Clothing Tips for the High School Senior Portrait Session

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   Clothing Tips for the High School Senior Portrait Session
Hair - Guys & Gals ~                    Glasses ~                                Window Light ~
Wear your hair the way you usually      If you normally wear glasses we          Cool - whites, blues, teals, greens.
do! Don’t try anything new this will    suggest wearing them for your            Femine fabrics
only look unnatural. We suggeest        portraits. It will be necessary that     Warm - off whites, soft umber
you style your hair as you do every     you borrow a set of just frames/no       browns, greens. Soft airy fabric
day. Bring in your hairspray to hold    lenses from your eye doctor. This        Dark - dark solids, blacks, reds,
that unruly hair in place. Please be    will eliminate any reflection or glare   purples, brown.
sure your hair is just the way you      as well as distortion your glasses       brick wall - solid colors.
want it. Hair changes cannot be         will cause.
made on the finnished portrait.                                                  White/Hi-key ~
Remember to bring hair spray, bar-      Braces ~                                 All white outfit, pastels or white
rettes, clips, curling iron, etc. to    If you want your braces                  and black for a dramatic look. Pri-
your portrait session. If you are in-   removed from your portraits we           mary colors. Sports uniforms and
terested we do have a professional      can do it digitally for a nominal fee.   personal props.
make-up and hair stylist. When you      Ask us for details.
set up your portrait session we will                                             Casual ~
be happy to make the appointment        Personal Props Bring in something        Blue jeans, khaki’s. Layered look for
for your hair and make-up. Payment      to express your life-style, whether      depth and texture.
for that will be handled directly       it be a musical instrument, sports
with our stylist.                       equipment, a hobbie or even your         Outdoors ~
Guys ~                                  family pet. If you are bringing in       Blue jeans, whites, khaki’s, sun-
A note about shaving. . .               a pet please tell us at the time         dresses. Sports, hobbies equipment
Shaving right before your               you schedule your portrait session       and props.
portrait is recommended. Five           special considerations will need to
o’clock shadow is extremely hard        be made. Your own promps help tell       What to avoid ~
and costly to remove once your          the story of who you are!                Short short’s and very short skirts,
photographs are taken.                                                           you will be sitting on the floor for
                                        Clothing ~                               some poses. Loud patterns, strips.
Make-Up ~                               A usual senior session consists of       Sleeveless shirts. Clothing with any
Make up should be applied for your      three or more clothing                   wording on the front.
portrait session.                       changes.
Wear your make-up the way you                                                    What looks best ~
normally wear your make-up, just        Traditional ~                            Student and parents should each
like your hair we suggest not try-      Gray, blues, blacks, browns, greens,     pick an outfit they would like to see
ing something new but try to get        teals, purples, and reds. Stay away      in the photographs. Remember solid
a more natural look. Pay attention      from strips or prints                    colors work out best. Choose colors
to your application of powder. You                                               that will bring out your skin tones.
want a more matte finish to your        Guys ~ Suits & Tie. If you are just      Please bring your clothing pressed
skin. If you want a more profes-        wearing a dress shirt and tie avoid      and on hangers. Check your total
sional look we suggest using our        the plain white shirt and go for the     look from head to toe; make sure
make-up artist. She will not have       darker toned colors.                     your shoes are clean and free from
you look “made-up” or unnatural.                                                 scuffs. If you can see through your
She will only enhance your natural      Girls ~ Soft sweaters with classic       clothing bring in something to wear
beauty.                                 jewerly. Shirts that are dark and        underneath. If you have any ques-
                                        solid colors.                            tion please feel free to ask us for
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