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									                                Triangle TRACKS
      Tools, Resources & Activities for Carolina Kids
Vol   Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                                 June 2009

                                                             Broadway Series South Presents
      Performing Arts                                        ‘High School Musical 2’ June 13-21
      Broadway Series South Presents
      ‘High School Musical 2’ June 13-21....1
                                                                 North Carolina
      Outdoors                                               Theatre presents the
      Hit the Pool! Take a Swim at One of                    North Carolina Regional
      the Triangle’s Fun Public Pools…....…..1               Premiere of Disney’s
      Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Yates
                                                             “High School Musical 2”
                                                             June 13-21 at Raleigh
      Mill County Park, Jordan Lake, New
                                                             Memorial Auditorium.
      Hope Valley Railway and More..……….3
                                                             Drop in as the East High
      Movies                                                 Wildcats embark on
      Free (and Cheap) Summer Movie                          summer vacation. Troy,
      Mania is Here!...............................……....2   Gabriella and the rest of                                              !
      ‘Land of the Lost’ Hits Theaters
                                                             the HSM gang take
                                                             summer jobs at Sharpay and Ryan’s family-owned country
      June 5, ‘Imagine That’ Starts June
                                                             club and the drama begins!
      12 and ‘Transformers: Revenge of
                                                                 “High School Musical 2” is directed by Casey Hushion, and
      the Fallen’ Debuts June 24………………2                      is family-friendly and appropriate for audiences of all ages.
      Museums                                                Learn more about the show at and order
      The Museum of Life and Science                         tickets at
      Presents ‘Bubble Blitz’ and ‘Smiling
      Bears: Who are Bears Really?’ in
      June (and More Museum Fun).………..3                      Hit the Pool! Take a Swim at One of
      Check Out ‘Inside Art: The World
      Inside the Frame’ and ‘Seeing Your
                                                             the Triangle’s Fun Public Pools!
      World’ for Kids at Chapel Hill                                                                         Summer is
      Museums in June………………………………..4                                                                     here and it’s time
      Marbles Night at the Museum is                                                                     to cool off at a
      June 12…………………………………………………4                                                                        local pool. The
      Morehead Maintenance…………………….5                                                                     Triangle offers
                                                                                                         nine public pools
      Education                                                                                          you can check out
      Homeschool 101 Beginning Basics…..2                                                                this summer.
      Inside TRACKS                                                                                      We’ve created a
      Enter the “How Much Does Your                                                                   ! TRACKS public
                                                                                                         pools page at
      Little Girl Love Belle?” Contest and
      You Could Win 2 Tickets to the                          also a good idea to brush up on your pool safety. The
      Carolina Ballet’s Performance of                        American Academy of Pediatrics offers an excellent pool
      ‘Beauty & the Beast’……………….……….…4                       safety tip page at
      June Linkzine: Bedwetting…………..…..5
      Facebook and Twitter TRACKS..…….5                       Photo taken by Erica Anne de Flamand.
Page 2           Triangle TRACKS                                   June 2009

 Free (and Cheap) Summer Movie Mania is Here!
   Free is a refreshing word to hear these days, and several Triangle movie theaters are using it to
offer free summer movies as the mercury rises. We’ve compiled a list of them at on our Triangle TRACKS calendar. Theaters
                                  showing free summer movies include the Wakefield 12 Marquee
                                  Cinema in North Raleigh, the Raleigh Grande, and Regal
                                  Entertainment theaters at North Hills in Raleigh, Beaver Creek in
                                  Apex and White Oak in Garner.
                                      Check out really cheap summer movies at the following theaters:
                                  Six Forks Station and Mission Valley; the N.C. Museum of Art;
                                  Movies by Moonlight at Koka Booth Amphitheatre, and of course,
                                  Blue Ridge Theater in Raleigh. Get more movie info at

‘Land of the Lost’ Hits Theaters
June 5, ‘Imagine That’ Starts June 12
and ‘Transformers: Revenge of the
Fallen’ Debuts June 24                                                            Pet Pals
In “Land of the Lost,” has-been scientist Dr. Rick Marshall, played
by Will Ferrell, is sucked into a space-time vortex that sends him           In Home Pet Sitting
way back in time. With no weapons, few skills and questionable                    Services
intelligence he must find a way to survive a world filled with
dinosaurs and out-of-this-world creatures. Enjoy spectacular sights            By Kim Hellner
and Ferrell-esque comedy, of course. This movie has been rated
PG-13 so keep that in mind as you consider whether to take
                                                                          Are you going on vacation
younger children. View the trailer here:            or just want your pet to
                                                                         have a break during the day
Eddie Murphy stars in “Imagine That,” a PG-rated comedy by                   while you are away?
Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies that arrives in                      Pet Pals offers an
theaters June 12. Murphy is a successful financial executive who          inexpensive alternative to
spends more time with his Blackberry than his 7-year-old                   the typical kennel. Give
daughter, played by Yara Shahidi. When his career goes south,               your pets the love and
however, he finds the solution to all his problems in his daughter’s        attention they deserve.
imaginary world. Visit for more.                 $12 per visit ~ $2 for each
                                                                                additional pet
And on June 24, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” hits
theaters, promising more battles between the Autobots and
Deceptions. Stars include Shia LaBeouf, Rainn Wilson, Megan                   (919) 367-8929
Fox, Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson. Check out the trailer here:                                                    Call early to ensure an
                                                                                opening or e-mail
Home Depot Kids Workshop: Build a Hardware Sorter                            Priced for Apex area; other areas
                                                                                subject to additional fees.
                                                                              Please call or email for details.
June 6, 9 a.m. to noon. FREE. Located at Home Depots
throughout the area. Learn more at                        *Doing business in the Apex area
                                                                                      since 2001*

Page 3                  Triangle TRACKS                             June 2009

 The Museum of Life and Science Presents ‘Bubble Blitz’
 and ‘Smiling Bears: Who are Bears Really?’ in June
     Immerse yourself in bubbles at the Museum of
 Life and Science’s Bubble Blitz June 13. Watch            More Museum Fun
 bubbles explode, stir up a fizzy drink, create bubble
 art, make a bubble wand and discover which insects        The N.C. Museum of History presents
 use bubbles. Activities include Fizzy Drink, bubble       “Time for Tots: Skiffs, Sharpies and Sailing
 art, the Traveling Teacher Show, bubble explosions        Ships” June 2 and 9 from 10 to 10:45 a.m.
 with Dr. Ken Lyle and hands-on bubble experiments.        Children ages 3 to 5 (with an adult) will learn
 All activities are free with museum admission, but        about different kinds of boats and make a
 fees apply for face painting services. Learn more at      sailing vessel to take home. The event is free.                   To register, call (919) 807-7992. Learn more at
     The Museum of Life and Science will present 
 "Smiling Bears: Who are Bears Really?" with Bear
 Behaviorist Else Poulsen June 25 from 7 to 9 p.m.         On June 13 from 8 a.m. to noon, join the
 Learn the answers to questions like, do bears have        N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences for
 emotions like chimpanzees? Are they smart like            “Nest Quest” at Prairie Ridge to study local
 gorillas? And, do they smile like you and I? Poulsen      nesting birds and their behavior. This event is
 is the author of “Smiling Bears: A Zookeeper              free and participants must be a minimum of age
 Explores the Behavior and Emotional Life of Bears.”       8 years old (minors must be accompanied by a
 Tickets are $7 for museum members and $10 non-            registered adult). To register, call
 members. Call (919) 220-5429 extension 313 to             (919) 733-7450 ext. 672. Learn more at
 register. Learn more at                         

  Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Yates Mill County Park, Jordan
  Lake, New Hope Valley Railway and More This Month
      Before summer temps get too high, check out some of the fun
  outdoor activities local parks and museums are offering for kids this
  month. You can access a full list of outdoor resources at
       The American Tobacco Trail’s next “Tales on the Trail” event is
  June 4 from 10 to 11 a.m. Listen to “In the Forest” then look for the
  animals you read about. Admission is $4 per child with a parent, or
  $10 for three children with a parent. Learn more at!!
  !!!!!June 7 is the next ride day at New Hope Valley Railway in New                                       !
  Hill. Experience the thrill of riding the rails and enjoy a little North
  Carolina barbecue, sweet tea and lemonade while you’re there. Purchase tickets at !
  !!!!!Yates Mill County Park presents “The Little Red Hen & Friends” Sat., June 13 from 1 to 3 p.m. for
  ages 5-10. Kids will enjoy listening to the story of the little red hen and her hard work during the growing
  season, then learning about how grains get from the farm to the table. Participants will also get to make
  a craft to take home. Pre-registration is required and there is a $3 fee per person, or $5 per family. Visit to learn more.
       Older kids will enjoy the Morehead Planetarium & Science Center Skywatching Session June 27
  from 9 to 11 p.m. at Jordan Lake’s Ebenezer Church Recreation Area. Check location updates at !
Page 4                  Triangle TRACKS                             June 2009

  Check Out ‘Inside Art: The World Inside                                    How Much Does Your
  the Frame’ and ‘Seeing Your World’ for                                     Little Girl Love Belle?
                                                                             Interested in checking out the
  Kids at Chapel Hill Museums in June                                        Carolina Ballet’s premiere
                                                                             performance of “Beauty and
       Kids can step inside a painting at Kidzu Museum’s “Inside             the Beast” on either May 29,
   Art™: the World Inside the Frame” exhibit, on display through             30 or 31? Just itemize and
   Aug. 26. Each work in the exhibit has been recreated as a three-          photograph all of the Belle
   dimensional, walk-in environment with hands-on activities, a              stuff your little girl has, and if
   print of the original work and information about the artist’s life.       she has the most, you’ll win
       Children can put on a pair of overalls and join a meal in             two tickets to the show! Visit
   Grant Wood’s vintage farmhouse scene, “Dinner for Threshers.”    for
   They can also explore a turn-of-the-century Canadian campsite             details!
   in John Singer Sargent’s “Camp at Lake O’Hara” or arrange
   flowers in Diego Rivera’s “Corn Festival mural.” There are
   opportunities to transform into the Mona Lisa, build a sculpture,
   go on an art hunt and more. This traveling exhibit was created
   by KidZibits, LLC, of Minneapolis. Learn more at
       Meanwhile, just down the street, The Ackland Museum of Art
   will sponsor “Seeing your World!” June 22-26 from 9 a.m. to
   noon. During this art program, children ages 9-12 will explore
   the Ackland galleries and learn how different artists depict the
   world around them. Then, they'll have an opportunity to create
   their own collages, multi-media boxes and poetry. Local artists
   will be on hand to assist the children.
       The program is $100 for museum members and $125 for
   non-members. Pre-registration is required, and limited
   scholarships are available. For more information or to register,
   contact Senior Museum Educator Beth Shaw McGuire at
   (919) 962-0479 or

   Marbles Night at the Museum is June 12
   Just like in “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,”
   your kids can spend an exciting night at Marbles Kids Museum
   and IMAX Theatre June 12. Find out what happens when the sun
   goes down ...

   The fun starts with an IMAX showing of “Night at the Museum:
   Battle of the Smithsonian,” which includes concessions. Playtime
   and themed activities follow the movie.

   The cost is $16 per adult (12 and older) and $14 per youth (ages
   1-11). Children under the age of 1 are free, but must sit in the lap
   of a guardian during the movie. Also, all children must be
   accompanied by an adult.

   Pre-register by 5 p.m. on June 11. Go to for additional
    Page 5                 Triangle TRACKS                      June 2009

       Morehead                                                     June Linkzine: Bedwetting
       Maintenance                                                  It’s a topic no parent likes to discuss, but
                                                                    one many have to deal with. For some
       Morehead Planetarium &                                       children bedwetting, or Enuresis, persists
       Science Center will be                                       long past diapers.
       closed through June 11
       for maintenance. The                                         According to the Child Development
       museum will reopen                                           Institute, 10 percent of all six-year-olds
       June 12 and regular                                          and 3 percent of all 14-year-olds wet the
       programming will resume.                                     bed. Why? The reasons vary from a
       Learn the latest by                                          physically and/or neurologically immature
       visiting the museum’s
                                                          !         bladder to a deep sleeping pattern. Our
       website at                                                   June Linkzine explores this issue. Be                                 sure to check it out June 1.

       Homeschool 101 Beginning Basics
       Dayspring Home Educators will be hosting Homeschool 101 June 20.
       The event will be at White Plains United Methodist Church on 313 SE
       Maynard St. in Cary from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Registration will begin at
       8 a.m. Homeschool 101 is a workshop designed to answer the                                                  !
       questions of beginning homeschoolers and those who are
       contemplating homeschooling. Veteran homeschoolers will be on
       hand to offer advice, demonstrate curriculum and answer questions.
       A light breakfast and mid-morning snack will be included in the
       attendance fee of $10 per person or $15 per couple. No childcare will
       be provided but nursing babies are welcome. To register by June 12,
       please respond to Victoria Cooley at For
       more information and directions:

       We’re Making Facebook and Twitter TRACKS
                        You can now find Triangle
                        TRACKS on Facebook and follow
                        us on Twitter. Just log on to
               and search for                    !
                     ! “Triangle TRACKS.” If you have a
                        Twitter account, go to
                        and click “Follow.” For those of you who enjoy using
       Twitter, we’ve also launched a Carolina Kids “Twibe” at Twibes collect “Tweets” that
       contain specific keywords. Keywords for this Twibe are “Carolina
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