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					Cash Accounting for the
Small Rural Business
Duration: 5 hours                 Course level: Introductory        Delivery method: Online

An important skill for any small business to survive is sound financial management, in
particular cash accounting. Rural businesses often need to manage cash and VAT in a
different way to their urban counterparts.
Cash Accounting for the Small Rural Business is an introduction to the most suitable and
preferred methods of cash accountancy for small, rural businesses. It covers all the legal
requirements of handling cash and includes practical advice to help you improve the financial
control you exert over your business.

Who is the course for?
Cash Accounting for the Small Rural Business is most suitable for people starting their own
small rural business venture, or those who want to improve the running of their existing business.
If you are already trading but leave your financial recording to an accountant or bookkeeper,
this course will give you the skills you need to manage the financial recording for your
business in-house.
No prior experience in this area is needed to benefit from the course.
The easy to follow, step-by-step format of this course means users can work at their own pace,
making it ideal for anyone who is new to cash accounting.

What will you get from this course?
When you have completed this course, you will be able to:
• understand why keeping financial records is important
• set up an efficient office and deal with financial documents
• identify different business banking options
• use a multi-column cashbook and carry out a bank reconciliation
• assess cash flow and forecast budgets.
Course features
At the beginning of the course you can choose between three rural businesses – a small farm, a
family-run butcher’s shop and a bed and breakfast. Or you can complete a questionnaire,
following which the course will adapt to broadly reflect the nature of your business.
The course then uses examples to illustrate key points and as you work through the course
simple exercises check your knowledge and understanding. After each exercise you’ll be given
feedback on how you’ve done.
At the end of each section, you complete a set of multiple choice questions which can be
repeated as many times as you like. A short written assignment also accompanies each module,
which you can complete at any stage, and ‘model answers’ are provided to help you check and
compare your work.
You can start your online course straight away and access it at any time, providing you have
access to a computer with an internet connection. The course is available for six months from the
date first accessed.

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