Lifeline Impacts Lives in Nepal Welcome to our Newest Board by MikeJenny


                 “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”
                                                           V A R I E T Y C H I L D R E N ’ S

                                                                                                        SUMMER 2009

 A Welcome to our Newest                                       Lifeline Impacts Lives in
    Board Member...                                                     Nepal...
   John R. Weber, Sr.                                         The country of Nepal, situated between China and
                                                              India, is considered the poorest country in Asia with
Dear John,                                                    30% of the population living on less than 1 dollar a
                                                              day and only one doctor for every ten thousand people.
  Welcome, John Weber, our oldest friend and newest           Approximately 50,000 children die every year from
Board Member. We are thrilled that you, a pillar of           curable diseases in Nepal. For over ten years Dr. Patrick
both your industry and of Variety for decades, have           Leblanc, Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care
elected to be a member of our Board.                          Unit at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, has conducted
                                                              medical missions for
  John Weber, for years you contributed your wisdom           Lifeline. In October
and sponsored the hospitality at all of Variety’s most        2008, Dr. Leblanc,
recent conventions. Your contribution was meaningful          along with Dr. Louisdon
because it created the locale and atmosphere where            Pierre undertook their
the diverse Variety members gathered every year to            first mission to Nepal.
enhance Variety’s image and raison d’etre.                    The doctors loaded
                                                              their luggage with two
  Thank you John Weber for joining us.                        resuscitator units, two Welch Allyn Respiratory
  Thank you Reverend Gloria Weber for believing in            Monitors, and over 100 accessories donated by Lifeline
us.                                                           and set off for the sparsely equipped Tribuvan University
                                                              Teaching Hospital. Together, the doctors treated two
  We are still at the beginning of our task and mission.      preemie babies and one 14 year-old child suffering
We shall carry on with respect, without self adulation,       from septic shock. Due to ten years of internal conflict,
and we shall simply do it for any one of the 6,000            Nepal has been and remains on the US Department of
children we treated last year.                                State Travel Warning list. In spite of the potential for
                                                              danger, the two Lifeline doctors elected to bring their
  With your added arms at the oars, it shall be easier        experience to the country and refused to cancel their
for us to navigate.                                           planned mission. Lifeline’s donations, coupled with
                                   Sincerely,                 the training given by the doctors during the mission,
                                                              saved the lives of 11 more children after the Lifeline
                                                              doctors left the country. Dr. Leblanc’s mission to Nepal
                                                              exhibits the three cornerstones of Lifeline’s overall
                                   Salah M. Hassanein         purpose: intervention, education and continuation.
   ETHIOPIA                           JAMAICA                     TIBET                  BURUNDI

Editorial from the Chairman                                    Lifeline Highlights for 2008
  Salah M. Hassanein
                                                               In 2008, Lifeline sponsored 40 missions --- one every
Dear Lifeliners and Friends of Lifeline,
                                                               9 days.
         I want to address a very serious problem that
                                                               The 40 missions break down into six medical
Variety Children’s Lifeline is facing. It is a problem that,
certainly, with respect to most of Africa, is a question
of life or death.                                                24 Cardiac missions
        During the past two years we have chosen to              5 Reconstructive Surgery missions
assist medical missions to Africa, mostly in conjunction         5 Clinical missions
with Lighthouse Medical Mission Teams led by Dr.                 2 Neurosurgical missions
Robert Hamilton, who has become a significant ally.              2 Rehabilitative missions
His missions are admirable, joined by doctors, nurses,           2 Neonatal missions
pharmacists, volunteers and most professionals who are
important to the success of such missions. Many pay            Variety Children’s Lifeline sponsored missions to 22
their own way, devote valuable time and give whatever          countries.
they may have in skills or money.                              VCL treated more than 6,000 children, as well as
        We have found that the scourge has been the            over 2,000 adults.
lack of healthy water. The diseases we have encountered
                                                               VCL had over 230 medical volunteers from 17 U.S.
include dysentery, diarrhea, worms, malaria, and typhoid
- all water related diseases. While the medical missions
have been a success per se, the environmental element          VCL partnered with 18 U.S. Hospitals.
does not change.
                                                               VCL performed the first joint mission with Water for
        We have to eradicate the cause if we wish to           Life International installing two water treatment
succeed in the long term in treating those infected. This      systems in Sierra Leone while simultaneously
means very simply that our sister organization, Water for      providing clinical treatment for dysentery, worms,
Life International, has to be strengthened to permit us to     typhoid and malaria - all water related diseases.
do so. We are in the midst of developing a campaign to         Pastor Edward Saffa of the Door Church declared that
secure the funds necessary to have the water treatment         no new typhoid cases had been detected one month
units needed for a successful effort. We shall write you       after the installations were completed.
more on this; but, if we have simultaneous mechanisms
to provide potable water to those whose diseases are           In early 2008, the NBC Today Show aired “New Heart,
a result of untreated water then we have succeeded. If         New Life,” produced by Lauren Ina, featuring VCL’s
we do not, then we will be treading water.                     pediatric cardiac mission to Siem Reap, Cambodia.
                                                               In 2008, VCL overhauled its website in order to make
                                Sincerely yours,               it more donor friendly. Please visit.
                                                               Thanks to the volunteer services of our medical teams,
                                                               in 2008 each VCL dollar represented ten dollars in
                                Salah M. Hassanein             medical value.
     M I S S I O N R E P O RT S – G L O B A L I M PA C T:                                                                 GHAN
                                                                         women, men and children. Prior to the team’s arrival
Ghana                                                                    there were no medicines to be found anywhere. The
Children’s Hospital Boston /                                             cupboards were literally empty in the emergency room.
Harvard Medical School                                                   Once word spread that medicines were being restocked,
                                                                         the team could not provide enough care. Not only did the
In conjunction with Harvard Medical School, Dr. Francis                  team set up a clinic, they also visited several orphanages
Fynn-Thompson and his 22-person team from the                            whose children were in desperate need of medical
                                 Children’s Hospital Boston,             assistance. There is more work to be done in Burundi.
                                 the leading children’s hospital
                                 for heart and heart surgery
                                 in the U.S., completed their            Ecuador
                                 third successful mission to             Penn State Hershey Medical Center
                                 Ghana. In November 2008,
                                 t h e m i s s i o n p e r fo r m e d    Celebrating their ten-year anniversary of missions to the
11 open heart pediatric surgeries and 90 cardiac                         Hospital de Niño’s Roberto Gilbert Elizlde, Guayaquil,
e c h o g r a m s . I n a d d i t i o n , 1 3 5 c h i l d r e n we r e   Ecuador, the Lifeline/Hershey Penn State team took
treated and screened through a temporary clinic.                         their largest group of volunteers yet, 76 members. Led by
                                                                         Dr. John Myers, Dr. Stephen Cyran, Dr. Brian Clark, and
                                                                         Dr. Linda Pauliks, the mission split into two consecutive
Burundi                                                                  surgical teams, which allowed for a more encompassing
Pacific Ocean Pediatrics /                                               approach. A recordbreaking
Lighthouse Medical Mission Teams                                         30 open heart surgeries and
                                                                         25 catheterizations were
Another successful clinical mission was conducted by                     performed over a two week
Lighthouse Medical Mission Teams and Variety Children’s                  period. Additionally, the team
Lifeline in October 2008. Led by Dr. Robert Hamilton of                  held a clinic where 203 children
Pacific Ocean Pediatrics, the team treated over 2,500                    were evaluated. So enamored
people, 700 of them children, for typhoid, dysentery,                    and committed to the work
malaria, burns, broken bones and                                         that the Penn State Hershey team has performed, VCL
the common cold. Surprisingly                                            Board Member Susan Sullivan traveled to Ecuador
the most prevalent injuries in                                           volunteering her time and money to assist in the mission.
Burundi stem from bicycle and
car accidents – every 3 out of 5
children that the team saw had
succumbed to one of these mobile                                         Doernbecher Children’s Hospital /
accidents. The team also treated                                         CardioStart International
many burn victims due to the
incredibly high rate of exposure                                         Returning to The Honorario Del Gado Hospital in
to open fires. Parents often leave                                       Arequipa, Peru for a follow-up mission, Dr. Aubyn
their children unattended near open fires while preparing                Marath and his 35-member team from CardioStart
a meal. There is virtually no electricity in Burundi.                    International treated 24 orphaned children during a
                                                                         one-day clinic and performed heart surgery on another
The team’s temporary clinic set up at the Military                       11 children. The Honorio del Gado public hospital
Hospital in Bujumbura started out slow, only attracting                  serves the entire city of Arequipa, as well as the
men for the first two days. But, by the third day, the                   surrounding area, which includes a total of 8 million
lines were too long for everyone to be treated –                         people. CardioStart and Variety Children’s Lifeline
NA           CAMBODIA                            UKRAINE                         PERU                    DOMINICA
     responded to the Peruvian plea by donating what was          Olarte and his team assessed and treated 30 newborns and
     most needed - medications, supplies and equipment.           infants during their mission across six neonatal units.Their
                                                                  training, support and services over the years has contributed
                                                                  vastly to the hospital’s growing and continued success.
     Tri-City Medical Center /
     Smiles International Foundation                              Jamaica
                                                                  Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK /
     Dr. Jeffrey Moses of the Tri-City Medical Center in          Chain of Hope
     Oceanside, CA and Director of the Smiles International
                                  Foundation successfully         The London based Chain of Hope began missions to
                                  concluded the third in          Jamaica in 2007. Since then, 51 children have received
                                  his series of missions to       heart surgery. Led by Victor
                                  Mexico for 2008. During         Tsang, MD of the Great
                                  his third visit, Dr. Moses      Ormond Street Hospital,
                                  and his team performed          the Lifeline/Chain of Hope
                                  reconstructive surgery on       mission that took place in
                                  25 children. For the year,      November 2008 provided
                                  Dr. Moses and his team          surger y to 11 of these
                                  provided reconstructive         children. Each mission begins with a didactic teaching
                                  cranio-maxillofacial            session for the local nursing staff and junior physicians.
     surgeries to 117 children. Thanks to the organizational      Sustainability is a key factor in Jamaica where 3.2%
     help of the Rotary Club of Tecate, the VCL/SIF team          of children die before they reach the age of five.
     was able to locate and change the lives of these children.
     Ecuador                                                      Imperial College London /
     Frederick Memorial Hospital /                                Chain of Hope
     Johns Hopkins Medical Center
                                                                  Sir Magdi Yacoub, Director of the Chain of Hope and
     The neonatal mission to Ecuador is a wonderful example       world renowned pediatric cardiologist of the Imperial
     of collaboration. Dr. Fabio Olarte of Frederick Memorial     College, London has been leading missions to the Mater
     Hospital Maryland, along with four doctors from the          Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya for four years. As part of a
     Johns Hopkins Hospital, one                                  more sustainable approach, the Chain of Hope has also
     from Penn State University                                   sponsored Kenyan doctors to travel to the UK for training.
     Children’s Hospital, and one                                 The 2008 Lifeline/Hope mission was a great success with
     from the Crozer-Chester                                      16 open heart surgeries performed without complications.
     Hospital in Philadelphia, led                                Twelve of the sixteen children were diagnosed with severe
     their sixth neonatal mission                                 Mitral Regurgitation, or the abnormal seepage of blood
     to the Maternity Hospital                                    from the heart usually caused by rheumatic fever, which
     Enrique C. Sotom ayor                                        is an extreme result of a strep throat infection. In a study
     and El Hospital de Niño’s                                    performed nearly a decade ago, 6.2% of the children
     Roberto Gilbert. Their mission coincided with the            in Kenya were diagnosed with Mitral Regurgitation
     60th anniversary of the Maternity Hospital, which has        (Anabwani and Bonhoeffer 1996). VCL and Chain of
     attended to over 1,400,000 births since inception. The       Hope are doing everything they can to reduce the number
     hospital delivers 100 newborns on average per day. Dr.       of children who die from this condition every year.
AN REPUBLIC                            PA N A M A                      N E PA L                  H ON D U R A S
  Honduras                                                        from the hospital within two days of surgery. No children
                                                                  were left in the ward upon the team’s departure. The trek
  University of California, San Diego                             to the hospital for most of the children and their families
  The first exploratory mission to Honduras was carried           is no easy task – many of them battling torrential rains
  out in November 2008. After a meeting with Honduras’s           on ox-cart traveling anywhere from 300km to 500km.
  First Lady Xiomara Castro                                       Susan Grossfeld, team coordinator, sends “a sincere and
  de Zelaya who asked for                                         heartfelt thank you to Variety Children’s Lifeline for giving
  medical support, VCL sent                                       18 more children in Cambodia a new chance at life”.
  a two doctor team down for
  an assessment mission. Dr.
  David Brenner, Dean of the
  UCSD School of Medicine
                                                                  Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
  and Dr. Thomas McAfee,                                          Dr. Seshadri Balaji from the Doernbecher Children’s
  internist, spent four days in                                   Hospital of the Oregon Health and Science University
  Tegucigalpa, Honduras’s capital, visiting one clinic, two       performed another mission to the Hospital Del Niño
  hospitals and one orphanage. All four facilities were lacking   de Panama. The team screened 20 children for heart
  in sanitation, equipment and staff. Despite the conditions,     defects. Twelve cases were chosen for surgery over a
  they found that the country had adequate primary care,          three day period. The majority of surgeries performed
  but fell short in certain specialty care services, such as      were curative ablations, all of which went smoothly. The
  psychiatry. The team will return to conduct VCL’s first         team also made a special trip to the Social Security
  youth oriented psychiatric mission in the fall of 2009.         Hospital to visit patients under the care of Dr. Miguel
                                                                  de la Rosa. Five additional surgeries were performed
  Cambodia                                                        during this visit. The main problem the team noted during
                                                                  this visit was the high number of non-inducible cases.
  Rady Children’s Hospital /                                      There are too many children with a strong history of
  University of California, San Diego                             palpitations but no actual documented SVT. Panama, the
                                                                  team realized, badly needs an Event Monitoring System
  Led by Dr. Paul Grossfeld, in October 2008 the Rady             which will reduce the number of unnecessary procedures.
  Children’s Hospital, San Diego/UCSD/                            It is Lifeline’s and OHSU’s goal to place one of these
  Lifeline team undertook their third                             systems at the Social Security Hospital by next year.
  mission to the Angkor Hospital for
  Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Due
  to the lack of cardiopulmonary bypass                           Tibet/China
  capabilities, the team is restricted to                         Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh /
  performing PDA ligations only. No                               South East Asia Prayer Center
  open heart surgeries are available
  to the impoverished children in the entire country of           For the fifth year in a row Dr. Bradley Keller of the
  Cambodia. The team evaluated 25 children, 18 of which           Children’s Hospital Pittsburg
  were found to have operable PDAs, while the others were         led a team of five medical
  open-heart candidates. The team had originally planned          practitioners to Tibet. The
  to evaluate 29 children, but to their dismay 4 children         mission was a huge success;
  died awaiting the team’s arrival in Cambodia. All 18 PDA        995 children were treated in
  procedures were successful. After 3 hours of surgery all        a two-day clinic. Eleven of
  the patients were up and walking within 8 hours (with           these children were diagnosed
  the exception of the infants). All children were discharged     with heart conditions and received surger y in
MOZAMBIQUE                                    ARMENIA                          LAOS
China, because the medical center in Lhasa is very              leading another mission in 2009 and is expanding the
limited. After five years of planning, the SEAPC has            program by recruiting the medical staff of Boston
just finished building the first Heart Catheter Lab in          College to conduct their own mission to the Ukraine.
Tibet, now providing Tibetans with local accessibility.
The next mission to Tibet is scheduled for May
2009 and will utilize the new lab for the first time.
                                                                Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery /
                                                                Plasticos Foundation
Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines                                Led by Dr. Larry Nichter, Dr. William McClure and Dr.
                                                                Robert Burns of the Plasticos Foundation our first mission
In 2008, through its affiliation with the American Airlines     to Laos was conducted in January 2009. Upon arrival the
Miles for Kids in Need Program, Lifeline brought 29             team screened 120 patients for cleft palate and other
children from the Yucatan, Mexico to Mercy Medical              deformities. 97 patients were
                     Center for open heart surgery. The         chosen to receive surgery over
                     ongoing mission brings 6 groups of five    a one week period. Of the 97
                     children each per year to the hospital     patients, 87 were children.
                     for surgery. Not only does Mercy           Because the medical facility
                     Medical Center provide surgery,            was small and ill equipped,
                     they also provide post operative           the team had to create a
                     care, housing, food and clothing to        tent city, fully supplied with
                     the children and their accompanying        blankets and food for overnight stays. The team noted that
                     family members. Led by Dr. Thomas          these children and their families were truly the “poorest
                     Becker, head of Pediatric Cardiology       of the poor”. Laos, bordering on Vietnam and Thailand,
                     at Mercy, Variety Children’s Lifeline      is one of Southeast Asia’s poorest countries. Most of the
has been supporting the program for over ten years.             country lives without electricity and medical facilities
                                                                are few and far between. Plasticos and Lifeline provided
                                                                these children with a once in a lifetime chance to gain
Ukraine                                                         physical normality and acceptance by their community in
Tri-City Medical Center                                         a country where hardships are already all too common.
Smiles International Foundation
The Smiles International/Lifeline team led by Dr.               Ethiopia
Jeffrey Moses traveled to the Mechnikov Central                 Imperial College London /
Regional Hospital in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine where              Chain of Hope
they screened 92 orphans
for potential cleft-palate                                       In January 2009, Lifeline and the Chain of Hope
reconstructive surgery. Of                                       conducted the inaugeral mission to the Tikur Anbessa
these children, 18 were                                          Black Lion University Hospital in Addis Ababa. The group
chosen for immediate                                             split up into three teams during the mission. Sir Magdi
surgery. Dr. Moses and his                                       Yacoub, led the first team who performed five cardiac
team have brought an entirely new type of surgery to the        surgeries, Dr. Shakeel Qureshi led the second group and
country of Ukraine. Children who would remain orphaned          performed eight catheterizations and Dr. Michael Teodori
their entire lives because of facial deformities, now have a    led next year’s assessment team which diagnosed seven
chance to live with their loving and caring families. Medical   more children for future operations. Chain of Hope has just
care in the Ukraine is very limited. Dr. Moses will be          finished building Ethiopia’s first Pediatric Cardiac Center.
 MEXICO                        SIERRA LEONE                                     EGYPT                       HAITI

Dominican Republic                                             Myanmar
The Children’s Hospital Michigan                               Strategic Partners Among Nations
                                                               Through a new partnership with Strategic Partners Among
Dr. Daniel Turner of the Children’s Hospital Michigan
                                                               Nations, Lifeline sent its first medical team to Myanmar
                        led a pre-operative mission
                                                               (Burma). Led by Dr.
                        for Dr. Robert Ross’s follow-
                                                               Marna Geisler, the team
                        up mission. Over the course of
                                                               referred to themselves as
                        three days the team performed
                                                               a mobile clinic, visiting 3
                        10 heart catheterizations on
                                                               provinces and treating a
                        children 1 to 14 years of age.
                                                               prodigious 1,773 people,
                        Five of the patients showed
                                                               most of them children, in
                        severe congenital heart disease
                                                               just a five day period. The
and were asked to return to be seen by Dr. Ross and his
                                                               team purchased all of their
team three weeks later. All treatments were a success.
                                                               medications in Burma in order to insure that the patients
                                                               had access to the same medications after the team
Dominican Republic                                             departed. It is very difficult for citizens of Burma to obtain
The Children’s Hospital Michigan                               goods from outside their country. Not only did the team
                                                               provide primary care to many children who never had
In February 2009, Dr. Robert Ross and his team from            such opportunities, they also performed several surgeries.
the Children’s Hospital of Michigan completed their fifth
Mission to the Dominican Republic. The team performed
                         7 heart surgeries and 5 cardiac
                                                              Board of Directors                           Staff
                         catheterizations. All patients
                         were discharged and doing well         Salah M. Hassanein                  David L. George
                         when the team left the country to          Chairman                       Executive Director
                         return home, except for Amelia.
                         Amelia, a 1 ½ year old girl, was     Frederick M. Friedman
                         diagnosed with Tricuspid Atresia,       Vice-Chairman                    Bree C. Del Sordo
                         a large Ventricular Septal defect,                                       Mission Coordinator
Patent Ductus Arteriosis, and Pulmonary Hypertension.               Luis A. DaSilva
In general, Amelia was not receiving enough blood to
her lungs. Before and after each surgery, Amelia was          James T. Demetriades
                                                                                                 Shawna M. Landis
                          holding on for life. Dr. Ross and         Walter Dunn                Administrative Assistant
                          his team left unfulfilled and
                          worried that they would never           Nesa Hassanein
                          see this young child again. Three                                       Sharon L. Sausedo
                         weeks later the team received               Lauren Ina
                                                                                                  Internet Consultant
                         a note from the CEDIMAT                    Ralph Nappi
                         Hospital in Santo Domingo
                         telling of Amelia’s great recovery      Susan K. Sullivan                  Lee M. Forrester
– pink in the face, out of the ICU and crawling around.
                                                                John R. Weber, Sr.                  Certified Public
A thank you goes out to both Dominican Republic                                                       Accountant
teams for working hard to cut their spending this                   Clark Woods
year. Both teams came in tremendously under budget.
                                                                2009 Mission Schedule
Country         Home Hospital / Organization                 Host Hospital                                  Discipline                           Doctor                    Date
Laos            Plasticos Foundation                         Mittadhab Hospital                             Cranio-Maxillofacial                 Larry Nichter           Jan-09
Ethiopia        The Chain of Hope                            Tikur Anbessa Black Lion University Hospital   Pediatric Cardiac                    Sir Magdi Yacoub        Jan-09
Panama          Doernbecher Children’s Hospital              Hospital del Nino, Panama City                 Pediatric Cardiac                    Seshadri Balaji         Jan-09
Dom. Rep.       Children’s Hospital of Michigan              CEDIMAT                                        Pediatric Cardiac                    Daniel Turner           Jan-09
Dom. Rep.       Children’s Hospital of Michigan              CEDIMAT                                        Pediatric Cardiac                    Robert Ross             Feb-09
Egypt           The Chain of Hope                            Abu Eresh Children’s Hospital                  Pediatric Cardiac                    Sir Magdi Yacoub        Mar-09
Panama          Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Oregon      Hospital del Nino de Panama                    Pediatric Cardiac                    Michael Womack          Mar-09
Sierra Leone    Pacific Ocean Pediatrics / Lighthouse        Temporary Clinic / The Door Church             Clinical                             Robert Hamilton         Apr-09
Sierra Leone    Surfside Pediatrics / Lighthouse             Temporary Clinic / The Door Church             Clinical                             Kevin White             Apr-09
Mexico          Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines             Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines               Pediatric Cardiac                    Thomas Becker           Apr-09
Ecuador         Frederick Memorial / Johns Hopkins           Hospital Gineco-Obstetrico Enrique Sotomayor   Neonatal                             Fabio Olarte            Apr-09
Haiti           Brooklyn Hospital                            Hospital Genewe                                Neonatal                             Patrick Leblanc         May-09
Tibet/China     Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh / SEAPC    Peoples Regional Hospital of Lhasa             Clinical & Pediatric Cardiac         Bradley Keller          May-09
Mexico          Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines             Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines               Pediatric Cardiac                    Thomas Becker           May-09
China           The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia      Peking University, Beijing                     Rehabilitative Medicine              Heakyung Kim            May-09
Ukraine         Smiles International Foundation              Mechnikov Central Regional Hospital            Cranio-Maxillofacial                 Jeffrey Moses           May-09
Mozambique      Chain of Hope, London / Lifeline             Maputo Heart Institute                         Pediatric Cardiac                    Sir Magdi Yacoub        Jun-09
Chile           The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia      Teleton Rehabilitation Infantil                Rehabilitative Medicine              Heakyung Kim             Jul-09
Peru            University of California, San Diego          Hospital Maria Auxiliadora                     Pediatric Brain Surgery              Michael Levy            Aug-09
Armenia         Armenian Missionary Association of America   AMAA Social Service Center, Stepanavan         Clinical                             Albert Phillips         Aug-09
Panama          Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Oregon      Hospital del Nino de Panama                    Pediatric Cardiac                    Michael Womack          Aug-09
Ecuador         Frederick Memorial / Johns Hopkins           Hospital Gineco-Obstetrico Enrique Sotomayor   Neonatal                             Fabio Olarte            Sep-09
Gambia          Pacific Ocean Pediatrics / Lighthouse        Door Church, Banjul                            Clinical                             Robert Hamilton          Oct-09
Ghana           Children’s Hospital Boston                   Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital                 Pediatric Cardiac                    Francis Fynn-Thompson    Oct-09
Honduras        University of California San Diego           Casitas Kennedy Orphanage / Alonso Suazo       Teen Psychiatry                      Mounir Soliman           Oct-09
Cambodia        Rady Children’s Hospital / UCSD              Angkor Hospital for Children                   Pediatric Cardiac                    Paul Grossfeld           Dec-09
United States   UMASS Memorial Children’s Hospital           UMASS Memorial Children’s Hospital             Rehabilitative / Feeding Disorders   Michael Hirsh           Ongoing
Mexico          Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines             Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines               Pediatric Cardiac                    Thomas Becker               tbd
Mexico          Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines             Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines               Pediatric Cardiac                    Thomas Becker               tbd
Mexico          Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines             Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines               Pediatric Cardiac                    Thomas Becker               tbd

                                           2008 Mission Schedule (August - December)
Country         Home Hospital                                Host Hospital                                  Discipline                           Doctor                     Date
Kenya           Chain of Hope                                The Mater Hospital                             Pediatric Cardiac                    Sir Magdi Yacoub        Aug-08
Ecuador         Frederick Memorial Hospital, Maryland        Enrique C. Sotomayor Maternity Hospital        Neonatal                             Fabio Olarte             Sep-08
Mexico          Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines             Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines               Pediatric Cardiac                    Thomas Becker            Sep-08
Ukraine         Smiles International Foundation              Mechnikov Central Regional Hospital            Cranio-Maxiollofacial Surgery        Jeffrey Moses            Sep-08
Peru            OHSU / CardioStart International             Honorio Delgado General Hospital               Pediatric Cardiac                    Aubyn Marath             Sep-08
Tibet/China     Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh            People’s Regional Hospital                     Pediatric Cardiac                    Bradley Keller           Oct-08
Burundi         Pacific Ocean Pediatrics / Lighthouse        No Hospital / Temporary Clinic                 Clinical                             Robert Hamilton          Oct-08
Ghana           Children’s Hospital Boston                   Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital                 Pediatric Cardiac                    Francis Fynn-Thompson    Oct-08
Mexico          Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines             Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines               Pediatric Cardiac                    Thomas Becker            Oct-08
Nepal           The Brooklyn Hospital Center                 Child Health Institute                         Pediatric Cardiac                    Patrick Leblanc          Oct-08
Cambodia        UCSD Children’s Hospital                     Angkor Hospital for Children                   Pediatric Cardiac                    Paul Grossfeld           Oct-08
Honduras        University of California, San Diego          General Hospital                               Pediatric Cardiac                    David Brenner            Nov-08
Ecuador         Hershey Penn State Children’s Hospital       Hospital de Ninos Roberto Gilbert Elizlde      Pediatric Cardiac                    John Myers               Nov-08
Myanmar         Strategic Partners Among Nations             Pathein Regional Facility                      Clinical                             Marna Geisler            Nov-08
Jamaica         Chain of Hope                                Bustamante Children’s Hospital                 Pediatric Cardiac                    Victor Tsang             Nov-08
Mexico          Smiles International Foundation              Red Cross Hospital of Tecate                   Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery         Jeffrey Moses            Nov-08
Ecuador         Hershey Penn State Children’s Hospital       Hospital de Ninos Roberto Gilbert Elizlde      Pediatric Cardiac                    Brian Clark              Nov-08
Israel          Wolfson Medical Center                       Wolfson Medical Center                         Pediatric Cardiac                    Simon Fisher            Ongoing
United States   UMASS Memorial Children’s Hospital           UMASS Memorial Children’s Hospital             Rehabilitative / Feeding Disorders   Michael Hirsh           Ongoing

       MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                                             THANK YOU TO
  Variety Children’s Lifeline provides                                                                                             AMERICAN AIRLINES
  medical and surgical assist ance to                                                                                              Lifeline wishes to thank American
  underprivileged children in developing                                                                                           Airlines for their support through
  countries, primarily in pediatric cardiac                                                                                        the Miles for Kids in Need program,
  surgery. Multidisciplinary voluntary missions                                                                                    which provides air travel for children
                                                                             VARIETY CHILDREN’S LIFELINE                           requiring surgery. We ask that Lifeline
  and/or partnerships with local hospitals                                                                                         members show favor to American
  are the key to our goal for these countries                                  514 Via de la Valle, Suite 207
                                                                                 Solana Beach, CA 92075                            Airlines when they travel.
  to achieve independence in their ability to
                                                                                  858.509.9445 (phone)
  provide appropriate medical care to their                                        858.509.0708 (fax)                              Thank you to Vick y Voll at
  children. Variety Children’s Lifeline brings                                   Contact: David George or                          Travel Leaders / Voll Travel
  children requiring highly technical care to                                        Bree Del Sordo                                Management for over 25 years
  appropriate facilities in the United States                       or
                                                                                                                                   of unselfish and dedicated
  or elsewhere.                                                                                                                              service.

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