Market share is a company's percentage of the total sales volume by malj



                   Evaluation of Goals of Pricing
     Directions: Choose the word that best completes each sentence from the word bank
below. Write the word(s) on the blank line provided. Each word will only be used once,
but not all of words will be used.

   Market Position       Return on Investment         Price

   Investment            Service                      Goals

   Market Share          Profit                       Break-even point

1. _____________ is a company’s percentage of the total sales

   volume that is generated by all competitors in a given market.

2. _____________ is a calculation used to determine the relative

   profitability of a product.

3. Money earned by a business minus the costs and expenses is called


4. A marketer’s standing in relation to their competitors is their


5. The formula for return on investment is profit divided by


6. The two ways in which companies meet the competition are by

   meeting on ________and _________.

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