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									Key        Affects Version/s       Component/s                                Release Note                                      Resolution
AS-99990 /   Gradebook (Learning System)                The instructor has set up the gradebook           Duplicate
                                                                              using Running Total and Running Weighted
                                                                              Total. When the instructor looks at the totals
                                                                              the correct numbers are displayed. When
                                                                              the student checks the grades in "My
                                                                              Grades" Total and Weighted Total see
                                                                              different numbers than the instructor.

AS-99082   7.1.324.6               Course Creation Wizard (Learning System)   After using the Course Creation Wizard, and UNRESOLV
                                                           attempting to create a course by copying an ED
                                                           existing course or using a Template, the
                                                           Course Materials and Course Documents
                                                                              items and folders are not copied over.

AS-97348 /   Syllabus Builder (Learning System)         When a user creates a Syllabus under the          Fixed
                                                                              Course Documents area and then chose
                                                                              Detail View in the course menu, the title of
                                                                              the Syllabus is not visible.
AS-97339 /   Assessments (Learning System)              There are problems with fill in the gap           Fixed
                                                                              questions where correct responses where
                                                                              marked as incorrect and no marks were
                                                                              given to the students.
AS-96310 /   API (Learning System)                      In Release 6.3, the search tool for users is      UNRESOLV
                                                                              incorrectly case sensitive.                       ED
AS-95152 /   Content (Learning System)                  Some subsystems do not compare the size           UNRESOLV
                                                                              of an upload against the disk quota for the       ED
                                                                              course until a nightly check. At that time, the
                                                                              instructor will be sent a warning message
                                                                              instead of at the time of upload.

AS-94977 /   Collaboration Tools (Learning System)      The filter options on the Collaboration           Cannot
                                                                              Sessions page returns an error if no              Reproduce
                                                                              sessions are found that match the filter. A
                                                                              message should appear that no sessions
                                                                              were found and users should have the
                                                                              option to modify the filter.

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AS-94844               User Management                             Searching for a user from the Control Panel    UNRESOLVE
                                                                               fails if the User Name includes accented       D
                                                                               characters. This issue only appears when
                                                                               running on UNIX servers.
AS-94150               Digital Dropbox / File Exchange (Learning   A user reported an error message appears       UNRESOLVE
                                   System)                                     when attempting to add a file to the Digital   D
                                                                               Drop Box.
AS-93656 /   Content (Learning System)                   Microsoft Publisher files are not viewable     UNRESOLV
                                                                               from the Drop Box without saving the file to   ED
                                                                               the local machine.
AS-92871 /   Assessments (Learning System)               Instructors do not receive a warning when    UNRESOLVE
                                                                               they modify a test that has already been     D
                                                                               deployed. Instructors should be very careful
                                                                               because modifying a deployed test will
                                                                               impact users that have already completed
                                                                               the assessment.
AS-92547 /   Course/Organization Menu (Learning          When adding tool links to the course menu, UNRESOLV
           6.3.1.x / 2.3.1.x       System)                                     some tools are missing from the tool select    ED
           7.0.x                                                               menu.
AS-92268 /   Assessments (Learning System)               Changing the correct answer in the Likert       UNRESOLVE
                                                                               Scale question type may result in an            D
                                                                               incorrect partial credit option if a decimal is
                                                                               used. When the correct answer is changed,
                                                                               the answer previously marked as correct will
                                                                               change its partial credit from a decimal value
                                                                               to a percentage value.

AS-92147 /   Course Creation Wizard (Learning System)    When the Copy Course option is selected in UNRESOLVE
                                                                               the Course Creation Wizard, user files in  D
                                                                               groups are copied even though the users
                                                                               themselves are not copied to the new
AS-91558 /      Gradebook (Learning System)                 Sorting in the Gradebook and the Item      UNRESOLV
                                                                               Grade List page is inconsistent. This issue    ED
                                                                               appears when there is a space in the last
                                                                               name or when users have non-ASCII
                                                                               characters in their name or ID.

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AS-91497 /          Assessments (Learning System)           The double-click protection that exists when UNRESOLV
                                                                               submitting an answer in a test that displays   ED
                                                                               questions one at a time can cause an
                                                                               assessment to freeze. This only happens
                                                                               when the session connection is slowed or
                                                                               momentarily paused.

AS-91222 HF3 / HF1   Other                                   When users have cookies blocked and            UNRESOLV
                                                                               attempt to go to http://ctc.blackboard.com     ED
                                                                               they are presented with a message to
                                                                               enable cookies. However, the documented
                                                                               instructions are not accurate for Internet
                                                                               Explorer 5.5 or higher.

AS-90662 /       eCommerce: eMarketplace                 If a vendor is modified on the Modify Vendor UNRESOLV
           7.2.330.8                                                           page, a success receipt page appears, but      ED
                                                            the changes are not retained.

AS-80979                   Privileges: Observer Access             Observers cannot view the Tasks of a           Fixed
                                                            Student the Observer is tracking through the
                                                                               MyTasks module.
                                                                               This issue only applies to the MyTasks
                                                                               module. Observers can view Tasks for
                                                                               Students through the Observer Tools in a
                                                                               course and through the Tool Panel.
AS-127116 8.0.307.0                    Authentication                          There is a security vulnerability in SSL       UNRESOLV
                                                                               Cookies in blackboard, that allow for a man- ED
                                                                               in-the-middle attack.
AS-126994 8.0.307.0                    Outcomes - Reports - Surveys            An error message ("conversion failed")         UNRESOLV
                                                                               appears while running 'BIRT Survey Results - ED
                                                                               Grouped by questions' reports.
AS-126766 8.0.307.0                    Collaboration Tools (Learning System)   Release 8.0.307.0 and The           UNRESOLV
                                                                               Collaboration Suite does not run under SSL     ED
                                                                               unless a configuration change is made. See

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AS-126743 8.0.307.0    Authentication               There is a security vulnerability in SSL      UNRESOLV
                                                    Cookies in blackboard, that allow for a man- ED
                                                    in-the-middle attack.
AS-126741 8.0.307.0    Authentication               There is a security vulnerability in SSL      UNRESOLV
                                                    Cookies in blackboard, that allow for a man- ED
                                                    in-the-middle attack.
AS-126334    Content System               When accessing the eReserves folder,          UNRESOLV
                       Content System - eReserves   performance is excessively slow when          ED
                                                    executed on a large folder with many direct
AS-126333    Content System               When accessing the eReserves folder,          UNRESOLV
                       Content System - eReserves   performance is excessively slow when          ED
                                                    executed on a large folder with many direct
AS-125543    Grade Center                 A Weighted Grade Column set to display        UNRESOLV
                                                    Score as the primary display will display as a ED
AS-125520 8.0.307.10   Grade Center                 Removing from AS 8.0 SP5 do to over           UNRESOLV
                                                    scope.                                        ED
AS-125516    Grade Center                 A Weighted Grade Column set to display        UNRESOLV
                                                    Score as the primary display will display as a ED
AS-125501 8.0.209.x    Grade Center                 The grades for selected columns are not       UNRESOLV
                                                    downloading to a spreadsheet.                 ED
AS-125493 8.0.307.10   Grade Center                 No Error message is displayed when text is    UNRESOLV
                                                    entered in the Point value field on View      ED
                                                    Submissions page.
AS-125488    Grade Center                 When a user clicks "Modify Comment" or        UNRESOLV
                                                    "Clear Attempt" on the Grade Assessment       ED
                                                    page, an error message displays.

AS-125329    Grade Center                 When a user clicks "Modify Comment" or        UNRESOLV
                                                    "Clear Attempt" on the Grade Assessment       ED
                                                    page, an error message displays.

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AS-124873    Content System                               Users cannot access the content collection      UNRESOLV
                       Content System - Content                     tab to view documents uploaded to the users ED
                       Content System - Navigation / Breadcrumb     courses and library sections.

AS-124444 8.0375.0     Eclipse-Report Plugin                        Eclipse Plug-in: Importing a report definition UNRESOLV
                                                                    package with a missing report definition file   ED
                                                                    results in a database error.
AS-124433 8.0.375.0    Eclipse-Report Plugin                        Eclipse Plug-in: Importing a report definition UNRESOLV
                                                                    package with a missing report definition file   ED
                                                                    results in a database error, but no error
                                                                    message is displayed.
AS-123749 8.0.x        Grade Center                                 This is an improvement. Weighted and Total UNRESOLV
                                                                    Points columns now contain the possibility to ED
                                                                    omit scores.
AS-123283 8.0.307.14   User Management                              The Success page is not displayed when a        UNRESOLV
          8.0.364.0                                                 user creates a new account using the Create ED
                                                                    Account option from the Blackboard
                                                                    Academic Suite Gateway Page.

AS-122428 8.0.307.0    Outcomes - Reports - Surveys                 IE7: An error message ("conversion failed")     UNRESOLV
                                                                    appears while running 'BIRT Survey Results - ED
                                                                    Grouped by questions' reports.

AS-122212 8.0.307.0    Outcomes - Reports - Surveys                 An error message ("conversion failed")          UNRESOLV
                                                                    appears while running 'BIRT Survey Results - ED
                                                                    Grouped by questions' reports.
AS-121576    Outcomes - Reports - Artifact Evaluations    Users cannot enter long label names for         UNRESOLV
                       Outcomes - Reports - Portfolio Evaluations   Artifact and Portfolio Evaluation Reports; the ED
                                                                    graphical data is rendered un-readable.

AS-121482 7.2.383.23   API (Learning System)                        The getForumPointProperties() method in         UNRESOLV
                                                                    the ForumProperties class should return a       ED
                                                                    float value but returns an error message
AS-121406 8.0.307.0    Grade Center                                 The Grade Center is not loading properly.       UNRESOLV

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AS-121401   Content System - Portfolio              There is a security vulnerability in Personal   UNRESOLV
                                                              Portfolios: there are incorrect permissions     ED
                                                              assigned to content items/links contained in
                                                              personal portfolios and confusion involving
                                                              numeric IDs. As a result, some users can
                                                              see other users' documents in their own
                                                              portfolios while modifying them.

AS-121398 8.0.307.0   Discussion Board                        When trying to remove a discussion board        UNRESOLV
                                                              post from the community discussion board,       ED
                                                              an error message appears, and the post
                                                              cannot be removed.

AS-121396 8.0.307.0   Grade Center                            When creating a grade center report, the        UNRESOLV
                                                              Last access data shows only MMM NaN             ED
                                                              NaN rather than any data.
AS-121394 8.0.307.0   User Management                         The Last name "Null" is not recognized by       UNRESOLV
                                                              the system.                                     ED
AS-121392 8.0.307.0   Content (Learning System)               A Course Document attachment name that          UNRESOLV
                                                              contains a semicolon results in an error.       ED

AS-121321   Content System                          PushConfigUpdates resets the Minimum            UNRESOLV
                      Content System - Administration         Connections properties for the Xythos           ED
                                                              Document Store JDBC settings.
AS-121191 8.0.307.0   Outcomes - Reports - Surveys            An error message ("conversion failed")          UNRESOLV
                                                              appears while running 'BIRT Survey Results - ED
                                                              Grouped by questions' reports.
AS-121189 8.0.307.0   Authentication                          There is a security vulnerability in SSL        UNRESOLV
                                                              Cookies in blackboard, that allow for a man- ED
                                                              in-the-middle attack.
AS-121166   Updater: Installation /Uninstallation   Upgrade Process: After the installer is         UNRESOLV
                                                              launched, the user receives the message         ED
                                                              "The system could not be uploaded".
AS-121164   Grade Center                            An instructor clicks 'Attempts Statistics' in   UNRESOLV
                                                              the Grade Center and a tomcat error is          ED
                                                              displayed on the screen.

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AS-121162 8.0.307.0   Outcomes - Improvement Projects      A user cannot reorder Activity Forms on          UNRESOLV
                                                           Improvement Project Templates and the            ED
                                                           drop-down lists of order numbers on
                                                           Improvement Project activity forms do not
AS-121160 8.0.307.0   Grade Center                         The Grade Center Smart Views do not              UNRESOLV
                                                           function with multiple group selections. The     ED
                                                           system lets you create such a view with no
                                                           error messages but the Smart View does not
AS-121128    Other                                Security Enhancement: File upload filtering      Fixed
                                                           is now configurable via the bb-file-filter-
                                                           configuration.properties file.
AS-121126   Content Exchange (Learning System)   The CMS folder and its files are not included UNRESOLV
                                                           in the zip packaged when a course archive is ED
AS-121121 8.0.307.0   Grade Center                         After adding feedback for an assignment or       UNRESOLV
                                                           assessment that contains a double quotation ED
                                                           mark causes the comment/feedback to be
                                                           truncated: the double quotation mark and
                                                           anything that appears after it is lost.

AS-121046 8.0.x       Assessments (Learning System)        When clients view test feedback, the             UNRESOLV
                                                           responses are incorrectly marked as correct ED
                                                           for questions, and all the icons displayed are
                                                           Correct icons, even if the wrong answer is
                                                           indicated when zero points are assigned to
                                                           the question.
AS-120957   Email (Learning System)              The Send E-mail tool can be accessed in a        UNRESOLV
                                                           Course even when the option is unchecked         ED
                                                           on the Course Tools page.
AS-120811   Content System - Basic Portfolios    If an external link is stored in the Content     UNRESOLV
                                                           System and then added as content to a            ED
                                                           portfolio, when the portfolio is downloaded
                                                           the link cannot be opened as a link.

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AS-120809   Homepage (Learning System)   Any apostrophe in a student homepage is           UNRESOLV
                                                   escaped after saving the homepage; editing ED
                                                   and saving the page again renders the
                                                   escape visible to all users.
AS-120806 8.0.307.0   Grade Center                 The Grade Distribution Statistics are             UNRESOLV
                                                   inaccurate for Weighted Columns.          ED
AS-120715   Grade Center                 The Grade Center does not display updates UNRESOLV
                                                   after they have been submitted.                   ED
AS-120712   Discussion Board             The Discussion Board search query has             UNRESOLV
                                                   shown up in the ADDM reports; the query           ED
                                                   also performs a full table scan of msg_main.

AS-120646   Authentication               Enhancement: Blackboard can prevent cross- Fixed
                                                   site request forgery attacks in specific
                                                   Discussion Board areas.
AS-120645   Authentication               Enhancement: Blackboard can prevent cross- Fixed
                                                   site request forgery attacks in specific
                                                   Course Content areas.
AS-120644   Authentication               Enhancement: Blackboard can prevent cross- Fixed
                                                   site request forgery attacks in specific Grade
                                                   Center areas.
AS-120642   Authentication               Enhancement: Blackboard can prevent cross- Fixed
                                                   site request forgery attacks in specific
                                                   Administration areas.
AS-120232   Content System - WebDAV      Linking to a Content System folder within a       Fixed
                                course will allow Students that access the
                                folder to navigate to other areas in the folder
                                tree even if prevented by adaptive release
          8.0.307.0                                rules within the course.
AS-120094 8.0.307.0   Grade Center                 Internet Explorer: Users attempting to            UNRESOLV
                                                   access the Grade Center receive an "Invalid ED
                                                   Argument" error message.

                                                   Firefox: There are difficulties in scrolling
                                                   through the Grade Center.

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AS-120044   Outcomes - Reports - Artifact Evaluations    Users cannot enter long label names for             UNRESOLV
                      Outcomes - Reports - Portfolio Evaluations   Artifact and Portfolio Evaluation Reports; the ED
                                                                   graphical data is rendered un-readable.

AS-120027 8.0.307.0   Grade Center                                 Columns that are configured as hidden in the UNRESOLV
                                                                   Grade Center appear for students through            ED
                                                                   Tools/My Grades.
AS-119944   Content System - eReserves                   All files uploaded to the Library portion of the UNRESOLV
                                                                   Content Collection disappear. The files can         ED
                                                                   be restored from backup, but, as a result, all
                                                                   users have the ability to remove this
AS-119918   Grade Center                                 When assignments are submitted with a               UNRESOLV
                                                                   grade of Complete or Incomplete it is               ED
                                                                   displayed in the studen'ts Grade Center as
                                                                   Complete rather than Needs Grading.
AS-119916 8.0.307.0   Grade Center                                 An Instructor comment for a quiz cannot be          UNRESOLV
                                                                   seen by the student, even though it appears ED
                                                                   to be posted in Blackboard when looking at
                                                                   Grade Details.
AS-119914   Grade Center                                 An error message is displayed when Modify UNRESOLV
                                                                   Comment and Clear Attempt are clicked on            ED
                                                                   the Grade Assessment page in the Grade
AS-119908   Content System - Content                     Batch uploads to the content system that            UNRESOLV
                                                                   contain large ZIP files causes the upload to        ED
                                                                   fail. Uploading large ZIP files as a single files
AS-119892 8.0.307.0   WYSIWYG                                      The Hyperlink Type selection box                    UNRESOLV
                                                                   immediately collapses when using Internet           ED
                                                                   Explorer 6 or 7 on Blackboard Academic
                                                                   Suite Release 8.
AS-119867   Component                                    Unenrolled users can still access courses           UNRESOLV
                                                                   even though the Allow Guest Access                  ED
                                                                   permission for courses is set to NO.

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AS-119859    SCORM Player (Learning System)   SCORM: When users click the Suspend            UNRESOLV
                                                        button, they should be able to return to the   ED
                                                        place within the content where they left off
                                                        the next time they launch the content.

AS-119849    Outcomes - Outcomes Artifacts    Users clicking a submission link in the        UNRESOLV
                                                        Deployment Dashboard results in an Access ED
                                                        Denied page.
AS-119848    What's New                       In some instances, an error message stating UNRESOLV
                                                        "An error occurred. Contact the System         ED
                                                        Administrator." is displayed when a Student
                                                        tries to view new content added to the
                                                        course using What's New Module.
AS-119846    Outcomes - Deployments           Users deploying an Outcome Artifact            UNRESOLV
                                                        Template by using the Deploy from Catalog      ED
                                                        option encounter an error message.

AS-119808 8.0.307.0    Modules (Community System)       When you enter a City and ZIP Code in the      UNRESOLV
                                                        Weather module results in this error           ED
                                                        message: We're sorry, the page you
                                                        requested is not available.
AS-119739 8.0.307.0    Assignments (Learning System)    The Assignment File Download leaves files      UNRESOLV
                                                        orphaned in course Gradebook directory.        ED

AS-119737 7.3.159.x    Assessments (Learning System)    File response questions do not correctly       UNRESOLV
                                                        handle encoded file names; the file response ED
                                                        returns an encoded file name and does not
                                                        translate to the original.
AS-119729 8.0.307.0    Grade Center                     No Error message is displayed when text is     UNRESOLV
          8.0.307.10                                    entered in the Point value field on View       ED
                                                        Submissions page.
AS-119716    Assessments (Learning System)    Internet Explorer 6: The question completion UNRESOLV
                                                        status cannot display more than 60             ED
AS-119714    Peer Assessment                  The evaluation to/from dates are transposed UNRESOLV
                                                        on the 'Take Assessment' page.                 ED

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AS-119713               Configuration                           PushConfigUpdates fails when the default VI UNRESOLV
                                  Updates / Patches                       has multiple hostnames associated.             ED
AS-119712               Content System - WebDAV                 Users are not presented with WebDAV            UNRESOLV
                                                                          instructions when using browsers other than ED
                                                                          Internet Explorer.
AS-119711               Language Packs                          When saving properties, including a variable UNRESOLV
                                                                          for user id, @X@user.user_id@X@ is             ED
                                                                          replaced by the user id that is logged in
AS-119707 8.0.307.0               Collaboration Tools (Learning System)   Release 8.0.307.0 and The           UNRESOLV
                                                                          Collaboration Suite does not run under SSL     ED
                                                                          unless a configuration change is made. See

AS-119643               What's New                              The 'What's New' box lists newly added         UNRESOLV
                                                                          content items properly but clicking on any     ED
                                                                          item just returns a "Folder empty" message
                                                                          instead of displaying the content item.

AS-119639               WebEQ                                   The appropriate codelines have been            Fixed
                                                                          updated to accept the new Java code
                                                                          signing certificate, replacing the previous
                                                                          certificate that expired on Aug 23, 2008.
AS-119577               Outcomes - Reporting Framework          Reports that are run using the Report Bundle UNRESOLV
                                                                          do not return with results; results are        ED
                                                                          returned when the reports are run
AS-119564 /   User Management                         Instructors can edit the personal information Fixed
                                                                          of users not enrolled in their courses.

AS-119546 8.0.x                   Outcomes - Reports - Surveys            A NULL column is displayed in Survey           UNRESOLV
                                                                          Description table for Standardized test        ED

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AS-119542 8.0.x       Outcomes - Reports - Surveys    The pie chart and survey description table     UNRESOLV
                                                      are not displayed in the report output when a ED
                                                      question is submitted as blank (without
                                                      answer) is grouped by to generate a survey
                                                      report from both deployment and Survey
AS-119529 8.0.x       Outcomes - Reports - Surveys    The pie chart and survey description table     UNRESOLV
                                                      are not displayed in the report output when    ED
                                                      an "Open entry question" is grouped to
                                                      generate a survey report from both
                                                      deployment and Survey level.
AS-119477   Language Packs                  Course link checker instructions and page      UNRESOLV
                                                      titles do not work in languages other than     ED
AS-119476   Language Packs                  Korean characters are corrupted on chart       UNRESOLV
                      System Reporting                labels.                                        ED
AS-119474 8.0.307.0   Grade Center                    Internet Explorer 6 and 7: Accessing the       UNRESOLV
                                                      Grade Center with system-wide SSL results ED
                                                      in the following error message: 'This page
                                                      contains both secure and nonsecure items'.

AS-119443   Outcomes - Outcomes Artifacts   As an evaluator, when viewing the self         UNRESOLV
                      Outcomes - Rubrics              evaluated rubric of an artifact submission,    ED
                                                      the window does not display the rubric fully
                                                      and cannot be maximized or expanded.

AS-119402   Content System                  The item list not displayed when there are 50 UNRESOLV
                                                      or more items on a page. When the amount       ED
                                                      of items per page for the My Content or the
                                                      Recycle Bin areas are changed from the
                                                      default value of 25 items per page the
                                                      navigation does not work

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AS-119355 8.0.209.x    Discussion Board                         When another user tries to read a post, an      Fixed
                                                                email message with the victims cookie is
                                                                sent to a specified mail address or stored in
                                                                a text file. When the email arrives the
                                                                session_id of the cookie should be used as
                                                                the attackers session_id and the attacker
                                                                has successfully taken over the victims

AS-119313    Calendar                                 When a portfolio is downloaded only the text UNRESOLV
    Content System - Content                 and links appear on the index.html page.        ED
    Content System - Portfolio               The background colors and images and any
                                                                other formatting is lost.
AS-119306    Catalog: Course/Organization (Learning   Course and User searches with no keywords Fixed
                       System)                                  can use significant system resources.
                       Course/Organization Management (Learning Warnings have been added to require users
                       System)                                  to confirm that full searches are intended.
                       Search (Learning System)
                       System Performance
                       User Management
AS-119305 7.1.391.5    System Performance                       Slow system performance after upgrading to UNRESOLV
                                             7.1 from 7.0.                                   ED
AS-119273    Community System                         Money that was deposited by a parent into       UNRESOLV
                       eCommerce Core                           their child's account instead had their money ED
                       eCommerce: My Accounts                   deposited into another student's account.
                                                                Confirmation emails were received by the
                                                                parent and to the student who received the
                                                                money erroneously.
AS-119090   Tabs (Community System)                  The original Welcome tab (which should not UNRESOLV
          8.0.307.0                                             be able to be removed) was removed and          ED
                                                                then recreated.
AS-119085    Email (Learning System)                  The Email Announcement Feature does not UNRESOLV
                                                                work and no error message is displayed.         ED

AS-119033    Grade Center                             A warning message does not appear when a UNRESOLV
                                                                test or assessment grade is modified and set ED
                                                                to null.
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AS-118953 7.3.x        Discussion Board                The dboard_migrate.sql script was created      UNRESOLV
          8.0.x        Installation/Uninstallation     for the discussion board refactoring in AS     ED
          9.0.x                                        7.3. It does a significant amount of data
                                                       manipulation to handle the changes to the
                                                       schema. Most of the script properly checks
                                                       the current state of the database before
                                                       running so that the same work is not done
                                                       after the initial 7.3 upgrade. There are
                                                       several update queries that are not
                                                       surrounded by these checks and will require
                                                       full table scans.
AS-118731   Content System                  Admins who change the settings on the          UNRESOLV
                                    Recycle Bin do not receive an email            ED
                                    message indicating a successful change.
                                                       Instead the following message is displayed:
                                                       "An email will be sent when settings changes
                                                       are complete".
AS-118593    Assignments (Learning System)   Users are not able to upload assignments       UNRESOLV
    Content (Learning System)       when using a Linux machine. The following      ED
          8.0.307.0    Content System - Content        error message is displayed: "please enter a
                       Taglibs (Learning System)       valid file name". This worked in previous
                                                       versions of Blackboard.

AS-118373    Database                        There are database errors when users           UNRESOLV
                                                       attempt to remove Courses & Assignments. ED

AS-118282 7.2.383.45   Outcomes - Rubrics              The evaluated rubrics that are associated via UNRESOLV
                                   the SOG shows no results when viewed by        ED
AS-118276   Outcomes - Units                Mac 10.5/Safari 3.0: Users are unable to add UNRESOLV
                                    an Outcomes unit from the Discover >> Add ED
          8.0.307.0                                    unit page.
AS-118265 8.0.307.0    Outcomes - Outcomes Artifacts   An error page is displayed when the user       UNRESOLV
                                                       tries to deploy an Instant Eval Artifact       ED
                                                       Template by modifying the deployment.

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AS-118244 8.0.307.0    Outcomes - Course Evals                     Users are unable to upload the file from      UNRESOLV
                                                                   usefile attachement on the Add Deployment ED
AS-118233 8.0.307.0    Outcomes - Reports - Surveys                An error message ("conversion failed")        UNRESOLV
                                                                   appears while running 'BIRT Survey Results - ED
                                                                   Grouped by questions' reports.
AS-118219    Outcomes - Reports - Course Evaluation      A data mismatch is occurring when a report    UNRESOLV
          8.0.307.0                                                is generated for course evaluation.           ED
AS-118197 8.0.307.0    Outcomes - Reports - SOG                    The Elaboration field is not displayed        UNRESOLV
                                                                   completely in the PDF-formatted BIRT SOG ED
                                                                   Alignment reports.
AS-118021 7.2.383.45   Outcomes - Standards                        The incorrect Page Header is displayed for    UNRESOLV
                                               the Standard template on the Standards        ED
                                                Catalog page.
AS-117916    Outcomes - Reports - Improvement Init and   Users generating an Improvement Project       UNRESOLV
          8.0.301.0    Proj                                        Alignment Summary by Instrument Report        ED
                                                                   with no aligned SOGs end up with the
                                                                   Improvement Project Objective name
                                                                   displayed for the instrument.
AS-117828    Grade Center                                The Grade Center for Blackboard 8.0.X is      UNRESOLV
                                                                   taking a long time to load.                  ED
AS-117803    Grade Center                                Users navigating to a course and then to the UNRESOLV
                                                                   Grade Center results in the following error   ED
                                                                   message: An unexpected error occurred
                                                                   while loading the Grade Center. TypeError:
                                                                   a[this.sortColumn].getValue() has no
AS-117797 8.0.301.0    Entitlements                                Unauthorized users can view all public        Fixed
                       Outcomes - Other                            Outcomes pages.
                       Privileges: General
AS-117765 8.0.209.x    Grade Center                                The grades for selected columns are not       UNRESOLV
                                                                   downloading to a spreadsheet.                ED
AS-117736    Outcomes - Reporting Framework              Reports that are run using the Report Bundle UNRESOLV
                                                                   do not return with results; results are       ED
                                                                   returned when the reports are run

                                                                                                                 15 of 96
AS-117735    Outcomes - Outcomes Artifacts    Users selecting the Next Task option on the UNRESOLV
                       Outcomes - Outcomes Portfolios   Evaluate Artifact screen experience a radio      ED
                                                        button reset if you select the drop-down list
                                                        after clicking the radio button and an error
                                                        message is received.
AS-117697    Outcomes - Distribution Lists    The Distribution List displays internal labels   UNRESOLV
                                                        instead of the user-defined names.              ED
AS-117506 8.0.x        Entry Page                       Users with disabilities are unable to log in to UNRESOLV
                                                        the system because javascript is turned off      ED
                                                        on their machines. Javascript is required in
                                                        order to use Blackboard products; this
                                                        should be properly communicated to users
                                                        with disabilities.
AS-117471    Glossary (Learning System)       The Glossary tool is visible in the Tools        UNRESOLV
                                                        section after it is made unavailable.            ED
AS-117459    Content System                   Users attempting to overwrite a file in          UNRESOLV
                                     content collection via the Add Item Page in      ED
                                                        the Content Area experience a warning
                                                        message stating that the file already exists
                                                        and cannot return to the Add Item page.

AS-117453    Content System - Portfolio       The Portfolios Header image becomes              UNRESOLV
                                     broken when users click onto pages inside        ED
                                                        the personal portfolio page.
AS-117438 7.2.383.45   Assessments (Learning System)    Firefox 3.0: The browser crashes when            UNRESOLV
                                    adding a "calculated question" in tests.         ED

AS-117401    What's New                       No items are displayed in the What's New         UNRESOLV
                                     Module even after refreshing the page.           ED
AS-117397    Content System                   Users adding content via the Insert Content      UNRESOLV
                                     Link window for Outcomes Artifacts and           ED
                                                        Portfolios experience the addition of a new
                                                        field called Save to Location.

                                                                                                         16 of 96
AS-117336 7.2.383.45   Outcomes - Deployments           Users attempting to deploy an Outcomes          UNRESOLV
                                    template are unable to locate a distribution    ED

AS-117327   Content System - Portfolio       Users enrolled in courses cannot receive        UNRESOLV
                                     portfolios sent to course list.                 ED

AS-117325    Language Packs                   Page headers are not aligned right to left in   UNRESOLV
                                     the build template page of modify portfolio     ED
                                                        template in Right-to-Left environments.

AS-117324 7.2.383.45   eCommerce: eMarketplace          Users are returned to the 'eMarketplace         UNRESOLV
                                    Report' page instead of 'Reports' page after    ED
                                     clicking OK.

AS-117321 7.2.383.45   Homepage (Learning System)       Safari 3.0: Clicking on an invalid URL link on UNRESOLV
                                    a student homepage refreshes the page           ED
                                     instead of displaying an error message

AS-117298 7.1.467.35   System Reporting                 The number of courses and users does not        UNRESOLV
          7.2.383.45                                    display the latest number of courses and        ED

AS-117248    Tasks                            Users who click on a task link results in the   UNRESOLV
                                     display of an Access Denied page.               ED
AS-117237    Outcomes - Outcomes Portfolios   Firefox 3.0: A Warning popup window is          UNRESOLV
                                                        displayed when an author submits the            ED
                                                        Artifact to the Portfolio Template using the
                                                        local file attachment tool.
AS-117168 7.2.383.45   Discussion Board                 Discussion Board: Posts are displayed in a      UNRESOLV
                                    popup window only when clicking either "OK" ED
                                     or "Cancel" in the Printer Dialog box.

AS-117166 7.2.383.45   Assessments (Learning System)    Users are unable to add a WebEQ equation UNRESOLV
                                    to a fill-in-the-blank question.                ED

                                                                                                        17 of 96
AS-117126 7.2.383.44   Building Blocks Management           Users that install an inappropriate Building   UNRESOLV
                                         Block should receive an error message. The ED
                                         Building Block is installed and no error
                                                            message is displayed.
AS-117125 7.2.383.44   Building Blocks Management           Users attempting to install an older version   UNRESOLV
                                         of a Building Block should be notified that    ED
                                         there is a later version already installed.
                                                            Instead, an incorrect error message is
AS-117093 7.2.383.45   SCORM Player (Learning System)       Firefox 2.0: The browser does not allow        UNRESOLV
                                        students to answer SCORM content               ED

AS-116916 7.2.383.45   Outcomes - Surveys                   Firefox 3.0: Users experience inconsistent     UNRESOLV
                                        behavior when copying an existing Survey       ED
                                         from the Instrument Catalog Picker.

AS-116898    Outcomes - Improvement Projects      Users attempting to reorder the                UNRESOLV
                                         Improvement Projects Template activity         ED
          8.0.307.0                                         forms are unsuccessful; the page is
                                                            refreshed before the selection is made.
AS-116851    Discussion Board                     This is a security issue considering applet    Fixed
                       WYSIWYG                              tags attached in the WYSIWYG.
AS-116809    License Management                   Users have encountered security problems       Fixed
                                                            with the Commerce System.
AS-116563 8.0.x        Content System                       Users run into problems when creating          UNRESOLV
                                                            reusable objects.                              ED
AS-116480    Content Exchange (Learning System)   Content System items are not being             UNRESOLV
                                                            restored.                                  ED
AS-116332   WYSIWYG                              No media attachment to the Visual Text Box Fixed
                                                            Editor can be viewed after
AS-116209 7.2.383.23   Discussion Board                     The Performance Dashboard lists the            UNRESOLV
                                                            incorrect number of Discussion Board posts. ED

AS-116168   WYSIWYG                              After upgrading to Release, no      Fixed
                                                            media attachment to the Visual Text Box
                                                            Editor is viewable.

                                                                                                           18 of 96
AS-115935   Logs                                    The modperl-apache error log on Unix             UNRESOLV
                                                               systems and the PerlEx logs on Windows           ED
                                                               systems contain many warnings that inflate
                                                               the logs and make it hard to find actual error
AS-115854    Content System                          If users want to set permissions only on sub UNRESOLV
                       Content System - Versioning             files or folders and make any changes to the ED
                                                               file size quotas at a higher level that does
                                                               not have versioning, the version settings
                                                               below that level are overwritten.

AS-115743    Content System                          Anyone with the correct URL can create a         Fixed
                       Content System - Workflow               workflow and send it to anyone within the
                                                               Blackboard system.
AS-115742    Content System - Portfolio              Links to documents attached to artifacts can UNRESOLV
                                                               be picked up from the browser history and        ED
                                                               be opened without any additional
                                                               authentication or permissions check.
AS-115677 7.2.383.0    Adaptive Release of Content (Learning   When access to an item depends on two or         UNRESOLV
   System)                                 more adaptive release rules, the user may        ED
                                            incorrectly not be allowed access to the item
                                                               in specific rare situations, depending on the
                                                               order of rule creation. This issue occurs on
                                                               Unix only.
AS-115676    API (Learning System)                   User pickers do not work unless the users is UNRESOLV
                       Building Blocks                         a System Administrator.                          ED
                       Taglibs (Learning System)
AS-115562    Outcomes - Reports - Other              Clients are unable to run Outcomes Reports. UNRESOLV
AS-115464    Outcomes - Batch                        The Owner column is blank for the batch          UNRESOLV
    Outcomes - Goals and Objectives         loaded Program Goal for a SOG.                   ED
AS-115388   Discussion Board                        Course Archives do not retain discussion         UNRESOLV
                                                               board attachments.                               ED

                                                                                                                19 of 96
AS-115387    Collaboration Tools (Learning System)      The instructor does not allow Private         UNRESOLV
                                              Messaging, however, students can still        ED
                                               double click on the name in the Participant
                                                                  box to send a private message.

AS-115243 7.1.324.6    Discussion Board                           Posts in the discussion board are displayed   UNRESOLV
                                                                  and sorted by the students first name, not    ED
                                                                  last name.
AS-115241    Content System                             Users encounter a "Xythos failure" error      UNRESOLV
                       Content System - Search                    when searching for content using Content      ED
                                                                  System advanced or basic search.
AS-115209 7.2.383.45   User Management                            Instructors can edit the personal information UNRESOLV
                                               of users not enrolled in their courses.       ED

AS-115134   Content System - Portfolio                 Attempting to limit Portofolio access by      UNRESOLV
                       Portal Roles (Community System)            institution_role does not work properly.      ED
                       Privileges: General
AS-115133 7.1.391.3    Course/Organization Statistics (Learning   The statistics for all the students who       UNRESOLV
                       System)                                    registered for the class, EVEN if they        ED
                                                                  dropped before tuition was due, are
AS-115132    Content System                             When running the Unique ID Tool, any          UNRESOLV
                                                                  Content files that contain special characters ED
                                                                  or spaces in the file name are not properly
                                                                  given Unique IDs, though they are properly
                                                                  restored or imported.
AS-115087 8.0.x        Installation/Uninstallation                K12 8.x license keys only install Basic       Fixed
                                                                  edition even when it is set to Enterprise.

                                                                                                                20 of 96
AS-115082 7.1.324.28   System Performance                   When persistent cookies are enabled in           UNRESOLV
                                                            Content System, users that have                  ED
                                                            bookmarked Blackboard pages delivered by
                                                            Perl code may cause an infinite request loop
                                                            that can present a denial of service condition
                                                            for the server. The cause is a bug in a C
                                                            library call employed by the Perl code to
                                                            retrieve the request cookies.The issue
                                                            happens when someone that has a
                                                            persistent session_id cookie stored from a
                                                            previous visit where he did not log out, and
                                                            where the previous session has in the
                                                            meantime expired in the database. If the
                                                            user then accesses a Perl-delivered page
                                                            before logging in in the regular Java
                                                            interface, an infinite request loop results.
                                                            The user may not even be aware of this, and
                                                            may leave the browser looping for a long
                                                            time, creating a large number of anonymous
                                                            sessions in the database that can cause the
                                                            SessionInvalidationTask to consume all
                                                            resources in the JavaVM.

AS-115038    Tools                                The "Email" tool on Administrator Panel          UNRESOLV
                                                            cannot be used.                                  ED
AS-114988 7.1.467.28   Homepage (Learning System)           After enrolling and then un-enrolling users      UNRESOLV
                                                            through snapshot, some areas of the the          ED
                                                            user's homepage may improperly disappear.

AS-114955    Course/Organization Copy (Learning   There are some errors in Groups after            UNRESOLV
    System)                              copying a Course, and Discussion Boards,         ED
                                                            Forums, and Posts may display only in one
                                                            of the copied Groups.

                                                                                                             21 of 96
AS-114881    Content Exchange (Learning System)      When importing a zip package the links to       Fixed
    Content System                          the Content Collection files are not carried
                                                               over. As well, the target for a copy of
                                                               Content Collection does not work properly.

AS-114841    Content System - Portfolio              When downloading Portfolios with HTML           UNRESOLV
                                                               links to documents, they do not reference       ED
                                                               the link properly, and accessing the links
                                                               returns 404 errors.
AS-114821 8.0.x        Installation/Uninstallation             K12 and Pro-Ed license information text-on- Fixed
                                                               screen incorrectly states "Basic" when it
                                                               should say "Enterprise".
AS-114792    Grade Center                            In some cases, there are errors loading         UNRESOLV
                                                               some Focus Smart Views.                         ED
AS-114722    Grade Center                            The Grade Report does not report override       Fixed
AS-114672    Grade Center                            After creating the Smart View, Focus, the       Fixed
                                                               group does not display in alphabetical order.

AS-114667    Content (Learning System)               This issue address a security vulnerability     Fixed
                                                               with Tomcat 5.5.26 and below.

AS-114660 7.2.383.0    Course/Organization Copy (Learning      There is an error in the Discussion Board       Fixed
                       System)                                 Copy that may incorrectly place Forums in
                       Discussion Board                        the incorrect position.
AS-114659    Content System - Content                Uploading documents to a Windows server         Fixed
                                                               using Linux OS produces an error.
AS-114657   Assignments (Learning System)           Attachments for Assignments are                 Fixed
                                                               inaccessible and produce errors if the
                                                               filename contains special characters leading
                                                               to hex-encoding and the filename exceeds
                                                               72 characters in length.
AS-114655    Collaboration Tools (Learning System)   Changes made to Collaboration Session           Fixed
                                                               Start and End Dates and Times do not stick
                                                               and are not saved in the database.
AS-114653 7.1.391.0    Discussion Board                        Discussion Board: A file attachment with a      Fixed
                                                               pound (#) sign in the filename produces an
                                                               HTTP 404 error.
                                                                                                               22 of 96
AS-114652               Content System            When accessing the eReserves folder,            UNRESOLV
                                                            performance is excessively slow when            ED
                                                            executed on a large folder with many direct
AS-114651 /   Roles: Guest Management   This is a security issue concerning an          Fixed
                                                            unavailable course that can be accessed by
                                                            guests or un-enrolled users.
AS-114650 7.1.391.5               System Performance        As part of the changes for this ticket, the     Fixed
                                                            configuration of HTTP cache settings has
                                                            changed semantics.
                                                            - The http-no-cache-exclusion.txt file has
                                                            been renamed to http-cacheable-
                                                            extensions.txt and extensions to allow to be
                                                            cached should be added in there.
                                                            - The bb-config property "bbconfig.http.no-
                                                            cache" has been renamed to
                                                            - The values for the new
                                                            "bbconfig.http.cachecontrol" property are as
                                                            - always (was "off")
                                                            - off (was "global")
                                                            - ssl (was "insecure", this is the default)
                                                            - explicit (new setting added by Changyi Bai)

AS-114649 7.2.330.8               Course Groups             If a user participates within a Course in       Fixed
                                                            several Groups, and one of these Groups is
                                                            removed, all files in other Groups uploaded
                                                            by users in the removed Group are removed
                                                            as well. This happens when using the
                                                            Manage groups function from the Course
                                                            control panel.

                                                                                                            23 of 96
AS-114648 7.1.391.5                   Assessments (Learning System)        In the calculated formula setup, the             Fixed
                                                                           instructor can define the minimum and
                                                                           maximum values for each variable in the
                                                                           formula along with the number of decimal
                                                                           places. For the answer sets, you can define
                                                                           the number of decimal places. But the
                                                                           decimal place settings are not being honored
                                                                           in several ways.

                                                                           1. When generating the answer sets, Bb
                                                                           drops trailing zeros.

                                                                           2. When calculating the answer for each
                                                                           answer set, Bb drops trailing zeros.

                                                                           3. When exmining the assessment results,
                                                                           all answers are shown with only 3 decimal
                                                                           places despite the number of decimal places
                                                                           defined when creating the questions.
AS-114647 HF3 / HF1   Roles: Guest Management              In the Manage Course Menu, when the              Fixed
                                                                           Instructor sets, for example, the content area
                                                                           Course Information to be Available, the
                                                                           underlying tool, Content, should
                                                                           automatically be made Guest-available as
                                                                           well. This works correctly for
                                                                           Announcements and Staff Information, but
                                                                           not for Content. Furthermore, after an
                                                                           Administrator enables the Availability for
                                                                           certain navigation items, newly created
                                                                           courses will not reflect this setting, and the
                                                                           Administrator must manually set this.
AS-114646 /       Course/Organization Menu (Learning   When adding tool links to the course menu,       Fixed
                                      System)                              some tools are missing from the tool select

                                                                                                                            24 of 96
AS-114645   Assessments (Learning System)           An intermittent session timeout error may           Fixed
                                                               occur when attempting an Assessment if the
                                                               Student is continually saving items on each
AS-114643 7.2.383.0    Updater: Installation /Uninstallation   The                                                 Fixed
                                                               adebook_grade.sql script is part of the
                                                               update to release 7.1 and should be run
                                                               exactly once as part of that update. However
                                                               it is still being run after every service pack or
                                                               update, including our recent update to
                                                               7.2SP1. This script may take many hours to
AS-114642 7.2.330.8    Assignments (Learning System)           When copying a Content folder and                   Fixed
                                                               choosing to remove the original folder after
                                                               the copy deletes the Assessments and
                                                               Assignments it contains, including Student
AS-114641 7.1.467.0    Content (Learning System)               When copying a Content folder and                   Fixed
                                                               choosing to remove the original folder after
                                                               the copy deletes the Assessments and
                                                               Assignments it contains, including Student
AS-114567    Course Conversion                       When copying a Course, the                          Fixed
                                                               Announcements may be missing, the
                                                               Content items out of ordered, and the
                                                               Discussion Board and Posts may have
AS-114543    Grade Center                            When creating a Group Smart View, it is not Fixed
    Groups (Learning System)                possible to select multiple Groups using the
                                                               control key.
AS-114524    Grade Center                            When creating a Grading Period and setting Fixed
                                                               the Dates and then checking the box next to
                                                               Associate Column, it does not remain
                                                               checked after submitting.

                                                                                                                   25 of 96
AS-114494    Grade Center                    The instructions on the Download Grades             Fixed
                                                       page, which state, "Click on Download with
                                                       the right mouse button and select Save As to
                                                       save the file locally," are incorrect. It is only
                                                       necessary to click Download.

AS-114429    Background Tasks / Services     After fixing the missing JAVA_HOME                  Fixed
                                                       variable by setting it in bb-common.sh, the
                                                       PurgeAccumulator task still fails to run when
                                                       scheduled as a system background task.

AS-114382 8.0.x        Assessments (Learning System)   The Accessibility Tips page within the Test         Fixed
                                                       feature has more descriptive text.
AS-114189   Content System - Portfolio      Thiis is a security issue regarding                 UNRESOLV
                                    attachments in Artifacts.                           ED
AS-114172 7.1.467.28   Command Line Tools              The modperl access and error logs do not            Fixed
                                                       start logging again after the rotation until a
                                                       restart is performed.
AS-114115    Data Integration                The Snapshot Grade Center Copy does not             Fixed
                                                       work properly. Grade Columns may be
                                                       improperly deleted or the copied Grade
                                                       Columns are not inserted into the Grade
AS-114069 8.0.209.x    Database                        The purge_statistics component of the               Fixed
          8.1.x                                        nightly PurgeAccumulator job fails, resulting
          8.0.x                                        in error messages in logs/update-

AS-114068 8.0.209.x    Database                                                                            UNRESOLV
          8.0.x                                                                                  ED
AS-114032 7.3.x        SSL                             When SSL is enabled systemwide, the links Fixed
          7.1.x                                        for the tabs still use http: connections over
          7.2.x                                        port 80 (except for the System Admin tab,
                                    which is secured).

                                                                                                           26 of 96
AS-113909   Logs                                    When attempting to view Import, Export,             Fixed
                                                               Archive, or Restore Logs from the System
                                                               Admin tab, only the first page of these logs
                                                               will display. Blank page results if when
                                                               attempting to view another page. Remaining
                                                               in the default view and moving to the next
                                                               page, and then filtering will display the
                                                               results. Thought, in the filtered view the
                                                               search widget's paging is broken.

AS-113895    Content (Learning System)               This issue address a security vulnerability         Fixed
                                                               with Tomcat 5.5.25 and below. As part of the
                                                               fix, the session_id cookie format has been
                                                               changed to remove the @@ symbols.

AS-113691   Modules (Community System)              Whenever a new module is added, either via Fixed
                                                               the gui, or by installing a .war file, the option
                                                               for loading the module asynchronously is not
AS-113634 7.2.383.0    Announcements                           There may be intermittent error messages            Fixed
                       Course/Organization (Content System)    that display when Announcements is set as
                                                               the entry page for a course.
AS-113571    Grade Center                            In some circumstances, for newly created            Fixed
                                                               Courses, during an upgrade from 7.2 to 8.0,
                                                               it is not possible to access the Grade Center.

AS-113532    Content System                          If any of the five content areas in the Content Fixed
    Updater: Installation /Uninstallation   System is disabled, the Release
                                                               updater does not complete and throws an
                                                               EntryReadException during updater step 6.
                                                               As workaround, the content area(s) should
                                                               be temporarily enabled and re-disabled after
                                                               the upgrade.
AS-113485   Course/Organization Copy (Learning      If the privilege for Instructors to create users Fixed
                       System)                                 is disabled, then the Instructor is also
                       Entitlements                            improperly unable to Copy Enrollments.

                                                                                                                   27 of 96
AS-113484 8.0.x        Outcomes - Reports                         BIRT Course Evaluation Reports do not          UNRESOLV
                                                                  display multibyte characters (as question      ED
                                                                  text) correctly
AS-113449    Syllabus Builder (Learning System)         In Firefox, when creating a syllabus, after    Fixed
                                               adding a name and attaching a file, the page
                                                                  improperly directs the user to the Syllabus
                                                                  Builder page. The Add Item page should
AS-113431 7.1.467.28   Discussion Board                           When a discussion board thread is deleted,     Fixed
                                                                  the file attachments for messages in that
                                                                  thread remain in the filesystem, although
                                                                  their database records are removed.

AS-113403 7.1.391.3    Catalog: Course/Organization (Learning     This is a security issue concerning possible   Fixed
          7.1.467.28   System)                                    DOS attacks.
          7.2.330.40   Course/Organization Management (Learning
          7.2.383.45   System)
   Search (Learning System)
    System Performance
                       User Management
AS-113385    Logs                                       A Log spam is inserted into bb-services-       Fixed
                                               log.txt every 10 minutes on systems without
                                                                  Content System.

                                                                                                                 28 of 96
AS-113290 7.1.391.5    Discussion Board                   A bug in the forum grading code of previous Fixed
                       Gradebook (Learning System)        Blackboard versions could result copied and
                                                          restored courses containing improper links to
                                                          the forum grades of the source course.
                                                          Removing grades in the destination course
                                                          would actually remove them from the source
                                                          code, resulting in lost data. The creation of
                                                          this corrupted data has been prevented in
                                                          previous bug fixes in Release 7.3SP2 and
                                                          Release 8.0SP1. However, improperly
                                                          "linked" courses may still exist on your
                                                          system resulting in lost grades. A health
                                                          check building block has been created to
                                                          clean up these improper links to prevent
                                                          data loss. Please contact Blackboard Client
                                                          Support for the Health Check building block
                                                          and reference this issue code AS-113290.

AS-113232    Grade Center                       For a Student in the My Grades area, the        Fixed
                                       Icon Legend does not display properly and is
                                       not visible.
AS-113194    Administration (Learning System)   There are no rows in 7.3 for WKFLOW_FILE Fixed
                                                          table in ASP client data for 7.3. After an
                                                          upgrade, there are 10 NEW generated rows
                                                          during the updater but all FILE_ENTRY_ID
                                                          tables are null, which maybe cause the
                                                          updater failed ORA-00001: unique constraint
AS-113194    Administration (Learning System)   The updater may fail with the error message Fixed
                                                          'ORA-00001: unique constraint
                                                          (BB_BB60.WKFLOW_FILE_IF1) violated.
AS-113171 7.2.383.23   WYSIWYG                            On a Mac and in Firefox, media files do not     Fixed
                                                          display correctly in the WYSIWYG editor.

                                                                                                          29 of 96
AS-113161     Assignments (Learning System)        Attempting to modify an Assignment with an UNRESOLV
                                                              attachment by simultaneously removing and ED
                                                              uploading the same attachment or an
                                                              attachment with the same name will cause a
                                                              database deadlock.

AS-113112      Tabs (Community System)              This is an intermittent issue. It is sometimes Fixed
                                                              not possible to remove Hot Links from tabs.

AS-113111      Language Packs                       The Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack is Fixed
                                                              now available.
AS-112808 7.2.383.0      Authentication                       After the application of Hotfix 2, Danish       UNRESOLV
                                                              characters may not be accepted when             ED
                                                              logging in.
AS-112759    Grade Center                         When a Grading Period is created and is          Fixed
                                                              associated with Columns in which the due date is
                                                              between date1 and date2 it may not be possible
                                                              to access the Grade Center.
AS-112684 7.2.330.8      Course/Organization Copy (Learning   After copying a course to a new course,         Fixed
                         System)                              some attached files embedded in the
                                                              destination course's content items may not
                                                              be accessible.

AS-112657      Background Tasks / Services          After fixing the missing JAVA_HOME              Fixed
                                                              variable by setting it in bb-common.sh, the
                                                              PurgeAccumulator task still fails to run when
                                                              scheduled as a system background task.

AS-112645 7.1.467.28     Assignments (Learning System)        When downloading collected (zipped)             Fixed
            7.2.330.40   Gradebook (Learning System)          assignment submissions from the
            7.2.383.0                                         gradebook, the zip file is stored on the
                                           server and not cleaned up.

AS-112638     Discussion Board                     Discussion Board: A file attachment with a      UNRESOLV
                                           pound (#) sign in the filename produces an      ED
                                           HTTP 404 error.

                                                                                                               30 of 96
AS-112634      Course/Organization Map (Learning System) A Course containing quotes within the              UNRESOLV
                                                                    Course name results in an issue when              ED
                                                                    attempting to create Course Links in Content
                                                                    areas. When attempting to select the content
                                                                    within the Course to which to link, clicking on
                                                                    the 'Browse' button fails. The content tree
                                                                    does not display.
AS-112596 7.2.330.40     Announcements                              Regardless of the start date parameter, an        UNRESOLV
            7.2.383.0    Email (Learning System)                    Announcement that has been configured to          ED
                                                notify Students by email will automatically
                                                                    email the Students,
AS-112501 7.2.383.0      Course/Organization Copy (Learning         In discussion boards contained within             Fixed
       System)                                    course/organization groups, the replies for a
      Discussion Board                           thread are displayed on the Thread List page
                                                                    instead of the Thread Detail page.
AS-112487    Grade Center                               In the Column Statistics page for a Total points  Fixed
                                                                    Column that contains associated columns with
                                                                    point values, the Points Possible may incorrectly
                                                                    display a zero (0).
AS-112442      Course Creation Wizard (Learning System)   The course creation wizard incorrectly            Fixed
                                                                    displays an error when a course_id contains
                                                                    a hyphen (-).
AS-112438 8.0.x          Web Service API                            Backpack Course download fails on the             Fixed
                                                                    "DownloadDiscussionBoardTree" web
                                                                    service. This is due to corrupt discussion
                                                                    board data not being handled.
AS-112433      Content System - Search                    When attempting to use the Content                Cannot
                                                                    System's Advanced Search, attempting to           Reproduce
                                                                    use only the Search Criteria field does not
                                                                    work properly. Unless a file location is
                                                                    specified in the Additional Search Options,
                                                                    the search will result in an error, and the
                                                                    user is navigated back to the Basic Search

                                                                                                                      31 of 96
AS-112375     Performance Dashboard (Learning System) For the Performance Dashboard columns,                UNRESOLV
                                             Last Course Access and Days Since Last                ED
                                             Course Access, sorting does not work
                                                                properly. Choosing the arrow icon does not
                                                                sort the results correctly.
AS-112374 7.3.x         Other                                   There have been significant locking issues            Fixed
                                                                    on the velocity ResourceManagerImpl.

AS-112323 7.3.159.x     Discussion Board                            A user receives the following warning             UNRESOLV
                                                                    message after sorting on the first or last        ED
                                                                    name after collecting discussion threads
                                                                    "Warning! Not all author last names could be
                                                                    detected. Some posts may appear out of
AS-112309 7.3.159.x     Discussion Board                            The MSG_ANCESTOR_PK1 stored                       Fixed
                        System Performance                          procedure has been replaced for better
                                                                    forum performance.
AS-111972     Grade Center                                When adding a Calculated Column in the            UNRESOLV
                                                                    Grade Center, if Total is selected, it is not     ED
                                                                    possible to drop test scores.

AS-111930     Grade Center                                In the Grade Center, when an Average              UNRESOLV
                                                                    Score is calculated from items that all are       ED
                                                                    scored between 0 and 10, it incorrectly
                                                                    displays as a value between 10 and 100.
AS-111908    Assessments (Learning System)               A user takes a test and clicks the "Save"         UNRESOLV
                                                                    button next to each item on the test every        ED
                                                                    few questions. After several such "Saves", a
                                                                    pop-up appeared with a "Contact System
                                                                    Admin" error message.
AS-111890     Digital Dropbox / File Exchange (Learning   After upgrading Blackboard, all submit dates Do Not Fix
                        System)                                     in the Digital Dropbox have been changed to
                                                                    the date of the upgrade.
AS-111877     Grade Center                                A Weighted grade Column set to display a          UNRESOLV
                                                                    Score as the primary display, will display as     ED
                                                                    a percentage.
AS-111871   User Management                             Some buttons are not correctly localized in the   Fixed
                                                                    Self and Peer Assessment tool.

                                                                                                                      32 of 96
AS-111865    Building Blocks                                When using the Self and Peer Assessment tool, Fixed
                                                                        in evaluation, it is possible for a peer to set the
                                                                        points of the evaluation for an assessment that
                                                                        contains word count as a criterion. As well, there
                                                                        is no tool to count the words.

AS-111857      Administration (Learning System)               If an Observer's Primary Institution Role is          UNRESOLV
                                                                        set to a custom role, when the Observer               ED
                                                                        changes passwords, the Primary Institution
                                                                        Role is changed to Observer. When this
                                                                        happens, any students that were being
                                                                        observed remain on the Observer
                                                                        Dashboard, but the Courses can no longer
                                                                        be accessed by the Observer until the
                                                                        primary institution role is changed back to its
                                                                        original designation.

AS-111832      Content System - Search                        In an Advanced Search, using the Search               UNRESOLV
                                                                        From field to narrow down the folders                 ED
                                                                        displays the incorrect results.
AS-111794    Authentication, Context Passing and Encryption, This issue addresses cross-site scripting            Fixed
                         Content System - Content, Catalog:              vulnerabilities.
                         Course/Organization (Learning System)

AS-111789      Content System - Portfolio                     A deployment that has been copied does not Fixed
      Outcomes - Deployments                         display to the user.
                         Outcomes - Outcomes Artifacts
AS-111774      Language Packs                                 When using the K12 or ProEd Language                  Fixed
                                                                        Packs, various buttons and tabs within the
                                                                        Course are improperly blacked out.
AS-111745 7.2.330.3      Outcomes - Outcomes Portfolios                 Upon choosing to view All portfolios within           UNRESOLV
            7.2.383.40                                                  the Content Collection, and then sorting the          ED
                                                    order by any criterium, a BeanUtils.populate
                                                     error is seen. .
AS-111691      Content System - Portfolio                     After adding a Course Menu item, followed             Fixed
                                                                        by a file link, when viewing the Portfolio, the
                                                                        file and the file link are not visible in the right
                                                                        hand window pane.

                                                                                                                              33 of 96
AS-111514    Grade Center                                Grade Columns that are included in               Fixed
                                                                   Weighted Columns, then not included, are
                                                                   improperly hidden.
AS-111496 7.1.391.5    Content (Learning System)                   In the group file exchange, empty directories Fixed
                       Groups (Learning System)                    are not removed when files are deleted.

AS-111485    Grade Center                                This fix addresses an issue with screen          Fixed
                                                                   reader users, who are unaware they are in
                                                                   non-interactive mode within the Grade
AS-111340    Digital Dropbox / File Exchange (Learning   When using Firefox 2 with JAWS to access         Fixed
                       System)                                     the Digital Dropbox, the screen reader may
                                                                   not indicate that the file attachment is a
                                                                   required field.

AS-111274 7.3.x        Web Service API                             The Backpack Course Download fails due to Fixed
                                                                   corrupt discussion board data not being
                                                                   handled correctly.
AS-111182    Grade Center                                Dragging the freeze bar to the top of the list   Fixed
                                                                   of Column rows (where no column is frozen),
                                                                   and then clicking Submit, improperly
                                                                   changes the characters of the page.

AS-111147     Entitlements                                Through an Outcomes Portfolio Template,     Fixed
                                                                   while attempting to modify Deployments, and
                                                                   then viewing the Reports of a Deployment,
                                                                   the 'Run' option is not available.

AS-111135 7.1.467.28   System Performance                          A single production user opens over 200          UNRESOLV
                                                                   connections (or as many as 1500) to one of       ED
                                                                   the BB application servers. This puts all
                                                                   other users in a queue; eventually rendering
                                                                   the server unusable.
AS-111099   Content System - Xythos                     The system displays an Out of memory error UNRESOLV
                                                                   when running a Full Index.                       ED

                                                                                                                    34 of 96
AS-111087 7.2.383.40   Backpack Administration                 Mixed case usernames are not handled            Fixed
                                           properly in Backpack; therefore,
                                            downloading fails.
AS-111019    Assignments (Learning System)           If the Content System is disabled, when         Fixed
    WYSIWYG                                 adding an Assignment, Instructions inputted
                                            into the WYSIWYG editor are not saved after
                                            the creation of the Assignment.

AS-111019    Assignments (Learning System)           If the Content System is disabled, when         Fixed
    WYSIWYG                                 adding an Assignment, Instructions inputted
                                            into the WYSIWYG editor are not saved after
                                            the creation of the Assignment.

AS-110976    Collaboration Tools (Learning System)   Changes made to a collaboration session         UNRESOLV
                                            start and end dates and times are not saved ED
                                                               in the database.
AS-110839 7.2.330.37   Modules (Community System)              The Hot Spot area only accepts 500              UNRESOLV
                                                               characters. A workaround that previously        ED
                                                               enabled institutions to set their own value
                                                               through modification of a .jsp page no longer
AS-110806    Peer Assessment                         When an instructor imports assessment           UNRESOLV
                                            questions they do not appear in the student's ED
                                                               view of the assessment. Questions that are
                                                               added manually do appear in the
AS-110796 8.0.x        Outcomes - Other                        There are security issues with Entitlements.    UNRESOLV
AS-110770 7.3.x        Outcomes - Other                        There are security issues with Entitlements.    Fixed
AS-110767 7.1.324.6    Backpack Mobilizer                      If there is more than one SCORM package         Fixed
                                           in a folder in a course in Blackboard and
                                            they are downloaded into Backpack,
                                                               Backpack is unable to recognize them as
                                                               different SCORM packages.

                                                                                                               35 of 96
AS-110754   Discussion Board                        Clicking on the Submit button multiple times Fixed
                                                               to respond to a post before the page has
                                                               loaded creates multiple responses.

AS-110731 7.2.383.0    WYSIWYG                                 In Internet Explorer 7 using the Visual Text     UNRESOLV
                                            Box Editor with key combination of <Alt          ED
                                            gr>+<1,2,3,4,5 or 6>, or ALT + @ in the
                                                               Spanish language pack, is not rendered
                                                               correctly. The format of the text will change
                                                               from Normal to Headers.
AS-110613   Discussion Board                        In forum threads containing attachments,         UNRESOLV
                                                               collecting them throws                           ED
                                                               NullPointerExceptions and refuses to display
                                                               the messages if one of the collected
                                                               messages contains an image attachment
                                                               embedded via the VTBE. The message itself
                                                               displays fine if one does not use the collect
                                                               function, including its attachment. Collecting
                                                               messages with regular attachments not
                                                               attached via VTBE works fine.

AS-110600 7.2.383.23   Collaboration Tools (Learning System)   In a Collaboration Session for Virtual Chat,     UNRESOLV
          7.2.383.40                                           composing a message with improper HTML           ED
                                            will cause the alignment issues.

AS-110587 7.2.383.0    Content System - Content                Users are not able to upload assignments         UNRESOLV
                                            when using a Linux machine. The following        ED
                                                               error message is displayed: "please enter a
                                                               valid file name". This worked in previous
                                                               versions of Blackboard.

                                                                                                                36 of 96
AS-110536    Content System - Search      When attempting to find a Folder in Content Fixed
                                 Collection, selecting Browse,and then
                                                    clicking the search button in the picker
                                                    window without entering any data in search
                                                    field, attempting to sort the users by name
                                                    results in an error: the Search page is
                                                    displayed with message stating "Enter the
                                                    Search criteria on the left".

AS-110530    Content System               As an administrator, when managing the         Fixed
                                 Recycle Bin, and choosing the 'Yes or No'
                                                    option for Recycle Bin Enabled for any
                                                    document storage, a Warning message is
                                                    displayed instead of success message.
AS-110505 7.2.383.23   Roles: Observer Management   An Observer is improperly able to view the     Fixed
                                 Communication and Announcements menu
                                 buttons, even though these tools are
                                 disabled for the Observer. Though, the
                                                    Observer is still unable to access the
                                                    Communication and Announcements pages.

AS-110476    Domain Management            The performance of the user search feature Fixed
                       Search (Learning System)     in the system admin panel, when
                                                    administrative domains are in use, has been

AS-110472 7.2.383.23   Content System               When new users access the Content              Fixed
    Content System - Xythos      Collection tab, the
                                                    createNewUserHomeDirectory function is
                                                    invoked, as well as creation of relevant new
                                                    course/org/eReserves directories if the user
                                                    is a privileged member in one of those. In
                                                    this situation, deadlocks may occur.

                                                                                                   37 of 96
AS-110424    Other             The text needs to be updated for 508             Fixed
                      Compliance. The label is not available for the
                      combination box in the Tasks area of the My
                                         Institution page.
AS-110399    Grade Center      After adding a Grade Column, associating it Fixed
                                         to a Category, and then removing the Grade
                                         Column, it is not possible to remove the
                                         Category. The remove button is not

AS-110372    Building Blocks   After including an installed Building Block      Fixed
                      through the Library Content in the Content
                                         Collection, and selecting the added Plugin
                                         through the drop-down menu, the improper
                                         page is displayed.
AS-110311 7.2.383.23   Safe Assign       An error message occurs when attempting to Fixed
                     click Cancel or Submit>OK for the View
          8.0                            Attempt of a 'Safe Assign' created with
                      special characters in the title.

AS-110300    Database          The lack of a proper statistics-gathering job    UNRESOLV
                                         for Oracle causes extremely poor                 ED
                                         performance. The outdated ANALYZE_MY
                                         package or rather the ANALYZE
                                         TABLE/INDEX method it uses has several
AS-110241 7.2.383.23   User Management   When attempting to search through the            Fixed
                      Course Control Panel, the underscore
          8.0                            character is being replaced in the Search
                      field with an exclamation point. While the
                                         search results are accurate, attempting to
                                         search again, through another tab, will yield
                                         inaccurate results.

                                                                                          38 of 96
AS-110204   Content System - Search         When attempting to find Folder within           Fixed
                                    Content Collection, when all items are
                                   displayed, the Sort arrow link under the
                                                      Course ID column does not work correctly.
                                                      The search page displays the message:
                                                      "Enter the Search criteria on the left."

AS-110067 8.0.x       Assessments (Learning System)   An issue with license compatibility has been Fixed
AS-109870   Content System - Portfolio      In Content Collection, in the Received          Fixed
                                    Portfolios area, the Go button corresponding
                                                      to Select All, Unselect All, and Invert
                                                      Selections drop-down menu options does
                                                      not function.

AS-109850   Email (Learning System)         Disabling Email tool from Course Control        Fixed
                                    Panel is not working properly, as this needs
                                                      to be consistent in the System Administrator
                                                      Panel. Thus, the Course will still display in
                                                      the Email options of the Student.

AS-109777 7.2.383.0   System Performance              the get_session_data routine can cause          UNRESOLV
                                                      added database performance problems             ED
                                                      when the system is overloaded because
                                                      users may abandon and start new sessions,
                                                      dedicating further resources to the routine.

AS-109758 7.2.383.0   Safe Assign                     When in the page for Building Blocks            Fixed
                                   SafeAssign Configuration, the improper
                                    bread crumbs display.
AS-109755   Content System - Content        Due to untranslated properties files, sections Fixed
                                    in the Add Folder page of Content Collection
                                                      are not localized (translated).

                                                                                                      39 of 96
AS-109730 7.2.383.0   Entitlements                         Through an Outcomes Portfolio Template,          Fixed
                                        while attempting to modify Deployments, and
                                         then viewing the Reports of a Deployment,
                                        the 'Run' option is not available.

AS-109709 7.2.383.0   Safe Assign                          When creating a Safe Assignment and              Fixed
                                        inputting over 255 characters intot he
          7.2.383.x                                        Instructions and Messages field, upon
                                         submitting, the error message displays
                                                           stating that too many characters are inputted
                                                           into the Instructions field . Then, after
                                                           clicking OK in the error message, the user is
                                                           incorrectly directed to the Messages field
                                                           instead of the Instructions field.

AS-109704   Outcomes - Units                     When attempting to Batch Add Course              Fixed
                                         Sections, and using an invalid file location,
                                                           the error message is incorrect,
                                                           stating,"FAILURE: Action unsuccessful.
                                                           Batch file did not contain data or could not
                                                           be parsed."
AS-109651   Content System - Content Artifacts   In the Discussion Board homepage, the            Fixed
                                         Discover Content is not localized or
AS-109627 8.0.x       Peer Assessment                      As a Section Instructor, attempting to View      Fixed
                                                           or Download the Evaluation submitted by a
                                                           student containing both Self and Peer does
                                                           not function correctly, and user receives an
                                                           error stating that the file cannot be found.

AS-109610 7.3.159.x   Outcomes - Affiliations              For any Custom Affiliation, it is not properly   UNRESOLV
          7.3.x                                            sorted when attempting to sort the Affiliation ED
          7.2.x                                            Type column.


                                                                                                            40 of 96
AS-109596    Groups (Learning System)   When attempting to add a Group to a              Fixed
                                                 Course, the user receives an error that
                                                 states that the script failed to send data.
AS-109571    Grade Center               When creating a grade Column, and entering Fixed
                                                 a Due Date that is in the past, the Due Date
                                                 will incorrectly display in the date field for
                                                 Last Submitted, Modified, or Graded.

AS-109563    Grade Center               When a new column is added to a                  Fixed
                                                 downloaded Gradebook, and not given a
                                                 name, if there is an invalid name entered into
                                                 another grade column, then the blank, new
                                                 column is not successfully added to the
                                                 Gradebook upon upload.
AS-109561 8.0.x       WYSIWYG                    Creating a filename in the Visual Text Box       UNRESOLV
                                                 Editor that is of the same name as a file in     ED
                                                 the Content System will automatically
                                                 overwrite the item in the Content System.

AS-109560 8.0.x       Peer Assessment            Exporting and then importing an Assessment Fixed
                                                 to a Course will create duplicate names for
                                                 the Assessment, and it is not possible for the
                                                 Builder to edit the name of the imported
AS-109547 7.2.383.0   Grade Center               The 'description' text area field should         Fixed
                              prevent data entry past 1000 characters
                               during entry. Instead, a popup message is
AS-109274    Content System             When creating a Test, Survey, and Pool           Fixed
                              Information, after selecting to Save as
                                                 Reusable Object, the Content Collection file
                                                 area is not available.
AS-109150 7.2.330.8   Language Packs             Users cannot open the module.properties file Fixed
                                                 with the language pack editor.

                                                                                                  41 of 96
AS-109046 7.1.467.28   Safe Assign                             In some circumstances, the Gradebook view UNRESOLV
          7.2.383.0                                            in a course that is added as part of a batch      ED
          7.2.383.40                                           process does not appear. Users receive an
                                           error message instead.

AS-108999    Content System                          The script to update the Content System           Fixed
                                             path to the Xythos Unique ID does not work
                                            properly, and may run out of memory when
                                                               processing very large tables.

AS-108946    Small Scale Oracle                      Several issues involving the small-scale          UNRESOLV
                       Updater: Installation /Uninstallation   oracle 10.2 installer.                        ED
AS-108944    Content System - Search                 In the Content Collection, searching in empty Fixed
          8.0.x                                                files for the character * without selecting the
                                                               Search File Content results in a search error,
                                                               and it will display results for the search.

AS-108859 7.2.383.0    System Performance                      Sometimes Tomcat improperly creates log           UNRESOLV
                                                               files with root ownership. Some Tomcat log        ED
                                                               files are not being created with Blackboard
                                                               user ownership. The result is errors in the
                                                               log files and certain logging information is
                                                               not recorded.

AS-108643 7.1.391.5    Entitlements                            If users can figure out the exact URL, they       Fixed
          7.2.383.0    Search (Learning System)                can potentially access pages with privileged
                                                               information. In one case, a user was able
                                                               view all the enrolled students of a course.

                                                                                                                 42 of 96
AS-108455 7.3.x        Assessments (Learning System)             After creating a pool with a Random Block       UNRESOLV
          7.2.x                                                  question, attempting to add the one Random ED
          8.0.x                                                  Block question by selecting All (1 question)
                                                                 to an Assessment causes an error. An alert
                                                                 popup displays, stating that the amount of
                                                                 questions imported cannot exceed the
                                                                 amount of questions in the pool, even though
                                                                 the two are the same.
AS-108399 7.2.383.0    API (Learning System)                     blackboard.platform.intl.LocaleManager          UNRESOLV
          7.3.x                                                  should be included in the public APIs. In       ED
          8.0.x                                                  addition, the javadoc for getMasterLocale()
                                                                 should be added.
AS-108281 7.3.X        Discussion Board                          During a PVT run in the XS dimension, the bb-   UNRESOLVE
                                                                 sqlerror-logs reported deadlocks during Db      D
AS-108028 7.1.467.28   Course/Organization Management (Learning Searches for all courses from the System         UNRESOLV
          7.2.383.0    System)                                   Administration panel never complete.            ED

AS-107948 7.2.330.40   SCORM Player (Learning System)            Users create a course with an Instructor and Do Not Fix
                                                                 a Student, then log in as the Instructor and
                                                                 add an attached SCORM package to the
                                                                 course and then log in as Student and run
                                                                 the package. The package fails to run and
                                                                 an error message is displayed that does not
                                                                 give much indication of the problem.

AS-107763 7.2.383.0    Assignments (Learning System)             Requests fail if an Assignment name             UNRESOLV
                                              contains one of the following characters: #     ED
                                              (hashmark), ? (question mark), / (slash), "
                                             (quotation mark), % (percent). The percent
                                              sign produces an error message that states
                                                                 "invalid request." The others produce an
                                                                 error message that states "requested
                                                                 resource is not available."

                                                                                                                 43 of 96
AS-107598 7.3.x               Announcements                    The Outcomes Course Announcements are Fixed
            8.0.x                                              deployed even when they are not selected
                                                               for deployment.
AS-107517 7.1.324.6           Database                         In Oracle, the daily_system_tracking            Fixed
                              System Performance               inefficiency causes hangups or the tasks not
                                                               to complete.
AS-107438 8.0.x               Arch Vista - User Management     When a deleted Vista cross-listed user logs     Fixed
                                                               into an Arch instance as a Bb AS user (using
                                                               the changed password) they continue to
                                                               receive a link into their old Vista section.
                                                               Upon clicking on the link they receive an
                                                               "Access Denied" error message. Upon
                                                               clicking "OK" they are directed to the System
                                                               Admin Panel. They should not be presented
                                                               with this page at all.

AS-107192 7.1.391.5           SCORM Player (Learning System)   When attempting access a SCORM                  Fixed
                                                               package, users receive the following error
                                                               message: "LMS Initialization Failed
                                                               The LMS could not be initialized. Please
                                                               contact your administrator for more
AS-106905            Discussion Board                 The user is unable to select from the list of   UNRESOLV
                                             Existing Tags for a Discussion Board. This      ED
                                                               occurs in Safari 1.x.
AS-106848 7.2.330.8           Gradebook (Learning System)      The comments field is accepting more than       Fixed
                                             1000 characters.

AS-106638 6.3.1.x / 2.3.1.x   Building Blocks Management       Security Issue: The Install Building Block      Fixed
                                           Page can be modified to allow unauthorized

                                                                                                               44 of 96
AS-106557 7.2.330.25   Course/Organization Management (Learning Upgrading to Hotfix 1 for Release 7.2               UNRESOLV
    System)                                    restores the system default course menu           ED
                       Course/Organization Menu (Learning         items to all courses. If Staff Information,
                       System)                                    Course Documents, and so forth were
                       Staff Information (Learning System)        renamed or removed, they will appear again.
                       Updates / Patches                          However, this does not overwrite any
                                                                  renamed or added course menu items.

AS-106397 7.2.366.0    Outcomes - Other                           When attempting to modify the column name Fixed
          8.0.x                                                   of a Rubric when adding a Rubric, the
                                                                  editable text box does not display.
AS-106276 7.2.330.8    Gradebook (Learning System)                Every time the spreadsheet view is                Fixed
                                                                  displayed, an error is written to bb-services-
                                                                  log.txt. This error message is "No action
                                                                  config found for the specified url." No errors
                                                                  are displayed to the user, and no problems
                                                                  are noticed in functionality, but the log file
                                                                  grows rapidly.

AS-106196 7.2.330.8    Content System                             After an update to 7.2, if an item in a Shared Fixed
                       Content System - Content                   Portfolio contains a link to a document in My
                       Content System - Portfolio                 Content, this item cannot be opened by the
                       User Access                                user with whom the Portfolio is shared.

AS-105865 7.1.467.0    Content (Learning System)                  When copying a content folder from the user Fixed
                                                                  interface, if it contains a Course Cartridge, a
                                                                  unique constraint violation on
                                                                  TMP_CCC_BADPK1 may be thrown by the
                                                                  course_contents_copy stored procedure.
                                                                  Folders containing cartridge materials are
                                                                  now properly limited to copy/move those
                                                                  materials only within the source course.

AS-105766 7.2.330.8    SCORM Player (Learning System)             User receives LMS Initialization errors that      UNRESOLV
                                                                  state "LMS could not be initialized' popup        ED
                                                                  when running SCORM packages.

                                                                                                                    45 of 96
AS-105758 7.2.330.8   Enrollment (Learning System)   With a Course set to allow Students to email UNRESOLV
                                                     requests to the Instructor, if the Create User ED
                                                     privilege for Instructors is disabled, then the
                                                     Instructor will receive an Access Denied
                                                     statement when trying to process the
                                                     enrollment requests.
AS-105043 7.2.330.3   Content System - Content       For anonymous users receiving an Email            UNRESOLV
          7.2.366.0                                  Pass, and selecting the link, no Posted By        ED
                                   field is displayed and they are unable to edit
                                   a name in the comments page within Posted

                                                                                                       46 of 96
AS-104889 7.1.391.3   Authentication                For Users using a browser with a proxy           UNRESOLV
                                                    enabled, the response does not contain any ED
                                                    cache-control directives. Many users coming
                                                    from the intranet inside the university are
                                                    using a proxy.
                                                    Open up a RDC connection to the clients live
                                                    server via the credentials provided
                                                    Access the webpage viaconfigure IE (using
                                                    http-proxy.fu-berlin.de) on the server
                                                    Internet Explorer 6.0
                                                    1. On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer,
                                                    click Internet Options, click the Connections
                                                    tab, and then click LAN Settings.
                                                    2. Under Proxy server, click to select the
                                                    Use a proxy server for your LAN check box.
                                                    3. In the Address box, type the IP address of
                                                    the proxy server.
                                                    4. Click OK to close the LAN Settings dialog
                                                    5. Click OK again to close the Internet
                                                    Options dialog box.
                                                    You will see another account name on the
                                                    "My Institution Page". However, a shift
                                                    reload in the frame will show your name
                                                    unless an other users will use shift reload in
                                                    the frame.
                                                    Client investigation:
AS-104666 7.1.391.0   Discussion Board              Course Copies with a graded discussion           Fixed
                      Gradebook (Learning System)   board are creating a relationship between
                                                    the original and the copied course. The
                                                    discussion board disappears from the source
AS-104447 7.1.391.5   Discussion Board              After copying a course, the Author and Reply Fixed
                                                    buttons for the Discussion Board threads are
AS-104378 7.1.391.5   Database                      Performance problems associated with             Fixed
                      Gradebook (Learning System)   database queries used to return Student
                      System Performance            Grades have been fixed.
                                                                                                     47 of 96
AS-104177 /       Groups (Learning System)             When the Collaboration Tools are made           UNRESOLV
           7.1.391.3                  Tools                                unavailable they still appear within Groups.    ED

AS-102866 7.1.391.3                   Content (Learning System)            Using Internet Explorer, the .exe file          Fixed
                                                                           extension is removed when downloading an
                                                                           .exe file from a content area.
AS-101699 7.1.391.0                   Privileges: General                  When the privilege Modify User Properties is UNRESOLV
           7.2.383.45                                                      disabled for an instructor, the instructor      ED
                                                        cannot change a user's role in the
           7.1.x                                                           course/organization; they receive an Access
           7.2.x                                                           Denied error. The expected behavior is that
                                                        they cannot modify the user's properties, but
                                                                           can change the role as suggested by the
                                                                           privilege options offered in the user
AS-101673 HF3 / HF1   Assessments (Learning System)        If you create a mutliple answer question and UNRESOLV
                                                                           provide no correct answers, the test cannot     ED
                                                                           be automatically graded.
AS-100656 7.1.324.28                  Content Exchange (Learning System)   After an Archive and Restore of a Course,       UNRESOLV
           7.2.330.3                  Gradebook (Learning System)          Override grades previously entered before       ED
                                                        the Archive and Restore are not retained.

AS-100025 7.1.324.6                   SSL                                  After upgrading a staging server to one         Fixed
                                                                           using ldap over SSL, users are unable to log
                                                                           in. Error message received: "Could not login.
                                                                           Valid authentication credentials were not
                                                                           provided. "

                                                                                                                           48 of 96
Target Release             Created
Future Reference             5/22/2006 18:50

Future Reference             4/18/2006 11:12

Release 7.0 SP2               2/4/2006 13:50

Release 6.3 SP3               2/4/2006 13:50

Release 7.3 SP2 (Review)      2/4/2006 13:18

Future Reference              2/4/2006 12:55

Future Reference              2/4/2006 12:52

                                               49 of 96
Future Reference         2/4/2006

Future Reference         2/4/2006

Future Reference   2/4/2006 12:25

Future Reference         2/4/2006

Release 7.3 SP2    2/4/2006 12:00

Future Reference         2/4/2006

Future Reference         2/4/2006

Future Reference   2/4/2006 11:43

                                    50 of 96
Release 7.3 SP2     2/4/2006 11:42

Future Reference    2/4/2006 11:37

Future Reference    2/4/2006 11:28

Release 8.0 SP1      2/4/2006 9:13

Release 9.0 SP1    1/23/2009 10:50

Release 9.0 SP1    1/22/2009 23:17

Release 9.1        1/20/2009 23:28

                                     51 of 96
Release 9.0 SP1      1/20/2009 8:29

Release 8.0 SP5      1/20/2009 8:27

Release 9.0 SP1     1/11/2009 21:08

Release 9.1         1/11/2009 21:07

Release 8.0 SP5     12/18/2008 9:53

Future Reference    12/18/2008 9:23

Release 9.0 SP1     12/18/2008 9:11

Release 9.0 SP1     12/18/2008 9:02

Release 9.0 SP1     12/18/2008 8:55

Release 8.0 SP5     12/18/2008 8:48

Release 9.0 SP1    12/17/2008 17:08

                                      52 of 96
Future Reference     12/15/2008 2:43

Future Reference   12/5/2008 6:00

Future Reference   12/5/2008 6:00

Future Reference     11/14/2008 9:34

Future Reference      11/4/2008 8:03

Future Reference   10/13/2008 11:17

Release 8.0 SP5       10/6/2008 9:36

Unknown              9/23/2008 18:46

Unknown               9/22/2008 9:47

Future Reference     9/19/2008 12:29

                                       53 of 96
Future Reference   9/19/2008 10:47

Future Reference    9/19/2008 9:54

Future Reference    9/19/2008 9:52

Future Reference    9/19/2008 9:49

Future Reference    9/19/2008 9:46

Future Reference   9/18/2008 15:26

Future Reference   9/12/2008 13:08

Future Reference   9/12/2008 11:50

Future Reference   9/11/2008 10:51

Future Reference   9/11/2008 10:50

                                     54 of 96
Future Reference   9/11/2008 10:49

Future Reference   9/11/2008 10:48

AS 8.0 SP4         9/10/2008 18:30

Future Reference   9/10/2008 17:14

Future Reference   9/10/2008 16:51

Future Reference    9/9/2008 10:21

Future Reference    9/8/2008 13:38

Future Reference    9/5/2008 14:45

                                     55 of 96
Future Reference    9/5/2008 14:44

Future Reference    9/5/2008 14:42

AS 8.0 SP4          9/4/2008 10:23

Future Reference     9/4/2008 9:21

AS 8.0 SP4          9/3/2008 18:16

AS 8.0 SP4          9/3/2008 18:10

AS 8.0 SP4          9/3/2008 18:02

AS 8.0 SP4          9/3/2008 17:37

AS 8.0 SP4         8/23/2008 13:22

Unknown            8/20/2008 14:07

                                     56 of 96
AS 8.0 SP4         8/19/2008 14:57

Future Reference    8/19/2008 8:56

Future Reference    8/18/2008 6:09

Future Reference   8/15/2008 15:16

Future Reference   8/15/2008 15:14

Future Reference   8/15/2008 15:12

Future Reference   8/15/2008 13:56

Future Reference   8/14/2008 17:42

Future Reference    8/14/2008 4:09

                                     57 of 96
Release 9.0 (NG)   8/13/2008 14:40

Release 9.0        8/13/2008 11:58

Release 9.0 (NG)   8/13/2008 11:57

Release 9.0 (NG)   8/13/2008 11:51

Future Reference    8/12/2008 9:58

Future Reference    8/8/2008 13:54

Future Reference    8/8/2008 13:47

Future Reference     8/8/2008 7:37

Future Reference    8/7/2008 13:52

Future Reference    8/7/2008 13:49

                                     58 of 96
Future Reference    8/7/2008 13:44

Future Reference    8/7/2008 13:43

Future Reference    8/7/2008 13:41

Review - ES         8/7/2008 12:54

Future Reference    8/4/2008 22:05

AS 8.0 SP4          8/4/2008 17:05

Unknown            7/31/2008 16:54

AS 8.0 SP4         7/31/2008 13:39

Future Reference    7/31/2008 8:09

                                     59 of 96
Future Reference    7/31/2008 7:32

Future Reference    7/31/2008 6:27

Future Reference   7/30/2008 15:57

Future Reference   7/30/2008 15:52

Future Reference   7/30/2008 15:38

Release 9.0         7/30/2008 3:11

Unknown            7/28/2008 17:14

                                     60 of 96
AS 8.0 SP4              7/25/2008 4:29

Future Reference       7/23/2008 16:43

AS 8.0 SP4             7/23/2008 13:11

Future Reference       7/23/2008 13:08

AS 8.0 SP4 (OS 1.75)   7/22/2008 12:49

Future Reference       7/15/2008 16:12

Future Reference       7/15/2008 12:07

Release 9.0 (NG)        7/14/2008 1:55

                                         61 of 96
Future Reference        7/9/2008 13:39

Release 9.0 (NG)         7/7/2008 2:35

AS 8.0 SP4 (OS 1.75)    7/2/2008 22:36

Unknown                6/28/2008 14:01

Review - ES             6/25/2008 9:13

Future Reference        6/25/2008 7:16

Review - ES             6/25/2008 4:11

                                         62 of 96
Review - ES             6/24/2008 9:21

Future Reference        6/24/2008 8:18

Future Reference        6/24/2008 5:27

Future Reference        6/23/2008 8:40

Future Reference       6/17/2008 10:17

Future Reference        6/13/2008 8:13

AS 8.0 SP4 (OS 1.75)   6/11/2008 20:00

Future Reference       6/11/2008 11:11

AS 8.0 SP4             6/11/2008 10:23

Future Reference       6/10/2008 11:53

Future Reference        6/9/2008 18:27

                                         63 of 96
Future Reference   6/9/2008 18:10

Future Reference   6/6/2008 15:14

Future Reference   6/3/2008 16:38

Future Reference    6/3/2008 7:17

Future Reference    6/3/2008 6:37

Future Reference    6/3/2008 5:50

Future Reference    6/3/2008 2:22

Future Reference    6/2/2008 7:01

Future Reference    6/2/2008 6:46

                                    64 of 96
Future Reference    5/30/2008 7:47

Future Reference    5/30/2008 6:42

Future Reference    5/30/2008 6:18

Future Reference    5/30/2008 6:13

Future Reference    5/30/2008 6:05

Future Reference   5/29/2008 13:28

Future Reference    5/29/2008 3:49

Future Reference    5/29/2008 0:58

Future Reference    5/28/2008 7:52

Future Reference    5/28/2008 7:28

                                     65 of 96
Future Reference       5/28/2008 1:01

Future Reference       5/28/2008 0:57

Future Reference       5/27/2008 3:30

Future Reference       5/23/2008 0:09

Future Reference      5/22/2008 11:53

AS 8.0 SP4            5/21/2008 17:24

AS 8.0 SP4             5/21/2008 5:14

Future Reference      5/12/2008 13:32

Future Reference       5/8/2008 19:24

Release 7.3 SP1 HF2    5/6/2008 11:27

Future Reference        5/5/2008 6:56

Release 8.0 SP3        5/2/2008 11:03

                                        66 of 96
Future Reference   4/28/2008 17:49

Future Reference   4/25/2008 10:18

Release 8.0 SP3    4/24/2008 11:59

Future Reference   4/24/2008 11:54

Future Reference   4/23/2008 23:23

Future Reference   4/23/2008 22:24

Future Reference   4/22/2008 13:22

Future Reference   4/21/2008 13:59

Future Reference   4/20/2008 22:42

                                     67 of 96
Future Reference   4/18/2008 17:44

Future Reference   4/15/2008 12:06

Future Reference   4/15/2008 11:17

Release 7.3 SP2    4/14/2008 18:05

Future Reference   4/10/2008 22:24

Future Reference   4/10/2008 18:25

Future Reference   4/10/2008 17:20

Future Reference    4/9/2008 20:34

                                     68 of 96
Release 8.0 SP4 (OS 1.75)   4/9/2008 13:51

Future Reference            4/8/2008 12:32

Future Reference            4/4/2008 12:57

Future Reference            4/3/2008 14:50

                                             69 of 96
Release 8.0 SP3     4/1/2008 16:41

Future Reference     4/1/2008 4:57

Release 8.0 SP2    3/31/2008 12:09

Future Reference   3/28/2008 15:59

Release 8.0 SP3    3/27/2008 11:04

Release 8.0 SP3    3/26/2008 17:05

Release 8.0 SP3    3/26/2008 15:26

Release 8.0 SP3    3/26/2008 12:03

Release 8.0 SP3    3/26/2008 12:03

Release 8.0 SP3    3/26/2008 12:01

Release 8.0 SP3    3/26/2008 11:58

Release 8.0 SP3    3/26/2008 11:53

                                     70 of 96
Release 8.0 SP4 (OS 1.75)   3/26/2008 11:51

Release 8.0 SP3             3/26/2008 11:50

Release 8.0 SP3             3/26/2008 11:48

Release 8.0 SP3             3/26/2008 11:47

                                              71 of 96
Release 8.0 SP3   3/26/2008 11:45

Release 8.0 SP3   3/26/2008 11:41

Release 8.0 SP3   3/26/2008 11:38

                                    72 of 96
Release 8.0 SP3   3/26/2008 11:36

Release 8.0 SP3   3/26/2008 11:13

Release 8.0 SP3   3/26/2008 11:05

Release 8.0 SP3   3/26/2008 11:04

Release 8.0 SP3   3/24/2008 16:53

Release 8.0 SP3   3/21/2008 16:20

Release 8.0 SP3    3/21/2008 8:47

                                    73 of 96
Release 8.0 SP3    3/20/2008 12:54

Release 8.0 SP3     3/19/2008 9:33

Release 8.0 SP2    3/18/2008 19:28

Release 7.3 SP2    3/15/2008 19:35

Release 8.0 SP3    3/14/2008 11:00

Release 8.0 SP3    3/12/2008 11:26

Release 8.0 SP2    3/11/2008 14:07

Future Reference   3/11/2008 14:03

Release 8.0 SP3    3/10/2008 16:12

                                     74 of 96
Release 8.0 SP3        3/6/2008 16:20

Release 7.3 SP1 HF1     3/6/2008 9:41

Release 8.0 SP3        3/4/2008 11:35

Release 8.0 SP3        3/3/2008 12:38

Release 8.0 SP2       2/28/2008 15:16

Release 8.0 SP3       2/27/2008 23:19

Release 8.0 SP3       2/26/2008 23:22

                                        75 of 96
Future Reference   2/26/2008 17:38

Release 8.0 SP1     2/26/2008 5:44

Release 8.0 SP3    2/25/2008 12:03

Release 8.0 SP2    2/22/2008 16:14

Release 8.0 SP3     2/22/2008 7:01

                                     76 of 96
Release 8.0 SP2   2/20/2008 11:52

Release 8.0 SP3   2/19/2008 10:55

Release 8.0 SP2   2/18/2008 11:51

Release 8.0 SP2   2/18/2008 11:51

Release 8.0 SP3    2/18/2008 1:32

                                    77 of 96
Release 7.3 SP2     2/17/2008 1:34

Release 8.0 SP3    2/14/2008 12:42

Release 8.0 SP1    2/14/2008 12:24

Future Reference    2/4/2008 10:22

Release 8.0 SP2     1/31/2008 10:24

Release 8.0 SP2    1/24/2008 16:55

Release 7.3 SP2     1/24/2008 0:15

Release 8.0 SP2    1/23/2008 10:22

Future Reference   1/22/2008 19:52

                                      78 of 96
Release 7.3 SP2 (Review)   1/22/2008 10:48

Future Reference           1/18/2008 15:42

Release 8.0 SP2             1/17/2008 0:52

Release 8.0 SP1             1/16/2008 10:09

Release 8.0 SP2            1/15/2008 11:32

Release 8.0 SP1            1/14/2008 17:24

Release 8.0 SP2            1/14/2008 16:14

                                              79 of 96
Future Reference    1/10/2008 15:07

Release 7.3 SP2     1/10/2008 14:25

Future Reference      1/9/2008 8:57

Release 8.0 SP2      1/8/2008 18:42

Future Reference    12/14/2007 9:52

Future Reference   12/11/2007 17:19

Release 7.3 SP2     12/11/2007 4:10

Future Reference    12/7/2007 14:27

Future Reference    12/6/2007 17:24

Release 8.0 SP1      12/6/2007 15:20

                                       80 of 96
Release 8.0 SP1              12/6/2007 11:13

Future Reference             12/6/2007 5:28

Release 7.3 SP2 (Review)     12/5/2007 7:04

7.3, SP1; 8.0               11/30/2007 16:54

Release 8.0 SP2            11/30/2007 16:40

Release 8.0 SP1            11/29/2007 12:16

Future Reference            11/28/2007 8:43

Future Reference           11/26/2007 15:17

                                               81 of 96
Future Reference   11/16/2007 15:11

Release 8.0 SP2     11/16/2007 6:20

Future Reference   11/15/2007 17:50

Release 8.0 SP2     11/9/2007 10:29

Release 7.3 SP2     11/6/2007 14:27

Future Reference    11/2/2007 10:25

Future Reference     11/1/2007 8:14

Release 7.3 SP2    10/31/2007 12:17

Future Reference   10/29/2007 14:07

                                      82 of 96
Release 7.3 SP1             10/29/2007 7:35

Release 8.0 SP2             10/24/2007 9:31

Release 8.0 SP2             10/24/2007 9:31

Release 7.3 SP2            10/19/2007 15:00

Release 7.3 SP2 (Review)   10/12/2007 15:18

Future Reference            10/11/2007 9:28

Future Reference           10/10/2007 14:29

Release 8.0                 10/9/2007 10:57

Release 8.0                 10/8/2007 16:06

                                              83 of 96
Release 8.0 SP2            10/4/2007 15:19

Release 7.3 SP2 (Review)   10/2/2007 19:34

Future Reference            9/27/2007 0:23

Future Reference            9/26/2007 7:46

Release 7.3 SP2            9/25/2007 17:52

                                             84 of 96
Release 8.0                  9/22/2007 5:07

Release 8.0                  9/22/2007 2:19

Release 8.0 SP1              9/20/2007 8:04

Release 8.0 SP2 - Cycle 2    9/19/2007 0:14

Future Reference            9/18/2007 17:12

                                              85 of 96
Release 8.0                 9/17/2007 6:42

Release 8.0                9/13/2007 17:47

Release 8.0                 9/13/2007 6:34

Release 8.0                 9/6/2007 11:11

Release 7.3 SP2 (Review)    9/5/2007 17:07

Release 8.0                 8/31/2007 7:44

                                             86 of 96
Release 8.0                 8/30/2007 8:48

Release 8.0                8/21/2007 16:36

Release 8.0                 8/13/2007 3:15

Release 8.0                 8/10/2007 6:56

Release 7.3 SP2 (Review)    8/7/2007 13:02

Release 8.0                  8/7/2007 8:01

Release 8.0                  8/7/2007 6:42

                                             87 of 96
Release 8.0        8/6/2007 10:37

Release 8.0         8/6/2007 7:27

Release 8.0         8/6/2007 6:46

Release 8.0         8/3/2007 5:23

Release 8.0        8/2/2007 16:09

Future Reference   8/2/2007 13:19

                                    88 of 96
Release 8.0          8/2/2007 9:35

Release 8.0          8/2/2007 4:19

Release 8.0         8/1/2007 15:59

Future Reference    8/1/2007 13:52

Release 8.0         8/1/2007 12:57

Release 8.0          8/1/2007 8:27

Release 8.0        7/19/2007 12:47

Release 7.2 SP2    7/16/2007 17:31

                                     89 of 96
Future Reference     7/6/2007 4:39

Release 7.3 SP1      7/4/2007 7:16

Future Reference     7/3/2007 1:11

Release 8.0         7/2/2007 17:33

Future Reference   6/29/2007 10:32

Release 7.2 SP2     6/25/2007 6:04

                                     90 of 96
Future Reference   6/20/2007 11:59

Future Reference    6/19/2007 8:24

Future Reference         6/12/2007

Release 7.3 SP2    5/31/2007 10:35

SCORM 2004.2.3     5/29/2007 17:47

Release 7.3 SP2    5/19/2007 19:39

                                     91 of 96
Release 8.0        5/14/2007 16:23

Release 8.0 SP1     5/9/2007 18:20

Release 8.0         5/7/2007 17:42

Future Reference   4/27/2007 14:16

Future Reference    4/10/2007 7:29

Release 8.0          4/6/2007 9:09

AS 8.0 SP4          4/3/2007 14:53

                                     92 of 96
Release 7.2 SP2              4/2/2007 13:28

Release 8.0                  3/27/2007 8:50

Release 8.0 SP2              3/22/2007 2:42

Release 7.3 SP2             3/19/2007 12:55

Release 8.0 SP2 - Cycle 2    3/5/2007 16:33

Future Reference            2/27/2007 10:24

                                              93 of 96
Release 7.3 SP2    2/26/2007 15:45

Future Reference   12/20/2006 2:36

                                     94 of 96
Future Reference   12/12/2006 16:29

Release 7.2 HF1     12/4/2006 15:08

Release 7.2 SP1    11/27/2006 11:20

Release 7.2 SP1    11/18/2006 18:35

                                      95 of 96
Release 7.2 SP2             11/10/2006 8:48

Release 8.0 SP2             9/28/2006 13:53

Release 8.0 SP4 (OS 1.75)   8/24/2006 19:31

Future Reference             8/24/2006 8:10

Release 7.3 SP2 (Review)     7/7/2006 12:38

Release 7.1 SP1             5/24/2006 10:30

                                              96 of 96

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