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									Volume 37, No. 9                           A world-wide publication for members of the Army Medical Department                   August 2010

Citizens can assist antiterrorism efforts
by Jerry Harben
    “The price of liberty is eternal
vigilance,” wrote the third president
of the United States, Thomas Jef-
ferson. His statement carries special
meaning when the nation is at war
with an enemy that thrives in the
dark worlds of terrorism, espionage
and sabotage. The U.S. has many
weapons to defend itself against
such an enemy, but the most im-
portant may be the eyes, ears and
voices of its people.
    The Army has designated August
as Antiterrorism Awareness Month.
A new program called iWATCH
encourages all Soldiers and Army
employees to be on watch and report
any suspicious activity to security
authorities or the military police.
    “One of the conclusions of
the investigation of the Fort Hood
shooting incident is that the public
didn’t know what to look for and
who to report it to,” said Dave
Rudd, antiterrorism officer at Medi-
cal Command Headquarters.
    “iWATCH is an enduring pro-
gram, to tell people what to look
for as far as suspicious people,
activities, and so on,” he added.
    Hospitals will receive public in-
formation material supporting iWatch
and Antiterrorism Awareness Month
from MEDCOM through the regional
operations departments. They will
participate in the iWATCH pro-
grams of their host installations, and
MEDCOM has published guidance
to regions and subordinate com-
mands on what will be required
for Antiterrorism Awareness Month.
    Two videos support Antiter-
rorism Awareness Month. Soldiers
and civilian employees will view
a three-minute video featuring the
Army vice chief of staff. Fam-
ily members, retirees and other
interested people should view the
Army Community Awareness video.
Anyone with an AKO account can
find both videos in the “Antiterror-
ism Awareness Tool Kit” at https:// .
    In addition, every service mem-
ber and Department of Defense
civilian must complete the Level I
Antiterrorism Awareness Training
course each year. This is available
online at .
    “The public shouldn’t look at
this as snitching. The public should
look at this as saving lives,” Rudd
said. “If you’re right only 10 per-
cent of the time, you have saved
lives.”                                    Poster supporting the iWatch program, by the Office of the Provost Marshal General.
2 The Mercury
  August 2010                                                                        

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Preventing disease, injury deserves priority
by LTG Eric B. Schoomaker                                         zoonotic diseases. The sessions in                               School, and Installation Management                                                                         The Public Health Command
The Surgeon General of the Army                                   this conference will cover all ar-                               Command, and provide command                                                                            has taken another step in an effort
and commander of Medical Com-                                     eas of public health and give the                                and control for the new organization.                                                                   to collaborate with sister services
mand                                                              attendees an understanding of the                                    A newly created Army Institute                                                                      and provide the best possible public
    This month, the new U.S. Army                                 importance of public health in our                               of Public Health, located at Aber-                                                                      health information. They are com-
Public Health Command (Provi-                                     military health system.                                          deen Proving Ground, Md., will                                                                          bining the Force Health Protection
sional) hosts the 13th Annual Force                                   This meeting also provides a                                 report directly to the headquarters.                                                                    Conference and the Navy & Marine
Health Protection Conference in                                   venue to showcase how we are                                     Fourteen public health districts,                                                                       Corps Public Health Conference in
Phoenix, Ariz. The conference theme                               merging elements of the Army                                     most of which are located on Army                                                                       2011.
is “Defining Public Health.” Over                                 Center for Health Promotion and                                  installations, will report to five                                                                          Combining these two confer-
2,300 military and civilian attend-                               Preventive Medicine and Veterinary                               regional public health commands.                                                                        ences represents a shared inter-
ees are expected, including repre-                                Command to form the new Public                                   The DoD Military Working Dog                                                                            est in optimizing the delivery of
sentatives from all Department of                                 Health Command.                                                  Veterinary Service will also report                                                                     public health services. The 2011
Defense services as well as those                                     This new Public Health Com-                                  to the Public Health Command.                                                                           conference will be called the Armed
from allied foreign countries who                                 mand is part of the transformation                                   CONUS-based installation and                                                                        Forces Public Health Conference.
are eager to learn and network with                               of Medical Command to a system                                   preventive medicine services will be                                                                    The theme is “Public Health in
their peers.                                                      that emphasizes prevention and sus-                              realigned to the medical treatment                                                                      a Joint Environment,” and it is
    This conference will include                                  taining good health. It will provide                             facilities to allow for integration                                                                     scheduled for March 18-25, 2011,
30 preconference training work-                                   public health capabilities that will                             of public health at the local level.                                                                    at Hampton Roads, Va.
shops. During the core conference,                                support our Soldiers, military re-                                   The final goal is to enhance                                                                            We expect great things from
12 technical tracks will cover all                                tirees, their Families, and Army                                 health and wellness, optimize de-                                                                       Public Health Command. These con-
areas of public health and preven-                                civilian employees.                                              livery of public health services,                                                                       ferences and the new command will
tive medicine. Continuing educa-                                      The headquarters element, ex-                                provide full spectrum veterinary                                                                        truly define public health and force
tion credits will be offered in 10                                pected to be located at Fort Sam                                 services to DoD, and create a single                                                                    health protection for the MEDCOM
technical specialty areas. A variety                              Houston, Texas, will work more                                   point of responsibility and account-                                                                    and the U.S. Army.
of subjects will be covered from                                  closely with the headquarters of the                             ability for public health within the                                                                        Army Medicine — Bringing
disease and injury prevention to                                  MEDCOM, the AMEDD Center and                                     MEDCOM.                                                                                                 Value and Inspiring Trust.

Serving heroes brings rewards
by Anthony Pinaula                                                                       He watches his children stare at an old clock.
    For some a hero is that person who can                                               He sees the worry in their faces and the lump
throw a ball 60 yards on a dime or sink 10 in                                            in his throat is so big, it’s difficult to speak.
a row from the top of the key. I chose a dif-                                            He wishes he had come alone for this departure
ferent sort of person to admire.                                                         but this might be the last time he has with his
    My heroes wear camouflage uniforms with                                              Family. He takes a deep breath, kisses his wife,
razor sharp creases. They spend months, even                                             and hugs his children’s wet faces. He waves
years, training to perform a thousand simple                                             goodbye as he walks the tarmac. He climbs
tasks with perfection, so that when they are                                             aboard the mold-smelling airplane and takes off
called upon they can work quickly and accurately                                         to a far-away land.
under the worst kind of pressure.                                                            As he looks through the window he thinks
    My hero is that young private who awakes                                             about the older children he will soon care for.
at 0300 hours because it’s his turn to get the                                           Then wishes he wasn’t so dam good at the
squad up for the day. At 0400 hours he stands                                            work he does.
on the parade field with his band of brothers,                                               I work at Eisenhower Army Medical Center,
and they raise our country’s flag at reveille.                                           Fort Gordon, Ga. I have the privilege of car-
He eats breakfast way to early and at 0600 he                                            ing for America’s heroes as an operating room
straps his 62-pound pack on his back, receives                                           registered nurse. I get to irrigate their infected
his M16 from the armory, and grits his teeth                                             wounds from the bullets and change their dress-
for the 12-mile march ahead of him.                                                      ings. It is my honor to work with them and to
    My hero is that 23-year-old buck sergeant                                            worry about the one that can’t walk the way
who stands at green ramp issuing parachutes.                                             he used to.
I can see the words breathed out of his mouth                                                There is no civilian job that compares to a                                                                The last, full
because it’s so cold. His ride is something less                                         military medical facility. In my operating room I
than coach and he only has a one-way ticket.
He stands like cold steel in the door, hooks up,
                                                                                         get to use the best equipment available and my
                                                                                         surgeons are top shelf. I don’t have to concern
                                                                                                                                                                                                        measure of devotion
says a short prayer and jumps into the dead                                              myself with billing or insurance.                                                                              SGT Nathan W. Cox, 68W, Special Troop Bat-
night. On the ground he gathers his aching                                                   The care my patients get is the best because                                                               talion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Air-
body to assemble his fire team. His band of                                              they deserve the best. They stand on a wall be-                                                                borne Division, June 16, 2010
brothers is in position and at the ready before                                          tween tyranny and freedom for very little pay.                                                                 SPC Morganne M. McBeth, 68W, Special
the sun can rise.                                                                        I am grateful for them because I get to live on                                                                Troop Battalion, 1st-82nd Advise and Assist
    My hero is that 30-year old platoon sergeant                                         the free side. They are my band of brothers and                                                                Brigade, July 1, 2010
that sits in a rinky-dink airport at 0800 hours.                                         sisters and I love them.

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                                                                                                                                           The Mercury
                                                                                                                                           August 2010   3
New regions should enhance readiness
by Jerry Harben                         the effort will improve support to
    Medical Command is proceed-         Soldiers, beneficiaries, Army readi-
ing apace with reorganization of        ness, and transformation,” said COL
regional medical commands (RMCs)        Mark Gibson, former head of the
to align with TRICARE regions           transformation team at MEDCOM
and to improve readiness and sup-       Headquarters.
port for the Army Force Generation           Staff structures for the RMC
(ARFORGEN) cycle of deployments         headquarters are being standardized,
and resets.                             with some variations to account for
    Regional dental commands also       regional size and for the differ-
are being realigned to match the        ences between U.S. and overseas
new RMCs.                               operations.
    This effort began last October           The new RMCs have completed        FORGEN process, with primary           division for the new Southern RMC.
with four RMCs in the continental       most of their initial operating capa-   focus to support, coordinate, and      The Southern RMC readiness divi-
United States being replaced by         bilities tasks. MEDCOM published        synchronize all medical and dental     sion is operating at 80 percent to
three provisional RMCs aligned          FRAGO 1, which disseminated most        readiness issues for both active and   support deploying and redeploying
with TRICARE regions. The new           of the critical steps and coordinat-    reserve (continental United States)    Soldiers through the ARFORGEN
RMCs should reach full operational      ing instructions to the staff and       units,” Gibson said.                   process. Planners expect it to be the
capability October 1.                   subordinate units.                          Two readiness divisions are co-    first readiness division to achieve
    The three new regions are West-          A strategic communication plan     located with regional dental com-      full operational capacity.
ern (headquartered at Joint Base        has been published to include re-       mand headquarters at Fort Bliss,            “The overall reorganization po-
Lewis-McChord, Wash.), Southern         organization information briefs, fre-   Texas and Fort Gordon, Ga. The         sitions MEDCOM to strategically
(headquartered at Fort Sam Houston,     quently asked questions and com-        Northern RMC readiness division        continue to meet the national de-
Texas), and Northern (headquartered     munication tools that can be used       is at Fort Bragg N.C., while the       fense strategy objectives; generate
at Fort Belvoir, Va.). Europe and       to convey the reorganization efforts.   regional dental command is head-       forces to respond to growing global
Pacific RMCs are not changing           People with Army Knowledge On-          quartered at Fort Belvoir, Va., due    health threats that affect our na-
geographically, but there will be       line accounts can view this plan        to Base Realignment and Closure.       tional defense priorities; and align
as yet undetermined staff changes.      at       Each RDC commander also serves         the organization for a stronger, yet
    “The end state for the (overseas)   files/23467699.                         as the RMC deputy commanding           flexible fit with the Institutional
RMC reorganization is to ensure the          The new RMCs in the U.S.           general for readiness, to manage       Adaptation of our Army Core En-
respective levels of command and        will include readiness divisions that   the readiness division within the      terprise processes, including our
staff leadership are reorganized to     will coordinate all tasks supporting    region and report directly to the      commitment to the Army Family
provide the proper span of control;     readiness within the region.            regional commander.                    and Community Covenant and the
the requisite (command and con-              “The readiness divisions are           Much of the staff from the old     Army Campaign Plan for Health
trol) leaders and structures are in     the cornerstone of The Surgeon          Southeast RMC headquarters has         Promotion, Risk Reduction, and
place and projected accordingly; and    General’s vision to support the AR-     been reassigned to the readiness       Suicide Prevention,” Gibson said.

Influenza vaccination season best ever

       Conference examines military vaccine programs
by Chris Orose                                       is underway for the 2010-2011 influenza season,      the best results. As an example, discussions were
    With a focus on recent accomplishments and       which will involve just one vaccination because      held on efforts by the services to share vaccine
an eye toward ever-expanding future missions,        the H1N1 strain was added to the seasonal            supplies and work together in joint campaigns,
the Military Vaccine (MILVAX) Agency held            influenza vaccine, eliminating the need for an       and personnel needs for one mass vaccination
its 2010 refresher training in Crystal City, Va.     additional immunization.                             campaign at Fort Gordon, Ga. that accommodated
    As detailed by keynote speaker Dr. Paul Offit         Krukar also presented MILVAX’s vision           more than 9,500 service members.
of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, one      for the future, including the now-completed
must know and appreciate the history of vaccines     integration of the Vaccine Healthcare Centers        Risk communication
in order to move forward to more significant         (VHC) Network under MILVAX, the expansion                Attendees participated in a risk communica-
accomplishments. That essential knowledge, Offit     of the highly successful Accession Screening         tion exercise, using a theoretical smallpox out-
noted, includes how vaccines were made, what         and Immunization Program (ASIP), and various         break as the setting for effective communication.
advances were made in manufacturing, how pa-         post-licensure safety studies being conducted by     Also included was an update on the ongoing,
tients respond to immunizations, how effective       MILVAX’s safety and evaluation division.             worldwide efforts of the Armed Forces Health
they are against disease, and various triumphs            One of the most anticipated developments is     Surveillance Center, which is a major part of
and controversies throughout the years.              the future implementation of a universal immu-       DoD’s program to identify diseases, treatments
                                                     nization tracking system for all of the services.    and health trends in more than 75 countries.
Internet fears                                       This developing system, which could begin pilot      DoD was the first to identify the H1N1 influenza
    Offit also described the “birth of fear” sur-    testing by September, will track the immuniza-       virus, and it continues to monitor the safety and
rounding vaccines, partly attributed to the Inter-   tion status of service members, beneficiaries and    effectiveness of the H1N1 vaccine.
net and the groundswell of online anti-vaccine       retirees. System completion and integration could        Public Health Service Commander Jennifer
movements. He was personally involved in many        begin as early as Spring of 2011.                    Wright, of the Centers for Disease Control
cases in which those fears could be quelled by            COL Renata Engler, director of the VHC          and Prevention, presented the final results of a
scientific facts showing vaccines as safe and        Network, discussed some of the clinical ac-          long-term study to determine the most effective
effective means of prevention of disease. He         complishments of the past year, focusing on          dosing schedule for administering the anthrax
described some results of choosing not to be         patient care and advances in vaccine research        vaccine. Wright was part of the effort to reduce
immunized, such as a 2006 outbreak of pertus-        and adverse-event education.                         the anthrax vaccine schedule from six to five
sis in Delaware and a 2008 measles epidemic.              A panel of representatives from DoD, each       doses and the route of administration change
    This was all told under the umbrella of the      Service and the US Coast Guard gave updates          from subcutaneous to intramuscular. Wright re-
Department of Defense’s most successful influ-       on their immunization efforts and compliance.        ported that, upon completion of the study, the
enza season ever in 2009-2010. As MILVAX                  Hands-on learning also included a session on    recommendation was a further reduction to three
Director COL Michael Krukar noted, each of the       best practices for conducting mass vaccination       doses of anthrax vaccine with boosters every
services and the U.S. Coast Guard achieved their     campaigns, with presenters drawing on their per-     three years; a review is pending with the Food
highest-ever compliance rates, surpassing the 90     sonal experiences with MILVAX and the VHC to         & Drug Administration. (MILVAX)
percent threshold for the first time. Preparation    discuss how different ideas and methods produced
4 The Mercury
  August 2010                                  

Team recruits behavioral health civilians
by Jerry Harben                                             The main tool used is a Website at www.          job fairs each year, and they double traffic on
    As the Army today provides more behavioral- This site provides infor-    the Website.
health services to Soldiers and their Families         mation about job locations and benefits, along            MEDCOM recruiters and medical staff also
than ever contemplated in previous conflicts,          with profiles and interviews with current Army        attend job fairs and conventions around the
one of the challenges is employing enough psy-         medical employees.                                    country to let medical professionals know they
chiatrists, psychologists, counselors and others            “Traumatic Brain Injury is a new service for     have opportunities working for the Army. They
who must provide those services. Not enough            the Army. We have a big responsibility and a          talk to prospects, hand out literature and direct
providers means not enough appointments, and           big opportunity to learn and do things the right      anyone interested to the Website. They advertise
the promise of service wherever and whenever           way. … I have a great deal of support and an          in professional publications and post to online
needed may go unfulfilled.                             incredible team to work with,” states Dr. Amy         job-search sites like and career-
    One group attempting to meet that challenge        Bowles, chief of the traumatic brain injury center
is the civilian recruitment and retention branch       at Brooke Army Medical Center, during a video             “Everything we do drives candidates to the
at Medical Command Headquarters, which at-             testimony on the Website.                             Website,” Weary said.
tracts civilian health-care providers and refers            Among the benefits of Army employment
them to Army medical treatment facilities that         the Website lists are competitive salaries, health    Matched up
have job openings.                                     and life insurance, state-of-the-art training and         Once prospective employees are interested,
                                                       tuition reimbursement.                                they can enter their resumes at the Website. Har-
Great need                                                  “People don’t know they can work for the         rison and his staff then match them with loca-
     “There’s a great need. It’s reflective of so-     Army as a civilian,” Harrison said. “We talk          tions that need their skills. Hospital commanders
ciety. As a society, we have realized this needs       about the job, the benefits, the opportunities —      receive lists of candidates from which to hire.
to be addressed — we can’t continue to push            then we mention the Army.”                                “Commanders in the field drive the require-
it in a corner,” said Dr. Joseph Harrison, chief            “While working in a (civilian medical facil-     ments,” Harrison said. “We work off of require-
of the branch.                                         ity) has its benefits, many hospitals experience      ments rather than spaces and allocations. We look
     “If people are identified with behavioral-        understaffing, a below-average pay scale, and         at what they have and what they say they need.”
health issues, and we don’t have the resources         limited resources interfering with your ability to        From January to June, almost 1,500 candidates
to deal with it, that’s not good, is it?” he added.    properly care for patients. You can avoid these       were recorded, about three times the volume
     “It’s a continuous effort,” said Joe Weary,       issues by becoming a part of the Army Medi-           from the previous year.
one of three staff members working for Harri-          cal Civilian Corps,” states one of the branch’s           It’s all part of making sure enough appoint-
son. “We have some tools and procedures that           recruiting flyers.                                    ments are there when needed by Soldiers and
are helping.”                                               Harrison said the branch holds two virtual       their Families.

Heroes urge Soldiers
to seek care for PTSD
by Donna Miles                           ceived the Medal of Honor for his
    Twenty-eight Medal of Honor          actions in Vietnam, said he and his
recipients recently launched the         crewmembers treated the physical
“Medal of Honor - Speak Out” cam-        wounds of the warriors they rescued,
paign to encourage troops struggling     but recognized that their unseen
with post-traumatic stress disorder,     scars of combat ran deeper.
traumatic brain injuries and other           “There were other wounds —
health problems to take advantage        wounds that went beyond flesh
of services to help them.                and blood; wounds that could not
                                         be rescued by helicopters,” Brady
Message                                  said. “Those enemy scars followed
    The Medal of Honor recipients        our troops home.”
echo a common theme in video mes-            George E. “Bud” Day, an Air
sages for today’s returning combat       Force forward air controller in Viet-
veterans: Take advantage of the          nam, encouraged today’s troops to
resources now available to treat the     seek help that wasn’t available when
unseen scars of war.                     he returned from combat.
    “Make use of them,” they en-
courage today’s troops. “Stay strong,    Resources available
and don’t let the enemy defeat you           “Back in those days, they didn’t
at home.”                                have the services, resources and
    The Medal of Honor recipients        tools that are available today to help
acknowledge in individual videos the     service members and their Families
emotional challenges many returning      deal with the challenges of adjusting
combat veterans experience.              after deployment,” Day said. “The
                                         tools and resources are there now.
Experience                               Please make use of them.”
    “I know firsthand the challenges         The Medal of Honor recipients
of war,” said former SSG Drew Dix,       expressed pride in today’s service
who received the Medal of Honor          members who are following in their
for his actions as a Special Forces      footsteps.                                Safety reminder
adviser in Vietnam. “Your experi-            “Thank you for your service to            This poster by Darnall Army         Related, Walter Reed DENTAC in
ences in combat are so powerful          our country,” said Hershel “Woody”        Medical Center won first place in the   Dental-Theme Related and European
                                         Williams, a former Marine who             Medical-General Patient Safety cat-     Regional Dental Command in Dental-
that very few will or can understand
                                         received a Medal of Honor for his         egory of a contest by the MEDCOM        General Patient Safety categories.
what you went through.”                                                            Patient Safety Center.                  Nearly 150 posters were submitted,
    Retired MG Pat Brady, a he-          actions during World War II. “We
                                                                                       Other winners were Munson           with the top three in each category
licopter ambulance pilot who re-         are so proud of you.” (American
                                                                                   Army Health Clinic in Medical-Theme     receiving cash prizes.
                                         Forces Press Service)
                                                                                                                                                    The Mercury
                                                                                                                                                    August 2010   5
                                           feet during a unique team-building         competition at Contingency Oper-          health care in the same place,” said
 Fort Carson                               exercise at Sea World San Antonio.         ating Site Marez/Diamondback in           COL Craig Webb, chief of primary
     Public Health Command found
                                           The program used the techniques            Iraq. Each day began with a ruck          care and community medicine for
 that mobile behavioral-health teams
                                           of animal trainers to influence hu-        march, followed by timed tests of         Fort Riley MEDDAC.
 employed at Fort Carson, Colo.,
                                           man relationships, motivation and          skills such as applying tourniquets           Services include radiology,
 saved cost and reduced risky be-
                                           productivity. Six hours of classroom       or using intravenous catheters.           physical therapy, occupational
 haviors among Soldiers. The evalu-
                                           instruction were followed by two                “The motivation has really           therapy, behavioral health and
 ation involved two brigades of the
                                           hours in a pool with beluga whales.        picked up here with the training          optometry.
 4th Infantry Division. The 13-mem-
                                               “This class helps us focus on          and everyone has had a lot of fun,”           The facility is named for PFC
 ber teams stationed with these units
                                           the positive and stop behavior that        said SFC Robert Bates.                    Hubert Farrelly, who received the
 increased access to care, improved
                                           will negatively impact students if                        *****                      Distinguished Service Cross as a
 relationships between behavioral-
                                           they become discouraged and want                The 118th Multifunctional Medi-      medical aidman in Vietnam.
 health providers and commanders,
                                           to get out of school,” said SFC            cal Battalion hosted a medical logis-
 and reduced stigma associated with
                                           Cami Harris.                               tics conference at Joint Base Balad,
 behavioral-health care.
                                                           *****                      discussing potential issues as troop      Fort Rucker
     “Prevention is the greatest way                                                                                                Lyster Army Health Clinic and
                                               The graduate school of the             strength in Iraq draws down.
 to eliminate adverse behavioral-                                                                                               the Veterans Affairs Wiregrass
                                           Academy of Health Sciences hosted               “The tough thing right now is
 health outcomes; it will take a                                                                                                Outpatient Clinic have opened
                                           its first research day to publicize        that we still have to supply world-
 layered approach starting with                                                                                                 joint MRI and CT scan facilities.
                                           research at the school.                    class health care while getting this
 Comprehensive Soldier Fitness and                                                                                              The on-post facilities will avoid
                                               “We have 12 graduate degree-           equipment out of theater,” said CPT
 extending to organic unit educa-                                                                                               the need for 200-mile trips for
                                           producing programs within our              Brian Osowiecki, officer-in-charge
 tion and valued local community                                                                                                the scans.
                                           graduate school, six that are here         of medical logistics for the 118th.
 outreach services,” said LTC Nick
                                           (at Fort Sam Houston, Texas); then
 Piantanida, deputy commander for
 clinical services at Fort Carson
                                           we have six programs that are in our
                                                                                      Fort Riley                                Fort Sill
                                           (master’s degree schedule) across the                                                    A team of military dentists
 MEDDAC.                                                                                   Farrelly Health Clinic, a $26-mil-
                                           spectrum of the Army,” said COL                                                      treated about 220 children in Te-
                                           Josef Moore, dean of the graduate          lion, 52,000-square-foot facility built
                                                                                      for a patient-centered medical home       gucigalpa, Honduras, during a two-
 AMEDD Center                              school.
                                                                                      model, has opened at Fort Riley,          week mission. The team included
                                                                                                                                four dental officers from Fort Sill,
 and School                                                                           Kan.
    Ten Soldiers from the depart-          Iraq                                            “It’s going to bring the care        Okla., one from Fort Benning, Ga.,
                                                                                                                                and an Air Force officer assigned
 ment of medical sciences at the              Soldiers in the 21st Combat             Soldiers and Families receive more
                                           Support Hospital tested their combat       in line with each other because they      in Honduras, along with enlisted
 AMEDD Center and School got
                                           medical skills during a three-day          are going to receive their primary        personnel.
 a chance to jump in with both

    Delegates to the Army Wounded Warrior Program        Vance Y. Sohn, the MG Floyd L. Wergeland Award
Symposium identified five priority issues affecting      for outstanding four-year graduate; CPT Dustin J.
wounded warriors: medically retired service mem-         Little, the COL Robert Skelton Award for outstand-
bers’ eligibility for concurrent receipt of disability   ing two- or three-year graduate; Commander Craig
pay; Post-9/11 GI Bill transferability to dependents     Zelig, the Madigan Foundation Research Award;
of all medically retired service members; manda-         MAJ Michael V. Krasnokutsky, the LTC Joseph
tory PTSD/TBI training for all VA health-care staff;     A. Munaretto Outstanding Educator Award; retired
transfer option from temporary disability retired list   COL Ronald Cooper, outstanding staff teacher; and
to permanent disability retired for wounded warriors;    CPT Shawn Corcoran, outstanding resident teacher.
and benefits and entitlements information to wounded         MAJ Patrick Donahue was inducted into the
warrior primary caregivers.                              Order of Military Medical Merit at Public Health
    Kenner Army Health Clinic at Fort Lee, Va.,          Command (Provisional) Region-West…The World
received a perfect score from The Joint Commission       War Two Living History Association Ltd. dedicated
following a comprehensive accreditation survey…          a memorial plaque at Connaught House Weymouth in
All 14 recent graduates of the AMEDD Center and          Dorset, England. It was the British base of the U.S.
School’s pharmacy branch who volunteered for the         50th Field Hospital from April to September 1944,
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board test passed      and received casualties of the Normandy invasion.
the national pharmacy certification exam.                    More than one billion TRICARE Encounter Data
    COL Carolyn Jolitz, deputy commander for nurs-       (TED) records now have been processed…The Army
ing at Fort Knox MEDDAC, received a Distinguished        Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense,
Alumni Award from her alma mater, the University         Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases
of Wisconsin Oshkosh…Named Nurse of the Year in          and Armed Forces Radiological Research Institute
various categories at Brooke Army Medical Center         are presenting the Chemical, Biological, Radiological/     Paying respect
were MAJ Pamela Wulf, Darlene Deters, LTC Lisa           Nuclear Course at the Association of Military Surgeons    The statue "Passing of the Colors" was donated by
Lehning, Lisa Vanek, SSG Brandon Gibson, Andra           of the United States (AMSUS) convention Nov. 2-4.         artist Tom Morgan to Brooke Army Medical Center.
Mitchell, PFC William Maldonado and William              Attendants may register online at https://ccc.apgea.      Morgan said he wanted to create a non-combatant
Crayton…Graduation awards at Madigan Army               figure everyone could touch to remember service
Medical Center include MAJ Christina Vaccaro,            htm .                                                     members. (Photo by Maria Gallegos/Fort Sam
the MG Byron Steger Award for research; CPT                                                                        Houston)
6 The Mercury
  August 2010                                     

Policy gives priority to medical operations
by Matt Pueschel                                                                                                  affairs (ASD/HA) will be responsible for iden-
    The Department of Defense has put in place                                                                    tifying DoD-wide MSO capabilities and gaps
a groundbreaking new policy that assigns respon-                                                                  and recommending priorities for the department
sibilities and instructions to specific department                                                                to address them; ensuring MHS research and
components for the military’s planning and                                                                        development programs address MSO capabili-
provision of medical support in international                                                                     ties and are integrated into DoD’s acquisition
stability operations.                                                                                             activities; establishing health standards of care
    Stability operations are humanitarian relief                                                                  and technical supervision for MSOs; collecting
missions that the military conducts outside the                                                                   and examining MSO best practices to formulate
U.S. Such missions can include reestablishing a                                                                   further policy guidance; and developing measures
safe environment, delivering aid, providing direct                                                                of effectiveness to evaluate progress in achiev-
care to the population, mentoring host country                                                                    ing MSO goals.
military medical personnel or helping nations                                                                          For example, IHD officials said measuring
rebuild their health infrastructure.                                                                              how local medical capacity has grown or been
    Improving local medical capacity can in                                                                       improved over the long term, such as through
turn help stabilize governments and produce                                                                       DoD’s provision of education and training to host
                                                       1LT Jessica Larson, a physician assistant with the 307th
healthier populations. The new policy elevates                                                                    country military medics and health-care providers,
                                                       Brigade Support Battalion, examines an Iraqi child
the importance of such military health support         during a one-day joint U.S./Iraqi medical clinic. (Photo   might have as much or more value as the number
in stability operations, called Medical Stability      by SPC Katie Summerhill/82nd Airborne Division)            of patients treated or medications dispensed in
Operations (MSOs), to a DoD priority that is                                                                      humanitarian outreach missions. They also said
comparable with combat operations.                     make the hand-off to NGOs (nongovernmental                 it is important for DoD to carefully plan health
    DoD’s international health division (IHD)          organizations) good if DoD has to do the care              facility construction projects by working closely
crafted the new policy, referred to as DoD In-         first,” advised Navy Commander William J.                  with host country partners and civilian agency
struction 6000.16, and it was officially signed        Hughes IV, IHD’s program director for contin-              development experts to build from existing local
into department policy by Under Secretary of           gency planning, who wrote the instruction.                 infrastructure and capabilities, so that any new
Defense for Personnel and Readiness Dr. Clif-              IHD officials said that when DoD physicians            hospitals or clinics are sustainable.
ford L. Stanley. DoDI 6000.16 is available on          provide care in short-term medical assistance                   The instruction also calls for each military
the Internet at    missions they should consider what sustainable             service to appoint a senior medical department
corres/pdf/600016p.pdf .                               sources of appropriate follow-up care are avail-           officer to champion MSO initiatives, and develop
    The instruction builds upon other recent           able to patients through local doctors or NGOs             MSO capabilities by equipping and training the
department policies that required DoD medical          if further treatment may be needed, and make               services’ medical personnel to carry them out
personnel and capabilities to be prepared to meet      an effort to ensure those provisions are in place          effectively. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
military and civilian health requirements in stabil-   after they leave.                                          Staff will develop joint and interagency MSO
ity operations. MSOs are now considered a core             “Remember you have to first do no harm,”               doctrine and support the ASD/HA and relevant
DoD mission that the Military Health System            said IHD Director Dr. Warner Anderson. “It’s up            U.S. government departments by participating
(MHS) must be prepared to conduct throughout           to us to prove that we’re not going to be doing            in federal and multinational stability operations
all phases of conflict and non-combat environ-         harm, and how we’re impacting the health of the            planning processes.
ments. MSOs must be integrated across MHS’s            local population. If you can do things that have                DoD’s regional Geographic Combatant Com-
doctrine and organization, as well as planning         lasting impact, (it is better). We have to do it           manders will identify gaps and incorporate MSOs
and training activities.                               smart and talk to the local health department and          and related training into their theater security
    The new instruction directs the MHS to             NGOs in the area. We’re here to make (them)                cooperation plans and partnerships, as well as
prepare to establish and maintain the health           look good, and (they can also) let us know if              ensure unity of command and effort for health
sector capacity and capability of other countries      there is any threat (in the area if security needs         engagements in their areas. Through the design
when the local population, international or U.S.       to be enhanced).”                                          and establishment of modeling and simulations
civilian agencies cannot do so, and to support             All patients’ identifiable information that is         aimed at identifying and testing innovative ideas,
and collaborate closely with other U.S. depart-        collected during the delivery of care will be              DoD’s Joint Forces Command will also explore
ments, foreign governments and security forces,        safeguarded to the extent applicable. The instruc-         new MSO concepts and capabilities for military-
nongovernmental and regional organizations.            tion further outlines responsibilities for specific        civilian teams to collaborate on and use in the
    “One of the keys for deployers coming back         DoD components.                                            field. (DoD Office of Force Health Protection
was looking into lessons learned, and trying to            The assistant secretary of defense for health          and Readiness)

                                                                                                                   Dog tales
                                                                                                                        CPT Eric Storey, a veterinarian with the 994th
                                                                                                                   Medical Detachment, instructs officials from Viet-
                                                                                                                   nam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Develop-
                                                                                                                   ment on diagnosing heart problems in pets in Quy
                                                                                                                   Nhon, Vietnam.
                                                                                                                        A three-day veterinary conference was part of
                                                                                                                   Pacific Partnership 2010, a U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet
                                                                                                                   humanitarian and civic assistance project.
                                                                                                                        "It was important for us to open the lanes of
                                                                                                                   communication and obtain an understanding of
                                                                                                                   Vietnamese animal care," said CPT Jolene North,
                                                                                                                   a veterinarian with the Japan District Veterinary
                                                                                                                   Command, Misawa Branch, and team lead for the
                                                                                                                   conference. "What was apparent to all of us was our
                                                                                                                   dedication to patients and our desire to improve our
                                                                                                                   field by using individual resources as efficiently as
                                                                                                                   possible." (Photo by SGT Craig Anderson/Pacific
                                                                                                                   Partnership 2010)
                                                                                                                                                       The Mercury
                                                                                                             August 2010

Official tourniquets better than copies
by Steve Elliott                                                                                                 from the authentic CAT.
    Counterfeit models of the U.S. Army’s Com-                                                                       The Element Cat (E-CAT) is a very carefully
bat Application Tourniquet are available on the                                                                  made counterfeit CAT tourniquet, manufactured
Internet and on the open market.                                                                                 in Hong Kong for $8.50 each. It was designed
    Using the counterfeits can be lethal and the                                                                 to look, feel and act like the real thing.
Army considered this enough of a problem to                                                                          The authentic item has a National Stock
send out a priority message sounding the alert                                                                   Number of 6515-01-521-7976 and has a unit
on these bogus devices.                                                                                          cost of $27.28.
    “While I haven’t seen any of these coun-                                                                         “The markings appear to be a copyright or
terfeits in use, I have seen a few ordered by                                                                    trademark infringement, and that is why law
logisticians more interested in cutting costs than                                                               enforcement has become involved in the investiga-
in quality control,” said COL John Kragh of the          The authentic Combat Application Tourniquet (bottom)    tion,” the colonel noted. “We have had a previ-
                                                         has a manufacturing date stamped on it. (Courtesy
Army Institute of Surgical Research.                                                                             ous counterfeit CAT confirmed from the Middle
    “The Combat Application Tourniquet is stan-                                                                  East, but this was purged from the warehouses
dard issue to all deploying Soldiers. It’s in each       Agency knows the fake items are available for           uneventfully a couple of years ago. This is one
Soldier’s Individual First Aid Kit pouch,” he            purchase through non-Department of Defense              of the reasons why we should remain vigilant.”
added.                                                   Websites, and that authorized DoD procurement
                                                         gateways will supply only the approved com-             Cost cutting
Weakness                                                 mercial part from authorized distributors.                   As to why anyone would purchase the fake
     “The rod on the dummy tourniquet is bend-                If the counterfeits are found in any inven-        one while the authentic item is available through
able to a point where it cannot work right. It’s         tory, they should be replaced by the real thing         Army supply channels, the colonel had a pos-
like bending Gumby’s arm,” Kragh said. “The              and the counterfeit should be reported to that          sible explanation.
makers do not market the item ostensibly as a            activity’s logistical supply office.                         “The ordering system is decentralized giving
medical device, but they sell it and package it               “It’s easy to get the right items using routine,   initiative to low-level supply persons who can
like a retail item.                                      professional supply channels,” Kragh said. “If          order what they think is best. An unknowing
     “The danger is if someone mistakes the fake         other channels are used, then it’s easy to get          person could easily think that they are ordering
for a real CAT or a real medical device,” the            the wrong stuff. It just takes a credit card and        a Combat Application Tourniquet online for a
colonel said. “That mistake could be fatal, since        choosing the wrong online supplier.”                    good price, but getting one cheap from China
it cannot control bleeding.”                                  The message said the phony tourniquet was          is too good to be true,” Kragh said.
     A tourniquet is used to cut off the flow of         first encountered several years ago in a depot               Information about the proper combat applica-
blood, most often to an arm or leg. It may be            in Afghanistan and was thought to have been             tion tourniquet can be seen on the U.S. Army
a special surgical instrument, a rubber tube, a          purged from the system. At that time, the item          Medical Materiel Agency Website (http://www.
strip of cloth, or any flexible material that can        was of obviously inferior construction and rec- under the
be tightened to exert pressure.                          ognizable as a counterfeit. Today, the product          category “Hot Topics.”
     The message said that the Defense Logistics         has been modified and is difficult to distinguish            An information line at (301) 619-3548 is
                                                                                                                 also available. (Fort Sam Houston)

                                                                                                                  Get it right
                                                                                                                       PVT Scott Charging simulates bandaging an-
 Seizure                                                  Easy does it                                            other medic while SGT Sabrina Watts fills out a mild
     SGT Diana McClure, a medic with the 278th                Army Reserve medics lower a wounded ca-             traumatic brain injury survey card, as medics of the
 Armored Cavalry Regiment, assists an Iraqi boy           sualty from a tower during a medical tactical lane      3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment train
 who had a seizure at a returnee assistance center        scenario at Fort McCoy, Wis.                            at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif. All
 in Baghdad, Iraq. McClure ensured the boy's airway           "We had to assess, treat and then lower him         medics at NTC carry literature to help identify Sol-
 was clear and cooled him with water while monitor-       from the tower and ensure all the equipment was         diers who may have suffered a concussion.
 ing his vital signs until he recovered.                  secure so we didn't drop him. We also did other              "I told them that they need to put in 110 per-
     "He was running around and getting extremely         Soldier tasks such as land navigation and went to       cent, because what they get out of this will directly
 hot. I am sure that contributed to it," McClure said.    the ranges to fire weapons," said PV2 Jefferson         carry over to Iraq," said SFC Randy King. (Photo
 (Photo by SGT Michael Carden/13th Sustainment            Bonilla. (Photo by Rob Schuette/Fort McCoy)             by PFC Jennifer Spradllin/16th Mobile Public Affairs
 Command)                                                                                                         Detachment)
8 The Mercury
  August 2010                                 

Adult lives can be saved                                                                                   Web-based training
                                                                                                           helps smokers quit
with proper immunizations                                                                                  by Abby Friedman
                                                                                                               The Department of Defense has announced
by BethAnn Cameron                                   weakened form of disease is injected into the         the launch of Train2Quit, an innovative Web-
    Children are not the only people who need        body. The body makes antibodies to fight the          based tobacco cessation training specifically
immunizations — young adults to senior citi-         invader. If the actual disease ever attacks the       designed for military personnel and Families.
zens can benefit from immunizations, too. Many       body in the future, the antibodies will still be          Train2Quit is a step-by-step process with
adults become ill, disabled or die each year from    there to destroy it.                                  proven methods and interactive activities and
diseases that could easily have been prevented            Immunizations protect the personal health of     tools to help tobacco users quit for good.
by being immunized.                                  military personnel, help maintain mission readi-          The free customizable training, accessible
    Immunizations also benefit people in the com-    ness and are required. An immunized Soldier           anytime to service members online (www.
munity where immunized persons live or work,         is less likely to become seriously ill from a, is the newest
putting fewer people at risk by preventing the       disease that threatens his or her unit’s mission.     addition to the DoD campaign, Quit Tobacco-
spread of diseases. Diseases like influenza (flu),   By staying healthy, the immunized Soldier helps       Make Everyone Proud (QTMEP).
tetanus and measles can cost Soldiers, Families      other Soldiers accomplish their mission. Even             “Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines
and civilian personnel time and money because        though immunizations have reduced diseases to         are used to training. Train2Quit doesn’t take
of doctor visits, lost duty and work time, and       low levels in the United States, many diseases        eight weeks or even eight hours. And although
hospitalizations.                                    are still common in other parts of the world.         quitting tobacco is tough, we know members
    Some adults assume that the immunizations        Soldiers, civilians and contractors getting ready     of the Armed Forces are even tougher. They
they received as children will protect them for      to deploy may require specific, additional im-        can get through this unique and easy-to use
the rest of their lives. Usually this is true, ex-   munizations depending on the health risks where       online training to get quit and stay quit.”
cept that:                                           they are deploying.                                   said Captain David Arday, a Public Health
    * Some adults were never immunized as                 Military personnel, their Family members and     Service physician and chairman of the DoD
children,                                            civilian personnel should work closely with their     Alcohol and Tobacco Advisory Committee.
    * Newer vaccines were not available when         health-care providers to schedule immunizations           Train2Quit accommodates users based on
some adults were children,                           and make sure that immunizations are up to date.      where they are in the process of quitting to-
    * Immunity can begin to fade over time,               The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and         bacco, whether thinking about quitting or in
and as we age, we become more susceptible to         Prevention has the 2010 Adult Immunization            the midst of a quit attempt. A self-assessment
serious diseases caused by common infections         Schedule recommended for anyone over age 18.          tool during enrollment determines where us-
(for example, flu and pneumococcus).                 It is available in English and Spanish and may        ers fall on the spectrum and starts them in
    These circumstances require that adults make     be downloaded. To see the complete list of im-        the corresponding module. The training then
sure their immunizations are up to date. The         munizations recommended by the CDC for adults         offers customized tools and individual support
recommended ones are: influenza, pneumococ-          (as well as recommendations and schedules for         based on their specific situation and stage in
cal polysaccharide (PPSV), Td/Tdap (Tetanus,         adolescents and children), go to http://www.cdc.      the quit process.
diphtheria, pertussis), MMR (measles, mumps,         gov/vaccines/recs/schedules.                              Anonymous live chatting with expert quit
rubella), varicella (chickenpox) and hepatitis B.         The Military Vaccine Agency has immuniza-        coaches is currently available from 8:30 a.m.
People who travel overseas, college students and     tion charts for U.S. military personnel in any of     to 10:00 p.m. EST, and will soon be avail-
young women may require additional immuniza-         the Department of Defense services including the      able 24 hours a day.
tions. Health-care providers also recommend im-      Coast Guard. MilVax also provides lists of vac-           Users can stop at any point in the process
munizations for adults who have chronic illness      cines by type of military population — trainees,      and then re-start where they left off, track-
such as heart disease, lung disease and liver        active-duty and reservists, as well as for deploy-    ing their progress through the training. After
disease, or other risk factors such as alcoholism    ments. Recommended guidelines and charts are          successfully going through all four modules,
or cigarette smoking.                                on the Web at        they receive a certificate of completion. (Army
    How do immunizations work? They prevent          aspx?cnt=resource/servicesHome. (Public Health        News Service)
disease in the people who receive them. A            Command (Prov))

Telemarketers know how to spoil a good evening
by Linda Turner                                           Please, don’t be taken in. If you believe       call you will be fined for every call.
     Outside, a winter storm raged in the night,     the company or charity really is legitimate,              Telemarketers are also restricted from calling
coating the world in snow and ice, but the couple    insist that any offer be sent to you in writing.     you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. They must
inside the mountain cabin never noticed. His         Investigate a company before buying anything.        tell you they are trying to sell you something,
eyes locked with hers as he reached for her…         If you haven’t entered a contest, you haven’t        give the name of the company they’re working
     You know what’s coming, don’t you? The          won a prize. Check charities out with the Bet-       for, and what they are selling. If they tell you
phone rang.                                          ter Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance at        you’ve won a prize, they must tell you that
     “You’ve won a free trip to the far side of or call 703-276-0100.                    you don’t have to pay anything or purchase
the moon, you lucky dog. All you have to do               The Federal Trade Commission also maintains     anything to win. They have to inform you of
is sign up for six week’s worth of cheap flying      the Consumer Sentinel (         all costs, restrictions, and conditions before you
lessons, give me your credit card or checking        tinel), which is an investigative and complaint      spend any money.
account number so I can drain your accounts,         database that lists Internet cons, telemarketing          Your consent is required before processing
and you’re good to go!”                              scams, and other consumer fraud in the United        any payment. The terms of any free trial period
     Okay, not all telemarketers are out to steal    States, Canada and Australia. If you’ve been a       must be fully disclosed, and anyone soliciting a
you blind. But telling the good guys from the        victim of a scam, you can post your story on         charitable donation must disclose the name of
bad is next to impossible over the phone unless      the Consumer Sentinel, thereby alerting law en-      the organization they’re calling for. Furthermore,
you initiate the call and know exactly who’s on      forcement officials around the world to the latest   telemarketers are required to provide their phone
the other end of the line.                           frauds being perpetrated on innocent victims.        number — and their names when possible — to
     After all, telemarketing scams bilk Americans        And you do have legal rights where tele-        your Caller ID service.
out of over $50 billion a year! That’s right —       marketers are concerned. You can legally restrict         The best thing you can do to protect yourself,
billion with a B. These people know what they’re     telemarketers from calling you again simply by       however, is to simply hang up and not give the
doing. They often use familiar names that sound      telling them not to call you. You can also place     scam artists a chance to entice you.
like companies and charities you’ve heard of or      your home telephone and cell phone numbers on             And the next time you plan a romantic
done business with in the past. The deals they       the Federal Trade Commission’s “Do Not Call”         evening with a loved one, take the phone off
offer are fantastic … and, unfortunately, too        list by either visiting or call-   the hook. (MEDCOM Office of the Staff Judge
good to be true.                                     ing 1-888-382-1222. Anyone foolish enough to         Advocate)
                                                                                                                                                          The Mercury
                                                                                                                                                          August 2010    9

                                                                                                                       Building a building
                                                                                                                            1LT Adhanna McCarthy cuts bracing slots in
                                                                                                                       wood beams for a Habitat for Humanity house for
                                                                                                                       a low-income family in San Antonio, Texas. About
                                                                                                                       30 members of the Interservice Physician Assis-
                                                                                                                       tant Student Society donated a day of service to
                                                                                                                       the project.
                                                                                                                            "We've worked at the soup kitchen at St.Vincent
 Better living through technology                                                                                      de Paul, done a clothing and canned food drive,
                                                                                                                       worked in community gardens with Green Spaces
       Dr. Vic Convertino checks what the data acquisi-          "The system is extremely flexible and can record
                                                                                                                       Alliances and also volunteered at Faith Family
  tion (DAQ) system developed by the Army Institute         up to 32 different medical devices at the same time,"
                                                                                                                       Clinic, a free clinic that serves the underinsured,"
  of Surgical Research says about a young dengue            said Guy Drew of ISR's information management
                                                                                                                       McCarthy said.
  patient in Thailand. The DAQ integrates various           division, "and it permits us to add new equipment
                                                                                                                            "We're learning about teamwork, unity and
  medical devices into a unique data structure.             to the system as technology advances."
                                                                                                                       giving back to the community," said SSG Brian
       "The goal of our research initiative is to develop        Convertino took a miniaturized version of the
                                                                                                                       P. Neurohr.
  an algorithm using the DAQ system that will permit        DAQ to Bankok and trained three nurses of the
                                                                                                                            "I've been renting an apartment on the north-
  clinicians to identify internal hemorrhage as early as    Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sci-
                                                                                                                       west side of San Antonio, but this house will be
  possible so that corrective measures can be initiated     ences (AFRIMS) to collect data in the dengue ward
                                                                                                                       a lot more affordable. And it will be mine," said
  before the patient goes into shock," said Convertino,     of the Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health.
                                                                                                                       Tamra Grant, the house's eventual owner. (Photo
  chief of the human physiology research lab at ISR.        (Photo by Barb Soller/MRMC)
                                                                                                                       by Steve Elliott/Fort Sam Houston)

Army targets improved pain management
by Alexandra Hemmerly-Brown                  eral different doctors, which can             change medical care and the way          body signals — such as tempera-
     The final report of the Pain            cause inconsistencies in care. But            we take care of patients,” noted         ture, heart rate, muscle tension and
Management Task Force, which was             he maintained that this is not just           Thomas.                                  brain waves — to help patients
initiated by LTG Eric B. Schoomak-           an Army problem — it’s a prob-                                                         with relaxation techniques and pain
er in August of 2009, addresses the          lem throughout the U.S. health-care           Exceeding standards                      reduction.
lack of a comprehensive pain-man-            system.                                           Schoomaker stressed that Army            Schoomaker said he is hopeful
agement strategy across the Army,                 “This is a nation-wide problem           practices have always been in com-       that Soldiers will be receptive to
and suggests alternative treatments          ... we’ve got a culture of ‘a pill            pliance with America’s medical           alternative methods of care once
to medication such as acupuncture,           for every ill,’” agreed BG Richard            regulations, but he thinks the Army      they see that the treatments work.
meditation, biofeedback and yoga.            W. Thomas, assistant Army surgeon             can do better.                               “Seeing success is the best way
Also noted in the report is the fact         general for force projection.                     “Everything we do in the Army,       to convince people of the usefulness
that pain management has changed                  “As a physician, the hardest             even managing a toothache, is all in     and the need for other approaches,”
very little since the discovery of           thing to deal with is patients with           compliance with national standards       agreed Jaffin.
morphine in 1805.                            chronic pain,” said COL Jonathan              ... what we want to do is set the
                                             H. Jaffin, director of heath policy           bar higher,” Schoomaker explained.       Recommendations
Troubling reports                            and services in the Office of The                 Schoomaker’s higher standards            The 109 recommendations are
    Schoomaker explained that with           Surgeon General. “So many of us               include offering treatment alterna-      divided into four areas: to provide
the increasing numbers of Soldiers           went into medicine to relieve suf-            tives that might not yet be pre-         tools and infrastructure that sup-
returning from combat with severe            fering, and chronic pain is frus-             scribed in average doctor’s offic-       port pain management, build a full
wounds, reports of medication abuse          trating because we want to relieve            es, but which patients are already       spectrum of best practices, focus on
and suicides with pain as a possible         that pain.”                                   seeking out on their own, such as        Soldiers and Families, and synchro-
factor are troubling.                                                                      acupuncture. He said the Army has        nize a culture of pain awareness,
    “While these issues might not            Medical centers                               looked at research on the effective-     education and intervention.
be directly related to pain manage-              The task force visited 28 mili-           ness of complementary techniques,            Schoomaker said the recom-
ment, I felt a thorough evaluation           tary, Veterans Affairs and civilian           and he would like to see them            mendations that can be put into
and assessment of current pain-              medical centers between October               integrated into traditional medical      policy under his authority will be
management practice was indicated,”          and January to observe treatment ca-          treatment.                               implemented in the coming months,
Schoomaker said.                             pabilities and best practices. Schoo-             “Programs such as biofeedback        and the 2010 National Defense Au-
    He said part of the problem is           maker’s said his goal is to form a            and yoga have been subjected to          thorization Act asks the secretary
that severely injured Soldiers, like         pain-management strategy that is              scientific randomized trials and         of defense to integrate a pain-man-
those in warrior transition units, are       holistic, multidisciplinary and puts          have been proven to be effective,”       agement policy into the military
often prescribed multiple medica-            Soldiers’ quality of life first.              Schoomaker said.                         health-care system no later than
tions and sometimes seen by sev-                 “This is an opportunity to                    Biofeedback involves measuring       March 2011. (Army News Service)
10 The Mercury
   August 2010                               

Researcher wins Top cadre earn awards from
SAIGE award     Warrior Transition Command
by Jerry Harben                                        Top squad leaders, platoon sergeants, nurse        gional winners were Olivia Castro from Tripler,
    LTC Max Teehee is the Society of American      case managers and primary care managers com-           CPT Robert G. Burdine from Fort Irwin, Calif.,
Indian Government Employees (SAIGE) Award          peted this year for Warrior Transition Command’s       MAJ Deborah Hood from Walter Reed Army
winner for 2010.                                   Warrior Care and Transition Program Cadre of           Medical Center, Washington, D.C., and Donna
    Teehee is deputy director of Force Health      the Year awards. Competitors were selected             Argus from Heidelberg.
                       Protection Investigation    by regions from both warrior transition units              The CBWTU Nurse Case Manager of the Year
                       — New Drug Branch for       on installations and community-based warrior           is LTC Margaret Trimble of CBWTU Alabama.
                       the Army Medical Mate-      transition units.                                      Regional winners were CPT Jolynn Newsome
                       riel Development Activ-         The WTU Squad Leader of the Year is SSG            of CBWTU California and MAJ Mercedes A.
                       ity (USAMMDA). He           Randall G. Bagwell from Fort Sam Houston,              Bagby of CBWTU Virginia.
                       leads a team that man-      Texas. The regional winners were SSG Kris                  The WTU Primary Care Manager of the Year
                       ages investigational new    Kaopuiki from Tripler Army Medical Center,             is LTC Mary Patricia King from Walter Reed.
                       drug protocols against      Hawaii, SSG Robert C. Cramer from Fort Riley,          Regional winners were Dr. Robert Deedman from
                       such disease threats as     Kan., SSG Javis Dew from Fort Meade, Md., and          Tripler, Dr. Robbie J. Rampy from Fort Bliss,
                       anthrax and smallpox.       SSG James Hower from Heidelberg, Germany.              Texas, Dr. Carolynn Warner from Fort Stewart
                            Teehee, whose grand-       The CBWTU Platoon Sergeant of the Year             and Dr. Donna McLaughlin from Heidelberg.
                       father was listed on the    is SFC Anthony Costa of CBWTU Illinois.                    The CBWTU Primary Care Manager of the
   LTC Max Teehee      1906 Guion Miller Roll      Regional winners were SSG Marsie Franco of             Year is COL Donna Jean Wiberg of CBWTU
                      of Eastern Cherokees,        CBWTU California and SFC Brent Waterhouse              Massachusetts. Regional winners were COL Phil-
enlisted in the Air Force in 1979 but left the     of CBWTU Alabama.                                      lip S. Siegel of CBWTU California and COL
service for education, eventually earning a            The WTU Nurse Case Manager of the Year             Deborah Davis of CBWTU Alabama. (WTC)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from          is William English from Fort Stewart, Ga. Re-
Louisiana State University in 1989. He served
three years as a Veterinary Corps officer, then
five years as a veterinary supervisor for the      Detrick garrison applauded for practices
Department of Agriculture before returning to           Fort Detrick, Md., is one of six Army gar-             Fort Detrick was recognized for being a leader
the Army in 1997.                                  risons recognized in a new category of Exem-           in innovation and business development, exert-
    After completing a PhD in microbiology,        plary Practices in the 2010 Army Communities           ing positive influence on the local community
he worked as a biodefense researcher at the        of Excellence (ACOE) awards competition.               and state while serving multiple missions since
Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious           “We’re pretty tickled. I don’t think we could     the 1940s. The installation received a trophy,
Diseases before his present assignment.            have smiled any more than we did,” commented           an Army Community of Excellence flag and a
    In 2008, Teehee volunteered to oversee         COL Judith Robinson, Fort Detrick garrison             check for $75,000.
research into endemic viral diseases in the        commander.                                                  “ACOE helps these installations focus on
Democratic Republic of Congo, spending eight            The program encourages and rewards instal-        cost-conscious and performance-based activi-
weeks in the tropical African country. More        lations for continuous business process improve-       ties, and that contributes directly to a resilient,
recently, he initiated a medical surveillance      ment, individual innovation, groundbreaking initia-    healthy and mission-ready Army,” said LTG Rick
section that monitors disease threats around       tives and dedication to efficiency, effectiveness      Lynch, commander of Installation Management
the world and the countermeasures available        and customer care. The program uses Malcolm            Command. (Adapted from Fort Detrick and
against them.                                      Baldridge National Quality Program criteria.           IMCOM releases.)

Dix simulation training center named Army's best
Story and photo                        the best medical training facility     says that’s not what makes the Dix       to try to trick us. We incorporate
by Edward Mingin                       in the Army.                           MSTC work so well. Instead, Levy         that into the training,” said Levy.
   The Army Support Activity-Dix           The MSTC uses training tech-       praises his staff, saying they are the       “We teach them what they need
Medical Simulation Training Center     niques and props, including life-      reason for the organization’s success.   to know, but we try to get them
(MSTC) at Joint Base McGuire-          like mannequins that have a pulse,         Levy and his crew get feed-          thinking outside the box and give
Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., was presented     blinking eyes, and the ability to      back from Soldiers who have been         them more to consider,” Hassell
with the CPL Angelo J. Vaccaro         bleed. But SGM Douglas Levy,           through the training and applied it      added.
Award, which is given yearly to        program director of the Dix MSTC,      in a real-world situation.                   “They really put us in a combat
                                                                                  Feedback also comes from             situation,” said SPC Christopher
                                                                              Levy’s staff. Jamell Hassell, a con-     Ripoll of the 288th Quartermaster
                                                                              tract employee, is MSTC site man-        Company. “It was different than
                                                                              ager, and has firsthand knowledge        other training I’ve had. The hardest
                                                                              he can pass on to Soldiers.              part was the room at the end of the
                                                                                  “I was in the Army for eight         obstacle course. It was dark; there
                                                                              years. I was a medic” said Hassell.      were some flashing lights and a
                                                                              “When my deployment was up, I            lot of casualties. We had to check
                                                                              started as a trainer.”                   for a pulse and see who was still
                                                                                  Hassell and the MSTC crew            alive. There was a lot going on. It
                                                                              strive to make the training as re-       was really intense.”
                                                                              alistic as possible, and they teach          SPC Anthony Stewart, also of
                                                                              Soldiers how to do more than apply       the 288th, echoed the statements of
                                                                              bandages and fix wounds. They’ll         his comrade.
                                                                              often role-play and act as hostiles,         “I’ve had CLS [Combat Life
                                                                              putting Soldiers on the spot to make     Saver] classes before, it was noth-
                                                                              hasty decisions. Role-players will do    ing like this. There were bodies and
                                                                              what they can to put Soldiers in a       blood all over the place. It was a
                                                                              difficult decision-making situation.     shock when the mannequin started
SGT Monty Garza of the 288th Quartermaster Company calls for help during a
                                                                                  “We do a lot of innovative           blinking and had a pulse. Made it
training exercise at Fort Dix Medical Simulation Training Center.             things that people do over there         seem realistic,” he said. (Fort Dix)
                                                                                                                                                The Mercury
                                                                                                                                                August 2010     11
Borden Institute expands Army library
by Jerry Harben                               . Civilians         markable that they take the time and effort to
    Since the dawn of civilization, books have         can purchase volumes through the Government            write these chapters. There would be nothing
been how humans have shared knowledge, passed          Printing Office at or by      without the authors.”
on lessons learned, and recorded their place in        calling (202) 512-1800.                                    The Borden Institute was created in 1987
history.                                                     “Some books come unsolicited, interested         as the Center of Excellence in Military Medi-
    One organization is dedicated to ensuring          authors present white papers demonstrating their       cal Research and Education under the Office
members of Army Medicine benefit from ac-              potential to the Borden. Some ideas have come          of The Surgeon General. In 1992 it was named
cumulated knowledge shared in books.                   from the Office of The Surgeon General as an           in honor of LTC William Cline Borden, who
    The Borden Institute publishes books with          area of interest. Others are part of the main-         was MAJ Walter Reed’s personal physician and
information for military medical personnel, in-        tenance of the Textbooks of Military Medicine          was a leader in establishing Walter Reed Army
cluding the Textbooks of Military Medicine se-         series — the series is periodically reviewed           Medical Center in Washington, D.C. It now is
ries. These books are designed to illustrate how       and updated as needed,” said COL Martha K.             part of the AMEDD Center and School. Two
military medicine has built on the lessons learned     Lenhart, director of the Borden Institute.             staff members work at the Center and School
in past wars, and to lay out the scientific basis          Lenhart said a seven-member publication            on Fort Sam Houston, Texas, while others will
on which the practice of military medicine is          board soon will be established to review ideas         soon move from the Walter Reed campus to
grounded. The series of some 20 volumes cov-           and suggest topics.                                    Fort Detrick, Md.
ers such topics as military preventive medicine,           After a senior editor is selected, he or she           Two of the institute’s books recently were
military medical ethics, harsh environments and        outlines a book’s contents and then identi-            recognized for excellence by peers in the pub-
care of combat injuries.                               fies experts to write individual chapters. Many        lishing industry. Care of the Combat Amputee
    Although the books are written for military        people contribute to the textbooks — Care of           received the first place award in the Technical
audiences, civilian providers, including nonmili-      the Combat Amputee had 129 authors.                    Text category for Small to Medium Nonprofit
tary national and civil defense responders, find           Books on historical subjects more commonly         organizations in the Washington Book Publishers’
these publications to be an essential resource.        are written by a single author, supported through      2010 Book Design and Effectiveness Competition.
    The institute’s books are available in print, as   the Office of Medical History in MEDCOM’s              Walter Reed Army Medical Center Centennial:
downloadable PDF documents, or on CD-ROM.              directorate of strategic communication.                A Pictorial History 1909-2009 was featured in
Active duty military personnel may obtain one              “One of the strengths of the Borden lies           the Library Journal’s list of Notable Government
copy at no charge by ordering online at www.           within the authorship,” Lenhart said. “It is re-       Documents for 2009.

                                                                                  Preserving history
                                                                                      MG Patricia D. Horoho (left),         a number of items from the hospital,
                                                                                  deputy surgeon general, accepts a flag    which now is operated by the govern-
                                                                                  from COL Rafael A. DeJesus (center)       ment of Iraq.
                                                                                  and CSM David J. Littereal for the Army        The donation included signs, unit
                                                                                  Medical Department Museum at Fort         insignia displays, an aerial photo of the
                                                                                  Sam Houston, Texas.                       Green Zone, a tracing of an original
                                                                                      Dejesus and Littereal, currently      artwork, a small quilt made for the unit,
                                                                                  with the 10th Combat Support Hospital     and a flag and granite plaque that was
                                                                                  at Fort Carson, Colo., were stationed     in the hospital morgue. (Photo by Steve
                                                                                  together at Ibn Sina Hospital in Bagh-    Elliott/Fort Sam Houston)
                                                                                  dad, Iraq.They donated to the museum

Doctor takes long road from White House to Iraq
Story and photo                           and for COL Daniel Parks, the 26th     at all times and a physician or                “One of the coolest things is
by MSG Duff E. McFadden                   Base Support Battalion surgeon at      physician assistant with the vice          being able to see the workings of
    It’s a long way from the hal-         Contingency Operating Site Marez       president at all times.                    the executive branch of govern-
lowed walls of the White House to         in Iraq, it was one wild ride.              “We were a big medical team,          ment from the inside,” Parks said.
the dusty environs of northern Iraq,          From September 2001 to March       approximately 25-26 people strong.         “Imagine the opportunity to see it in
                                          2009, Parks served as one of the       We worked very closely with each           action from a war-time perspective,
                                          six White House physicians for         other, with the Secret Service, and        from the initiation of the war-time
                                          U.S. Presidents George W. Bush         with the military for protection of        action, to today.”
                                          and Barack Obama.                      the president,” said Parks.                    During his eight years of White
                                              Parks said he had very few              While the position had its ben-       House service, he traveled to every
                                          expectations about the job.            efits, by the same token, the hardest      continent of the world, with the
                                              “I heard very little about the     part had to be the time spent away         exception of Antarctica, as well as
                                          position beforehand. I only knew       from home, he said.                        43 countries, including three trips
                                          it would be a different type of job         “I was away for two- to two-          to Iraq and two to Afghanistan.
                                          with lots of travel, lots of medical   and-a-half weeks a month. It was               Parks was the duty physician,
                                          contingencies,” he said.               a 24/7 job and I was always on             or the doctor assigned to the close
                                              Despite a rather ominous start     my Blackberry, or watching the TV          proximity of the president, when
                                          — his first day of work was Sept.      news. If there was a tornado in the        they had arrived in Shanghai for the
                                          11, 2001 — he quickly learned the      Midwest, we would have to start            Asian Pacific Economic Conference.
                                          ropes. After undergoing Emergency      planning on how to move assets                 “I was in the elevator with the
                                          Medical training and Nuclear, Bio-     there in case of an impromptu visit        president, Secretary of State Colin
                                          logical and Chemical training, he      by the president,” he said.                Powell, National Security Advi-
                                          began working side-by-side with             While the position was normally       sor Condoleezza Rice, and Russian
                                          the Secret Service, the Marine One     a three-year tour, he was asked to         Premier Vladimir Putin. To be a
                                          air squadron and the Air Force One     extend by President Bush’s admin-          fly on the wall in the back of that
                                          air crews.                             istration, and then he assisted with       elevator, with that much power, was
                                              There’s a physician and nurse      the transition of President Obama’s        simply awe-inspiring,” he said. (3rd
                                          within two minutes of the president    administration.                            Infantry Division Public Affairs)
          COL Daniel Parks
12 The Mercury
   August 2010                                      

Courageous flight crew earns decorations
by Brandon Honig                             up two more injured Soldiers —
    Hovering 70 feet over a battle           again leaving Spraktes behind to
zone, about to be lowered to the             care for and defend the Soldiers
ground on a cable dangling from              on the ground.
his helicopter, medic SSG Emmett                 “By the grace of God, we were
Spraktes drummed up the necessary            not hit,” said co-pilot CWO Scott
courage by picturing the parents of          St. Aubin. “I have no idea how you
the injured Soldiers below.                  miss a giant Black Hawk helicopter.
    “We’re up there, and we know             It was really surreal.”
we can’t land and there’s a risk, but
I imagine looking into the eyes of           More patients
a [Soldier’s] parent and saying, ‘I              After dropping off patients for
can’t do this,’” Spraktes recalled.          the second time, the Black Hawk
“How could I talk to the mother              returned to find that Spraktes was
or father of one these boys and              treating two Soldiers for dehydra-
say, ‘I was just too afraid to go’?”         tion. He again deferred his place
                                             on the aircraft to the injured Sol-
Stuck                                        diers and sent the Black Hawk on
     Moments later, when the cable           its way, this time telling the crew
stopped moving only partway to               he would stay on the ground and
the ground — making Spraktes a               return to base on foot.
sitting target above the battlefield             Spraktes’ crew would hear noth-
— it was his own children who                ing of it, though, and returned to
came to mind.                                the dangerous location for a sixth      Left to right, SSG Thomas A. Gifford, SSG Emmett Spraktes, CW4 Brandon Erd-
     “When I was hanging, I thought          time to perform yet another combat      mann and CW2 Soctt St. Aubin pose after their award ceremony at Mather Air
I would never get out of there. I            hoist extraction, finally bringing      Force Base, Calif. (Photo by SFC Jesse Flagg/California National Guard)
was convinced this would be the              Spraktes to safety.
end of me,” he said. “This is all                “I told the pilots I wasn’t leav-   our freedoms here at home,” said         enemy often treats it as a bull’s-eye
my children are going to know of             ing him,” Gifford said. “I was just     Air Force BG Mary J. Kight, the          instead, Medigovich said.
me — everything we’ve had up to              doing my job and trying to get our      adjutant general of the California           “[MEDEVAC Soldiers] do the
this time.”                                  guys out. [Medical evacuation] is       National Guard, during a ceremony        job every day, unhesitating,” he
     He called up to crew chief SSG          a very dangerous job — there’s          at Mather Flight Facility.               said. “It’s a very special breed.
Thomas A. Gifford: “Tell my chil-            always somebody trying to shoot             “These four Soldiers are Ameri-      Just the fact that you’re flying in
dren I love them.”                           you down and stop you from what         can heroes. … I am proud to serve        there is testing one’s mettle. [This
     “You love me?” came the con-            you’re trying to do.”                   with you, and I believe the acronym      crew] is the best example of how
fused response.                                                                      DUSTOFF truly describes your ac-         our Soldiers react to adversity and
     “Not you, you idiot!” Spraktes                                                  tions,” Kight said.                      accomplish the mission, saving the
                                             Awards                                      DUSTOFF, which is synonymous         lives of our fellow patriots.”
yelled. “My kids!”                               Spraktes was honored for his
     The men shared a momentary                                                      with medical evacuation, stands for          The four awardees, however,
                                             actions with the Silver Star — the
laugh amid the gunfire, and then                                                     Dedicated Unhesitating Service To        deflected all praise, insisting they
                                             third-highest award for valor given
the cable started moving again.                                                      Our Fighting Forces.                     were only doing their job, doing
                                             by the U.S. armed forces — and
     Spraktes reached the ground in-                                                     “You four exemplify the very         what the Soldiers on the ground
                                             Gifford, St. Aubin and pilot CW4
tact with explosions and gun bursts                                                  best of our military,” said COL          depended on them to do, what any
                                             Brandon Erdmann each received the
echoing all around him and went to                                                   Mitchell Medigovich, commander of        other DUSTOFF crew would have
                                             Distinguished Flying Cross with “V”
work on the three injured patients                                                   the 40th Combat Aviation Brigade,        done.
                                             device for valor.
as his UH-60 Black Hawk crew                                                         which includes Company C. “We put            “We just happened to be there
                                                 Erdmann is a member of the
flew to safety. This was only the                                                    you in the most austere conditions,      when the mission came up,” St.
                                             Wyoming National Guard. The other
beginning.                                                                           the most difficult places and ask        Aubin said. “Any one of the crews
                                             three awardees are members of the
     After tending to the most se-                                                   you to perform missions that are         with us [in Afghanistan] would have
                                             California National Guard’s Com-
verely injured patient, Spraktes                                                     simply daunting, and you always          done the same thing. I’d trust my
                                             pany C, 1-168th General Support
called for the Black Hawk to re-                                                     rise to the occasion.”                   life with any single one of them.”
                                             Aviation Battalion.
turn to his location to pick up the                                                      He noted that MEDEVAC he-                “MEDEVAC — you choose that
                                                 Spraktes was the first California
injured Soldier and fly him to a                                                     licopters, unlike all other aircraft     unit,” he continued. “You know the
                                             National Guard member to receive
nearby base.                                                                         flown by the California Guard, are       danger and inherent risk.” (Califor-
                                             the Silver Star in this century.
     The Black Hawk delivered the                                                    unarmed. The red cross on the heli-      nia National Guard)
                                                 “This ceremony is about your
patient then returned and picked                                                     copter is meant to deter fire, but the
                                             selfless service while protecting

       SSG Oscar Guerra, a below-knee amputee,
  swims in the far lane, while SGT Johnathan Reyna
  guides CPL Matthew Bradford, who is blind and a
  bilateral lower extremity amputee, down the near lane
  during a mini-triathlon held at Fort Sam Houston,
  Texas, for military members injured in Operation Iraqi
  Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom.
       More than 100 patients from Brooke Army
  Medical Center, Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  and Balboa Naval Medical Center took part in the
  event, featuring a 500-meter swim, 10-mile bicycle
  ride and two mile run/walk.
       "Events like this are great for us because it gets
  you out of the barracks, keeps you active and gets
  you in a social situation," said CPL Joshua Sweeney.
  (Photo by Steve Elliott/Fort Sam Houston)

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