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                                     Printer-friendly format   6202 Connector FC/PC MM
                                                          The FC/PC Connector is a field mountable, pull-proof connector that
 Government Solutions                                     is fully compatible with all FC connectors adhering to the NTT
 Catalogs                                                 specification.
     Product Catalog
     for Innovative
     Solutions                       [click to enlarge]
       3M™ Aircraft Products
                                  3M Id : 80-6107-6540-8
       3M™ Electrical Products
                                  GTIN(UPC/EAN) : 0 00 54007 91716 8
       3M™ Environmental
       Protection, Clean Up
       and Safety Products        Additional Information
       3M™ Government
       Facilities Products        The FC/PC connector                   Learn More . . .
       3M™ Government             maximizes termination yield
       Vehicle Products           through ease of mounting and                          Packaging Data
       3M™ Homeland Security      a high performance polishing
       and Homeland Defense       procedure. The three-piece                            FC Connector
       Products                   connector design (connector,                          FC Hot Melt Connector - Illustration/Line Art
       3M™ Medical Center         crimp ring, and boot) is
       Products                   mounted using the same                                FC/PC Connector and Accessories - Illustration/
       3M™ Meetings,              simple process used for other                         Line Art- (TIFF)
       Presentations &            3M connectors. The FC/PC                              FC/PC Connector and Accessories - Illustration/
       Training Products          connector is available in single-
                                                                                        Line Art- (TIFF)
       3M™ Office Products        mode and multimode utilizing
       3M™ Safety / Security      epoxy adhesive. It is also                            FC/PC Connector Features and Benefits -
       Products                   available in multimode                                Features and Benefits- (JPG)
       3M™ Ships/Fleet
                                  preloaded with 3M's
                                                                                        FC_PC Connector Diagram - Illustration/Line
                                  Full Text . . .                                       Art- (JPG)
       Telecommunications /                                                    Email    Fiber Optic ST and FC Connectors - Instructions/
       Network Products                                                                 Manual (PDF 662.8 K)
       3M™ Weapons System
                                                                                        SC & FC/PC3 Pull-Proof Fiber Optic Connectors -
       Protection                                                              Email
                                                                                        Instructions/Manual (PDF 729.2 K)

                                                                               Email    SC&FC/PC3 Pull-Proof Fiber Optic Connectors -
   Other Tools                                                                          Instructions/Manual (PDF 205.6 K)
      MSDS Search                                                                       SC_FC_ST Hot Melt Fiber Optic Connectors -
      Government Contracts
                                                                                        Instructions/Manual (PDF 534.1 K)

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                                   Boot Material                           Polyester
                                   Flame Retardant                         UL-94 V-O
                                    Operating Temperature
                                                             -40 to 85 Degree Celsius
                                    Primary Trademark Name   3M
                                    Storage Temperature      -40 to 85 Degree Celsius

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