; 5 Great Podcasting Services
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5 Great Podcasting Services


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									              Top 5 podcasting services

Blip.tv is primarily a video hosting site, so is great for hosting video
podcasts. But, they also host audio (e.g. MP3) files as well, so it’s
equally useful for audio podcasts.

The website is generally very easy and intuitive to use with a very clean
interface, and probably represents the easiest solution for a beginner.


Blogtalkradio offers a free 30 day trial and a $39.99 per month charge
thereafter. The solution is simple to use and does not require any software
download or instillation. The solution makes sharing your podcasts with
popular channels including iTunes, Facebook and Twitter really simple.


Liberated Syndication is your one stop solution for everything you
need to start podcasting, get your podcast in iTunes and even turn your
show into an App.

Podcasting packages start from as little as $5 per month and offers
generous storage.


PodBean.com offers an easy way to publish your own audio and video
podcast in 3 steps. There is not technology curve. You can share your
podcast in Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, and other online destinations.

Podbean also features sharing options for the likes of iTunes and has a
statistics package to provide information about the popularity of your


PodOmatic offers a basic free and pro option. Basic provides easy tools,
500MB of storage and 15GB of bandwidth per month. Pro has more
features for about $10/month.

                      Source: http://digitaltext.wordpress.com

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