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					                                                                                             June 13 2011 Vol 11 Issue 11

Gold has been found at West Tandarra.          Bendigo.‖ This gold
Navarre Minerals are excited about the         is under 20 metres of
gold found in drill samples taken in the       Murray Basin sedi-
West Tandarra area.                            ment.
The company recently completed a 21            The news of the drill
hole aircore drill campaign covering           results sent the share
1,600 metres at the West Tandarra gold         price soaring Shares
prospect, and intersected a prominent          in the company
quartz reef structure as well as significant   closed 125% or 17.5c
quartz veining in 16 of the drilled holes.     higher to 31.5c on
The best result was drill-hole ACT015,         heavy volume of
which intersected 10 metres at 34.4            more than 16 million
grams of gold per tonne from only 37           shares. It later settled
metres below surface. They drilled to a        back to 30c per share.
depth of 57 metres, at 37 they hit quartz      Planning is now underway to drill closer
                                                                                              BIG CUPPA! $13,000
and its sediments, this vein continued for                                             Over 300 guests enjoyed lots of ‗Sugar,
                                               spaced drill traverses to ensure the conti-
the next 10 metres till a depth of 47 me-      nuity of the mineralisation.            Spice and All Things Nice‘ at Dingee‘s
tres. That 10 metres averaged out at 34                                                11th Biggest Morning Tea held at the
grams of gold per tonne, two metres of      Steve Harper, geologist with the project,
                                                                                       Falls Farm on 26th May 2011.
that assayed at 161.2 grams per tonne.      says that Navarre Minerals has an explo-
                                                                                       It was cool and cloudy weather, but each
                                            ration licence but always gets permission
The results indicate the presence of                                                   guest was warmly welcomed and treated
                                            from the farmer before entering their land
coarse nuggetty gold with host rocks and and works out a compensation agree-           throughout the morning. From the gift of
a mineralisation style considered similar ment. The works must be rehabilitated        a ‗Sugar & Spice‘ biscuit upon entry,
to the 22 million ounce Bendigo Gold-                                                  through to the lavish morning tea, won-
                                            back to the condition in which the mining
field. "This is one of the best gold inter- company found them. Navarre minerals derful raffle & huge prize draw, shopping
cepts in recent Victorian exploration his- give high priority to looking after the     at produce and merchandise stalls, catch-
tory. Needless to say, we're very excited," farmers on whose land they work and the ing up with friends, and listening to our
Managing Director of Navarre Minerals, communities in which they work.                 guest speaker Robyn Bird, there was
Geoff McDermott said.                                                                  something for everyone!
                                            ―Navarre is based in Stawell. The          To each and every person involved in this
―There were a couple of high grade hits     Stawell gold mine is mining 1600 meters huge community event, a pat on the back
in 2006 and 2007 that we have been keen down so to have found gold at just 37
                                                                                       is well deserved. Last year, our event
to follow up. With these new results, we metres below the surface is very
                                                                                       raised $12,500 which placed us as the
now have high grade gold hits over a two exciting‖ said Steve.
                                                                                       highest morning tea fundraiser in Victo-
kilometre zone. We have been working
                                                                                       ria! This year‘s total has now gone over
on the theory that the same rocks which
                                                                                       an amazing $13,000! Thanks everyone
host the 22 million ounce Bendigo gold-
                                                                                       and congratulations Dingee’s Biggest
field continue under cover north of
                                                                                       Morning Tea!

                   Thank you for the continued support of our major sponsors

                                                       Don KRC
                                     BEARS LAGOON PIGGERY
                               Manufacturers of Ham, Bacon & Smallgoods
                                                                                             East Loddon            P-12 College
JOHN WILSON TRANSPORT PTY, LTD                                                              Principal: Mr Brad Madden

          LIVESTOCK CARRIER                                       From the Principal                       Interesting points Thomas relayed to
                                                                  Congratulations                          me were that classes in Zimbabwe
                                                                  Congratulations to Bryan Jolly who       have an average of 40-45 students,
                            Phone /Fax 5437 8248                  recently won his division in the Judo    with some classes being as big as 60.
                         Mobile Phone 0428 507 104                Kardinia International Cup event.        There are no Integration Aides in
                                U.H.F. Channel 40                 This makes Bryan the current Victo-      these classes and special needs stu-
                                                                  rian Schoolboys Champion, a title he     dents have remedial classes with
                                                                  has won on a number of previous          around 20 students in each class, all
    MILLER‘S AG. SUPPLIES                                         occasions. Reaching these heights        with varying needs.
                  JUNE SPECIALS                                   involves a lot of time training and
                                                                  travelling and Bryan and his family      Whooping Cough
Pedigree Working Dog 22kg $38-00 (& bonus 2kg)                                                             There have been confirmed cases of
                                                                  are to be commended for their per-
Pedigree Adult Mince & Veg 22kg $37-50 (& bonus 2kg)
         Super Rat Grain Bait 2kg $44-00                          sistence, which we know is one of        Whooping Cough within our area.
       Syngenta Talon Pellets 150gms $7-50                        the keys to success in any endeav-       This notice is mentioned to make
                                                                  our.                                     people aware of the fact this has
            Ph: 5455 7306 Fax: 5455 7488                                                                   occurred, and not to alarm anyone. If
                    0427 181 461
                                                                  Visiting Teachers                        you have particular concerns regard-
                                                                  Thomas and Jane who were visiting        ing Whooping Cough, please speak
                                                                  teachers from Zimbabwe reported to       to your local GP and check on your
              RAYWOOD MOTORS                                      me that they were most impressed         child‘s immunisation records to see
       ( Lyle and Sharon Collins, proprietors)                    with the staff, students and curricu-    if they were immunised against it. A
Car Service and Tuning                                            lum offered at our College. They         useful website to help give a better
All Mechanical Repairs                                            were present at our College on Tues-     understanding of Whooping Cough
Small engine and truck repairs                                    day and Wednesday of this week and       is
Licensed vehicle tester 8546GE
Sales–   L.P.G.             Petrol             Diesel
                                                                  were both wonderful personalities to
   Household gas           B.B.Q. bottles refilled                have in the school.
                                ABN 59 609 725 004
                 PH (03) 5436 1247 Fax (03) 5436 1297
                                                                    Inquiry into Insurance Industry in Wake of Floods
ANDREW MAHER SERPENTINE                                           The House of Representatives Com-        and the handling of their insurance
                                                                  mittee on Social Policy has begun an     claim.
Ph 54378217                                                       inquiry into the response of the in-     There are many people and busi-
Mob 0427 378 217                                                  surance industry to extreme weather      nesses that have not had a satisfac-
Fax 54378218                                                      events, such as those that occurred in   tory response from their insurance
    CONTRACT BALING 8X4X3 BALES                                  the electorate of Murray late last       company. Similarly, there may have
     Servicing Loddon & surrounding area                          year and earlier this year.              been cases where insurance compa-
    BUYING SELLING AND CARTAGE OF ALL                            Federal Member for Murray, Dr            nies have provided excellent assis-
                                                                  Sharman Stone encourages those           tance with claims.
                                                                  individuals and businesses that were     I encourage those that have been
                                                                  affected by the floods and subse-        affected, either negatively or posi-
          RAYWOOD BUTCHERS                                        quently their insurance companies to     tively to complete this survey,‖
          Ron and Anna Thompson                                   respond.                                 Sharman Stone said.
 Mobile meat wagon. Have meat will travel.                        ―The Committee is conducting an       To complete the survey, visit
           Select your choice of meat at home.
                                                                  online survey about insurance claims
        Ph- b.h. 5436 1207 a.h. 5436 1451                         in disaster-affected communities,‖    spla/insurance/index.htm.
Thu – Dingee, Calivil, Serpentine, Mitiamo & Jarklin areas        Sharman Stone said.                   Alternatively, to make a formal sub-
Fri- Sebastian/ Eaglehawk/ Bendigo area
                                                                  ―The survey gives people who have mission to the inquiry, visit
      Specialising in Clubs, BBQ, Spits, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Bulk   made a disaster-related claim in the
      orders and Fruit and Vegetables.
                                                                  past five years, the opportunity to   documents/howsub.htm or call (02)
                                                                  comment on the coverage of their      6277 2358 for more information on
                                                                  insurance policy, the claims process, how to make a submission.

                                                                                                           ―Remember, if you ever need a help-
                                                                  ―When one door of happiness
                                                                                                           ing hand, you'll find one at the end of
                                                                  closes, another opens, but often we
                                                                                                           your arm ... As you grow older you
                                                                  look so long at the closed door that
                                                                                                           will discover that you have two
                                                                  we do not see the one that has been
                                                                                                           hands. One for helping yourself, the
                                                                  opened for us.‖
                                                                                                           other for helping others.‖
                                                                  Helen Keller
                                                                                                           Audrey Hepburn

      GLEDHILL’S CONTRACTING                                  Leading Senior Constable Lewis at Calivil
           Mower conditioning, raking
           Baling rolls & big squares                 In his address at the Calivil Bowls         learned not to wear his police cap on
          Round bale silage wrapping                  Luncheon on Monday 6th June Lead-           the beat. It was the perfect round
    Buying all types hay, standing or on shares       ing Senior Constable Lewis stressed         white target on which to drop sundry
                                                      the importance of the road rules re-        items upon from high rise buildings.
*Laser Grading 10‘ bucket   *Wood cutting
                                                      garding drink driving, speeding and         When based at Russell St Police
*Relief milking   *Mechanical & welding jobs
                                                      seat belts. Princess Di‘s accident          headquarters his desk was destroyed
                Ph 54368336
                                                      emphasised each of these. The driver        in the Russell St bombing. His best
  John: 0488368336        Josh: 0418369579
                                                      was drunk, he was speeding and the          mate arrested Julian Knight at the
                                                      only person to survive the accident         end of his massacre in Hoddle St.
                                                      was Princess Diana‘s body guard.
                                                      He was the only one wearing a seat          Later Dale was posted to Belgrave
                                                      belt.                                       close to the more rural area in which
                                                                                                  he grew up. Dale‘s application for
                                                      Dale joined the police force when he        the position of leading senior consta-
                                                      was just 18. His first job was on the       ble at Mitiamo was successful. The
                                                      beat in Collingwood where he                position is now based in Serpentine.
                                                                                                  Despite being on call 24 hours Dale
                                                                                                  says he enjoys having the close con-
                                                                                                  tact with the community that you get
                                                                                                  in a rural posting. We as a commu-
                                                                                                  nity appreciate him not only for his
                                                                                                  police work but for his community
                                                                                                  involvement and making himself
                                                                                                  available for days such as this.
  For advice and a full range of incentives
available for environmental and on-farm im-
    provement works, please contact the
     Department of Primary Industries:
       DPI Kerang               54 521266
       DPI Echuca               54 821922

  = DINGEE =
 LIVEWEIGHTSCALES                                     Grandma and Grandpa were visit-
                                                      ing their kids overnight.
                                                                                                        East Loddon Lions Club
   Buying Cattle and Calves all year                                                                           Inconjunction with
     Contact Robert and Pam Plant                                                                          Anglesea Lions Club
     Ph. 54 368209 or 0427 679661                                                                      Would like to invite YOU to a
  For current prices & on farm pick-up
 H.W. Greenham & Sons Pty.                                                                                     WEEKEND IN
                                                      When Grandpa found a bottle of                            ANGLESEA
MIKE FITCHETT              Viagra in his son's medicine cabi-                    22 – 25th July 2011
                   A B N 280 441 10 574
                                                      net, he asked about using one of            Accommodation has been arranged at Camp
                                                      the pills.                                  Burnside and transport from Dingee to Angle-
             DINGEE AUTO                               The son said, 'I don't think you           sea. Tthanks to the generosity of others this
                                                                                                                  camp will be
             ELECTRICAL                               should take one Dad; they're very
                                                                                                             FREE OF CHARGE!
      On site service to cars trucks farm machinery   strong and very expensive.'
                                                                                                      This weekend is being made possible
Ph 5436 8443                  Fax 5436 8446            'How much?' asked Grandpa.
Mob 0429 100 072              P.O. BOX 351DINGEE                                                    through generous donations for flood af-
                                                       '$20.00 a pill,' Answered the son..                    fected communities.
24 hr Breakdown Service or Keys Locked in Car          'I don't care,' said Grandpa, 'I'd still   You don’t have to have been flooded
                                                      like to try one, and before we leave                out to be affected!
                                                      in the morning, I'll put the money
                                                      under the pillow.'                               Singles, Couples & Families
                                                                                                          Everybody Welcome.
                                                       Later the next morning, the son
                                                      found $120.00 under the pillow.              For more information or if you are inter-
                                                      He called Grandpa and said, 'I told          ested in coming along, please contact:
                                                      you each pill was $20.00, not                   Jo Guthrie – 5436 6220 or
                                                      $120.00.                                          Jim Hercus 5436 6266
                                                       'I know,' said Grandpa. 'The hun-           Space is limited so get in early to avoid
                                                      dred is from Grandma!'                                     missing out!
                                                            MAYORAL COLUMN
                                                             Mayor Gavin Holt
                                                      WARD BOUNDARIES                          It has given Loddon Shire Council
                                                      ESTABLISHED                              great satisfaction to be able to sup-
                                                      The Victorian Electoral Commission       port Blaze Aid and its volunteers by
                                                      has released its final report review-    funding many community groups to
                                                      ing the electoral boundaries of the      provide evening meals to the volun-
                                                      Loddon Shire. The report recom-          teers.
                                                      mends five single-councillor wards       SALVATION ARMY FLOOD
      R.R. & E.M. PICKLES                             to be known as Boort, Inglewood,         RECOVERY EFFORTS
           & SONS Pty. Ltd.                           Tarnagulla, Terrrick and Wedder-         I would also like to acknowledge the
                                                      burn.                                    work of the Salvation Army, which
 Landforming & Fodder Conservation                    These recommendations, if accepted       has been operating a flood recovery
 Re-topsoiling, Channel pads, Drainage,               by the minister for local govern-        centre at the Serpentine Works De-
 Ripping, Discing and Contract Sowing                 ment, will establish the boundaries      pot, distributing goods to residents
 Hay baling and raking
                                                      for the next Council election to be      of the Shire. Now that there has
 Phone: Glen               Phone: Robert              held in late 2012. Council will con-     been a drop in demand for their ser-
 03 5436 6280              03 5436 6397               tinue to be administered under the       vices, the Serpentine distribution
 0428 571 593              0428 366 397               existing boundaries until that time.     centre closed at the end of May
                                                      Council welcomes the Victorian           2011.
              JOHN HOLT                               Electoral Commission‘s recommen-         A special vote of thanks goes to the
           CARPENTER & JOINER                         dations, as the proposal for five sin-   Salvation Army on behalf of the
                MITIAMO                               gle-councillor wards was supported       Loddon Shire Council for services
                                                      by the Loddon Shire in its submis-       provided during and after the flood
           *RENOVATIONS *PERGOLAS                     sions to the review. Council recog-      of 2011.
            *KITCHENS *BATHROOMS                      nises that there will be instances
                                                      where ward boundaries do not accu-       VICROADS CENTRAL VICTO-
             NO JOB TOO SMALL                         rately reflect the community of in-      RIAN MUNICIPALITIES CLUS-
         PROFESSIONAL WORKMANSHIP                     terest of all voters.                    TER MEETING
          03 5436 5365     0429 031064                                                         Last Friday I attended the VicRoads
                                                      MURRAY RIVER GROUP OF                    Central Victorian Municipalities
                                                      COUNCILS                                 Cluster Meeting at Redesdale. This
                         Subcontractor                Last week I attended a strategic
                         Renovations, Bathrooms                                                meeting provides the Mayors and
                                                      planning day in Mildura with my          CEOs of a number of central Victo-
                         Kitchens                     fellow Mayors of the Murray River
                         Pergolas, Decks, Verandahs                                            rian municipalities the opportunity
                                                      Group of Councils. Jointly we re-        to hold direct discussions with sen-
                         Wall/FloorTiling             solved to continue our work on ad-       ior representatives of VicRoads. The
                                                      vocacy around the issues that are        services provided to this region by
Carpenter & Joiner                                    important to all our communities.        VicRoads are important to all in our
Ph.0428 592 951 or 54 361 166                         These issues include:                    community. VicRoads, the state
Please call for a free quote                          making our small towns better            government road agency, is respon-
                                                      places to live                           sible for the construction and main-
                                                      improved health and education fa-        tenance of the arterial highways
                 For all your mechanical repair      cilities
                                                                                               throughout Victoria. People of Lod-
                                                      better roads and public transport.       don are serviced by the Wimmera,
                 Western quality oils                Above all, the group renewed its         Calder and Loddon Valley high-
                 Lge range quality batteries         commitment to build strong and           ways, and this meeting provided a
                 Liquid engineering products         positive relationships with both the     great opportunity to advocate on
                                                      state and federal government.            behalf of our community for im-
                                                      BLAZE AID                                proved transport services linking
    Bears Lagoon Garage                               Saturday 28 May saw the official         this region with the rest of Victoria,
    Phone Adam or Greg on (03) 54379 248              departure of Blaze Aid from the          and importantly, with Melbourne.
                                                      Loddon Shire. On behalf of my fel-       This meeting provided me with an
                                                      low Councillors, and I‘m sure the
          WATER CARTAGE                               entire Loddon community, I would
                                                                                               opportunity to directly brief the
                                                                                               leadership group of VicRoads on the
Fresh domestic water for                              like to recognise the outstanding        effect of flooding on the people of
homes, farms, pools etc.                              contribution that Blaze Aid has          Loddon, and in particular on the
7 days                                                made in repairing fences for the         road infrastructure which is so criti-
                                                      Loddon community. I would like to        cal to allowing us to effectively con-
Choice of large or small loads                        formally thank the organisers and
John and Julie Quinlan                                                                         duct our business and live our lives
                                                      the volunteers for their tireless ef-    in this municipality.
Ph: 5456 7408 Mob: 0428 567 408                       forts in assisting our farmers recover
                                                      from the recent floods.

                                                   This meeting is just one of the many      2010/2011 floods. This program
     Septic Tank Cleaning                          networking and advocacy opportuni-
                                                   ties undertaken on a regular basis to
                                                                                             requires additional resources, and
                                                                                             these have been built into the budget.
          0419 874 162                             ensure that the people of Loddon are
                                                   well-represented and that our issues
                                                                                             The budget allows for a 5.5% in-
                                                                                             crease in the total amount of rates to
    VIC PLANT PTY. LTD.                            and needs are at the front of mind of     be raised by Council, and a 5% in-
                                                   government agencies.
            EPSOM                                  HARD RUBBISH COLLECTION
                                                                                             crease to garbage and recycling
     Privately owned & operated                    Earlier this year Council undertook a     Council will adopt the 2011/2012
                                                   kerbside hard waste collection for        Budget at the Ordinary Meeting to be
                                                   various township areas throughout         held on 27 June 2011 after consider-
                                                   the Loddon Shire. It has been noted
      Billy Sexton Contracting                     however that a number of properties
                                                                                             ing any submissions received by
                                                                                             community members.
              DIRECT DRILLING AND                  have presented materials which for
            MOWER CONDITIONING                     various reasons are unable to be col-     The second document is the Draft
           Service to the Dingee Calivil area      lected via this service including en-     Waste Management Strategy, which
    Duncan 19run machine with harrows and roller   gine parts, electronic goods, mat-        will be on public display until
         Will sow Pasture, Lucerne or cereal       tresses, building waste or chemical       Wednesday 6 July 2011.
          3.2 meter roller mower conditioner       drums. Additionally, a number of          This document provides the frame-
                   No job to big or small          property owners have presented ma-        work for Council to deliver environ-
           Phone: 54368342 or 0447028941           terial well after the scheduled collec-   mentally and financially sustainable
                                                   tion date or within rural areas not       waste management initiatives be-
                                                   covered by this service.                  tween now and 2016, and includes
                       Loddon Campaspe                                                       kerbside waste and recycling collec-
                                                   As it is now approaching 3 months
                       Operations                                                            tions, education of sustainable waste
                                                   since the scheduled collection oc-
                       Loddon Office                                                         management, monitoring waste man-
                                                   curred, Council again requests that
                                                   property owners remove materials          agement, hard waste collection, and
                                                   remaining on their nature strips and      government programs.
                                                   either transport these to a suitable      Council will adopt the Waste Man-
                                                   waste management facility or if ap-       agement Strategy at the Ordinary
                                                   propriate, re-present during the next     Meeting to be held on 25 July 2011
                                                   scheduled kerbside hard waste col-        after considering any submissions
                                                   lection.                                  received by community members.
                   J.J. & B.J. OSBORNE             Property owners who continue to           I encourage community members to
                      CONTRACTING                  ignore this request and leave hard        take some time to look at these docu-
                                                   waste on their nature strips may be       ments, and provide valuable input
       Square baling 8x4x3                        contacted by Shire staff during up-       about them to Council.
       Round baling                               coming network inspections and run
                                                   the risk of incurring a fine.             DOG AND CAT REGISTRATIONS
       12ft mower conditioner/roller                                                        Residents are reminded that dog and
                                                   DOCUMENTS ON PUBLIC DISPLAY               cat registration renewals were due on
Ph 5436 8480 Jeff    0447 030 531                  The Local Government Act provides         10 April 2011. If you are keeping a
             Brenton 0428 402 819                  the community with the opportunity        dog or cat that is not registered with
                                                   to read and comment on documents          Council you can contact Local Law
                                                   that Council has prepared in draft        staff on 54941200 who can assist you
                                                   form. At the moment Council has           with any questions.
                                                   two documents on public display,
                                                   and I encourage anyone with an in- Over coming weeks, Council‘s Local
                                                   terest in them to take up this opportu- Law staff will be visiting properties
                                                   nity.                                   to ensure dogs and cats are regis-
                                                                                           tered. Registration and microchip-
                                                   The first is the 2011/2012 Draft ping will ensure that a valued pet can
                                                   Budget, which will be on public dis- be returned promptly to its owner.
                                                   play until Friday 24 June. This docu-
                                                   ment outlines Council‘s budget for MAKING THE MOST OF
                                                   next financial year, and provides BROADBAND WORKSHOP
                                                   information about how Council will Are you prepared for the digital
    BEARS LAGOON                                   raise funds, and where it will spend economy the National Broadband
    SILAGE SERVICES                                those funds.                            Network (NBN) will unleash? Is
                                                                                           your business ready to take advan-
    RUSSELL & JUDY                                 In monetary terms and delivery of tage of the opportunities and deal
    MOUNTJOY                                       program, this budget is the largest with the challenges?
    PH/Fax - 03 5437 9222,                         that Council has ever prepared. The
    MOB- 0429 189473                               most significant factor in the budget The launch of NBN has ushered in a
    Forage Harvesting Contractors                  is the program outlined to commence new era for the digital economy and
                                                   rehabilitation and repair of Council‘s has widespread implications for how
    Grain /Gravel Carting
                                                   infrastructure as a result of the we conduct business in Australia.
                                                                           As part of a federal government
Myotherapy                                                                 initiative to support NBN, a free
                                                                                                                           LODDON SHIRE COUNCIL
                                                                                                                        VICTORIAN SENIORS FESTIVAL
Why put up with….                                                          informative workshop will be held
 Sport Injuries    Occupational Injuries                                 at the Wedderburn Community                         EVENT GRANTS
 Repetitive Strains Muscle Tension & Strains
 Hip & Sciatic Pain Headache/Migraines
                                                                           Centre on 21 June at 6.30pm. The                     AVAILABLE
                   When Myotherapy can help!                               workshop will provide you with
                                                                                                                        Loddon Victorian Seniors Festival
                                                                           the information and tools you need
                Ebony Lawry BA MYO                                                                                      (VSF) will run from Sunday 2nd Oc-
DBNC Inc                     Bendigo Myotherapy                            to plan for your future.
                                                                                                                        tober to Sunday 9th October, 2011.
21 King St, Dingee          Somerville St, Bendigo                         This seminar has been developed
Ph: 5436 8309                                 Ph: 5441 1908                                                             Grants of up to $250 are available to
                                                                           with small and medium sized Vic-
                                                                                                                        interested individuals or organisa-
                                                                           torian businesses in mind. It is
                                                                                                                        tions who would like to host an event
                                                                           ideal for business owner/operators,
                                                                                                                        during the festival.
                                                                           CEOs, IT, operations, sales and
                                                                           marketing managers.                          Proposed events will be:
                                                                                                                        Intended for people aged 50 plus
                                                                           Those who attend will be provided
                                                                                                                        (does not exclude cross-generational
 For all your hairdressing needs                                           with:
               with                                                        An overview of the technical as-
                                                                                                                        Held in the Loddon Shire Council
                                                                           pects of the NBN
Merryn Arthur, please contact the                                          An understanding of how it will
                                                                                                                        and open to all eligible residents
                                                                                                                        Conducted during a three week
  Dingee Bush Nursing Centre                                               change your community, your cus-
                                                                                                                        period around VSF Week:
           on 54368309.                                                    tomers and the economy
                                                                                                                         25th September to 16th October,
                                                                           Local and overseas examples of
                                                                           business leveraging broadband for
                                                                                                                        Hosted by an individual or organisa-
                                                                                                                        tion with public liability insurance
                                                                           Tools and strategies to help your
                                                                                                                        Able to levy a minimal entry fee on
                                                                           business can take advantage of the
                                      Relaxation and remedial              NBN
                                                                                                                        APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Thursday
                                      Massage Therapist                    An opportunity to share ideas, con-
                                                                                                                        30th July 2011
                                      Working Tuesday at                   cerns and information with other
                                      Dingee Bush Nurse Centre             business people                              For further information or to obtain a
                                      For bookings call 54368309
*Relaxation * Remedial                                                                                                  funding application please contact
                                      *Gift vouchers available             To register for attendance at the
                                                                           workshop on 21st June please                 Linda Canfield
                                                                           contact Christine Coombes on                 Service Delivery Support Officer
                                  For Support, Information,
                                 Counselling, Practical                    5494 1200.                                   Phone: 5437 7999
                                 Assistance, Referral and                                                               Email:
                                 Advocacy, hatch, match &
                                        despatch come to the
                                 Community Assistance Centre               A student comes to a young professor's       He returns her gaze. "Anything?"
                   Dingee Bush Nursing Centre                              office hours. She glances down the hall,
           Tuesday 9 to 12 ―Cuppa & chat‖                                  closes his door, kneels pleadingly.
                          1 to 5 by appointment                                                                         His voice softens. "Anything??"
                                                                           "I would do anything to pass this exam."
               Rev. Sue Allen              0417 365 386                    She leans closer to him, flips back her      "Absolutely anything."
                         Community Chaplain                                hair, gazes meaningfully into his eyes. "I   His voice turns to a whisper. "Would
                                                                           mean..." she whispers, "...I would "

                                                                            DINGEE BUSH NURSING CENTRE Inc.                               EAST LODDON
                         B.App Sc (Pod) M.A.Pod.A                                                                                         GARDEN CLUB
                             ABN: 28 649 053 815

Pyramid Hill                 Dingee Bush
                             Nursing Centre         Lockington & Dist.      21 King St., Dingee    Telephone: 5436 8309
Bush Nursing Hospital
Gladfield Road               King St.,              Bush Nursing Centre       Hours:        Mon to Fri 8.30 am - 5.30 pm.
                             Dingee 3571            31 Pannoo Road
Pyramid Hill 3575
Ph: 5455 7112 Provider       Ph: 5436 8309          Lockington 3565                         Sat & Sun 10 am - 4 pm.
No 2033928 Y                 Provider No
                                                    PH: 5486 2544
                                                    Provider No 2033929J
                                                                            After hours:        Emergencies 000                         The next meeting will
                                                                                                                                               be held at
                                                                           Sue-Ellen Thompson                                            Community Centre
                                  ROCHESTER                                                                                              Thursday July 7th
                                                                           Qualified Beauty Therapist
                                  VETERINARY                                          Eyelash & Brow Tinting
                                                                                                                                           Guest Speaker
                                   PRACTICE                                             Facial treatments, Makeups
                                                                                                                                        Raylee Mansbridge
                                At Dingee BNC                              Home & Beauty with Neways
                                                                                                                                          will talk about her
                               Wednesday 9—10am                                                                                          recent trip to India.
                                                                           A product range containing non toxic or harmful
Phone: (03) 5484 2255                          72 Lowry St.                chemicals for the home & personal use.
                                                                                                                                             All welcome
   ALL HOURS                                   Rochester 3561              Thursday at Dingee Bush Nurse Centre
Fax: (03) 54842424                                                         Bookings: Ph 54865411 or 0429 418315

    MICK’S RURAL FENCING                             Home is                        Serpentine Playgroup
          PH: 03 5457 1329                        where the Hall is                       presents
          Mobile: 0428 990 701                                                       Magician REX!!!
                                           Home is Where the Hall is! is a
                  POST & RAIL
                                           grassroots, community arts initia-       Lots of magic tricks
                  CATTLE & SHEEP YARDS
                                           tive that celebrates the role of com-
                  COLOURBOND
                                           munity halls across Victoria. Dur-
                                                                                           Wednesday 29th June
                  ALL TYPES OF FENCING    ing the month of November, halls             10:00am for a 10:30am start
                  SERVICING ALL AREAS     from Mildura to Mallacoota will be
                                           present a huge range of activities,           Serpentine Memorial Hall
                                           selected and designed by the local         Cost: $5 per family for non Ser-
                                           community. From bake–offs to             pentine Playgroup members
                                           dance competitions, photography
                                           exhibitions to film nights, talent       Please Bring: 1 piece of fruit for
 AGRICULTURAL&VETERINARY CHEMICALS         nights, poetry nights, mid-summer        kids shared morning tea, drink bot-
 *PASTURE SEEDS *GRAIN *SPRAY EQUIPMENT    feasts, cabarets, fundraisers of vari-   tle and a plate of morning tea.
      109 Midland Highway EPSOM 3551       ous kinds, Home is Where the Hall
        Office Phone Number 5448 3722      is! will be a fantastic and fun way      Please Contact
        Brett Symes Mob: 0428 311 743      to celebrate these vital community       Natalie Rose: 54378369 or
         Jim Stewart Mob: 0427 828 733     hubs..                                   Joanne Doolan 54368450
            David Goulding 5448 3722                                                to register.
                                           How do I get my local hall in-
     PJ & LM HARRISON                      1. Start planning an event for No-
                                           vember, talk to your local Hall
                                           Committee and book a date!
 BACKHOE, GRADER,                          2. Download the registration form
 40 TONNE FLOAT,                           from our website                             EAST LODDON
 CRUSHED ROCK, SOIL,                          HISTORICAL SOCIETY
 DAIRY TRACK MATERIAL                      halls-2011-registration-form.pdf
 PH: (03) 5436 5207,   Mob: 0429 434 359   3. Register your event with us by         ―PEEP INTO THE PAST‖
                                           1st September 2011 so we can add               ―PRAIRIE‖
                                           you to our marketing materials.
                                                                                          Tuesday 28th June 2011.
                                           4. Keep checking the calendar of
                                                                                         7.30 p.m. for 8.00 p.m.
                                           events online so you can see who
                                                                                     At Mitiamo Football Club Rooms.
                                           else is organising a Home is Where
                                           the Hall is! event in your area          Speakers:-       Geoff Coutts
                                           5. Start publicising your event with                      Dorothy Tonkin
                                           the marketing materials we provide                        Geoff Thomas
REC 18474                                  [posters, postcards, website].           There will be an entry fee of $5.00
                                           6. Hold your Home is Where the           Supper provided.
Shaun Lourie 0407369378
                                           Hall is! event!                          Lucky Door Prize.
14 Meadows Way Maiden Gully 3551                                                       The next ―Peep Into the Past‖
                                           For more information or maybe               ―Kamarooka‖ will be in July
                                           some inspiration..                         Date & speakers to be confirmed.
                                           Call the Regional Arts Develop-          DVD's are available for the follow-
                                           ment Officer closest to you or call      ing areas Jarklin, Serpentine, Bears
                                           Home is Where the Hall is! project       Lagoon, Tandarra, Dingee,
                                           manager, Ella McDonald 9644              Pompapiel, Calivil , Mitiamo and
                                           1809 or 1800 819 803                     Mologa.
                                              The Historical Society rooms in the Mitiamo Hall are opened from
                                                            11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. every Tuesday.
                                           Snippets of History
                                           The Tandarra Gun Club started on 4-7-1933 with 47 members and ended
                                           on16-4-1952with 32 members. They entered competitions in Bendigo, held
        SPRAY PAINTER                      shots at Dingee, Hare shoots on many local farms, (skins to be divided be-
   Automotive / Agricultural              tween shooters) and cartridges to be sold for 2/6 (25cents) for the shoots.
   Rust repairs                           ―The Captains had the power to expel any shooter acting careless with a
   MIG welding                            gun.‖ ―Tandarra Gun Club Minute Books.‖
   Panel beating                          The first school to be opened in the Shire of East Loddon was the Serpen-
   Cut & Polishing                        tine school Number 1233 in 1873 with a total of 25 students. School was
   Insurance Work                         held in a slab hut. The new school building was not built until 1875. In 1892
         Paul Martin 5437 8201             there were 40 children attending. The school was officially closed in Feb
         Serpentine 0427 004 905           1951 when the East Loddon Consolidated School opened.
                                           ―Memories of School Days‖ Serpentine.
  ARE YOU CONSIDERING CHANGES                                   Serpentine Bowling Club
    TO YOUR FARM IRRIGATION?                                    Winners of trophies for season 2010/11 were presented at our wind up night.
PLANRIGHT CAN ASSIST WITH G-MW                                  Club Champion              Brian Tuohey    Runner up Brian Gladman
 RECONFIGURATION OPTIONS BY:-                                   Frank Holland 100 up       Brian Tuohey    Runner up Adrian Canfield
   Identifying issues to consider                               R.S.L. Club Pairs     John Linton & Lawrence Cadzow (S)
   Evaluation of options                                             Runners up       Allan Addlem & Ken Canfield (S)
   Confirming extent of on-farm works                           Ladies Eily & Keith Ludeman Memorial Trophy
   Whole Farm Planning                                          Champion Joan Hercus     Runner up Irene Linton.
   The Government assistance available                          100up Kaye Maher         Runner up Marj Addlem
   Planright has been helping people put                        Mel Eva Memorial Pairs         Maisie Maher & Irene Linton (S)
  their ideas into action for over 20 years.                     Runner up                     Joan Hercus & Marj Addlem (S)
                       Let us help.
                                                                OFFICIALS for 2011/12
         Phone: 1800 657 367                                    Men
                                                                President  Frank Maher
                                                                                               President                 Joan Hercus
                                                                Vice Pres. Brian Gladman       Vice Pres.                Maisie Maher
                                                                Secretary   Brian Tuohey       Jnr vice Pres             Irene Wilson
                                                                Treasurer   Wendy Gladman      Secretary                 Irene Linton
                                                                Delegates  Brian Tuohey         Treasurer                Kaye Maher
                                                                           & Kaye Maher
                                                                Proxies    Frank Maher & Irene Linton

                                                                                                         Top 10 reasons men prefer guns over women
                                                                                FITNESS NIGHT
          Spreading of all types of                                              Come, warm up,          10. You can trade your old 44 for a new 22
                 fertilizers.                                                       get fit!             09. You can keep one gun at home and
                                                                                                         take another when you‘re on the road.
         Agents for Elders Fertilizer                                                                    08. If you admire a friends gun and tell
                 Phone 5436 9251                                                    June 22nd
                                                                                                         him so, he will probably let you try it out a
                                                                                                         few times.
                Glenn 0428 506 002                                                  8pm sharp            07.Your primary gun doesn‘t mind if you
                                                                                                         keep another gun as a back up.
                                                                                                         06. Your gun will stay with you even if
                                                                     East Loddon P- 12 College           you run out of ammo.
                                                                         Multipurpose room               05. A gun doesn‘t take a lot of closet
                                                                           $10 per person                space.
                                                                      bring a drink & a friend.          04. Guns function normally everyday of
                                                                                                         the month.
                                                                       A preschool fundraiser            03. A gun doesn‘t ask "does this make me
                                                                                                         look fat"
                                                                          and good time!
                                                                                                         02. A gun doesn‘t mind if you go to sleep
                                                                                                         after you use it.
                                                                  Guys and girls welcome                 And the number 1 reason a gun is favoured
                                                                   all ages and stages of                over a woman is.........
                                                                           fitness.                      01. YOU CAN BUY A SILENCER FOR A GUN

• Tax Returns, Advice & Planning • Business Advice & Planning
• Superannuation & Investments • Accounting Services
• Business, Farm & Home Loans • Financial Advising

         For an appointment phone 5447 7500
           5 Camp Street, Kangaroo Flat                            Dingee Bowling Club Ladies *We are holding a
                                                                                                           display of local
                                                                             Invite you to a               Wedding Albums and
                                  PACKY’S                             Casserole Luncheon                   memorabilia.
                         COMPACT TRACTORS &                                Monday 22 August                *There will also be a
                                TIP TRUCK HIRE                             At their Club House             competition to see
Backhoe, Front end loaders, buckets & forks                                  At 12.00 noon.                who can guess the bride from
Lawn mowing with 5ft cutting deck on turf tyres                                                            wedding photos.
              NO JOB TOO BIG                                      2 Delicious courses—                     *Everyone is invited to bring along a
                           OR SMALL                               main course and sweets.                  photo to go into the guessing compe-
                     PH 54366303                                  $12 per person includes door prize.
                     MOB: 0427 796485
                                                                         Jarklin Fire Truck Roster
                    PETER WALSH MLA                                  June 19th G. Maxted L. Maxted
                       Your State Member of
                    Parliament representing the
                                                                     June 26th R. Hicks D. Welsh
                        Swan Hill Electorate                         July 2nd C. Twigg C. Watson
                274 Campbell Street Swan Hill 3585                         RADIO CHECK Channel 37
                                                                every Sunday morning
  Phone 5032 3154                          Fax 5032 9483
 Please feel free to contact my office if I can be of
help with matters concerning the State Government                                      Victorian Farmers Federation –
             or any of its departments
                                                                                      Bendigo District Council General Meeting
       Authorised by Peter Walsh, 274 Campbell St., Swan Hill 3585
                                                                                            Thursday 14th July, 2011.
                                                                                            6.00pm for 6.30pm meeting

       Serpentine Hotel                                              Guest Speaker – Peter Walsh, Minister for Water and Agriculture
                                                                                       presenting on water and agriculture issues.
           Warm and friendly atmosphere                              Serpentine Hall, Serpentine.           3 course meal $25 (BYO drinks)
                 Bar and Bistro                                      RSVP – Friday 8 July 2011 for catering
                 Meals available
               Bookings required                                     Fraser Lourie (Secretary) ph.0408 480 466 or 5441 6263
       Tel. No. 5437 8389                                            Mark Collins (President) ph.5436 1372 email.
    Kevin and Louise Archbold
                                                                                             East Loddon Landcare Meeting
                                                                                     Wednesday June 15th 8pm at Four Posts Hotel, Jarklin.
 MOBILE SHEEP DIPPING                                                                     Funding for Grants to be discussed.
     Geoff & Colleen Hampson                                                           Dehne Vinnicombe Secretary Tel: 54366354
     Pyramid Hill

Ph:54 551263                                                                  John Forbes Tribute at Crown Casino

           Mob: 0429 823293                                          The Palladium at
                                                                     Crown Casino was
                   NORTHERN VICTORIAN                                packed, (over 400) for
                  PEST AND WEED CONTROL                              the John Forbes ―This
                                                                     is your life‖ Tribute on
TERMITES, SPIDERS, ANTS, BUGS, FLEAS, COCKROACHES, ETC.              Friday 3rd June. John
  BOXTHORNS, CACTUS, PATTERSONS CURSE, PROBLEM                       was the former
                                                                     National Promotions
                                                                     Manager for Puma.
     KEN & DOT HULANDS                                               Forty or so locals travelled down to     but you need to mentor and look
                                                                     Crown in Melbourne for the occa-         after them so you have them with
  PHONE 54378453 or MOBILE 0408511819                                sion. The event was hosted by            the company for a long time.
                                                                     Glenn Ridge. Glenn worked with           Some spoke of the wonderful time
                                                                     John on radio at 3BO when John           they had at Mitiamo when John
               PASTURE SEED                                          would give the sporting roundup for      brought them up as guests of the
 CLOVERS, GRASSES, LUCERNE ETC.                                      the Loddon Valley Football/Netball       Mitiamo Football Club.
                                                                     League.                                  Speakers on the night included Der-
BLAMPIED PASTURE SEEDS                                               Many high profile sportsmen and          mott Brereton, Jason Dunstall,
   ROCHESTER ROAD, DINGEE.                                           women spoke of their dealings with       Danny Frawley, Chris Judd, Shane
                                                                     John and the high esteem in which        Warne, Damian Fleming, Darren
                                                                     he was held. He had a dingy little       Berry, Merv Hughes, Sharelle
              PHONE : 5436 8271
                                                                     office in disarray and a room out the    McMahon, Trevor Marmalade, Ian
                                                                     back from which he supplied their        Cover, Simon Overland and
                                                                     sporting equipment. He was very          Andrew Startin an impersonator.
                                                                     different to what you would expect       John Forbes is the patron of the XL1
                                                                     of promotional people. He was very       (forty one club) which supports po-
Refrigeration                                                        easy to talk to and would ring and       lice and emergency services. The
& Air Conditioning                                                   write letters to people in both their    Blue Ribbon Foundation evolved
Sales and Service                                                    good and bad times. John was not         from this club. Its president Bill
Dennis Mannering (prop)                                              just a sponsor he played the role of a   Horman presented John with a
      Farm— Milk Vats — Tractors — Auto                              mentor he spoke to them about their
            Domestic—Commercial                                                                               caricature of himself at his desk
                                                                     ambitions moral values and the im-       surrounded by memorablilia.
5436 1444                      47 Inglewood St. Raywood 3570
                               Refrigerant Trading Authority no
                                                                     portance of families. John guided
                                                                     them. He believed you sponsor them
Mob: 0428 332 021                          AU08466
                                                      CHURCH SERVICES
      PRODUCTS                                        ST. JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC CHURCH SERPENTINE
                                                      Mass times
                                                      Every 3rd, 4th, & 5th [when there is one] Sunday at 8am
  Pyramid Hill Quarry 5455 7304                       Fr Joven from Eaglehawk will celebrate Mass.
  for quality quarry materials and service
                                                      ST. LUKE’S ANGLICAN, DINGEE
            Concrete Plants at                        Enquiries to Keith and Pam on 5436 8338
              Cohuna 54562922                         Canon Peter Bertram has moved to Lockington as locum and will be
               Boort 54552999                         available on Ph 54862466
                                                      June 19th          6.00 p.m. At Keith and Pam Lawry‘s
        IAN                                           June 26th          6.00 p.m. At Keith and Pam Lawry‘s
      RANKIN                                          RAYWOOD Assemblies of God Praise and Worship 10.00 a.m.
                                                      Raywood Enquiries-Pastor K. Lourie 5436 1375 or A. Felini 54361321
                                                      ST. MARY’S ANGLICAN CHURCH RAYWOOD
                                                      June 19th 11.15 a.m. Holy Communion
                                                      CALIVIL UNITING CHURCH 11.00 am
          Excavator, Boom Auger, Tipper               June 19th Yarrawalla to join us. Lay team
          724 Forsyth Rd, Phone: 5488 2271
          MILLOO VIC 3572 Mobile: 0427 844205         ST. PAUL’S ANGLICAN CHURCH MITIAMO
                                                      DINGEE UNITING CHURCH
            KEN McDONALD’S                            June 19th 11.00 a.m. Lyndsay Falls
          CLEANING SERVICES                           June 26th Visit from Neale St U.C. 10.15a.m. Morning Tea
Carpets, lounge suits, windows, car                             11.00 a.m. Service
upholstery,scrub & polish vinyl floors,               YARRAWALLA UNITING CHURCH
Pressure washing                                      11.00 a.m. Services unless otherwise stated.
     39 Sydenham Avenue,           Bendigo.           June 19th Travel to Calivil. Lay Team.
                                                      June 26th Calivil to join us. Ron
           Ph (03) 5442 7474
                                                      ST. JOHN’S BEARS LAGOON with ST. MARK’S CALIVIL
          Mobile 0417 399 801                         June 19th             9.00 a.m. Holy Communion
                                                      July    3rd  9.00 a.m. Holy Communion

                                                      Parish of Pyramid Hill/Boort Annual Dinner
                      Phil Hamley                     Fri. 29th July at 7pm in Yarrawalla Hall
                                                      Guest Speaker: Robyn Collins – wife of TV and Sporting Personality Bill
HcP Performance sales & service                       Collins
Diagnostic Service and more
PH 5436 5214
                                                         CROSSWORD NUMBER 32
Mobile No. 0427 100552
Email                            1       2             3        4          5       6                  Down
                                                                               7                                  1 Horse-drawn vehicle
                                                                                                                  2 Test
                                                         8            9                 10                        3 Half-melted snow
                                                                                                                  4 West Indian music
                                                                                                                  5 Saved
                                                                                                                  6 Faithfulness
       Geoff Harris AH 5480 7658                                                                                  9 Order of architecture
                                                         12      13       14            15   16
             Mob.0408 505 204                                                                                     12 St. ……… of Assissi
                                                                                                                  13 Gusto
       Leo Dullard AH 5480 9246                          17                        18
                                                                                                                  14 Branch of science
            Mob. 0428 886 086                                                                                     16 Pay
        43 Sturt St., Echuca, 3564                                        19                       20      21
                                                                                                                  18 Titans
   Telephone 5482 1733 Fax 5482 6006                                                                              20 Extinct bird
                                                         22                                  23                    21 Outer layer

                                                         25                        26

Fertilizer, Transport, Spreading, Agronomy Services
  Phone (03) 54373174          Fax (03) 54373036
                                                        1 Europeans            4 Christmas song       7 Meadow
  Email; Fertilizer
                                                        8 Thoroughfare         10 Vigorous            11 Day
                                                        13 Tube                15 Dulcet              17 Attain
                                                        18 Spur                19 Rocked              22 Desert plants
 Depots at Bridgewater, Dingee, Boort, Rochester
                                                        23 Item of footwear    24 Child‘s bed         25 Paces
        Suppliers of          Fertilizer,
                                                        26 Public room
       Gypsum, Lime

                                                    FOR SALE:-                               to make contact with someone lo-
                                                    Fowlers Jars                             cally who has one tucked away in the
                                                    3 doz Fowlers jars size 36 and           cupboard that we could use to view
                                                    3 doz size 31 all with clips and lids.   the tape. It would need a spool to
                                                    Bev 54368294                             spool projector. You may even be
                                                      LOST:-                                 able to help with a suggestion on
                                                      One car ramp somewhere between where we can get a projector. Any
                                                      Jarklin West Rd. & Wedderburn.         help appreciated.
                                                      Ph 54366303                            If you are able to help out please
                                                      POSITION AVAILABLE                     contact Judy Hocking, Archivist
                                                      Cleaner required for part-time posi- Ph 54 368 354
                                                      tion. 15hours per week. Start time Wanted some-one to share farm 11
  East Loddon Lions Club Inc.                         3.30pm Monday to Friday. Cleaning acres at Tandarra opposite the silo's.
           Monthly Meetings                           duties involve general cleaning,       Please contact Vi Lay 54~368286.
                     1st Tuesday –                    vacuuming, dusting, detail toilets
             Business Meeting - 7.30pm                and kitchen cleaning etc. Must have
                                          3rd Tuesday
                                                      an eye for detail and a current Work-
-                                                                                              RESPONSIBLE SERVING OF
     Dinner Meeting with guest speaker 7pm            ing With Children‘s certificate, or be
                                                                                                    ALCOHOL COURSE
                                                      willing to get one. Award rates ap-
                                                                                                     Wednesday 22 June
         For Hire – Cool room, Serving Van,           ply.                                          6.15pm for registration
                                                      To apply please ring Bendigo Prop-                6.30pm –10pm
                                                      erty Services on 5444 0500 between
                                                                     Serpentine Bowling Club
                                                      the hours of 9.15am to 4.30pm Mon-
                                                      day to Friday.
                                                               Good Sports club members $20
                        CHAPLAINCY MEETING at the Non Good Sports club mem $40
                                                      Dingee Bush Nursing Centre on             (payment may be made on the
                                                      21/6/11 3.45 p.m. For 4.00 p.m.            night—cash or cheque only)
                                                         Participants must be on time to
                                              EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST:-
                                                                                               receive Responsible Serving of
                           For starting classes in July 2011                    Alcohol Qualification.
                     ZUMBA - Exercise Class                            Please bring along a pen, paper
                          Please contact Robyn Bird                      and reading glasses ( if needed).
                                                           5436 8272 0429 368272               BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL
                                                    CONGRATULATIONS                                    To register
                                                    40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary                 Contact Joan Tuohey
                                                    29.05.1971                                      54378241 ASAP
                                                    Congratulations to Tom & Val Smith       *numbers are strictly limited*
                                                    on 40 years of Wedded Bliss!
                                                    With love from all the Smiths
                                                    Happy 21st Birthday
                                                    Kyndalin Smith, June 18th
                                                    Love and best wishes G‘pa, G‘ma
                                                    and family.
                                                    Spool to spool projector needed by               Solution to Crossword
                                                    East Loddon & District Historical                      Number 31
                                                    We have in our possession a spool of         Q       A U     U F     O           B       S

                                                    Video tape which I presume has a             U N     W E     D       R   O B     U S     T
                                                    special type of projector. We do not
                                                    have a projector and we would like           A       F       D I     E           F       I

                                                                                                 R O     U T     E       G O L       F   E   R

                                                      House Cleaning                             R       L       R       A       A

                                                                                                 E       C   C       S   N A R       L   E   D

  MITIAMO GENERAL STORE                                   Reasonable rates                       L   E   S   O   T   H O         D           E

                                                                                                     L       G       U       C       A       C
              OPEN till 9pm 7 days                     References available                      G I     B   S   O N         L   E   V E     R
    Newsagency, Petrol, Milk bar, DVD hire
                                                                                                 A       E       T   T   W A O O             E
    Licensed take away liquor and food, Ice,
        Groceries, EFTPOS, Gas Bottles                         Phone Lisa                        S   A   V A     G E         S   E   I   Z   E
               Phone 5436 5209
                                                                                                 H       Y           D I     P       D       S
           Proprietor Jill Ramskill                           0488 366318
                                                                NEXT ISSUE DEADLINE IS 26th June, 2011.

                                                                                  Email contributions preferred
PLEASE NOTE NEW DEADLINES-COMMUNITY                                    
AFTER 8AM ON 27th June, 2011.

The East Loddon P/12 College has generously agreed to accept faxes for the Community News but only after school
hours please. Fax – 5436 8321 (after school hours) Articles may still be left at your local store by the deadlines
listed above.
                                                COMING EVENTS CALENDAR:

Monday                    Tuesday              Wednesday              Thursday           Friday             Saturday           Sunday
13th                14th                 15th                   16th                 17th             18th              19th
Queen‘s Birth-      Book Club            East Loddon Land-                                            Pamper Dinner     Dingee Transfer
day Holiday                              care Jark. 8pm                                               Calivil           station
Inglewood Clinic

20th                21st                 22nd                23rd                    24th             25th              26th
                    Calivil Golf         Free online work-   Calivil Golf            Calivil Golf     Calivil Golf      Calivil Golf Mens
                    Ladies 4BBB          shops for sporting  Ladies Stroke           Mens 4BBB        Mixed             27 holes
                    Chaplaincy Meet-     clubs 7pm
                    ing 3.45pm           Dingee Pre School
                                         fitness night 8pm
                                         Responsible Serv-
                                         ing of Alcohol Serp

27th                28th                 29th               30th                     31st             JULY 1st          2nd
Council meeting     Mitiamo Golf         Musician Rex Serp. Mitiamo Golf             Mitiamo Golf     Mitiamo Golf      Mitiamo Golf
Serp                Ladies 4BBB          Serp. 10.00 a.m.   Ladies Jean              4BBB             Mixed             Mens 36 holes
                                                            Hellsten Day
                    ―Peep Into the
PRINTING                                                                                              School Holidays
                    Past‖ Miti. 7.30
ELCN                                                                                                  begin

3rd                 4th                  5th                    6th                  7th              8th               9th
                                                                                     Society Mtg.

                                                                                     Garden Club

10th                11th                 12th                   13th                 14th             15th              16th
                    Jarklin Ladies       Book Club                                   V.F.F. G. Mtg.
                    Golf 4BBB                                                        6.00 p.m.

                                                           Serpentine Police         FORWARD DATES: 2011
                                                               5437 8318             Thurs. 21st July    Inglewood Clinic
Revised Times as from Sunday 19th JULY 2009                                          Fri. 22nd—25th July Weekend in Anglesea
To Melbourne                                                                         Mon 25th July       Council Meeting Serp.
Mon—Fri Depart Dingee 08.45a.m. also 2.25 p.m.             Dingee Transfer Station   Thurs. 4th Aug.     Historical Society Mtg.
Saturday Depart Dingee 08.45 a.m. also 2.42 p.m.           Opening Times             Thurs. 11th Aug.     Inglewood Clinic
Sunday Depart Dingee 08.45 a.m. also 5.40 p.m.             Low Season                                    Immunization Session
From Melbourne                                             1st April—30th Sept       Wed.     10th Aug.   R.S.L
Mon—Fri Arrives Dingee 10.42 a.m. also 9.04 p.m.           Third Sunday of month     Mon. 22nd Aug. Council Meeting Serp
Saturday Arrives Dingee 10.59 a.m. also 8.17 p.m.          10am – 2pm.                                     Dingee Bowls Casserole Luncheon
Sunday Arrives Dingee 11.21 a.m. also 8.17 p.m.            High Season
Thursday COACH SERVICE                                                               Thurs. 1st Sept.      Historical Society Mtg.
                                                           1st Oct—31st March
Depart Dingee 11.17 a.m. Arrives Bendigo 12.20 p.m.                                  Thurs     8th Sept    Immunization Session
                                                           First Wed 8am—12 pm
Depart Bendigo 3.30 p.m. Arrives Dingee 4.12 p.m.          Third Sunday 10am –2pm    Thurs. 22nd Sept. Inglewood Clinic
Depart Dingee        5.20 p.m. Arrives Bendigo 6.05 p.m.
Depart Bendigo       9.20 p.m. Arrives Dingee 10.00 p.m.   Community News Printed at East Loddon P-12 College, Dingee Road, Dingee

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