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									How to Answer Tough Interview Questions?

Answering Interview Questions can be a harrowing experience unless you know how to handle
them properly. Interviews are conducted to assess your capabilities and know more about you.
So, questions are framed in a way to exact the truth from you. One just can’t get away by
exaggerating or lying.

An answer to a question can lead to further questions. These subsequent questions grill you to
the core. If you don’t answer honestly or if your answer lacks conviction, it will show through. It
won’t take long before you fumble for an answer and get exposed.

Tough interview questions require deft handling. You must mean what you say. Do not commit
yourself to an answer unless you know what you are saying. Make sure you speak out only the
truth. It is better to admit that you don’t have an answer to a question than to prevaricate or lie.

Some questions may tempt you to boast about your achievements. Questions like tell me
something about your achievements or when were you last rewarded for your performance are
asked just to know what you think about yourself. Answers to these questions give an insight
into your nature. Some questions are double edged. No matter what the answer is you will have
to face tough related questions. For instance, questions like would you leave our company if you
get a better chance can lead to more difficult questions. If you answer in the affirmative, they
may doubt your commitments. If you answer in the negative, they may think you aren’t
ambitious. Your answer needs to be delicately balanced.

Tough interview questions call for a balanced, convincing and cogent answer.

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