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Trendz Custom Hair Extensions


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									Page 18 • March 29, 2010 • ShoPPer-NewS New York   to   kNoxville

    ou don’t have to travel
    to the big city to get the
long, lustrous locks you’ve
always wanted. In fact, the
world is beating a path to

Knoxville for the award-
winning services of Peggy
DeCapua, hair extension                                             here in Knox
expert at Trendz Salon in
Franklin Square.

   DeCapua owned a salon in Michi-
gan until she met and trained with
Sal Majenta, the inventor of hair
extensions. Hair extensions became
her passion. She practiced this art
for 19 years, even specializing in
total hair replacement for thinning
   Now, she brings her hair exten-
sion know-how to East Ten-
nessee. Starting out at                                                         hair can make you look

Salon Visage, DeCapua                                                            thinner, too!
now plies her trade                                                                 DeCapua said apply-
at Trendz in Franklin                                                            ing hair extensions is
Square.                                                                          definitely an art. She         Custom Hair Extensions
   “Sal Majenta loved                                                            said there are many
what he did, and he                                                              stylists who do some                   by Peggy DeCapua
passed that on to me.                                                            hair extensions, but very
He showed me how                                                                 few who specialize.             	(865) 207-3239
you could help women,                                                               It is DeCapua’s dedi-        	Franklin Square,
not just models, look                                                            cation to hair extensions          Knoxville, TN
better in every way.                                                             that makes her work so
   “I love it because                                                            exquisite. It takes a real
it helps women in so                                                             artist’s eye to make the
many ways,” DeCapua                                                              hair look natural.              Sections of luxurious human hair
said. “Great hair is not                                                                                      with a keratin bond at the base are
                                                                                    “Many can apply hair
just a want, it’s a need.                                                                                     joined to the client’s hair a quarter
                                                                                 extensions, and they
It makes you feel bet-                                                                                        inch from the scalp to add length
                                                                                 look fine, but there is
ter about yourself.”                                                                                          and volume. DeCapua uses the “cold
                                                                                 a true art in the ability
   Hair is so important                                                                                       fusion” technique to seal the keratin
                                                                                 to blend the hair colors
to a woman’s self-                                                                                            bond to the client’s hair without heat
                                                                                 together and match
esteem. If hair starts                                                                                        damage or harmful adhesives or glues.
                                                                                 them perfectly. The cut
to thin due to age or                                                            and the style are equally       By selecting small sections of hair
illness, hair exten-                                                             important to complete        to which she will bond the extensions,
sions give a wonderful                                                           the look,” she said.         DeCapua makes the extensions look
morale boost.                                                                                                 beautifully natural.
   But that’s not all.                                                                                           The extensions last about four
Having great, profes-                                                                                         months with a visit in between for
sional hair extensions                                               Peggy DeCapua shows off her award        maintenance.
can make a woman                                                     from So.CaP.USa for “Exhibiting             The extensions are secure,
look about 10 years                                                  unsurpassed ability.”                    touchable and style-able, just like
younger, and because                                                                                          your own hair. Have an active
thick hair can balance                                                                                        lifestyle? Don’t worry about jogging,
out the body, adding                                                                                          hiking, working out or swimming.
                                                                                    ShoPPer-NewS New York   to   kNoxville • March 29, 2010 • Page 19

‘I love it because
it helps women
in so many ways.
 Great hair is not                                                                                 No matter where I am in the
just a want, it’s                                                                                  world, be it Istanbul, Turkey,
a need. It makes                                                                                   playing basketball, or in
                                                                                                   the U.S. working as a sports
you feel better                                                                                    analyst, I always come back to
about yourself.’                                                                                   Knoxville to see Peggy for my
                 – Peggy DeCapua,
         Hair Extension Specialist                                                                 hair extensions. I get all kinds
                                                                                                   of compliments about my
DeCapua’s hair extensions won’t                                                                    hair, and I always recommend
slow you down.
                                                                                                   Peggy. She’s the best!”
   DeCapua also specializes
in custom Hair Integrations.                                                                                     – Brittany Jackson, former Lady Vol
Designed for women who have                                                                                                       and sports analyst
thinning hair on top or in back,
they blend perfectly with the
clients’ own hair and give extra
body and thickness.
   Whatever talent is required to
practice this art, Peggy DeCapua
has it in abundance. She was
recently recognized by SO.CAP.
USA Hair Extensions for “exhib-
iting unsurpassed ability” in the
hair extension field from Iowa to
the Southeast.
   DeCapua’s clients are helping
make a name for her, too.
   Professional model Britt
Carter foregoes the New York
City scene to visit DeCapua for
her hair extensions.
   Former UT women’s basket-
ball player Brittney Jackson,
now an international
basketball player and
TV sports analyst,
always comes to
DeCapua for her hair
                                     I’m a professional model in five states
extensions, sometimes                ranging from New York to Georgia, in
traveling all the way from
Istanbul, Turkey, for a visit.       commercial, print and runway. I’ve had my
   Both endorse DeCapua to           hair done in the elite Fifth Avenue salons
everyone who compliments their
vibrant looks.                       of New York City. I know from experience
   But you don’t have to be a
model or celebrity to have show-
                                     that no one compares to Peggy DeCapua.
stopping hair. Visit DeCapua for     Peggy is simply the best there is!”
a private consultation and take
the first step from everyday to                                  – Britt Carter, model
extraordinary hair.

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