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									M.E.T.E.R.S. Newsletter – September 2007
A monthly publication of the Middle East Tennessee Emergency Radio Service, Inc.
(METERS is a registered non-profit service organization based in Knoxville, serving all the
surrounding area.) Meetings are held at 7 PM, the 4th Tuesday every month. Our September 25th
meeting will be at the Tennessee Technology Center, 1100 Liberty Street, Knoxville 37919 --
(See the website for directions, or watch the Net Reminder). Licensed Amateur Radio Operators
are invited to join METERS and assist in meeting the needs of our served agencies. Our club call
sign is KG4NLF. Website: -- Members’ submissions are invited for this
newsletter, in plain text format, subject to space available and editing. Editor: John Randle
K9RSQ; e-mail to john.randle (at); Phone (865) 675-1293, or mail to: John Randle, 10625
Summit Mtn Ct, Knoxville, TN 37922.

Editor’s Note: As you should be well aware from the rapid buildup of hurricane Humberto (see ARRL article at end),
there is no time like the present to ensure that you and your family are ready for a wide variety of adverse “natural”
incidents ranging from tornado’s, to blizzards to earth quakes as well as “intentional” disruptions to our social and
communications infrastructure.

President’s Statement for September 2007
By Tyra Buczkowski AI4KG

September is National Preparedness month. As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, we are all
reminded that disasters can be man-made or have natural causes such as hurricanes. There is a link
on the METERS homepage to an excellent NYPD report on the threat of
terrorism entitled "Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat." This is hurricane season
and other severe weather can accompany hurricanes such as tornadoes and, of course, the resultant

Please make the effort and take the time to prepare a shelter-at-home survival kit for yourself and
everyone who lives in your house. The Red Cross website (see is an
excellent source of information for disaster preparedness. There is an American Red Cross
Emergency Preparedness Shopping List in an Excel spreadsheet that calculates the minimal
items required for the most basic survival kit. The user inputs the number of people and number of
days the supplies must last and the spreadsheet yields the required amount of water, food, etc.
There is also of list of supplies that are independent of the number of people such as first aid kit,
radio, batteries, flashlight, and the like. The spreadsheet can be found at:

During one of the recent METERS Tuesday RACES nets, Frances (W4MTB) and I relayed some
information about copies of records and documents that should be included in your survival kit.
One of the types of documents is your family’s medical records. John (K9RSQ) sent links to
medical records forms that many may find useful. The first is a Universal Medical Form (see ). The second is a MedMinder form (see ) which, in addition to immunization
and medication information, also has a section on allergies and food allergies. It would be a good
idea to fill out one of these forms for each family member and place copies in a waterproof
container in your survival kit.
If possible, it is a good idea to keep these survival items and copies of records packed in a large
plastic storage bin or two so that you can grab them and run if only given 10 minutes to evacuate
your home.

It is time for our annual simulated emergency test (SET) during the first weekend in October. The
purpose for the SET is to prepare us for a communications emergency in a training environment.
We will review and simulate the Knox County Health Department response plan. Please plan on
participating on Saturday October 6.

As this year comes to a close, I would like to thank you for allowing me to serve as your president
for the past year. It has certainly been a challenge and hopefully I will continue to serve for
another year. The METERS elections take place at the September meeting so come out and vote
and contribute to our plans for the SET.

Hope to see you at the September meeting & 73,

-- Tyra Buczkowski AI4KG METERS President

Vice-President’s Statement for September 2007
By Gary Buczkowski AG4XO

We're coming up on the annual Officer elections. I hope that you will all attend the September
meeting and vote for the new slate of officers. If you weren't at the August meeting and you don't
know who has been nominated, then please go to our web site,, to see for

Thank you for your support of METERS during the last year, and indeed every year. Thanks also
for letting be your vice president. Your board members try very hard to grow and prepare
METERS for the future. Our mission of providing emergency communications is the same as it
always was, but each year brings new challenges and new opportunities. Our served agencies rely
on us to train, prepare, and to be there for them if and when we are needed.

With the 6th anniversary of 9/11 already here, our job just keeps getting bigger. Now it is the 16
counties in Tennessee Homeland Security District 2 that depend on us, directly in some cases and
indirectly in others. It is no secret that as our role has expanded we need more members. We need
members who are willing and able to train to the required standards, and to be ready to deploy
when needed.

I am confident that we will rise to the challenges individually and as a team. After all, this is our
community. Our friends and neighbors and our families may one day need us to "get the message

It is our role to set the pace for emergency communications here in Middle East TN. No other
organization has the reach, the commitment, and the ability to do what we do. I have heard many,
many times from hams who listen to our nets that METERS is doing a great job. There is nothing
like receiving a little recognition and respect from one's peers! I am convinced that our skill, our
commitment, and our professionalism have lead to our success. Let's keep moving forward

I hope to see you at the September meeting.

--Gary Buczkowski AG4XO METERS VP

Secretary's Notes – September 2007
By Larry Osterman W8JYQ,

      Thanks – It has been my pleasure to serve as your Secretary for these past few years, and
       my thanks to all who have been so supportive. I am also turning in my hat as Bylaws
       Committee Chairman, among other things, and would like to thank John (K9RSQ) and
       Dave (KE4YBZ) for their valued contributions to the Bylaws effort. Best wishes to the
       next "cap wearers" in those spots.
      Our September Membership meeting will be at 7 PM on September 25th at our standard
       meeting place: Tennessee Technology Center at 1100 Liberty Street, just south off
       Middlebrook. Please come on down and learn the procedures for the upcoming October 6th
       SET. It should be a useful and educational event for all who can participate. -- September
       is Also Election month, and we hope you will come to the meeting to confirm the
       Nominating Committee's selections. If you are available for a committee assignment(s),
       please let Tyra (AI4KG), or any board member, know. We need help.
      Last Month's Meeting featured a talk by an FBI WMD specialist who opened our eyes
       with a valuable portrayal of events to be watchful for. He emphasized the value of an alert
       public citizen who is willing to report unusual activities in his local community. Too many
       people have the attitude of, "let someone else do it." Our group was complimented for our
       public spirit and support of local EMA activities.
      TenTec Hamfest is September 29th, and we plan to be there from 9 AM to 2 PM for meet
       and greet at a table in the activities tent. Please stop by and sign in. Bring a guest who
       might enjoy the factory tour and the great flea market out back. Location is about ½ mile
       east of Sevierville on Hwy 411, at the TenTec factory. Drive slowly and watch for all the
       cars with antennas on the south side of 411. There is usually a small sign out front.
      Reminder: New members are welcomed anytime, but our Bylaws require that the full
       membership actually vote candidates into membership. Dues of $15, is to be submitted
       with the membership application. Note that applicants have a spot on the application form
       stating they have read the Bylaws and agree to abide by them. This is more than a
       formality and we suggest everyone run a copy of the current Bylaws which may be found
       on the website (and read them). (Much as we appreciate those willing to join up, we even
       more need folks who will participate and become trained for emergency operations.)
      Certifications are important to METERS and our served agencies. If you have passed the
       EmComm courses (any) and any of the FEMA ICS courses we need to record that in our
       member records, and also on your member ID card. Please copy your certificates and give
       them to the METERS Secretary, who is maintaining the credentials file.
      Thanks again for being a member of METERS. – 73. Larry O. W8JYQ

From The “Net” – September 2007

Editors note: The following link is provided for those of you who would like to see more on
“repeaters”. It should being you to a “youtube” site with a clip on the Mt. Wilson (CA) repeater
site ..

Notes from the ARRL
The following report was extracted from the The ARRL Letter, Vol 26, No 36, September 7, 2007 and is reprinted
under the authority of The ARRL Letter/American Radio Relay League.


The FCC will reduce the regulatory fee to obtain or renew an Amateur Radio vanity call sign by
more than 40 percent starting September 17. In a Report & Order (R&O) released August 6,
"Assessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2007," in MD Docket 07-81, the
Commission will cut the fee from its current $20.80 to $11.70. This marks the lowest fee in the
history of the current vanity call sign program. The FCC is authorized by the Communications Act
of 1934 (as amended) to collect vanity call sign fees to recover the costs associated with that
program. The vanity call sign fee has fluctuated over the 11 years of the current program -- from a
low of $12 to a high of $50. The FCC says it anticipates some 14,700 Amateur Radio vanity call
sign "payment units" or applications during the next fiscal year, collecting $171,990 in fees from
the program.

The vanity call sign regulatory fee is payable not only when applying for a new vanity call sign,
but also upon renewing a vanity call sign for a new term. The first vanity call sign licenses issued
under the current Amateur Radio vanity call sign program that began in 1996 came up for renewal
last year. Call signs issued prior to 1996 are not considered vanity call signs, even if the holder
was able to request a specific call sign.

Amateur Radio licensees may file for renewal only within 90 days of their license expiration date.
All radio amateurs must have an FCC Registration Number (FRN) before filing any application
with the Commission. Applicants can obtain an FRN by going to the ULS (see ) and clicking on the "New Users Register" link. You must supply your
Social Security Number to obtain an FRN.

The ARRL VEC will process license renewals for vanity call sign holders for a modest fee. The
service is available to ARRL members and nonmembers, although League members pay less.
Routine, non-vanity renewals continue to be free for ARRL members. Trustees of club stations
with vanity call signs may renew either via the ULS or through a Club Station Call Sign
Administrator, such as ARRL VEC. License application and renewal information and links to the
required forms are available on the ARRL Amateur Application Filing FAQ Web page
(see ). The FCC's forms
page (see ) also offers the required forms.

The following report was extracted from the The ARRL Letter, Vol 26, No 37, September 14, 2007 and is reprinted
under the authority of The ARRL Letter/American Radio Relay League.


Hurricane Humberto, a Category 1 hurricane and the first hurricane to make landfall in the US in
two years, came ashore in Texas on Thursday, September 13 not even 50 miles from where
Hurricane Rita hit in 2005. Stronger than initially expected, Humberto continued eastward toward
Louisiana and Mississippi, where flood warnings were in effect.

In response to Humberto, several ARES groups were activated. According to Brazoria County
Emergency Coordinator Terry Bowersmith, W5SRG, Brazoria County (Texas) ARES activated a
complex Net at 6 PM Wednesday, involving repeaters in Freeport and Alvin. One member was
dispatched to the Brazoria County Emergency Operations Center, and another to the Pearland
EOC, while others remained in "standby ready condition. By 9 PM, Humberto had cleared
Brazoria County with little rain and no damage, so we secured the operation," according to

ARRL Louisiana Section Emergency Coordinator Gary Stratton, K5GLS, said Alan Levine,
WA5LQZ, District Emergency Coordinator for Southwest Louisiana, reported minimal flood
damage in his area, and little wind damage. "About three spans of power lines down in this area
but should be repaired within a few hours. The weather has cleared that area and will continue
along a projected path across central Louisiana and Northwest Mississippi today," Stratton said.
"We were lucky that the system spawned offshore and moved inland quickly as a minimal

Orange County (Texas) Emergency Coordinator Rocky Wilson, N5MTX, reported that as of
Thursday, Orange County had a "massive power outage"; all schools are closed, as are most retail
stores and businesses, until power can be restored, expected sometime on Saturday, September 15.
"Most petrochemical facilities are shut down due to no power," Wilson said. Many oil refineries
are located on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Humberto didn't even exist until Wednesday, only becoming a tropical storm that afternoon,
strengthening from a tropical depression with 35 MPH winds, to a hurricane with 85 MPH winds
in just 18 hours. Only three other storms have pulled off a similar feat, growing from depression to
hurricane in 18 hours -- Blanche in 1969, Harvey in 1981 and Alberto in 1982 -- but all of them
were out at sea at the time, not about to crash ashore like Humberto. A Bridge City, Texas man
died when the carport at his home collapsed on him; Bridge City is between Port Arthur and

ARRL Elections are Approaching –

The ARRL elections for TN Section Manager are coming in a few months and one of the radio
clubs has sent METERS a letter (below) on behalf of their candidate.

Cleveland Amateur Radio Club
560 Johnson Blvd
Cleveland, TN 37311


Dear Fellow Amateur:

        We write to you on behalf of one of our club members, Glen Clayton (Glen), W4BDB
former (WA4HFD).
Glen is a candidate for ARRL Section Manager, Delta Division in the fall election. Glen was
one of the charter members of the Cleveland Amateur Radio Club in 1962. He now serves as
president of our club. Since his election in January 2007 we have remodeled the club inside and
out, and he has been instrumental in getting our club reinstated as an ARRL affiliated club. We
now have classes to promote Amateur Radio and have upgraded our radio room (shack). Glen has
spearheaded these advancements in our club. The point we are trying to make is that he is a
working Amateur. Since he received his Amateur license he played an active roll in Emergency
Communication. He has served as radio officer with Bradley County Civil Defense and
served as EC for Bradley Polk County. Glen is presently active in ARES, RACES through the
Bradley County EMA Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS). He doesn't indulge in double
talk, and is never backward about expressing his own opinion.

        It is our pleasure to recommend Glen for your consideration. This campaign will not
be won without your personal interest and efforts; please make it a point to enlist the support
of your Amateur friends. We earnestly request your individual interest and support. There
are critical times for Amateur Radio and its role in Emergency Communication in
Tennessee, it's imperative that we elect and appoint personnel who are willing to go the next
step in Emergency Preparedness.

    We as a Club feel that with the present ARRL SM, not running this election, Glen
W4BDB will give us able representation with ARRL Headquarters and across our great state.



Fraternally Yours,
Cleveland Amateur Radio Club Inc.

Paul Miller, KD4SCS Vice President CARC
Jeremy Gault, KD4NED Corresponding Sec. CARC


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