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ELVIS RCA all countries ELVIS RCA all countries ei by MikeJenny

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									                              ELVIS, RCA all countries                                                                                         93

                               ELVIS, RCA all countries
                                                                             VOL.3, ESSENTIAL ELVIS              CD 90486                  €   19.90
                                                                             IT’S MIDNIGHT                       CD 91141                  €   23.50
                                                                             SPRING TOURS 77                     CD 92855                  €   23.50
                                                                             FAME & FORTUNE                      CD 92856                  €   23.50
                                                                             THE NASHVILLE MARATHON              CD 95406                  €   23.50
                                                                             ELVIS - NOW                         CD BMG 14831              €   14.50
                                                                             RAISED ON ROCK                      CD BMG 50388              €   14.50
                                                                             GOOD TIMES                          CD BMG 50475              €   14.50
                                                                             RECORDED LIVE ON STAGE IN
                                                                             MEMPHIS                             CD BMG 50606              € 14.50
                                                                             ESSENTIAL VOL.1                     CD BMG 54347              € 14.50
                                                                             STEREO ‘57 - ESSENTIAL VOL.2 CD BMG 64091                     € 14.50
                                                                             AN AFTERNOON IN THE
                                                                             GARDEN                              CD BMG 67457              € 19.50
                                                                             GOLDEN RECORDS - PLUS               CD BMG 67462              € 14.50
                                                                             VOL.4, GOLDEN RECORDS -
                                                                             PLUS                                CD BMG 67465              € 14.50
                                                                             SUNRISE (GERMAN) 2-CD               CD BMG 67675              € 22.90
                                                                             THE HOME RECORDINGS
                                                                             (GERMAN PRESSING)                   CD BMG 67676              € 15.50
                                                                             ELVIS COUNTRY...PLUS                CD BMG 67929              € 14.50
                                                                             PROMISED LAND...PLUS                CD BMG 67930              € 14.50
                                                                             MOODY BLUE...PLUS FROM E.P        .
                                                                             BOULEVARD                           CD BMG 67931              € 14.50
                                                                             FROM ELVIS IN
                                                                             MEMPHIS...PLUS                      CD BMG 67932              € 14.50
                                                                             PEACE IN THE VALLEY 3-CD            CD BMG 67991              € 29.90
                                                                            · 88 Gospel Classics From 1956-77 incl. Studio & Home
                                                                             Recordings the definitive collection !
                                                                            50 GREATEST LOVE SONGS
                                                                            2-CD                      CD BMG 68026                         € 27.50
                                                                            THE LIVE GREATEST HITS &
                                                                            LIMITED BONUS CD          CD BMG 84708                         € 27.50
                                                                            BURNING LOVE CD-SINGLE (3
                                                                            VERSIONS)                 CD BMG 96824                  € 7.90
 ANN MARGRET                                                                 Burning Love (Original)- Burning Love (mixed & mastered from
 THE VERY BEST OF                         CD BMG 69389          € 14.50      30#1s)- Burning Love (alt.take 3/28/72)
 ELVIS PRESLEY                                                              ROCK & ROLL (JAPAN RELEASE
  NEW YEAR’S EVE 1976 2-CD                                                  ONLY)                                     CD BVCM 31035 € 31.50
8 DIGIPACK                                 CD 50410             € 24.90       That’s All Right- Baby Let’s Play House- Heartbreak Hotel- Shake,
   CD-1:- Also sprach Zarathustra- See See Rider- I Got A                     Rattle, And Roll- Hound Dog- Don’t Be Cruel- All Shook Up- Jailhouse
   Woman/Amen- Big Boss Man- Love Me- Fairytale- You Gave Me A                Rock- I Need Your Love Tonight- Wear My Ring Around Your Neck-
   Mountain- Jailhouse Rock- O Sole Mio/It’s Now Or Never- My Way-            Blue Suede Shoes- A Mess Of Blues- I’m Coming Home- (Marie’s The
   Funny How Time Slips Away- Auld Lang Syne- Introductions- Blue             Name) His Latest Fame- (It’s A) Long Lonely Higway- Viva Las Vegas-
   Suede Shoes- Trying To Get To You- Polk Salad Annie- CD-2:- Band           You’re The Boss- Fools Fall In Love- Johnny B. Goode- Guitar Man-
   Introductions- Early Morning Rain- What’d I Say- Johnny B. Goode-          The Fool- Faded Love- Got My Mojo Working- Burning Love- Proud
   Solos- Love Letters- School Days- Fever- Hurt- Hound Dog- Are You          Mary- Promised Land- T-R-O-U-B-L-E- For The Heart- Way Down-
                                                                              Raised On Rock

                                                                                                                                                       ELVIS, RCA all countries
   Lonesome Tonight- Reconsider Baby- Little Sister- Unchained Melody-
   Rags To Riches- Can’t Help Falling In Love- Closing Vamp                 · Sammlerstücke in aufwendiger Aufmachung (Schuber)
 · Recorded live from the audience at the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh,           BALLADS II (JAPAN ONLY)                  CD BVCM 31057 € 31.50
   PA. New Year’s Eve, 1976 - every effort has been made to                 RHYTHM & BLUES (JAPAN
   achieve optimum sound quality, however, priority has been                ONLY)                                     CD BVCM 31072 € 31.50
   given to historical content.                                              Mystery Train- I Got A Woman- My Baby Left Me- Hound Dog- One
  BURBANK 68 - THE NBC TV                                                    Night Of Sin- When It Rains, It Really Pours- Santa Claus Is Back In
  COMEBACK SPECIAL                      CD 67229              € 23.50        Town- Trouble- Like A Baby- Reconsider Baby- I Feel So Bad- Little
 · First release fom BMG’s new collector label / tracks with # are           Sister- Down In The Alley- Big Boss Man- Hi-Heel Sneakers- Baby
  previously unreleased - Digipack                                           What You Want Me To Do- Stranger In My Own Home Town- Power Of
 ROCKIN´                                  CD 68240              € 15.50      My Love- What’d I Say- See See Rider- Merry Christmas Baby- I Got A
 TAKE MY HAND - GOSPEL                                                       Feelin’ In My Body- Steamroller Blues- Shake A Hand
 FAVOURITES                               CD 70913              €   14.50   IN PERSON                                 CD ND 83892          € 14.50
 IN A PRIVATE MOMENT                      CD 72666              €   23.50   NBC TV SPECIAL                            CD ND 83894          € 14.50
 JUNGLE ROOM SESSIONS                     CD 74931              €   23.50   LOVE LETTERS                              CD ND 89011          € 14.50
 ROCKABILLY                               CD 76521              €   15.50    ESSENTIAL ELVIS (VOL.1) -
 BLUES                                    CD 76522              €   15.50    JAPAN                                    CD R32P 1118         € 23.00
 GOSPEL                                   CD 76523              €   15.50    FOR LP FANS ONLY - LONGBOX               CD RCA 1990          € 21.90
 LONG LONELY HIGHWAY -                                                       ZOUNDS GOLD VOL.2 - 24
 NASHVILLE 1960-68                        CD 76749              € 23.50      KARAT GOLD CD                            CD RCA 22011         €   34.50
 TUCSON ‘76                               CD 79045              € 23.50      THE GREAT PERFORMANCES                   CD RCA 2227          €   23.50
 TOO MUCH MONKEY                                                             SINGS FOR KIDS                           CD RCA 44867         €   18.90
 BUSINESS                                 CD 81233              €   23.50    GRACIA DIVINA                            CD RCA 46863         €   22.90
 ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS                       CD 81234              €   23.50   · Rare South America Import !
 6363 SUNSET                              CD 84214              €   23.50    RECORDED LIVE ON STAGE IN
 EASTER SPECIAL                           CD 84215              €   23.50    MEMPHIS                                  CD RCA 50606         € 19.50
 DIXILAND ROCKS                           CD 86138              €   23.50
 MEMPHIS SESSIONS                         CD 89293              €   23.50
 VOL.2, ESSENTIAL ELVIS                   CD 90250 QB           €   17.90

                                             % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
                           94                          ELVIS, RCA all countries
                             ELVIS FOR EVERYONE - CUT                                                  seven years. Elvis’ legendary performance, an early prototype
                             OUT LONGBOX                    CD RCA 53450   € 16.90                     of MTV’s ‘Unplugged’ series, became known as the ‘Comeback
                            · LONG AWAITED DIGITALLY REMASTERED VERSION IN                             TV special’. The casual setting of the soundstage serves as a
                             UNBELIEVABLE CLEAR SOUND QUALITY                                          backdrop for a performer at his professional and physical peak.
                             BLUE SUEDE SHOES (GB) - ULTI-                                             Elvis jams with four of his long-time backup musicians,
                             MATE ROCK & ROLL                         CD RCA 55628          € 19.90    reminisces, jokes and runs through some of the most important
                            · BMG-UK release only !                                                    material of his career. ‘Tiger Man’ features the complete 8PM
                                                                                                       show releases in its entirety for the first time ever. The entire
                             TOP TEN HITS 2-CD                        CD RCA 6383/4         € 39.90    show is unedited and of the 16 songs performed, seven
                             THE CONCERT - 1999 WORLD                                                  performances are previously unreleased.
                             TOUR 2-CD                                CD RCA 64429          € 22.90    MEMORIES - THE ‘68 COME-
                             THE CONCERT - 2000 WORLD                                                  BACK SPECIAL 2-CD                       CD RCA 67612         € 34.50
                             TOUR 2-CD                                CD RCA 64429/B € 22.90          · CD 1 features all the official studio masters ! CD 2 features the
                            · same tracks as 1999 version !                                            complete 6PM sit down show with 9 unreleased performances
                             VOL.2, ALWAYS ELVIS - KING                                                RHYTHM & COUNTRY (ESSEN-
                           8 OF BELGIUM 2-CD                          CD RCA 65669          € 32.50    TIAL VOL.5)                       CD RCA 67672      € 20.50
                                                                                                       THE HOME RECORDINGS (US) CD RCA 67676 € 20.50
                                                                                                       SUSPICIOUS MIND (US) 2-CD CD RCA 67677 € 35.90
                                                                                                      · The Memphis 1969 Anthology recorded at Memphis’ American
                                                                                                       Studios Liner notes by Peter Guralnick
                                                                                                       ELVIS PRESLEY...PLUS                     CD RCA 67735        € 21.90
                                                                                                       ELVIS...PLUS                             CD RCA 67736        € 20.50
                                                                                                       SOMETHING FOR EVERY-
                                                                                                       BODY...PLUS                              CD RCA 67738        € 20.50
                                                                                                       ON STAGE...PLUS                          CD RCA 67741        € 20.50
                                                                                                       PROMISED LAND...PLUS                     CD RCA 67930        € 22.90
                                                                                                       I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS
                                                                                                       - THE GOSPEL SERIE                       CD RCA 68013        € 22.50
                                                                                                       IT IS NO SECRET - THE GOSPEL
                                                                                                       SERIES                                   CD RCA 68015        € 22.50
                                                                                                       50 GREATEST LOVE SONGS
                                                                                                       2-CD                                     CD RCA 68026        € 42.50
                                                                                                       HE IS MY EVERYTHING - THE
                             You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me- I’ve Lost You- Don’t Cry Daddy-        GOSPEL SERIES                            CD RCA 69386        € 22.50
                             The Wonder Of You- I’m Yours- Do The Clam- Ain’t That Loving You,         LEGENDARY ELVIS PRESLEY
                             Baby- Suspicion- Mexico- Bossa Nova Baby- One Broken Heart For            3-CD                                     CD RCA 77478        € 22.90
                             Sale- She’s Not You- No More- Rock-A-Hula Baby- Little Sister- Wild In   · australian release
                             The Country- Stuck On You- King Creole- A Big Hunk O’Love- Hard           CHANTE SID TEPPER & ROY
                             Headed Woman- All Shook Up- Bonus CD:- Hound Dog- Mystery                 C.BENNETT 2-CD DIGI                      CD RCA 87105        € 48.50
                             Train- Sant Claus Is Back In Town- Gospel Medley- After Loving You-      · Digipack - BMG France only
                             Talk About The Good Times- Make Believe                                   LOVE SONGS 2-CD                          CD TL 69400         € 35.50
                             AMAZING GRACE 2-CD                     CD RCA 66421            € 35.90    ROCK & ROLL 2-CD                         CD TL 69401         € 35.50
                             VOL.2, GOLDEN RECORDS (US)                                                FROM THE HEART 2-CD                      CD TL 69402         € 35.50
                             - PLUS                                 CD RCA 67463            € 20.50
                             VOL.5, GOLDEN RECORDS (US)                                               ELVIS + JXL PRESLEY
                             - PLUS                                 CD RCA 67466            € 20.50   A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION
                             THE COUNTRY SIDE OF ELVIS              CD RCA 67553            € 20.50   - JEWELCASE                CD BMG 94357                        € 8.50
                                                                                                       Radio Edit- 12" Extended Remix- 1968 Version
                            · superb compilation - Australian release only !
                             TOUCH OF PLATINUM 2-CD                 CD RCA 67592            € 39.90   A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION
                             VOL.2, TOUCH OF PLATINUM                                                 - SLIPCASE                 CD BMG 94370                        € 7.90
                             2-CD                                   CD RCA 67593            € 39.90   A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION
ELVIS, RCA all countries

                             TIGER MAN - 30TH                                                         - DIGIPACK                 CD BMG 94692                       € 10.50
                                                                                                       Radio Edit- 12"Extended Remix- 1968 version
                             ANNNIVERSARY EDIT.                     CD RCA 67611            € 20.50
                            · On July 27, 1968, Elvis walked onto NBC’s Burbank
                             soundstage and faced a live audience for the first time in over

                                                                                ELVIS, Vinyl
                            ELVIS PRESLEY                                                              includes a 21" x 14" foldout colour booklet featuring rare
                             HAVING FUN WITH ELVIS ON                                                  memorabilia and track-by-track annotation.
                             STAGE                                APM 10818            € 12.90         INTERNATIONAL EP COLLEC-
                            · A talking album only.                                                    TION 11X7" BOX                         ELVIS 105           € 84.50
                             ARTIST OF THE CENTURY 5-LP                                                G.I.BLUES - COLLECTOR’S
                             BOX LIMITED                          ELVIS 100            € 85.00         EDITION & 7"EP                         ELVIS 106           € 29.90
                            · Limitierte LP Box mit 180 Gramm Vinyl Pressungen in farbigen             I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS
                             Bildhüllen und 24 Seiten Booklet im LP Format last copies - die           10"LP                                  ELVIS 109           € 20.50
                             letzten Boxen - es gibt keine Nachpressung !                              JAILHOUSE ROCK - COLLEC-
                             THAT’S THE WAY IT IS 5-LP                                                 TOR’S EDITION & 7"EP                   ELVIS 111           € 29.90
                             LIMITED VINYL SET                      ELVIS 102           € 85.00        KING CREOLE - COLLECTOR’S
                            · Deluxe 30th anniversary limited edition ! Five heavyweight vinyl         EDITION & 7"EP                         ELVIS 112           € 29.90
                             LPs with picture inner & outer bags. Deluxe printed clear PVC             TICKLE ME - COLLECTOR’S
                             box with 12" x 24" poster. Complete original album + 45                   EDITION                                ELVIS 113           € 29.90
                             unreleased performances digitally remastered.                            · with colouring competition sheet / mit Teilnahmekarte für den
                             THE UK NO.1 SINGLES                                                       Elvis Malwettbewerb
                             COLLECTION 17X7" BOX                     ELVIS 103           € 90.00      30 #1 HITS...PLUS (EUROPE
                            · This unique vinyl box set includes Elvis’s 17 chart-topping British      PRESSING) 2-LP                          LP BMG 68079         € 23.50
                             7" singles in their original RCA record sleeves. The music is             ALL-TIME GREATEST HITS 2-LP PL 90100/2                       € 21.50
                             digitally remastered and this special collector’s edition also            TOP TEN HITS 2-LP & POSTER RCA 6383/4                        € 21.50
                                                                                                      · released 1987 - last copies of this german pressing

                            BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                     P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                         8= NEW
                                                   ELVIS, Vinyl                                                                                                                95

   GOLDEN RECORDS (180G                                                    AT THE LOUISIANA HAYRIDE -
   VINYL LIMITED EDITION)                RCA 67462           € 24.50       10"LP                                     STEN 8                              € 14.50
   50.000.000 ELVIS FANS CAN’T                                             THE ROCK & ROLL ERA
   BE WRONG (180G)                       RCA 67463           € 24.50       1954-1961 2-LP BOX                        STL 106                             € 25.00
   VOL.3, GOLDEN RECORDS                                                  · Last Vinyl copies of this beautiful designed Box set.
   (180G VINYL LIMITED)                  RCA 67464           € 24.50       WITH SCOTTY, BILL & THE
   VOL.4, GOLDEN RECORDS                                                   MILLION DOLLAR QUART.                     SUN NP 01                           € 10.00
   (180G VINYL LIMITED)                  RCA 67465           € 24.50       That’s All Right Mama- Down By The Riverside
   ELVIS PRESLEY (180G VINYL                                              ELVIS + JXL PRESLEY
   LIMITED EDITION)                      RCA 67735           € 24.50      A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION
   ELVIS (180G VINYL LIMITED                                              - 12’MAXI                  BMG 94357                                           € 10.50
   EDITION)                              RCA 67736           € 24.50       12" Extended Remix- Radio Edit- 1968 Version
   (180G VINYL LIMITED)                  RCA 74661           € 24.50      VARIOUS ARTISTS
   ELVIS ‘56 - DELUXE VINYL                                                THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN
   EDITION                               RCA 78636681        € 22.50       10X7" BOX                               RCA 62007          € 75.00
  · Gatefold cover with 24 page LP-sized booklet of rare photos,          · only one Elvis track ! limited, handnumbered (500) vinyl edition
  ‘56 calendar and full recording data. - Limited Edition -               - few copies in stock

                                       ELVIS, Special Items
  ELVIS PRESLEY                                                            COLONNA & GRÉGOIRE 4: Oh! Sally BETTY & THE BOPS: Prends
  AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL -                                                  Mon Coeur CHRIS EVANS : Une Nuit Sans Toi BETTY & THE BOPS:
  BOOK & CD                                0016 263            € 68.50     On Peut Le Faire Ce Soir CHRIS EVANS : Comment Ne Pas Etre
    America The Beautiful- If I Can Dream- An American Trilogy- Goin’      Amoureux De Vous? DANYEL GÉRARD : The King ELVIS PRESLEY : Let
    Home- Stay Away                                                        It Be Me- CD-3: RICKY NORTON : Fou, Fou, Fou BETTY & THE BOPS:
                                                                           Le Train Du Mystère GUNSHOT: Monnaie, Monnaie LUCKY
   ON AIR 1954-56                          CD DUST 1196        € 18.90     BLONDO : Les Pompes Bleues JOHNNY HALLYDAY : Tu Me Quittes
  · Complete Louisiana Hayride - Nice Collector’s Edition Digipack         EDDY MITHCELL : Sois Pas Cruelle LONG CHRIS : Le Cavalier Du
    with booklet - Gold Disc                                               Crépuscule EL TORO & LES CYCLONES: L’Oncle John EDDY MITCH-
   IN THE SHADOW OF A LEGEND                                               ELL : Détective Privé SYLVIE VARTAN : Te Voici JOHNNY HALLYDAY :
   - DIGIPACK                              CD EUP 121635        € 20.50    Quand Ca Vous Brise Le Coeur- ma Vie À T’Aimer PIRATES: Un Jour
   FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY                                               Sans Toi EDDY MITCHELL : La Colline De Blueberry Hill MARIA
   - DIGIPACK                              CD EUP 31032001€ 20.50          CANDIDO : Prends Mon Coeur CHAMPIONS: Le Rock Du Bagne
   THE PRESS CONFERENCES                                                   CHRIS EVANS : Fais-Moi Peur JOHNNY HALLYDAY : Sentimentale
   2-CD DIGIPACK                           CD EUP 5672          € 35.28
   INTERVIEW CD                            CD FS 51360          € 19.50

                                                                                                                                    b release - few
   STAGE                                   CD HK 1974           € 19.50

                                                                                                                                        · limited French Fan4l8 page booklet
   ELVIS ON STAGE                          CD HK 2              € 19.50
   ELVIS ON STAGE                          CD HK 3              € 19.50

   ELVIS ON STAGE                          CD HK 4              € 19.50
   VINTAGE 1955                            CD OAK 1003          € 25.00

                                                                                                                                                          copies only ! wit
   VERSARY SAMPLER                         CD RCA 86183         € 25.00
8 MADE IN FRANCE 10-CD                   CD 00088              € 120.00
  CD-1: LUCKY BLONDO : Tout Va Bien M’Man CHRIS EVANS : Je Te
  Cause LUCKY BLONDO : Le Blues De La Vache Fugueuse EDDY
  MITCHELL : Un Chèque En Bois, C’Est Drole! LONG CHRIS & LES
  DALTONS: Tu Peux Faire Ca Pour Moi LUCKY BLONDO : Tu Pousses             YVETTE GIRAUD : Je Crois En Toi DALIDA: Douce Nuit, Sainte Nuit
  Un Peu Loin Le Bouchon LINE RENAUD : Tweedlee Dee JOHNNY                 CHRISTOPHE: Noel Blanc CHRIS EVANS : Brunes, Blondes, Rousses
  HALLYDAY : J’Ai Oublié De Me Souvenir RINGO: Le Train Du Mystère         BETTY & THE BOPS: Tant Que Je T’Aimerai DIANE DURFRESNE :
  EDDY MITCHELL : Maybellene JOHNNY HALLYDAY : A L’Hotel Des               Chanson Pour Elvis (Olympia78) ELVIS PRESLEY : O Come, All Ye
  Coeurs Brisés LUCKY BLONDO : Monnaie, Monnaie PIRATES:                   Faithful- CD-4: BETTY & THE BOPS: Monnaie, Nonnaie EDDY
  Comme Un Fou BETTY & THE BOPS: Tu Me Quittes LUCKY BLONDO                MITCHELL : L’Oncle John DICK RIVERS : Sois Pas Cruelle VIC
  : Content Que Tu Sois À Moi BURT BLANCA : Sally LES LOUPS                LAURENS : Te Voici JOHNNY HALLYDAY : Oh! Laisse-La Partner
  Crois En Toi LINE RENAUD : Les Enchainés YVETTE GIRAUD : L’Amour         Premier Matin BURT BLANCA : Le Rock Du Bagne EDDY MITCHELL :
  Qui M’Enchaine À Toi TEDDY RAYE & SES TEDDY BOYS: Crever                 Sentimentale LUCKY BLONDO : Une Nuit Au King Creole AMANDA
                                                                                                                                                                                    ELVIS, Vinyl

  D’Amour CHRIS EVANS : Le Rock Du Bagne EDDY MITCHELL : Et La             LEAR : La Bagarre BETTY & THE BOPS: Crawfish LUCKY BLONDO :
  Voix D’Elvis BETTY & THE BOPS: Elvis, Scotty Et Bill ELVIS PRESLEY :     Tant Que Je T’Aimerai PIRATES: Dany CHRIS EVANS : Un Coup Au
  Padre- CD-2: JESSE GARON : Tout Va Très Bien Maman                       Coeur TEDDY RAYE & SES TEDDY BOYS: Un Collier De Tes Bras
  CHAUSSETTES NOIRES: Shake, Rattle And Roll BETTY & THE BOPS:             LUCKY BLONDO : On Peut Le Faire Ce Soir CHRIS EVANS : J’Suis Pas
  J’Ai Oublié De Me Souvenir GUNSHOT: Train Sans Espour JESSE              Bien Exigeant- Quel Merveilleux Souvenir, Johnny JOHNNY
  GARON : Hotel Des Coeurs Brisés EDDY MITCHELL : Belle Honey              HALLYDAY : J’Suis Mordu PETULA CLARK : Prends Mon Coeur
  FRANK MELVILLE : Le Premier Matin LUCKY BLONDO : Ma Chérie               RENéE LEBAS : Que Sera, Sera ANDRé CLAVEAU : Mona Lisa
  Laisse-Moi JOHNNY HALLYDAY : Pleurer Auprès De Toi LUCKY                 RINGO: Goodbye Elvis ELVIS PRESLEY : Tonight Is So Right For Love-
  BLONDO : Un Vieux Chien De Chasse SYLVIE VARTAN : Sois Pas               CD-5: GLORIA LASSO : Padre Don José VAUTOURS: Oncle John
  Cruel JOHNNY HALLYDAY : Amour D’Été ROCKY VOLCANO :                      CLAUDIA COLONNA & GUÉPARDS: Tout Bas, Tout Bas, Tout Bas
  L’Oncle John EDDY MITCHELL : C’Est Le Soir COLETTE DERÉAL : Je           CHAUSSETTES NOIRES: Les Enchainés EDDY MITCHELL : Te Voici
  Crois En Toi LUCKY BLONDO : Je Ne Suis Pas Très Beau Mais                CHAMPIONS: Mon Coeur N’A Plus Que Toi CHRIS EVANS : Oh Oui!
  Qu’Est-Ce... CHRIS EVANS : Pitié Pour Moi BETTY & THE BOPS:              BURT BLANCA : J’Suis Mordu RINGO: Fail-Le MOi Savoir NICOLE
  Laisse-Le Partir GUNSHOT: Celui Que Tu Préfères CLAUDIA                  PAQUIN : Comme Un Clou CHAUSSETTES NOIRES: C’Est Tout

                                             % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
                       96                             ELVIS, Special Items
                        Comme DARIO MORENO : O Sole Mio Mon Soleil CLAUDE                     Coeur Brisé À Prendre HUGUES AUFRAY : J’Entends Siffler Le Train
                        NOUGARO : Docteur BETTY & THE BOPS: Si Seulement RICKY                RICHARD ANTHONY : Ecoute Dans Le Vent PAUL PERSONNE :
                        NORTON : Oh Cette Nuit CHRIS EVANS : Je Suis Tout Seul Ce Soir        Frankie Et Johnny DARIO MORENO : Vieux Mac Donald LINE
                        RINGO: Maggy HÉDIKA: Il Ne Veut Plus Etre Un Draugueur NANA           RENAUD : Mon Coeur Pleure Pour Vous EDDY MITCHELL : Big Boss
                        MOUSKOURI : C’Est Le Temps PETULA CLARK : Jolie DARIO                 Man RINGO: Le Guitariste EDDY MITCHELL : En Revenant DICK
                        MORENO : Jéricho LUCKY BLONDO : Je Bois, Je Dors Et J’Oublie          RIVERS : Rien Que Toi RICHARD ANTHONY : Loin LUCKY BLONDO :
                        BETTY & THE BOPS: Memphis Tennessee JOHNNY HALLYDAY : Rock            Va Savoir Pourquoi DICK RIVERS : Dans Le Ghetto HENRI SALVADOR
                        And Roll Man ELVIS PRESLEY : What Now My Love- CD-6: MIKE             : Bon Voyage RICHARD ANTHONY : C’Était Plus Fort Que Tout
                        SHANNON : Un Ancien Teenager (live) CHAUSSETTES NOIRES:               JOHNNY HALLYDAY : Soupcons PIERRE BACHELET : La Chanson De
                        Eddie Sois Bon LUCKY BLONDO : J’Donne Des Coups                       Presley ELVIS PRESLEY : I Love Only One Girl- CD-9: MIKE SHAN-
                        MARIE-FRANCE: 39 De Fièvre CHRIS EVANS : Là Ou Jamais                 NON : Sa Grande Passion BETTY & THE BOPS: Bossa Nova- Tu N’As
                        CHAUSSETTES NOIRES: Si Seulement RINGO: Quand Je Suis Seul            Rien Tout Ca EDDY MITCHELL : Memphis Tennessee EDDIE
                        Le Soir DANY FISCHER : Je Ne Veux Plus Etre Dragueur VAUTOURS:        COUSTANTINE : Je Vais Revoir Ma Blonde BURT BLANCA : Est-Ce
                        Permettez-Moi CHAMPIONS: Ne Me Dis Pas Non LUIS MARIANO :             Que Tu Le Sais? RICHARD ANTHONY : J’Entends Siffler Le Train
                        Prière À Tes Yeux- Un Baiser RICHARD ANTHONY : Tu Peux La Prendre     CLAUDE FRANCOIS : Si Douce À Mon Souvenir GLORIA LEASSO :
                        BILLY BRIDGE : Ce Qui Me Vient De Vous DALIDA: Sa Grande Passion      Bon Voyage PATRICK VERBEKE : Paris 450 RICHARD ANTHONY :
                        CHAUSSETTES NOIRES: Petite Soeur D’Amour EDDY MITCHELL :              Mon Amour Disparu NANA MOUSKOURI : Vivre Au Soleil FRANK
                        Angel JOHNNY TAYLOR : Suivons La Nuit ANNICK BOUQUET : Le             MICHAEL : Mes Reves D’Enfant EDDY MITCHELL : Miss Caroline
                        Coup Du Charme EDDY MITCHELL : C’Est À Nous CHAUSSETTES               NANA MOUSKOURI : Comme Un Pont Sur L’Eau Trouble RICHARD
                        NOIRES: Ne Délaisse Pas AU BONHEUR DES DAMES: Cléopatre               ANTHONY : Jamais Je Ne Vivrai Sans Toi EDDY MITCHELL : J’Ai
                        LUCKY BLONDO : C’Est Beaucoup Mieux Ainsi PETULA CLARK : Il Ne        Perdu Mon Amour CLAUDE FRANCOIS : Roule EDDY MITCHELL :
                        Chantera Plus Jamais ELVIS PRESLEY : Almost Always True- CD-7:        Chaque Matin Il Se Lève MICHèLE TORR : Je Te Portais Dans Mon
                        CHRIS EVANS : Comme Un Fou LUCKY BLONDO : Un Ancien Teen-             Coeur EVA: Les Enchainés JOHNNY HALLYDAY : La Terre Promise
                        ager GABRIEL DALAR : 39 De Fièvre CHAUSSETTES NOIRES: J               RICKY NORTON : Un Roi S’En Est Allé ELVIS PRESLEY : My Boy-
                        T’Aime Trop CHRIS EVANS : Dans La Chapelle RICHARD ANTHONY            CD-10: GUNSHOT: Rouler Sur La Rivière JESSE GARON : Le
                        : Rien Que Toi VAUTOURS: Ne Me Dis Pas Non DANYEL GÉRARD :            Meilleur De Toi RICKY NORTON : Je Me Suis Lavé Les Mains Dans
                        Blessé NANA MOUSKOURI : Plaisir D’Amour RICHARD ANTHONY :             Une Eau Sale NANA MOUSKOURI : Mille Raisons De Vivre BETTY &
                        Sa Grande Passion CHAMPIONS: Le Coup Du Charme BILLY                  THE BOPS: Dans La Brume Du Matin HUGUES AUFRAY : N’Y Pense
                        BRIDGE : Cours Mon Coeur SOCQUETTES BLANCHES: Petite Soeur            Plus, Tout Est Bien PETULA CLARK : Coup De Tete, Coup De Foudre
                        D’Amour LARRY GRÉCO : Oui C’Est Pour Toi EDDY MITCHELL : Tu           NANA MOUSKOURI : Mets Ta Main Dans La Main DARIO MORENO
                        N’As Rien De Tout Ca DANYEL GÉRARD : Memphis Tennessee EDDY           : La Quete POPPYS: An American Trilogy MICHèLE TORR : A Nos
                        MITCHELL : Doucement Mais Surement CHRIS EVANS : Viva Las             Beaux Jours JOHNNY HALLYDAY : Promesses SYLVIE VARTAN : Le
                        Vegas DARIO MORENO : Je Vais Revoir Ma Blonde SYLVIE VARTAN :         Chemins De Ma Vie LUIS MARIANO : Tes Yeux JOHNNY HALLYDAY :
                        Est-Ce Que Tu Le Sais? BETTY & THE BOPS: Ca Fait Mal HENRI            J’Ai Pleuré Sur Ma Guitare DICK RIVERS : T’Avour Perdue EDDY
                        SALVADOR : Cléopatre DICK RIVERS : Roule Pas Sur Le Rivers JESSE      MITCHELL : Une Terre Promise DICK RIVERS : C’Est Dommage Mais
                        GARON : Mourir Pour Etre Une Star ELVIS PRESLEY : My Heart Cries      Faut S’Quitter JOHN WILLIAM : Les Grilles De Ma Maison NANA
                        For Your- CD-8: BRIGITTE BARDOT & GUY MARCHAND: Plaisir               MOUSKOURI : Si Tu Savais Prier MOULOUDJI: Les Enchainés LUCKY
                        D’Amour ANDRé CLAVEAU : Chante Encore Mon Coeur                       BLONDO : Il Peut Partir BETTY & THE BOPS: Tu Manques Au Monde
                        VAUTOURS: Le Coup Du Charme BETTY & THE BOPS: Retour Au               Entier ELVIS PRESLEY : My Way
                        Porteur RINGO: Bossa Nova HENRI SALVADOR : Oh Quand Les             · limited French Fanclub release - few copies only ! with 48 page
                        Saints GEORGES ABER : Qu’Il Fait Bon Vivre HENRI SALVADOR :           booklet

                                                               ELVIS, Hollywood
                       ELVIS PRESLEY                                                        CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE
                       KISSIN’ COUSINS/CLAM-                                                (HOLLYWOOD HITS)           CD BMG 67873                      € 17.90
                       BAKE/STAY AWAY, JOE                    CD BMG 66362        € 21.90   IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD’S
                       EASY COME, EASY GO /                                                 FAIR/FUN IN ACAPUL         CD RCA 66131                      € 20.50
                       SPEEDWAY                               CD BMG 66558        € 21.90   ELVIS PRESLEY & OTHERS
                       BLUE HAWAII - PLUS                     CD BMG 66959        € 14.50   LILO & STITCH - GERMAN
                       VOL.2, GOLDEN RECORDS -                                              PRESSING                                CD 45255             € 19.90
                       PLUS                                   CD BMG 67463        € 14.50   LILO & STITCH - US PRESSING             CD 60734             € 22.90
                       VOL.5, GOLDEN RECORDS -
                       PLUS                                   CD BMG 67466        € 14.50
ELVIS, Special Items

                                                                       ELVIS, Xmas
                       ELVIS PRESLEY                                                        ELVIS’ CHRISTMAS ALBUM                  CD CAD1 2428         € 15.50
                        THE GIFT 2-CD                         CD 211 7160         € 24.50   ELVIS’ CHRISTMAS ALBUM                  CD ND 90300          € 14.50
                        MERRY CHRISTMAS                       CD BIT 61037         € 8.90   THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF
                       · 20 tracks                                                          CHRISTMAS (JAPAN)                       CD R25P 1012         € 22.90
                        IF EVERY DAY WAS LIKE CHRIST-                                       IF EVERY DAY WAS LIKE CHRIST-
                        MAS (EU)                              CD BMG 66482        € 17.90   MAS (US)                                CD RCA 66482         € 22.90
                        WHITE CHRISTMAS (GERMAN)              CD BMG 67959        € 19.50   I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS
                                                                                            - THE GOSPEL SERIE                      CD RCA 68013         € 22.50

                                                                      ELVIS, Boxes
                       ELVIS PRESLEY                                                         Seiten - Booklet und einem nummerierten
                        KING OF ROCK & ROLL 5-CD CD 90689                         € 75.00    Zertifikat.(Veröffentlichung 1993) Mittlerweile ist diese Box ein
                                                                                             begehrtes Sammlerstück, da alle enthaltenen Double Features
                        FROM NASHVILLE TO MEMPHIS                                            weltweit nicht mehr lieferbar sind! - Deleted as Box and Single
                        5-CD                                  CD BMG 54302 € 75.00           CDs !
                        DOUBLE FEATURES MOVIE BOX                                            TODAY TOMORROW AND
                        4-CD                                  CD BMG 61835 € 49.90           FOREVER 4-CD                          CD BMG 65115 € 59.00
                       · Limited Tin-Can Edition with 22 page booklet, four b&w 8x10        · Special 25th Anniversary Box Set - 100 unreleased tracks !
                        photos plus numbered Certificate Of Authenticity & Pin.              PLATINUM (EUROPE) 4-CD                CD BMG 67469 € 59.00
                        Limitiertes Boxset in Form einer Filmrolle (Blech) im Pappschuber
                        (32x32 cm) mit 4 s/w Fotos (25x21 cm), Anstecknadel, 22

                       BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                  P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                       8= NEW
                                               ELVIS, Boxes                                                                           97

 SPECIAL EDITION                       CD BMG 67938 € 35.00
· 3 Digipacks im Kunstoffschuber mit 24 Seiten Booklet mit 45
 unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen !
 LIVE IN LAS VEGAS 4-CD              CD BMG 69354 € 48.00
· Deluxe 4-CD box set 32-page booklet, rare photos. First
  comprehensive collection of Elvis’ legendary appearances in
  Las Vegas from 1956-1975. Includes 86 performances, 53
  previously unreleased. 2 new songs! Digitally remastered and
  remixed for superior sound. A must have collectible for Elvis
  fans everywhere.
 HIS LIFE & MUSIC 4-CD                  CD FRF 9111          € 79.90
 4-CD                                  CD RCA 67455       € 59.00
 (USA) 4-CD                            CD RCA 67456       € 89.00
 PLATINUM (USA) 4-CD                   CD RCA 67469       € 89.00
· Longbox Digipack with 48 page booklet.
 SPECIAL EDIT. US                      CD RCA 67938       € 55.00
 (2000 ED.)                            CD RCA 67966       € 59.00
· New US version in CD sized slipcase - no booklet 140 tracks
 - AUSTRALIA                             CD RCA 69071        € 35.00
· Australian only release with 5 bonus tracks (Australian Hits) !
 SET                                     COL 0103           € 150.00
· Authentic reptroductions of 18 original US Number One Vinyl
 45s plus 5 Sun Singles with new photo sleeves !
23X7"BOX SET                            COL 0134            € 150.00

                         ELVIS, SINGLES,CD-Singles
ELVIS PRESLEY                                                           AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL -
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL -                                                 MAXI CD ENHANCED                    CD RCA 90402         € 8.90
MAXI CD ENHANCED (US)      CD RCA 60501                      € 12.90   · Special 3-Track-CD Enhanced Video Footage, Includes ELVIS
SUSPICIOUS MINDS - MAXI CD CD RCA 69336                       € 8.90    Singing ‘If I Can Dream’ from His 1968 Comeback Special
MAXI CD (SHAPE)            CD RCA 69337                      € 12.90

                                                 ELVIS, Video
ELVIS PRESLEY                                                           How Great Thou Art- Peace In The Valley- Swing Down, Sweet Char-
 KING CREOLE - BEST OF ELVIS                                            iot- Where Could I Go- I, John- If I Can Dream
 COLLECTION                            EUKV 033 VHS      € 14.06       VOL.2, HE TOUCHED ME - THE
· PAL/VHS, English, 115 minutes, black & white                         GOSPEL MUSIC               SHV 4393 NTSC                 € 39.90
 MILTON BERLE SHOW                     MMGV 069 VHS € 19.17             An American Trilogy- Bosom Of Abraham- This Time You Gave Me A
· PAL/VHS, b/w, 60 min. Live from the deck of the USS Hancock           Mountain- Where Could I Go- In The Ghetto- Put Your Hand In The
 3rd April, 1956. Featuring Harry James, Buddy Rich and Esther          Hand
GOSPEL MUSIC OF ELVIS                   SHV 4392 NTSC        € 39.90
                                                                                                                                             ELVIS, Boxes

                                                   ELVIS, DVD
ELVIS PRESLEY                                                            Money Honey- Hound Dog- Blue Suede Shoes- Love Me Tender-
 LOVE ME TENDER (1)                    DVD 20TH 4814 € 24.90             Heartbreak Hotel- Ready Teddy- Teddy Bear- King Creole- Jailhouse
· English, NTSC, b&w, renewed 1984, 89 min.                              Rock- Guitar Man- Suspicious Minds- Unchained Melody (Las Vegas
                                                                         1977)- u.a.
 4-DVD (2)                             DVD 459043         € 59.90      · Von den ersten Filmaufnahmen aus dem Jahr 1955 bis hin zu
· PAL, Deutsch, 405 Minuten; enthält die Filme “King Creole”,            seinem letzten Konzert kurz vor seinem Tod, zeigt CENTER
“Blue Hawaii”, “GI Blues” und “Roustabout” alle Filme sind               STAGE die grossen Auftritte, die Elvis unsterblich machten.
 digital restauriert und mit original Kinotrailern                       Dokumentiert von George Klein, einem langjährigen Freund
                                                                         von Elvis. Laufzeit: ca. 53 Minuten
CENTER STAGE                            DVD 69005            € 20.50

                                           % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
             98                                               ELVIS, DVD
             VOL.2, GREAT PERFORMANCES                                                  Brothers Stage Show” and the ‘Milton Berle Show.’ Featuring
             - MAN & MUSIC             DVD 69006                           € 20.50      exclusive footage and rare early recordings, Elvis ‘56 includes
               American Trilogy- Shake Rattle & Roll- Blue Suede Shoes- Don’t Be        the timeless ‘Blues Suede Shoes, Shake Rattle & Roll,
               Cruel- Got A Lot Of Livin’ To Do- Trouble- Mean Woman Blues- Treat       Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Don’t Be Cruel’
               Me Nice- G.I. Blues- Frame & Fortune- Return To Sender- You Gave         and many, many more.
               Me A Mountain- Always On My Mind- If I Can Dream- u.a.                  ELVIS, THE COLONEL & ME - BY
             · Video-Aspect: 4:3 Color Mode: Color/black & white Audio:
               Digital 5.1 Surround Region: Code PAL/Zone 2 Sprache:
               Deutsch, Französisch, Katalanisch, Italienisch Untertitel:
               Deutsch, Französich, Katalanisch, Italienisch, Portugiesisch,
               Holländisch Mit vielen Ausschnitten aus seinen bekannten
               Filmen, Privataufnahmen aus Graceland und Bildern aus seiner
               Armeezeit zeigt “The Man And The Music” die vielen Facetten
               des Stars. Dokumentiert von George Klein, einem langjährigen
               Freund von Elvis. Laufzeit: ca. 55 Minuten
              - FROM THE WAIST                DVD 69007            € 20.50
             · Die Dokumentaion FROM THE WAIST UP erzählt, wie es dem
              Manager Colonel Parker gelang, den jungen Elvis Presley mit
              Hilfe des Mediums Fernsehen und Auftritten in allen wichtigen
              Shows des Landes, innerhalb kurzer zeit, zu einem gefeierten
              Star zu machen. Dokumentiert von Bono Vox, Leadsänger von
              U2. Laufzeit ca. 50 Minuten Mit vielen Songs u.a. Baby, Let’s
              Play House, Ready, Good Rockin’ Tonight, Peace In The Valley
              und Ausschnitten aus der Stage Show. Steve Allen Show, Ed
              Sullivan Show und Milton Berle Show.
             HE TOUCHED ME VOL.1&2
             2-DVD (2)                                    DVD 8444589        € 29.90
               How Great Thou Art- Peace In The Valley- Swing Down, Sweet Char-
               iot- Where Could I Go- I, John- If I Can Dream- An American Trilogy-
               Bosom Of Abraham- This Time You Gave Me- A Mountain- In The
               Ghetto- Put Your Hand In The Hand
             · color & B/W over 180 minutes of music & memories Long
               before Elvis was heralded as the king of rock ‘n’ roll, he was a         ED BONJA                                DVD EUP 0040       € 42.00
               faithful fan of gospel music. Although it was instrumental his          · All DVD systems, color, 70 min; Interviews, Film & Fotomaterial
               spiritual life as well as his career, no documentary has truly           / stories, pictures and film footage - does not include any songs
               chronicled this facet of his life...until now. He Touched Me: The        of Elvis Presley
               Gospel Music of Elvis Presley, Volume I and II feature more than         HOT SHOTS AND COOL CLIPS
               thirty of Elvis’ gospel recording and never-before- seen footage.        (0)                                 DVD JAT 002        € 45.00
               This 3-hour collection, filled with personal stories by those who       · All DVD Systems, Color and B&W , 60 minutes; unreleased film
               knew him well, goes behind the scenes of Elvis’ career. Discover         footage
               how Elvis was dramatically influenced by two of southern gospel          30 #1 HITS...PLUS (DVD AUDIO
               music’s premiere quartets, the Statesmen and the Blackwood               !)                                    DVD RCA 65053 € 24.90
               Brothers. Examine Elvis’ thirty-year friendship with gospel legend
               J.D. Summer. Learn of the controversy surrounding his                   · in jedem DVD Spieler abspielbar spielt nicht in normalen CD
               performance of ‘Peace In The Valley’ on The Ed Sullivan Show.            Playern
               Hear the surprising story behind the recording of his signature         THAT’S THE WAY IT IS - SPECIAL
               hymn. ‘How Great Thou Art. ‘ You’ll see Elvis in a new light as         EDITION (1)                    DVD WB 65058                       € 29.90
               you witness how deeply he was touched by gospel music.                    Mystery Train/Tiger Man (Credits)- In the studio- Rehearsals (That’s All
              ELVIS IN HOLLYWOOD (1)                      DVD BMG 13988 € 25.00          Right)- Little Sister(Get Back- Horseplay (Words, My Baby Left Me,
             · NTSC, Color, 65 minutes, Color; a Fascinating, Inside look          Crying..)- Twenty Days And Twenty Nights- Las Vegas; Bridge over
               at Elvis’ movie career of the 50’s, featuring great performances          Troubled Water- Cattle Call/Chime Bells/Santa Claus Is...- Words;
               from the films ‘Love Me Tender, Loving You, Jailhouse rock &              You Can’t Say That- Mary In The Morning- Countdown To Showtime-
               King Creole...’plus in-depth ‘Candid Interviews’ with his first           That’s All Right- I Got A Woman- Hound Dog- Heartbreak Hotel- Love
               manager and guitarist Scotty Moore, Colonel Parker’s assistant            Me Tender- I Can’t Stop Loving You- Just Pretend- The Wonder Of You-
               Trude Forsher, songwriters Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, long-time         In The Ghetto- Patch It Up- You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling- Polk Salad
               friend George Klein, girlfriend June Juanico & director Hal               Annie- One Night- Don’t Be Cruel- Blue Suede Shoes- All Shook Up-
               Kanter. Elvis in includes Rare Never-Seen                  You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me- Suspicious Minds- Can’t Help
               Outtakes, Home Movies & Photographs, offering a unique -                  Falling In Love- End Credits
               Behind The Scenes - view world’s entertainer during his early           · NTSC, Color, 95 minutes; Elvis Presley, wearing a flashy new
               motion picture career. Features many Classic performances                 jumpsuit, has pre-show jitters. “If the songs don’t go over”, he
               including: Jailhouse Rock/Love Me Tender/Loving You/Blue                  quips, “we can do a medley of costumers.” The songs go over
               Suede Shoes/Party King Creole/Heartbreak Hotel/ Baby I Don’t              big - thanks to a remastered picture and remixed Dolby Digital
               Care ...and more                                                          from restored elements - in this Special Edition of the legendary
              IN THE 50S 2-DVD (2-6)                      DVD BMG 94424 € 29.90          Las Vegas concert movie shot in summer 1970. Film
             · Deluxe packaging featuring “Elvis In Hollywood” & “Elvis’56"              archivst/restorer Rick Schmidlin (Green, Touch of Evil) has
               with 16 page booklet and four postcards; 125 minutes; color &             recovered more incomparable music - over thirty minutes of rare
               B/W ELVIS IN HOLLYWOOD An intimate look at Elvis Presley’s                performances - from studio vaults in this dazzling rejuvenation.
               hugely successful movie career of the 1950’s. Containing                  Added footage includes a get-down rehearsal of Get Back. Plus
               fascinating and previously unseen footage, this disc features an          Suspicious Minds, One Night and more from the Original

               inside look at what happened when Elvis’ swapped the                      Release now appear in different versions. SPECIAL FEATURES:
               recording studio for the movie set. Includes classic                      SOUNDTRACK REMASTERED IN DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1, BEHIND
               performances of ‘Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender, Loving You,             -THE-SCENES DOCUMENTARY PATCH IT UP: THE
               Blue Suede Shoes, King Creole, Heartbreak Hotel, Baby I Don’t             RESTORATION OF ELVIS: THAT’S THE WAY IT IS, INTERACTIVE
               Care And More.’ Featuring film clips, home movie footage,                 MENUS, THEATRICAL TRAILER, ELVIS PRESLEY CAREER
               photographs and in-depth interviews with Elvis’ manager,                  HIGHLIGHTS & DIRECTOR/RESTORER FILMOGRAPHIES,
               friends and colleagues. ELIVS ‘56: 1956 was Elvis Presley’s               SCENE ANCCESS, SUBTITLES: ENGLISH & FRANCAIS.
               breakthrough year, when popularity gave way to national and
               international fame and as a year old, he changed the face of
               popular music forever! This disc captures Elvis’ initial television
               appearances including those early performances on the ‘Dorsey

             BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                     P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                              8= NEW
                                                Elvis, Books                                                                              99

                                                  Elvis, Books
BEATLES                                                                 DAVID ADLER: THE LIFE AND
JOSEPH A. TUNZI. BEATLES ‘65                                            CUISINE                            0016 133            € 19.90
& BMG ELVIS CD               0016 271                        € 29.90   · 160 pages/Seiten; 23x20 cm; Paperback: This is an odd book:
  Something- Hey Jude- Little Sister/Get Back- Lady Madonna- Yester-    It lists chronologically what the author believes to have been
  day/Hey Jude                                                          Elvis’s favorite food plus recipes for that. Quite interesting what
                                                                        was served in the army in the late 1950s, on the other hand I
· Paperback, 22.5x26 cm, 96 pages, b&w shots from the Beatles           would rather not live on all this stuff. However, it is interesting to
  US Tour plus color section Elvis meets the Beatles (4 pages);         read and it has a lot of rare b&w photographs. Dieses Buch
  with limited Collector’s CD                                           listet chronologisch das auf, von dem der Autor glaubt, es seien
ELVIS PRESLEY                                                           Elvis’ Lieblingsspeisen gewesen und gibt auch gleich das Rezept
JAILHOUSE ROCK - BOOTLEG                                                dazu. Es ist zwar interessant zu wissen, womit die GIs in den
RECORDS 1970-1983                       0016 032             € 52.00    späten 50er Jahren ernährt wurden, von allem anderen in
                                                                        diesem Buch möchte ich aber nicht leben müssen. Dennoch ist
                                                                        es interessant zu lesen, weil anders, und es enthält viele selten
                                                                        PETER GURALNICK: LAST TRAIN
                                                                        TO MEMPHIS                          0016 139         € 37.50
                                                                       · 562 pages/Seiten, 23.5x15.5 cm, hardcover/gebunden: So far
                                                                        the very best biography of the early Elvis’s life I have read.
                                                                        Extremely well researched, written with loving care and
                                                                        unbelievable diligence. This book represents 10 years of
                                                                        research, collects hundreds of interviews with Elvis’s friends and
                                                                        companions. It is astonishing that the author was able to reveal
                                                                        so many unknown facts about the first 24 years in the life of
                                                                        somebody about whom so much has been written. This is highly
                                                                        recommended reading not only for Elvis’s fans. Contains some
                                                                        rare b&w photographs. Die eindeutig beste Elvis Biografie, die
                                                                        ich bisher gelesen habe. Ausgezeichnet recherchiert, mit Liebe
                                                                        zum Thema und zum Detail und mit grosser Sorgfalt
                                                                        geschrieben. In 10 Jahren Forschungsarbeit hat der Autor
                                                                        zahlreiche Interviews mit Elvis’ Freunden und Weggefährten
                                                                        zusammengetragen. Es behandelt lediglich die 50er Jahre, so
                                                                        dass wir mit einer Fortsetzung rechnen können. Es ist
                                                                        erstaunlich, dass der Autor noch so viele bislang unbekannte
                                                                        Tatsachen über die ersten 24 Jahre eines Lebens herausfinden
                                                                        konnte, über das schon so viel geschrieben wurde. Nicht nur für
                                                                        Elvis Fans uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen. Enthält einige seltene
                                                                        S/W-Fotos. wieder lieferbare gebundene Ausgabe mit
                                                                        Schuzumschlag !
                                                                        RIJFF,CAJIACO,OCHS: SHOCK,
                                                                        RATTLE & ROLL                       0016 147            € 32.50
                                                                        JOSEPH A. TUNZI: ELVIS
· 412 pages/Seiten - 23,5/15,5cm; b/w pictures/seltene s/w              SESSIONS NR.2                       0016 205            € 36.00
  Bilder; Gebunden/Hardback. The bootleg discography. Die              · English, Paperback, 18x23.5 cm, 416 pages/Seiten, rare b&w
  Bootleg Diskografie. 1970-1983 - nearly 350 bootlegs with 200         photos/ seltene s/w Fotos Revised and expanded standard work
  album covers;                                                         that presents the most accurate complete listings of Elvis’
 DEAD ELVIS                              0016 077          € 35.00      recording data and song titles. Das definitive Werk mit allen
· 233 pages/Seiten; 24/19 cm; Hardback/gebunden Elvis                   Sessiondaten, Musikern, wichtigen Bootlegs, Nominierungen,
  Presley made history, this is a book about how.                       Erläuterung der Bestellnumern und mehr.
 ROADSIDE ELVIS                          0016 082          € 15.00      THE NEW SINGING RAGE
· 182 pages/Seiten; 23/15cm; Paperback Travelguide through              SCRAPBOOK - ALAN CLARK             0016 216              € 14.50
  the USA/Reiseführer durch die USA.                                   · Paperback, 21x28 cm, 62 pages, great collection of early clips,
 PRESS BETWEEN THE PAGES                 0016 086          € 29.90      ads and photos (b&w);
· English, 416 pages/Seiten; 23.5/16 cm; Hardcover/gebunden;            PRESLEYANA VOL.4 - RECORD
“From the moment that dreamy-exed young truck driver walked             PRICE GUIDE                         0016 217          € 35.00
  through the doors of Sam Phillips’Sun Records studio at 706          · Jerry Osborne, Paperback, 21x27 cm, 342 pages, b/w label &
  Union in Memphis, history began to be written.” THIS                  cover pics
  BY BILL E. BURK FOR THE “PRESS SCIMITAR (MEMPHIS)”                    PIANO, VOCAL & GUITAR                   0016 228           € 51.54
  PICTURES ELVIS IN A DIFFERENT WAY. BURK WAS ELVIS’                   · English, two books in a full color cardboard drawer, 5x23x31
  FRIEND AND THIS SHOWS IN COLUMNS, STORIES AND                         cm, 644 pages, notes with tablature to 203 songs, biography
  FEATURES WHICH GIVE A PRECIOUS INSIGHT INTO THE LIFE                  with color photos (24 pages)
  OF THE KING. rare b&w photos / rare Fotos (Zeitung auf dem
  Cover in Deutsch etc.) last copies - special price !                  RAY CONNOLLY: THE
 PICTURES OF ELVIS                                                      COMPLEAT ELVIS                      0016 229           € 28.53
 (C.TUCKER/WILLIAMS,1981)             0016 118             € 9.90      · English, Paperback, 23x30.5 cm, 232 pages, rare b&b photos,
· Paperback, 32 pages/Seiten; rare Souvenirbooklet with great           words and notes and tablature to 75 ! Elvis songs; Here in one
                                                                                                                                                 Elvis, Books

 8x10s ! Rarität von 1981 aus Houston,TX mit superben s/w               book the greatest tribute to the most legendary figure of
 Fotos aus der Sammlung von Gabe Tucker. alle Fotos 21x27 cm            rock’n’roll. Ray Connolly reviews Elvis’s life and his
- ein sehr rares Souvenirbooklet - wenige Exemplare !!                  achievements, based on personal interviews and specially
                                                                        written for this book, alongside a unique collection of visual
 DAVE MARSH: ELVIS -                                                    material. At the core of the book are the greatest hits that put
 BIOGRAPHY                          0016 121          € 27.50           and kept Elvis at the top throughout his all-too-short life.
· 248 pages/Seiten; 28/20.5 cm; Paperback: A biography not              PETER GURALNICK: LAST TRAIN
 much different from others in content, but eloquently written and      TO MEMPHIS                            0016 232           € 19.90
 a joy to read. Many rare full-page black & white photos. Eine         · English, Paperback, 15.5 x 23.5 cm, ca.560 pages last copies -
 Biographie, die sich inhaltlich von anderen nicht sehr                 special price ! “Last Train to Memphis” was hailed on
 unterscheidet, aber erstklassig geschrieben ist und sich               publication as the definitive biography of Elvis Presley. Peter
 wunderbar lesen läßt. Viele seltene ganz-seitige schwarz-weiße         Guralnick’s acclaimed book is the first to set aside the myths
 Fotos.                                                                 and focus on Elvis’ humanity, as it traces Elvis’ early years, from
                                                                        humble beginnings to unprecedented success. At the heart of

                                           % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
               100                                          Elvis, Books
                the story is Elvis himself, a poor boy of great ambition and fiery     ED BONJA: SHOT - PHOTO
                musical passions, who connected with his audience and the age          BOOK&INTERVIEW CD                  0016 248              € 45.51
                in a way that has yet to be duplicated. The book also brings to       · Paperback, 23x26 cm, 96 pages, complete illustrated with full
                life the world Elvis arrived in, America in the fifties and the        page color photos of Elvis on stage 1972-1975
                people who, together with Elvis, would change that world               P.MARCHBANK & M.FARREN: IN
                forever. The first part of a two-volume biography, “Last Train to      EIGENEN WORTEN                    0016 249           € 17.38
                Memphis” traces the first twenty-three years of Elvis’ life, ending   · Deutsch, Hardback/Gebunden, 13.5x21 cm, 144 Seiten, 87
                somberly in 1958 with his induction into the army and the death        s/w Fotos; In diesem Buch erzählt Elvis Presley seine Biographie
                of his mother, Gladys. Drawing frequently of Elvis’ own words         “In eigenen Worten”. Gegliedert nach einzelnen
                and on the intimate reflections of those who knew him, this is         Themenbereichen enthält es - als einzige Publikation von und
                biography at its best and a classic in the chronicling of our          über Presley - seine wichtigsten Äusserungen aus Interviews und
                culture.                                                               Pressekonferenzen. Da es von Elvis nur sehr wenige authentisch
                BACK TO CHICAGO 1977 -                                                 belegte Statements gibt, entsteht dadruch ein beeindruckendes
                ENCORE PERFORMANCE III             0016 234                 € 35.00    Portrait über sein Leben und seine Musik; es beleuchtet vor
               · Paperback, 23x26 cm, 112 pages, over 100 previously                   allem den Menschen hinter dem Mythos. Das Buch ist somit ein
                unpublished photos, Elvis on stage in Chicago on May 1st 1977          absolutes Muss für alle Elvis-Fans. Mick Farren und Pearce
                plus through the years section with rare backstage and candid          Marchbank gelten international als anerkannte
                shots                                                                  Elvis-Presley-Experten. Beide leben als Musikjournalisten in
                                                                                       KEITH ALVERSON: ELVIS ON
                                                                                       STAGE                              0016 250            € 48.32
                                                                                      · Hardback, 22.5x31 cm, 112 pages, completely full page color
                                                                                       photos on stage 1973-77
                                                                                       MARY HANCOCK HINDS: INFI-
                                                                                       NITE ELVIS                          0016 252               € 35.00
                                                                                      · English, Paperback, 15x23 cm, 512 pages, few b/w
                                                                                       illustrations; “With all the emotionalism and hyperbole
                                                                                       surrounding Elvis, it is wonderful to see a scholarly, detailed,
                                                                                       accurate chronicle of writings about the century’s most
                                                                                       controversial artist. Infinite Elvis promises to be a major
                                                                                       reference work, both for fans and scholars.” - Charles Wolfe,
                                                                                       author of A Good-Natured Riot: the Birth of the Grand Ole
                                                                                       Opry - What figure of the 20th century changed the face of
                                                                                       America the most? His fans claim it was Elvis - and in this book,
                                                                                       at last, is their proof. Here for the first time anywhere is a
                                                                                       precise measurement of a celebrity’s impact on American
                                                                                       culture. This annotated, highly readable listing-with over 1,700
                                                                                       verified entries, from biographies to discographies, fiction to
                                                                                       travel guides, poetry to comic books, major articles to
                                                                                       dissertations-shows that Elvis was more than just a popular
                                                                                       culture phenomenon. Besides documenting his concerts, the
                                                                                       food he are, and posthumous Elvis sightings, they reveal how
                                                                                       Elvis invented rock ‘n’ roll and spurred on the sexual revolution
                                                                                       and the civil rights movement; how his death changed the
                                                                                       media’s treatment of celebrities; and how a new religion
                                                                                       devoted to Elvis has become part of the mainstream.
                                                                                       MARVIN ISRAEL PHOTO-
                                                                                       GRAPHS: ELVIS PRESLEY 1956 0016 253                  € 19.90
                                                                                      · English, HB/Gebunden, 20x25 cm, ca.94 pages, complete
                                                                                       illustrated (many full-page) with b&w photographs / s/w
                                                                                       Fotoband mit meist ganzseitigen superben Fotos last copies -
                                                                                       deleted item

                JOSEPH A. TUNZI: ELVIS
                NUMBER ONE                          0016 240           € 69.00
               · Paperback, 21.5x28 cm, 320 pages, complete chart history;
                Over 300 pages of detailed chart information from the pages of
               ‘Billboard’ and ‘Cash Box’ magazines. Includes reproductions of
                around 150 charts plus over 80 rare/previously unpublished
                colour and black and white photographs.
                ELVIS                               0016 242          € 84.36
               · English, Hardback, 16x24 cm, 320 pages; More than 400
                books have been published on the American musical icon, Elivs
                Presley. This critical, annotated guide contains reviews of the
                varied literature on Elvis, from his career and its social and
Elvis, Books

                political aspects to biographies and discographies. The
                annotated literature not only includes works by family, friends,
                and musical peers but also references and guides to Elvis
                collectibles. Each entry details, in addition to pertinent
                publishing and author information, the specific perspectives and
                information unique to the literature. The author provides
                assessments made by Elvis’ peers and an introductory essay
                discusses the surrounding contradictions and the enduring
                fascination with Elvis.
                OFFICIAL AUCTION                                                       STEVE TEMPLETON: COLLECT-
                CATALOGUE                           0016 243           € 60.00         IBLES GUIDE                        0016 255          € 29.90
               · English, Paperback, 22.5x22 cm, 296 pages, hundreds of rare          · English, Hardback/Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, 24.5x33.5
                b/w and photos from the Graceland archives, taken for the              cm, 128 pages; A comprehensive Elvis chronicle, with expert
                1999 auction at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas                         advice on collecting and displaying modern and vintage Elvis
                                                                                       memorabilia Illustrated with more than 300 full-color

               BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                   P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                       8= NEW
                                                 Elvis, Books                                                                          101

 photographs Features price guides and tips on the availability          Form 8. 12-Page Fan Club Album 9. Job Application 10.
 and market value of hundreds of items                                   Concert Poster (13 x 17") 11. Nine Trading Cards + Box 12.
 KEVIN QUAIN: THE ELVIS                                                  Paycheck, 1956 13. 4-Page Press Release 14. Portrait, c.
 READER                              0016 256              € 7.90        1952-54
· English, Paperback, 14x21 cm, 344 pages; Short stories, critical       ELVIS IN TEXAS - LORI
 essays, interviews, aricles, and reviews from the finest voices in      TORRANCE                            0016 266            € 33.50
 American literature and criticism with a Foreword by Mojo              · English, Paperback, 19x23.5 cm, 230 pages, many rare !
 Nixon.                                                                  photos and clips; Ein tolles Werk - auch für Fans die kein
 THE HOTTEST THING THAT’S                                                Englisch sprechen ein Muss ! Elvis Presley and his two faithful
 COOL - AL WERTHEIMER                 0016 259          € 45.00          sidekicks tore up Texas highways, crisscrossing the state, always
· English, Hardback/fester Einband, 23.5x27 cm, 112 pages;               late for their next high school hop, car dealership opening, or
 Elvis’ appearance at the Mosque Theatre in Richmond, Virginia           Lion’s Club fund raiser. As they dodged tumbleweeds at 110
 on June 30th 1956.Also included are rare shots from the                 mph, scores of abused cars and unwary rattlesnakes sacrificed
 Dorsey Bros and Steve Allen TV shows plus a selection of cool           their lives so that one day Elvis could tell a Dallas newspaper
 memorabilia.                                                            reporte ‘I owe a lot to Texas. They’re the ones who put me over
 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER -                                               the top."
 JOSEPH A. TUNZI                   0016 260                   € 45.00    78S AROUND THE WORLD -
· Photobook(B&W), 23x26 cm, 96 pages,                                    ANDRE HELLING                       0016 267           € 37.50
                                                                        · Gebunden, 22 Seiten, 21x29.5 cm, in Einzelanfertigung
                                                                         erstellte 78er Welt Diskographie mit farbigen Label und
                                                                         Coverabbildungen; Eine Fleißarbeit vom Fan für Fans
                                                                         A CELEBRATION- MIKE EVANS 0016 268                   € 45.00
                                                                        · English, Hardbound/Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, 22.5x28
                                                                         cm, 608 Seiten/pages, 2.8 kg ! über 600 Fotos aus den
                                                                         Graceland Archiven mit kurzen Kommentaren - Ein Monster
                                                                         ELVIS TREASURES - ROBERT
                                                                         GORDON BOOK&CD                     0016 269          € 59.90
                                                                        · Gebundenes 64 Seiten Buch im Deluxe Schuber (28x31 cm) -
                                                                         ein fantastisches Buch mit raren Fotos plus Reproduktionen von
                                                                         Dokumenten aus Elvis Leben (Briefe, Führerschein, Veträge,
                                                                         Lobbycards etc.), die in den Text eingearbeited sind (ähnlich der
                                                                         beweglichen Pop-Up Bücher) plus Interview CD - Ein Buch das
                                                                         man nicht wieder aus der Hand legen kann / For Elvis fans
                                                                         everywhere, Graceland has opened the doors to its extensive
                                                                         archives, allowing the historic documents and memorabilia
                                                                         within to be reproduced in facsimile, collectible form. With the
                                                                         expert help of archivists from Elvis Presley Enterprises, the King’s
                                                                         life story is told through handwritten letters, press releases,
                                                                         movie scripts, and additional memorabilia and photographs
                                                                         from the Graceland archives. These historic documents,
                                                                         combined with the evocative text of author Robert Gordon,
                                                                         create a moving portrait of the legendary performer in this
 SEAN O’NEAL: UNAUTHO-                                                   one-of-a-kind collector’s book. Includes Elvis Speaks, an
 RIZED COLLECTOR’S GUIDE            0016 262              € 45.51        exclusive 60-Minute Audio CD of Candid Conversations with
· Paperback, 21.5x28 cm, 160 pages, complete illustrated, great          The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll.
 book with unbelievable items !; Elvis Presley wears another             KING - KRIMINALROMAN VON
 crown besides the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll - he also is the King of        MARTIN SCHÜLLER                     0016 274            € 11.00
 Collectibility. Nearly a quarter century after his death, items        · Deutsch, Paperback, 13.50x 20 cm, 350 Seiten; 1959 - Elvis
 bearing Elvis’s name and likeness are in hot demand. In this            Presley leistet seinen Militärdienst in Deutschland. Ein
 comprehensive book, renowned Elvis expert Sean O’Neal                   CIA-Kommando erhält den Geheimauftrag, Elvis zu überwachen
 chronicles the Elvis phenomenon in more than 600 color                  und zu schützen. Doch unter den Augen der Agenten wird ein
 photographs. Commercially produced memorabilia, novelties,              Anschlag verübt, dem Täter gelingt die Flucht. Wer versucht,
 magazines, promotional pieces, and movie paraphernalia                  Elvis zu töten? Wer ist die mysteriöse Tote, die im Wald
 recount Elvis’s life and career. Items range from concert posters,      gefunden wird? Der CIA versucht, die Affäre zu vertuschen, die
 to paint by number sets, to the Presley family bible. Every item is     deutsche Kriminalpolizei ermittelt, und die jungen Fans des
 presented with its current market price. A special section             “King of Rock ‘N’ Roll” tun alles, um ihr Idol zu beschützen.
 provides tips on how to avoid counterfeit memorabilia and               Verbrechen und Rock ‘N’ Roll, Spione und Halbstarke,
 forged autographs. Also included is a history of Elvis Presley          Strassenkreuzer und Leukoplastbomber, Musikverrückte und
 Enterprises, the original creator of Elvis merchandise. This            Polizisten, Backfische und Existentialisten - eine Geschichte aus
 reference book ist the definitive guide to collecting Elvis.            einer Zeit, die manchmal so weit entfernt scheint wie der Mond,
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL -                                                  und die doch so nah ist wie gestern. Spannend, schnell, voll
BOOK & CD                               0016 263            € 68.50      Dichter Atmosphäre und Zeitkolorit - Ein Rock ‘N’
 America The Beautiful- If I Can Dream- An American Trilogy- Goin’       Roll-Kriminalroman um Elvis Presley und das Deutschland der
 Home- Stay Away                                                         50er.
 THE ELVIS BOX - ARTIFACTS OF                                            TEVOR CAJIAO: RARE & CLAS-
 ELVIS                              0016 264                  € 37.50    SIC IMAGES                          0016 277            € 17.90
· Bedruckte Geschenk-Schachtel 19x25x6 cm, mit 14                       · Paperback, 21x30 cm; From the archives of ‘Now Dig This’ and
 reproduzierten Elvis Raritäten, wie Fan Club Karte,                      the combined files of some of the world’s major Presley
 Versicherungsbeleg etc; tolles Geschenk für den Elvis Fan - US           collectors, JUST ELVIS is the one tribute book you can’t afford to
                                                                                                                                                Elvis, Books

 Import Here, in and amongst the simple objects of an everyday            be without. 90 packed pages 300 photographs 24 page colour
 life, comes forth one of our era’s greatest artists: Elvis Presley,      section Rare and classic images of The King from the ‘50s, ‘60s
 the King of Rock and Roll. With direct access to artifacts never         and ‘70s. See Elvis on stage, make movies, during candid
 seen beyond the gates of Graceland, no expense has been                  moments, in the army, rehearsing for TV, meeting President
 spared in recreating these collecitbles with exact intergrity to the     Nixon, relaxing in Las Vegas and so much more.
 originals. FROM ELVIS PRESLEY’S third grade report card to rare         THIS IS ELVIS TV GUIDE 2002               0016 279           € 17.50
 fan club mementos , this collectible box contains 14                   · Fantastic & rare collector’s Edition with stunning pics and
 reproductions of genuine Elvis artifacts. These pieces, some             articles plus poster and trading cards / liebevoll aufgemachtes
 never before exhibited, chronicle Elvis’s life, from his childhood       Heft mit Poster und Sammelkarten - wenige Exemplare !
 and early recording career, through to his service in the army,        VOL.6, WORDS - THE
 his movies of the 1960s, and his dramatic concert performances         COMPLETE LYRICS P-SA                     0016 305             € 14.50
 of the 1970s. 1. Fan Club Member Card, 1956 2. Pay Stub,
 1954 3. Presley Family Portrait 4. 3rd Grade report Card 5. 6 x
 9" Autographed Glossy 6. Christmas Postcard 7. Auto Insurance

                                           % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
                       102                              ELVIS, Tributes etc.
                                                         ELVIS, Tributes etc.
                       ANDY & THE JORDANAIRES                                                  LITTLE GERHARD
                       LIVING HIGH - DIGIPACK                   CD JEM 2001          € 19.50   FROM KING TO KING (NEW
                       BLACKWOOD BROTHERS                                              8 RECORDINGS)                             CD RR 0112          € 15.50
                        ROCK-A-MY-SOUL 5-CD &                                            Teddy Bear- Don’t Be Cruel- Need Your Love Tonight- One Night- All
                        82-PAGE-BOOK                        BCD 16308         € 107.37   Shook Up- Follow That Dream- Don’t Leave Me Now- Stuck On You-
                                                                                         Kiss Me Quick- She’s Not You- Hound Dog- His Latest Flame- Para-
                       DOUG CHURCH                                                       lyzed- Can’t Help Falling In Love- When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold
                        KINGTINUED 3-CD                     CD K 30014         € 19.90   Again- You’re The Devil In Disguise- Blue Suede Shoes- Suspicious
                       · Doug Church The Voice of Elvis Doug Church began his Elvis      Minds- It’s Now Or Never- Moody Blue
                        career in the U.S. Air Force in 1983 competing against              LITTLE TONY
                        hundreds of other contestants and winning annual talent
                        contests. Starting at the base level and proceeding through to     8 TRIBUTE TO ELVIS                           CD 22197             € 18.50
                        the regional levels, he defeated the best entertainers from many
                        bases in the European and US Air Force Commands. In four
                        years he collected 11 first place trophies for impersonating Elvis
                        and in other categories ranging from Male Vocalist to Comedic
                        Performance. After leaving the Air Force in 1987, doug
                        continued his act in clubs in and around the Midwest. In 1990,
                        he competed in the Fourth Annual Worldwide Elvis Impersonator
                        contest in Memphis, TN against Elvis impersonators from all
                        over the world and took second place his first time in the
                        competition. The following year, he returned to Memphis to
                        capture the first place crown as the “World’s Best” Elvis
                        impersonator. In 1993, after a successful audition with “Legends
                        In Concert” (a musical impersonator revue based in Las Vegas,
                        NV) he started touring the country and the world, performing in
                        such exotic locations as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Aruba, the
                        Bahamas, and Moscow. In 1999, Doug starred in and
                        performed soundtrack vocals for the award-winning
                        documentary film “Almost Elvis”.
                       JOHNNY EARLE
                       JIVE TIME                                 CD TS 2003          € 18.50
                        Jive Time- Bloodshot Eyes- The Girl Can’t Help It/Keep A               Also sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001:- A Space Odys-
                        Knockin’/Jenny- Jenny Jenny- Promises Promises Promises- Buona         sey)/That’s All Right- Johnny B. Goode- Polk Salad Annie- You Don’t
                        Sera- Mona Lisa- Sea Cruise- Honalulu Rock n Roll- Jailhouse Rock-     Have To Say You Love Me- Don’t Be Cruel- The Wonder Of You- Suspi-
                        Play The Music- The Wanderer- What Do You Wanna Make Those             cious Minds- Can’t Help Falling In Love- Are You Lonesome Tonight-
                        Eyes At Me For- Swing Me Baby- Ain’t Got No Home- At The Hop/Rock      Teddy Bear- For The Good Times- Return To Sender- Mistery Train
                        And Roll Is Here To Stay- Saturday Night At The Movies- Don’t Throw    Tiger Man- I Want You I Need You I Love You- Blue Suede Shoes- Love
                        Our Love Away- See You Later Alligator/R.O.C.K./Rock Ar.Th.C           Me- Love Me Tender- Tutti Frutti
                       TANZORCHESTER KLAUS HALLEN                                              HELMUT LOTTI
                        ELVIS SONGS FOR DANCING -                                              MY TRIBUTE TO THE KING                   CD EMI 41093         € 18.50
                        FEATURING RIO                      CD HR 921003              € 19.50   RONNIE McDOWELL
                       · Alle Titel mit genauer Taktangabe                                     WITH THE DRIFTERS (BILL
                       IMPERIALS                                                               PINKEY’S ORIGINAL)                       CD D2 78749          € 18.90
                       GOSPEL MUSIC HALL OF FAME                                               COUNTRY                                  CD D2 78750          € 18.90
                       SERIES 2-CD               CD RIV 2342                         € 29.90   A TRIBUTE TO THE KING (EU)               CD PIE 284            € 9.90
                       JACK JERSEY
                       & THE JORDANAIRES - THE
                       KING AND I 2-CD                          CD 98209             € 16.90
                       GREAT GOSPEL SONGS                       CD D2 77810          € 17.90
                       GREATEST GOSPEL HITS                     CD D2 78732          € 17.50
                       JORDANAIRES & DANNY MIRROR
ELVIS, Tributes etc.

                       ELVIS PRESLEY PARTY MEGAMIX CD PLAT 280                       € 12.90
                       JORDANAIRES & DAVID AUSTIN
                        I MISS ELVIS PRESLEY - CD
                        SINGLE                                  CD HD 3199            € 8.90
                       · Single CD - Canadian Import
                       JORDANAIRES & ORION
                        CHRISTMAS TO ELVIS                  CD CCCD 1935 € 22.90
                       · Contains session comments and studio conversation from the
                        band. Featuring original members like Scotty Moore on Guitar,
                        D.J.Fontana on Drums and others.
                       JORDANAIRES & ORCHESTRA
                       ELVIS PRESLEY KARAOKE                    CD PLAT 279          € 12.90   The King Is Gone- Baby Let’s Play House- Heartbreak Hotel- I Was Left
                       PETER KRAUS & TED HEROLD                                                Me- Love Me Tender- Lawdy Miss Clawdy- Love Me- Got A Lot O’Livin’
                       PETER & TED SINGEN ELVIS                 CD 543 854           € 12.90   To Do- Mean Woman Blues- Treat Me Nice- Don’t- King Creole- As
                                                                                               Long As I Have You- One Night- (Now And Then There’s) A Fool Such
                       TERRY LEE                                                               As I- The Girl Of My Best Friend- His Latest Flame (Marie’s The Name)-
                        THE ELVIS SOUND OF TERRY                                               She’s Not You- (You’re The) Devil In Disguise- One Broken Heart For
                        LEE                                   CD C 192581            € 16.90   Sale- It Hurts Me- Crying In The Chapel- Tupelo’s Too Far- The King Is
                       · featuring Long Tall Ernie & Herman Brood                              Gone (reprise)
                        TERRY LEE AND THE BIG ROCK
                        REVIVAL                               CD C 192606            € 16.90

                       BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                    P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                         8= NEW
                                        ELVIS, Tributes etc.                                                                               103

  SCOTTY MOORE & DJ FONTANA                                              Little Rock, Arkansas)- Good Rockin’ Tonight- Interview 5 (1957
  ALL THE KINGS MEN                          CD 539 066          € 9.90  Ottowa, Canada)- Blue Suede Shoes JOHN DAVIS : In The Ghetto
    KEITH RICHARDS & BAND: Deuce And A Quarter MAVERICKS: I Told         (guitar instrumental)
    You So BODEANS: Locked Up In The State Of Illinois BILL BLACK · Restbestand zum Sonderpreis / few stock copies special price !
    COMBO : Goin’ Back To Memphis JOE ELY & LEE ROCKER: I’m             ALWAYS ON MY MIND - TRIB-
    Gonna Strangle You Shorty CHEAP TRICK: Bad Little Girl RONNIE 8 UTE TO ELVIS 2-CD                              CD 508928               € 19.90
    MCDOWELL & JORDANAIRES: Soulmates STEVE EARLE & LEE                  CD-1: WILLIE NELSON : Always On My Mind RICK NELSON : That’s
    ROCKER: Hot Enough For Ya JOE LOUIS WALKER : Strange Love            All Right Mama MARTY ROBBINS : Love Me Tender TAMMY
    TRACY NELSON : Is All Of This For Me? RON WOODD & JEFF BECK:         WYNETTE : Crying In The Chapel STACY DEAN CAMPBELL : Surren-
    Unsung Heroes                                                        der CARL PERKINS : Blue Suede Shoes LOGGINS & MESSINA: My
  · last copies - special price while stock lasts !                      Baby Left Me RAY PRICE : There Goes My Everything JOHNNY CASH :
                                                                         I Forgot To Remember To Forget SCOTTY MOORE : Hound Dog CARL
  ORION                                                                  SMITH : I Really Don’t Want To Know SONNY JAMES : I Don’t Care If
   SOME THINK HE MIGHT BE                                                The Sun Don’t Shine BOB LUMAN : Mystey Train JODY MILLER : Don’t
   KING ELVIS                                BCD 15548          € 15.34  Be Cruel LARRY GATLIN : Help Me MICKEY GILLEY : Lawdy Miss
   A CHRISTMAS FILLED WITH                                               Clawdy ROY ORBISON : Mean Woman Blues MAC DAVIS : In The
   LOVE                                      CD K 108           € 20.50  Ghetto- CD-2: ROY ORBISION : I Can’t Stop Loving You TAMMY
  ORION (AS ELLIS JAMES)                                                 WYNETTE : There Goes My Everything JOHNNY CASH : A Thing
   STEADY AS SHE GOES                        CD K 0202          € 20.50  Called Love ROGER MILLER : Release Me BILLY SWAN : I Can Help
                                                                         (album version) WILLIE NELSON & HANK SNOW: A Fool Such As I
  BOBBY SOLO                                                             MARTY ROBBINS : You Gave Me A Mountain KRIS KRISTOFFERSON
   DU HAST JA TRÄNEN IN DEN                                              : Help Me Make It Through The Night JOHNNY CASH : I’m So Lone-
   AUGEN                                     BCD 16352          € 15.34  some I Could Cry (album version) TANYA TUCKER : Let Me Be There
  · Titel 1: Crying In The Capel Titel 10: Anything That’s Part Of       WILLIE NELSON & FARON YOUNG: Funny How Time Slips Away
    You Titel 16: Are You Lonesome Tonight Titel 20: Fame And            CHARLIE RICH : Pieces My Life BOB LUMAN : Guitar Man RAY PRICE :
    Fortune Titel 21: I Really Don’t Won’t To Know                       Make The World Go Away (album version) RICKY VAN SHELTON :
  J.D. SUMNER & STAMPS QUARTET                                           From A Jack To A King KRIS KRISTOFFERSON : For The Good Times
   THE FINAL SESSION                         CD NH 8004         € 21.90  MARTY ROBBINS : I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With..) RICKY VAN
   GOSPEL MUSIC HALL OF FAME                                             SHELTON : Wear My Ring Around Your Neck MICKEY GILLEY : You
   SERIES 2-CD                               CD RIV 2426        € 29.90  Don’t Know Me GEORGE JONES : She Thinks I Still Care LARRY
                                                                         GATLIN : Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall WILLIE NELSON : Blue Eyes
  THE KING                                                               Crying In The Rain (album vers.)
   RETURN TO SPLENDOR                        CD EMI 25621       € 14.50 IN THE GHETTO - SONGS OF
   KING OF THE ROAD - MAXI CD CD EMI 879360                      € 8.90 ELVIS 2-CD                                 CD CMDD 402             € 21.90
  VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                            KARAOKE - SONGS OF ELVIS BY
  A TRIBUTE TO ELVIS PRESLEY                CD 301772              € 5.00    STARTRAX KARAOKE                           CD KRK 020         € 14.50
   JOHN DAVIS : Heartbreak Hotel (guitar instrumental) ELVIS PRESLEY :      · contains full lyrics
   Interview 1 (1955 Texarkana)- Baby Let’s Play House FARON                 TO ELVIS WITH LOVE 2-CD                    CD LG 100010       € 20.50
   YOUNG : Love Me Tender ELVIS PRESLEY : Interview 2 (1956 Wichita         · A collection of the rarest Elvis tribute songs, mostly from 1977
   Falls, Texas)- Maybelline CARL PERKINS : Jailhouse Rock ELVIS PRES-       last copies - special price !
   LEY : Interview 3 (1956 Lacrosse, Wisconsin) JOHN DAVIS : That’s         VOL.2, ELVIS STILL ALIVE                 CD MCG 20068          € 17.90
   Alright Mama (guitar instrumental) ELVIS PRESLEY : Interview 4 (1956

                                             RHYTHM & BLUES
  ARTHUR ALEXANDER                                                          RUTH BROWN
  THE MONUMENT YEARS                      CD CHD 805            € 17.90 8 R. B. BLUES                                 CD ARG 001        € 12.90
  (Baby) For You- The Other Woman (In My Life)- Stay By Me- Me And         It’s Raining- So Long- Love Me Baby- I’ll Get Along Somehow- Happi-
  Mine- Show Me The Road- Turn Around (And Try Me)- Baby This Baby         ness Is A Thing Called Joe- Rocking Blues- Someday- Why- It’s All In
  That- Baby I Love You- In My Sorrow- I Want To Marry You- In My          Your Mind- I Can Dream, Can’t I- Sentimental Journey- Where Can I
  Baby’s Eyes- Love’s Where Life Begins- Miles And Miles From Home-        Go- Dear Little Boy Of Mine- Am I Making The Same Mistake Again-
  You Don’t Love Me (You Don’t Care)- I Need You Baby- We’re Gonna         Teardrops From My Eyes- R B Blues- I Know- I Don’t Want Nobody- I’ll
  Hate Ourselves In The Morning- Spanish Harlem- Concerte Jungle-          Wait For You- Standing On The Corner
  Talking Care Of A Woman- Set Me Free- Bye Bye Love- Another Time,       YOU DON’T KNOW ME &
  Another Place- Cry Like A Baby- Glory Road- Call Me Honey- The 8 TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING CD IGO 2074                                  € 14.90
                                                                                                                                                     ELVIS, Tributes etc.
  Migrant- Lover Please- In The Middle Of It All                         · If I Were A Bell- Skylark- Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You- Miss
  THE GREATEST                            CD CHD 922            € 17.90    Brown’s Blues- Smile- Secret Love- You Don’t Know Me- Almost
  Anna- You’re The Reason- Soldier Of Love- I Hang My Head And Cry-        Like Being In Love- Willow Weep For Me- I’ll Never Fall In Love
  You Don’t Care- Dream Girl- Call Me Lonesome- After You- Where           Again- What’ll I Do- Everybody’s Talking- Touch Me In The
  Have You Been- A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues- Don’t You Know It- You        Morning- After The Lovin’- The Way You Look Tonight- The Best
  Better Move On- All I Need Is You- Detroit City- Keep Her Guessing-      Thing That Ever Happened
  Go Home Girl- In The Middle Of It All- Whole Lot Of Trouble- Without
  A Song- I Wonder Where You Are Tonight- Black Night
8 CHRONOLOGICAL 1950-1952 CD CLASS 5055 € 15.50
  Basin Street Breakdown- Pyramid- Messy Bessy- Nickle Wine-
  Tr-La-La- Teejim- In The Alley- Sweet Home Blues- Bad Habit- Twins-
  The Golden Rule- High Flying Woman- I’ll Never Be The Same-
  Mother Knows Best- Stormy Weather- Lawdy Lawdy Lord (part 1)-
  Lawdy Lawdy Lord (part 2)- My Ding-A-Ling- Teachin’ And Preachin’-
  Bouncing The Boogie- Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear-
  Little Girl Sing Ding-A-Ling- Country Gal
8 SINGS HIS GREATEST HITS                  CD ACR 168             € 14.90
  All Shook Up- Fever- Back Trail- Daddy Rollin’ Stone- Great Balls Of
  Fire- Don’t Be Cruel- Let’s Talk About Us- Hey Little Girl- Breathless-
  handy Man- Return To Sender

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                 104                                      RHYTHM & BLUES
                                                           RHYTHM & BLUES

                   RAY CHARLES                                                                LIL GREENWOOD
                   THE GENIUS AFTER HOURS -                                                   WALKING AND SINGING THE
                 8 DIGIPACK                               CD 73523            € 12.90         BLUES                                       CD CHD 874            € 17.90
                   The Genius After Hours- Ain’t Misbehabin’- Dawn Ray- Joy Ride-               Heart Full Of Pain- Sitting And Wondering- Along About Midnite- I’m
                   Hornful Soul- The Man I Love- Charlesville- Music, Music, Music              Goin’ Crazy- Young Blood- Come Back Baby- For You My Love-
                   · Special Price !                                                            Dissatisfied Blues- Once In A While- Ain’t Gonna Cry- It’s Too Soon To
                    HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO -                                                  Know- No More Heart Full Of Pain- Open Your Eyes- Boogie All Night
                 8 DIGIPACK                                     CD 73525             € 12.90    Long- Grandpa Can Boogie Too- Mercy Me- I’m Crying- Monday
                   Ain’t That Love- Drown In My Own Tears- Come Back Baby- Sinner’s             Morning Blues- Never Again- My Last Hour- I’ll Go- All Is Forgiven
                   Prayer- Funny (But I Still Love You)- Losing Hand- A Fool For You- Halle-  · 22 Federal/Modern tracks - Tough female West Coast blues
                   lujah I Love Her So- Mess Around- This Little Girl Of Mine- Mary Ann-        and R&B of the early 50s from the girl who went on to be Duke
                   Greenbacks- Don’t You Know- I Got A Woman                                    Ellington’s lead singer.
                 8 CHRONOLOGICAL 1950-1952 CD CLASS 5050 € 15.50 HOWLIN’ WOLF
                   Th’ego Song- Late In The Evening Blues- Someday- I’ll Do Anything 8 CHRONOLOGICAL 1951-1952 CD CLASS 5056 € 15.50
                   But Work- I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now- All To Myself- Lonely Boy-       Moanin’ At Midnight- How Many More Years- Riding In The Moon-
                   Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand- I’m Glad For Your Sake- Baby Won’t You         light- Dog Me Around- Morning At Midnight- Keep What You Got-
                   Please Come Home- Hey Now- Kissa Me Baby- The Snow Is Falling-             Riding In The Moonlight- House Rockin’ Boogie- Crying At Daybreak-
                   Misery In My Heart- Baby Let Me Hear You Call My Name- Walkin’ And         Passing By Blues- My Baby Stole Off- I Want Your Picture- The Wolf Is At
                   Talkin’- I’m Wonderin’ And Wonderin’- I Can’t Do No More (Why Did          Your Door (Howlin’ For My...)- California Blues- California Boogie-
                   You Go)- Guitar Blues- The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again- Roll With Me           Look-A-Here Baby- Howlin’ Wolf Boogie- Smile At Me- Gettin’ Old
                   Baby- The Midnight Hour- Jumpin’ In The Morning                            And Gray- Mr. Highway Man- My Baby Walked Off- C.V. Wine Blues-
                   BEST OF ATLANTIC YEARS                       CD RN 71722          € 12.90  My Troubles And Me- Chocolate Drop- Highway Man
                   It Should’ve Been Me- Don’t You Know- Blackjack- I’ve Got A BULL MOOSE JACKSON
                   Woman- What Would I Do Without You- Greenbacks- Come Back- A
                   Fool For You- This Little Girl Of Mine- Hallelujah I Love Her So- Lonely 8 CHRONOLOGICAL 1945-1947 CD CLASS 5054 € 15.50
                   Avenue- It’s Alright- Ain’t That Love- Swanee River Rock- That’s
                   Enough- What’s I Say (part 1)- (Night Time Is) The Right Time- Drown
                   In My Own Tears- Tell The Truth (live)- Just For A Thrill
                   KING COLEMAN
                 8 IT’S DANCE TIME                           CD CED 298           € 18.50
                    NAT KENDRICK & THE SWANS: (Do The) Mashed Potatoes- Loo-key
                    Doo-key NAT KENDRICK & THE SWANS: Dish Rag- Bulldog- Black
                    Bottom Blues- Let’s Shimmy- Do The Hully Gully- Alley Rat- Dressed In
                    Plaid- Crazy Feelin’- Down In The Basement- The Mash Potato Man-
                    Believe It Or Not- It’s Dance Time- Do The Booga Lou- Get On Board-
                    The Boo Boo Song- Hang It Up- Three Soulful Mice- Salt And Pepper-
                    Show Me What You Got- Blue Grey Christmas
                  · ‘I’m the bald headed wonder, full of lightning and thunder!’
                    proclaims King Coleman, the Hully Gully Mashed Potato Booga
                    Lou Man! Get On board with the first ever roundup of the
                    King’s wicked sixties soul dance hits! From his over the top vocal

                    whomp on Nat Kendrick and the Swans’ 1959 smash hit (Do
                    The) Mashed Potatoes to his own roof raisers like ‘The Boo Boo
                    Song, Alley Rat’ and ‘Do The Booga Lou,’ this frantic platter just         We Ain’t Got Nothin’- Bull Moose Jackson Blues- Honeydripper- Hold
                    never lets up! And while you’re catchin’ your breath, dig the              Him Joe- Buffalo Shuffle- Three Bones- Embraceable You- Shorty’s
                    King’s colorful bean spill on his wonderful, wild n’ wooly career!         Got To Go- Bad Man Jackson That’s Me- Cleveland Ohio Blues- I
                    Like the man himself sez: ‘IT’S LOO-KEY DOO-KEY TIME!’                     Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well- Just In Case You Change
                   SAM COOKE                                                                   Your Mind- Oo-Oo-Ee-Bob-A-Lee-Bob- Jammin’ And Jumpin’-
                   KEEP MOVIN’ ON                              CD ABK 3563         € 21.50     Moose On The Loose- Keep Your Big Mouth Shut- Miss Lucy-
                    Good News- Rome (Wasn’t Built In A Day)- Meet Me At Mary’s Place-          Memphis Gal- Sneaky Pete- I Love You, Yes I Do- I Want A Bowlegged
                    Basin Street Blues- Cousin Of Mine- Tennessee Waltz- Falling In Love-      Woman- Houston Texas Girl
                    When A Boy Falls In Love- Good Times- Shake- Yeah Man- It’s Got           ETTA JAMES
                    The Whole World Shakin’- The Riddle Song- I’m Just A Country Boy-         HICKORY DICKORY DOCK                     CD CHM 680           € 15.50
                    Try A Little Love- There’ll Be No Second Time- Another Saturday Night-      Hickory Dickory Dock- W-O-M-A-N- My One And Only- I’m A Fool-
                    Sugar Dumpling- That’s Where Its At- You’re Nobody ‘til Somebody            Strange Things Happening- Hey Henry- I Hope You’re Satisfied-
                    Loves You- (Somebody) Ease My Troublin’ Mind- A Change Is Gonna             Good Rockin’ Daddy- Sunshine Of Love- That’s All- Call Me A Fool-
                    Come- Keep Movin’ On                                                        Tears Of Joy- The Pick-Up- Market Place- Tough Lover- Doin’ Some-
                                                                                                thing Crazy- Be My Lovey Dovey- Nobody Loves You (Like Me)- You
                                                                                                Know What I Mean- The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry)- Every
                                                                                                Night- We’re In Love
                                                                                              · her rockin’ 50s recordings for the Modern label

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