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                                                                                               N o v e m b e r 2 00 9
                                                                                               Volu me 4, I s s u e 3

                                 Working Together for Our Children                      M a rvi s ta El e me n ta ry S ch o o l PT SA
                                                                                        w w w. ma rvi s ta pt sa . o rg

                                 FROM            THE        P R I N C I PA L ’ S D E S K
    Upcoming Events
                                 Dear Marvista Families,
                                                                   Students will be able     students in 3rd through
No School/           11/23-25    Student-Led Conferences            to evaluate their         6th grade. This is an im-
Conferences                                                         academic perform-         portant annual assess-
                                 We are looking forward
                                                                    ance                      ment which is used as a
Thanksgiving Break   11/26-27    to engaging parents and
                                                                                              key piece of data to track
                                 students in our student-          Parents will be en-
                                                                                              individual student learn-
PTSA Board Meeting    12/15      led conferences next               gaged with their
                                                                                              ing and our school’s pro-
                                 week. Conferences are              child and teacher in
                                                                                              gress in the area of Math,
Arts Block Show       12/17      scheduled next week No-            an honest dialogue
                                                                                              Reading, Writing and Sci-
                                 vember 23rd -25th. A por-
                                                                   Parents will increase     ence. If you plan to take
No School /          12/21-1/1   tion of the conference
                                                                    participation in their    family vacations, please
                                 will be led by your child.
Winter Break                                                        child’s education         try your best not to
                                 This is an empowering
                                                                                              schedule them during this
                                 opportunity to listen to       Thank you for taking the
                                                                                              testing window.
                                 your child talk about their    time to attend this im-
                                 academic goals and per-        portant event for your        You can receive more
                                 sonal areas of growth          child!                        information by going to
                                 they have identified. Your                                   the OSPI website:
                                 child’s teacher will pro-      MSP
                                 vide you with current          Please mark your calen-       assessment/StateTesting/
                                 assessment data and            dars for our Measure-         MSP.aspx
                                 their first trimester report   ment of Student Pro-          Have a wonderful
                                 card. The objectives for       gress (MSP) assess-           Thanksgiving and enjoy
                                 the conferences include:       ment, formerly known as       your time off with family
                                                                WASL, for the month of        and friends!
                                    Students will accept
                                                                May. The testing window
                                     responsibility for their
                                                                will be from May 12th
                                     learning                                                           Rebekah Kim
                                                                through May 28th for

                                                           YOU’RE INVITED
                                    You Are cordially
                                  invited to attend the                                        Hosted by: Sarah
                                          2009                                                 Holt, Orchestra In-
                                                                Please join us for our
                                   Winter Arts Block                                           structor, Jill Brown,
                                                                 orchestra, band and
                                          Show                                                 Band Instructor, Pat-
                                                                marimba performances
                                                                                               rick Stults, Marimba
                                      December 17               and for our visual arts
                                                                                               Instructor and Tina
                                        6:30 p.m.                      exhibit.
                                                                                               Belknap, Visual Arts
                                 In the Marvista Gym                                           Instructor.
Pag e 2                                                                                                    N o v e mb e r 2 0 0 9

                          W H AT D I D Y O U D O ?
                          Whether sharing a crayon with       lating our grand prize win-           I Got Caught
                          a friend, helping another stu-      ners each month and re-            Grand Prize Winners
                          dent or listening in class.         member our students,
                          Marvista students “get caught’      teachers and staff make a                September
                          everyday doing good. As our         difference at Marvista
                          students are caught their names     everyday.                         Hannah       Mrs. Adlum
                          go in a monthly drawing for         Next time                         Jaden       Miss Meyers
                          classroom prizes. From the          your stu-
                          countless names turned in to        dent comes
                          the office two student names        home from
                          are drawn to receive a grand        school ask
                                                                                              Andrew Mrs. Schneeman
                          prize. Please join in congratu-     them “What did you do to
                                                              get caught today?”               Spencer Miss Meyers

                          T E A C H E R F E AT U R E
                          Each month we hope to fea-      What is your favorite             outside their classroom.
                          ture a different Marvista       thing about working at
                          Teacher! We're doing dou-       Marvista?                         What do you like to do on
                          ble duty this month to make                                       the weekends?
                          sure you meet both of our       Mrs. Holbrook: The WARM
                                                                                            Mrs. Holbrook: Drink coffee,
                          NEW teachers at Marvista,       welcome I have received
                                                                                            spend time with my husband
                          Mrs. Dawn Holbrook              from the students, families
                                                                                            and my two cats, and visit
                          (Kindergarten) and Miss         and staff!
                                                                                            with friends.
                          Jamie Soule (6th                Miss Soule: The wonderful
                          grade). We asked them                                             Miss Soule: I love to watch
                                                          group of students I have the
                          both the same ques-                                               football, visit with family and
                                                          privilege of teaching as well
          Mrs. Holbrook   tions...enjoy getting to know                                     friends, shop, grade essays,
                                                          as the outstanding staff I am
                          them and next time you see                                        knit, walk my dog.
                                                          able to collaborate with.
                          them at school, welcome
                          them to the Marvista family!                                      What book are you read-
                                                          Tell us about something
                                                                                            ing right now?
                                                          you're working on in
                                                          your classroom--special           Mrs. Holbrook: About the
                          Where did you work be-          projects or fieldtrips?           Authors by Katie Wood Ray
                          fore coming to Marvista?
                                                          Mrs. Holbrook: We went to
                                                                                            Miss Soule: Teach Like Your
                          Mrs. Holbrook: I spent two      Thomasson Family Farm in
                                                                                            Hair’s on Fire by Rafe Es-
                          years teaching 2nd grade at     October to visit their Pump-
                          Parkside Elementary, 2 years    kin Patch. It was a blast!
                          teaching Kindergarten in                                          Name 2 songs currently
                                                          Miss Soule: The students are
                          Eugene, OR, and 3 years                                           on your iPod.
                                                          working on promoting recy-
                          teaching Kindergarten at        cling, reusing, and reducing      Mrs. Holbrook: “The Way
                          Southern Heights Elemen-        throughout the school. All        You Look Tonight” by Frank
                          tary.                           week students have been           Sinatra and “Crash” by the
                          Miss Soule: This is my first    making morning announce-          Dave Matthews Band
                          year at Marvista and only my    ments and have even been
                                                                                            Miss Soule: “Crazy Love” by
                          second year teaching. Last      able to promote our cam-
                                                                                            Michael Buble and “Sweet
                          year I worked at Parkside in    paign during lunch time. The
                                                                                            Dreams” by Beyonce
                          the challenge program,          goal is to have all of the
                          teaching a group of 4th and     classrooms reusing and recy-      What is your favorite
           Miss Soule                                     cling so we can reduce            dessert?
                          5th graders. Before that I
                          had just graduated from the     waste. Every week two
                                                                                            Mrs. Holbrook: Rainbow
                          best college in Washington      classrooms from primary and
                                                                                            Chip cupcakes with Rainbow
                          State which of course is        intermediate who recycle the
                                                                                            Chip frosting
                          Washington State University.    best, will get to display
                                                          Owen and Ozzie the Ocras          Miss Soule: Vanilla cake with
                                                                                            chocolate frosting
                                                                                                                    N ovemb er 2009
 Pag e 3                                                                                                         V ol u me 4, I ssu e 1

 LET’S REACH                         OUR            GOAL…$1,000
Penny Harvest is in full swing     drop them off.
      from now until               Packets came home with
       December 5th                bags to collect your pennies
                                   and all the information you                                      Good Luck!
                                   need to help your child suc-
Pennies will be collected
                                   ceed in this wonderful com-
every Friday at lunchtime.
                                   munity project.                                                  Seattle Kids
Please do not bring your pen-                                           Bring your pennies in
nies to school until Fri-                                                         any
                                   Tell your friends, family and                                  Marathon Runners
days. There will be a collec-      co-workers to….                    Friday until December 5th
tion bin in the lunch room to      SAVE THOSE PENNIES

                                                                                                   See You at the
 F A L L F E S T I VA L A H U G E S U C C E S S                                                      Finish Line!!
                                       pion for the fabulous Fall
                                       It took many hands to put          Pumpkin Carving
                                       this event together so                Winners
                                       thanks to all the festival
                                       volunteers. It wouldn’t have           1st Place
                                       happened without you!!                Adrian Fodor
  It was a packed house on a
 cold and windy night. The                                                    2nd Place
 weather did not keep approxi-
                                            Costume Contest               Dominic Eberhardt
 mately 700 people away from
 Marvista’s Fall Festival. Wan-                 Winners
                                                                              3rd Place
 dering through the event you                       Cutest                Matthew Ditchik
 saw many enjoying the vari-                     Peyton May
 ety of food, smiling faces from                 (go-go girl)
 successful cake walks, hands
                                               Most Original
 creatively decorating pump-                    Adrian Fodor
 kins and ghouls unmasking to                     (spider)
 jump in the bouncy houses or
 read their bingo cards.                            Scariest
                                                 Addie Keeth
  A big thank you to our family
 activities coordinators Teresa
 Eberhardt and Therese Cam-

                ORANGE                     AND BLACK                     D AY

                                           Ms. Cox’s
                                       Mrs. Schneeman’s

                                                                                                                                  N ovemb er 2009
Pag e 4                                                                                                                        V ol u me 4, I ssu e 1

          Club News               2010 MARVISTA ADULT                 Student Directories
                                   MARDI GRAS PARTY                      Sent Home
                                                                                                        ARE YOU MISSING
 The last day for Friday early                                       Student directories went
                                                                  home with your children last             SOMETHING?
 release clubs will be Friday,
 December 11. The last day                                           week. If you did not get        Coat, Umbrella, Lunch Box?
                                  THE DATE HAS CHANGED!           one, there is still time to join
 for piano club will be               The Date is Now                                                Please remember to check
 Wednesday, December 16.                                          the PTSA at the $12 or $20         the lost and found — we
 The new Club "session"           FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5th,            level and you will receive a
                                         2010!!                                                        have items piling up!!!
 begins in February--                                               complimentary directory.
 registration forms will go      DETAILS ABOUT THE PARTY           If you have any questions
 home with every student in       AND ITS LOCATION WILL
                                  COME OUT IN JANUARY!            please contact Kristen Kerns
 early 2010. Some new                                                    at Kristenwynn-
 clubs are being consid-          SOME OF YOU PURCHASED      
 ered..please send any input      TICKETS AT THE 2009 “Our
                                 Town” Auction. WE WILL BE
 or ideas to Ashley Fosberg      SELLING ADDITIONAL TICK-
                                       JANUARY 2010.
 Parents and students will be                     A Great First Coffee Talk!
 able to provide evaluation
 of their clubs and the club        Thank you to Mrs. Triplett for providing parents with an
 program. We look forward         entertaining and informative "Coffee Talk" last week. Those
 to your feedback and input.     who attended learned a great deal about unique book choices
                                 for our kids at different ages and reading levels. Mrs. Triplett
                                  invites parents to make an appointment to meet with her to
                                 discuss books perfect for your child's needs. The next "Coffee
                                  Talk" will be scheduled after the first of the year in the eve-
                                                     ning. Date and topic TBA.

                   Tyee          Christmas tree, have their                                            Marvista Messenger
                  Holiday        picture taken with Santa,                                            Submitting an Article
                                                                    Evergreen Pool was closed
                  Bazaar         and enjoy breakfast, lunch
                                                                    in September by King
                 December        or a hot fresh espresso bev-
                                                                    County due to budget                   Email Articles to
                     5           erage. There’s even a Kid
                                                                    constraints. Countless 
                                 activity center for the little
                                                                    people have learned to
                 The Tyee        shoppers. We are also still
                                                                    swim at Evergreen Pool
Holiday Bazaar is Saturday,      accepting craft vendors.
                                                                    and now our communities          The December submission
December 5, from 9am-4pm         Contact Alana Vinther at
                                                                    have no alternative.             deadline is December 11.
on the Tyee Campus. Do           206.433.2128 or
your holiday shopping from for            Join use in saving this
over 100 booths of hand-         information. All proceed           valuable community re-           Visit the school Website at:
made and commercial items.       benefit Tyee student activi-       source.                
Shoppers can also get their      ties.                                   for back issues of the
                                                                                                     Marvista Messenger, parent
                                                                                                      information, PSTA/School
   Burien’s Winterfest                                                                                      news and more.
                                                    Cove Holiday Events
          December 5                                  Holiday Bazaar
                                                          December 5
                                                         Santa Party
                                                          December 6
                                               For more information visit
  For more information

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