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Tips For Investing Oversease


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The overseas property market is often given a hard time in the media and sensationalist headlines
are common place. However, is this a true representation or is it a good investment in these difficult
times? Here we will cover all aspects fairly and give a good balanced view on points to consider
should you want to invest in property overseas.

What’s Your Motivation?
The first consideration is to understand your reasons for the purchase. Is it a lifestyle investment or
one to seek returns? In an already broad market the two distinct motivations complicate an article of
this nature. A poll carried out by Rightmove Overseas showed 42% of respondents stated relocation
as the primary reason for investment; only 12% were for ‘pure investment’. There are however,
considerations that affect both marketplace and these are what I will try to address.

Where To Buy?
A major consideration but one that sounds obvious is where to buy the property as it has huge
connotations to other factors, especially given the current climate. Depending on the level of risk
you are happy with, all countries are options and returns, if monitored, could be very attractive.
Speculative investors did well several years ago for examples as huge return were made in some
Eastern European countries. However, these have been hit hardest in current times; Estonia, Latvia
and Lithuania are classic examples with losses of up to 60% recorded.

Perhaps more widely reported were countries like Dubai or Spain. The former because of the brazen
attitude of the rulers and over ambitious planning, the latter simply because it was the market
leader. Fundamentally both countries have strong core markets and will make good ling term
investments. Despite the turmoil the Spanish property market has suffered, it remains one of the
largest markets. In fact there has been resurgence in the traditional markets like Spain, France and
Italy during 2010. Rightmove Oversease have reported that 60% of all searches are now purely for
Spain and France.

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