Marketing Communications Subcommittee by hcj


									                      Marketing/Communications Subcommittee
                                Terms of Reference

Develop a communications/marketing strategy to promote awareness of e-HLbc
resources and activities to all stakeholders (e.g. Steering Committee, BCAHC Operating
Committee, Librarians); and liaise with contractor to ensure implementation and review
of activities.

The Subcommittee will consist of 3 members: including one Steering Committee
representative from the Academic sector, one Steering Committee representative from the
Health Sector and one member from the Management Committee.


                 Deliverables                                   Timeline
In liaison with the contractor develop a       Dec 31, 2006
communications/marketing plan with
recommendations to the Management
Committee re: activities, reports for review
and implementation
Oversee development of e-HLbc website          Dec 31, 2006
Review and ensure distribution of regular      Ongoing (at least quarterly)
updates one-HLbc activities
Draft promotional materials                    Ongoing
Prepare an annual report of marketing and      Annual
communication activities
Other deliverables at determined by            To be determined
Management Committee

Reporting Structure:
The Marketing/Communications Subcommittee will report to the Management

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