New Fitness Trend_ Treadmill in the Water by suharn


									New Fitness Trend, Treadmill in the Water

Summer can sometimes make the body feel lazy to exercise. Never train your body,
doing light activities, like reading a book makes sweat profusely. Experts in the United
States finally managed to make new inroads for its citizens diligently exercising in the

Beauty Geniua announce on Thursday (21 / 7), exercise with a treadmill is usually carried
out at the gym, but can now be used in the pool. Interestingly during the exercise you
need not wear a swimsuit. However, regular exercise clothes like jogging pants and

According to experts, exercise is a very fast safe, and effective way to lose weight and get
in shape. In addition, during the body in the water will be more energy released. Another
thing is during exercise is very important to stay upright. So with the water resistance,
forcing the muscles of the entire body to work

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