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Psychology Workshop



                                                           Overview of Career Options in
  Psychology Workshop
                                                              Professional Psychology
                                                              Outside Psychology
                      Careers Service

                                                             First Destinations of 2003
                                                             Applied Psychology Graduates

                                                                                                             In further study or

   What are 2003 Graduates doing?                                                   In employment

   Main Professional Divisions in Psychology           Total Surveyed       36
                                                       Response Rate        83.3%
   Professional Recognition
                                                       Summary of Results
   Description/Entry/Training                          Present Situation    Total
                                                                                                     Not available for

   Information Sources
                                                       In employment         15
                                                       In further study
                                                       or training          11
                                                       Not available for
                                                       employment            4
                                                       Total                30

 What jobs are they doing?                                2003 graduates-further study

                                                         •MSc (Applied Social Psychology)           Overseas
•Care Assistant             •Cope Foundation
                                                         •MSc (Health Psychology)                   Overseas
• Personal Assistant        •Enable Ireland
                                                         •MPhil/PhD (Forensic Psychology)           UCC
• Primary Teacher           •Department of Education
                                                         •LLB                                       UL
                            & Science
• Resource Teacher                                       •MSc (Psychiatry)                          UU
                            •County Cork VEC
                                                         •MSc (Speech Therapy)                      UU
• Training Co-Ordinator     •FRS Training Services
Professional Divisions                                                Professional Recognition
 Clinical Psychology
 Counselling Psychology                                         Steps to becoming a chartered member of BPS
 Educational Psychology                                           Society-accredited first degree
 Forensic Psychology                                              Accredited professional postgraduate training
 Health Psychology                                                course
 Neuropsychology                                                  Entry on Register of Chartered Psychologists
 Occupational Psychology                                          (Relevant Division)
 Sport Psychology                                                 Completion of above steps
 Psychotherapy                                                    allows use of title “CPsychol”
 Teaching & Research

Clinical Psychology                                                  CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY DOCTORATE
 Clinical psychologists aim to reduce                         UCD - There are approx. 10 places on the programme for
 psychological distress and to enhance and                    which typically there are over 100 applications each year.
 promote psychological well-being.                            No intake for 2005 (mid-cycle).
                                                              Next selection in Nov. ’05 for 2006 Cycle.
 Areas of Expertise
   Mental Health Problems                                     The students work on placements for the 3 year course in
                                                              St John of Gods or within the Health Board and get block release
   Research in Mental & Physical Illness
                                                              Each academic year and then day release each week to attend
   Severe Learning Difficulties                               lectures.
   Serious and enduring anxiety and depression,
                                                              Trinity are hoping to increase from 6 to 12 places this year.
   3 Year Society-accredited training course                  Until now, Health Board sponsored fees and salary. Proposed reduction
                                                              in sponsorship is currently being challenged in the Labour Court.
 Entry                                                        Outcome in the next few weeks will affect funding and places offered.
   Fiercely competitive
   Good degree 1.1/2.1 (BPS accredited)
   Significant relevant experience

Counselling Psychology                                                Educational Psychology
The application of psychology to working                                Educational psychologists are concerned with
collaboratively with people across a diverse range                      children's learning and development, working
of human problems and life events to empower                            mainly in schools, with teachers and parents.
people to consider change (ie. helping people                           Areas of Expertise
manage bereavement, working with mental
                                                                            Educational problems: Learning difficulties
health issues and disorders etc.)
                                                                            Social or emotional problems at school
Areas of Expertise
     Individual/Group/Family Counselling
     Emotional Distress/Depression                                          1 Year Society-accredited training course
Training                                                                    1 Year in supervised practice
     BPS Diploma in Counselling Psychology                              Entry
     Other postgraduate courses with exemptions from this                   Good degree (BPS accredited)
Entry                                                                       *Teaching Qualification
     Good (BPS accredited) degree 2.1 for most P.G. courses                 *Two years teaching experience
     Participation in personal counselling
  Educational Psychology - IRL                                     Forensic Psychology
•Only one PSI recognised Postgrad in Ireland:                      Forensic psychologists undertake their work in the
UCD MA EdPsych               (via Education dept not Psych dept)   criminal and civil justice field. It is one of the
                                                                   fastest growing areas of employment of
Year 1 – Teaching emphasis
                                                                   psychology graduates
Year 2 – Psychological emphasis
•Routes to entry:       4 places only year 1 via Interview         Areas of Expertise
                        8 places in year 2                           Work in Criminal and Civil Justice Field
   (A) Teaching Qualification & Psych Hons degree                  Training
                           = exempt 1st year                         BPS Diploma in Forensic Psychology or
   (B) Psych Hons degree & 18 month Primary Post-grad                BPS accredited training course in Forensic Psychology
                           = exempt 1st year                         followed by Stage 2 of the BPS Diploma
   (C)Psych Hons degree & work experience = 2 yr course
          (No recognised teaching qualification after)
                                                                     Honours degree in Psychology (BPS accredited)
     Application Closing Date : End January 2006

    Health Psychology                                              Neuro-psychology
     A new & evolving area involving the practice                    Neuro-science involves clinical specialists
     and application of psychological methods to                     trained in the assessment, management,
     the study of behaviour relevant to health,                      treatment and needs of people with head
     illness and health care. For example, the                       injuries and other neurological disorders.
     study of how patients adapt to illness.                         Areas of Expertise
     Areas of Expertise                                                Assessment, Management, Treatment and
        The study of behaviour relevant to health, illness             Service needs of people with neurological
        and health care                                                disorders
     Training                                                        Training
        1 Year Society-accredited training course                      Check with BPS for details of new course which is
        2 Years in supervised practice                                 being developed at present
     Entry                                                           Entry
        Good (BPS accredited) degree, 2.1 for most                         Post-qualification specialisation following
        PG courses                                                         clinical training (may be available to other

    Occupational Psychology                                        Sport Psychology
    Occupational psychologists are concerned with                    The practical application of psychology to
    the performance of people at work and in                         sports-related issues such as motivation,
    training, how organisations function and how                     performance and the dynamic of team work.
    individuals and small groups behave at work.                     Not yet an official BPS chartered career.
    Areas of Expertise                                                Areas of Expertise
       Performance of people at work and in training                   Application of psychological principles to problems
       How organisations function                                      and training in a wide range of sports
       How individuals and small groups behave at work
    Training                                                           Postgraduate training and expertise in sports
       1 Year FT/2 PT Society-accredited training course               psychology that fulfil BPS criteria for Registration
       and 2 Years in supervised practice or                           as a Chartered Psychologist
       3 Years in supervised practice + BPS Certificate in
         Occupational Psychology                                     Entry
    Entry                                                              Good degree in Psychology (BPS accredited)
          Good degree in Psychology (BPS accredited)
  Psychotherapy                                                      Teaching & Research
    The psychological treatment of a wide range                        Universities
    of mental and physical issues by a number of
    different methods. Treatment is carried out                        Research Institutes
    with individual patients or clients usually via a                  Psychology modules in wide range of
    long series of intimate discussions over some
                                                                       colleges and courses e.g. Business,
    Some psychologists train in Psychotherapy                          Health Care, Education, Social Science
    but it is not yet an accredited area                               etc.
                                                                       PhD required for Universities
    There are many theoretical frameworks for                          Masters is usual minimum for other
    treating a wide range of mental/emotional
    and sometimes physical conditions e.g.                             areas
    Freudian, Gestalt, Jungian etc.

      Teaching Training in Ireland                                          Teaching Training in UK

Postgraduate Course in Primary Teaching                           Higher education institutes offering PGCE courses
                                                                  that admit psychology graduates are listed on
   18 month course                                                website
    4 colleges:Mary I, Limerick / St. Patricks,Drumcondra/
  Colaiste Mhuire, Merino / Froebel College, Blackrock            Guidelines for applying :
   Only allowed apply to one college. Apply direct.
   Must be graduate.
Closing dates – Usually 1st week in December

  Professional Courses in Ireland                                    Professional Courses in Ireland
Clinical Psychology:                                                Educational Psychology:
    D.Clinical Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin                  MA in Educational Psychology,             UCD
        (Currently 6 Health Board part-sponsored places.            MSC in Developmental &
        May increase to 12)                                         Educational Psychology                    QUB
    D.Psych.Sc. (Clinical Psychology), UCD
        (10 –12 places in 2006; part-sponsored by Health Board)     Occupational Psychology:
                                                                    MSc in Occupational Psychology,           QUB

 Counselling Psychology                                           Courses awaiting Professional Accreditation
  MSc in Counselling Psychology               TCD                   Diploma /MA in Integrative Psychotherapy UCC
                                                                    MA in Forensic Psychology                 UCC
  MSc in Counselling Psychology               UU
                                                                    MA in Behavioural/Cognitive Psychotherapy UCC
                                                                    MA in Counselling Psychology              UCC
  Information Sources                                              Information Sources

   Clearing House for Postgraduate Course in Clinical Psychology    United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
   University of Leeds,15 Hyde Terrace, Leeds,SL2 9LT,              167-169 Great Portland Street
   Tel: 0113 233 2737                                               LONDON W1W 5PFT: 020 7436 3002F: 020 7436 3013E:
   Clearing House for Educational Psychology
   Lauden House, 76 - 78 Turmill Street, London, EC1M 5QU.
                                                                    The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), CX House, 2a Corn
                                                                    Exchange Place, Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2. Tel: 01 6717122
   The Irish Association for Counselling & Therapy, 8 Cumberland
   Street, Dun Laoghaire
   Co. Dublin, Tel: 01-230 0061, Fax: 01-230 0064,                  The British Psychological Society, St Andrew’s House, 48 Princess
   E-mail:                                Road East, Leicester LE1 7DR
                                                                    Tel: 0044 116 254 9568 Fax: 0044 116 247 0787
   The British Association for Counselling                          E-mail: Website:
   BACP Office, 1 Regent Place, Rugby, CV21 2PJ.

    Other Career Options outside                                   Human Resources & Training
                                                                   Personnel/HR Manager
    HR & Training
                                                                   Occupational Psychologist
                                                                   Employee relations officer
    Media / Business/
    Consumer Behaviour                                             Equal Opportunities Officer (In larger companies)
                                                                   Forensic psychologists (Prison & probation service)
    Other Areas                                                    Training & Development Officer
    - Research &                                                   Trainer / Lecturer for Training Consultancy firm
      Administration                                               Recruitment Consultant (Employment agency)
    - Law                                                          Recruitment & Selection Manager ( In-house)

  Postgraduate Courses in HR / Training                            Media / Business/Consumer Behaviour

Diploma in Personnel Management                       (CIPD)
Public Relations Institute of Ireland                              Advertising Agency Planner
Diploma in Training & Development                     (IITD)       Market Research Analysts
MBS - Human Resource Management                       (UL)         and Group Facilitators
MBS – Human Resource Strategies                       (DCU)        Film/TV/Video–(ie Researcher)
Diploma/MBS in Safety,                                             Broadcasting/ Journalism
                                                                   Public Relations
Health & Welfare at Work                              (DCU)
MBS – Human Resource Management                       (UCD)
  Consumer Behaviour                                          Postgraduate Courses
                                                              - Business & Media
 The study of Consumer Buyer behaviour via Market
                                                             H.Dip. in
 Research is a key decision making input to all Marketing
 Advertising, PR, Media and other promotional or               Business Studies                 (UCD, UL, NUIG)
 persuasion - related business practices .Two sample job       International Marketing                (DIT)
 areas which directly use psychology degrees are:              Business to Business Marketing         (DIT)
                                                               Applied Communications                 (NUI,G)
 Market Research – Graduate Trainee Programme:
                                                               Business Studies – IT                  (UCD)
 Commission qualitative (small groups, deep in depth open
 ended questions) & quantitative research (mass market       MA in Public Relations                   (DIT)
 surveys sampling a significant % of the desired target      MSc in Advertising                       (DIT)
 population). Present findings to clients.                   MA in Journalism                      (DCU, DIT)
 Advertising – Planning Department : Ad pre-testing &        Marketing Masters Prog.        Smurfit Business
 compiling consumer profiles based on buyer behaviour.                                                School
 Planning brand and communication strategies.

 Postgraduate Courses                                        Other Areas:
 Business & Media (Continued)                                Administration/Research / Law

MA in Film & Television Studies (DCU)
MA in Film Production (DIT)
MA in Film Studies (UCD)                                     Public Service
MA in Media Studies (DIT)                                    Semi-State Bodies
MSc in Broadcasting (DIT)                                    Educational Institutions
MA in Journalism (DCU, DIT)                                  Hospitals/Health Boards
MA in Political Communication (DCU)                          Research Institutes
MA in English Literature & Publishing (NUIG)                 Solicitor / Barrister

 Postgraduate Courses
 Research/Administration / Law                               Other career options -
                                                             Postgraduate Conversion Courses Sociology & Social Research            (UCD)
H.Dip/MA in Social Services Administration      (UCC)       Some UCC examples………….
H.Dip/MA in Public Management                   (IPA)
Diploma/MA in Administration & Law              (UUJ)
MA in European Social Policy Analysis           (NUI,M)      Higher Diploma in
M.Phil in Social Work Research                  (TCD)          Computer Science
MSc in Social Research Methods                  (UUJ)          Management & Marketing
HDip in Legal Studies                           (DIT)          Co-operative Organisation, Food Marketing &
LLB/LLM Masters in Law                          (UCC)          Rural Development
LLB Grad entry                                  (UL)           Irish Heritage Management
LLM Masters in Law                              (TCD)
                                                               Business and Financial Information Systems
 UCC Irish Postgraduate Fair                        Further Resources
                                                   Careers Services:
                             •Multifunctional        Information Room
                             hall – 3rd Feb 2005       Books / UCC Career Publications
                             at 12.00 noon             AGCAS / AGSCI Publications
                                                       Job Files
                             •UCC                      Video
                             Departments and           Internet Access
                             other university        Careers Advice
                             admissions offices        Appointments
                             will be exhibiting        Duty Adviser
                                                     Contact us:
                                                     3-4 Brighton Villas, Western Road
                                                     Open Mon – Thurs 9.30 am-5.00 pm/ Fri: 9.30 – 4pm
                                                     Tel: 021 4902349 Email:

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