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					Captain America: Super Soldier Review
Captain America really savors a good beatdown. Once locked in a hand-to-hand fight with the foreign
soldiers who threaten his patriotic ideals, he unleashes every punch, shield bash, and thunder kick in
slow-motion to relish his physical superiority over his non-super adversaries. In Captain America: Super
Soldier, you tear through opposing forces with xenophobic glee, and the exaggerated manner of your
attacks lets you appreciate Cap's athletic prowess and diverse move set. But the fine animations come at
the expense of speed and flexibility. Defeating even low-level enemies takes much longer than you
would expect from the likes of The Star-Spangled Avenger, and his lethargic attitude becomes downright
frustrating when you face off against large groups. Captain America: Super Soldier encompasses heroic
highs and human lows, resulting in an uneven stroll through hostile Germany.

Comic book detractors have been known to levy all manner of criticism at the medium. From
saying that comic books embody adolescent power fantasies to claiming they distort the view of
female anatomy, there are many ways to disparage these visual stories. But rarely do you hear
that they are boring. Captain America: Super Soldier unfortunately embraces this last descriptor.
Red Skull's single-minded quest to form an army of super soldiers is told in such a dispassionate
way that it's difficult to follow along with the twists and turns, let alone care about them. Sleepy
voice actors that yawn trite lines hide motivations, and there aren't many noteworthy events to
grab your attention. Presentation issues carry over to dull visual design. Captain A tramps
through a variety of similar-looking environments, and the unrelenting march of browns and
grays dampens your spirits even more than the opposing army.

Once you look past the oppressive atmosphere, Super Soldier becomes a lot more respectable.
Combat is your main means of interaction, and dispatching foes with panache gives you a warm
appreciation for this well-muscled patriot. Although there is only one button dedicated to up-
close attacks, Cap has a wide assortment of moves in his repertoire. Combat blows are randomly
triggered based on who you're fighting and the length of your current combination. You might
punch a German soldier in the belly, slam his face into your knee, or perform a rising dragon
punch complete with red, white, and blue fireworks. Each individual animation is well crafted
and lets you feel the pain as you beat down silly chumps. Counterattacks let you cover your
backside when you're busy smacking another dude in the chops. Obvious button prompts warn
you of an imminent attack, and you can chain long combos together by mashing your attack and
counter buttons at the appropriate time.

In the early stages, combat is a strong point. Stringing long attack sequences together carries
with it a heroic thrill, and making smart use of your agility ensures you don't suffer retaliatory
blows. But by the time you reach the midpoint of the game, your carefree fun is stymied by this
inflexible system. Enemies come in a variety of forms, and many of them require specific
techniques to defeat. For instance, one wily robot shoots missiles your way, and you have to
catch them with your shield and then throw them back to cause a debilitating explosion. But
floaty controls make it tricky to block when you're surrounded by aggressive enemies, aiming
your shield in first-person mode is a time-consuming task, and singling out a specific assailant
isn't always possible. Furthermore, your animations take so long to unfold that it's possible to get
caught in an inescapable explosion. Knock-back attacks derail your fun in a hurry, resulting in
tiring ordeals as you struggle to right the wonky camera, aim at the appropriate enemies, and
avoid offscreen attacks.

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