Lung Cancer

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					                                               Some common symptoms of lung cancer
                                               include (1, 3):

                                                  Persistent and worsening cough
                                                  Constant chest pain
                                                  Shortness of breath, wheezing, or
                                                  Coughing up blood
                                                  Recurrent pneumonia or bronchitis
                                                  Loss of appetite or weight loss
                                                  Fatigue and fever
                                                  Swelling of the neck and face

            Lung Cancer                        Research shows the best way to prevent lung
                                               cancer is to stop smoking or not start the
The American Cancer Society estimates          smoking habit at all. Early lung cancer
approximately 222,520 new cases of lung        detection is often difficult because
cancer will be diagnosed in the United         symptoms do not occur until the cancer has
States in 2010 (1).                            already spread.

The lungs are located in your chest and are    If you are concerned about symptoms you
essential for breathing. These organs allow    are experiencing, you should talk to your
your body to take in oxygen from the air and   doctor. For more information on lung
release carbon dioxide, a toxic gas, from      cancer, please visit the following web-links:
your body (1, 2).
                                               Lung Cancer Information:
   Lung cancer is the leading cause of
   cancer death for men and women                 All About Lung Cancer
   More than eight of ten lung cancer cases       Facts About Secondhand Smoke
   are attributed to smoking tobacco              Lung Cancer Risk Questionnaire
                                                  Lung Cancer Interactive Tutorial
Several key factors may increase the risk of
developing lung cancer; they include (1, 3):   References:

   Tobacco smoke                               1. American Cancer Society
   Nonsmokers who breathe in secondhand        2. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
   smoke                                       3. U.S. National Library of Medicine and
   Asbestos exposure                              National Institutes of Health
   Air pollution
   Exposure to cancer causing agents in the
   workplace (e.g., radon, arsenic, etc.)      Author: Karen Hulsmeyer, R.N.
   Family history of lung cancer

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