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									T-Mobile Cell Phone Report for the PCT
  Mile        Location            Signal                     Notes                    Date    Reported
          Buckman Spring      -            Good coverage near Buckman Spring Rd      1/08    Brian L
20.5      Lake Morena CG      F            No Coverage                               1/08    Brian L
22        Ridgetop            -            Reception                                 1/08    Brian L
26.4      Boulder Oaks CG     -            Good reception                            1/08    Brian L
652.      Walker Pass         -            Where trail crosses the Hwy 178,          5/08    Chainsaw

Signal Rating
A - Perfect coverage
B - Moderate coverage, only occasional problems making calls
C - Weak signal, or difficult to find location to successfully complete calls, but phone is usable
F - No service, or too weak to successfully make calls

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