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January to December 2010
QAFI Sponsorship Program




2.1     background                                            2

2.2     Annual program                                        4

2.2.1   Workshops, seminars and conferences                   4

2.2.2   Publications                                          4

3       SPONSORSHIP                                           4

4       SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS AND FEES                          5

5       SPONSORSHIP ENTITLEMENTS                              6

5.1     Presentation at a QAFI Function                       6

5.2     Function attendances                                  6

5.3     Acknowledgment on all QAFI promotional material       7

5.4     Acknowledgment on the QAFI Web Site                   7

5.5     Opportunity to have Email sent to QAFI Members        7

6       SPONSORSHIP APPLICATIONS                              7


7.1     Fee Payment                                           8

7.2     Information to Be Provided By Sponsors                8

APPENDIX A – APPLICATION FORM                                 9

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QAFI Sponsorship Program


The QAFI was formed in 1990 and formally became the Queensland Chapter of the International
Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) in 1993.

The QAFI has provided a regular opportunity for the various government and industry bodies
involved in the investigation of accidental fires, arson and fraud, to meet and work together on
various projects. This has been a cooperative collaboration between association members from
the legal fraternity, insurance industry, private and scientific investigators, and government
agencies such as the Queensland Police Service, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, Electrical
Safety Office and the Chief Gas Examiner.

The aims of the QAFI are to foster a greater understanding and cooperation amongst various
specialists in the investigation of the causes of fire; fire related risks associated with people,
structures; industry types and processes; vehicles; vessels; equipment and the different sources of
ignition and fire propagation.

Such cooperative and networked collaboration aims, ultimately, to prevent or successfully
investigate and resolve arson and fraud, as well as obtain data to improve designs and practices to
prevent accidental fires. Thus saving the community of the human emotional and physical costs of
fire, and assist business and industry by eliminating the disruption and financial loss associated
with destruction caused by fires.


2.1    background
The regular activities of the QAFI are centred on member meetings (where a variety of speakers
give presentations on various topics relating to fire investigation and fraud), the production of
member newsletters and the distribution of the Firepoint Journal (a national fire investigators
publication reaching all State affiliated IAAI chapters) and workshops, seminars and
conferences. The QAFI has a strong history of performance in providing high profile, quality
seminars and conferences.

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QAFI Sponsorship Program

Numbers attending these functions range from 20 to 30 people for the member meetings, 60-80
people for the regular one to two day seminars and there has been up to 175 people for the larger

The seminars, functions and conferences are published Australia wide and within New Zealand
and more recently via networks in other close countries such as Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

Various delegates attend QAFI training events from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria,
South Australia and Western Australia. Delegates included fire services personnel (QFRS,
NSWFB, MFESB, CFA and FESA), police (QPS, SAPOL), other government agencies (Electrical
Safety Office, Gas inspectors, Mines and Energy representatives), private fire investigators and
scientific investigators, forensic consultants, legal industry personnel, insurance industry
representatives, loss adjusters and other specialist sectors depending on the type of seminar (e.g.
marine surveyors)

Seminars and conferences to date have included such topics as:

Burdon Of Proof – aspects of arson, fraud and legal actions relating to fire investigations
       Electrical fires
Fire Scene Safety – Are You at risk
        Motor vehicle accelerant burn patters / case study of suspicious fire in prime movers
Fuel & Gas Fire & Explosion Investigation;
       Manufactured Home (mobile homes/caravans) Fire Investigation;
Marine Fire Investigation;
       Prevention is Better than Cure – Two day training Seminar/Conference;
Fire scene examination of an accelerated fire and a slow combustion fire;
       Backdraft/flashover demonstrations and identifying generic problems with the older
       Queensland style homes;
Childers Backpackers Hostel Investigation symposium;
       Fire Dynamics, Flashover and Fire Indicators Workshop;
The Witness Training Package;
       Coronial Inquest;
Operation Bright Spark (focused on the electrical industry, highlighting the investigation and
prevention of electrical fires);
       Mock Arson Trial;
Fire Dynamics Research Day

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QAFI Sponsorship Program

2.2    Annual program

2.2.1 Workshops, seminars and conferences

The Association plans for various regular activities throughout the year to assist in the training,
understanding, sharing of knowledge and networking in relation to all aspects of the wide variety of
members interests in the fields of fire investigation and related activities.

Highlights of these are breakfast sessions held throughout the year depending on demand and the
annual one or two day major seminar which can often include workshops and interactive
activities/demonstrations to enhance the knowledge of our members.

These functions are an excellent opportunity for a Sponsor to advertise their business activities to
a targeted and focused market.

The Sponsor may also benefit by showing a willingness to commit to assisting activities designed
to improved understanding of fire investigation and the associated activities of related businesses;
thus contributing to the intended outcomes of reducing losses and costs due to fires that affect the
community and businesses. In addition, outcomes from such functions have potential to enhance
savings to the Sponsor’s own business activities.

2.2.2 Publications

Fire point magazine distributed quarterly

QAFI member newsletter distributed throughout the year.


The Queensland Association of Fire Investigators (QAFI) has developed a sponsorship program to
provide an opportunity for organizations to gain marketing exposure, while being acknowledged as
providing a philanthropical support for the association and the understanding and prevention of fire
in the community.

January 2010                                                                                 Page 4
QAFI Sponsorship Program

The twelve-month program allows sponsors to participate in a range of activities, including
branding and presentations at functions, acknowledgement in newsletters and function/seminar
promotional and registration forms, profile on website and mail outs to members. All of which will
increase the sponsors’ profile through advertisements and networking.


There are several sponsorship options available. Two levels of annual sponsorship are available
for consideration; these include “Major” & “Supporting” sponsors. There is also individual function

    o   Major Sponsor:
    -   fee is $2500+ GST

    o   Supporting Sponsor:
    -   fee is $1500 + GST

Note: The annual sponsorship programs do not provide exclusive sponsorship of the Major
seminars or conferences, where specific sponsors for that project may be called; however
sponsorship does provide benefits in relation to the Major seminar, details of which are contained
in section 5 of this document.

    o   Individual function sponsorship:
    -   fee is determined on a project by project basis

Such sponsorship fees would be applied to companies that do not participate in the annual
sponsorship program but would still like to be involved in the activities of the QAFI. These
sponsorships are limited to activities relating to that function only. This sponsorship does not
preclude the rights of the Major and Supporting sponsors’ advertisement rights, however if a Major
sponsor wished to have exclusivity in sponsoring a particular function then application for the
additional function sponsorship on such a basis would be considered.

January 2010                                                                                Page 5
QAFI Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship from the following professional categories will be accepted into the QAFI sponsorship
             Legal
             Loss Adjusting
             Private Investigation
             Insurance
             Independent Forensic Consultants
             Fire Protection Equipment / Consultants
             Property Restoration / Valuing
             Forensic Accounting
             Personal and Protective Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
             Other industry service providers


Selected sponsors will be entitled to the benefits listed below for the duration of the sponsorship
year. Additional benefits for the annual Major sponsor are indicated in brackets.

5.1    Presentation at a QAFI Function

       The annual sponsors will be allocated one of the regular QAFI Functions held throughout
       the year, to present a promotion of their business. They will have naming rights to this
       function; their company will be linked to the event for all promotion of that event and may
       provide signage for display at the event (annual Major sponsor also has rights to equivalent
       size signage at each regular function, regardless of which sponsor the function is allocated

5.2    Function attendance

       The annual sponsors will receive one (major sponsor two) complimentary registration(s) to
       any function held during the sponsorship year.

       Particular function sponsors will receive two complementary registrations to the function
       they sponsor.

January 2010                                                                                Page 6
QAFI Sponsorship Program

5.3    Acknowledgment on all QAFI promotional material

      The annual sponsors will receive acknowledgment in all regular QAFI produced promotional
      material.   The acknowledgment will include corporate logo, promotional message and
      contact details. (The major sponsor will be separately listed with double the size advertising
      space allocated to any supporting level sponsor except for major seminar documents where
      major sponsors and supporting sponsors receive the same level of acknowledgement which
      may be less than any sponsor who has an individual function specific sponsorship

      Individual function sponsors will receive acknowledgement in promotional material relating
      to that specific function.

      Annual Major Sponsor will be acknowledged in one publication of Fire point magazine via a
      statement of general appreciation in the QAFI section of the magazine.

5.4   Acknowledgment on the QAFI Web Site

      The sponsors will be acknowledged on the QAFI Web Site throughout the sponsorship year.
      (If the Major Sponsor has a Web Site, a link to this site will be provided in the
      acknowledgment area of the QAFI Web Site.) .

5.5   Opportunity to have Email sent to QAFI Members

      During the sponsorship period, the annual sponsors will be able to supply to the QAFI email
      material to be sent to QAFI members once every half-year, ending June 30 and December


To notify the QAFI of interest in being a sponsor, a QAFI Sponsorship Application form (Appendix
A) is to be completed and returned to the secretariat of the QAFI. The applications will be
reviewed and appropriate sponsors selected. All prospective sponsors will be notified of their
success or otherwise by mail.

January 2010                                                                                 Page 7
QAFI Sponsorship Program


7.1    Fee Payment

Sponsor fees are due for payment within 21 days of the sponsor being accepted and a tax invoice
being issued.

No sponsorship entitlements will be granted to sponsors who have sponsorship money

7.2    Information to Be Provided By Sponsors

Prior to some of the benefits to be delivered, the sponsors will need to provide the following details
to the QAFI:

       (a)      A corporate logo in GIF, TIF or JPEG file format;
       (b)      A brief corporate message (no more than 20 words)
       (c)      All contact details required for display.
       (d)      Details of sponsor website address

To enable major project benefits to be delivered, the sponsor will need to supply the A4 page
advertisement for inclusion in any folder produced as a part of any QAFI Major Seminar held
during the sponsorship year 4 weeks prior to any Major Seminar.

To exercise the email sponsorship benefit, the sponsors will need to notify the QAFI at least four
weeks prior to the end of a subject half year. They must also provide the material in pdf format to
be emailed to members.

January 2010                                                                                   Page 8
QAFI Sponsorship Program

                         QAFI Sponsorship Application Form

 Applicant (Organisation)

 Sponsorship Category

 Postal Address

 Phone Number                       (      )

 Fax Number                         (      )


 Representative Name

 Representative Mobile Number

 Sponsorship Level (please cross
                                        Major ($2500 + GST)   Supporting ($1500 + GST)
 out the level not applicable)

 Individual function sponsorship    Function:                   ___________ + GST

If we are accepted by the QAFI committee as a Sponsors, we agree to be bound by the above
application details and the wording of this Document.



Printed Name:

For and on behalf of:

Forward to:- QAFI, GPO Box 1705, BRISBANE QLD 4001; or Fax: (07) 3210 0237

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