach, CA 90803
                        (1 day)        Long Beach Y. C.                                                 raceoffice@lbyc.org
                                                                     P: (562) 598-9401
                                                                     1601 Bayside Drive,
                        Basic          Orange Coast Area                                                Paul DeCapua
 February 12, 2011                                                   Corona del Mar CA 92625
                        (1 day)        Bahia Corinthian Y.C.                                            paul.decapua@cox.net
                                                                     P: (949) 644-9530
                                                                     1631 Strand Way,
                        Basic          San Diego Area                                                   Lou Milioti
 February 13, 2011                                                   Coronado, CA 92118
                        (1 day)        Coronado Y.C.                                                    loumilioti@coronadoyc.org
                                                                     P: (619) 435-0522
 Not scheduled yet.
                        (2 day)
                    2011 AREA J –RACE MANAGEMENT SEMINARS
Dear Seminar Participant:

Thank you for registering for one of the upcoming One Day Race Management Seminar
Registration and a continental breakfast begin at 0800, and the program starts promptly at 0830. You
will also need to bring cash or check made payable to Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA)
for $45 if you are a US sailing member and $75 if you are not a member of US Sailing.
If you are not currently a member of US Sailing and wish to join, you will be able to join at the Race
Management seminar at a special introductory rate of $45 for a one year membership. A link to the
membership application is in the useful links section at the end of this document.


       Review the “Materials Required for Seminars” available from the US Sailing Website.
       Complete the one day race management seminar study questions. The link to the study
        questions is
       Review the Racing Rules of Sailing, which are available online from the ISAF website
        www.sailing.org. Pay particular attention rules in the following sections:
            o Part 3 Conduct of a Race
            o Part 6 Entry and Qualification
            o Part 7 Race Organization
            o Appendix A Scoring
            o Appendix J Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions
            o Appendix K Notice of Race Guide
            o Appendix L Sailing Instructions Guide
            o Definitions
            o Race Signals
       Recommend that you briefly review the US Sailing Race Management Handbook
        ("RMH"), which is available from the US Sailing website.

       A copy of the current The Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012, including the US SAILING
        prescriptions (“RRS”);

       your own pencils and paper;

       your answers to the true/false Study Questions and rules references;

       it is recommended but not required that candidates for Club Race Officer have a Race
        Management Handbook ("RMH") prior to the seminar;
                    2011 AREA J –RACE MANAGEMENT SEMINARS
In order to prepare properly for the seminar, you should answer all of the Study Questions, and provide
rules citations for your answers. Guidance for answering most of them can be found in The Racing Rules
of Sailing 2009-2012, including the US SAILING prescriptions. A few will require reference to the US
SAILING Race Management Handbook.
Taking a test is optional. However, in order to be certified as a Club Race Officer, you are required to
attend a complete one day seminar, and to achieve a passing grade of 80%.
In addition to attending an approved seminar and passing the test, there are other qualifications for
each level of certification. These will be discussed at the seminar, and are available on the US SAILING
web site www.ussailing.org/racemgt/Race_Officer_Prog/.

       Special Introductory Membership application.
       Materials Required for Seminars

            o   http://raceadmin.ussailing.org/Race_Officers/CertificationTraining/Race_Officer_

       Study Questions
            o http://raceadmin.ussailing.org/Assets/Race+Admin/Race+Officers/Documents/P

       Racing Rules of Sailing

                o   Racing Rules of Sailing - including 2010 Changes www.sailing.org

                o   US Sailing Prescriptions

       Race Management Handbook (“RMH”) available to members of US Sailing. The 2009
        edition of the RMH is the most recent, and a bound copy can be purchased online from
        the US Sailing website, or you can download a pdf version. During the test you will be
        permitted to refer to the RRS and the RMH, but not to any other materials.

            o   http://raceadmin.ussailing.org/Race_Officers/Race_Management_Materials/Race

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