Pediatric ENT and Audiology Clinics

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					                                 H O W T O C O N TA C T U S

T  he expanded Ear, Nose and     ENT and audiology patient appointments:
                                 Additional audiology number: 650-498-2593
Throat (ENT) services include    ENT academic office: 650-736-1455
                                 FAX: 650-498-2734
diagnostic evaluation and        Urgent Consultations:
                                 1-800-995-LPCH (5724) (Physician Hotline); practi-
                                 tioners will be connected directly with Dr. Messner,
treatment of children with a     Dr. Chang or the ENT physician on call.
                                 Patient referral questions or information:
wide range of problems           650-497-8773, leave a message and the nurse practi-
                                 tioner will return the call within two days.
relating to the head and neck.
                                 Pre-appointment Preparation:
                                 • Authorizations from the referring physician may

                                   be done by calling 650-736-2330.
                                                                                         ENT and
                                 • Copies of referral information, audiologic reports,

                                   and radiologic studies may be sent with the patient
                                   to the clinic appointment.
                                 The Pediatric Otolaryngology and Audiology Clin-
                                 ics, located in Clinic B at Lucile Packard Children’s
                                 Hospital at Stanford are open Monday - Friday
                                 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.
                                 Web Site:
O t o l a r y n g o l o g y / H e a d & N e c k S u r g e r y Te a m                                         A u d i o l o g y Te a m

                   Anna H. Messner, MD, chief        Ginny Curtin, RN, PNP completed her gradu-              Jody Winzelberg, MA            Melissa Price, MA
                   of Pediatric Otolaryngology,      ate education in nursing at the University of Cali-     Audiology Manager              Coordinator,
                   has been practicing at Lucile     fornia, San Francisco and has extensive experi-                                        Newborn Hearing
                                                                                                             Kristen Abels, MA
                   Packard Children’s Hospital       ence working with children with craniofacial                                           Screening Program
                                                                                                             Erin Ginney, MA
                   at Stanford since 1995. She       anomalies.
                   completed her otolaryngology      Tom Dobrov, RN, PNP completed his pediatric
residency at Wake Forest University in North         nurse practitioner degree at Yale University, and
Carolina, and a fellowship in pediatric otolaryn-    is fluent in Russian.
gology at the Hospital for Sick Children in
Toronto, Canada. Dr. Messner has special inter-
ests in obstructive sleep apnea, voice disorders,
and chronic sinusitis. She is a member of the        E N T C L I N I C A L S E RV I C E S                    A U D I O L O G Y S E RV I C E S
American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology
                                                     •   Ankyloglossia           •   Lymphangiomas           The Pediatric Audiologists, under the direction
and the Society of Ear, Nose, and Throat                 (tongue-tie)            •   Macroglossia            of Jody Winzelberg, MA provide audiologic
Advances in Children.                                •   Branchial cleft anom-                               assessment and management of infants and chil-
                                                                                 •   Nasal polyps
                                                         alies                                               dren with suspected, new and previously diag-
                                                                                 •   Neck abscesses          nosed hearing losses.
                   Kay Chang, MD joined
                                                     •   Choanal atresia         •   Otitis externa
                                                     •   Cholesteatoma                                           Hearing screen             and distortion
                   Packard in 2000. He com-                                      •   Otitis media (acute     •
                                                     •   Congenital ear              and chronic)                follow-ups                 product)
                   pleted his Otolaryngology
                                                         abnormalities                                           Auditory brainstem         Behavioral testing
                   residency at University of                                    •   Sleep apnea (obstruc-   •                          •
                                                     •   Drooling (chronic)          tive)                       evoked response        •   Tympanometry
                   Washington in Seattle, and his                                                                testing (ABR or
                                                     •   Foreign bodies of the   •   Stridor and airway                                 •   Hearing aid dispens-
                   pediatric otolaryngology fel-         ear, nose, bronchus                                     BAER)
                                                                                     obstruction                                            ing and maintenance
lowship at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh,            and esophagus                                       •   Otoacoustic
                                                                                 •   Sinusitis
Pennsylvania. Dr. Chang has a special interest in    •   Hearing loss (con-                                      emissions (transient
                                                                                 •   Thyroglossal duct
pediatric otology, particularly congenital hearing       ductive and sensory)
loss, cholesteatoma surgery and congenital ear       •   Hoarseness              •   Tonsil and adenoid      SPECIAL CLINICS
anomalies.                                           •   Hypernasal speech           hypertrophy
                                                         (velopharyngeal                                     •   Hearing Loss Clinic    •   Voice Disorders
 Both Drs. are Board Certified in Otolaryngol-                                   •   Trauma of the head
                                                         incompetence)                                           (Dr. Chang)                Clinic (Dr. Messner)
ogy/ Head & Neck Surgery.                                                            and neck
                                                     •   Laryngomalacia                                      •   Craniofacial
                                                                                 •   Vocal cord nodules
                                                     •   Lumps and bumps of                                      Anomalies Clinic
                                                                                     or paralysis
                                                         the head and neck                                       (Dr. Messner)
                                                     •   Lymphadenopathy

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