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					                            Google Android OS

The Google Android OS, developed by Open handset Alliance is fast raking the interests
of various smartphone users across the world. Based on the Linux kernel, it provides
scope of developing innovative applications on variety of mobile platforms. There are
many versions of the Android OS such as - Gingerbread, Eclair, Froyo and the latest -
Honeycomb. Each has distinctive characteristics using which Android developer could
develop various applications. All android based applications are developed using the Java
programming language. Being an open source technology, it cans accomodate new and
emerging technologies. Also, all applications find equal standing with the Android OS
since it does not distinguish between its core apps and third - party apps. Our
Programmers develop applications that can be uploaded on the Android market that is
similar to Ovi store (for Nokia) or App store (for iPhone).

Features and specifications of the Android OS used by developer teams at AADI:

      Uses SQLite database for storage
      Supports various connectivity technologies
      Provides multiple language support
      Scope of programming feature rich apps
      Supports lots of hardware features of different handsets
      Provides the developers full access to framework APIs
      Multitasking options
      Tethering – allows a phone to be used as a wireless/wired hotspot
      Provides for fast and easy application development

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Description: Android is a Linux kernel based mobile operating system by Google.Used for Rich Mobile Applications Development.Android allows java based environment for the mobile application development. MADI provides Android Application Development, Android Game Development, Android Web Development Services. Hire dedicated android developer, android development expert team.