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					                    Your Favourite Things in Design

Who says Scandinavian design is boring? Favourite Things is a pendant lamp that
gives you the possibility to exhibit your treasures. It works as an ordinary lamp too,
but it can be used as a miniature vitrine with a light inside as well.

The Favourite Things lamp is made of transparent glass and shaped like a bowl. The
bowl has an aperture in the side for placing your objects in it. After turning the
lights on these objects are under the spotlight, giving them a look familiar from
exhibition displays.
                                        Favorite Things is designed by the
                                        Stockholm-based designer Chen Karlsson.
                                        The designer claims that the inspiration
                                        for the design came while visiting the
                                        Natural Sciences Museum in Stockholm.
                                        There he saw a polar bear spotlighted
                                        inside a glass cabinet and emphasized the
                                        accentuated light source that exposed the
                                        white creature dramatically. Chen Karlsson
                                        liked the effect and wanted to bring it to
                                        his household designing.

                                        Favourite Things is a great example of new
                                        Scandinavian design. Still traditionally pure
                                        and minimalistic, it is also creative, leaving
                                        the space for the owner to choose the
ways to present his design object. The designer didn’t want to place the replica of
the polar bear he saw inside the cabin, but instead the lamp owners can choose what
to put inside the lamp. What would you place under the spotlight of Favorite Things?

                                            A designer Klaus Haapaniemi

                                       If you have an image of Scandinavian design as
                                       minimalistic, pure, and simple, you might not
                                       be aware that designer Klaus Haapaniemi is
                                       from Finland. Born in 1970, Klaus Haapaniemi
                                       has been qualified as one of the most
                                       interesting new designers and illustrators.

                                       Klaus Haapaniemi graduated from the Finnish
                                       design school called Lahti Institute of Design.
                                       After his graduation he moved to Italy, where
                                       he worked for Italian fashion house Bantam.
Nowadays Klaus Haapaniemi lives in London and has designed print for fashion brands
such as Diesel, Levis, Dolce & Gabbana and Cacharel. Apart from global trademarks,
he has designed patterns for traditional Finnish companies also, like Marimekko and

Klaus Haapaniemi’s style is strong and recognizable. He uses colours and patterns
boldly, combining them with breathtaking, yet well-balanced forms. His works are full
of detail to catch the viewer’s eye, and they never let you down: you may find new
interesting aspects every time you look at them. Klaus Haapaniemi’s work is
expressive, but it also leaves space for imagination.
Next to traditional design works, Klaus Haapaniemi has published a book together
with the Finnish writer Rosa Liksom and produced illustrations for the Observer
newspaper. In November 2010, he also launched a new home and fashion textiles
brand called Klaus Haapaniemi.

Klaus Haapaniemi was awarded the title of Graphic Designer of the Year 2008. He
definitely represents the era of new Scandinavian design and designers, who can use
their history for creating something new.


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