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Quiz Indian Contract Act 1872

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Quiz Indian Contract Act 1872 document sample

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									                              LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY

                                  INSTRUCTION PLAN (for Lectures)

Term: 2nd                                                                       Course No. MGT 103
Course Title: Mercantile Laws                                                   L: 4 T: 1 P: 0

 1. Kapoor, N.D., Mercantile Laws, Sultan Chand and Sons, 26th Edition, (2002).

Other Specific Books:

2. Tulsian, P.C., Business Laws, Tata Mcgraw Hills (2007), (Ch. 5, 12).
3.Singh, Nirmal, Business Laws, Deep & Deep Publications, (2006),
4. Garg, K.C., et al., Mercantile Laws, Kalyani Publishers, 12th Edition (2006), (Ch. 2, 3, 5, 9, 14, 13).

Other readings:

S. No       Journal articles as compulsory reading:

5.          “Limited Liability Partnership Bill”, The Management Accountant, November 2008;
            Vol.43, pg. 855.

6.          “Contract Act, 1872”, The Practical Lawyer, November, 2008; pg. 43.

7.          “Insurance”, The Practical Lawyer, November, 2008; pg. 67.

8.          “Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881”, The Practical Lawyer, November, 2008; pg. 74.

9.          “A Principal Needs to have capacity but an agent need not- A critical appraisal.” All
            India Reporter, June, 2008; Vol. 95 pg. 85.

Relevant websites:

S. No    Web address:                                            Salient Features

10.               All contents of Partnership Act are

11. All contents of Partnership Act are

12. Various mercantile laws related
                                                          articles are available.

13.            Various mercantile laws related
                                                                 articles are available.
14.              New advancements and cases
         detail/.asp?judiciary-id=320                          related to various law related topics
                                                               are available.

15.         Judgments related to various topics
         1488.html                                             are given.

Detailed Plan for Lectures

Lect.   Topic                Chapters / Sections Assignmen       Pedagogical aid               Date
No.                          of Textbook /       t / Task to     Demonstration/ case           Del.2
                             Other reference     be assigned     study / images/
                                                 to students     animations etc5.

                                                    3    DoS

1.      Law of Contract:     1/Part1/Ch1,
        Definition and
        scope                3/Ch.2.

2.      Nature of a          1/Part1/Ch.1,
                             Ref. 6.

3.      Offer and            1/Part1,/Ch.1,                      Case Study Carlill V.
        Acceptance                                               Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.;
                             3/Ch.3,                             4/pg. 13

4.      Offer and            1/Part1/ Ch. 2,                     Case Study: Lalman
        Acceptance                                               Shukla V. Gauri Dutt;
                             3/Ch.3,                             4/pg 14

5.      Consideration        1/Part1/ Ch. 4,                     Case Study: Durga
                                                                 Prasad V. Baldeo ; 4/ pg.
                             3/Ch.4,                             25

6.      Free Consent-        1/Part 1, Ch. 5,                    Case Study:
        Coercion, Undue                                          Rangnayakamma v.
        Influence            2/Ch.5,                             Alwar; 4/pg. 40
7.    Free Consent-          1/part 1, Ch.5,   A1   Case Study:
      Fraud, Mistake         3/Ch.6,                Derry V. Peek, Peek V.
                                                    Gurney; 4/pg.44, 42

9.    Capacities of          1/Part1/Ch.4,          Case Study: Mohori
      Parties                                       Bibi V. Dharno Das
                             3/Ch.5.                Ghose; 4/pg. 34

10.   Performance of         1/Part1/Ch.9,

11.   Performance of         1/Part1/Ch.9,

12.   Discharge of           1/Part1/Ch.10,         Case Study: Taylor V.
      Contract                                      Caldwell; 4/ pg.73

13.   Discharge of           1/Part1/Ch.10,

14.   Breach of Contract     1/Part1/Ch.11,

15.   Breach of Contract-    1/Part1/Ch.11,         Case Study: Hadley V.
      Remedies                                      Baxendale; 4/pg.82

16.   Contract of            1/Part2/Ch.3,
      Agency- Creation
      of an Agency,          4/Ch.14,

17.   Relations of           1/Part2/Ch.3,
      Principal and Agent

18.   Classification of      1/Part 2/Ch.3,    A2
      Agents. Personal       4/Ch.14
      Liability of agents.

19.   Delegation of          1/Part 2/Ch.3,
      authority,             4/Ch.14
      termination of

20.   Brief Introduction    1/Part2/Ch.2,
      to Bailment and
      Pledge                3/Ch.15,

21.   Brief Introduction    1/Part2/Ch.1,
      to Indemnity and
      Guarantee, Quasi      3/Ch.14,

22.   Law of Partnership-   1/Part2/Ch. 5.1,        Case Study: Govind
      Definition and                                Nair V. Maga; 4/2 pg.3
      nature.               3/Ch.23, Ref.10,
                            Ref. 11.

23.   Law of Partnership-   1/Part2/Ch.5.1,
      Definition and
      nature.               3/Ch.23,

24.   Relations of          1/Part2/Ch.5.2,    A3
                            3/Ch.23, Ref.10,

25.   Duties and            1/Part2/Ch. 5.2,
      Responsibilities of
      Partners.             3/Ch.23, Ref.10,

26.   Dissolution of        1/Part2/Ch.5.3,         Case Study: Garner V.
      Partnership                                   Murray; 1/pg.307
                            3/Ch.23, Ref.10,

27.   Law of Sale of        1/Part2/Ch.4.1,
      Goods Sold:
      Definition and        3/Ch.17.

28.   Essentials for        1/Part2/Ch.4.1,
      contract of sale.

29.   Meaning of            1/Part2/Ch.4.2,         Case Study: Rowland V.
      Conditions                                    Divall;4/3/pg.15
30.   Meaning of            1/Part2/Ch.4.2,       A4

31.   Transfer of           1/Part2/Ch.4.3,

32.   Rights of unpaid      1/Part2/Ch.                Case Study: Bathell V.
      seller.               4.4,4.5, 3/Ch.21.          Clark; 4/3/pg.38

33.   Remedial measures     1/Part2/Ch.
      available to unpaid   4.4,4.5,

34.   Negotiable            1/Part2/Ch.6.1,6.2,
      Instruments Act-
      1881- Definitions.    Ref. 8.

35.   Types of              1/Part2/Ch.6.1,6.2,
      instruments, notes,
      cheques, bills.

36.   Parties to            1/Part 2/ Ch.6.3,     A5
      negotiable            6.4.

37.   Negotiation in        1/Part 2/ Ch.6.3,
      Negotiable            6.4.

38.   Discharge of parties 1/Part2/Ch.6.7.
      from liability.

39.   Discharge of parties 1/Part2/Ch.6.7.
      from liability.

40.   Dishonor of           1/Part2/Ch.6.6.

41.   Dishonor of           1/Part2/Ch.6.6.

42.   Bouncing of           1/Part2/Ch.6.10

43.   Bouncing of           1/Part2/Ch.6.10

44.   Law of Insurance-     1/Part2/Ch.8.1,       A6
        Definitions.            3/Ch.25,
        Elements of             Ref. 7.
        Insurance contract

45.     Premium and             1/Part2/Ch.8.1,

46.     Basics of Life          1/Part2/Ch.8.2,                  Case Study: Krishna
        Insurance.                                               Wanti V. LIC; 4/4 pg. 19

47.     Basics of Fire          1/Part2/Ch.8.3,

48.     Basics of Marine        1/Part2/Ch.8.4,
        Insurance.              3/Ch.28.

Additional material for spill over (for at least 2XL lectures)

1.      Case Presentation of Assignment

2.      Case discussions and case

3.      Case solving on different topics.

4.      Discussion on new
        advancements in different topics
        in the syllabus.

Details of Assignments Planned:

Assignment Details                                  Nature       of Expected outcome
No.                                                 Assignment

1.            Case solving on Essentials of a Case based test.      Students will understand
              valid contract and free consent.                      how the various articles are

2.            Case solving on Agency and Case based test.           Students will understand
              mercantile agents.                                    how the various articles are

3.            Conditions and warranties given Case based test.      Students will come to know
              by different companies for their                      how companies are using
              different products.                                   these terms.

4.            Case solving on different types Case based test.      Students will come to know
                                                                    about various forms of
              of insurances.                                          insurance laws and contracts.

5.            Evaluative Case Study              Written     report Analytical ability of students
                                                 and presentation. regarding mercantile law can
                                                                    be improved.

6.            Evaluative Case Study              Written     report Analytical ability of students
                                                 and presentation. regarding mercantile law can
                                                                    be improved.

Term paper to be allotted by lecture no. 10      Due date of term paper:2 wks before the close of

Scheme of CA: (out of 100)

Component                           Frequency                            Marks out of 100

Attendance                                                               10

Home work based tests / quizes      2                                    20

Assignments                         4                                    40

Term paper                          1                                    10

Case Study                          2                                    20

List of suggested topics for term paper:
S.      Topic

1.     Students will be divided into different groups and they will start a hypothetical partnership
       firm specifying its name, registration procedure, objectives, partners and legal formalities of
       the same. According to the nature of the business, they will make an offer and hence enter
       into different contracts with each other through invitation following all the essential
       elements, as and when that topic is taught in the class.

       (This term paper can be given to any number of students).

2.     An imaginary contract will be taken and students will implement all the provisions of Indian
       Contract Act with respect to offer and acceptance, consideration, free consent and capacities
       of parties to that contract.

3.     Students will form an agency with imaginary names in different fields and will draft all
       responsibilities, duties and their relationship as an agent and principal according to Agency

4.     Students will select twenty products/ services belonging to five different industries in which
       indemnity or guarantee is provided and will analyze whether companies are providing these
       services according to laws.
5.      Students will select an operating partnership firm and they will analyze the relations,
        responsibilities and rights of partners of that firm.

6.      Students will form an imaginary partnership firm with minimum two partners and on the
        basis of requirements of Indian Partnership Act 1932; they will form a Partnership Deed.

7.      Students will take a real ownership transfer contract and will analyze all the articles of that
        contract with respect to „Transfer of Ownership‟ laws.

8.      Students will take twenty products and will analyze what are the conditions and warranties
        provided with those products and whether these are according to laws.

Proposed changes from the standard pedagogy for the course:

Prepared by (instructional planner: Name, Signature & date)

Comments of HOD (Chief Academic Officer)

                                                                                       Signature & Date
Comments of Dean of Faculty

                                                                                        Signature & Date

Lectures: - (to be filled by the instructor and submitted at the end of term of HOS through HOD)
S. No      Innovation introduced [New pedagogy, new             Topic and lecture number where
           demonstration, case study, teaching aid, etc.        introduced
           NOT part of the instructional Plan

General Comments of the Instructor about the suitability of IP

Conduct of Tutorials:

Tutorial    Date             Topics covered in the   Activities (like quiz, case study, doubt
No.                          Tutorial                clearing, any other)
Syllabus coverage report
 Syllabus coverage by one week before MTE

                              Satisfactory / Lagging by ___ lectures.

 Syllabus coverage by two week
________________________ before ETE                                     ___________________
Signature of Instructors & date                                         Signature of HOD & dat
                              Satisfactory / Lagging by ___ lectures.

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