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					          Santiago de Compostela
Your official guide to the best of Santiago de Compostela 2008:
Culture, Leisure, Tourism... + city map
                                           Please bear in mind that
                                           All the information in this guide is subject to variations and based on information
                                           available at the time of going to press. Turismo de Santiago is not responsible for

Index                                      any changes that may arise.
                                           Prices refer to 2008 and some are approximate. Contact directly with the service
                                           provider or Turismo de Santiago to find out the exact price before booking.
Welcome                              003   All prices include VAT, where applicable.
Tourist info                         004
Santiago is big                      006
How to get there                     009
Accomodation                         013
The best of Santiago                 021
Itineraries                          029
Guided tours and trips               033
Museums, galleries and exhibitions   039
Shows                                049
Annual cultural guide                053
Eating and drinking                  059
Shopping                             065
Nightlife                            069
Outdoors                             073
Beyond Santiago                      079
Santiago for families                081
Pilgrims special                     087
Studiying Spanish                    093
Practical info                       095
Map of Santiago                      100
Map of Galicia                       102

                                           Published by: Turismo de Santiago
                                           Publication manager: Tono Mugico
                                           Author: Yolanda Ferro
                                           Contributors: Info Dpt. of Turismo de Santiago, Anne-Catherine Hervio, Antía
                                           Rodríguez, Celalba Rivera, Trevisani S.L.
                                           Design: Taller DD, Balsa Creatividad
                                           Photography: Turismo de Santiago Library, Anxo Iglesias, Juan Balsa, Martín
                                           Rendo, Miguel Vila, Antonio Saba, José Caruncho
                                           Printed by: Agencia Gráfica
                                           The information in this publication is subject to changes.
Welcome to Santiago de Compostela Your Way 08, the official city guide that features Santiago's main
cultural, leisure and tourist events, so that you can make the most of your visit to the city.
Santiago de Compostela Your Way is an annual publication by Turismo de Santiago that summarises the
detailed information available month after month in Culturall, a free brochure distributed throughout the
city in tourist offices, hotels, bars, cafeterias, restaurants...
You will also find all the information you need, updated daily, on the two official tourist webs, and

                                                                                               yourway      003
 Tourist info
Do not get lost: ask us! We will give you good advice and practical information to make the most of the
city, whether you are here for a week or a day.

 Turismo de Santiago, at your service                                         Services available in Turismo de Santiago
                          Turismo de Santiago is the company                   Official Compostur reservation centre: you can book
                          dependent on Santiago de Compostela City             accommodation, trips, guided tours and other city tourist
                          Council that manages the city's tourism sector       services and products.
                          and provides visitors with information               Tourist information in different languages: Galician,
                          regarding monuments, routes, timetables,             Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German,
events, activities, etc. The multilingual staff in our tourist offices will    Danish, about the city of Santiago de Compostela.
be pleased to answer your queries. Turismo de Santiago also
publishes an official map and a large variety of tourist brochures             Free publications: official map published by Turismo de
                                                                               Santiago (featuring all points of interest, from monuments
available in several languages. And on the web
                                                                               and basic services, and two routes to become acquainted
you will find detailed, updated information, as well as a photo
                                                                               with Santiago) and a brochure describing the main
gallery, videos, etc.

Turismo de Santiago Main Office                                                Sale of books and brochures about the city.
Rúa do Vilar, 63. Tel: (+34) 981 555 129 / Open all year.                      Tourist Shop with official Turismo de Santiago products.
Winter: every day, 9 am-2 pm / 4-7 pm. / Easter and high season:
every day, 9 am-9 pm.                                                          Sale of telephone cards.
Turismo de Santiago Office at Dársena de Xoán XXIII (coach                     Stamps and envelopes vending machine and post-box
terminus). Dársena de Autobuses Xoán XXIII / Open during Easter                in main office.
and high season: Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am-4 pm.
                                                                               Internet and e-mail in main office.
Turismo de Santiago Office at Airport. Airport. Tel: (+34) 981
897 079. / Open all year.                                                      Multimedia Information Points (PIM) with free direct
                                                                               access to
                                                                               24-hour tourist information by means of touch screen
                                                                               outside main office with access to
                                                                               Reception and presentation to competent organism of
                                                                               complaints about the city's tourist services.

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“Red jackets”: information on the street
During the summer (July and August), “red jacket” tourist                 Other tourist information offices
informers patrol Santiago's streets, offering free information,
maps and brochures to all those requiring such. As their name             Galician Tourist Information Office
indicates, these informers are easily recognisable due to their red       Rúa do Vilar, 30-32
jackets bearing the “i” of information.                                   Tel: (+34) 981 584 081 / (+34) 902 332 010
                                                                          Open all year.
                                                                          Mon-Fri: 10 am-8 pm. Sat: 11 am-2 pm / 5-7 pm; Sun and
                                                                          public holidays: 11 am-2 pm.

                                                                          Pilgrim Reception Office
                                                                          Rúa do Vilar, 1
                                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 562 419
                                                                          High season: every day, 9 am-9 pm. Low season: Mon-Sat, 10
                                                                          am-8 pm. Sun and public holidays, 10 pm-2 pm / 4 pm-8 pm

Compostur, Santiago's Official Tour Operator and
Reservation Centre
Compostur is the city's official tour operator, managed by
Turismo de Santiago. Reservations of accommodation, guided
tours, rental of mp3 city audio-guide, tickets for 1-day trips, car
and bike rental, tourist flights, active tourism... For groups,
Compostur offers circuits (Way of St. James, World Heritage
Cities, Green Spain, Galicia), tourist packages and services
(professional tourist guides, transfer services, restaurants, etc). All
this and a lot more is available in Compostur offices or on the

                                                                                                                                         tourist info
  Tel: (+34) 902 190 160 / (+34) 981 587 011
  Business hours: Mon to Fri: 9.30 am-2 pm, 4.30-8 pm
  Saturday: 10 am-1.30 pm
  Offices in:
  Rúa do Vilar, 63
  Desk in Pilgrim Reception Office
  Rúa do Vilar, 1 (Open from May to October)

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008   yourway
How to get there
Santiago de Compostela is located in the northwest corner of Spain, only a few kilometres inland from
continental Europe's westernmost coastline, in the region now called Galicia, which the Roman's
considered the end of the earth (Finis Terrae).
Santiago is the cultural and political capital of Galicia, one of Spain's 17 Autonomous Regions

                                                                                                              how to get there
    Santiago de Compostela is
    world renowned as the final
    destination of a thousand-year-
    old pilgrimage route: the Way
    of St. James, which, starting
    from the 9th century, has
    transformed this Land's End into
    a meeting place of Western
    faith and thinking.

                                                                                              yourway   009
                                                                   Flight times and updated information on web
 By plane
                                                                   Companies operating out of Santiago Airport
Santiago de Compostela Airport                                     Iberia
Lavacolla (10 km from city centre; 15 min by car)                  Spanair
                                                                   Air Europa
Tel: (+34) 981 54 75 00 / (+34) 981 54 75 01
                                                                   Air Nostrum
                                                                   Air Berlin
 Main destinations                                                 Vueling
 Direct flights to Spanish cities                                  Aer Lingus
 Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Las        Clickair
 Palmas, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, Tenerife,     Aerolineas Argentinas
 Valencia, Zaragoza.

 Direct international flights
 London (STN), Rome (CIA), Frankfurt (FRA), Paris (CDG),
 Dublin (DUB), Liverpool (LPL).

 Flights via Palma de Majorca (PMI)
 Amsterdam (AMS), Basel/Mulhouse (BSL), Berlin-Schönefeld
 (SXF), Berlin-Tegel (TXL), Bremen (BRE), Cologne/Bonn (CGN),
 Dortmund (DTM), Dresden (DRS), Dusseldorf (DUS), Erfurt
 (ERF), Frankfurt (FRA), Hamburg (HAM), Hanover (HAJ),
 Leipzig-Halle (LEJ), Linz (LNZ), London (STN), Milan/Bergamo
 (BGY), Münster-Osnabrück (FMO), Munich (MUC),
 Nuremberg (NUE), Paderborn/Lippstad (PAD), Salzburg (SZG),
 Stuttgart (STR), Vienna (VIE), Zurich (ZRH).

 City-airport link
 Taxi: there is a standard taxi fare from the city centre to the
 airport and vice versa (2008 fare: € 17.50).

 Airport bus: continuous service between the city centre and
 the airport operated by Empresa Freire, (approximate 2008 fares: from €
 1.80 to € 3).

 Special Ryanair bus service: for the convenience of Ryanair
 passengers, the company's flights have a special bus service
 with departures adapted to flight times. Empresa Freire,

010    yourway
                                                                     Enatcar Internacional (Intercar/Alsa + Dainco)
 By train                                                            Links with Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, Gijón, Santander, Vitoria,
                                                                     San Sebastian, Bilbao, Irún, Zaragoza, Zamora, Salamanca,
Santiago de Compostela Train Station                                 Burgos, León, Mérida, Palencia, Valladolid, Caceres, Seville,
Hórreo, s/n (no number)                                              Cadiz, Algeciras, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland,
Tel: (+34) 902 24 02 02 / (+34) 981 59 18 59                         Switzerland and other destinations.                                                         Tel:(+34) 902 42 22 42 / (+34) 981 58 61 33
Intercity: two direct daily trains link with Madrid (Talgo and       Socitransa
Expreso) and one with San Sebastián and Hendaya, where it is         Links with Belgium, Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland,
easy to connect with different European trains. With a single        Portugal, Rumania and other destinations.
change, there are daily trains to Barcelona, Portugal (change in
Vigo), Paris and most Spanish capitals.
Regional: there are trains every hour to Galicia's main cities (A    Links with Bordeaux, Poitiers, Paris.
Coruña, Vilagarcía de Arousa, Pontevedra and Vigo) and links         Tel: (+34) 988 225 288
with Portugal. There is also a continuous direct link with 
                                                                     Autobuses Lázara
                                                                     Links with Andorra.
                                                                     Tel: (+34) 986 580 503

                                                                     Links with Aachen, Amsterdam, Breda, Bremen, Brussels,
                                                                     Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Liege, Rotterdam, Paris.
                                                                     Tel: (+34) 981 574 537

                                                                     Destinations in Galicia

                                                                                                                                        how to get there
                                                                     Main destinations: Santiago Airport, Lugo.

                                                                     Castromil - Monbus
                                                                     Main destinations: A Coruña, Vigo, Pontevedra, Ferrol,
                                                                     Vilagarcía de Arousa, Cambados, O Grove, A Toxa, Noia, Muros,
 By bus                                                              Fisterra, Betanzos, Ferrol, Ourense.
Santiago de Compostela Bus Station
San Caetano, s/n (no number)                                         Arriva
Tel: (+34) 981 54 24 16                                              Main destinations: Boiro, A Pobra do Caramiñal, Ribeira, Ferrol.                                              

Long-distance destinations
In the Santiago Bus Station, the Alsa office is the sole agent for
tickets for all the long-distance destinations below.

                                                                                                                       yourway    011
 Moving around the city
 Santiago de Compostela's city transport service features
 16 bus routes, 4 of which are circular, efficiently linking
 the entire city. A single-journey ticket costs € 0.90 (2008

 Santiago de Compostela Bus Station
 San Caetano, s/n (no number)
 Tel: (+34) 981 54 24 16

 Santiago has approximately 150 taxis, which are white and
 have a coat of arms on their front doors. Each taxi can
 carry a maximum of four passengers.

 Radio-Taxi: (+34) 981 56 92 92
 Euro Taxi (adapted for the disabled): (+34) 619 051 148 /
 (+34) 670 535 154

                                                               More information on the web

012   yourway
Santiago de Compostela, the destination of European travellers since the Middle Ages, has a long,
renowned tradition of hospitality, which is reflected in the quantity, variety and quality of its tourist
The classification of Santiago's tourist accommodation depends on Galicia's tourism administration, which
is the corresponding regulatory entity, and is different from the rest of Spain.

                                                                                              yourway   013
                                                                       “Hoteles Gastronómicos”
 Types of accommodation and categories                                 These are hotels that offer a wide range of catering services, in
                                                                       which Galician cuisine plays an important role. There are two in
“Fondas” and “casas de huéspedes” (lodging                             “Albergues turísticos” (tourist hostels)
houses)                                                                These establishments, which belong to the group of
These provide the cheapest accommodation. They are normally            “pensiones”, are characterised by collective rooms, although
rented rooms in flats, mostly with a shared bathroom and               they may also feature some double or single rooms.
sometimes with the use of the kitchen.
                                                                       “Albergues juveniles” (youth hostels)
“Hostales” (guest houses)                                              These belong to the Spanish Network of Youth Hostels. Their
These, the same as “fondas” and “casas de huéspedes”, are              prices vary according to age but are very economical, suited to
being renamed “pensiones” to comply with current legislation.          young people's budgets. Santiago's youth hostel is 3 minutes by
They are generally reasonably priced, depending on their               car from the city centre, with a frequent city bus service. It is best
category (1-, 2- or 3-star).                                           to book well in advance, especially if you plan to visit during
                                                                       summer months. More information regarding Spain's youth
Hotels                                                                 hostels is available at
Classified from 1- to 5-star, they are defined as accommodation
occupying all of one or more buildings, whose facilities make up       “Albergues de peregrinos” (pilgrims hostels)
a homogeneous whole, with exclusive entrances, stairs and lifts.       This type of accommodation only exists in Santiago and along
                                                                       the Way of St. James, and is solely for pilgrims. In Galicia the
“Pensiones” (boarding houses)                                          majority were, until June 2007, free (although their prices are still
These (classified from 1- to 3-star) are made up of                    almost symbolic). They are governed by regulations setting out
accommodation that does not belong to the hotel group,                 the rights and responsibilities of their pilgrim clients. During the
normally due to their smaller size (e.g. in rooms) or the fact that    high season, the stay is normally limited to one night, except in
they do not occupy independent buildings. However, this                cases of force majeure.
difference between “pensiones” and hotels is sometimes
imperceptible to clients and does not affect their price or quality:   Rural Tourism
within the same category, a “pensión” can have equal or better         There are several rural tourism establishments in Santiago's rural
services, comfort, location or aesthetics than a hotel with the        surroundings, only a few minutes away by car. These
same number of stars.                                                  establishments are divided into 4 categories (A, B, C and D)
                                                                       according to the characteristics of the building they occupy: A
“Hotel Residencia”, “Pensión Residencia”, “Hostal                      corresponds to old, singular buildings (“pazos”, castles,
Residencia”                                                            monasteries, rectories, etc), B to rustic houses, C to farmhouses,
When hotels, “hostales” and “pensiones” are accompanied by             where farm work is still undertaken, and D to village houses,
the word “Residencia” (“Hotel Residencia”, “Pensión                    with several buildings used for accommodation.
Residencia”, “Hostal Residencia”), this means that they do not
feature restaurant services, although they may provide clients         Accommodation for religious travellers
with breakfast or cafeteria services.                                  Since Santiago de Compostela has been the destination of
                                                                       religious trips since the Middle Ages, the city has accommodation
“Paradores”                                                            that is especially recommended for such visitors. (see p. 89).
These make up the highest level of tourist accommodation; they
belong to the Spanish State under the name “Red de Paradores           “Alojamientos con encanto” (charming
Nacionales”. They are normally housed in singular buildings of         accommodation)
great historic-artistic interest: castles, convents, palaces, etc.     Although this is not an official classification or a commercial
Santiago has the Parador Hostal dos Reis Católicos, considered         name, it is worth mentioning that Santiago has an outstanding
the oldest functioning accommodation establishment in the              number of charming establishments, which makes the city's
world, since it began accommodating pilgrims in the 15th               range of hotels truly singular. Mainly housed in small,
century.                                                               picturesque buildings in the old town and absolutely respectful
                                                                       with their original architecture, they stand out due to their high
“Hoteles Monumento”                                                    quality: they are well-equipped with all the comforts and the
These are hotels housed in buildings officially declared to be of      added attraction of having their own unique style, as well as a
great cultural and heritage interest. There are two in Santiago.       warm, family-like atmosphere.

014    yourway
                                                    Hotel Torres de Compostela Santiago****             Hotel Balneario de Compostela***
Hotels                                                                                                  Outskirts. Santiago-Noia road, 8 km away. (off map)
Parador Hostal dos Reis Católicos*****Luxury        Near Corte Inglés shopping centre. 15 min
                                                    walking from Old Town. b5                           Urbanización O Tremo, s/n (no number).
                                                    Restollal, 24. 15702 Santiago                       Bertamiráns. 15280 Ames
Old Town, beside Cathedral. d2                                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 559 000
Praza do Obradoiro, 1. 15705 Santiago               Tel: (+34) 981 534 949
Tel: (+34) 981 582 200                                                                                  Compostur                                      Compostur
Compostur                                                                                               Hotel Husa Santiago Apóstol***
                                                    Hotel Hesperia Peregrino****
                                                    City Centre. 7 min walking from Old Town. b2        Near Palacio de Congresos. 2 min by car from city
Hotel NH Obradoiro*****                                                                                 centre. (off map)
Old Town. Near Auditorio de Galicia, 5 min          Rosalía de Castro, s/n (no number). 15706
                                                    Santiago                                            Costa de San Marcos, 1. 15820 Santiago
walking from Cathedral. f1                                                                              Tel: (+34) 981 557 155
Avenida Burgo das Nacións, s/n (no number) (no      Tel: (+34) 981 521 850
number). 15705 Santiago                                                                                 Compostur
Tel: (+34) 981 558 070                              Compostur                                                                                       Hotel San Vicente***
                                                    Hotel Residencia Gran Hotel Santiago****
                                                    City Centre. 8 min walking from Old Town. b1        Outskirts. Santiago-A Coruña road, 7 min by car.
Hotel Puerta del Camino*****                                                                            (off map) Agualada - Marantes, 12. 15886
Near Palacio de Congresos. 2 min by car from city   Mestre Mateo, s/n (no number). 15706 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 534 222                              Santiago
centre. h5                                                                                              Tel: (+34) 981 694 571
Miguel Ferro Caaveiro, s/n (no number) (no
number). 15703 Santiago                             Compostur
                                                                                                        Hotel Husa Ciudad de Compostela***
Tel: (+34) 981 569 400 / (+34) 981 569 405                                                              City. Near bus station and Área Central shopping                             Hotel Residencia Hesperia Compostela****
                                                    Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. d3          centre. f4
Compostur                                                                                               Avenida de Lugo, 213. 15703 Santiago
                                                    Hórreo, 1. 15702 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 585 700                              Tel: (+34) 981 569 320
Hotel Meliá Araguaney*****                                                                    
City Centre. 5 min walking from Cathedral. c3
                                                    Compostur                                           Compostur
Alfredo Brañas, 5. 15701 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 559 600                                                                                  Hotel Ruta Jacobea***                                   Hotel Gastronómico Pazo de Adrán****
                                                    Rural setting. Santiago-Pontevedra road.            Near airport. Beside the Way of St. James, 5 min
Compostur                                                                                               by car from city centre. (off map)
                                                    5 min by car from Santiago. (off map)
                                                    Adrán, 4. 15795 Teo                                 Lavacolla, 41. 15820 Santiago
Hotel AC Palacio del Carmen****                                                                         Tel: (+34) 981 888 211
Old Town. 5 min walking from Cathedral. c1          Tel: (+34) 981 570 000
Oblatas, s/n (no number) (no number). 15705                                                             Compostur
Santiago                                            Compostur
Tel: (+34) 981 552 444                                                                                  Hotel Residencia Herradura***                                   Hotel Virxe da Cerca****
                                                    Old Town. 3 min walking from Cathedral. e3          Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. c2
Compostur                                                                                               Avenida Xoán Carlos I, 1. 15706 Santiago
                                                    Virxe da Cerca, 27. 15703 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 902 405 858                              Tel: (+34) 981 552 340
Hotel Tryp San Lázaro****                                                                     
Near Palacio de Congresos. 2 min by car from city
                                                    Compostur                                           Compostur
centre. h5
Fernando de Casas Novoa, s/n (no number) (no                                                            Hotel Residencia San Carlos***
number). 15703 Santiago                             Hotel San Lorenzo***
                                                    Old Town. 5 min walking from Cathedral. c1          City Centre. Near train station and 1 min walking

Tel: (+34) 981 551 000                                                                                  from Old Town. c3                                    San Lourenzo, 2. 15705 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 580 133                              Hórreo, 106. 15702 Santiago
                                                                           Tel: (+34) 981 560 505
Hotel Sercotel Los Abetos****                                                                 
Near Palacio de Congresos. 2 min by car from city                                                       Compostur
centre. h5 (off map)
San Lázaro (Aríns road). 15892 Santiago             Hotel Altaïr - Contemporary Hotels***
                                                    Old Town. 3 min walking from Cathedral. e2          Hotel Residencia Hesperia Gelmírez***
Tel: (+34) 981 557 026                                                                                  City Centre. Near train station and 1 min walking                              Loureiros, 12. 15704 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 55 47 12                             from Old Town. c3
Compostur                                                                                               Hórreo, 92. 15894 Santiago
                                                    Compostur                                           Tel: (+34) 981 561 100
Hotel Monumento de San Francisco****                                                          
Old Town. 1 min walking from Cathedral. e2                                                              Compostur
                                                    Hotel Rúa Villar***
Campiño de San Francisco, 3. 15704 Santiago
                                                    Old Town. A few steps from Cathedral. d2
Tel: (+34) 981 581 634                                                                                  Hotel Residencia Castro***
                                                    Rúa do Vilar, 8 - 10. 15705 Santiago                                                                                  Near industrial estate (Polígono del Tambre). 5 min
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 519 858
Compostur                                                                                               by car from city centre. (off map)
                                                    Compostur                                           Formarís - A Sionlla. 15704 Santiago
                                                                                                        Tel: (+34) 981 509 304

Compostur: accommodation associated with Compostur Official Tour Operator. + Info and bookings: (+34) 902 190 160;
                                                                                                                                         yourway       015
Fax: (+34) 981 888 063                                Hotel Residencia Rey Fernando**                       Hotel Residencia Avenida*                                   City Centre. 6 min walking from Old Town. b3          Old Town. 3 min walking from Cathedral. d3
Compostur                                             Fernando III O Santo, 30 - 6º. 15702 Santiago         Fonte de Santo Antonio, 5. 15702 Santiago
                                                      Tel: (+34) 981 593 550 / (+34) 981 593 508            Tel: (+34) 981 56 84 26
Hotel Residencia Área Central***                                
Área Central shopping centre. 15 min walking          Compostur                                             Compostur
from Old Town. g4
París, 7ºC - Área Central. 15702 Santiago             Hotel Residencia Pico Sacro II**                      Hotel Residencia Fonte de San Roque*
Tel: (+34) 981 552 220                                Old Town. A few steps from Cathedral. e2              Old Town. 3 min walking from Cathedral. e2                              San Francisco, 20. 15705 Santiago                     Hospitaliño, 8. 15704 Santiago
Compostur                                             Tel: (+34) 981 584 466                                Tel: (+34) 981 554 363
Hotel Pombal***                                                                                             Hotel Residencia Capital de Galicia*
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. c2            Hotel Residencia Airas Nunes**                        Near Área Central shopping centre. 15 min
Pombal, 12. 15705 Santiago                            Old Town. A few steps from Cathedral. d3              walking from Old Town. g3
Tel: (+34) 902 405 858                                Rúa do Vilar, 17. 15705 Santiago                      Monte dos Postes, 29 - As Fontiñas. 15703                          Tel: (+34) 902 405 858                                Santiago
Compostur                                                             Tel: (+34) 981 561 921
Hotel Bonaval**                                                                                             Hotel Residencia B´Nor*
Old Town. 3 min walking from Cathedral. e3            Hotel Residencia Tía Maria**                          City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2
Bonaval, 2 – 4. 15703 Santiago                        Rural setting. 20 min by car from Santiago. (off      Rosalía de Castro, 104. 15706 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 558 883                                map).                                                 Tel: (+34) 981 596 911                                  Vaamonde - Tribaldes. 15885 Teo                       Compostur
                                                      Tel: (+34) 981 809 687
                                                                              Hotel Residencia Real*
Hotel Santa Lucía**
                                                      Compostur                                             Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. b3
Outskirts. 5 min by car from city centre. (off map)
Santiago-Ourense road, km. 2. 15893 Santiago                                                                Caldeirería, 49. 15703 Santiago
                                                      Hotel Casa Rosalía**                                  Tel: (+34) 981 569 290
Tel: (+34) 981 549 283
                                                      Rural setting. 10 min by car from city centre. (off                             map)
Compostur                                             Santiago-Noia road, km. 11. 15280 Os Ánxeles.         Compostur
Hotel Residencia San Clemente**                       Tel: (+34) 981 887 580 / (+34) 981 887 565            Hotel Residencia San Jacobo*
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. c2                                Near Palacio de Congresos. 2 min by car from Old
San Clemente, 28. 15705 Santiago                      Compostur                                             Town. h5
Tel: (+34) 902 405 858                                                                                      Avenida de San Lázaro, 101 - 103. 15891                          Hotel Garcas*                                         Santiago
Compostur                                             Near Airport. 5 min by car from city. (off map)       Tel: (+34) 981 580 361
                                                      Noval, 2. N-634 road. Lavacolla. 15820 Santiago
Hotel Residencia Pazos Alba**                         Tel: (+34) 981 888 225                                Compostur
Old Town. 3 min walking from Cathedral. c2  
Pombal, 22. 15705 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 585 338                                Hotel Sino*                                           Boarding Houses                                     Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. e2            Pensión Residencia Mapoula***
                                                      Praciña da Algalia, 5. 15703 Santiago                 Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. c3
Hotel Residencia Costa Vella**                        Tel: (+34) 981 554 436                                Entremurallas, 10. 15702 Santiago
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. e2                                 Tel: (+34) 981 580 124
Porta da Pena, 17. 15704 Santiago                     Compostur                                   
Tel: (+34) 981 569 530                                    Hotel Akelarre*                                       Pensión Residencia Fornos***
Compostur                                             Near Airport. 4 min by car from centre. (off map)     City Centre. A few metres from Old Town and 3
                                                      Avenida San Marcos, 37 – B. 15890 Santiago            min walking from Cathedral. c3
Hotel Residencia Entrecercas**                        Tel: (+34) 981 552 689 / (+34) 981 552 690            Hórreo, 7 - 2º y 3º. 15702 Santiago
Old Town. Barely 2 min walking from Cathedral.                                 Tel: (+34) 981 585 130
Entrecercas, 11. 15705 Santiago                       Hotel As Artes*                                       Compostur
Tel: (+34) 981 571 151                                Old Town. A few steps from Cathedral. d2
Compostur                                             Travesa das Dúas Portas, 2. 15705 Santiago            Pensión Residencia México***
                                                      Tel: (+34) 981 555 254 / (+34) 981 572 590            City Centre. 5 min walking from Old Town. b3
Hotel Residencia Husa Universal**                                                  República Arxentina, 33 - 4º. 15706 Santiago
City Centre. Beside Old Town. c3                                                                            Tel: (+34) 981 598 000
Praza de Galicia, 2. 15702 Santiago                   Hotel Gastronómico Tránsito dos Gramáticos* 
Tel: (+34) 981 585 800                                Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. d3            Compostur                                           Tránsito dos Gramáticos, 1. 15705 Santiago
Compostur                                             Tel: (+34) 981 572 640                                Pensión Residencia San Nicolás***
                                                                     Old Town. A 5 min walking from Cathedral. d4

016      yourway
Sar, 1 - Olvido 22. 15702 Santiago                  Pensión Residencia Alameda**                        Pensión Residencia Girasol**
Tel: (+34) 981 587 554                              Old Town. 1 min walking from Cathedral. c2          Old Town. 1 min walking from Cathedral. e2                             San Clemente, 32. 15705 Santiago                    Porta da Pena, 4. 15702 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 588 100                              Tel: (+34) 981 566 287
Pensión Residencia A Nosa Casa***                              
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. c3
Entremurallas, 9 - 2º. 15702 Santiago               Pensión Residencia Libredón**                       Pensión Residencia La Carballinesa**
Tel: (+34) 981 585 926                              Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. d2           Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. d3                                   Fonseca, 5 - 1º. 15705 Santiago                     Patio de Madres, 14. 15703 Santiago
Compostur                                           Tel: (+34) 981 576 520                              Tel: (+34) 981 586 261 / (+34) 981 585 806
Pensión Residencia Rosa Rosae***                                                                        Pensión Residencia Alfonso**
City Centre. 5 min walking from Old Town. b3        Pensión Residencia 25 de Julio**                    Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. c2
A Rosa, 7. 15706 Santiago                           Old Town. Very near Cathedral. d2                   Pombal, 40. 15705 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 528 300                              Rodrigo de Padrón, 4. 15705 Santiago                Tel: (+34) 981 585 685                                    Tel: (+34) 981 582 295                              Fax: (+34) 981 519 883
Pensión Moure**                                     Pensión Residencia Charo II**
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. e2          City Centre. 5 min walking from Cathedral. b2       Pensión Residencia Los Baos**
Loureiros, 6 - 1º. 15704 Santiago                   Avenida de Vilagarcía, 2 - 1ºA e B. 15706           City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2
Tel: (+34) 981 583 637                              Santiago                                            Rosalía de Castro, 106 - 1º. 15706 Santiago                                 Tel: (+34) 981 590 528 / (+34) 981 580 093          Tel: (+34) 981 591 487 / (+34) 981 596 907
Pensión San Paio**                                                                                      Pensión Residencia San Pelayo*
Near Airport. 5 min by car from city centre. (off   Pensión Residencia Giadás**                         Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. e2
map)                                                Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. e3          San Paio de Antealtares, 2. 15705 Santiago
Lugar de Lavacolla. 15820 Santiago                  Praza do Matadoiro, 2. 15703 Santiago               Tel: (+34) 981 565 016
Tel: (+34) 981 888 205                              Tel: (+34) 981 587 071 / (+34) 981 587 029
Compostur                                                                                               Pensión Residencia Rúa do Villar*
                                                    Pensión Residencia Santo Grial**                    Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. d2
Pensión Residencia El Centro**                      Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. d3           Rúa do Vilar, 12. 15704 Santiago
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. c3          Rúa do Vilar, 76. 15705 Santiago                    Tel: (+34) 981 579 927
Senra, 11 - 5ºA. 15702 Santiago                     Tel: (+34) 981 572 803 / (+34) 981 528 300
Tel: (+34) 981 588 465 / (+34) 618 496 464                               Pensión Residencia José Rey**
                                                                                                        Pensión Residencia Pampín*
                                                    North City. Near industrial estate (Polígono
                                                                                                        Near Corte Inglés shopping centre. 13 min
Pensión Residencia Campanas de San Juan**           Tambre) and 2 min by car from city centre. (off
                                                    map)                                                walking from Old Town. b4
Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. e2                                                               Amor Ruibal, 25 - 2º. 15702 Santiago
Campás de San Xoán, 6. 15704 Santiago               Cañoteira, 11. Meixonfrío. 15705 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 581 897                              Tel: (+34) 981 940 456 / (+34) 650 140 425
Tel: (+34) 981 552 737                 
                                                                                                        Pensión Residencia Nebraska*
                                                    Pensión Residencia Santa Mónica**                   Old Town. 4 min walking from Cathedral. c2
Pensión Residencia La Paz**                                                                             Pombal, 4. 15705 Santiago
City Centre. 5 min walking from Old Town. c3        City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2
                                                    Frei Rosendo Salvado, 16. 15701 Santiago            Tel: (+34) 981 560 935
República de El Salvador, 23 - 8º. 15701 Santiago                                             
Tel: (+34) 981 592 022 / (+34) 981 596 990 /        Tel: (+34) 981 595 609

(+34) 981 564 528                                                                                       Pensión Residencia Leis*
                                                    Pensión Residencia Nimo**
                                                    City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b3        Old Town. 5 min walking from Cathedral. f2
Pensión Residencia San Martiño Pinario**                                                                Basquiños, 17. 15705 Santiago
                                                    San Pedro de Mezonzo, 40 - 1ºE. 15701 Santiago
Old Town. Very near Cathedral. e2                                                                       Tel: (+34) 981 581 112
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 593 311
Abril Ares, 1. 15704 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 576 765                                                                                  Pensión Residencia Forest*
                                                    Pensión Residencia Ferreiro**                                                                               Old Town. Less than 1 min walking from
                                                    City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2
                                                    Frei Rosendo Salvado, 16 - 7º. 15701 Santiago       Cathedral. e2
Pensión Residencia Tambre**                         Tel: (+34) 981 599 790                              Abril Ares, 7. 15704 Santiago
Near Campus Sur. 5 min walking from Cathedral.                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 570 811
(off map)
Vista Alegre, 129. 15705 Santiago                   Pensión Residencia Castelao II **
                                                    City Centre. 7 min walking from Cathedral. b2       Pensión Residencia Castelao*
Tel: (+34) 981 580 046
                                                    Rosalía de Castro, 87 – 6ºH. 15706 Santiago         City Centre. 7 min walking from Cathedral. b2
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 594 125                              Rosalía de Castro, 83 – 1ºD. 15706 Santiago
                                                                     Tel: (+34) 981 594 125
Pensión Residencia Linares**
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. e2
                                                    Pensión Residencia O Artilleiro **                  Pensión Residencia Aralar*
Algalia de Abaixo, 34. 15704 Santiago
                                                    Near Campus Sur. 6 min walking from Cathedral. f1   City Centre. 6 min walking from Cathedral. b2
Tel: (+34) 981 580 443
                                                    Vista Alegre, 46. 15705 Santiago.                   Praza de Vigo, 2 - 7ºB. 15706 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 585 158

                                                                                                                                       yourway          017
Tel: (+34) 981 590 372 / (+34) 630 044 964          Pensión Residencia Pensión da Estrela*             Hostal Residencia Galicia**                                 Old Town. Very near Cathedral. e2                  City Centre. 2 min walking from Old Town. b2
                                                    San Martiño Pinario, 5. 15704 Santiago             Santiago del Estero, 3. 15706 Santiago
Pensión Residencia América*                         Tel: (+34) 981 576 924                             Tel: (+34) 981 592 054
City Centre. 6 min walking from Cathedral. b3       Fax: (+34) 981 576 924
Ramón Cabanillas, 6 - 4º. 15706 Santiago                             Hostal Residencia Oregar**
Tel: (+34) 981 597 506 / (+34) 981 598 811                                                             City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2
                                                    Pensión Residencia Viño*                           Romero Donallo, 9. 15706 Santiago
Pensión Residencia Santa Rita*                      Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. d3         Tel: (+34) 981 591 150
City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2        Praza de Mazarelos, 7 - 3º. 15703 Santiago
Frei Rosendo Salvado, 4 - 4º e 5º. 15701 Santiago   Tel: (+34) 981 585 185                             Compostur
Tel: (+34) 981 595 554 / (+34) 981 598 811
                                                    Pensión Residencia Ramos*                          Hostal Barbantes*
Pensión Casa Julián I*                              Old Town. Very near Cathedral, in wine bar         Old Town. Very near Cathedral. d2
City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b3        district. d2                                       O Franco, 3. 15705 Santiago
Santiago de Chile, 22 - 6º esq. 15706 Santiago      Raíña, 18 - 3º. 15705 Santiago                     Tel: (+34) 981 576 520
Tel: (+34) 981 598 938 / (+34) 660 880 892          Tel: (+34) 981 581 859                   

Pensión Hedrass*                                    Pensión Residencia Meijide*                        Hostal La Rosaleda*
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. b3          City Centre. c3                                    City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. c3
Fonte de Santo Antonio, 25. 15702 Santiago          Hórreo, 22 - 4º. 15702 Santiago                    Ourense, 7 - 9. 15701 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 574 842                              Tel: (+34) 981 57 29 78                            Tel: (+34) 981 584 035 / (+34) 981 584 233
Pensión Residencia Oroña*
Near Bus Station. 3 min walking from Old Town.      Guest Houses                                       Hostal La Salle*
                                                    Hostal Residencia Windsor***                       Old Town. 3 min walking from Cathedral. e2
Rúa do Home Santo, 49. 15703 Santiago                                                                  Tras de Santa Clara, s/n (no number). 15704
                                                    City Centre. 2 min walking from Old Town. c3
Tel: (+34) 981 580 876                                                                                 Santiago
                                                    República de El Salvador, 16. 15701 Santiago                                                                                   Tel: (+34) 981 584 611 / (+34) 981 585 667
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 592 939 / (+34) 981 592 822
Pensión Residencia Victorina*                                                                          Compostur
Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. e3
                                                    Hostal San Lázaro**
Virxe da Cerca, 9. 15703 Santiago                                                                      Hostal Residencia El Aparcadero*
                                                    Near Palacio de Congresos. 2 min by car from Old
Tel: (+34) 981 565 342                                                                                 Outskirts. 3 min by car from city centre. (off map)
                                                    Town. h4                                                                             Aldrei. Marrozos. 15893 Santiago
                                                    Baliño, 1. 15707 Santiago
                                                    Tel: (+34) 981 584 151                             Tel: (+34) 981 539 796
Pensión Residencia O Cabazo*              
Old Town. Muy cerca de la Cathedral. d2                                                                Hostal Residencia San Martín*
Carretas, 15. 15705 Santiago                                                                           City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2
                                                    Hostal Residencia Balboa**
Tel: (+34) 981 576 487                                                                                 Rosalía de Castro, 124/128 - 1º. 15706 Santiago
                                                    South City. Santiago-Pontevedra road, 2 min by
                                                    car from Old Town. a1 (off map)                    Tel: (+34) 981 521 584
Pensión Residencia Mera*                            Ponte da Rocha, 8. 15700 Santiago        
Old Town. 1 min walking from Cathedral. e2          Tel: (+34) 981 521 598
Porta da Pena, 15. 15704 Santiago                                           Hostal Residencia La Estela*
Tel: (+34) 981 583 867                                                                                 Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. d2
                                                    Hostal Residencia Maycar**                         Raxoi, 1. 15705 Santiago
Pensión Residencia Casa Julián II*                  City Centre. 1 min walking from Old Town. c3       Tel: (+34) 981 582 796
City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2        Doutor Teixeiro, 15. 15701 Santiago      
Santiago de Chile, 18 - 5º. 15706 Santiago          Tel: (+34) 981 563 444
Tel: (+34) 981 598 938 / (+34) 660 880 892                               Hostal Residencia Agusdel*
                                                                                                       City Centre. 1 min walking from Old Town. c3
Pensión Residencia Beltrán*                         Hostal Residencia Pico Sacro**                     Pérez Constanti, 7. 15702 Santiago
Old Town. 1 min walking from Cathedral. e3          Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. e2          Tel: (+34) 981 585 214
Preguntoiro, 36 - 2º. 15704 Santiago                San Francisco, 22B. 15704 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 582 225                              Tel: (+34) 981 584 466                             Hostal Residencia Pazo de Agra*
                                                                       Old Town. 1 min walking from Cathedral. d3
Pensión Residencia Bandeira*                                                                           Caldeirería, 37. 15703 Santiago
City Centre. 3 min walking from Old Town. b2        Hostal Residencia Suso**                           Tel: (+34) 981 583 517
Santiago de Chile, 15. 15706 Santiago               Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. d3
Tel: (+34) 981 596 393 / (+34) 620 866 033          Rúa do Vilar, 65. 15705 Santiago                   Hostal Residencia Mafer*                Tel: (+34) 981 586 611                             City Centre. 3 min walking from Cathedral. c3
                                                                                                       Hórreo, 22. 15701 Santiago
Pensión Residencia Armenteira*                      Hostal Residencia El Rápido**                      Tel: (+34) 981 584 322
City Centre. 3 min walking from Cathedral. b3       Old Town. A few metres from Cathedral. d2
Alfredo Brañas, 25. 15701 Santiago                  O Franco, 22. 15702 Santiago                       Hostal Residencia Oca San Antonio*
Tel: (+34) 981 595 541                              Tel: (+34) 981 584 983                             Old Town. 2 min walking from Cathedral. d3

018     yourway
Fonte de Santo Antonio, 4. 15702 Santiago                 Tel: (+34) 981 548 596                               (off map)
Tel: (+34) 981 570 051                                                         Rúa de Vidán, 34. 15706 Santiago
                                                                                                               Tel: (+34) 981 582 447 / (+34) 686 990 768
Hostal Residencia Esperanza*                              Casa de Casal Group C                                Compostur
City Centre. 3 min walking from Cathedral. c3             Rural setting. 15 min by car from city. (off map)
Montero Ríos, 44. 15706 Santiago                          Cachosenande. Sta. Mª de Lestedo. 15881              Casa del Carmen
Tel: (+34) 981 580 426                                    Boqueixón                                            Old Town (rural setting). 4 min walking from
                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 503 227 / (+34) 636 355 584           Cathedral. c1
Hostal Seminario Mayor*                                                           Oblatas (Urbanización Luar do Carme). 15705
Old Town. Facing north façade of Cathedral. d2                                                                 Santiago
Praza da Inmaculada, 5. 15704 Santiago                    Casa Parada de Francos Group B                       Tel: (+34) 636 462 095
Tel: (+34) 981 583 009                                    Rural setting. 10 min by car from city. (off map)                                   Rúa de Francos. 15129 Calo. Teo                      Compostur
                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 538 004
                                                                              Casa de Afora
                                                                                                               Rural setting. 15 min walking from Old Town. d1
Rural Tourism                                             Casa Grande de Cornide Group A                       (off map)
Casa Grande do Bachao Group A                                                                                  Marco de Covas, 10. Correxíns - Figueiras. 15000
                                                          Rural setting. 10 min by car from city. (off map)
Rural setting. On road to Carballo, about 12 km                                                                Santiago
                                                          Cornide. San Xoán de Calo. 15886 Teo
from city. (off map)                                                                                           Tel: (+34) 609 549 541
                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 805 599
Santa Cristina de Fecha. 15898 Santiago                                                                        Compostur
Tel: (+34) 981 194 118
Compostur                                                                                                      Paxareco – Compostela
                                                          Casa Rosinda Group B                                 3 min walking from Cathedral. d3
Pazo Xan Xordo Group A                                    Rural setting. 15 min by car from city. (off map)    Patio de Madres, 9 baixo. 15703 Santiago
Rural setting. 5 min by car from city. (off map)          Ponte, 7. Chaián. 15687 Trazo                        Tel: (+34) 981 807 551 / (+34) 609 621 950
Xan Xordo. Sabugueira. 15820 Santiago                     Tel: (+34) 981 699 035 / (+34) 609 832 010 
Tel: (+34) 981 888 259 / (+34) 686 955 292                                                                     Compostur                                      Casa Paz Group B
Compostur                                                 Rural setting. 17 min by car from city. (off map)
                                                          Fornelos, 2. Santa Eulalia de Vedra. 15885 Vedra     Holiday Resort
Finca San Lorenzo Group B                                 Tel: (+34) 653 643 038 / (+34) 981 585 914           Monte do Gozo
Historic rural setting. 5 min walking from                                           Way of St. James. 25 min walking from Old Town
Cathedral. (off map)                                                                                           and 3 min by car. h5 (off map)
Corredoira dos Muíños, 24. 15705 Santiago                 Casa Suárez Group B                                  Rúa do Gozo, 18. 15820 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 593 527                                    Rural setting. 15 min by car from city. (off map)    Tel: (+34) 981 558 942
                                                          A Ponte de Sarandón, 2. 15880 San Mamede.  
Casa María Group B                                        Ribadulla. Vedra                                     Compostur
Rural setting. 8 min by car from city centre. (off        Tel: (+34) 981 512 548
O Rial. San Martiño de Laraño. 15896 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 537 213                                                                                         Campsites
                                                          Pazo Cibrán Group A                                                     st
                                                                                                               Monte do Gozo 1 Class
                                                          Rural setting. 12 min by car from city. (off map)    Way of St. James. 25 min walking from Old Town
Casa Os Vilares Group B                                   Cibrán. San Xoán de Sales. 15885 Vedra
Rural setting. 2 min by car from city centre. (off map)                                                        and 3 min by car. h5 (off map)
                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 511 515                               Rúa do Gozo, 18. 15820 Santiago
Os Vilares - Meixonfrío, 8. 15890 Santiago      
Tel: (+34) 605 128 341 / (+34) 981 578 266                                                                     Tel: (+34) 981 558 942

Casa de Costoia Group B
Rural setting. About 4 km from city. (off map)            Holiday Apartments                                                 nd
                                                                                                               As Cancelas 2 Class
Costoia, 20. 15896 Santa Mª de Biduido - Ames             Casa Cacharela                                       North City. 15 min walking from Cathedral. h4
Tel: (+34) 981 884 601                                    Rural setting. 10 min walking from city and 2 min    25 de Xullo, 35. As Cancelas. 15704 Santiago                                     by car. (off map)                                    Tel: (+34) 981 580 266
Compostur                                                 Lugar de Aríns - Cacharela. 15892 Santiago 
                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 888 259 / (+34) 686 955 292
Casa Gasamáns Group B                           
Rural setting. 10 km from Santiago. (off map)             Compostur                                            Tourist Hostels
Gasamáns. 15864 San Lourenzo de Agrón - Ames                                                                   Acuario
Tel: (+34) 981 881 501                                    Casa de Amancio                                      Near Área Central shopping centre. 15 min                                      Way of St. James. 9 km from city. (off map)          walking from Old Town. h4
Compostur                                                 Vilamaior, 9 – Lavacolla. 15820 Santiago             Estocolmo, 2 – b. As Fontiñas. 15707 Santiago
                                                          Tel: (+34) 981 897 086 / (+34) 617 628 083           Tel: (+34) 981 575 438
Casa do Cruceiro Group B                        
Rural setting. 12 min by car from city centre. (off
map)                                                      Holiday Cottages                                     Pilgrims Hostels
Raíces. Sta. Mª de Biduido. 15895 Ames                    Casa O Quinteiro                                     Seminario Menor de Belvís
                                                          Rural setting. 10 min walking from city centre. a1   Old Town. 5 min walking from Old Town. d4

                                                                                                                                              yourway          019
Quiroga Palacios, s/n (no number). 15703         Frei Rosendo Salvado, 8 - 3ºC. 15701 Santiago
Santiago                                         Tel: (+34) 981 560 284
Tel: (+34) 981 589 200
Monte do Gozo                                    Old Town. d2
Way of St. James. 25 min walking from Old Town   Carretas, 20. 15705 Santiago
and 3 min by car. h5 (off map)                   Tel: (+34) 981 588 512 / (+34) 981 589 065
Rúa do Gozo, 18 (Airport road). 15820 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 558 942

San Lázaro
Near Palacio de Congresos. 20 min walking from
Old Town. h5
San Lázaro, s/n (no number). 15820 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 571 488

Youth Hostels
Monte do Gozo
Way of St. James. 25 min walking from Old Town
and 3 min by car. h5 (off map)
Rúa do Gozo, 18 (Airport road). 15820 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 558 942

Boarding Houses
La Estrada
City. b5
A Estrada, 56. 15702 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 594 382

La Rosa
City Centre. b3
San Pedro de Mezonzo, 34 - 1ºD. 15701 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 592 248

City. b5
Castiñeiriño, 47. 15702 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 523 214

City Centre. b2
Rosalía de Castro, 12 - 1º. 15706 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 940 304

City Centre. d1
Galeras, 28. 15705 Santiago
Tel: (+34) 981 563 521
                                                                                                 Book your accommodation
Recarey                                                                                          at Compostur
Old Town. d3
Patio de Madres, 15 - 1º. 15703 Santiago
                                                                                                 Compostur can help you find the
Tel: (+34) 981 588 194                                                                           accommodation you are looking
                                                                                                 for, suited to your needs, whether
Rodríguez                                                                                        it is a business trip, a romantic
Old Town. d3
Pisón, 4. 15704 Santiago                                                                         weekend or a holiday for all the
Tel: (+34) 981 588 408                                                                           family. The best prices and fully
San Fernando
City Centre. b2

020     yourway
The best of Santiago
The Cathedral, along with the squares surrounding it (Obradoiro, Quintana, Inmaculada and Praterías) and
the main historic “rúas” or streets are a must for first-time visitors. However, there are other gems that
should not be overlooked by tourists.

                                                                                                                   the best of Santiago
                                                                     Old Town                                22
                                                                     San Domingos de Bonaval and San Pedro   26
                                                                     Other Santiagos                         27

                                                                                                  yourway    021
  Old town
The Cathedral and its four squares
Europe's richest cathedral site
The site made up of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and
its four squares (Obradoiro, Quintana, Praterías and Inmaculada) is
one of the most interesting and richest in Europe. A whole world of
historic and artistic content, spiritual meaning and religious
The Cathedral is the heart and soul of the city. A baroque building
with a Romanesque heart, whose crypt houses the remains of the
Apostle James, its most renowned feature is the “Pórtico de la
Gloria”, the best finished and most complex group of sculptures
belonging to Romanesque art.
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
Open daily from 7.30 am to 9 pm. d2

                                                                        The “Botafumeiro”
                                                                        The biggest censer in the world
                                                                        The Cathedral of Santiago's “Botafumeiro” is unique. Seeing this
                                                                        giant censer, considered the largest in the world, propelled by 8
                                                                        men called tiraboleiros, flying above the basilica naves and
                                                                        almost touching the vault, is a truly awe-inspiring spectacle.
                                                                        The “Botafumeiro” censer usually functions every day during
                                                                        Holy Years (see p. 90) during the Pilgrim Mass. During non-holy
                                                                        years, it functions during special liturgical services and
                                                                        occasionally, whenever it has been requested and arranged.
                                                                        When it is not in use, both the “Botafumeiro” and its solid silver
                                                                        replica, are on display in the Cathedral Museum.
                                                                        In order to request its functioning, please apply to:
                                                                        Contact: Oficina de Acogida de Peregrinos (Pilgrim Reception Office) d2
                                                                        Rúa do Vilar, 1. Tel: (+34) 981 56 24 19 / (+34) 981 58 35 48

Cathedral Roofs and Pazo de Xelmírez
Very close to the heavens
The visit to the Cathedral's stone roofs, apart from its great
historic-artistic value, gives us one of the best views of the city's
rooftops: from there we can see all of the monumental buildings
in relation to the rest of the city. What we cannot see, for once,
is the Cathedral itself, which is changed from a landmark to a
citadel dominating the entire city. The same ticket entitles you to
visit Archbishop Xelmírez’s palace (12th c.), a gem of civil
Romanesque art. The tour includes its old kitchens and
magnificent synodal hall.
Visit to the Cathedral Roofs and Pazo de Xelmírez. d2
Location: Entrance via Pazo de Xelmírez, Praza do Obradoiro
Open: 10 am to 2 pm and 4 to 8 pm. Every day.
Prices: € 10 general; € 8 OAPs, students and pilgrims
Tel: (+34) 981 55 29 85
Contact: Museo de la Catedral. Tel: (+34) 981 55 29 85.
022     yourway
Cathedral Museum                                                               Historic squares and “rúas” (streets)
The visit to the Cathedral Museum includes: the Renaissance                    The old town is a stone forest full of religious and university
cloister, the chapterhouse, the library, where the “Botafumeiro”               monuments, stately “pazos” (palaces) and small houses,
is displayed; the Treasury, the relics chapel and the royal                    balconies and galleries overlooking busy stone “rúas” with
pantheon, the tapestry collection (with sketches by Rubens and                 sections of arcades.
Goya, among others), rooms displaying archaeological pieces                    Although it is highly recommended to wander about without a
from the basilica's subsoil, the crypt of the “Pórtico de la Gloria”           fixed route, there are some “rúas” that should not be missed:
and the stone choir (both from the 12th c.). An extensive look at              the two most “stately” ones, Rúa do Vilar and Ruá Nova; O
the history and art of this essential world cultural centre.                   Franco and A Raíña, full of restaurants and wine bars; the
Location: Entrance via Praza do Obradoiro. d2
                                                                               itinerary made up of Orfas-Caldeirería-Preguntoiro, which ends in
June 1-September 30: 10 am-2 pm and 4-8 pm. Sunday and public                  Plaza de Cervantes and is lined with shops, including several
holidays: 10 am-2 pm.                                                          traditional ones; and Casas Reais, Algalia de Arriba and Algalia
October 1-May 31: 10 am-1.30 pm and 4-6.30 pm. Sunday and public               de Abaixo, and the singular Plaza de San Mariño Pinario. d2, d3,
holidays: 10 am-1.30 pm.                                                       e2,e3
Closed January 1 and 6, July 25, August 15, December 25.
Price: € 5. Students, groups, over-65s and pilgrims: € 1.50. Schoolchildren:
€ 1 (groups and schoolchildren, booking in advance). Under-12s: free.
Contact: Cathedral Museum, Tel: (+34) 981 569 327,

                                                                                                                                 yourway    023
                                                                                                                                                   the best of Santiago
“Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market)                                        Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am-1.30 pm and 4-6.30 pm (closed Monday);
                                                                          July and August, every day from 11 am-7 pm.
The “Mercado de Abastos” is Santiago's second-most visited
                                                                          Price: € 2.50. Students, groups and over-65s: € 1.50.
attraction after the Cathedral. It is the city's main market, and         Contact: San Martiño Pinario Museum, tel: (+34) 981 583 008,
most genuine and traditional one; it is a “rural” market but with
all the modern services, featuring the gastronomy and culinary
customs of Galicia: this large city ladder contains countless kinds
of fresh fish and seafood, as well as fruit, vegetables, flowers,
cheese, etc, with the added interest of being housed in a
monumental building. The “Mercado de Abastos” is truly
Guided tour of the “Mercado de Abastos”: see Gastronomy Tour
in Compostela Walking Tours, p. 35.
Location: Rúa das Ameas, s/n (no number). d3-e3
Open: Monday to Satruday, 7 am to 3 pm approx. The busiest time is from
11 am to 12 noon, and the best days are Thursday and Saturday.

                                                                          “Parque da Alameda”
                                                                          This romantic 19th-century park features the best viewpoint
                                                                          overlooking the city: the one in Paseo da Ferradura, which offers
                                                                          a spectacular, panoramic front view of the Cathedral, which
                                                                          stands out magnificently over the cluster of historic buildings.
                                                                          Recommendable at any time of day, this viewpoint is a must in
                                                                          the evening. c2

Monastery and Church of San Martiño Pinario -
San Martiño Pinario was the most influential and largest of
Galicia's Benedictine monasteries, and the second in size in all
Spain after El Escorial. Its church stands out among those in the
city due to its impressive baldachin and the stalls in its choirs (the
upper choir is Renaissance from the 17th century and used to
belong to the Cathedral). Furthermore, different rooms display its
collection of paintings, sculptures, gold and silver articles,
archaeological remains, etc, as well as objects related to the
everyday life of the monks that inhabited it: its press, pharmacy
and the monastery's former natural history laboratory.
Guided tour of this and other important churches: see Church
Tour in Compostela Walking Tours, p. 36.
Location: Praza da Inmaculada, 5. d2

024    yourway
“Colexio de Fonseca”                                                       Churches, convents and monasteries
This Renaissance building, originally designed as a boarding               In the Middle Ages, numerous churches and chapels began to
school, marked the beginning of Santiago University, one of the            appear around the Apostle's basilica, as well as convents and
oldest in Spain. It is now used to house exhibitions, a library and        monasteries belonging to the West's main religious order:
other University services; you can visit the courtyard, Gothic             Benedictines, Franciscans, Dominicans, nuns of St. Claire,
chapel and old refectory, whose coffered ceiling stands out.               Carmelites, Jesuits, Augustinians, Mercedarians, etc.
Guided tour of this and other monumental University buildings:             Some of the most outstanding churches are San Paio, San
see p. 37                                                                  Martiño, San Francisco, San Fructuoso, Ánimas, the secularised
Location: Rúa do Franco, s/n (no number). d2                               church of San Domingos de Bonaval, etc.
Open: 9 am to 9 pm.                                                        **Church hours are available in Turismo de Santiago Offices (see p. 4).
Price: admission free.                                                     Guided tour of the main churches or enclosed convents: see
Contact: “Oficina de Congresos” (Congress Office) of the USC. Tel: (+34)   Compostela Walking Tours, p. 36
981 55 46 96,

                                                                                                                                     yourway         025
                                                                                                                                                           the best of Santiago
 San Domingos de Bonaval and
 San Pedro
The neighbourhoods of San Domingos de Bonaval and San
Pedro make up a very interesting, picturesque area: culture,
art, history, scenery and popular tradition, with the added
charm that the latest in urban design has been introduced
here, by means of the architecture of the CGAC and the
impeccable intervention in Bonaval Park.

Convent of San Domingos de Bonaval and “Museo
do Pobo Galego” (MPG)
The MPG is Galicia's ethnographic museum and includes rooms
devoted to the sea, the countryside, traditional trades, traditional     “Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval”
architecture... Housed in the former Dominican convent of                This park, located on the grounds of the old Dominican convent, is
Bonaval (13th c.), it also features other attractions: the secularised   a monument per se, which has preserved all the essence of its past:
Gothic church, the cloister and an impressive triple spiral              the monks' small garden of aromatic herbs still exists, the same as
stairway, a masterpiece of baroque art. Free guided tours in             the old fountains and channels, even the former cemetery, which
Spanish and English (consult times). + Info on p. 40. e3                 has been completely integrated into the park. The landscape
                                                                         project that turned these convent grounds into a city park is the
                                                                         work, along with the CGAC, of Álvaro Siza. And on top of all of
                                                                         this, it also offers matchless views of the old town. f3

Lovers of the latest tendencies in contemporary art should not
miss this museum, which is also a small gem of architectural
design by Portugal's Álvaro Siza. Free guided tours, interesting         San Pedro neighbourhood
workshops for the young and old, book shop and cafeteria-                This neighbourhood, which is called after its main street, is one of
restaurant. + Info on p. 40. e3                                          Santiago's oldest and most traditional: it coincides with the last
Guided tour of this and other interesting contemporary                   section of the Way of St. James, along which pilgrims travel before
architectures: see Compostela Walking Tours, p. 36                       coming to “Porta do Camiño”, the site of the former city wall. The
                                                                         neighbourhood's streets have preserved their peaceful, traditional

026    yourway
atmosphere, as well as their typical houses, old shops and bars,
which have recently been joined by numerous restaurants. e3-f3
All the information at

                                                                    Collegiate Church of Sar, Romanesque miracle
                                                                    Located on the banks of the small Sar River, the Collegiate
                                                                    Church (Romanesque, 12th c.) is unique due to its sloping walls
                                                                    and columns, a construction defect that is especially noticeable
                                                                    inside. This has turned the building into a rarity as well as an
 Other Santiagos                                                    architectural miracle, comparable to the tower of Pisa. Its
                                                                    Romanesque cloister also features a small collection that can be
                                                                    visited. The museum's opening hours are on p. 42. c5
Santiago is a lot more than just its historic city centre. Beyond
the former city wall and conventional tourist itineraries, there
are other areas full of sites to be discovered: from
outstanding monuments to picturesque traditional streets,

                                                                                                                                        the best of Santiago
passing through designer buildings or appealing boutiques.

Belvís neighbourhood: “beautiful view”
The name Belvís seems to come from “bella vista” or “beautiful
view”, which is what you get from here: a magnificent
panoramic view of the old town, especially in the evening. But
the neighbourhood is also the home of an enclosed convent
belonging to Dominican nuns, one of the city's best known and
most popular: not only because of the “Virgen del Portal”
sanctuary, which has been highly venerated for a long time, but
also because of the delicious sweets made by the nuns, which
can be bought inside the convent. The neighbourhood is reached
by crossing Belvís Park: a kind of natural trench turned into an
                                                                    Contemporary Architecture: auteur buildings and
interesting park. The architecture of the A Trisca socio-cultural   designer urban development
centre, designed by New York's John Hejduk, is another of this      The singularity and charm of Santiago has been increasing
historic Compostela neighbourhood's attractions. d4, e3, e4         throughout time with the combination and superimposition of
                                                                    styles from different periods. New city projects, designed by
                                                                    internationally renowned architects, have enriched even more this
                                                                    accumulative image defining the city: John Hejduk, Josef Paul

                                                                                                                      yourway     027
Kleihues, Álvaro Siza, Manuel Gallego Jorreto, Giorgio Grassi,          Viewpoints in the parks: the best panoramic views
Alberto Noguerol, Jean Nouvel, Andrés Perea, Arata Isozaki,             The city's rolling relief facilitates the existence of a series of
Peter Eisenman or César Portela are only some of the names that         natural viewpoints, most of which have the added charm of
have left their mark on the city.                                       being located in beautiful green zones. Apart from the classic
Guided tour of the city's main contemporary architectures: see          parks (such as the Alameda, Campus Sur, San Domingos de
Compostela Walking Tours, p. 36.                                        Bonaval, Belvís...), there are other, lesser-known ones: the
                                                                        Almáciga, Monte Pío (Galeras Park), Granxa do Xesto, Eugenio
                                                                        Granell Park, Carlomagno Park... and magnificent urban
                                                                        balconies, such as the one at the top of the street called Costa

“Ensanche”: Santiago's new town
This is the name given to the city's large urban expansion area,
built from 1950 onwards. It is a very lively district, with all kinds
of services, an interesting concentration and range of shops
(especially fashion, particularly Galician fashion, from Zara to
Galicia's important designers), cafés, bars, restaurants, cinemas,
etc. The Galician Parliament is located on one of its main streets,
Rúa do Hórreo. b3, c3

                                                                        More information about these and other Santiago attractions at

028    yourway
If you do not want to miss anything, get ideas from these itineraries: the must see, the special one for
discoverers, the unusual one, the mystic one, the green one, the one recommended for cityscape
photographers... Santiago has routes for all feet: why not discover your own Santiago?

                                                                       Monumental Itinerary                    30
                                                                       Panoramic Itinerary                     30
                                                                       Enclosed Convents Itinerary             31
                                                                       Historic Churches Itinerary             31
                                                                       Parks and Gardens Itinerary             32
                                                                       Viewpoints Itinerary                    32

                                                                                                     yourway   029
 Monumental Itinerary                                                          Panoramic Itinerary
First time in Santiago?                                                       A different perspective
The Monumental Itinerary will show you everything you have to                 We suggest a walk around unknown Santiago, a different route
see: a tour of the main heritage and architectural attractions,               that you will not find in countless city guides: this itinerary will
including a not-to-be-missed walk around the Cathedral and the                guide you through the parks and gardens embracing the heart of
famous Obradoiro Square, as well as the most important monu-                  the old town, which will be our constant landmark. The route
ments and squares.                                                            provides unbeatable views of the historic quarter, featuring
                                                                              ancient monuments as well as the main contemporary architec-
  Route: (see map at back)                                                    tures of modern Santiago, designed by internationally renowned
   1. Plaza del Obradoiro.
                                                                              architects. We present a Panoramic Itinerary around unknown
      Main façade of Cathedral. Archbishop's Palace of Xelmírez. Hostal de
      los Reyes Católicos. Colegio de San Xerome. Palace of Raxoi.            Santiago.
   2. Interior of Santiago Cathedral
      Pórtico de la Gloria. Naves, High Altar and chapels.                      Route: (see map at back)
   3. Plaza de la Inmaculada                                                     1. Alameda Park, natural lounge.
      North façade of Cathedral. Monastery of San Martiño Pinario.               2. South University Campus: garden city.
   4. Plaza de la Quintana                                                       3. Convent of San Lourenzo and its 100-year-old oak grove.
      East façade of Cathedral: Holy Door. Berenguela Tower. Monastery           4. Galeras Park: architecture and scenery.
      and Church of San Paio de Antealtares.                                     5. Vista Alegre Park: colonial-style atmosphere.
   5. Plaza de Platerías                                                         6. Música en Compostela Park: urban harmony.
      Casa del Cabildo.                                                          7. North University Campus: auteur architectures.
   6. Around the “Rúas”                                                          8. From Xoán XXIII to San Roque: futurist engineering and tradition.
      Rúa do Vilar. Toural: Pazo de Bendaña (Granell Foundation). Rúa            9. San Domingos de Bonaval: artistic venues.
      Nova: Church of Salomé. Tras Salomé. Orfas. Cardenal Payá.                10. Neighbourhoods of Belvís and A Trisca: city snapshots.
   7. From the University to the Market                                         11. Collegiate Church of Santa María do Sar and City of Culture.
      Faculty of Geography and History. Church of San Fiz de Solovio. Plaza     Difficulty: Medium-low.
      de Abastos (Food Market). Convent of San Agustín. Rúa Travesa.            Duration: 2hours 45 min approx.
      Puerta del Camino.
   8. San Domingos de Bonaval
      Convent and Church of San Domingos de Bonaval (Museo do Pobo
      Galego). Galician Contemporary Art Museum.
   9. The Way of St. James in the City
      Casas Reais: Church of Las Ánimas
  10. From Cervantes to San Francisco
      Troia: Casa da Troia. Plaza de San Martiño: Church of San Martiño
      Pinario. Porta da Pena. Costa Vella. Convent of San Francisco. Rúa de
      San Francisco.
  11. Rúa do Franco
      Colegio de Fonseca
  12. Alameda
      Viewpoint of Paseo da Ferradura
  Difficulty: Low.
  Duration: 2 hours and 45 min approx.

All the information about this route is available on an mp3
audio-guide, which enables you to visit the city at your own lei-
sure (see p. 34), and on the web

030    yourway
 Domus Dei Itineraries                                               Enclosed Convents Itinerary
 The West's main religious orders (Benedictines, Franciscans,      A tour around sites of contemplation and silence
 Dominicans, Order of St. Claire, Carmelites, Jesuits, Augus-      Enveloped in an aura of mystery, hidden behind high walls,
 tinians, Mercedarians, etc) erected convents and monasteries      shutters and lattices, time seems to stand still in enclosed
 around the Apostle's basilica starting from the Middle Ages.      monasteries. These are places of silence, serenity, an austere and
 Mainly in charge of looking after the tomb and providing          contemplative lifestyle, of commitment to God. We suggest an
 services and accommodation for pilgrims, these orders made        itinerary around Santiago de Compostela's enclosed convents, so
 a huge contribution to the city: their centuries-old              that you can discover their history, heritage and daily routine,
 knowledge of pharmacy and medicine (which gave rise to            while immersing yourself in their atmosphere of meditation and
 Santiago's present-day medical-healthcare fame), their            peace. And, naturally, so that you can try the nuns' exquisite
 educational vocation (which contributed to the establishment      cakes or enjoy their Gregorian chants during offices.
 of the University), their devotion (their saints became the
 city's saints), their architectural and artistic traditions (to     Route: (see map at back)
 which Santiago owes its monumental splendour)...                     1. Convent of Nuestra Señora de la Merced (Mercedarians)
 Domus Dei, “the house of God”, is a series of thematic               2. Convent of Santa María de Belvís (Dominicans)
                                                                      3. Convent of Santa Clara (Order of St. Claire)
 itineraries around Santiago de Compostela's main religious-
                                                                      4. Convent of El Carmen (Carmelites)
 heritage attractions.                                                5. Monastery of San Paio de Antealtares (Benedictines)
                                                                     Difficulty: Medium-low.
                                                                     Duration: 2 hours and 30 min approx.

 Historic Churches Itinerary
Art, history and religion
Santiago de Compostela has an amazing total of 30 historic
churches. These were erected throughout the centuries by the
Archbishopric or the many religious orders present in the city;
they also reflect the devotion of Compostela's brotherhoods and
wealthiest residents. Their number and importance reveal Santi-
ago de Compostela's importance as one of Europe's main reli-
gious destinations from the Middle Ages to the present.

  Route: (see map at back)
   1. Church of Santa Salomé
   2. Church and Convent of Orfas
   3. Church of La Universidad or La Compañía
   4. Church of San Fiz de Solovio

   5. Church of Santo Agostiño
   6. Church of Santa María do Camiño
   7. Church and Convent of San Domigos de Bonaval
   8. Church of Ánimas
   9. Church of San Miguel dos Agros
  10. Church and Monastery of San Martiño Pinario
  Difficulty: Low.
  Duration: 2 hours and 30 min approx.

                                                                   Detailed information about all itineraries at

                                                                                                                       yourway     031
 Viewpoints Itinerary                                                 Parks and Gardens Itinerary
Opening up new horizons                                              The city hidden among parks and gardens
Like Rome, Santiago de Compostela arose among hills, which are       Santiago has received several international prizes due to its
now natural viewpoints, privileged balconies overlooking the city.   scenic and environmental quality. The itinerary begins in Alameda
Some of the best viewpoints are located in parks, only a few         Park, in the city centre, and tours the most representative green
steps from the historic city centre. The itinerary goes around the   spaces: historic and artistic gardens, sites of botanical interest,
city from east to west.                                              parks featuring contemporary design, extensive grassy areas...
                                                                     The route also reveals new perspectives, unexpected views,
 Route: (see map at back)
                                                                     hidden visions of the city. Parks and gardens are also, without
  1. Viewpoints in Belvís Park
                                                                     doubt, the best lounges from which to contemplate Compostela
  2. Panoramic views from San Domingos de Bonaval Park
  3. Viewpoint of Monte da Almáciga                                  at dusk.
  4. Pergola of Xoán XXIII
  5. Viewpoint of Monte Pío (Galeras Park)
  6. Panoramic view from Granxa do Xesto
  7. Viewpoint of Monte Pedroso
  8. Viewpoint of South Campus (Alameda Park)
  9. Viewpoint of Paseo da Ferradura (Alameda Park)
 Difficulty: Medium-low.
 Duration: Half day approx.

                                                                      Route: (see map at back)
                                                                       1. Alameda Park
                                                                       2. South University Campus Universitario Sur
                                                                       3. San Lourenzo Oak Grove
                                                                       4. Galeras Park
                                                                       5. Vista Alegre Park
                                                                       6. Música en Compostela Park
                                                                       7. San Domingos de Bonaval Park
                                                                       8. Belvís Park
                                                                      Difficulty: Medium-low.
                                                                      Duration: 2 hours 30 min approx.

032    yourway
Guided tours and organised trips
To get the most out of Santiago de Compostela with the help of a guide.

                                                                                                              guided tours and organised trips
                                                                   Compostela Walking Tours             34
                                                                   Other guided tours                   37
                                                                   Trips                                38

                                                                                              yourway   033
                                                                                 MP3 audio-guides: the city speaks to you… listen to it!
  Compostela Walking Tours                                                       Suitable for all ages. All year. 6 languages
                                                                                 The best way of discovering the city: a guided tour of the old
Compostela Walking Tours is a quality brand belonging                            town by means of a convenient, easy-to-use digital MP3 audio-
to Turismo de Santiago that includes a series of guided                          guide, which enables you to tour the city at your leisure, or repeat
tours on foot covering the entire city.                                          as often as you want.
                                                                                 Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
Guided tour of the old town in English                                           Location: rental (24 hours) and return of MP3 audio-guide in the Main Turis-
A guided tour on foot around the World Heritage old town's most                  mo de Santiago Office (Rúa do Vilar, 63).
important monuments, squares and streets, in order to become                     + Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel. (+34) 902 190 160,
acquainted with the essence of Santiago.
Approximate itinerary: Façade and Plaza Praterías. Casa do Deán and Casa do
Cabido. Colegio de Fonseca. Façade and Plaza del Obradoiro. Colegio de San
Xerome. Hostal-Parador de los Reyes Católicos. Façade and Plaza Acibechería.
Casa da Troia. Monastery of San Paio de Antealtares. Plaza Quintana. Cathedral
Meeting place: Main Turismo de Santiago Office (Rúa do Vilar, 63).
Time: March 24 to October 31, Tuesday and Sunday at 6 pm. Rest of year: con-
Duration: 2 h approx.
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel. (+34) 902 190 160,

034     yourway
Gastronomy Tour Recommended!!!                                                        Night Tour New!!!
Languages: Spanish and English                                                        Languages: Spanish and English.
Santiago, as the capital of Galicia, exemplifies all the gastronomic tra-             Discover Santiago's main night-time attractions, walking in the com-
dition and richness of a cuisine that is admired for the quality of its               pany of a guide after normal tourist hours, with the added charm of
sea and farm produce. The gastronomy tour is a guided tour on foot                    seeing the city lit up, entering into the silent courtyards of the Hostal
that visits traditional food shops as well as the genuine and popular                 de los Reyes Católicos and enjoying some of Compostela's liveliest
“Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market), which is also a monumental                        nightspots. The tour ends in a club with a tasting of the popular
site and the second-most visited attraction after the Cathedral.                      “queimada” (flamed eau-de-vie).
Thanks to the guide's explanations, participants will discover the key                Languages: Spanish and English.
elements of Galicia's gastronomic culture and the Atlantic diet, as                   Meeting place: Main Turismo de Santiago Office (Rúa do Vilar, 63).
                                                                                      Time: June 1 to October 31, every Friday (Spanish) and Saturday (English), at
well as the secrets behind the most traditional foods (fish and sea-
                                                                                      10.30 pm. Rest of year: consult.
food, meat, wine and cheese) and cooking methods.                                     Duration: 2 h approx.
The visit includes the tasting of 100% Galician products.                             + Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel. (+34) 902 190 160,
Itinerary: Rúa do Vilar, Casa de los Quesos, traditional shops in the streets Orfas
and Caldeirería, “Mercado de Abastos”, traditional food shops in the squares
Cervantes and Acibechería. The visit ends with a tasting in a wine and tapas bar

                                                                                                                                                                      guided tours and organised trips
in A Troia Street.
Languages: English (Thursday) and Spanish (Saturday).
Meeting place: Main Turismo de Santiago Office (Rúa do Vilar, 63).
Time: June 1 to October 31, every Thursday (English) and Saturday (Spanish).
Rest of year: consult.
Duration: 2 h approx.
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel. (+34) 902 190 160,

                                                                                      Information subject to changes. Consult: or

                                                                                                                                                 yourway       035
Guided tour of enclosed convents Recommended!!!                                     Guided church tour
Languages: Spanish and English.                                                     Languages: Spanish and English.
A guided tour of sites of contemplation and silence. Santiago has a                 Santiago de Compostela has an amazing total of 30 historic
huge amount of heritage, among which enclosed convents stand                        churches. These were erected throughout the centuries by the Arch-
out: places characterised by prayer, an austere lifestyle and peace, sur-           bishopric or the many religious orders present in the city; they are also
rounded by an aura of mystery, hidden behind high walls and shut-                   symbols of devotion on the part of Compostela's brotherhoods and
ters. This unique guided tour will enable you to discover their history,            wealthiest residents. Their number and significance reflects Santiago
heritage and the key aspects of their daily routine. It includes an inter-          de Compostela's importance as one of Europe's main religious desti-
esting brochure with detailed information.                                          nations from the Middle Ages to the present.
Itinerary: Convent of Mercedarias (Tránsito da Mercé); Convent of Dominicas         Itinerary: churches of Santa Salomé (interior), Orfas, Universidade, San Fiz,
(Belvís); garden of former Convent of Dominicos (Bonaval), Convent of Clarisas      Santo Agostiño, Santa María, San Domigos (interior), Ánimas (interior), San
(Santa Clara).                                                                      Miguel, San Martiño.
*Note: Due to the very essence of enclosed life, the tour only features the “pub-   Languages: Spanish (Wednesday) and English (Friday).
lic” areas of the convents, such as convent churches and chapels, parlours, gate    Meeting place: Main Turismo de Santiago Office (Rúa do Vilar, 63).
houses and revolving windows.                                                       Time: June 1 to October 31, every Wednesday (Spanish) and Friday (English), at
Languages: Spanish and English.                                                     11 am. Rest of year: consult.
Meeting place: Main Turismo de Santiago Office (Rúa do Vilar, 63).                  Duration: 2 h approx.
Time: June 1 to October 31, every Thursday (Spanish) and Saturday (English) at      + Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel. (+34) 902 190 160,
10.30 am. Rest of the year: every Friday at 10.30 am (bilingual Spanish and Eng-
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel. (+34) 902 190 160,

Guided contemporary architecture tour
Languages: Spanish and English.
Siza, Eisenman, Kleihues, Hejduk, Portela, Nouvel... some of the best
architects in the world have designed buildings in Santiago de
Compostela. Thanks to this guided tour, you will learn to appreciate
and enjoy the latest tendencies in contemporary architecture by
means of some projects by internationally renowned architects:
diaphanous spaces, fusion of tradition and modernity, combination
of materials, pure designs, geometric abstraction, plays of light, sub-
tle chiaroscuros, free-flowing interiors... includes publication with
information about all of Santiago's contemporary architectures.
Itinerary: CGAC and San Domingos de Bonaval, Avenida Xoán XXIII, Auditorio
de Galicia, Media Studies Faculty.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Meeting place: CGAC entrance (Rúa Ramón del Valle Inclán, no number)
Time: June 1 to October 31, every Monday at 11 am. (bilingual Spanish and Eng-
lish). Rest of year: consult.
Duration: 2 h 30 min approx.
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur , tel. (+34) 902 190 160,

                                                                                    Information subject to changes. Consult: or

036      yourway
                                                                                   Guided tour of old town in Spanish
  Other guided tours                                                               A guided tour on foot of the most important monuments, squares
                                                                                   and streets in the World Heritage old town, in order to discover the
Tourist Train                                                                      essence of Santiago.
The train is a convenient way to reach areas beyond the old town,                  Approximate itinerary: Façade and Plaza Praterías. Casa do Deán and Casa do
going through traditional historic neighbourhoods and gardens fea-                 Cabido. Colegio de Fonseca. Façade and Plaza del Obradoiro. Colegio de San
turing auteur architectures, and discovering magnificent panoramic                 Xerome. Hostal-Parador de los Reyes Católicos. Façade and Plaza Acibechería.
                                                                                   Casa da Troia. Monastery of San Paio de Antealtares. Plaza Quintana. Cathedral
views of the monumental district and Cathedral.
Languages: onboard explanations in Spanish and English.
                                                                                   Meeting place: Praza das Praterías
Departure: Praza do Obradoiro or Avenida Xoán XXIII (depending on season:
                                                                                   Time: October 16-March 31, 12 noon. April 1 April-October 15, 12 noon and 6
Time: high season (Easter to October), every day 11 am-1 pm and 4-7 pm (de-
                                                                                   + Info and Bookings: Galician Association of Professional Tourist Guides, tel.
partures every hour); rest of year: consult.
                                                                                   (+34) 981 569 890
Duration: 1 h approx.
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel. (+34) 902 190 160, www.SantiagoRe-                                                                         Guided tour of Cathedral roofs
                                                                                   Commented tour of the Cathedral's stone roofs to discover the his-

                                                                                                                                                                    guided tours and organised trips
Guided University heritage tour “Universidade Viva”                                tory of the basilica and the formation of the city, with wonderful pan-
Santiago University is one of the oldest in Spain. This tour of the Uni-           oramic views of Santiago and the surroundings.
versity's most important historic buildings explores the history and               Languages: Spanish; tours in English on request.
heritage of the institution, from its origin in the Middle Ages to the             Meeting place: Pazo de Xelmírez (Praza do Obradoiro).
                                                                                   Time: 10 am to 2 pm and 4 to 8 pm. Every day. (Departures every hour).
                                                                                   + Info and Bookings: Tel. (+34) 981 552 985
Itinerary: Pazo de Fonseca, Colegio de San Xerome, Plaza de Mazarelos (façade
of the University Church, Colegio de Gramática, etc); Geography and History Fac-
ulty (assembly hall, library and terrace with views of the monumental district).
Languages: Spanish, Galician, English, Portuguese, Italian.
Meeting place: Pazo de Fonseca (Rúa do Franco, no number)
Time: October 1 to May 30, Saturday at 10 am, 12 am and 4.30 pm; Monday to
Friday at 12 am and 4.30 pm. Other dates: consult.
Duration: 1 h 30 min approx.
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel. (+34) 902 190 160, www.SantiagoRe-

                                                                                      Free itineraries
                                                                                      If you are interested in following your own itinerary, without
                                                                                      the company of a guide, then Santiago has routes for every-
                                                                                      one: the not-to-be-missed route (Monumental Route), the
                                                                                      special route for discoverers and photographers (Panoramic
                                                                                      Route), the unusual route (Enclosed Convents Route), the
                                                                                      mystic route (Churches Route), the green route (Parks and
                                                                                      Gardens Route)... See 'Itineraries' on page 29.

                                                                                                                                               yourway      037
 Trips from Santiago                                                   Other trips on request

                                                                       Rías Baixas – Salnés: fishing villages
From Santiago de Compostela, you can easily discover
                                                                       (1-day trip. Includes boat trip around Ría de Arousa)
some of Galicia's most fascinating sights, with the
following coach tours or in a people carrier accompanied               Rías Altas: A Coruña and Betanzos
by a professional guide:                                               (1-day trip)

Costa da Morte – Finisterre: the cape at the end of the                Portugal – South Galicia: between two countries
earth Every Saturday!!!                                                (1-day trip)
1-day trip.
Departures:                                                            Gourmet Tour New!!!
High season (June 1 to September 30), every Tuesday, Thursday and      (1-day tour around the Rías Baixas with tastings and visits to tradi-
Saturday. Low season (November 1 to Easter): every Saturday. Mid       tional shellfish culture facilities and wineries -gourmet menu
season (October 1 to 31; Easter to May 31): every Saturday (consult    optional-.
additional dates).
                                                                       Rías Baixas – Barbanza: mythical landscapes
Private customised trips                                               (1-day trip)
Trips for groups of up to 7. Customised service includes vehicle and
official guide-driver. Half- and full-day routes throughout Galicia.   Rías Altas – Costa Ártabra: legendary seas
Departures: on request                                                 (1-day trip)

                                                                       Ribeira Sacra – Cañones del Sil: the inland seas
                                                                       (1-day trip. Includes boat trip)

                                                                       Historic Gardens and “Pazos”
                                                                       (half-day trip)

                                                                       Padrón: the origin of the Jacobean tradition
                                                                       (half-day trip)

                                                                       Lugo: Roman city
                                                                       (1-day trip)

                                                                       Ourense and O Ribeiro: medieval towns among vineyards
                                                                       (1-day trip)

                                                                       Way of St. James
                                                                       (1-day trip)

Detailed info and updated calendar of departures, including special
departures on public holidays and holiday weekends, available from
Compostur,, tel. (+34) 902 190 160.

038    yourway
Museums, galleries and exhibitions
Among the city's 13 museums, apart from the 6 ones related to religion, there are two avant-garde art
museums, two ethnographic museums, two scientific museums (a medical one and a natural science one),
a museum devoted to the world of education and another related to 19th-century Santiago and the
student “myths” that make up the city's history. In addition to permanent collections and temporary
exhibitions, there are also interesting activities organised by the Galician Contemporary Art Centre (CGAC),
the Granell Foundation, the Pilgrimage Museum and the “Museo do Pobo Galego”. Several have a shop
and the CGAC also has a cafeteria-restaurant.
The permanent exhibition “Galicia Dixital”, large exhibition halls in monumental buildings and small art

                                                                                                                        museums, galleries and exhibitions
galleries, mainly in the old town, complete this cultural showcase.

                                                                      Museums                                     40
                                                                      Permanent exhibitions                       43
                                                                      Main temporary exhibition halls             44
                                                                      Art galleries                               45
                                                                      Preview of 2008 exhibitions                 47
                                                                                                        yourway   039
                                                                           holidays: closed.
  Museums                                                                  Admission free
                                                                           + Info and Bookings: “Museo do Pobo Galego”, tel: (+34) 981 583 620,
*Opening hours subject to modification: consult

Cathedral Museum Not to be missed!!!
Includes a great variety of different areas that enable an in-depth
exploration of the Cathedral's history: Chapel of Relics and Royal
Pantheon, Treasury, cloister, rooms featuring archaeological pieces
from the Cathedral, crypt of the “Pórtico de la Gloria”, stone choir
and library, where the “Botafumeiro” censer is on display. Shop.
Location: Praza do Obradoiro
Closed Sunday afternoon.
June 1-September 30: 10 am-2 pm and 4-8 pm.
October 1-May 31: 10 am-1.30 pm and 4-6.30 pm.
Closed January 1 and 6, July 25, August 15, December 25.
+ Info and Bookings: Cathedral Museum, tel: (+34) 981 569 327,

                                                                           Galician Contemporary Art Centre (CGAC) Not to be
                                                                           Designed by Portugal's Álvaro Siza, Pritzker architecture prize-
                                                                           winner, it features the latest tendencies in contemporary art. Free
                                                                           guided tours and interesting supplementary activities, also for fami-
                                                                           lies. Cafeteria-restaurant and shop.
                                                                           Location: Ramón del Valle-Inclán (no number)
                                                                           Open: Tue-Sun: 11 am-8 pm; Mon: closed.
                                                                           Admission free
                                                                           + Info and Bookings: CGAC, tel: (+34) 981 546 619,

“Museo do Pobo Galego” Recommended!!!
This is Galicia's ethnographic museum, with rooms devoted to the
sea, the countryside, traditional trades, traditional architecture, etc,
and interesting temporary exhibitions. Furthermore, the museum is
housed in the former Dominican convent of Bonaval (13th c.),
where you can visit the interesting Gothic church, which features
the Pantheon of Illustrious Galicians, the cloister and an impressive
triple spiral stairway. Free guided tours in Spanish and English (con-
sult times) and education department with children's activities.
Location: Convent of San Domingos de Bonaval. San Domingos de Bonaval
(no number)
Open: Tue-Sat: 10 am–2 pm and 4-8 pm; Sun: 11 am–2 pm. Mon and public

040    yourway
Pilgrimage Museum Recommended!!!                                           Eugenio Granell Museum-Foundation
Paintings, sculptures, travel books, costumes, models, etc, which          Its collection includes, apart from works by Eugenio Granell him-
highlight the worldwide importance of pilgrimages and particularly         self, works by his surrealist friends: Philip West, Màrio Cesariny,
the worship of St. James, as well as important travelling exhibi-          Cruzeiro Seixas, Vlady Serge, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man
tions.                                                                     Ray, Wifredo Lam, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso... It also organises tem-
Location: San Miguel dos Agros, 4                                          porary exhibitions, educational visits and interesting supplementary
Open: Tue-Fri: 10 am-8 pm; Sat: 10.30 am-1.30 pm and 5-8 pm; Sun: 10.30    activities.
am-1:30 pm (closed Monday).
                                                                           Location: Praza do Toural (no number)
Admission free
                                                                           Open: 11 am-9 pm; Sun: 11 am-2 pm (closed Monday).
+ Info and Bookings: “Museo das Peregrinacións”, tel: (+34) 981 581 558,
                                                                           + Info and Bookings: Eugenio Granell Museum Foundation, tel: (+34) 981 572

                                                                                                                                                            museums, galleries and exhibitions
                                                                           Sacred Art Museum
                                                                           Apart from the primitive altar (1st c.) that was found above the
                                                                           Apostle James' tomb during excavations, it displays the legacy of
                                                                           the Monastery of San Paio, the first one established in the city in
                                                                           the 9th century, and a collection featuring paintings, sculptures,
                                                                           and gold and silver articles.
                                                                           Location: Monastery of San Paio de Antealtares. Vía Sacra, 5 (entrance via
                                                                           Open: Mon-Sat, 10.30 am–1.30 pm and 4–7 pm; Sun: closed. Closed from
                                                                           December to March.
                                                                           + Info and Bookings: Monastery of San Paio de Antealtares, tel: (+34) 58 31 27
                                                                           / (+34) 981 56 06 23

                                                                           More information, including an updated calendar with the best
                                                                           temporary exhibitions, at

                                                                                                                                       yourway      041
Museum of San Martiño Pinario Recommended!!!                                  “Casa da Troia”
It consists of 12 rooms housed in what was formerly the most                  It recreates the atmosphere of a typical 19th-century lodging
influential Benedictine monastery in Galician and the second-                 house for bourgeois students, which the writer Pérez Lugín por-
largest in Spain after El Escorial. Paintings, sculptures, gold and sil-      trays in his novel “La Casa de la Troya”, famous throughout Spain.
ver articles, monastery press, costumes, archaeological remains,              There is also an exhibition on Compostela's university “tuna” (stu-
bibliographic works, two pharmacies and items from the former                 dent music group), considered by many to be the oldest in Spain.
natural history laboratories complete this varied look at the monks'          Location: Rúa da Troia (no number)
dwelling, in which the following stands out: the unique collection            Open: Easter to late September, Tue to Sat, 11 am-2 pm and 4-8 pm, Sun,
                                                                              11 am-2 pm.
of baroque images and architecture of its church, and the choir
                                                                              + Info and Bookings: “Casa-Museo da Troia”, tel:(+34) 981 585 159
stalls of the monastery and the Cathedral (on display in the upper
Location: Praza de San Martiño Pinario (no number)
Open: every day except Monday, 11 am-1.30 pm and 4-6.30 pm. July and
August: every day from 10 am-6.30 pm.
+ Info and Bookings: Museum of San Martiño Pinario, tel: (+34) 981 583 008,

                                                                              Collegiate Church of Sar Museum Recommended!!!
                                                                              Pieces of historical and documental value, gold and silver articles,
                                                                              liturgical objects and archaeological remains from the old Roman-
                                                                              esque cloister, with the added attraction of visiting the surprising
                                                                              12th-century church, located on the banks of the river flowing
                                                                              through the picturesque traditional neighbourhood of Sar.
                                                                              Location: Collegiate Church of Santa María La Real de Sar. Sar (no number)
                                                                              Open: Mon to Sat, 10 am-1 pm and 4-7 pm; Sun, 8 am-2 pm (only the
                                                                              + Info and Bookings: Collegiate Church of Sar, tel: (+34) 981 562 891

042     yourway
Other museums
                                                                            Permanent exhibitions
Luis Iglesias Natural History Museum
More than 25,000 specimens of fauna, flora and minerals                   “Galicia Dixital” Not to be missed!!!
(some dating from the 19th century) make up this showcase of              Virtual tools enabling a fascinating look at Compostela, Galicia and
the natural world.                                                        the Way of St. James. New 3-D technologies provide a new and
Location: Facultade de Química. Avenida das Ciencias, no number           surprising vision of such places. Especially recommended for
(Campus Sur)                                                              families.
Open: Mon to Fri, 10 am-1 pm and 5-7 pm; July: Mon to Fri, 9 am-1 pm;     Location: Monastery of San Martiño Pinario. Praza da Inmaculada (no number)
August: closed.                                                           Open: Mon to Sat, 10.30 am-2 pm and 4-8.30 pm. Last tours at 1 pm and
Admission free                                                            7.30 pm.
Contact: Natural History Museum (University of Santiago de Compostela),   Admission free
tel:(+34) 981 563 100,                                 + Info and Bookings: “Galicia Dixital”, tel: (+34) 981 554 048
Holy Land Museum

                                                                                                                                                        museums, galleries and exhibitions
It exhibits pieces brought from the Holy Land, from the
Palaeolithic to the present. Closed temporarily.
Location: Convent of San Francisco. Campiño de San Francisco, 3.
Open: Closed temporarily (consult)
Contact: Convent of San Francisco, tel: (+34) 981 581 600

Medical Association Museum
Museum devoted to the development of medicine in Santiago
and Galicia, featuring an exhibition of old instruments
(especially anaesthesiology and resuscitation) and engravings.
Location: San Pedro de Mezonzo, 41
Open: Mon to Fri, 9 am-3 pm. Closed July and August.
Admission free
Contact: Medical Association, tel: (+34) 981 595 562

Galician Pedagogic Museum (MUPEGA)                                          Other permanent exhibitions
Permanent exhibition on the history of education in Galicia.
Location: Rúa de San Lázaro, 107                                            “Pabellón de Galicia” (Galicia Pavilion)
Open: Tue to Sat, 10 am-2 pm and 4-8 pm; Sun, closed                        Permanent exhibition “Presencias y esencias de una cultura”
Admission free                                                              (Presences and essences of a culture) on Galician traditions.
Contact: MUPEGA, tel:(+34) 981 540 155,             Location: Pabellón de Galicia. San Lázaro (no number)
                                                                            Open: Mon to Sun, 10 am-8 pm.
                                                                            Admission free
Sotelo Blanco Anthropology and Ethnography                                  + Info and Bookings: “Pabellón de Galicia”, tel: (+34) 981 557 359
It features the lifestyle of peasants, especially in inland Galicia,        “Tienda-Museo del Azabache” (Jet Stone Shop-
by means of traditional implements.                                         Museum)
Location: San Marcos, 77                                                    It takes a look at the tradition of jet stone in Santiago, the ori-
Open: Mon to Fri, 9 am-2 pm; closed August.                                 gin of this fossil mineral and its use as a charm due to its heal-
Admission free                                                              ing and magical properties. Pieces of great value by
Contact: Sotelo Blanco Foundation, tel: (+34) 981 582 571,                  Compostela's master jet-stone workers.                                               Location: Praza de Cervantes, 12
                                                                            Open: 10 am-2 pm and 5-9 pm; Tue: closed.
                                                                            Admission free
                                                                            + Info and Bookings: “Tienda-Museo del Azabache”, tel: (+34) 981 552

                                                                                                                                   yourway       043
 Main temporary exhibition halls
Most of Santiago's exhibition halls are located in the old
town, many in monumental buildings or magnificent
secularised churches.

Auditorio de Galicia
Avenida Burgo das Nacións (no number)
Mon-Sun: 10 am–2 pm, 4–8 pm

                                                             Church of San Domingos de Bonaval
                                                             Monumental building
                                                             San Domingos de Bonaval [old town]
                                                             Mon-Fri: 10 am–1 pm, 4–8 pm. Sat: 10 am-1 pm, 4-7 pm
                                                             Zona 'C'
                                                             Bonaval, 1[old town]
                                                             Tue-Sun: 11 am-3 pm, 4-8 pm. Closed Monday.
                                                             Fundación Caixa Galicia
                                                             Rúa do Vilar, 19 [old town]
                                                             Mon-Fri: 12 noon-2 pm, 4-9 pm. Sat, Sun and public holidays: 12
Colegio de Fonseca                                           noon-9 pm
Monumental building                                          Fundación Torrente Ballester
Praza de Fonseca [old town]                                  Rúa do Vilar, 7 [old town]
Tue-Sat: 11 am–2 pm, 5-8.30 pm. Sun: 11 am–2 pm              Mon–Sat: 12 noon–2 pm, 6–9 pm. Sun: 12 noon–2 pm
Church of La Universidad                                     Casa da Parra
Monumental building                                          Praza da Quintana [old town]
Praza de Mazarelos [old town]                                Tue-Sat: 11 am–2 pm, 6-9 pm
Tue-Sat: 11 am–2 pm, 5–8.30 h. Sun: 11 am–2 pm               Colegio de Arquitectos de Galicia
Banco de España                                              Casa da Conga (Praza da Quintana) [old town]
Praza das Praterías [old town]                               Mon-Fri: 11 am–1 pm, 7–9 pm
10 am-12 midnight. Closed Tuesday                            Hostal dos Reis Católicos
                                                             Monumental building
                                                             Praza do Obradoiro [old town]
                                                             Sala Fundación Araguaney
                                                             Alfredo Brañas, 5 (Hotel Meliá Araguaney) [city centre]

                                                             All the information about the main exhibition halls at

044   yourway
Art Galleries                                                     Virxe da Cerca, 24 [old town]
                                                                  Mon-Fri: 12.30-2.30 pm, 5.30-9 pm. Sat: by appointment.

Not only for art lovers: reasons for visiting
Santiago's galleries

Apart from the opportunity of coming into contact with the
world of art, reserved in the past to a privileged few,
Santiago's galleries have another attraction: many of them are
housed in historic buildings, and this is a unique occasion for
becoming acquainted with interesting interior spaces.

                                                                                                                                  museums, galleries and exhibitions
But here you have 8 more reasons for visiting them:

1.Admission is completely free.

2.In Santiago even the largest gallery is small, and this makes
them very “manageable,” with a visit lasting about half an        José Lorenzo II
hour.                                                             Praza do Toural, 9 [old town]
                                                                  Mon-Sat: 11.30 am-2 pm, 5.30-9 pm. Sun: 11.30 am-2 pm.
3.They often exhibit local artists, whose work has a strong       C5 Colección
local flavour, enabling you to discover new nuances or            Travesa de Universidade, 1[old town]
refreshing perspectives of Santiago, of Galicia…                  Mon-Sat: 11.30 am-1.30 pm, 5-9 pm.

4.Wine and cheese or other aperitifs and an opportunity for
rubbing shoulders with the artist during opening soirées.

5.There is no pressure to buy: gallery owners are used to
people looking without buying.

6.Gallery owners know a lot about art and the exhibited
artists, and they are available and delighted to answer your
questions. You can learn a lot about art and the art business
by chatting with them.

7.Many galleries feature a wide range of prices to fit all
budgets, and some also have books, catalogues, etc, which
are always good options.
8.There are a variety of galleries, with works for all tastes.
                                                                  Rúa Nova, 16 [old town]
                                                                  Mon-Sat: 10.30 am-1.45 pm, 4.30-8.30 pm
                                                                  José Lorenzo I
                                                                  Travesa do Franco, 3 (1st floor) [old town]
                                                                  Mon-Sat: 11.30 am-2 pm, 5.30-9 pm. Sun: 11.30 am-2 pm

                                                                                                                  yourway   045
Espacio 48                                                       Auriol Arte
Rúa do Vilar, 48 [old town]                                      República de El Salvador, 2 (2nd floor) [city centre]
Mon-Fri: 12.30-2 pm, 6.30-9 pm                                   Mon-Sat: 12 noon-2.30 pm, 5.30-9 pm. Sun: morning only.
Paloma Pintos                                                    JVG Espacio Arte
Xelmírez, 25 [old town]                                          Avenida da Coruña, 3 [city centre]
Mon-Fri: 12 noon-2 pm, 6.30-9 pm                                 Mon-Fri: 10.30 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm. Sat: morning only.
DF_Arte Contemporánea                                            Metro
Rúa de San Pedro, 11 [old town]                                  Rúa Nova, 24 [old town]
Tue-Sat: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm                                      Tue-Sat: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm
Sol & Bartolomé                                                  Petronio Arte
San Francisco, 30 [old town]                                     Rúa de San Pedro, 30 [old town]
Mon-Fri: 11 am-2 pm, 6-9 pm. Sat: by appointment. Sun: closed.   Mon-Fri: 10 am-2.30 pm, 5.30-9 pm, Sat: 11 am-2 pm

                                                                  Itinerary around contemporary art venues

                                                                  If you are a contemporary art lover and do not have much
                                                                  time, we suggest the following itinerary:

                                                                  Begin at Galería José Lorenzo II, located in a beautiful build-
                                                                  ing in O Toural Square, right in the centre of the old town and
                                                                  with an interior garden, where sculptures are displayed.

                                                                  Without leaving the monumental district, continue on to
                                                                  Galería C5 Colección, which occupies all of a charming mod-
                                                                  ernist house, including the bathroom and bedroom, whose
                                                                  details (towels, bedspreads, flowers, etc) are chosen in har-
                                                                  mony with the exhibitions.
Algalia de Abaixo, 39 [old town]                                  Very near is Galería Trinta, the most established and best
No fixed hours.                                                   known gallery in Compostela and all Galicia.
Pérez Constanti, 12 [city centre]                                 And to finish this small art tour, do not miss, only a few
Mon-Fri: 12 noon-2 pm, 6-9 pm. Sat: by appointment.               metres further on, the CGAC, the city's contemporary art
Closed in August.                                                 museum, which, apart from its exhibitions, is housed in genu-
La Campana                                                        ine auteur architecture, designed by the Pritzker-winning archi-
Doutor Teixeiro, 35 [city centre]                                 tect Álvaro Siza.
Mon-Fri: 10 am-1.30 pm, 5-8 pm.
Montero Ríos, 18 [city centre]
Mon-Sat: 11 am-1 pm, 5-9 pm.
Xeneral Pardiñas, 10-12 [city centre]
Mon-Fri: 10.30 am-1:30 pm, 5-8:30. Sat: 11 am-2 pm

                                                                 All the information about art galleries at

046    yourway
                                                                         January 31 – April
  Preview of 2008 exhibitions                                            Exhibition by Jannis Kounellis. Exhibition by the controversial
                                                                         Jannis Kounellis, one of the key names in contemporary art. Venue:
These are only some of the exhibitions planned for 2008. For             Fundación Caixa Galicia. Recommended!!!
more information: cultural guide on
                                                                         February 29 – June 1
                                                                         “Distancia crítica.” Venue: CGAC.
October 5, 2007 – January 27, 2008
Pilgrimage to Sri Prada. Photographs by Jessica Agulló of                March 5 – June 8
pilgrimages to Sri Prada, the mountain featuring Buddha's                “A historieta galega. Dos anos 70 ata a actualidade.” A look
footprint. Venue: Museo das Peregrinacións.                              at the history of comics in Galicia, from their birth until the present
                                                                         time, by means of publications and original works, with sections
December 14, 2007 – February 24, 2008                                    devoted to pioneers, humour, etc. Venue: Auditorio de Galicia.
Lodeiro. Anthological exhibition of the Galician artist Lodeiro's

                                                                                                                                                   museums, galleries and exhibitions
work, divided into three series: psychedelic landscapes, sex and         Late March – late May
cars. Venue: CGAC.                                                       “Maldita Europa.” Individual Exhibition by Xurxo Oro.
                                                                         Individual exhibition by the sculptor Xurxo Oro Claro, who reflects
December 20, 2007 – February 24, 2008. 5th“Auditorio de                  on the violence created by our daily surroundings. Venue:
Galicia” Prize for New Artists 2007. Presented in the year 2000,         Fundación Granell.
this is the fifth time that this biannual event is being held. Venue:
Auditorio de Galicia.                                                    April 10 – June 29
                                                                         Guillaume Leblon. Individual exhibition by this French artist.
December 20, 2007 – March 20, 2008                                       Venue: CGAC.
Susan Philipsz. Works by the Scottish artist combining
performance, sculpture and traditional music from the north of           April 3 – May 4
Europe. Venue: CGAC. Recommended!!!                                      “Dalí. A Divina Comedia.” Drawings by the Catalan artist to
                                                                         illustrate Dante's Divine Comedy. Venue: Colexio de Fonseca.
January 10 – April 27                                                    Recommended!!!
“Ficcións analóxicas. Videocreación galega nos anos oitenta.”
Venue: CGAC.                                                             April 10 – June 30
                                                                         “Sorolla y sus contemporáneos en el Museo National de
January 17 – February 17                                                 Bellas Artes de Cuba.” Venue: Fundación Caixa Galicia.
“Bereberes los señores del desierto.” Exhibition featuring an            Recommended!!!
exotic trip around the world of the Berbers in the Sahara and north
Africa, highlighting the role of Berber families: a nomadic people,      May 8 – July 13
who feel free, with ancestral customs. Includes examples of              Jorge Macchi. Venue: CGAC.
women's jewellery, full of symbols: fibulas, pectorals, necklaces,
crowns, bracelets... Venue: Colexio de Fonseca.                          May 14 – September 14
                                                                         “Eugenio Granell: o Paxaro Pí e a Lingua dos Paxaros.”
Mid-January – mid-March                                                  Monographic exhibition featuring the poetics of flight in the well-
“De ábacos a ordenadores.” Presents the process of calculus in           known Galician surrealist artist Eugenio Granell's plastic work.
Humankind in order to explain the importance and future                  Venue: Granell Foundation.
applications of computers: from abacuses in oriental culture,
Islamic calculus, including contributions from the Greco-Roman           May 15 – June 22
culture, the world's first calculators and, finally, computing. Venue:   Cristino Mallo. More than 80 sculptural works, including bronzes,
Igrexa da Universidade.                                                  original plasters, drawings and gouaches: heads of children and
                                                                         women, works devoted to sport and nature, horse-riding scenes,

                                                                                                                                yourway     047
traditional figures from post-war Madrid and female busts and             contemporary photographers. Venue: Igrexa da Universidade.
nudes. Venue: Colexio de Fonseca.                                         Recommended!!!

Early June – early July                                                   September – October
“Follas ventureiras.” Individual exhibition by X. María Seixas.           “Os camiños de peregrinación. O Camiño Kumano e o
Exhibition by the Compostela artist, who lives in Madrid, Xosé            Camiño de Santiago.” Innovative exhibition of conceptual
María Seixas. Consists of 24 classic collages, in the best tradition of   contemporary art based on two pilgrimage routes: the Kumano
Max Ernst's collages. Venue: Fundación Granell.                           route in Japan and the Way of St. James. Venue: Igrexa da
June – September
“Arte no parque.” Sculptures, installations and performances              September – November
from the ARCO and CGAC collections. Venue: CGAC terrace and               “Marxes e mapas.” Analysis of artistic creation by Galician
Bonaval park.                                                             women. Venue: Auditorio de Galicia.

June – September                                                          September 18 – December 7
“Fotógrafos insospeitados. Celebridades detrás do                         “Waltercio Caldas.” Individual exhibition by one of Brazil's most
obxectivo.” Unsuspecting photographs of famous figures used to            representative artists from the seventies. Venue: CGAC.
being behind the camera lens. Includes the work of Bryan Adams,
Pedro Almodóvar, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Annie Leivobitz, Jeff               October 16 – January 2009
Bridges, Jean Cocteau, Edgar Degas, Richard Gere, Stanley Kubrick,        “Clemens von Wedemeyer.” Individual exhibition by this German
Pablo Picasso, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Luccino Visconti... Venue:          artist, considered one of the great contributors to the audiovisual
Auditorio de Galicia.                                                     medium. Venue: CGAC.

June 12 – September 7                                                     December 18 – February 2009
“Situación.” Venue: CGAC.                                                 “Jiri Kovanda.” Individual exhibition of this Czech artist's work
                                                                          from the seventies. Venue: CGAC.
Mid-June – July
“Picasso.” Exhibition of engravings by Picasso. Venue: Igrexa da
Universidade. Recommended!!!

Mid-June – Mid-September
“Diálogo Ludwig Zéller / Susana Wald.” The Chilean artists
Susana Wald and Ludwig Zeller share their passion for surrealism to
such an extent that their work is conceived jointly. They work
together to create collages that they call “mirrors.” Venue:
Fundación Granell.

July 10 - September 7
“Juan Araujo.” Individual exhibition by this Argentinean artist.
Venue: CGAC.

July 24 – October 5
“Proxecto-Edición.” Exhibition analysing the deceit behind the
communication society. Venue: CGAC.

Xurxo Lobato. Photographs by one of Galicia's most important
                                                                                                       “Sorolla y sus contemporáneos”. April 10-June 30

048    yourway
Compostela's range of cultural and leisure activities is admirable for a city of its size. We therefore
recommend that you save some energy for experiencing Santiago after nightfall.
From an outstanding range of classical music to theatres with plays in Spanish, Galician and
Portuguese, passing through puppets, alternative venues featuring the latest stage tendencies, large
concert halls and small clubs with live performances... the following are Santiago's main music, theatre
and film venues.

                                                                                             yourway   049
                                                                      auteur songs, magic, theatre, storytelling...
  Music                                                               Alfredo Brañas, 19
                                                                      Tel: (+34) 981 59 15 74
Auditorio de Galicia                                        
Its classical musical programme stands out, with concerts every
Thursday at 9 pm by the Real Filharmonía de Galicia orchestra,        Asociación Cultural Cidade Vella
which is based in the Auditorio, and other important invited          This association encompasses most of the old town's clubs, which
orchestras. It also hosts, at different times on other days, opera,   programme a variety of activities: concerts, jam sessions,
dance shows, theatre, etc. Its temporary exhibitions are among the    storytelling, jazz, theatre, etc. Some clubs that stand out due to
city's best.                                                          their live performances and folk music are: Casa das Crechas,
Avda. do Burgo das Nacións (no number)                                Borriquita de Belém, Modus Vivendi, A Reixa, etc. (see p. 71)
Tel: (+34) 981 55 22 90                                               Tel: (+34) 981 57 54 71                                  

                                                                      Teatro Principal
                                                                      It stands out due to its continuous theatre programme (in Galician
                                                                      and in Spanish). One week every month, independent films are
                                                                      screened in the original language with subtitles, which are very
                                                                      popular among Santiago's residents. There are also concerts and
                                                                      other shows. And every Sunday at 12.30 pm, the Municipal Music
                                                                      Band's traditional concert.
                                                                      Rúa Nova, 22
                                                                      Tel: (+34) 981 542 347

Sala Capitol
Considered among the best in Spain, this concert hall has an
outstanding varied weekly programme, featuring the latest
international tendencies in pop, rock, modern, auteur... music.
Concepción Arenal, 5
Tel: (+34) 981 57 43 99

Multiusos Fontes do Sar
Large multipurpose stadium featuring a variety of proposals: from
concerts and large-scale shows to sports events, children's and
recreational activities, etc.
Sar (no number)
Tel: (+34) 981 56 81 60

Jazz Club Dadó-Dadá
A classic in which there is always jazz. Jam session on Tuesday at
11 pm and, according to its programme, also classical music, folk,

050    yourway
Salón Teatro
Home of the Galician Drama Centre, Galicia's theatre company, this       Film
is the venue of all of its productions and those of other Galician
and Portuguese groups. It also hosts film, dance and other shows.       Multicines Valle Inclán
Rúa Nova, 34                                                            6 screens. Discounted tickets: Wednesday.
Tel: (+34) 981 577 131                                                  Fernando III o Santo, 12                                     Tel: (+34) 981 597 088

                                                                        Multicines Área Central (Cinesa)
                                                                        7 screens. Discounted tickets: Wednesday.
                                                                        Centro Comercial Área Central – As Fontiñas
                                                                        Tel: (+34) 981 560 428 / bookings 24 h: (+34) 902 333 231

                                                                        And there are other entities that regularly programme seasons of
                                                                        thematic and auteur films: CGAC, Teatro Principal, Sala Yago, Caixa
                                                                        Galicia Foundation, etc.

Sala Nasa
An alternative venue that promotes the production and staging of
new kinds of shows, especially by young creators: theatre, cabaret,
music (Galician, blues, flamenco, rock), performances... Closed: late
July-end September.
San Lourenzo, 51-53 B
Tel: (+34) 981 573 998

Sala Yago
It stands out because of its puppet programme. It also hosts a
permanent theatre programme and seasons of auteur films
screened in the original language with Spanish subtitles. (Closed
Rúa do Vilar, 51-53
Tel: (+34) 981 589 288

                                                                        You can consult the complete cultural and leisure programme at

                                                                                                                           yourway     051
 Traditional Music and Dance                                           Tuna Universitaria
 Galician music is unique and very different from traditional          The Tuna is a traditional university group that combines
 Spanish music. Typically Spanish instruments such as the guitar       music and fun. Santiago's Tuna is considered the oldest in
 are not featured in Galician music, which is “Celtic” music,          Europe. In 1879, it premiered its most famous waltz: “Triste y
 similar to that of Eire, Wales, Scotland and Brittany. The basic      sola / sola se queda Fonseca / triste y llorosa / queda la
 band is made up of one or two bagpipes, a drum and                    Universidad.”
 tambourines. Galician dances are also of Celtic origin: they          The well-known Casa da Troia, a 19th-century student
 share similarities with Irish or Scottish jigs and consist of quick   boarding house (which gave rise to a novel and its
 movements.                                                            corresponding film version), is currently a museum with a
 During the summer, traditional dancing exhibitions are more           room devoted to the famous Tuna.
 frequent in the street. On July 28, which is devoted to Galician      The Tuna can be found serenading every evening in the
 folklore, there are exhibitions throughout the day, mainly in         summer in Santiago's old town, especially in Rúa do Franco,
 Praza da Quintana.                                                    the Rúa do Vilar's Casino or outside the bars in Rúa do San
 From September to June, the Sala Nasa programme, one day              Paio de Antealtaers. During the academic year, the “tunos”
 per month (normally a Tuesday), features the famous                   appear almost every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, in the
 “Seráns”, a kind of disfolktheque, with live music and                same places as in summer although not so frequently. They
 dancing, in which everyone can participate.                           can also usually be seen in the evening, both in summer and
 Bagpipes and tambourines are frequently heard in the streets          winter, in Praza do Obradoiro, underneath the arches of Pazo
 during the summer. Furthermore, several clubs in the old town         de Raxoi.
 frequently play traditional Galician and folk music, which
 combine the traditional with innovation. Some even hold
 weekly jam sessions featuring Galician music, such as the A
 Casa das Crechas' famous “Foliadas”. (More info on p. 71).

052   yourway
Cultural guide
Santiago's calendar is full of events for all tastes and ages.
This is a summary of Santiago's most outstanding annual events: festivals, holidays, exhibitions and
important shows that should not be missed.

                                                                                                                    cultural guide
                                                                      Throughout the year                     54
                                                                      Main events, month by month             54

                                                                                                    yourway   053
                                              Traditional university group that combines
 Throughout the year...                       music and fun. Santiago's is the oldest of
                                              them all. On summer evenings, it
Classical music programme                     serenades around the old town streets
Every Thursday, from October to June.         (only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in
Continuous classical music programme by       winter). Streets and squares in the
the Real Filharmonía de Galicia and           monumental district.
invited orchestras. Auditorio de Galicia.
                                              More information: online cultural guide on
                                              the web or in the
“Sons da Diversidade” concerts                monthly brochure “Culturall”, available in
This is a varied and open programme that      tourist offices, hotels and bars.
combines different cultures, origins,
genres and styles. A sample of world
music, sounds that take us to other
places. One concert every month.                Main events, month by                         January-March
Auditorio de Galicia.
                                                month…                                        10th “Nuevos Intérpretes” Concerts
                                                                                              Series of chamber music concerts by
Theatre produced in Galicia                   The dates correspond to 2008, but               young musicians. Venue: University
All year round, in the old town's two         normally do not vary much from year to          auditorium (Campus Sur).
main theatres: Teatro Principal and Salón     year.
                                              January                                         February 1-5
Modern dance                                  Christmas                                       Carnival Recommended!!!
Permanent modern dance programme,             6th Zarzuela Festival                           Gastronomy and fancy dress festival. In
including the Galician Choreography           At Christmastime every year, a festival is      the afternoon of Shrove Tuesday: parade.
Centre's productions. Salón Teatro.           held featuring the most important               Not to be missed: the ancestral
                                              Spanish performers, with a programme            gastronomy customs linked to this time,
Contemporary music                            centred on the zarzuela and other genres        marked by an abundance of food,
Contemporary music concerts during the        such as musicals and operetta. Teatro           especially meat, in view of the upcoming
entire year. Salón Teatro and Sala Capitol.   Principal.                                      abstinence stipulated by the religious
                                                                                              calendar. Entire city.
Municipal Music Band                          December 24-January 6
It performs every Sunday (12:00 noon) in      Christmas
the Teatro Principal. Also every Thursday,    Lights in the streets and squares, cribs,
                                              choir festivals, children's theatre, film and
from June to September, at 8 pm in Rúa
                                              puppet festivals, children's book fair,
do Vilar. The Band features traditional
                                              special concerts by the Municipal Music
wind and percussion groups. Teatro
                                              Band... and a lot more. Entire city.
Principal and other venues.
                                              January 5
Seasons of films                              Twelfth Night Procession
Throughout the year, seasons of thematic      The Three Wise Men arrive at the train
and auteur films are organised and            station accompanied by the sound of
screened in the original language. Teatro     fireworks, thereafter touring the city in
Principal, Sala Yago and other venues.        their floats to greet the children the
                                              evening before delivering their presents.
“Tuna Universitaria”                          Entire city.

054    yourway
January-March                                 procession of Los Estudiantes, on Holy         This International Magic Festival brings
10th “Nuevos Intérpretes” Concerts            Wednesday, and that of Nuestro Padre           the best international magicians and
See January synopsis                          Jesús Flagelados (also called the              conjurers to the city.
                                              procession of “Los Caladiños Descalzos”)
                                              on Holy Thursday –the brotherhood              May
                                              members carry very heavy crosses and           April 28-May 4
March 5-16
                                              drag chains with their bare feet. Old town     Ascension Festival Recommended!!!
9th “Zona Alternativa” Contemporary
                                              streets and squares and city churches.         The city's second-most important festival.
Stage Arts Festival
A committed review of stage arts                                                             Apart from numerous cultural and
combining local, national and                                                                musical events, the year's most important
international proposals. Featuring                                                           cattle market (including a horse
innovation and radicalism, this festival                                                     exhibition) is also held. During this
reflects the spirit of its predecessor,                                                      festival, it is customary to eat pulpo á
“Alternativa”. Venue/organiser: Sala                                                         feira (Galician-style octopus) at the
Nasa.                                                                                        temporary stalls set up in the Santa
                                                                                             Susana oak grove. Entire city.
10th “Nuevos Intérpretes” Concerts
See January synopsis

14th International University Theatre
Festival                                      March 18-22
Featuring European and Latin American         Contemplative Music Festival
university theatre companies, it is the       Recommended!!!
only one of its kind held in Spanish          Coinciding with Holy Week, the festival
universities.                                 includes a total of 8 free concerts that are
Plays: 6, 8 and 11 pm. Teatro Principal,      held in city churches: Judeo-Spanish
Sala de Teatro Roberto Vidal Bolaño.          music, medieval “cantigas”, baroque
                                              music and compositions from different
Sunday, March 9, and Monday, March 10         cultures, traditions and religions. Old
“Romería de San Lázaro” – “Festa das          town churches.                                 May
Uñas” (Pig's Trotters Festival)                                                              6th European University Dance

                                                                                                                                              cultural guide
An ancient festival that is based on the      April                                          Festival
auctioning of pig's trotters as an offering   April 5-13                                     A festival featuring different
to the saint. The trotters are then cooked    27th Book Fair                                 choreography proposals from several
and served with cabbage “bertóns”, a          This annual fair takes place in the city's     European universities. Igrexa da
recipe exclusive to this neighbourhood.       most traditional park, where you can find      Universidade.
Open-air dance. San Lázaro                    a great variety of publications at a good
neighbourhood.                                price, including books about Santiago          May
                                              and Galicia. Numerous supplementary            University Theatre Festival
March 15-23                                   activities, which vary each day, are also      Staging of plays by university theatre
Holy Week Recommended!!!                      held. Parque de la Alameda.                    groups from all over Galicia. Salón Teatro
More than a week of events: processions,                                                     and Teatro Principal.
liturgical services, sacred and ancient       April
music concerts, etc. Main features:           “Compostela Máxica” International
                                              Week of Magic Recommended!!!
                                                                                                                        yourway         055
June                                            outdoors and accompanied by red wine             2nd fortnight July. St. James' Day: July 25
Early June                                      and “empanada” (Galician pie). And               “APÓSTOL SANTIAGO” FESTIVAL
17th Antique and Second-Hand Book               music... City neighbourhoods.                    The city's most important festival,
Fair                                                                                             dedicated to the Apostle James, patron
Copies of recent publications at a good                                                          saint of Santiago, Galicia and all Spain. It
price, decades- or even centuries-old                                                            combines religious and official solemnity,
books, documents about Santiago and                                                              traditional flavour and entertainment,
Galicia... A good excuse for a spring stroll                                                     which turn the city during a fortnight into
in one of the city's best parks. Parque de                                                       a large fiesta, with all kinds of events:
la Alameda.                                                                                      music, street bands, open-air dances,
                                                                                                 exhibitions featuring Galician dancing
Early June                                                                                       and costumes, etc. The most important
“Roteiro de Creación Contemporánea”                                                              days are July 24: fireworks display; July
An open circuit that provides free access                                                        25: solemn mass with the presence of the
to the studios of engravers, painters,                                                           royal household and also Galicia Day,
sculptors, photographers, silk-screen                                                            with events bringing thousands of
artists or jewellers, giving a close-up look                                                     Galician residents to the city; and July 31:
at the artist's world. It includes collective                                                    more fireworks. Declared to be of
exhibitions, performances, the painting of      July                                             International Tourist Interest. Entire city.
murals, etc. Different studios and venues.      July 3-27
                                                3rd Via Stellae Festival “III Festival de        2nd fortnight July
2nd fortnight June                              Música de Compostela e os seus                   Compostela Festival “Músicas do
9th “Festa do Circo” (Circus Festival)          Camiños” Recommended!!!                          Mundo”
An annual event for New Circus lovers,          An ancient and baroque music festival            Galician (Celtic) folk music and music
who can share short numbers (juggling,          featuring more than twenty concerts in           from the rest of the world. Roots and
clown, acrobatics...), rehearse                 Compostela and 44 along the Way of St.           tradition, innovation and experimentation
collaborations and celebrate the vitality of    James, by first-rate international artists. In   come together for a few days, filling the
circus arts along with international            previous years: John Eliot Gardiner,             evenings with cultural diversity. In
guests. Sala Nasa.                              English Baroque Soloists, singers such as        previous years: Fito Páez, Orishas, Zuco
                                                Simone Kermes, Anne Sofie von Otter,             103, Mercedes Peón, Carlos Núñez,
Late June                                       Vivica Genaux, Roberta Invernizzi and            Budiño, Van Morrison, Carlinhos Brown,
13th “En Pé de Pedra”. International            Galicia's 2 orchestras (Real Filharmonía         Gilberto Gil, etc. Streets and squares.
Dance Festival for Passersby                    and Sinfónica de Galicia), among others.
Recommended!!!                                  Several auditoriums and churches in the          Evening July 24
This contemporary choreograph festival is       city and along the Way of St. James.             FIREWORKS DISPLAY IN HONOUR OF
both nationally and internationally                                                              THE APOSTLE
renowned. It reinterprets public spaces         Every Thursday July-August                       The “Apóstol” Festival includes this
and architectures by means of dance.            5th International Short Film Festival            spectacular audiovisual, fireworks and
Streets and squares.                            “CurtoCircuíto”: “CurtoCircuíto na               laser display, which also features the
                                                Rúa” Recommended!!!                              burning of a large pyrotechnic castle
Evening June 23                                 During the summer, Santiago de                   recreating the Cathedral's former Gothic
Eve of St. John's Day                           Compostela becomes an outdoor cinema:            façade. The spectacle can be viewed in
Recommended!!!                                  classic and recent international, Spanish        Plaza del Obradoiro itself and at different
A magical night. Santiago is full of            and Galician short films are screened in         strategic sites in the city (consult).
“cacharelas” (bonfires) to keep away the        old town squares. Old town streets and
“meigas” (witches). There is a smell of         squares.
fire and sardines, which are grilled

056    yourway
                                             classic and recent international, Spanish     1957 and trains professional performers
                                             and Galician short films are screened in      and students from all over the world in
                                             old town squares. Old town streets and        Spanish music; concerts are organised in
                                             squares.                                      singular venues, outdoors and indoors, in
                                                                                           the old town.
                                             Early July-late August
                                             Festiclown                                    September
                                             With 10 training courses, more than 50        September-October
                                             companies and more than 100                   9th Lied Festival
                                             performances in outdoor and indoor            Outstanding lied singers from all over the
                                             venues, the sixth clown festival invades      world give recitals along with the
                                             Santiago de Compostela during these           festival's pianist and mentor, Roger
                                             days. Old town streets and squares.           Vignoles, centred on a theme that varies
                                                                                           from year to year, giving rise to
                                                                                           specialised conferences on the genre.
Evening July 31
                                                                                           Teatro Principal.
The “Apóstol” Festival comes to an end                                                     October
with a big audiovisual and fireworks                                                       1st week October
display, similar to the one in the evening                                                 “Galicreques”. 13th Puppet
of July 24 but without the burning of the                                                  Festival Recommended!!!
Gothic façade. It can be viewed in the                                                     Puppeteers from several countries present
Praza do Obradoiro itself and at different                                                 their singular productions. Children's
strategic sites in the city (consult).                                                     shows, outdoor performances and
                                                                                           evening shows. And also round tables,
                                                                                           exhibitions and workshops... a whole
                                                                                           world centred on puppets. Old town, Sala
                                             Agosto                                        Yago and other venues.
                                             5th “Festival D´Gorra”
                                             A festival featuring street artists
                                             interested in familiarising the public with
                                             New Circus, while defending street
                                             entertainment and funding based on

                                                                                                                                        cultural guide
                                             passing the hat around. Old town streets
                                             and squares.

                                             5th “Festival Feitoamán”
                                             A music, theatre and dance festival that
                                             takes place in the evenings in
Every Thursday July-August
                                             Compostela's squares.
5th International Short Film Festival
CurtoCircuíto: “CurtoCircuíto na Rúa”
                                             All August
                                             51st “Música en Compostela”
During the summer, Santiago de
                                             An annual event that has been held since
Compostela becomes an outdoor cinema:

                                                                                                                      yourway     057
Late October                                  fire –they are roasted using a                  Christmas
5th International Short Film Festival:        characteristic sheet of metal. There is also    Ice-skating
“CurtoCircuíto”: Official Section             wine, homemade chorizos, “queimada”             The ice-skating rink is open during the
Recommended!!!                                (flamed eau-de-vie)... and folklore.            entire Christmas period, including
The final stage of this festival that began   Typical: until the harvest ends in February,    evenings. Recinto Ferial de Amio.
in July and August with screenings of         in the old town there are small traditional
shorts in the old streets and squares.        street stalls modelled after the Santa Fe       December 30
During the week-long official section:        locomotive, which sell chestnuts in paper       “Ordo Prophatrum” Recommended!!!
screening of all the short-listed shorts in   cones that have been roasted the                In recent years the Cathedral has hosted
competition and final gala. Teatro            traditional way using charcoal. City            “Ordo Prophetarum”, the procession of
Principal and other venues.                   neighbourhoods.                                 the prophets, which closely follows the
                                                                                              12th-century liturgical drama, featuring
                                              All November                                    the reproduction of medieval instruments
                                              22nd “Cineuropa” Recommended!!!                 and an important cast of actors and
                                              It has been held since 1988 and lasts the       musicians. Cathedral of Santiago.
                                              entire month of November. Designed
                                              exclusively for the delight of film buffs, it   Evening December 31
                                              takes a look at the season's best non-          New Year's Eve
                                              commercial films. Not to be missed if you       Gala dinners in many restaurants and
                                              want to experience the city's cultural          hotels. Special parties in clubs and discos.
                                              atmosphere. Teatro Principal and Sala           Orchestras in the squares. And the
                                              Yago.                                           traditional hot chocolate and “churros”
                                                                                              (fritters) before going to bed. Entire city.
                                              6th “Microfest”
                                              Autumn hip-hop festival, with the
2nd Fortnight October                         presence of important artists. Multiusos
International Euro-Arabic Film                Fontes do Sar.
Festival Amal
Arabic-European audiovisual show. Amal        December
means hope in Arabic. Teatro Principal
                                              December 21-January 4
and other city venues.
                                              8th Zarzuela Festival
                                              At Christmastime every year, a festival is
Last week October
                                              held featuring the most important
16th Stage Arts Fair
                                              Spanish performers, with a programme
The Galician Stage Arts Fair is held in
                                              centred on the zarzuela and other genres
several city venues, making Santiago
                                              such as musicals and operetta. Teatro
during these days a forum for stage arts,
featuring different styles of performances
from all over Europe.
                                              December 24-January 6
November                                      Lights in the streets and squares, cribs,
November                                      choir festivals, children's theatre, film and
“Magostos”                                    puppet festivals, children's book fair,
A traditional neighbourhood festival in       special concerts by the Municipal Music
which people honour chestnuts around a        Band... and a lot more. Entire city.            For more information: see cultural guide

058    yourway
Eating and drinking
Hundreds of kinds of fish and shellfish recently extracted from the sea, excellent meat, tender vegetables, fresh
cheese, renowned wines and liqueurs... the city's gastronomy is undoubtedly one of its main attractions.

                                                                                                     yourway   059
                                                                                                                     eating and drinking
 For all tastes… and all budgets                                   Directorio
                                                                   (Selection by Trevisani, S.L.)

In Santiago there is an extensive range of establishments        Wine and beer, tapas and portions
where you can sample the excellent Galician cuisine: from        A Taberna do Bispo. Franco, 37 [old town]. (+34) 981 586 045. d3
                                                                 Casa Rosalía. Franco, 10 [old town]. (+34) 981 568 441. d2
select restaurants to charming “casas de comidas” and
                                                                 El Patio Franco, 33 [old town]. (+34) 981 581 747. d3
“mesones” and tempting seafood restaurants, passing              O'42. Franco, 42 [old town]. (+34) 981 581 009. d3
through “in” establishments where the chefs of new               María Castaña. Raíña, 19 [old town]. (+34) 981 560 137. d3
Galician cuisine are setting the trend. There are also typical   Ventosela. Raíña, 28 [old town]. (+34) 981 572 966. d3
“parrilladas” (grillrooms) and “churrasquerías”                  O Gato Negro. Raíña [old town]. (+34) 981 583 105. d3
                                                                 Caracoles. Raíña, 14 [old town]. (+34) 981 561 498. d2
(steakhouses), and the ever-popular “jamonerías”,
                                                                 Sant Yago. Raíña, 12 [old town]. (+34) 981 582 444. d2
“vinotecas”, “bodegas” and “tabernas” that serve “tapas”         Vinoteca O Beiro. Raíña, 3 [old town] . (+34) 981 581 370. d2
(small snacks, often succulent, that are free in most            Negreira ("O Pataca"). Rúa do Vilar, 77 [old town]. (+34) 981 561 782. d2
establishments), “raciones” (portions for sharing an             Ké Komer. Conga, 6 [old town]. (+34) 981 586 879. d3
informal meal), “pinchos” (a smaller quantity of the             O'Filandón. Acibechería, 6 [old town].(+34) 981 572 738. e2
                                                                 Bierzo Enxebre. Troia, 10 [old town]. (+34) 981 581 909. e2
aforementioned, at a lower price) and “tablas” (boards of
                                                                 A Despensa da Troia. Troia, 9 [old town]. (+34) 981 554 546 e2
cold meats, cheeses or pâtés).                                   Forest. Abril Ares, 7 [old town]. (+34) 981 570 811. e2
Naturally, the city features a good representation of all the    Casa Felisa. Porta da Pena, 5 [old town]. (+34) 981 582 602. e2
regional cuisines (Basque, Catalan, Mediterranean, etc)          Bodeguilla de San Roque. San Roque, 13 [old town]. (+34) 981 564 379. e2
that make up the large family of Spanish gastronomy, in          Garum. Praciña das Penas, 1 [old town]. (+34) 981 062 631. e2
                                                                 Casa Pepe. Pescadería Vella [old town]. e3
addition to vegetarian cooking and the world's main
                                                                 Belgo Mejillones. Rúa Travesa, 22 [old town]. (+34) 981 578 235. e3
culinary traditions: Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese,          Gamela. Oliveira, 5 [old town]. (+34) 981 587 025. e3
Turkish, Brazilian...                                            Bicoca. Entremuros, 4 [old town]. (+34) 981 583 898. e3
The fact that Santiago is a university city also guarantees a    Petiscos. Aller Ulloa, 7 (Porta do Camiño) [old town]. (+34) 981 575 368. e3
large range of set menus at reasonable prices, in numerous       O Dezaseis. Rúa de San Pedro, 16 [old town]. (+34) 981 577 633. e3

establishments throughout the city.

060   yourway
                                                                                         Ángel. San Clemente, 6 [old town]. (+34) 981 583 392. d2
                                                                                         O Picho da Cerca. Virxe da Cerca, 27 [old town]. (+34) 981 569 350. e3
                                                                                         Enxebre. Parador Hostal Reis Católicos. Praza do Obradoiro [old town]. (+34) 981
                                                                                         050 527. d2
                                                                                         Restaurante dos Reis. Parador Hostal dos Reis Católicos. Praza do Obradoiro
                                                                                         [old town]. (+34) 981 582 200. d2
                                                                                         Raxoi. Raxoi, 3 [old town]. (+34) 981 581 190. d2
                                                                                         Damajuana. Algalia de Arriba, 45 [old town]. (+34) 981 571 328. e2
                                                                                         Don Quijote. Galeras, 20 [old town]. (+34) 981 586 859. d1
                                                                                         Bonaval. Rúa do Medio, 1-2 [old town]. (+34) 981 558 883. e3
                                                                                         La Tacita de Juan. Hórreo, 31 [city centre]. (+34) 981 562 041. c3
                                                                                         Vilas. Rosalía de Castro, 88 [city centre]. (+34) 981 591 000. b2
                                                                                         Mesón Ferradura. Rosalía de Castro, 10 [city centre]. (+34) 981 589 120. c2
                                                                                         Moncho Vilas. Avda. Vilagarcía, 21 [city centre]. (+34) 981 598 387. b2
                                                                                         Calderón. Carreira do Conde, 8 [city centre]. (+34) 981 554 356. c3
                                                                                         Fornos. Hórreo, 24 [city centre]. (+34) 981 565 721. c3
                                                         Caldo galego (Galician broth)
Terrazas bares Rúa de San Clemente [old town]. d2                                        El Bocalino. República Arxentina, 11 [city centre]. (+34) 981 566 482. c3
Tabernas Selectas Lizarrán. Orfas, 25 [old town]. (+34) 981 577 684. d3                  Paz Nogueira. Castiñeiriño, 14-16 [outskirts]. (+34) 981 592 016. b5 (off map)
Tapería Senra. Senra, 4 [old town]. (+34) 981 576 134. c3                                San Paio. Lavacolla [near airport]. (+34) 981 888 205. h5 (off map)
Iacobus. Acibechería, 5 [old town]. (+34) 981 582 804. e2                                Ruta Jacobea. Lavacolla, 41 [near airport]. (+34) 981 888 211. h5 (off map)
Bodega Abrigadoiro. Carreira do Conde, 5 [city centre]. (+34) 981 563 163. c2            La Finca. San Lázaro, 103 [outskirts]. (+34) 981 580 361. h5 (off map)
Mesón Caney. Alfredo Brañas, 5 [city centre]. (+34) 981 559 600. c3                      Sexto. San Marcos. A Grela [near Palacio de Congresos]. (+34) 981 566 507. h5
Cervecería La Marmita. Alfredo Brañas, 7 [city centre]. (+34) 981 599 945. c3            (off map)
Jamonería Ferro. República de El Salvador, 20 [city centre]. (+34) 981 592 399. c3       Balboa. Ponte da Rocha, 8 [outskirts]. (+34) 981 521 598. c3 (off map)
Cava de Saint James. República de El Salvador, 28 [city cent]. (+34) 981 599 745. c3     Casa Lorenzo. Sabugueira, s/n. Lavacolla [near airport]. (+34) 981 888 326. h5
La Codorniz. Alfredo Brañas, 15 [city centre]. (+34) 981 594 173. c3                     (off map)
A Viña de Xabi. San Pedro de Mezonzo, 5 [city centre]. (+34) 981 940 071. b3             Pazo de Adrán. San Xoán de Calo. Teo [5 km]. (+34) 981 570 000. (off map)
Latino. República Arxentina, 26 [city centre]. (+34) 981 591 063. b3                     Casa Roberto. San Xulián de Sales, 17. Vedra [10 km]. (+34) 981 511 769. (off
Cervecería Internacional. Montero Ríos, 38-b [city cent]. (+34) 981 563 496. b3          map)

                                                                                                                                                                              eating and drinking
Bodeguilla de San Lázaro. San Lázaro, 104 [near Palacio de Congresos]. (+34)             Villa Verde. Figueiredo, 10. Ponte Ulla [10 km]. (+34) 981 512 652. (off map)
981 566 607. g4 (off map)

Galician cuisine
San Clemente. San Clemente, 6 [old town]. (+34) 981 565 426. d2
Carretas. Carretas, 21 [old town]. (+34) 981 563 111. d2
Asesino. Praza de Universidade, 16 [old town]. (+34) 981 581 568. d3
Don Gaiferos. Rúa Nova, 23 [old town]. (+34) 981 583 894. d3
Ribadavia. O Franco, 16 [old town]. (+34) 981 584 902. d2
A Barrola. O Franco, 29/41 [old town]. (+34) 981 577 999. d2
El Franco. O Franco, 28 [old town]. (+34) 981 588 814. d2
Casa Elisa. O Franco, 36-38 [old town]. (+34) 981 583 112. d3
Xantares. O Franco, 40 [old town]. (+34) 981 581 198. d3
A Terraza do 42. O Franco, 50 [old town]. (+34) 981 585 975. d3
El Pasaje. O Franco, 54 [old town]. (+34) 981 557 081. c3
El Submarino. O Franco, 49 [old town] .(+34) 981 584 428. d3
O Celme do Caracol. A Raíña, 22 [old town]. (+34) 981 571 746. d2
Sexto II. A Raíña, 23 [old town]. (+34) 981 560 524. d3
Casa Camilo. A Raíña, 24 [old town]. (+34) 981 58 45 93. d2
                                                                                                                                                       Casserole of octopus

                                                                                                                                                      yourway         061
                                          Tarta de Santiago (“Santiago” almond cake)
Spanish cuisine                                                                        Sino. Praciña da Algalia de Arriba, 5 [old town]. (+34) 981 554 436. e2
Rincón de Gurpegui. Frei Rosendo Salvado, 15 [city centre]. (+34) 981 598 178. b2      Ana. Sar, 1 [old town]. (+34) 981 570 792. d4
Estanco. Hórreo, 26 [city centre]. (+34) 981 563 808. c3                               Arrocería Mediterráneo. Avenida de Ferrol, 7 [city]. (+34) 981 523 005. b3
Asador Castellano. Rúa Nova de Abaixo, 2 [city centre]. (+34) 981 590 357. c2          El Mercadito. Galeras, 18 [city]. (+34) 981 574 239. d1
                                                                                       AC Palacio del Carmen. Hotel AC. Oblatas, s/n [old town]. (+34) 981 552 444.
                                                                                       c1 (off map)
'In' restaurants: new Galician and Spanish cuisine                                     A Curtidoría. Rúa da Conga, 2-3 [old town]. (+34) 981 554 342. d3
Casa Marcelo.             Rúa Hortas, 1 [old town]. (+34) 981 558 580. d2              Boga. Rúa dos Feáns, local 3B [city centre]. (+34) 981 592 227. b2
Toñi Vicente.             Avenida Rosalía de Castro, 24 [city centre]. (+34) 981       Tránsito dos Gramáticos. Tránsito dos Gramáticos, 1 [old town]. (+34) 981 572
594 100. c2                                                                            640. d3
                                                                                       Azabache. Hotel NH. Avda Burgo das Nacións, s/n [city]. (+34) 902 115 116. f1

                                                                                       Steak houses and grilled meat and fish
                                                                                       A Caldeira de Pedro Boteiro. Rúa de San Pedro, 32 [old town]. (+34) 981 576
                                                                                       355. e3

062     yourway
San Clodio. Rúa de San Pedro, 26 [old town]. (+34) 981 584 997. e3                   Crêpes
Quitapenas II. Sar, 80 [old town]. (+34) 981 938 433. d4                             Crêperie Cre-Cotté. Praza da Quintana, 1- 1º [old town]. (+34) 981 577 643. d2
La Criolla. Montero Ríos, 10 [city centre]. (+34) 981 586 940. c3
Parrillada Argentina. Rosalía de Castro, 12 [city centre]. (+34) 981 586 071. c2
Parrillada 9 de julio. Santiago de Chile, 27 [city centre]. (+34) 981 596 685. b3    Reasonably priced menus
A Taverna do Ensanche. Santiago de Chile, 12 [city centre]. (+34) 981 590 788. b2    Casa Manolo. Praza de Cervantes [old town]. (+34) 981 582 950. e2
Gonzaba. Rúa Nova de Abaixo, 17 [city centre]. (+34) 981594 874. b2                  Entre-Rúas. Entrerrúas, 2 [old town]. (+34) 981 586 108. d3
Entrevías. Pai da Cana, 2. Conxo [outskirts]. (+34) 981 521 249. b4                  A Tulla. Entrerrúas, 1 [old town]. (+34) 981 580 889. d3
O Almacén. Sarela de Abaixo, 25 [outskirts]. (+34) 981 530 393. d1 (off map)         Marte. Rodrigo de Padrón, 11 [old town]. (+34) 981 584 905. d2
                                                                                     Las Vegas. Rodrigo de Padrón, 9 [old town]. (+34) 981 575 988. d2
                                                                                     Rey David. Alfredo Brañas, 25 [city centre]. (+34) 981 598 114. b3
Vegetarian                                                                           Casa Román. San Pedro de Mezonzo, 26 [city centre]. (+34) 981 599 522. b3
Triángulo das Verduras. Praza das Peñas, 2 [old town]. (+34) 981 577 181. e2         Airas Nunes. Wi-Fi. Rúa do Vilar, 17 [old town]. (+34) 981 582 516. d3
                                                                                     CGAC. Ramón María del Valle Inclán. [old town]. (+34) 981 546 624. e3
Chinese                                                                              Auditorio de Galicia. Avda. Burgo das Nacións, s/n [city]. (+34) 981 570 809. f1
Palacio Oriental. Fernando III o Santo, 11 [city centre]. (+34) 981 591 428. b3      Rúa Nova. Rúa Nova, 36 [old town]. (+34) 981 566 980. d3
Imperial. Rosalía de Castro, 100 [city centre]. (+34) 981 597 626. b2                Granxa do Xesto. Parque da Granxa do Xesto, s/n [outskirts]. (+34) 620 342 254.
Gran China. Fernando III1 o Santo, 14 [city centre]. (+34) 981 592 039. b3           e1 (off map)
China Ming. Avenida Romero Donallo, 25 [city centre]. (+34) 981 593 673. b3

Punjabi Food. Fernando III o Santo, 37 [city centre]. (+34) 981 593 892. b3

Istambul Dönner Kebap. Rosalía de Castro, 5 [city centre]. c2
Anatolia. Rúa do Vilar, 81[old town]. d3
Nevroz Döner Kebap. Cantón do Toural [old town]. c3
Nevroz Dönner Kebap. Rúa de San Pedro [old town]. e3

                                                                                                                                                                        eating and drinking
O´Rodicio. Carretera Santiago a Noia. A Barcia, 19 [outskirts]. (+34) 981 537 372.
a1 (off map)

Gambrinus. Praza de Fonseca, 1 [old town]. (+34) 981 571 020. d2
Tivolino. Galeras, 9 [ciudad]. d1
Góndola II. Diego de Muros, 1 [city centre]. (+34) 981 596 446. b3
La Tagliatella. Frei Rosendo Salvado, 10 [city centre]. (+34) 881 939 822. b2

Góndola I. Santiago del Estero, 7 [city centre]. (+34) 981 598 348. b2

Las Cien Islas. Avda. Vilagarcía, 2, semisótano [city centre]. 881 976 390 / 881
976 391 (takeaway phone number). b2                                                  Pementos de Padrón (“Padrón” peppers)

                                                                                                                                                  yourway       063
Fast food and takeaway
Pizza Polo. Casas Reais, 27 [old town]. (+34) 981 587 272 / (+34) 981 585 656. e3
Pizza Móvil. Orfas, 2 [old town]. (+34) 981 555 355. d3
Pizza Móvil. San Pedro de Mezonzo, 13 [city centre]. (+34) 981 596 300. b3
Pizza Móvil. Praza de Vigo, 1 [city centre]. (+34) 981 553 232. b2
Pizza Hut. Romero Donallo, 13 [city centre]. (+34) 981 592 211. b3
Telepizza. Avenida Rosalía de Castro, 126 [city]. (+34) 981 525 619. b2
Pizza Piccolo. Frei Rosendo Salvado, 24 [city centre]. (+34) 981 595 655. b3
Pizza Móvil. Centro Comercial Área Central [city]. (+34) 981 560 909. g4
Gasthof. Centro Comercial Área Central, local 22 [city]. (+34) 981 560 426. g4
Pizza Grill. Centro Comercial Área Central [city]. (+34) 981 588 546. g4
McDonald´s. Centro Comercial Área Central [city]. (+34) 981 554 132. g4
McDonald´s. Plaza de España, s/n [outskirts]. (+34) 981 554 132. h2
Burguer King. Senra, 13 [city centre]. (+34) 981 574 031. c3
Mister Burguer. Santiago de Chile, 13 [city centre]. (+34) 981 591 547. b2
Mac Burger. Santiago de Chile, 22 [city centre]. (+34) 981 561 039. b3
                                                                                    Empanada galega (Galician pie)
Frankfurt. Rúa Nova de Abaixo [city centre]. (+34) 981 597 599. c2
Galeón. Alfredo Brañas, 33 [city centre]. (+34) 981 599 017. b3
Galeón Toural. Cantón do Toural, 4 [old town]. (+34) 981 599 017. d3

064      yourway
Chic articles, crafts, gastronomy to take away, design at popular prices... Santiago's shops range from
important designer boutiques to those for small budgets.

                                                                                                 yourway   065
                                                                          “Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market)
  Where to shop                                                           Housed in a monumental building, it is a large traditional market
                                                                          featuring all the essence of the Galician region, with a lot of local
From well-known department stores to boutiques with the                   colour that is surprisingly genuine. It is predominantly a food
best brands, passing through traditional shops and chains                 market (seafood, meat, fish, cheese, honey, cakes, pulses,
featuring the latest fashion at a very good price, Santiago               vegetables, wines and liqueurs are some of the delicacies on
has everything.                                                           offer) and the second-most visited attraction after the Cathedral
                                                                          (see Gastronomy Tour on p. 24).
Broadly speaking, Santiago de Compostela can be divided
into 4 main shopping areas, each with its own
particularities.                                                          The “Ensanche” is the city's first expansion area beyond its
                                                                          former wall. This neighbourhood, which Compostela's residents
Old town                                                                  consider the real city “centre”, is full of shops, which belong to
Most of the shops in this area belong to the “Compostela                  the “Santiago Centro” Open Shopping Centre. They all make up
Monumental” Open Shopping Centre: a large shopping area                   a very attractive and varied shopping area (among which
made up all kinds of establishments located throughout the old            important Spanish fashion franchises stand out), which makes
town.                                                                     shopping on foot very easy and also features cafeterias,
Walking around the monumental district, you will find a wide              restaurants, cinemas, etc.
range of products and shops, with the added charm of the                  Its main shopping streets are Xeneral Pardiñas, Doutor Teixeiro,
traditional and a more personalised service: souvenirs, Galician          República de El Salvador, Montero Ríos, Alfredo Brañas and the
fashion, jeweller's shops, famous boutiques, crafts, book shops,          squares Roxa and Galicia, in addition to Rosalía de Castro,
gastronomy shops, supermarkets, shoe shops... and also, in order          Fernando III el Santo, República Arxentina, A Rosa and Santiago
to rest between one shop and another, theatres, cafeterias,               de Chile.
restaurants, exhibition halls, art galleries... Rúa Nova, Rúa do Vilar,
San Pedro, Caldeirería, Preguntoiro are the main shopping streets,
along with the squares Toural and Cervantes and those
surrounding the Cathedral.

066    yourway
Large shopping centres
A short distance from the city centre, towards the southeast, is
the Centro Comercial Compostela, a shopping centre
encompassing Hipercor and Tiendas El Corte Inglés (belonging to
the famous Spanish chain), and towards the northeast, the
Centro Comercial Área Central, a shopping centre located in
the As Fontiñas neighbourhood featuring all kinds of shops. It is
housed in a very peculiar architectural space combining
apartments and shops, as well as other attractions such as
cinemas, cafeterias, restaurants, a spa, children's playground and
a large bowling alley.

                                                                     yourway   067
                 Shopping ideas
                 There is a great variety of typical handcrafted objects: from
                 “botafumeiros” (censers) to silver and jet-stone (the city's
                 magical stone) jewellery, reproductions of St. James' Cross,
                 Jacobean scallop shells, candles, images and objects used in
                 worship, traditional ceramics, Sargadelos crockery, Celtic
                 amulets, “meigas” (witches), lucky “higas” and bagpipes,
                 Galicia's musical instrument par excellence.
                 And Galician fashion, because Galicia is one of Europe's main
                 fashion centres, exporting its garments all over the world.
                 Names such as Zara (and all those of the Inditex group),
                 Roberto Verino, Adolfo Domínguez, Florentino, Purificación
                 García and Antonio Pernas have shops throughout Santiago.
                 But textile production is nothing new: exquisite lacework and
                 linen fabrics are still made in the traditional way.
                 For small items, in the middle of the old town, in Rúa Nova,
                 there is a small outdoor market that is open every day of the
                 year from 10 am to 8.30 pm. This is the so-called “hippie
                 mercadillo”, with products ranging from costume jewellery
                 and accessories to hand-made leather objects.

                 Tastes for taking away
                 The deserved fame of gastronomy in Santiago and
                 throughout Galicia makes culinary shopping a must. Eau-de-
                 vie and wine are sold in gift boxes. Cold meat and cheese are
                 also good options. Canned foods for sale include the famous
                 turnip tops, molluscs from the Rias and even Galician algae.
                 Santiago's cakes are very popular, such as “Piedras de
                 Santiago” (chocolate-covered almonds), “Caprichos de
                 Santiago” (made with almonds and meringue), and
                 chocolate bars for making drinking chocolate. There is also
                 Galician honey, yellow plums in syrup and glazed chestnuts.
                 Special mention should be made of monastic sweets and
                 biscuits, made by Santiago's cloistered nuns and available
                 from the convents themselves.

                More info at

068   yourway
The night
Quiet cafés, venues featuring Latin rhythms; places for mature ones and many “gay-friendly” clubs; designer
clubs and alternative venues, among which those with a folk atmosphere stand out; discos, dance floors... and
also Compostela classics: at nightfall, Santiago lights up.

                                                                                                 yourway   069
                                                                                                                 the night
 Santiago at night                                               Tour of historic clubs
                                                                 In the middle of the old town, within a few metres of each
                                                                 other, there are five of Santiago de Compostela's most
At night in Compostela there are always establishments
                                                                 emblematic and oldest clubs: old veterans that not only
open. Unlike other cities, here you can go out for a drink       contribute to the city's character but also reflect, and even
even on a Sunday or Monday. This non-stop atmosphere is          write, its history.
due to the amount of young people that study or work             All of them are small, stonewalled venues and are usually
here, especially university students, who are responsible for    packed out at the weekend. Therefore, if you do not like
the times and rhythm followed throughout the city, which         crowds, we recommend you visit them before 1 am.
gets up lazily in the morning and goes to bed late, in           However, even at their busiest, the five clubs have a peaceful
                                                                 atmosphere where you can chat, enjoy a drink and meet
harmony with the abundance of night establishments and
                                                                 people, including locals.
cultural activities. The night in Santiago therefore begins      In the Gala d'Ouro, the owner, who speaks perfect English,
later and lasts longer.                                          is the alma mater of this charming club, which also has a
Furthermore, here you do not have to move around in car          certain “anglophile” air. It also features a selection of
or taxi to get to nightspots, because they are within            genuine jukebox classics (rock and pop), a great variety of
walking distance and the city is safe. And that is what we       drinks, with top-quality liqueurs (ask for recommendations)
do here: go walking from one place to another, visiting          and a vaulted ceiling. What more can you ask for?
                                                                 The Modus Vivendi occupies a singular building: the former
several every night.
                                                                 stables belonging to a mansion. A selection of modern music
                                                                 mixed with timeless melodies, its pleasant atmosphere and
                                                                 the guarantee of a lifelong club make up the rest. They also
                                                                 prepare refreshing “caipirinhas”, often accompanied by live
                                                                 A few metres from the Modus is the Borriquita de Belem,
                                                                 characterised by “mojitos” and Andalusian wine in casks.
                                                                 Great music: they play a lot of jazz and often have live
                                                                 Hidden in an underground basement is El Paraíso Perdido.
                                                                 Half café, half club, it is divided into different little areas. Its
                                                                 decoration features collections combining an ancient and
                                                                 traditional style with a certain surrealist air: masks, “meigas”
                                                                 (witches), photos... Liqueurs, coffee and a quiet drink in a
                                                                 very local atmosphere.
                                                                 The Casa das Crechas is not only a club but also a cultural
                                                                 centre: considered the city's folk music sanctuary, including
                                                                 live concerts and improvised sessions (“foliadas”), it is
                                                                 currently experimenting with other types of music. “Celtic”
                                                                 decoration, a lot of beers and an informal atmosphere: there
                                                                 everyone seems to know each other. Not to be missed.

                                                                More information at

070   yourway
                                                                     Casa das Crechas. Vía Sacra, 3. [old town]. e2
  Directory                                                          Modus Vivendi. Praza de Feixó, 1 [old town]. e3
  (Selection by Trevisani, S.L.)                                     Pepa a Loba. Castro, 7 [old town]. d3
                                                                     Atlántico. Fonte de San Miguel, 9 [old town]. e2
  Frequent Galician folk music        Wi-Fi
                                                                     Paraíso Perdido. Antealtares, 3 [old town]. e2
                                                                     Momo... a rúa. Virxe da Cerca, 23 [old town]. e3
Early coffee, tea, hot chocolate and liqueurs                        Dado Dadá Jazz Club. Alfredo Brañas, 19 [city centre]. b3
Casino. Wi-Fi. Rúa do Vilar, 35 [old town]. 981 577 503. d3
Café Iacobus. Caldeirería, 42 [old town]. d3
Derby. Rúa das Orfas, 29 [old town]. d3                              Latin rhythms
Conga. Wi-Fi. Conga, 8 [old town]. d2                                Conga 8. Conga, 8 [old town] . d2
Literarios. Praza da Quintana [old town]. d2                         Guayaba. Nova de Abaixo, 26 [city centre]. b2
Café Santiagués. Praza da Quintana [old town]. d2
Recantos. Wi-Fi. San Miguel [old town]. e2
Airas Nunes. Wi-Fi. Rúa do Vilar, 17 [old town]. d2
                                                                     Discoteca Don Juan. Alfredo Brañas, 29 [city centre]. b3
Carrilana. San Paio de Antealtares, 16 [old town]. b3
                                                                     Sabáh. Doutor Teixeiro, 10 [city centre]. c3
Metate. San Paio de Antealtares [old town]. e3
Terrazas de la Rúa San Paio de Antealtares. [old town]. d2
                                                                     Forum. Rúa Travesa, 2 [old town]. e3
                                                                     Man Ray. Hospitaliño, 18 [old town]. e2
                                                                     Coffee Pop. Rúa de San Pedro [old town]. e3

                                                                     Theme music
                                                                     Bolengo. Wi-Fi. Ramón Cabanillas, 17-19 [city centre]. b3.
                                                                     Tupperware Café. Wi-Fi. Frei Rosendo Salvado, 28 [city centre]. b3.
                                                                     Krooner. República Arxentina, 48 [city centre]. b3
                                                                     A Reixa. Tras Salomé, 3 [old town]. d3
                                                                     A Medusa. Praza de Salvador Parga, 1 [old town]. e2
                                                                     Camalea. Praza de San Martiño, 4 [old town]. e2
                                                                     Matadero. Praza do Matadoiro, 3 [old town]. e3
                                                                     La Radio. Praza San Fiz de Solovio, 6 [old town]. d3

Terrazas de la Avenida de Figueroa. [old town]. c2
Fuco-Lois. Xelmírez, 25 [old town]. d3
Miúdo. Truques, 3 [old town]. e2
Garigolo. Wi-Fi. Praciña da Algalia de Arriba [old town]. e2
Sino. Algalia de Abaixo, 33 [old town]. e2
Bonche. Rosalía de Castro, 128 [city centre]. b2

                                                                                                                                                  the night
Terraza Hostal Reyes Católicos. Praza do Obradoiro [old town]. d2
Terraza-Jardín Hotel Costa Vella. Porta da Pena, 17 [old town]. e2

Compostela classics
Galo D´Ouro. Conga, 14-15 [old town]. d2
Borriquita de Belem. San Paio de Antealtares, 22 [old town]. d3

                                                                                                                                  yourway   071
                                                                              Makumba. Frei Rosendo Salvado, 16 [city centre]. b2
                                                                              Manhattan. Alfredo Brañas, 18 [city centre]. c3

                                                                              Clubs where “queimada” (flamed eau-de-vie) is pre-
                                                                              *“Queimada” require special preparation. Prior booking indispensable.
                                                                              Fonte Sequelo. Xelmírez, 24 [old town]. (+34) 981 572 986 d3
                                                                              Fuco-Lois. Xelmírez, 25 [old town]. (+34) 629 635 451 d3
                                                                              Retablo. Rúa Nova,13 [old town]. (+34) 981 564 851 d3
                                                                              Miúdo. Truques, 3 [old town]. (+34) 617 082 447 e2

                                                                                Flamed eau-de-vie and other liqueurs
                                                                                The “queimada” is a traditional alcoholic drink and also quite
                                                                                a show: it consists of flamed eau-de-vie, accompanied by
                                                                                pieces of fruit, coffee beans and sugar, as well as a typical
Lively clubs                                                                    “meigallo” or spell that is recited.
Retablo. Rúa Nova, 13 [old town]. 981 564 851. d3
                                                                                It is available in clubs and restaurants in the old town, to
Capitol. Concepción Arenal, 5 [city centre]. d3
                                                                                round off a lunch or dinner. In both cases, it has to be
Leblón Meia. Rúa das Ameas, [old town]. e3
Quintana Sur. Praza da Quintana, 1 [old town]. d2
                                                                                ordered in advance since “queimadas” require special
Meia. Algalia de Abaixo, 22 [old town]. e2                                      preparation.
Ultramarinos. Casas Reais, 34 [old town]. e3                                    Neither should you miss coffee liqueur, a traditional drink
Yacaré. Santiago de Chile, 15 [city centre]. b3                                 that has become very popular in recent times and which you
Ruta. Pérez Costanti, 4 [city centre]. c3                                       will find in all bars and clubs.
Discoteca Liberty. Alfredo Brañas, 6 [city centre]. c3
Discoteca Apolo. Santiago del Estero, 8 [city centre]. c2
Dúplex. República Arxentina, 22 [city centre]. b3
La Catedral. República Arxentina, 11 [city centre]. b3
Gabanna. República Arxentina, 26 [city centre]. b3
Da Vinci. Fernado III o Santo, 1 [city centre]. b3
Pérez & Pérez. República Arxentina, 35 [city centre]. b3
Blaster. República Arxentina, 6 [city centre]. c3
Maycar. Douctor Teixeiro, 5 [city centre]. c3

Alternative venues
Tarasca. Entremuros, 13 [old town]. e3 ♫
Avante. Cantón de San Bieito, 4 [old town]. e3 ♫
Bar-tolo. Rúa da Troia [old town]. e3
Embora. Tras San Fiz de Solovio, 2 [old town]. d3

Wi-Fi cafes
Terranova. Rodrigo de Padrón, 2 [old town]. d2
El Nido de Cuco. Virxe da Cerca, 30 [old town]. e3
Lembranza. Montero Ríos, 39 [city centre]. c3
Auditorio de Galicia. Avenida Burgo das Nacións, s/n (no number) [city]. f1

072      yourway
A surprising number of parks and green spaces, natural viewpoints on the city's hills, and an interesting
range of outdoor activities: in Santiago there are initiatives “al fresco” for all tastes.

                                                                       Parks and Gardens                    74
                                                                       Viewpoints                           75
                                                                       Outdoor Activities                   77

                                                                                                  yourway   073
 Parks and gardens
The quantity and care of Santiago's parks and gardens
have a lot to do with the numerous prizes the city has
received due to its scenic and environmental quality.
Historic and artistic gardens, some of great botanical
interest, parks featuring contemporary design, extensive
grassy areas... each one has its own charm and they all
reveal new perspectives of Santiago, a city hidden among
parks and gardens, which can be glimpsed through the
trees... Parks and gardens are also the best lounges for
contemplating Compostela's old town at dusk.

 Historic gardens
 Parque de la Alameda
 Campus Sur
 Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval
 Parque de Belvís

 Other parks of interest
 Carballeira de San Lourenzo (oak grove)
 Parque de Galeras
 Parque de Vista Alegre
 Parque de la Música en Compostela
 Parque da Granxa do Xesto
 Parque del Monte de la Almáciga
 Parque de Eugenio Granell
 Parque de Carlomagno

                                                           More info about Parks and Gardens, including a route, at
 The best ones for…                              
 Alameda-Campus Sur, San Domingos de Bonaval, Belvís,
 Monte Pío, Granxa do Xesto
 Granxa do Xesto, Alameda-Campus Sur, Eugenio Granell
 Peace and quiet
 San Domingos de Bonaval
 San Domingos de Bonaval, Música en Compostela

074   yourway
                                                                       variety of botanical species in the Campus makes this panoramic
 Natural viewpoints                                                    view ever more photogenic. Recommended at dusk.

Like Rome, Santiago arose among hills. Some of them
eventually became part of the city; others still serve as
city limits and bastions. They all make up a sinuous sky-
line, or great scenic beauty, and are natural viewpoints,
privileged balconies overlooking the city.
Some of the best viewpoints are located in parks, only a
few steps from the historic city centre.

Viewpoint in Paseo da Ferradura (Parque de la
The best known and most admired viewpoint is that of Paseo da
Ferradura, located in Alameda Park, on the east slope of the
Santa Susana hill. It offers a spectacular front view of the Cathe-
dral, which rises majestically above the mass of historic buildings:
it is the city's most common postcard. Recommended at any              Panoramic views from Parque de San Domingos de
time of day and not to be missed in early evening.                     Bonaval
                                                                       From different places, the monumental park of San Domingos de
                                                                       Bonaval, located on the west slope of the Almáciga hill, offers
                                                                       unusual views of the old town. The best time to visit this view-
                                                                       point park is at dusk.

Viewpoint in Campus Sur (Parque de la Alameda)
In Alameda Park, on the west slope of the Santa Susana hill,

there is a balustrade overlooking the South University Campus.
From there, the vision of the elegant urbanistic and architectural
projects undertaken at the beginning of the 20th century make          Viewpoints in Parque de Belvís
you feel jealous of the university students living there. The great    Belvís offers several viewpoints. From the top of the As Trompas
                                                                       hill, all that can be seen of the Cathedral are its towers rising
                                                                       above the old town rooftops. Almost facing the entrance to
                                                                       Seminario Menor, there is a belvedere featuring a more modern

                                                                                                                           yourway     075
perspective of the city, including its expansion towards the south-      Panoramic view from Granxa do Xesto
east: it is a more cinema-like view, especially at night, when the       In order to get to Granxa do Xesto, on the slope of Monte
lights of the blocks of flats suggest stories about their inhabitants.   Pedroso, you have to walk for around 25-30 minutes from the city
                                                                         centre. The Granxa is a large green space, half park, half wood-
                                                                         land, featuring small artificial lakes and a peaceful wooden cafete-
                                                                         ria-restaurant: from there you have a great view of Santiago.

Viewpoint on Monte Pío (Parque de Galeras)
At the top of Monte Pío, bordering Galeras Park on the west, is
the residence of the Galician president: undoubtedly the best
place to live for our president, who gets up every morning with a
monumental view of the capital of the region he has to govern.
From the area of level ground beside the entrance to the building,
we can enjoy almost the same panoramic view as the president.

                                                                         Viewpoints itinerary: all the information at

076    yourway
 Outdoor activities                                                 Galicia's fast-flowing rivers, some only a few minutes from Santi-
                                                                    ago, are ideal for rafting and all the other river sports: an oppor-
If you like action, Santiago has a lot to offer you.                tunity to live an adventure in contact with nature and fully enjoy
                                                                    the green scenery.
Way of St. James on foot or by bike New!!!
Undertaking the Way of St. James is a unique opportunity to live
an unforgettable experience, enjoy nature and heritage, meet
people, better yourself and obtain the “Compostela” (the official
certificate awarded by the Santiago Church to those completing
the route).

                                                                    For those who like action and competition, in the surroundings of
                                                                    Santiago there is 1 fully equipped paintball site.

                                                                    Flights in light aircraft
                                                                    To enjoy the best views of the city and surroundings, nothing
Active tourism                                                      better than a flight in a light aircraft.
All the most adrenalin-charged sports, in contact with nature:
canyoning, hydrospeed, bungee jumping... and other more relax-      Diving
ing ones, such as trekking, canoe routes…                           Only 45 minutes from Santiago, both experts and beginners can
                                                                    go diving and discover the treasures of Galicia's “rias”: baptisms,
                                                                    advanced courses, night dives, etc, as well as boat, sea kayak...

                                                                    Santiago has an 18-hole course, featuring an impressive green

                                                                    zone and numerous trees and lakes.

                                                                    In Santiago there are several bike rental companies, which provide
                                                                    information about the best routes in the city and surroundings.

                                                                    More information about sports and outdoor activities at
                                                           For bookings,, tel:
                                                                    (+34) 902 190 160.

                                                                                                                         yourway     077
Surroundings of Santiago - Pazo de Oca
Beyond Santiago
From Santiago it is very easy to make day trips to different parts of Galicia or north Portugal.

                                                                                                                   beyond Santiago
Houses in Betanzos

                                                                                                   yourway   079
 Organised trips                                                           Train
From Santiago de Compostela, you can discover Galicia's                   Trains leave the station every hour for Galicia's main
most fascinating sites by means of convenient coach trips                 destinations (A Coruña, Vilagarcía de Arousa, Pontevedra
accompanied by a professional guide. (see organised trips                 and Vigo) with links to Portugal. There is also a regular
on p. 38)                                                                 daily service to the city of Ourense. (More info on p. 11)

Buses are constantly leaving the station for different
towns and cities in Galicia. The following are the main
companies and destinations (more info on p. 11).

Empresa Freire
Main destinations: Lugo, Santiago Airport.

                                                                                                                                  Cape Fisterra

                                                                           Car rental
                                                                          Renting a car is always a good option in order to explore
                                                                          Galicia on your own from Santiago, and reach secluded
                                                                          spots that are not served by public transport.

                                              Lugo: Roman thermal baths
Castromil - Monbus
Main destinations: A Coruña, Vigo, Pontevedra, Ferrol, Vilagarcía
de Arousa, Cambados, O Grove, A Toxa, Noia, Muros, Fisterra,
Betanzos, Ferrol, Ourense.

Main destinations: Boiro, A Pobra do Caramiñal, Ribeira, Ferrol.

                                                                          See map of Galicia at the back
                                                                          All the information you need to explore Galicia from Santiago at

080    yourway
Santiago for children
Santiago de Compostela has big and small surprises from children and their families: comfortable rides in the
tourist train, museum activities, special events and shows, numerous parks with children's playgrounds or
trips to magical spots...

                                                                                                                       Santiago for children
Discovering Santiago                      82                    Trips: places to go, things to do                85
Museums for families                      82                    Enjoying the water: swimming pools and beaches   86
Main shows and children's events          84                    Special accommodation for families               86
Parks: the green city                     84                    Services for parents                             86
Eating out with children                  84

                                                                                                     yourway     081
                                                                            Tour of the Cathedral's stone roofs
  Discovering Santiago: a labyrinth for                                     No child, big or small, should miss it: from there you have the
  exploring                                                                 best panoramic views of Santiago and the sensation of being
                                                                            inside a fort, with gates, stairs, towers, battlements...
Santiago de Compostela is small and beautiful like the                      Location: entrance via Pazo de Xelmírez, Praza do Obradoiro
                                                                            Location: entrance via Pazo de Xelmírez, Praza do Obradoiro
towns in fairytales. It is also peaceful, safe and great for                Open: 10 am to 2 pm and 4 to 8 pm. Every day. (Departures every hour).
walking.                                                                    Duration: 1 h. approx.
The old town is like a labyrinth with many secrets. It is full              + Info and Bookings: Tel: (+34) 981 552 985,

of narrow streets, little houses and arcades. It is also paved
with old large stones, which are fun for children, who can
try to avoid standing on the lines without worrying about                     Museums for families: culture can also
cars, since all of it is a pedestrian zone. In the peaceful
squares (“plazas” and “placitas”) there is a lot of space to
                                                                              be amusing
play in and cafeterias with outdoor tables. The Cathedral,
                                                                            Who said that culture has to be serious and boring?
old street names, gargoyles, fountains... can be fascinating
                                                                            Among Santiago's thirteen museums, six attract both
for young ones with a little help from adults.
                                                                            young and old ones.
Tourist Train
                                                                            “Galicia Dixital” Exhibition
Apart from being very convenient, since you do not have to
                                                                            This innovative exhibition based on new technologies is
walk, the train circles the old town passing through parks and
                                                                            undoubtedly one of the most amusing for young ones: they can
gardens and some of the city's most traditional neighbourhoods.
                                                                            enjoy a virtual flight over Galicia, “walk” along the Way of St.
Location: Praza do Obradoiro.
Time: high season (Easter to October), every day from 11 am to 1 pm and 4   James, take a dizzying trip around the city on a virtual
to 7 pm (departures every hour); rest of the year: consult.                 rollercoaster, feel the magic of the rain and a storm above Santi-
Duration: 1 h approx.                                                       ago and a lot more.
Languages: onboard explanations in Spanish and English.                     Location: Monastery of San Martiño Pinario. Praza da Inmaculada (no num-
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur, tel: (+34) 902 190 160,                     ber)                                                    Open: Mon to Sat, 10.30 to 2 pm and 4 to 8.30 pm. Last tours at 1 pm
                                                                            and 7.30 pm.
                                                                            Admission free
                                                                            + Info and Bookings: “Galicia Dixital” Exhibition, tel: (+34) 981 554 048,

                                                                            “Museo do Pobo Galego”
                                                                            In this museum you can learn a lot about Galician customs. It is
                                                                            full of very interesting objects and tools, as well as boats and curi-
                                                                            ous models of traditional Galician houses. Housed in an old con-
                                                                            vent, inside there is a “magical” spiral stairway belonging to the
                                                                            baroque period. The MPG organises special activities for children
                                                                            and families.
                                                                            Location: Convent of San Domingos de Bonaval. San Domingos de Bonaval
                                                                            (no number)
                                                                            Open: Tue to Sat, 10 am to 2 pm and 4 to 8 pm; Sun, 11 am to 2 pm;
                                                                            Mon, closed.
                                                                            Admission free

082     yourway
+ Info and Bookings: Museo do Pobo Galego, tel: (+34) 981                 “Casa-Museo da Troia”
583 620,                                               This house, which used to be one of Santiago's most famous stu-
                                                                          dent lodging houses, is now a museum recommended for curi-
                                                                          ous ones: it is the best place for discovering how people lived in
                                                                          the 19th century and what their rooms, bathrooms, furniture...
                                                                          were like –it is all there, as if it were a doll's house.
                                                                          Location: Rúa da Troia (no number)
                                                                          Open: Tue-Sat: 11 am-2 pm and 4-8 pm. Sun: 11 am-2 pm (from Easter to
                                                                          end of September).
                                                                          + Info and Bookings: Casa-Museo da Troia, tel: (+34) 981 585 159

                                                                            Main shows and children's events
                                                                          Puppets in the Sala Yago
                                                                          Every Sunday, a morning puppet show, at 12.30 am. (Closed tem-
CGAC (Galician Contemporary Art Centre)                                   porarily).
In the CGAC you will find the most modern and abstract art, in a          Location: Rúa do Vilar, 51-53
building designed by Álvaro Siza, one of the best architects in           + Info and Bookings: Sala Yago, tel: (+34) 981 58 92 88,
the world. Its Education Department organises guided tours and  
special workshops for children and families.                              Children's Theatre
Location: Ramón del Valle-Inclán (no number)                              At different times of the year, the Salón Teatro hosts plays for
Open: Tue-Sun, 11 am–8 pm; Mon: closed.                                   young ones. Salón Teatro.
Admission free                                                            Location: Rúa Nova, 34
+ Info and Bookings: CGAC, tel: (+34) 981 546 619,           + Info and Bookings: Salón Teatro, tel: (+34) 981 57 71 31,

                                                                                                                                                     Santiago for children
“Luis Iglesias” Natural History Museum
Nature museums are great to visit and always surprising. Here
you will find more than 25,000 specimens of fauna, flora and
minerals that will undoubtedly appeal to small biologists.
Location: Facultade de Química. Avenida das Ciencias (no number)
Open: Mon-Fri, 10 am–1.30 pm and 5-7 pm; July: Mon-Fri, 9 am–1 pm;
August: closed.
Admission free
+ Info and Bookings: “Luis Iglesias” Natural History Museum (University
of Santiago de Compostela), tel:(+34) 981 563 100,

Eugenio Granell Museum-Foundation
Housed in an old “pazo” (ancestral home), it exhibits surrealist
works, which can be very amusing for young ones. Its education
department regularly organises special activities for children.
Location: Praza do Toural (no number)
Open: 11 am-9 pm; Sun: 11 am–2 pm. (closed Monday).
+ Info and Bookings: Eugenio Granell Museum-Foundation, tel: (+34) 981
572 124,

                                                                                                                                     yourway   083
Family Concerts in the Auditorio de Galicia
Several times a year (normally on Saturday at 6 pm), it hosts fam-       Eating out with children
ily concerts suitable for children of all ages. There are also educa-
tional concerts aimed at schoolchildren, which are also open to         Children are welcome in the city's restaurants and
families on request.                                                    cafeterias. Many of them serve children's menus,
Location: Avenida do Burgo das Nacións (no number)                      although you may prefer to experiment with some
+ Info and Bookings: Auditorio de Galicia, tel: (+34) 981 55 22 90,
                                                                        Galician flavours that are suitable for the palates of
Outstanding events                                                      young gourmets, such as delicious “queso de tetilla”
Summer:                                                                 (green cheese).
“Ferradura Aberta”. Educational, recreational and sports activi-        The web features a selection of
ties. Every afternoon/evening from Monday to Friday. Free.              restaurants for children, classified as follows: Galician,
Autumn:                                                                 Spanish and international cuisine; fast food and
“Galicreques”. Street puppet festival. Free.                            takeaway; exotic food and cafeterias. Some have
Christmas:                                                              children's menus, others are spacious and peaceful,
“Nadalxogo”. Leisure and recreational programme.                        several have pleasant outdoor terraces, some even have
Season of children's films.
                                                                        swings or an attractive atmosphere for them...
Christmas Festival. Children's theatre.                                 Selection of restaurants, bars and cafeterias for families with
Epiphany Puppet Festival.                                               children at

  Parks: the green city
Most of Santiago's parks have swings, children's games,
sports facilities, a lot of shade and fountains, streams or
ponds. We suggest four: Alameda-Campus Sur, Granxa
do Xesto, Ramírez and Eugenio Granell.
More information about parks and gardens recommended for
children at

                                                                         Trips: places to go, things to do
                                                                        Near Santiago there are secret gardens, fairytale castles,
                                                                        Celtic settlements, enchanted forests and fishing villages,
                                                                        interactive museums... We suggest the following trips from
                                                                        Santiago for families:

084     yourway
Secret gardens, fairytale spots                                    Museums to learn by playing
El Ulla region: Pazo de Oca and Pazo de Ribadulla (ancestral       A Coruña: Domus, Aquarium and Casa das Ciencias
homes), Pico Sacro, Monastery of Carboeiro, Fervenza do Toxa       Means of transport: customised trips (see p. 38), train, scheduled
(waterfall)                                                        coach and car.
Means of transport: car and customised trips (see p. 38).          A trip to the Middle Ages
                                                                   Castle of Soutomaior
                                                                   Means of transport: customised trips (see p.38) and car.
                                                                   Let us go by train
                                                                   Means of transport: train.
                                                                   Learning from nature
                                                                   Inland Galicia: Experimental Wind Farm of Sotavento
                                                                   Means of transport: customised trips (see p.38) and car.
                                                                   The hidden seas
                                                                   Ribeira Sacra and Cañones del Sil
                                                                   Means of transport: organised trips and customised trips (see p.
                                                                   38), car.

The riches of the sea
Rías Baixas_Salnés Peninsula: Combarro, Sanxenxo, O Grove, A
Toxa, Cambados
Means of transport: organised trips and customised trips (see p.
38); car.
Wild scenery to be discovered

                                                                                                                                        Santiago for children
Rías Baixas_Barbanza Peninsula: Castro de Baroña (Celtic settle-
ment), Dunas de Corrubedo (dunes), A Curota
Means of transport: customised trips (see p. 38) and car.

                                                                   More information, descriptions and itineraries of these trips at

                                                                                                                      yourway    085
                                                                   looking the city, and rural tourism houses in the surround-
 Enjoying the water: swimming pools                                ings, where you can enjoy nature in a family-like atmo-
 and beaches, freshwater and seawater                              sphere.
                                                                   More information at
Santiago has several pools (both indoor and outdoor) for
swimming, playing or sunbathing. There are also several
spas, which are both relaxing and amusing. To enjoy nature
at its best, a few minutes from the city there are refreshing,       Services for parents
fully-equipped swimming areas in some rivers. And there
are also the beaches of the “rias”, with calm waters and           Indoor children's playgrounds are supervised by monitors,
fine sand, which are ideal for children and the closest ones       so that children can enjoy themselves in a safe atmosphere.
are only 30 minutes away by car. And near Santiago, from           And if the parents need some free time, there are several
late May to late September, there is the Aquapark of               companies that provide babysitters, who can be contacted
Cerceda, a water park featuring chutes, pools, Jacuzzis...         directly or through the hotel reception.
which is easy to reach by train: Santiago-A Coruña train,
with departures approximately every hour.                          Indoor children's playgrounds
More information at                        La Selva de Indiana Bill
                                                                   An indoor playground for children ages 2 to 12. Snack service for
                                                                   children and cafeteria for parents.
                                                                   Fernando III o Santo, 33. City Centre.
                                                                   Tel: (+34) 981 597 722
                                                                   Open: 4.30-9 pm
                                                                   Camelot Park
                                                                   For children ages 1 to 12, supervised by monitors and located in
                                                                   the Área Central shopping centre, so that you can do your shop-
                                                                   ping without distractions. Snack service.
                                                                   Centro Comercial Área Central. City.
                                                                   Tel: (+34) 981 569 772
                                                                   Open: 5-9.30 pm.

                                                                   Babysitting service
                                                                   Escultor Camilo Otero, 17, 2ª. Santiago.
                                                                   Tel: (+34) 981 59 09 79 / (+34) 902 905 132
                                                                   García Prieto, 47. Santiago.
                                                                   Tel: (+34) 981 534 029 / (+34) 676 796 942
 Special accommodation for families                                Terapen
                                                                   Choupana, 24. Santiago.
                                                                   Tel: (+34) 981 534 138 / (+34) 615 336 813
Families visiting Santiago have several possibilities as regards
                                                                   Senior Santiago
accommodation: apart from large hotel chains, which are            Xeneral Pardiñas, 3 - 2º D. Santiago.
the same in every city, there are entire houses for families       Tel: (+34) 981 591 019
or charming little hotels in the old town, which are so com-
fortable that you will feel like at home. There are also bun-
galows in the urban campsite, located on a green hill over-

086    yourway
Pilgrims special
Santiago de Compostela was already receiving between 200 and 500 thousand visitors per year from all over
Europe in the 12th century, which shows that it has a long tradition of welcoming pilgrims.

                                                                                                             pilgrims special
                                                              Special accommodation                    89
                                                              Religious services                       90
                                                              Activities for pilgrims                  91

                                                                                             yourway   087
  Final destination of a thousand-year-old route
The discovery of the Apostle's tomb in the 9th century gave way to miracles and apparitions as well as numerous
legends. Guided by the Milky Way, the itinerary etched in the sky, thousands of pilgrims began arriving from far-
away European countries. And thus the network of roads that formed the Way of St. James gradually took
shape, being accompanied by the construction of churches and monasteries, shelters, lodgings and hospitals. This
led to the growth of cities and markets, and Compostela thereby became a key centre in medieval Christendom.
Due to its importance in the continent's history, the Way of St. James was declared the “First European Cultural
Itinerary” by the Council of Europe and “World Heritage” by UNESCO.
Today, as in the past, it continues to attract people due to its great riches. Route of spirituality, path of faith,
encounter and hospitality, proof of personal betterment or an artistic and cultural route –each person finds what
he or she is looking for, and even more. And when pilgrims reach Santiago, they find the “jubilee” and deserving
rest waiting for them.

The European Roads to Santiago

088      yourway
                                                                  Hospedería del Monasterio de Clausura de San Paio de
 Special accommodation                                            Antealtares
                                                                  Located in the centre of the old town, beside the Cathedral. 2
Hotel Monumento Convento de San Francisco****                     individual rooms and 3 doubles. Monastery accommodation sub-
Located 1 min on foot from the Cathedral, in the centre of the    ject to monastery hours.
old town, in the Convent of San Francisco.                        San Paio de Antealtares, s/n (no number). Santiago.
Campiño de San Francisco, 3. Santiago.                            Tel: (+34) 981 58 31 27
Tel: (+34) 981 581 634
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur (see p. 5)

                                                                  Casa de Ejercicios Espirituales
                                                                  Located in the University's Campus Sur, beside the Pharmacy Fac-
                                                                  ulty, 10 minutes walking from the Cathedral. Double and single
Hostal La Salle*                                                  rooms with ensuite bathroom. Special prices for groups.
En the old town, 250 m from the Cathedral, 105 double, triple     Avda. José María Suárez Núñez, 6. 15705 Santiago.
and single rooms, all with ensuite bathroom. Special prices for   Tel: (+34) 981 59 22 28. Fax: (+34) 981 59 28 94.
groups and certified pilgrims. Auditorium, audiovisual room,
meeting hall for large (800 persons) and small groups; chapel.    Centro Europeo de Peregrinación y Pastoral Juvenil 'Juan
Large dining hall for 200 persons and a small one for 50.         Pablo II'

                                                                                                                                         pilgrims special
Tras de Santa Clara, s/n (no number). 15704 Santiago.             Located 3 km from the city centre. It hosts groups of pilgrims,
Tel: (+34) 981 58 46 11 / (+34) 981 58 56 67                      youth gatherings, spiritual exercises and retreats, congresses, etc.                                             It has a cafeteria-dining hall, conference and meeting rooms, out-
+ Info and Bookings: Compostur (see p. 5)                         door auditorium, camping area and chapel.
                                                                  Rúa das Estrelas, 80. Monte do Gozo. 15890 Santiago.
Monasterio de San Martiño Pinario - Seminario Mayor               Tel: (+34) 981 59 72 22
Former monastery located beside the Cathedral. It offers accom-
modation from July to September only. 126 rooms, all with         Pilgrims Hostel Seminario Menor de Belvís
ensuite bathroom and shower. Special prices for groups.           Between 60 and 300 beds, depending on the season.
Praza da Inmaculada. 15705 Santiago.                              Cardenal Quiroga Palacios s/n (no number).
Bookings: Viajes Atlántico.                                       Tel: (+34) 981 58 92 00
Tel: (+34) 981 57 28 80                                           Old town.
                                                                  Albergue Xoán XXIII
                                                                  Vagrant shelter located in the old town (accepts pilgrims when-

                                                                                                                      yourway     089
ever there are beds available). Free.                                   grim masses increases during Holy Years as well as special festivi-
Castiñeiros, s/n (no number). Convento San Francisco.                   ties and celebrations.
Tel: (+34) 981 58 19 52                                                 The “Botafumeiro” (censer) (see p. 22), can be requested in
                                                                        advance by groups.
Youth and Pilgrims Hostel Monte do Gozo                                 The Invocation to the Apostle should be carried out before-
On the Way of St. James, 5 km from the city. 300 + 500 beds.            hand in the Pilgrim Office.
Free.                                                                   The Choir Mass is held daily at 9.30 am. The Cathedral also has
Monte do Gozo. Santiago.                                                several chapels for International Masses, in the case of groups
Tel: (+34) 981 55 89 42.                                                with their own parish priest. Confession, available in different
                                                                        languages on request, can be heard all the time that the Cathe-
Pilgrims Hostel San Lázaro                                              dral is open.
Public hostel beside the Way of St. James, near the Palacio de          Embracing the Figure of the Apostle, Visiting the Tomb and
Congresos (2 km from the centre).                                       the Pórtico de la Gloria is possible while the Cathedral is open,
San Lázaro, s/n (no number). Santiago.                                  except during liturgical services.
Tel: (+34) 981 57 14 88                                                 The Cathedral Roofs and Museum can be visited every day (see
                                                                        p. 22 and 23)-

Albergue Turístico Acuario
Private hostel 20 min walking from the old town. 50 beds.
Estocolmo, 2. As Fontiñas. Santiago.                                     What is a Holy Year?
                                                                         In the 12th century, the Papacy awarded the Plenary Jubilee of
Tel: (+34) 981 57 54 38
                                                                         the Holy Year, which made Santiago the third Holy City, after
                                                                         Jerusalem and Rome. Since then, whenever St. James' Day, July
                                                                         25, falls on a Sunday, thousands of believers come on a
                                                                         pilgrimage to obtain the jubilee, plenary indulgence; i.e. the
  Religious services                                                     forgiveness of all their sins. There have been 118 Holy Years:
                                                                         the last one was in 2004, the following ones will be in 2010 and
Santiago Cathedral services                                              2021.
In the Cathedral, open from 7.30 am to 9 pm, there are several
daily religious services, which increase on feast days.
Twelve noon is the time of the Pilgrims Mass, so-called because
it is especially aimed at visitors, who play an important role in the
liturgical service: accompanying priests may participate in saying
mass and all the groups are greeted by name. The number of pil-

090    yourway
Contacts of interest
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
Praza da Inmaculada, 1.
15705 Santiago de Compostela
Tel. Arzobispado: (+ 34) 981 57 23 00
Tel. Sacristía: (+34) 981 58 35 48 /
Sacristy services: Request to participate in the pilgrim mass.
Request for confession in different languages

Pilgrim Reception Office
Rúa do Vilar, 1.
15705 Santiago de Compostela
Tel: + 34 981 56 24 19 / + 34 981 58 35 48 (9-21 h.)
Services: Issuing of the “Compostela”, certificate awarded to
                                                                   The Way of St. James by bike New!!!
those who complete the Way of St. James. Pilgrim information.
                                                                   Undertaking the Way of St. James by bike is a unique opportu-
Request for mass featuring “Botafumeiro” censer. Request for
                                                                   nity to live an unforgettable experience, enjoy nature and heri-
group greetings during mass. Request for Cathedral chapels for
                                                                   tage, meet people, better oneself and obtain the “Compostela”,
international masses.
                                                                   the document in Latin issued by the Santiago Church to certify
                                                                   that the Way has been completed. Compostur, Santiago's official
                                                                   tour operator, organises packages that include accommodation
 “Capilla de la Comunión” and “Capilla de la Corticela”:
 both in the Cathedral, are peaceful chapels that are suitable     in 3-star hotels, meals, accompanying guide, backup coach for
 for prayer and reflection.                                        carrying the luggage and transfers to accommodation at the end
 Sung masses featuring cloistered nuns, in any of the city's 5     of each stage, and a comfortable bike...
 enclosed convents.                                                Calendar of guaranteed departures available at

 Pilgrims activities

                                                                                                                                      pilgrims special
The Way of St. James on foot New!!!
Undertaking the Way of St. James on foot is a unique opportu-
nity to live an unforgettable experience, enjoy nature and heri-
tage, meet people, better oneself and obtain the “Compostela”,
the document in Latin issued by the Santiago Church to certify
that the Way has been completed. Compostur, Santiago's official
tour operator, organises packages to undertake the Way of St.
James on foot with all the comforts: accommodation bookings,
accompanying guide, backup coach, lunches and dinners, etc.
Calendar of guaranteed departures available at

                                                                                                                    yourway     091
Bike rental for the Way of St. James                                       Spas
Rental of bikes to undertake the Way of St. James in a convenient          After completing the Way of St. James, there is no better way of
way and not have to worry about sending it home after completing           relaxing and purifying your body than a spa session.
the cycling route: the bike is sent to the chosen starting point (only     Keep your eyes open because there are interesting offers and dis-
within Spain) and returned in Santiago on arrival.                         counts for pilgrims!!!

Home delivery of bikes
This service is a convenient way of sending your bike home after com-
pleting the Way of St. James. Bikes are delivered within 48 hours.

Trip to Finisterre
Fisterra, Finisterre, the end of the earth for the Romans, is the end of
many roads, including the Way of St. James. The trip continues as far
as here to perform the final rites of the Jacobean pilgrimage, reaching
the place where the sun sets, in order to be reborn, symbol of renewed
life (see organised trips on p. 38 and buses to Fisterra on p. 11)

                                                                           More information about special accommodation and activities
                                                                           for pilgrims at

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Studying Spanish
Today, many thousands of students and professionals are aware of the importance of studying Spanish, a lan-
guage spoken by more than 400 people in the world.

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                                                                                                              Studying Spanish
                                                               Fax: (+34) 981 572 032
 The prestige of Santiago                             
The academic prestige of the University of Santiago de         Inte
Compostela, one of Spain's best-known and oldest uni-          Hórreo, 39
versities, is sufficient reason to study Spanish in Santiago   Santiago de Compostela
de Compostela, especially if we take into account that its     Tel: (+34) 981 588 235
fine reputation also extends to the rest of the city's Span-   Saint James Institute
                                                               Pérez Constanti, 5
ish schools.
                                                               15702 Santiago de Compostela
Thanks to both the University and private schools, Santi-      Tel: (+34) 981 554 609
ago de Compostela offers a wide and varied range of
Spanish language and culture courses (summer, six-
month, autumn, etc), including special training courses
for Spanish teachers, DELE courses, private and conver-
sation classes, business Spanish, etc.
Furthermore, Santiago de Compostela, capital of Galicia,
is the ideal place for becoming acquainted with the par-
ticularities of Galician culture and learning Galicia, a
minority language spoken by 3 million people that is
related to the languages of Portugal and Brazil.

University of Santiago de Compostela. Interna-
tional Courses Office                                          First-Best Academia
Avenida das Ciencias, Chalet 2                                 Feáns, 15-E.
Santiago de Compostela                                         Santiago de Compostela
Tel: (+34) 981 597 035                                         Tel: (+34) 981 592 735                                   
                                                               Aula Escola Galega de Idiomas
                                                               Avenida Romero Donallo, 43 - entreplanta
                                                               15706 Santiago de Compostela
                                                               Tel / Fax: (+34) 981 93 20 23
                                                               Academia Ultreya
                                                               Praza de Vigo, 1
                                                               Santiago de Compostela
                                                               Tel: (+34) 981 93 92 10
                                                               Campus Interlinguas
                                                               Fernando III o Santo, 30 – 7D
                                                               15702 Santiago de Compostela
Academia Iria Flavia
                                                               Tel: (+34) 981 59 73 25 / (+34) 647 66 96 49
Pérez Constanti, 18
15702 Santiago de Compostela
Tel: (+34) 981 572 888                                         More information at

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Practical info
All you need to know to make your visit to Santiago go as smooth as silk

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                                                                                          practical info
 Basic information about Santiago de                                   Basic information about the Way of
 Compostela                                                            St. James
Total population of Santiago: 100,000 inhab. approx.                  Length of main routes: 772 km from Saint Jean de Pie de Port
                                                                      (French Way), and 846 from Somport (French-Aragonese Way).
Time Zone: UTC + 1 h, the same as Madrid, Paris, Rome,
Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw or Copenhagen. As in most European           Duration: Walkers usually complete the French Way in 30 stages
countries, the official time varies during the year: clocks are set   of 20-25 km; cyclists, in 15 stages of 50 km.
one hour ahead on the last Sunday in March and one hour back
on the last Sunday in October.                                        Accommodation: There is a total of 115 pilgrims hostels along
                                                                      the French Way, 52 of which are in Galicia. Galician public
Distances by land (km): Madrid_599, Barcelona_1,094,                  pilgrims hostels charge a symbolic price (€ 3 approx.) for those
Bilbao_569, Salamanca_424, Toledo_681, Avila_539, Porto_226,          undertaking the Way of St. James in any of the recognised ways
Fatima_413, Lisbon_530, Lourdes_858, Paris_1,482,                     (on foot, by bike, on horseback).
London_1,876, Milan_1,880, Berne_1,850, Brussels_1,785,
Amsterdam_1,985, Berlin_2,531, Vienna_2,726, Prague_2,508,            The “Compostela”: Document certifying that the Way of St.
Krakow_3,029, Copenhagen_2,686, Goteborg_2,992,                       James has been completed with Christian meaning; it is awarded
Oslo_2,889.                                                           to those justifying having carried out the last 100 km on foot or
                                                                      horseback, or the last 200 km by bike. To that end, there is a
Climate: Mild oceanic. Temperatures are mild throughout the           credential or logbook that has to be stamped in the hostels or
year. Mean winter temperature is 8ºC. The coldest months are          parishes that the pilgrim passes through.
January and February. In summer (May to September), the
temperature is very pleasant, ranging from 20 to 27ºC. The
hottest months are July and August. Rainfall may be frequent in
autumn, winter and spring.

Languages: There are two official languages in Galicia: Galician
and Spanish. Most young people speak English. There are tourist
maps in the main old town streets and squares, with information
in Galician, Spanish and English. The façades of the main
monuments also feature signs with information in the three

Religion: Spain is a non-confessional country. Most of the
population (80%) is Catholic, although only 18% of Catholics
are churchgoers. Catholic tradition is essential to Santiago de
Compostela, which, since the 9th century, has been a pilgrimage
destination and one of Christendom's three Holy Cities, along
with Rome and Jerusalem.

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Money                                                                 does not usually begin before 9 pm and in some establishments
The legal tender is the euro. Spanish 1, 2 and 5 cent coins bear      continues until midnight. Regardless of these normal hours, in
the Cathedral of Santiago's Obradoiro Façade.                         many cafés and bars you can order a meal at any time of day.
You can exchange travellers cheques, dollars, pounds sterling         En the city there are several establishments that open 24 hours a
and other currencies in any bank, or obtain euros using a credit      day, and some that only open during the night: there you will
card from any of the automatic teller machines scattered              find from general consumer products to hot sandwiches and
throughout the city.                                                  cold meals.
Most establishments accept payment with Spanish debit cards
(Servired, 4B, Euro 6000) and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, simi-   Tips
lar), which can also be used to withdraw money from automatic         Although there is no general rule about tipping, if you are
teller machines.                                                      pleased with the service, whether in a restaurant, café or taxi, it
Tax-Free Shopping: non-EU residents are entitled to a VAT refund      is quite normal to leave a tip of between 2 and 10%.
(ranging from 7 to 16%, depending on the article) on every pur-
chase above € 90, in Tax-Free establishments (more information        Public telephones
at                                           There are telephone booths throughout the city, even in the old
                                                                      town. You can pay for calls using coins or prepayment cards
Public holidays                                                       from different operators, which are cheaper and available in
    January 1    New Year's day (national holiday)                    tobacconist's shops (indentified by a “T”), stationer's shops and
    January 6    Epiphany (national holiday)                          post offices.
    March 19     St. Joseph's Day / Father's Day (national holiday)   Establishments with individual telephone booths usually charge
March or April   Holy Thursday (national holiday)                     about 20% more for calls, compared to public telephones.
March or April   Good Friday (national holiday)
        May 1    May Day (national holiday)                           Establishments with individual telephone booths
          May    Ascension (local holiday)                            - Bautizados, 15 [old town]. (+34) 981 575 346
                                                                      - Montero Ríos, 35 [city centre]. (+34) 981 935 521
      May 17     Day of Galician Letters (holiday in Galicia)
                                                                      - Angustia, 1 [old town]. (+34) 981 557 241
       July 25   St. James' Day. Galicia Day (national holiday)       - Fernando III O Santo, [city centre]. (+34) 981 596 206
   August 15     Assumption of Our Lady (national holiday)            - Avenida de Coimbra, 2 [old town]. (+34) 981 571 543
   August 16     St. Roque's Day (local holiday)                      - San Pedro de Mezonzo, 31 [city centre]. (+34) 981 593 277
  October 12     Columbus Day (national holiday)
 November 1      All Saints' Day (national holiday)                   Mail
 December 6      Spanish Constitution (national holiday)              Stamps are sold in post offices, tobacconist's shops and in Turis-
 December 8      Immaculate Conception (national holiday)             mo de Santiago's main office. The normal price is € 0.30 for let-
December 25      Christmas Day (national holiday)                     ters and postcards within Spain; € 0.58 for letters and postcards

                                                                                                                                                    practical info
                                                                      within Europe; € 0.78 for letters and postcards to the rest of the
Opening hours                                                         world.
Spain's extensive business hours run from Monday to Saturday,
                                                                      Post Offices
from 9.30 or 10 am to 8 or 9 pm, with a midday break of two to
                                                                      - Orfas, 17 [old town]. Working days: 8.30 am-8.30 pm. Saturday: 9.30
three hours, from 1.30 or 2 pm to 4.30 or 5 pm. Some shops            am-2 pm
and large shopping centres do not close at midday, and the latter     - García Prieto, 12 [Conxo area]. Working days: 8.30 am-8.30 pm. Satur-
may open some Sundays and public holidays during Christmas or         day: 9.30 am-1 pm.
sales: January 7 to February 28 and July 1 to August 30.              - Xunta de Galicia building (San Caetano, no number) [near Bus Station].
The city's numerous bars and cafeterias serve breakfast from very       Working days: 8.30 am-8.30 pm. Saturday: 9.30 am-1 pm.
                                                                      - Hipercor (Restollal, 50) [Hipercor shopping centre]. Monday to Saturday:
early in the morning, and “tapas” and aperitifs during the morn-
                                                                      10 am-10 pm. Sunday: occasionally.
ing. Lunchtime is usually from 1 to 4 pm. Evening drinks do not
start before 8 pm and may last as long as dinnertime, which

                                                                                                                                yourway        97
Internet                                                                        -   Cantón do Toural, 1. [old town]. (+34) 981 585 895
                                                                                -   Praza do Toural, 11 [old town]. (+34) 981 585 940
Many hotels provide Internet access and there are Internet cafés                -   Rúa de Madrid, 12 [Fontiñas area]. (+34) 981 583 156
throughout the city. Furthermore, some cafeterias and restau-                   -   Frei Rosendo Salvado, 18 [city centre]. (+34) 981 599 702
rants offer Wi-Fi access (see p. 72)                                            -   República Arxentina, 43 [city centre]. (+34) 981 592 172

Internet cafés                                                                  Hospitals
-   A Arañeira. Alfredo Brañas, 18. Local 10 [city centre]. (+34) 981 553 618   -   Hospital Clínico Universitario. (+34) 981 950 000
-   Bbigg. Senra, 19. [old town].                                               -   Hospital Gil Casares. (+34) 981 950 000
-   Ciber Bytes. Santiago de Chile, 20 [city centre].                           -   Hospital de Conxo. (+34) 981 951 500
-   Ciber Campus Stellae. Centro Comercial Área Central, local 31 F [Fontiñas   -   Hospital Psiquiátrico. (+34) 981 951 900
- Santo Domingo de la Calzada, 5 [city centre]. (+34) 981 553
    709                                                                         Security and emergencies
-   Ciberlink Inn. Avda. de Vilagarcía, 28 [city centre]. (+34) 981 941 154     Santiago de Compostela is a safe city, even when it comes to
-   Ciber Stereo. Patio de Madres, 14. [old town].                              going for a stroll at night, although it is always best to take pre-
-   Ciber Storm Factory. Nova de Abaixo, 16, local 6 [city centre]. (+34) 981   cautions. If any problems arise, you can turn to the following ser-
    592 758                                                                     vices (you can ask the personnel in tourist offices for help with
-   Ciber... ¿Qué?. Cruceiro de San Pedro, 2 [old town]. (+34) 981 554 443
                                                                                the language, if necessary):
-   Ciberdreams. Diego de Muros, 5 [city centre].
-   Cibernova 50. Rúa Nova, 50. [old town].
                                                                                General emergency telephone number: 112
-   Cibertido. Castiñeiros, 11 [old town]. (+34) 981 562 106
-   Mundonet. Xelmírez, 19 [old town].                                          Documentation loss or theft
                                                                                National Police. Rodrigo de Padrón, 3 Tel: 981 581 944. Emergencies: 091
                                                                                Consumer complaints
Kiosks with international press                                                 Visitors can fill out complaint forms in tourist offices (see p. 4)
-   El Tucán. Avenida Figueroa, 12 [old town]. (+34) 981 570 917                Other complaints
-   Kiosko Toral. Rúa Nova, s/n (no number) [old town]. (+34) 981 563 870       Municipal Police. Pazo de Raxoi, s/n (no number). Tel: 981 542 323. Emer-
-   Librería Toral. Cantón do Toural, 7 [old town]. (+34) 981 588 992           gencies: 092
-   Ártico. Rúa do Vilar 49 [old town]. (+34) 981 565 069                       National Police. Rodrigo de Padrón, 3. Tel: 981 581 944. Emergencies: 091
-   Cervera Mosquera. Frei Rosendo Salvado 21 [old town]. (+34) 981 592
    476                                                                         Smoking
                                                                                Smoking is forbidden in all public services and buildings, includ-
Bookshops                                                                       ing the airport, train station, bus station and inside taxis. Smok-
Language books                                                                  ing is allowed in most restaurants and bars smaller than 100 m2;
- Follas Novas. Montero Ríos, 37 [city centre]. (+34) 981 594 406               many larger one have separate areas for smokers. A sign on the
- Abraxas. Montero Ríos, 50 [city centre]. (+34) 981 580 377
- A Palavra Perduda. Castiñeiros, 13 [old town]. (+34) 981 554 961
                                                                                front door indicates whether the establishment allows smoking
Contemporary art, cinema, architecture                                          or not.
- Bookshop in CGAC museum. Ramón Valle-Inclán, s/n (no number) [old
  town]. (+34) 981 546 619
Travel guides
- Follas Novas. Montero Ríos, 37 [city centre]. (+34) 981 594 406
- Encontros. Rúa do Vilar, 68 [old town]. (+34) 981 572 547
Religious books
- San Pablo. Rúa do Vilar, 37 [old town]. (+34) 981 552 180
- Egeria. Praza da Inmaculada, 5 [old town]. (+34) 981 562 789

Chemist's shops
You can obtain certain medicines in chemist's shops without a
prescription. Most of them have normal business hours and five
are open 24 hours a day, even on Sundays.

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