Cobb Middle School Boy's Athletic Policies

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					Cobb Middle School
Girls Athletic Policies
Meet Your Coaches
   Kathy Barton - Girls Coordinator
   Jodie Wollitz
   Angela Wommack
   Emily Chambliss
   Callie Carden
       Summer Camp
All registration for ALL Summer Camps is online
   Summer Strength &
   Conditioning Camp
Valuable head start on next years
athletic seasons.
Best “bang for your buck” you will
– 6 weeks long
– Monday-Thursday (June 14-July 22)
   July 5th Holiday
Incoming Cobb 7th and 8th graders @
Griffin Middle school.
We understand about vacation, come
when you can.
Summer Sports Camps
Wakeland            Wakeland
Volleyball Camp     Basketball Camp
– June 14-16
                    – June 7-10
– 10:30am-12:30pm
– Wakeland High     – 8:30-11:30am
  School Gyms       – Wakeland High
                      School Gyms
        Sports offered
Cross Country
We encourage kids to participate in
all sports until at least after their 9th
grade year.
Before any participation in athletics,
students must pass a medical
– Care Now $12
Physicals are valid for 2 years.
All District forms must be signed
before athlete is allowed to
participate in any practice or game.
         Cobb Athletic
To make your grades and get your education.
To be unselfish, self disciplined and
accountable toward teammates and coaches.
To be loyal to your team, coaches, and Cobb
Middle School.
Be honest in all things.
To Play Hard no matter what.
     Practice Times
  Attendance & Tardies
Practice Times:                    Attendance & Tardies
– Athletic periods will be 7th     – Any absence from
  period for 7th grade and 8th       practice will require
  period for 8th grade               make-up work upon
– Practice after school will run     return
  from 4:05 to approximately       – More than 2 days
  5:45                               requires a Dr. Note
                                   – 2 days in a week will
                                     mean missing part of
                                   – Required to attend on
                                     day of competition
                                     unless with Dr. note
                                     and then may only miss
                                     ½ of the day
      Hair and Grooming
Hair Code (FISD policy)
  – Hair must be clean, well groomed and out of their
    eyes. Must be styled in a way not distracting to
      No dying of hair or hair cuts with designs or Mohawks.
 No dress that is unbecoming of a Cobb athlete.
  – No jewelry in athletics.
 Game day dress.
  – Players will dress as a team.
Cobb comes First!
 – Club and outside activities should not
   come before Cobb Athletics.
Communication is the Key.
 – We will do our best to accommodate
   other activities.
Continued issues may result in removal
from the team.
What to Keep in     What NOT to keep in
Them.               them.
– Athletic shoes    – Personal clothing items
– Extra socks       – Hangers
– Towel w/name      – Dress shoes
– Deodorant (non-   – School books, binders,
  spray)              etc…
– School issued     – Electronic devices,
  clothing and        money, or items of
  equipment           value
                    Please Keep them
                    clean and everything
                    hung up to avoid the
                    growth and spread of
                    Staff infection.
We will provide transportation to
and from all games.
Students can be signed out after
all sporting events.
15 Minute Rule.
No pass. No Play.
– U.I.L. Rule
– 3 week progress report.
Dressing out and attendance at practice and
games is expected from every athlete…. even
if injured.
Athletes must follow all athletic policies as
agreed to in our Athlete’s Promise.
Parent/Coach relationships
Transition between           Areas that must be
Youth and H.S. sports.       left to the coaches.
                             –   Playing time.
Appropriate topics to        –   Team Strategy.
discuss.                     –   Play Calling.
– The coaches interaction    –   Other student athletes.
  with your child.           24 Hour rule.
– Ways to help you child     – Promotes an
  improve athletic skills.     atmosphere for positive
                               results and resolutions.
– Concerns about your
  child’s interaction with
      Parent Concerns
Athlete to Coach of their sport
Parent to Coach of their sport
Head Coach of sport
Athletic Coordinator
Assistant Principal
Parent 10 Commandments
Make sure your child knows that you love her win or lose.
Emphasize improvement.
Control your emotions. Please refrain from talking to your
child during a competition.
Be an encourager.
Respect Coaches-communicate with them in a positive way
and encourage others to do the same.
Be a role model.
Get to know other kids on the team.
Don’t relive your athletic experiences through your child.
Always remember, a child will exaggerate praise and
criticism…tales of heroics and woe.
Have the attitude of “When You Play One Of Us, You Play
Us All.”
What to Expect from your
To make decisions that are for the good of the
Mutual respect.
To be honest with athletes and parents.
To coach you hard and love you hard.
To discipline and hold you accountable.
To help you grow mentally, physically and
To help you become a good citizen
To challenge you to do more than you think you
To model and promote “Team”.
   Contact Information
Kathy Barton
   Girls Athletic Coordinator

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