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									 Make It Easy With Sedation
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                                                   Sedation Dentistry
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                                                   For patients with dental anxiety
                                                   Sedation Dentistry is a dream come
                                                   true. Dental anxiety is a hidden
                                                   phobia, like many people, you may be             Patient Testimonials
                                                   embarrassed to admit your fears and
                                                   even more afraid to confront                    10/2006 - Josh
                                                   them. Worse yet, you may have never             "The Sedation Dentistry option is Great!
                                                   known that Sedation Dentistry was an            I'll be returning here for all my dentistry
                                                   option. Not Anymore! Sedation                   from now on."
                                                   Dentistry is the answer to a dream              6/2007 - Emily
                                                   come true.                                      "Great Experience"

Dr. Charles Bohle & Dr. John Mahan                 Once you've experienced Sedation                2/2008 - Brandon
                                                   Dentistry with Dr. Bohle or Dr. Mahan,          "Everyone was Great, especially Dr.
Here at Bohle Family Dentistry we fully            you'll probably never be afraid to go to        Bohle. I will be referring my friends to
understand the art of Sedation Dentistry as well   the dentist again. You'll be sedated just       your office."
as gentle, caring, and quality dental
                                                   enough to be unaware of the                     5/09 - Tina
treatment. Dr. Charles Bohle and Dr. John
Mahan specialize in treating patients with the
                                                   treatments, as if you were                      "Best dental experience I've ever had!"
following conditions:                              relaxing. Our specially trained team
                                                   will monitor you continually                    8/09 - Jennifer
*   High fear                                      throughout the appointment. We                  "I have never been more comfortable in a
*   Traumatic dental experiences                   can accomplish extensive amounts of             dentist office in my life. Thank you so
*   Difficulty getting numb                        dentistry at one time, you will have
                                                                                                   much Dr. Mahan."
*   Sensitive teeth
*   Complex dental problems
                                                   little or no memory of the                      1/2010 - Charlie
*   Limited time to complete dental care           experience. Imagine being able to           1   "The staff was remarkable, and the state
                                                   smile with confidence and chew your             of the art equipment was impressive."
There is no reason to be afraid or embarrassed     food without pain. No wonder so
by your teeth. Dr. Bohle and Dr. Mahan             many patients say:                              7/2010 - Lynda
understand your anxiety and can help eliminate     "Thank you, Dr. Bohle and Dr. Mahan,            "Thank you Bohle Family Dentistry for
these problems for you with Sedation                                                               changing my life forever. You have given
Dentistry. We offer both Oral Sedation and IV      Sedation Dentistry changed my life."            me a reason to Smile again!"
Sedation Dentistry.
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                                                                 Sedation Dentistry
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