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									                                                        important factors to consider are not simply the       The key to the success of any future goal is
             CEO’s Corner                               longevity of the organisation but the difference
                                                        that we endeavour to create for individuals and
                                                                                                               ensuring a recognition of the people whom we
                                                                                                               support. We value the talents, strengths and
                                                        families living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.      diversity of all people that are part of the Autism
                          Welcome to the                                                                       Spectrum Community and would like to take
                                                        We have worked hard to position Autism SA
                          November 2009 edition                                                                this opportunity to wish you all the best for the
                                                        as a key provider in the new funding landscape
                          of The Autiser!                                                                      festive season.
                                                        and now deliver an expanded range of services
                          In 2009, Autism SA            as part of the Helping Children With Autism
                          achieved the milestone        package. However, we recognise that there is           Kind regards
                          of 45 years of service        still much to achieve.
                          delivery to the South
                                                        Looking towards the future, the Autism SA
                          Australian community.
                                                        strategic Plan 2009-2013 was launched at our           Jon Martin
   The organisation was formed in 1964 and was          Annual General Meeting. The plan sets out or
   the first of its kind in Australia. As the year                                                             Chief Executive Officer, Autism SA
                                                        vision, mission and intended achievements for
   draws to a close, it is important to reflect         the next four years.
   on our achievements and aspirations and the

   Spectrum Advisory Services (SAS)                     Company@                                               will support their child. The Autism Advisors also
                                                        With the realisation that they are the only            provide access to the Early Intervention Funding
   SAS is made up of the SAS Clinical Team and
                                                        Autistic Spectrum Theatre Company in the               package.
   the Autism Advisor Program. We offer a range
   of services to school age clients, adult clients     world, Triple A was launched at the State              Update on Changes to the Early
   and their families as well as the Autism Advisor     Conference as Company@ a performance                   Intervention Funding:
   Program which provides a gateway to services         ensemble. Company@ inspires and connects               From 19 October 2009, families with children
   in South Australia for children under the age of     people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder                approved for early intervention funding will
   seven with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.              through the process of creating and presenting         now be able to access early intervention funds
                                                        performing arts pieces of a professional               until the child’s seventh birthday. This has been
   SAS Clinical Team
                                                        standard. Company@’s performance of their              expanded from six years, and will give families
   Our staff                                            show ‘Framed Out’ received a standing ovation          an extra year to access autism services. Families
        Senior Consultant (School Age Services):        at the recent Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2009      will still need to have their child diagnosed with
        Erica Knapp                                     (APAC 09) in Sydney and congratulations must           ASD before their sixth birthday and see an
        Senior Consultant (Adult Services):             go to the cast, artistic staff and the SAS team        Autism Advisor to receive early intervention
        Katharine Annear                                members who made it possible.                          funding.
        Consultants: Monica Terreri, Greg Healy,        ‘Framed Out’ is a minimalistic physical theatre        Due to significant demand, some families had                            at Le
        Sam Vincent, Lisa Olifent,                      piece that journeys through victimisation,             been placed on waiting lists and have not been                          Serv
                                                        isolation and social exile to resilience and finding   able to use their full funding package before                           fund
        Administration Assistant: Maddie McQueen        a place in the world. It is not for the purpose of                                                                             Com
                                                                                                               their child’s sixth birthday. Parents who have
        Company@ Artistic Director: Julian Jaensch      educating the audience about Autism Spectrum           lost access to their approved early intervention
        and Creative Producer: Heather Frahn            Disorders but to give them insight to the lived        funding because their child turned six, will now
                                                        experience of the autism spectrum.                     be given an additional 12 months to use the
   SAS Clinical Staff are kept busy with the day        Peer Mentoring Program                                 funding.
   to running of the Info Line (up to 400 calls
                                                        Peer Mentoring Program has been expanded               New arrangements will also allow additional
   a month), the Resource Centre, training and
                                                        to include an older and a younger group on             speech pathologists, occupational therapists
   development for families, counselling for young
                                                        alternating fortnights. It has been recognised         and psychologists to deliver services, subject
   people and their families, and social development
                                                        at a national level with Katharine Annear being        to quality requirements. Under the previous
   programs for adolescents and adults. Another
                                                        selected to present a paper on the program at          requirements, individual professionals could only
   important part of the Advisor and Consultant
                                                        the APAC 09. The program uses the volunteer            be approved if they formed or joined consortia
   role is to provide post diagnostic follow up to
                                                        services of eight mentors with Asperger                and operated as part of a team. Now these
   all people diagnosed with an ASD and referred
                                                        syndrome who contribute greatly to its success.        providers can join the program individually,
   to Autism SA, in the last year we have seen
                                                        Expressions of interest 2010                           increasing the number of service providers
   598 families and individuals post diagnosis and
                                                                                                               families can access across Australia.
   provided them with information about our             Registrations of interest for the 2010 intake
   services and services for people with ASD in         for the Peer Mentor Program (15-25 years)              For further information please contact the
   the community. The SAS Staff are also visible in     are currently being accepted. There are also           Autism Advisor Program:
   the community providing training to community        places for individuals with Asperger syndrome          •	   Carissa	Walker,	
   based organisations and attending conferences        in a weekend of Adult Community Theatre                     Acting Senior Autism Advisor
   and seminars.                                        Workshops (over 18 years) in January. To               •	   Amanda	Tulloch-Hoskins,	Autism	Advisor
   Focus on the development of service for              register your interest or to enquire about any
                                                        other Social Development Groups for adults             •	   Karolina	Pasierbek,	Autism	Advisor
   adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
   (no intellectual disability)                         please call the Info Line on 1300 288 476.             •	   Lee-Anne	Black,	Autism	Advisor
   The increasing number in this population of          Autism Advisor Program                                                                                                         Our I
   individuals was recognised with the creation         Since late 2008 Autism SA has been funded by                                                                                   famil
   of a position to investigate the development of      Department of Families, Housing, Community                                                                                     regul
   services for adults with an Autism Spectrum          Services and Indigenous Affairs to provide the                                                                                 as we
   Disorder (no intellectual disability) through                                                                                                                                       pleas
                                                        Autism Advisor Program in South Australia
   partnership and collaboration with other key         and the Northern Territory. The Program
   stakeholders. The position is responsible for        commenced on 27 October 2008. The role of
   collating data and research, developing a register   an Autism Advisor is to provide information and
   of existing services and building capacity of        referral for the families and carers of children
   other service providers to better support adults.    aged 0-6 years diagnosed with Autism Spectrum
                                                        Disorders. Autism Advisors help families and           Autism SA Volunteers at the 2009
                                                        carers to understand the nature and implications       Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run
                                                        of their child’s diagnosis and to find services that


Autiser_Nov_09_2.indd 1                                                                                                                                       18/11/2009 11:38:19 AM
                                                                                                                             Of f icial Newsletter of Autism SA

       Inside This Issue

       2        CEO’s Corner

       3        PAKA Halloween Party

       4        Events Calendar

   Autism SA is proud to be a
   Quality Assured Organisation
                                                                2009 Ball Committee Members joined by MC Kelly Nestor, Spuikit,
                                                                         at ‘Masquerade Ball at the Adelaide Town Hall’

                                                       ‘Masquerade Ball at the
                                                       Adelaide Town Hall’
                                                       A sellout crowd of more than 360 guests enjoyed an
                                                       evening of fine food and entertainment on Saturday 31
                                                       October 2009 at the Adelaide Town Hall.
 Autism SA has successfully achieved accreditation
                                                       The	2009	Autism	SA	Ball	Committee’s	‘Masquerade	Ball	                           2009 Autism SA City-Bay Participants
 at Level 2 of the Service Excellence Program. The
 Service Excellence Program is a joint government-     at the Adelaide Town Hall’ was proudly hosted by Kelly
 funded initiative of the Department for Families &    Nestor (Spruikit) as a platform to raise awareness of
 Communities and Department of Health.                 Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and funds to support              2009 Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run –
                                                       Autism SA’s ‘Making Cents for the Seven Senses’ Project.          Team 580!
                                                       Some of the fundraising highlights included a cheque              On Sunday 21 September 2009, more than 370 individuals
   Major Supporters                                    presentation from Glenn Cooper, Executive Chairman                joined Autism SA’s ‘Team 580’ and participated in the 2009
                                                       of Coopers Foundation for $9,090 towards the project.             Sunday	Mail	City-Bay	Fun	Run.	
                                                       The	Main	Auction	hosted	by	Lindsay	Warner	from	Brock	             The event was an opportunity for participants to enjoy
                                                       Harcourts Adelaide helped to raise more than $16,000              a run and/or walk on a beautiful spring day whilst raising
                                                       and the Hamra Homes Room Raffle raised $3,000 in                  nearly $10,000 in support of the work of Autism SA. A big
                                     Semaphore         support of the work of Autism SA.                                 thank you to participants who raised funds through this
                                                       Guests were greeted by ‘Amazing Masked Performers’                community initiative!
                                                       from Zig Zag Circus Productions. They were treated                Participants’ efforts were rewarded at Wigley Reserve
                                                       to fine food from Epicure Catering and beverages from             with a delicious barbeque breakfast cooked by our
                                                       presenting	sponsors;	Coopers	Brewery	and	Yalumba	                 dedicated	volunteers	headed	by	Josie	and	Bruce	
                                                       Wines. The event featured the talented solo artists Kristie       Williamson. The spectacular feast was kindly donated by
                                                       Dix and Aaron James, followed by funk band Soul-T who             our	generous	sponsors,	Scalzi	Produce,	Tip	Top	Bakeries,	
                                                       had guests up and dancing until the end of the night.             Nippy’s	Fruit	Juices,	Carman’s	Fine	Foods,	B.-d.Farm	
                                                       Autism SA thanks the following 2009 Gold Sponsors                 Paris	Creek	and	Kylie’s	Gluten	Free	Bakery.	The	team’s	
                                                       and Event Partners for their generous support: Coopers            fundraising success would not have been possible without
                                                       Brewery,	Yalumba	Wines,	The	Messenger	Community	                  the support of Murray’s Country Cottages, Detpak, Enjoy
                                                       Newspapers,	Brock	Harcourts	Adelaide,	Queens	Court	               Fitness and Graphpak.
                                                       Press, Hamra Homes, Pro Show, Matrix Multimedia, SA Life          A	special	thanks	to	our	2009	City-Bay	Committee	
                                                       and Spruikit.                                                     Members; Franca Disario, Amelia Szulerecka, Denny and
                                                       The	2009	Ball	Committee	Members	worked	tirelessly	to	             Josie Williamson who dedicated their time to securing
Regular Email Updates Available                        put this fantastic event together and Autism SA thanks the        sponsorship deals and promoting ‘Team 580’ throughout
Our Information Email Service is popular with
                                                       following individuals for their time and talents: Amy Taylor      the Autism SA Community.
families and professionals alike.To receive
regular email updates on Autism SA activities,         (Chair), Tamara Caire (Vice Chair), Hannah Anderson, Dave         To those participants who have raised funds and not
as well as the electronic version of the Autiser,      Bowley,	Tom	Bridges,	Andrew	Cooper,	Liz	Cohen,	Danny	             returned their sponsorship donations, you may do so by
please email:                 Elassaad,	Brad	Manuel,	Naomi	Marsh	and	Jess	Wadey.	               sending a cheque or money order to Autism SA at PO
                                                       We would also like to express our thanks to the many              Box	304,	Marleston	DC	SA	5033.	
                                                       volunteers who helped on the night.

   The views expressed in ‘The Autiser’ and any
   enclosures are not necessarily those of Autism
   SA. Information is presented in the interest of    Autism SA Head Office will close for Christmas and New Year on 22nd December 2009 and reopen on 6th January 2010.
   providing a range of alternatives. Inclusion in
   ‘The Autiser’ does not imply endorsement by
   Autism SA.

                                                                                                                      November 2009                  1

Autiser_Nov_09_2.indd 2                                                                                                                                             18/11/2009 11:38:25 AM
                                                            Card 2: Carolling Kookaburras
   2009 Christmas Card offer
                                                                                                                     The Southern Variety Respite House
   The	Early	Bird	catches	the	worm,	or	in	this	case,	one	
                                                                                                                     Progress Report
   pack of cards for free ... when you buy two packs for
   $8.00 each.                                                                                                       After the devastation that the fire at the Southern
                                                                                                                     Variety Respite House brought to the Autism SA
   You	can	buy	your	cards	online	at
                                                                                                                     Community in May 2009, we are pleased to report
   au or over the telephone by contacting David Palmer
                                                                                                                     that the redevelopment of the house is well
   on (08) 8462 0652.
                                                                                                                     At this stage, the roof has been completely replaced
   Card 1: Santa’s Reindeer                                    $8.00 for 10 (were 85 cents each)                     and the inside gutted. Unfortunately we were unable
                                  $8.00 for 10 (were 80        Words: Warmest wishes for the festive season          able to salvage anything besides the washing machine
                                  cents each)                  size: 10.5cm x 21.0cm                                 and dryer. At the moment, the builders are in the
                                                                                                                     process of refurbishing the inside which includes
                                  Words: Season’s           Card 3: Christmas Wreath                                 replacing the walls, ceilings, carpet, and kitchen.
                                  Greetings	and	Best	
                                                            $8.00 for 10 (were                                       They kindly gave us the opportunity to modify the
                                  Wishes for the
                                                            90 cents each)                                           paint colours to make the house more appealing to
                                  Coming	Year
                                                            Words: May the                                           children.
                                  size: 12.5cm x 12.5cm
                                                            Peace and Joy of                                         The builder has informed that all repairs should
                                                            Christmas be with                                        be finished by the end of the year. Once complete,
                                                            you all through the                                      approvals and licensing will be obtained and the
                                                            year                                                     house will be able to be re-opened. All going well,
                                                            size: 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm                                  it is anticipated that the facility will be operating
                                                                                                                     overnight weekend respite in February 2010.

   Autism Month – April 2010                                International Speaker: Dr. June Groden                      2009/2010 Events Calendar
   Autism SA is pleased to announce that ‘Autism            Autism SA is pleased to announce that Dr. June
   Month 2010’ will be held in April 2010. The new          Groden will be coming to Adelaide in 2010.                  2009
   month was chosen to align with ‘World Autism             Dr Groden is considered one of the pioneers in              November Christmas Card Campaign
   Awareness Day’ that falls on Friday 2nd April 2009.      the field of autism and developmental disabilities.
   Autism Month – April 2010 activities will be bigger      Her primary areas of interest are stress and anxiety        2010
   and better than ever this year and will be held during   and procedures to reduce stress. She has focused            March	   2010/2011	Entertainment	Book	
   the April/May period! These activities include:          on the development of relaxation and imagery                         sales commences
                                                            based procedures for a population with autism and           April    Autism Month – April 2010
                                                            developmental disabilities. Dr. Groden is the Director      April    2010 ACCU Lottery Campaign
   2010 Autism SA Recognition Awards
                                                            of the Groden Center in Providence, Rhode Island.                    Commences
   Autism SA recognises that there are many individuals
                                                            Note: Event details are still to be confirmed and will      April    2010 Autism SA Recognition Awards
   and organisations that make significant contributions
                                                            be published in The Autiser February 2010 Edition.          2 April World Autism Awareness Day
   to the organisation as well as for people and families
                                                                                                                        11 April The John Gilligan Paris Marathon
   living with Autism Spectrum Disorders in South
                                                            Drawtism™ - Play Pictionary™ for Autism                              Fundraiser
                                                                                                                        May      International Speaker – June Groden (tbc)
   Autism SA wishes to recognise outstanding                                                                            May      National ‘Drawtism™’ Promotion
   contributions and achievement through our                                                                            June     2010 Annual Appeal
   Recognition Awards Program. These awards will be
   presented during Autism Month – April 2010. Autism
   SA will present awards in seven categories:
   •	 Autism	SA	Professional	Achievement	Award
                                                            Drawtism seeks to increase the community’s
   •	 Autism	SA	Exemplary	Service	Award                     empathy	for	those	living	with	an	ASD.	By	basing	
   •	 Autism	SA	Business	Partnership	Award                  the campaign on Pictionary which has an authentic
   •	 Autism	SA	Patronage	Award                             connection to the experience of autism, the aim is          Contact Us
                                                            to give people both an insight into the challenges of
   •	 Autism	SA	Parent/Carer	Award                                                                                      Office Hours
                                                            autism, as well as provide a positive and meaningful
   •	 Autism	SA	Individual	Achievement	Award	               way by which to galvanise support.                          9:00am – 5:00pm
      (12 years and younger and 13 years and older)
                                                            The great thing about Drawtism™ is that you can             Head Office
   •	 Autism	SA	Ambassador	Award                            host your Pictionary™ game at any time during May.          262 Marion Road, Netley
   Nominate an individual or organisation today!            Your	game	can	be	any	size.	You	can	play	with	friends	
   We encourage individuals in the Autism SA                at	home,	with	colleagues	at	work,	or	organise	a	Big	        Phone (08) 8379 6976
   Community to make a nomination. To make a                Game at a Pub or Hall. Whichever format you’re              Fax (08) 8338 1216
   nomination please download a 2010 Nomination             most comfortable with, ask everyone to pitch in
   Form at or alternatively call        with drinks and nibbles, sharpen your pencils and get       Postal
   David Palmer, Assistant Community Relations on           drawing.                                                    PO	Box	304,	MARLESTON	DC,	SA	5033
   (08) 8462 0652.                                          This year the Drawtism™ website has been updated
                                                            with online fundraising features to make organising         Email
   Closing Date for Nominations: Friday 26 March 2010                                                                   Web
                                                            your game much easier. When you register as a host,
   Please note: Event details are still to be confirmed     you will be able to build your own profile page as
   and will be published in The Autiser February 2010                                                                   Info Line 1300 288 476
                                                            well as link news of your game to your Facebook
   edition.                                                 profile. Organise your game today!
                                                            Visit to organise your game
                                                            or call 1800 606 656 for further information.


Autiser_Nov_09_2.indd 3                                                                                                                                     18/11/2009 11:38:25 AM
                            Autism SA thanks the                                                                                         Diagnostic Service Report
                                                                                                                                         The Diagnostic service engages with the general
                           following organisations                                                                                       community in a variety of ways. Phone and email
                           and individuals for their                                                                                     contact, or the provision of written information,
                                                                                                                                         is available to help parents, family members and
                                  support:                                                                                               professionals through the assessment process.
                                                                                                                                         Information regarding the behaviours that may
                        The administration team at the School of                                                                         be indicative of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
                        Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at Uni SA                                                                          is discussed, information is provided about the
                        for raising approximately $500 at their 2009                                                                     diagnostic procedures that are available across
                        Melbourne Cup Luncheon                                                                                           the State, and diagnostic assessments themselves
                        Sedan Hotel and community: $1000 donation                                                                        are conducted by the service. An assessment
                                                                                                                                         that establishes the diagnosis that best describes
                        2009	Ball	Sponsors	and	Partners:	Coopers	                                                                        the individual enables access to information
                                                                                        Autism SA Staff enjoying the night at
                        Brewery,	Yalumba	Wines,	Hamra	Homes,	                                                                            to help those who work with and care for the
                                                                                     ‘Masquerade Ball at the Adelaide Town Hall’
                        Queens	Court	Press,	Brock	Harcourts	                                                                             individual to understand their presentation,
                        Adelaide, Spruikit, SA Life, Epicure Catering and
                        Embellish Flowers and Gifts, and Pro Show.                 Attention: Professionals                              and allows access to appropriate supports and
                                                                                                                                         programming/intervention strategies.
                        2009	Ball	Committee:	Hannah	Anderson,	                             Please remember to visit
                        David	Bowley,	Tom	Bridges,	Liz	Cohen,	Andrew	                                       PAKA Halloween Party
                        Cooper,	Danny	Elassaad,	Brad	Manuel,	Naomi	                   for a listing of current Professional              On Saturday October 31 the PAKA team had
                        Marsh, Amy Schapel, Amy Taylor and Jessica                        Development opportunities.                     the privilege of watching as 60 children dressed
                        Wadey                                                                                                            in Halloween costumes ‘trick or treat’ their way
                                                                                                                                         around the PAKA Halloween Party. They went
                        Coopers Foundation: donated $9090 towards
                                                                                                                                         fishing for pumpkins to earn a lucky dip. They
                        the ‘Making Sense of Seven Senses Project’.
                                                                                                                                         made magic potions. They tossed beanbags into
                        Victoria Kapetanos (Ray White Semaphore)                                                                         cauldrons and won a prize.Vampires, witches,
                        $2,500 donation towards therapy, toys and                                                                        princesses and the occasional Transformer
                        equipment.                                                                                                       bounced on the jumping castles, scoffed sausages
                                                                                                                                         from	the	BBQ,	and	in	general	had	a	blast	as	their	
                        School Inclusion Program                                                                                         parents shepherded them around a hall staffed
                        This year, our biggest achievement has been                                                                      by volunteers. There was not a single major
                        the further development of a highly motivated,                                                                   argument or disagreement, and the volunteer
                        enthusiastic and qualified team who are                                                                          first aid guys were not required to patch anyone
                        supportive and encouraging of each other, our                                                                    up. It was just a happy afternoon in suburban
                        clients and their families. We have launched our                                                                 Adelaide.
                        new name to highlight our teams’ main focus,               Victoria Kapetanos (Ray White Semaphore) and
                        inclusion. Our fact sheet clearly defines how this           David Palmer, Assistant Community Relations
                        can be promoted.
                                                                               Sedan Hotel - Big Ken Shave!
                        Our team is constantly seeking new ways to
                        best meet the needs of our ever increasing             Ken Gordon from Swan Reach is a regular customer
                        client group; with an average of 40 new clients        at Sedan Hotel and has been growing his beard for
                        a month. To improve our effectiveness, we              about 25 years. A comment was made (over a drink
                        have increased our access to technology                or two) about how much better he might look
bc)                                                                            without his beard, but he would not give it up!
                        utilising notebooks and mobile internet access
                        to improve efficiency. Also, Centra and video          So staff at the Sedan Hotel approached him and asked
                        conferencing to facilitate country services.           Ken if he would shave off his beard if the community
                        We have made a number of additions to our              raised $1000 in 5c pieces and donated it to a cause
                        service with the management and development            close to his heart. Having two young grandchildren
                                                                               living with autism, he agreed to the Shave Off!             Sage Tulloch-Hoskins at PAKA’s Halloween Party
                        of a new Professional Development series
                        for school staff as well as a range of newly           The local community from Sedan and Swan Reach             What made it extra special was that this was
                        developed customised training services for both        as well as their extended families managed to             an event for children with Autism Spectrum
                        metropolitan and country.                              raise $1000 in approximately 18 months. Another           Disorder and their siblings and families. No one
                        Many parents have chosen our Education                 wonderful example of true country community spirit!       stared at them, complained about them, or told
                        support package as part of ‘Helping children           The ‘Shave Off’ Day was huge! The pub was packed          their parents they needed to discipline them
                        with Autism’ funding which allows access               with Ken’s family and friends, all quite excited to see   better. There was no need for explanations. No
                        to Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology,             the end result. Ken was quite nervous, but showed no      need for anyone to say “I’m sorry, he’s autistic,
                        ASD Consultant/Teacher and Developmental               hesitation in fulfilling his part of the bargain.         and...”. For the kids, most importantly, it was an
                        Educator support in the school environment.            As you can see below the beard came off and he            opportunity to have fun and just be themselves.
                        Our team has participated in providing Positive        looks a thousand dollars better than he did before!       Parents Assisting Kids with Autism (PAKA)
                        Partnership training and a number of social skill                                                                would like to thank our wonderful volunteers
                        development groups. We aim to keep developing                                                                    and sponsors who helped make this event
                        an already strong partnership with the                                                                           possible.
                        educational sectors and allied agencies with a                                                                   PAKA is a small, parent led group and without
                        clear focus of successful inclusion for our clients.                                                             the help of volunteers, our events would not be
                        We look forward to next year and the                                                                             possible.
                        challenges and exciting developments it will                                                                     If you would like to be involved with PAKA,
                        bring.                                                                                                           please contact Amanda on 8351 9786 or Kylie
                                                                                                                                         on 8293 4407, or email

                                                                                              Dave, Ken, Sue, and Sam

                                                                                                                                                            November 2009 3

      Autiser_Nov_09_2.indd 4                                                                                                                                              18/11/2009 11:38:31 AM

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