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 Life Insurance Selling
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       Made Easy
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   Presented by Symetra Life
   Insurance Company
   Redmond, Washington

Symetrasm and the Symetra Financial logo are service marks of Symetra Life Insurance Company.
Life insurance is issued by Symetra Life Insurance Company
777 108th Ave NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004

Approved for agent and advisor use only
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                                                             Symetra Financial is a family of companies with nearly
                                                             a half-century of experience providing retirement plans,
                                                             employee benefits, annuities and life insurance through
                                                             independent distributors nationwide. It’s insurance
                                                             company subsidiaries have nearly $20 billion in assets*
                                                             and is owned by an investor group led by White
                                                             Mountains Insurance Group Ltd. and Berkshire
                                                             Hathaway Inc.

*Source: Total GAAP assets per closing statements of Symetra Life Insurance Company, December 31, 2005.
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                       “One of our distinguishing strengths is creative
                        innovation. True to our Northwest roots, we’ve
                      harnessed the power of the Internet to make life
                   insurance and annuity sales quick and easy for our
                                                 distribution partners.”
                                                      -Jennifer Davies
                                             Executive Vice President,
                                              Life & Annuities Division
   Symetra Express

   Quote, apply and bind*
                              We’ve found that the ease of getting
   life insurance over the   a quote is fantastic, and it makes you
                                          want to do more business.
   phone, paper-free, in        It’s just the easiest thing out there.

   ten minutes!                                     - Tim McHugh
                                               Park City Insurance
                                           Bridgeport, Connecticut

*For qualified applicants
      Symetra Express

Life Insurance: Quote, apply for and bind coverage* online
(no need to get a signature to apply) on a term or universal
life policy within 10 minutes.

Annuities: Quote and illustrate online.

    *Some restrictions may apply
Symetra Express - Quote
Symetra Express - Apply
Symetra Express - Apply
Symetra Express - Apply

  Immediate Coverage*

     Certificate of

*Restrictions may apply
Life Underwriting Guide

                                                            Realistic Preferred Criteria
                                                            •    No “teaser” rates. 72% of applicants
                                                                 receive preferred rate or better
                                                            •    HDL/Cholesterol ratio is used, as
                                                                 opposed to total cholesterol
                                                            •    Avocations not automatically
                                                                 excluded (unless ratable)
                                                            •    Family history exceptions:
                                                                  »   Gender specific cancer
                                                                  »   Lung cancer in a life-long non-

           “Easy and unfettered access to Underwriters is
        not a thing of the past. At Symetra, we encourage
        direct contact and open dialogue between Agents
               and Underwriters. We enjoy building strong
           relationships with our distribution partners, and
                         appreciate the loyalty that results.”

                                              - Bill Fleming
                                          Chief Underwriter
  Millions of Americans have no life
  insurance coverage
  • 22 percent have no life insurance protection at all.
  • Almost half carry coverage on only some household

Source: LIMRA International for Life Insurance Awareness Month, September 2005.
  Many Americans recognize they are
  • Fourty-four percent either don’t own life insurance
    and believe they should, or own life insurance and
    believe they need more.
  • Among those that already own some life insurance,
    40 percent believe they don’t have enough.

Source: LIMRA International for Life Insurance Awareness Month, September 2005.
  Many expect to purchase within the next
  12 months, but most will not
  • 45 percent say they are likely to buy life insurance
    in the next year.
  • In any given year about 1 in 10 households buy life

Source: LIMRA International for Life Insurance Awareness Month, September 2005.
  What keeps them from buying?

  • They think they can’t afford it.
  • They worry about making the wrong decision.
  • They procrastinate.
  • No one has approached them about buying life

Source: LIMRA International for Life Insurance Awareness Month, September 2005.
  They want your help

  • 29 percent would like to discuss life insurance with
    a financial professional.
  • One third would like to review their coverage every
    year or two.

Source: LIMRA International for Life Insurance Awareness Month, September 2005.
Solution – Hassle-Free Life Insurance
      ATM – Awareness through Marketing

                                                                                                               We have had calls from the very
                                                                                                           first mailing and we expect that the
                                                                                                          continued progression of mailers will
  Customized direct marketing campaigns
                                                                                                                        have the desired effect.
  Symetra Financial has designed an easy-to-use, cost-
  effective method to generate insurance sales. We call                                                                       - Mike Mulligan
  it "Awareness through Marketing" (ATM).                                                                                    Region Manager
                                                                                                                       AAA Insurance Agency
  ATM is a consistent way to continually prospect inside
  and out of your current client base.
  Let us help you grow your business with a customized
  direct marketing campaign.

1US   House of Representatives Resolution to recognize September 2004 as Life Insurance Awareness month
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