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TIS-Compact II
Archiving & Visualisation Solutions for fleets up to 10 vehicles

TIS-Compat II is a convenient all-in-one solution for      With the help of the accompanying software the data
comprehensive data management tasks.                       can be visualised, archived and printed out on the
This complete package contains everything the fleet        computer. This allows an overview of driving, working
needs to comply with legal requirements relating to        and rest times to be obtained at any time, for
digital tachographs in most EU countries.                  example: speed values for the last 24 hours of actual
                                                           driving time can also be displayed as a chart.
TIS-Compact II provides basic equipment for
downloading, archiving, visualising and printing mass      The TIS-Compact II is ideal for fleets with up to 10
memory and driver card data. Using the convenient          vehicles. A combination of download tool and evalua-
VDO TIS-Compact II Key, this data can be down-             tion software, the TIS-Compact II fulfills all professional
loaded quickly and reliably from all digital tachographs   data management requirements.
and stored on a PC or laptop, just like with a standard
USB stick. The TIS-Compact II weighs less than
50 grams and fits into your shirt pocket.
No separate power supply is needed, the
TIS-Compact II is always ready for use whether in a
vehicle or on a computer.
TIS-Compact II

                                                                                                                        VDO – A Trademark of the Continental Corporation
Archiving & Visualisation Solutions for fleets up to 10 vehicles

 •	Fulfil	legal	requirements	for	fleets*	(visualisation	and		
   archiving of mass memory and driver card data)
 •	Download	mass	memory	and	driver	card	data	from	
   all digital tachographs using the TIS-Compact II Key
 •	Easy	archiving	of	mass	memory	and	driver	card	data	
   on a separate storage medium with graphical support
 •	Visualisation	of	data,	e.g.	driver	activities	(driving,	
   working and rest times) and speed information for the
   last 24 hours of driving time
 •	256	MB	memory	capacity
 •	Works	with	12	V	and	24	V	tachographs
 •	No	additional	power	supply	required
 •	Printout	of	driver card and mass memory data
 •	Signature	checking	of	the	downloaded	files                                                        Activities
 •	Export	function	of	data	to	other	PC	applications
 •	Can	be	connected	to	the	Mobile	Card	Reader	for	
 	 instant	driver	card	data	downloading	(option)
 •	Fast	download	of	the	last	90	days	with	the	
 	 DTCO	1381	Rel.	1.3	
 •	Software	stored	on	the	TIS-Compact	II

                                                                                                                        10/2008 | A2C59512864 | We reserve the right to make changes in availability as well as technical changes without prior notice.
 Package content
 •		 IS-Compact	II	Key
 •	Software	for	Downloadkey	II	/	TIS	Compact	II	Key	
   configuration, visualisation of data, data archiving
 •	USB	connection	cable
 •	Operating	instructions

 System requirements
 •	Windows	Vista	or	Windows	XP,	                                                                     Overview
   each with latest service pack
 •	Spare	USB	port

 *Country-specific legislation must be complied with.

 Order No. for the TIS-Compact Portable Set:
 (TIS-Compact	II	key	with	Mobile	Card	Reader)

 Order No. for the TIS-Compact II:
 A2C59511569                                                                                         Speed overview

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