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									     Top tips for getting the most out of Slideshare

Slideshare is a great tool for sharing presentations, overviews of your key
products and services and hints & tips from your industry. We have compiled our
favourite 10 tips for getting the most out of the platform.

Tip 1 - Choose a username that represents your business or your objectives well.
Your company name should be used to build your brand, however if you are not
building a brand name then a more search engine friendly name may be more

             For example - compare slideshare.net/mybusinessname with

Tip 2 - Fully complete your profile. Ensure you have a branded image and your
description contains relevant information and keywords -include your website

Tip 3 - Include your business name, web address and contact details within the
first few slides - many people may not watch until the end but just to be on the
safe side - ensure your business name, web address and contact details are on
the final slide.

Tip 4 - Keep presentations short – this means there is more chance of the viewer
watching to the end…and more chance of them wanting to see more (i.e. go to
your website!). Around 10-15 slides is a good number.

Tip 5 - Ensure presentations are highly visual with minimal plain text. You need
to keep your viewers attention – rows & rows of text will not do it so resist the
temptation to overuse bullet points and long paragraphs.

Tip 6 - Include a “call to action” at the end – encourage viewers to visit your
website or phone you. Entice them with a free download – a report or whitepaper.

Tip 7 - Ensure your Title is captivating and contains relevant keywords

Tip 8 - Utilise tags for relevant keywords and key phrases (separate with a
comma). This will help users of slideshare to find your presentations.

Tip 9 - Make time to respond to any comments posted - this is a great way to
create new relationships and an opportunity to cross-sell services.

Tip 10 - Follow other users (there are some really clever people out there freely
sharing information) and set your notifications to update you when a new
presentation is added!

                               Source: Spider House PR

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