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					                          Chef for Kids Board Meeting Minutes
                            October 3, 2001 at Market Smart

Members Present: Dave Simmons, Dorothy Huffey, Sue Lednicky, Nancy Connelly, Joe
Yonkouski, Bob Borg, Buzz Thurber, Scott Ramin, Carolyn Leontos, Eric Rutsky, and
Terry Long.

Called to Order: 8:30 AM

I. Minutes: Passed around and approved.

II. Last Breakfast: Lois Craig went well, Sam’s Town did a great job.

III. Next Breakfast: John S. Parks will be done by Circus Circus and will be assisted by
Kellogs and Pillsbury. Board discussed passing out of playing cards at breakfast and it
was decide that it was okay as it helps the kids with their numbers.

IV. Update on Dinner Auction: Dorothy meet with new Food and Beverage director but
didn’t get a chance to try the sound system. Corkage will be $6.40 a bottle. Lowest bid
on the floweriest okay but must get a bid from Four Seasons. Chef Wolfgang will allow
us to bring in food and chef for the dinner. Chef John Foles will go to Four Season with
Dorothy in the future to check it out. Need to look at redesign of the dinner invitation, as
the current design is expensive to reproduce.

V. Programs and Events: Scott discussed the grant that we partnered with from UNLV.
Dorothy discussed the mobile dentist office that people wanted us to get involved with.
Board discussed the possibility of partner with organizations. Snack program was great.
CP Squires was short on snacks. New schools got the snack, which was a Honey Wheat
Granola Bar. For October the board decided on a fruit roll-up and November will be a
snack wells cookie. Chef Kitty from US Foods says that they want to donate money for
events. She is working on the possibility of t-shirt donation for the kids. Kitty will
donate what ever we need from US Foods.

VI. Web Page Update: Scott will update once UNLV gives the additional space that is

VII. Teacher Update: Robin and Crystal are doing fine. Sonya will be on maternity leave
soon and Erma may be looking for a job soon. Sue reminded the board that we can’t hire
anyone until the current position empty which will effect the program in the short term
but will be solved in the long run.

VIII. Next Meeting: November 7, 2001 at Market Smart.

IX. Old Business: List update of donors and those we include in the dinner. Look at
getting possible list of donors from the Agassi Foundation. Dorothy reminded the board
that the reason that the Agassi Foundation does so well is the fact that it has a national
and local presence and they have a lot of money donated for the production of the
program. Dave mentioned the truck for Chefs for Kids and how it will show the fruits of
our labor. Eric asked about getting the Agassi Foundation involved with this endeavor.
Could we get Agassi Foundation out to an event, Perry Rogers is the contact and we
should try to invite him out to a breakfast and/or class. Discussed the recent 9/11 tragedy
and decided to make food baskets for each of our nine schools and ten for us to give to
chefs directly to give to people that they have had to lay off. Anderson Dairy will donate
boxes for the project. Will make 45 total boxes and Sue will contact the schools about
the donations. Additional information sent via email in the coming days.

X. New Business: Nothing.

Adjourn: 9:45 AM

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