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									Biomass (wood fuel) Heating
      from Econergy

   A Leader in Design and Supply of
  Complete Biomass Heating Solutions

                      Biomass heat market
             Heat is responsible for 47% of UK’s C02 emissions

   Potential UK biomass heat market
    (RE Strategy, 2009):
         • Space Heating and Hot Water in
           buildings as well as Process Heat
         • Up to 8% of UK heat (38TWh) to be
           supplied by biomass by 2020 (3.2
           million homes)
         • Renewable Heat Incentive to drive
           growth from April 2011

   Substantial fuel sources
         • UK forestry and clean waste wood    Biomass Heating: Carbon Neutral Cycle
         • Energy crops from UK agriculture    •    As trees grow they absorb CO2
                                               •    During photosynthesis the trees store
         • Substantial pellet market                carbon in their woody tissues and O2 is
                                                    released into the atmosphere
   Mature boiler technology                   •    At harvest wood fuel is transported to the
                                                    heat or power generating plant
   Market is becoming mainstream              •    As wood is burnt the carbon stored
                                                    combines with O2 to form the same amount
                                                    of CO2 as was absorbed when the tree was
               Econergy Ltd: The Company

   UK leader in design & supply of
    complete biomass heating solutions
     •   Founded 1999
     •   Nearly 500 projects sold to date
     •   > 90 schools, colleges etc.
     •   10KW to 2MW systems
     •   19% owned by British Gas
     •   Excellent credit rating
   Econergy offering                           Chessington Community College
     •   Biomass boilers                            Royal Borough of Kingston
                                                 Froling 320kW wood pellet boiler
     •   Turnkey solution design & supply
     •   District heating                      Hadley Learning Centre, Shropshire
                                                 Froling 320kW wood chip boiler
     •   Biomass heat supply
   Commercial market sectors
     •   Schools, social housing, hospitals,
         universities, leisure centres, care
         homes, rural developments, offices,
         supermarkets, greenhouses etc.
   Domestic boilers
     •   Increasingly via installer network
                    Econergy customers include

Government Departments             Social Housing District Heating          Domestic
Forestry Commission (14)           Sheffield Homes (4)
DEFRA                              Berneslai Homes, Barnsley (6)            Commercial
Foreign and Commonwealth Office    Doncaster Homes                          Marks & Spencer
MOD                                South Shropshire Housing Association     Wessex Water
                                   Bromford Corinthia Housing Association   Skipton Building Society
Hospitals & Care Homes                                                      The Co-operative Group
Royal Victoria Hospital, Fife      Education
Royal Cornwall Hospital            Bristol Council Schools (6)              Contractors
Cyon Valley Hospital, Wales        Barnsley Council Schools (8)             Balfour Beatty
Birtley House Care Home            University of Cambridge                  NG Bailey
Oxon Care Home                     South Lanarkshire Council schools (3)    Crown House
                                   Suffolk Council schools (4)              Kier Group
                                   National Star College                    Skanska
Local Council Offices
                                   Berkshire College of Agriculture         John Laing
Worcestershire County Hall
                                   Royal College of Agriculture             Lorne Stewart
Southwark Council, London
Maidstone Council                                                           Mitie
Bradford City Hall                 Rural Developments                       Hayden Young
                                   Duchy of Cornwall (4)                    Crest Nicolson
                                   Aske Estate (4)                          Sir Robert McAlpine
Leisure                            Kevin McCloud                            Briggs & Forrestor
Bowood Golf Club & Spa
                                                                            Dodd Group
Doncaster Leisure Centre
                                   Charities                                Warings
Telford Leisure centre & theatre
                                   National Trust (12)                      T Clarke
Paignton Zoo Crocodile Farm
                                   RSPB                                     Interserve
The Living Rainforest
                    Which fuel type ?
Wood chip                      Wood pellet                    Logs
Heat cost: 2.0 - 3.5 p/KWh     Heat cost: 3.5 - 5.5 p/KWh     Heat cost: 1.5 - 4 p/KWh
10KW to 10MW                   10KW to 1000KW                 15 to 70KW
Low energy density             High energy density            Easy to handle
(600KWh/m3)                    (3450KWh/m3)                   Known & existing supply
Automatic feed for 24x7        Can transport long             chain
hour operation                 distances                      Can produce from small
Medium /large scale            Fuel “flows”                   scale wood land
operation is most economic     Fuel delivered by blower –
                               fuel store generally simpler
                               & cheaper

Considerations                 Considerations                 Considerations
Need local supplier            Pellet quality is critical     Need to load manually at
Quality can be variable        Cost                           least once per day
Fuel reception design is key   Need large scale               Only suitable for small
& can be expensive             production to keep costs       scale
Fuel does not flow & is        down
difficult to handle            Unlikely to be local
                Wood Pellet Boiler
              Operation & Maintenance
• What do I need to do ?
   – 2 min check once per week
   – Ash, pressure, fuel level,
     running hours
• Empty ash every 2 to 6
• Fill bunker
   – 6 x 5 tonnes per annum
   – Up to 1/month when very
• 1 service per annum
• Boiler faults reported via
  SMS to caretaker’s phone
                      Merley Primary School
                      Fuel Costs and Savings
Assumptions                                    Summary
•   Comparative fuel costs                     •   £4,500 approx saving pa
     – Pellet cost: 4.0 p/kWh                  •   CO2 saving: 22 t/yr v. gas
          • based on £200/tonne
     – Gas cost: 2.6 p/kWh
•   Comparative annual fuel costs
    for 132,000 kwhs delivered
     – £4,200 / annum gas cost
     – £6,200 / annum pellet cost
          • 31 tonnes pa
•   Pellet boiler service
     – £550/annum
•   RHI income: £7,000 pa
     – avge 5.3p/kWh RHI
          • tier 1 7.6p/kWh; tier 2 1.9p/kWh
                  Planning Considerations

Why install a pellet boiler ?          Considerations:
• £4,500 operating cost savings        • Lorry deliveries
• 22 tonnes CO2 emissions per               –   approx 6 per year
  annum savings                        •   Emissions
• Teaching about energy and climate         –   Exempt appliance under Clean Air
  change                                        Act
• Source wood pellets from                  –   1/3 of new limits under RHI
  Hampshire with local raw materials        –   No smell, minimal smoke at start-up
                                                only, steam plume when cold similar
                                                to gas boiler
                                       •   Noise
                                            –   Delivery is similar to bin lorry
                                            –   Negligible external noise when
                                       •   Dust
                                            –   Small amounts in immediate area
                                                during delivery only
                                       •   Visual impact
                                            –   Wood clad container & modest flue
Froling P4 pellet boiler + 5t pellet store
             Suffolk County Council Schools
   Biomass boilers in 4 schools
    commissioned Sept 2006
   KWB: 2 x 80KW, 2 x 100KW
     – 3 pellet, 1 wood chip boiler
   Highly reliable
     – no fossil fuel back-up
     – no loss of heat in 4 years
   Radiators and underfloor
   Fuel supplier: Eastern
     – Agricultural distribution
     – Flexible fuel blower lorry for
       chip and pellet
     – Space and access for fuel
       Biomass heating network retrofit
     National Star College, Nr Cheltenham
   Special Needs College
     – New build biomass heating
       energy centre for mission critical
       heat 24 x 7 x 365
     – Supplying 14 buildings
   Econergy turn-key design and
     – Retrofit installation
     – 500 + 320kW Froeling wood chip
       boilers, 3 x 5,000 litre buffer tanks
       (heat stores)
     – Underground 4m x 7m x 3m
       scraper floor fuel bunker
     – 2 x 600kW back-up oil boilers
     – All plant room equipment
     – 1.6km underground htg main
     – 14 local interfaces replacing 20
       oil boilers
     – £550,000 M&E capex
         Biomass retrofit managed heat supply
         Sheffield Road Flats, Barnsley (2005)
   Community district heating for 3
    tower blocks (147 flats)
   Froling boilers 320kW + 150kW
     – Installed by Econergy 1Q2005
     – gas back-up (rarely used)
   Econergy biomass heat supply
    contract since commissioning
     – c. 1.4million KWhs/annum of
       biomass heat delivered pa
     – 500 tpa wood chip fuel
     – 240 tpa CO2 saving c.f. gas
     – O&M + biomass heat
   Biomass + demand management
     –   insulation & metered flats
   13 biomass boilers for Barnsley to
    date & more in development
                 Econergy: Summary

Why biomass heating ?                 Why Econergy ?
• Lowest cost way to reduce CO2       • > 11yr UK market leading track
  emissions after energy saving         record for turn-key biomass
• Fuel security through diversity &     heating solutions
  local supply                        • 8 yr experience of biomass heat
• Local jobs in wood fuel               supply (incl fuel supply)
  production & supply                 • Very strong in house design &
• Mature technology                     project management
• Fully automated low hassle          • Excellent national service and
  heating                               fuel supply network
• Safer than gas & oil                • British Gas financing
                                      • Full company and product
                                      • Leading European biomass
                                        boiler suppliers (Froeling &
                Design and Development
 What are the customer’s objectives ?
   – CO2 reduction; financial return (RHI); fuel cost reduction; meeting
     building, planning & sustainability regulations
 Heat demand profile and physical distribution of buildings
   – Biomass boiler(s), thermal store, peak / stand-by fossil fuel boilers
   – Distribution pipework and interfaces for community heating
 Wood fuel selection and logistics
   – Fuel type; wood fuel delivery vehicle
 Space and access for biomass boiler plant (new build /
   – Fuel delivery, receipt, storage and extraction options
   – Capital cost vs. fuel and operating costs
 Air Quality: boiler installation and flue design
 Other planning considerations and approvals (visual,
 Hydraulics and controls philosophy

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