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                         CONTINUITY AND
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                   NEW MODULES FOR THE
                    FIRING SYSTEM OF THE
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                            ONE FOR ALL
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Interview with
Berlin artist
Stefan Oberhofer
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touch it – take it – make it                                                                                                             S.    3
It's just like peeling an orange ...                                                                                                     S.    4
New press ceramic pellets widen the spectrum of indications                                                                              S.    5
Aesthetic long-term provisionals are gaining in importance...!                                                                           S.    6
Continuity and innovation in perfect harmony                                                                                             S.    7
Only acrylic resin – or the love of detail?                                                                                              S.    8
A great tooth - not just in size!                                                                                                        S.    9
The first step is always the hardest?                                                                                                    S.   10
New modules for the firing system of the newest generation                                                                               S.   11
Women have the advantage                                                                                                                 S.   13
Innovative software for shade communication                                                                                              S.   14
One for all and all for one!                                                                                                             S.   15
Success through ongoing training                                                                                                         S.   16

                                              immediately apparent, however, that this      competitive advantage in the dental
                                              refers to VITA Zahnfabrik – also for the      world. You can find out more about VITA
                                              reason that alternative meanings for the      VMK Master on page 8.
                                              abbreviation "VMK" such as "Verblend-         We hope you will enjoy reading our new
                                              Metall-Krone" ("veneering metal crown")       issue of VITA Info.
                                              have also come into usage over the years.
                                                                                            With best wishes
                                              VITA Zahnfabrik was one of the first in
                                              Europe to develop and bring a metal-
   It is a well-known phenomenon that         ceramic veneering system onto the
particular product names often evolve into    market. Since then, VITA metal ceramic
generic terms in everyday language            has enjoyed worldwide renown and, like        Michael Brielmann
usage:                                        its predecessor VMK 68 and its successor      Marketing/Sales Manager VITA Zahnfabrik
To "google" (something/someone) means         VMK 95, became successfully established
to search the internet, while "Tempo"         on the international market.
stands for paper handkerchief.                With the new VITA VMK Master, which
Well-known examples of this are the           we shall present this autumn (2009) at          IMPRINT
                                                                                              Issued by:
brand names Tempo, Pampers and                exhibitions, we are now adding the next         VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co.KG
Google. The term "VMK", short for "VITA       chapter to a success story which has            Postfach 1338
                                                                                              D-79704 Bad Säckingen • Germany
Metall Keramik" (i.e. VITA Metal Ceramic)     already continued over four decades. You,       Tel. +49(0)7761/562-0 • Fax +49(0)7761/562-299
became established in the dental world        as a dental specialist, benefit from a high     Hotline:
                                                                                              Tel. +49(0)7761/562-222 • Fax +49(0)7761/562-446
during the 1960s, and is still used to mean   degree of reliability and ease of use,
metal ceramic crowns to this day. It is not   which will give you the required      

2   VITA INFO 3.09
           TOUCH IT – TAKE IT – MAKE IT
                                                          VITA ShadeAssist facilitates optimum         will be exhibited. He will tell you more
                                                          shade communication between dental           about this work of art in the interview
                                                          practice and laboratory – an exceeding-      on the following page.
                                                          ly useful tool not only for users of the     Looking forward to seeing you at the
                                                          shade measuring unit VITA Easyshade          exhibition booth!
                                                          Compact. Furthermore, for the firing
                                                          system "New Generation" with the
                                                          modular structure, further innovative
Fig. 1: The new, easy way of shade taking with the VITA   components are now available. In this
                                                          issue of VITA Info you will find the first
                                                          information on this produt news.
  Discover the world of VITA at the
exhibitions!                                              Art meets the dental world
                                                          Not only products and solutions for the
As at the IDS in Cologne, an exciting                     fabrication of dental masterpieces are
and varied programme from VITA                            featured at the exhibition, however.
Zahnfabrik awaits exhibition visitors –                   Also the extraordinary VITABLOCS
comprising the presentation of inno-                      sculpture Calypso by Stefan Oberhofer
vative new products, thrilling live
demonstrations and numerous interactive
specials – just as befits the the motto
"touch it, take it, make it!"

                                                             Fig. 3: VITA vPad excellence.

Fig. 2: Live demonstration.

Product news
The product presentations include,
among others, the "all-in-one" press
ceramic VITA PM 9, which will be avail-
able in future in three different degrees
of translucency, and can be character-
ised with the special VITA VM 9 ADD-
ON porcelains or with the VITA AKZENT
stains. A highlight in the sector veneer-
ing materials is the new metal ceramic,
VITA VMK Master, which is available in
the original VITA shades of the VITA
classical A1 – D4. The new software
   Interview with Stefan Oberhofer         2,000 VITABLOCS Mark II (figs. 1 and 2)
on his sculpture containing 2,000          in his work of art. The sculpture entitled
VITABLOCS Mark II                          "Calypso" will be presented at this
                                           year's regional exhibitions in Germany,
To obtain a true-to-life reproduction of   and will subsequently be up for auction
natural teeth is undoubtedly an art in     in the Internet under www.vita-zahn-
itself. But how does an artist approach In the course of the
the subject of dentistry? Stefan           following interview, Stefan Oberhofer
Oberhofer from Berlin has risen to the     gives us insight into his exciting             Fig. 1: The Berlin artist Stefan Oberhofer working on his
                                                                                          sculpture Calypso.
challenge and incorporated approximately   creative project.

                                           Mr. Oberhofer, what is the source of           How did the work of art come into
                                           your inspiration?                              being?

                                           That depends – sometimes my ideas              I used the trunk of an alder tree, carved
                                           even come to me in a dream. The actual         out the rough contour with a chainsaw,
                                           work itself is a result of intuitively         and then carved out the two resulting
                                           approaching the subject. For instance, I       "blossoms" more and more finely until I
                                           find part of a tree trunk, remove the          was satisfied with the form. For the
                                           rotted areas and prepare it with a             supporting part I left the tree-trunk in its
                                           flamethrower before I actually begin           rough form and used a steel construction
                                           working on it. Usually I then recognise        for the base. I coloured the two
                                           the line to follow, and use a chainsaw to      blossoms with bright red acrylic
                                           expose, step-by-step, what is hidden.          pigments and then polished and waxed
                                           Once the form gradually begins to emerge,      them. The final step was to complete
                                           it is almost like peeling an orange – the      the sculpture by gluing in around 2,000
                                           essential suddenly becomes visible.            VITABLOCS Mark II.

                                           How did you first get the idea of              What characterises the sculpture?
                                           incorporating dental materials in a
                                           sculpture?                                     It is a depiction of contrasts: bark, bare
                                                                                          trunk – smoothly polished, coloured
                                           The first contact to VITA Zahnfabrik took      surfaces, light – dark, natural materials
                                           place in autumn 2008 during my                 – materials that imitate nature ... In this
                                           exhibition "HeimBrand" in the Vogthaus         way a connection between related and
                                           in Ravensburg, Germany. I there                opposing elements has emerged, and
                                           presented, among other things, my              the differences between the materials
                                           sculpture "Zahn der Zeit" ("Tooth of           enabled me to concentrate particularly
                                           Time"), and came into a conversation           on the interplay between internal/
                                           about this with Lars Kroupa, Advertising       external.
                                           and Communications Manager at VITA
                                           Zahnfabrik. In this way, I began to            Mr. Oberhofer, thank you very much
                                           approach the subject as to how it could        for this interesting conversation!
                                           look if I used ceramic block materials as
                                           part of a sculpture.                           Contact address:

                                           Fig. 2: This sculpture contains around 2,000
                                           VITABLOCS Mark II.

4   VITA INFO 3.09
                                                             These pellets guarantee an excellent            9. Furthermore, there is also the option
                                                             chameleon effect. In addition to the HT         of characterising the VITA PM 9
                                                             pellets, also the established T (= trans-       restorations with VITA AKZENT stains
                                                             lucent) pellets are recommended for the         (staining technique).
                                                             substructure-free pressing technique.
                                                             The O (= opaque) pellets were devel-
                                                             oped especially for the overpressing
                                                             technique (fig. 1).

                                                             VITA PM 9 is shade matched to the VITA
                                                             SYSTEM 3D-MASTER: The 0 and T pres-
                                                             sing blanks are available in the shades
Fig. 1: The VITA PM 9 press pellets are available in the     0M1P, 0M2P, 1M1P, 1M2P, 2M1P, 2M2P,
varieties opaque, translucent, and, as from October 2009,
                                                             2M3P, 3M1P, 3M2P and 3M3P. The HT
also in high translucent.
                                                             press pellets will be available in the
                                                             dentine shades 0M2P, 1M1P, 1M2P,                Fig. 2: VITA VM 9 ADD-ON Kit.

    VITA PM 9 (Pressable Material) is an                     2M2P, 3M2P and in the enamel shades
"all in one" press ceramic and is suitable                   EN0P, EN1P, EN2P, ENLP and ENDP.                A well-established material concept
for the substructure-free overpressing                                                                       VITA PM 9 is based on the established
technique for the manufacture of inlays,                     Individual                                      fine-structure veneering ceramic VITA
onlays, veneers and anterior crowns as                       For excellent aesthetic results,                VM 9. The VITA press ceramic is
well as for overpressing zirconium oxide                     substructure-free VITAP PM9 restorations        therefore distinguished by its excellent
substructures. Thus VITA PM 9 press                          can be individualised quickly and               material homogeneity, high degree of
ceramic caters for a wide spectrum of                        accurately with the new VITA VM9                plaque resistance and outstanding simi-
indications (see table 1). Especially for                    ADD-ON         porcelains       (layering       larity to natural tooth enamel. In
the individualisation of substructure-                       technique), see fig. 2. The low-melting         addition to this, its excellent grinding
free restorations, VITA Zahnfabrik is                        VITA VM 9 ADD-ON porcelains were                and polishing properties and good
now offering a new assortment with                           developed on the basis of the                   stability characteristics in the layering
eight VITA VM 9 ADD-ON porcelains.                           established VITA VM 9 veneering                 technique make VITA PM 9 restorations
                                                             ceramic. The eight VITA VM 9 ADD-ON             easy to process. Furthermore, the
High translucency                                            porcelains are available as from                combination of VITA PM 9 and VITA VM
The VITAVM 9 press pellets are available                     October 2009 in different shade                 9 ADD-ON porcelains features a com-
as from October 2009 in three different                      nuances from ADD1 to ADD8, and are              pact material and shade assortment,
degrees of translucency (O, H and HT).                       used for the reproduction of natural            which facilitates efficient processing.
With the new HT (= high translucent)                         colour gradients. They are distinguished
pellets for the substructure-free                            by their homogeneous material structure,
pressing technique, ten new shades will                      their natural translucency and their
now be added to the product range.                           excellent sintering bond with VITA PM

   Overpressing technique                                    Substructure-free pressing technique

   O pellets                                                 T pellets: especially for anterior crowns
                                                             HT pellets: especially for inlays, onlays and

Table 1: Overview of the pellet types and their recommended indications.                                     ... more on page 11 !

                                                                                                                                        VITA INFO 3.09   5
                                                                                                          affinity, even after a long time in situ of
                                                                                                          the provisional, there is no unpleasant
                                                                                                          smell, and the material has a very high
                                                                                                          strength thanks to its high density. In
                                                                                                          addition, the composite also forms a
                                                                                                          good bond to other composites.

                                                                                                          To which colleagues would you par-
                                                                                                          ticularly recommend VITA CAD Temp
Fig. 1: VITA CAD-Temp multiColor.                                                                         multiColor?

  Interview with Dental Technician                         The multi-colour polymer block makes it        I can recommend VITA CAD-Temp
Sonja Ganz (Reichel Zahntechnik,                           possible to obtain a highly aesthetic          multiColour without reserve to any
Hermeskeil, Germany) on VITA                               result virtually at the click of a mouse       dental technician. Many colleagues I
CAD-Temp multiColour                                       thanks to the fine shade nuances of the        have spoken to are very grateful that for
                                                           four harmoniously matched shade layers         the first time, it is now possible to
At the IDS 2009 the multi-layer block                      (figs. 2 and 3). In connection with the        reproduce natural aesthetics quickly
VITA CAD-Temp multiColor (fig. 1)                          tooth database, the software offers every      and simply with the multi-layer
was presented to the public for the                        opportunity to do this. Individualisation as   structure of VITA CAD Temp multiColor.
first time. What made you decide to                        required for monochromatic polymer
work with this provisional material?                       blocks is thus no longer necessary.

Aesthetic long-term provisionals are                       As a user from the very beginning,
becoming increasingly important from                       you have already gathered a lot of
our point of view. Particularly in the                     experience with the material. What
case of implant restorations in the                        is your conclusion?                            Fig. 3: The provisional after milling.
anterior area with healing phases of up
to eight months, the patient expects a                     With VITA CAD-Temp multiColour we
temporary restoration which satisfies                      can achieve very attractive results
high aesthetic demands.                                    quickly and simply. The high productivity      Ms Ganz, thank you very much for
                                                           is very important for us, since provisionals   the interview!
                                                           are generally not very well reimbursed.
                                                           Furthermore, we can also use the data
                                                           from the design of the provisional also
                                                           for the manufacture of the definitive

Fig. 2: Polymer block with four shaded layers matched to   What differences does the high-
one another.
                                                           performance composite have in
                                                           comparison to other polymer
What advantages does the new                               materials?
VITA CAD-Temp multiColour block
offer   in     comparison     to                           At Reichel Zahntechnik we have found
monochromatic polymer blocks?                              that VITA CAD Temp has less plaque

6     VITA INFO 3.09
    For more than 45 years VITA              of premium quality raw materials and
Zahnfabrik has given its support to          optimised production processes, by
dental laboratories worldwide with           means of which, among other things, a
premium veneering materials. As from         completely new type of grain distribution
October 2009 the enterprise will begin       of the powder is achieved. This results,
the new chapter in the evolution of the      for example, in superior processing
VITA VMK (VITA Metall Keramik)               characteristics, high flexural strength
success story by offering a no-              and resistance to thermal cycling, low
compromise material with regard to           shrinkage and an excellent bond to the
reliability and aesthetics in the new        substructure.                                 Fig. 1: VITA VMK Master in both original VITA shade
VMK Master.
                                             Both of the main ingredients of VITA
The original                                 VMK Master are, of course, natural            Conclusion
VITA VMK Master was specially developed      potassium and sodium feldspars.               Further to the successful VITA VM
for veneering metal substructures in the     Potassium feldspar makes it possible to       concept component, VITA VM 13, VITA
conventional CTE range. On account of        achieve ideal abrasion behaviour              VMK Master is a worthy VMK successor
its firing temperature and its chemical      towards the antagonist and good chemical      which now forms the next chapter in the
and physical properties it is particularly   resistance in the oral cavity. This results   success story of VITA ceramics. The
well-suited for veneering substructures      in a melt, out of which the glass phase       perfect combination of high-quality raw
made of non-precious alloys. In order to     and leucite are formed on solidification.     materials,    optimised     production
enable the creation of a true-to-life        The thermal expansion coefficient of          processes, simple and safe handling
reproduction of all VITA shades, the         the veneering ceramic is controlled via       and a well-designed assortment makes
ceramic is available in both VITA            the proportion of leucite content. Quartz     it a no-compromise, state-of-the-art
SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and VITAPAN                 forms a further constituent, and is           material.
classical A1 – D4 shades. This makes         added in order to increase the proportion
VITA VMK Master the ideal solution,          of glass phase, and hence also the
especially for laboratories who work         transparency, in order to increase the
according to both original VITA shade        brilliancy of the ceramic. The desired
standards.                                   optical properties are achieved also by
                                             the addition of metal oxides and
Well-proven handling                         shade pigments.
Thanks to the premium processing
characteristics, easy processing is
guaranteed. Convincing results can be
obtained quickly and reliably in the
classical STANDARD layering technique
(DENTINE and ENAMEL). Furthermore,
the VITA VMK Master assortment offers
a wide range of additional porcelains to
give wide scope for individualisation in
demanding patient cases.

Material properties
The excellent material properties of
VITA VMK Master are based on the use                                                       Fig. 2: Convincing results – easy handling.

                                                                                                                         VITA INFO 3.09     7

    The detailed version of the                                   apprehension by showing her examples of
following article by a user can be                                similar restorations. And because I have
ordered by e-mail from Martina                                    many years of positive experience with
Fautz:                                                            VITA VM LC, I was able to assure her that
mail to:                             given good oral hygiene, the veneer is
                                                                  colour stable in the long term.

                                                                  In order to achieve optimum bonding with
                                                                  the veneering material, the substructure                 Fig. 4: The buildup completed with enamel and effect resins.

                                                                  was sandblasted and conditioned with
                                                                  VITA VM BOND. With the new, further
                                                                  development of the opaque of the VITA                    Since the gingiva materials of the VITA
                                                                  VM LC assortment, the basis was laid for                 VM LC assortment are available in
                                                                  the subsequent colouration (fig. 2). Then                various shade nuances, ideal conditions
Fig. 1: Primary telescope made of zirconium dioxide in            the VITA PHYSIODENS denture teeth                        are given for individual and natural
combination with electroformed secondary parts.
                                                                  were set up, in order to obtain a better                 design. A further advantage is that the
The patient was due for fitting of a                              impression of how the final situation                    veneering and gingiva porcelains exhibit
telescopic prosthesis. Since she did not                          would look. These were cemented with                     the same material properties.
much like the idea of visible metal in her
mouth, a construction with primary                                                                                         The patient is highly satisfied with the
telescopes made of zirconium dioxide was                                                                                   end result (fig. 5).
fabricated. In combination with
electroformed secondary constructions,                                                                                     Contact address:
the highest degree of comfort and simple                                                                                   Elmar Beckmann,
handling was possible (fig. 1).                                                                                            Master Dental Technician (MDT)
Furthermore, she was pleased that the                                                                                      Oberammergau
tertiary construction could be manufactured                       Fig. 3: Setup of the VITA PHYSIODENS denture teeth and   Germany
                                                                  step-by-step veneering with VITA VM LC BASE DENTINE.
as a palate-free construction. This was                                                                          
attached by tension-free cementing.
                                                                  VITA VM LC. This was followed by
At first, the patient did not accept the idea                     step-by-step veneering of the telescopic
of the intended acrylic veneer. She was                           parts with BASE DENTINE, enamel and
                                                                  effect porcelains analogously to the
                                                                  adjacent teeth (figs. 3 and 4).

                                                                  Thanks to the viscous consistency of VITA
                                                                  VM LC, accurate application of the
                                                                  material is simple and effective. The clear
                                                                  colour coding of all materials further
                                                                  facilitates the procedure. The result is
Fig. 2: Palateless tertiary construction coated with VITA VM LC   convincing with regard to surface quality
OPAQUE with tension-free cementing.
                                                                  and brilliance.
afraid the material would quickly become
                                                                                                                           Fig. 5: The end result is convincing with regard to
discoloured. We were able to dispel her                                                                                    comfort, surface quality and brilliance.

8     VITA INFO 3.09
                                                                                         VITA LINGOFORM acrylic resin teeth
                                                                                         now available in all 26 shades of the
                                                                                         VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER, the
                                                                                         BLEACHED COLOUR 0M3 as well as in
                                                                                         all VITAPAN classical A1 – D4 shades
                                                                                         (except B1), a new tooth size will be
                                                                                         added to the assortment as from
Fig. 1: VITA LINGOFORM is available as from
                                                                                         immediately. A new, larger tooth mould
immediately in the new size 24L.
                                              quality are achievable goals. The          with the designation 24L will now be
                                              well-designed functionality of the         added to the previous mould selection
    With a choice of four different           occlusal areas enhances the effect of      21L, 22L and 23L. This means that in
posterior tooth lines, VITA Zahnfabrik        the ideal static alignment of the          every patient case, an optimum,
offers a solution to suit every case and      prosthesis in situ, helps to protect the   individual solution can be found even
every indication in the field of removable    tooth substance and offers an              more simply and efficiently.
dental restorations. In combination with      excellent degree of comfort for the
VITAPAN and VITA PHYSIODENS                   wearer.
anteriors, this furthermore results in
prosthetics with premium aesthetics and       Wide setup
reliable function. A long-lasting             After extending the range of
prosthesis and an excellent degree of         available shades by making the
comfort for the wearer are ensured by
the       VITA       MRP         procedure
(microfiller-reinforced        polyacrylic)
material established for many years.
Now, in response to the wish of many
customers, VITA is now adding a new,
fourth size to the high-selling posterior
tooth line VITA LINGOFORM as from
September 2009 (fig. 1).

With the widest range of indications,
VITA LINGOFORM is the all-rounder
among the denture tooth lines, and is
suitable for all generally accepted
occlusion concepts including lingualised
occlusion. Thanks to the multifunctional
design of the occlusal surfaces, the
VITA LINGOFORM posteriors are quick
and easy to set up, which means that
high productivity and patient-oriented

Fig. 1: With lingualised setup the lower posteriors are set   Fig. 2: The dominant mesiopalatal cusp of the first upper   Fig. 3: The distopalatal cusp bites into the distal marginal
up, as from the second premolar, horizontally and not         molar bites into the fossa of the first lower molar.        ridge of the first lower molar. The second upper premolar is
lingually inclined.                                                                                                       thus brought into contact with its antagonist in such a way
                                                                                                                          that the palatal cusp of the latter bites into the fossa of the
                                                                                                                          second lower premolar only.

   The VITAPAN LINGOFORM posterior                            solved. Independently of which concept                      horizontally, starting from the second
tooth line is appreciated not only by                         is chosen, an essential step is therefore                   premolar. The upper posteriors are
experienced        prosthetists.     The                      the clear determination of the centric                      brought into contact with their
multifunctional tooth has become                              relation by the dentist. Furthermore, it is                 antagonists in such a way that they bite
established also in the training sector,                      important not to try to conform at all                      into one another anatomically and
since thanks to its well-defined occlusal                     costs to any one theoretical concept.                       functionally. A free space always
contacts, it is also easy, even for                           The question of which concept is                            remains between the buccal cusps.
beginners, to set up according to                             suitable must be asked all over again
generally accepted criteria. And so the                       for each individual case.                                   VITA LINGOFORM teeth support this
old saying "the first step is always the                                                                                  concept: the teeth of the lower jaw can
hardest", does not apply in this case.                        Lingualised occlusion                                       be set up accurately thanks to the
We are very glad to be able to give the                       VITA LINGOFORM teeth are suitable for                       convex approximal contacts. Their
new dental technicians an easier start                        use with every generally accepted                           preabraded occlusal surface relief
in the complex area of removable                              occlusion concept including lingualised                     shows the way to the optimum centric
prosthetics", concludes Eva Kerschen-                         occlusion (figs. 1 to 6). Here, the palatal                 relation. By means of the slightly deeper
steiner from Product Management/                              working cusps of the upper posteriors                       occlusal surfaces in the upper jaw, a
Development in the product sector VITA                        bite into the central fossae of the lower                   natural effect is created without
Teeth.                                                        posteriors. The buccal cusps are out of                     compromising the function. On account

Fig. 4: The palatal cusp of the first upper premolar bites    Fig. 5: The palatal cusps of the second upper molar bite    Fig. 6: The buccal cusps of the upper posteriors are always
into the fossa area of the first lower premolar.              into the fossa area of the second lower molar.              situated slightly higher, and out of contact with the buccal
                                                                                                                          areas of their antagonists.

Generally accepted criteria                                   contact. The lower posteriors are set up,                   of their ideal static alignment, this
For the setup of posterior teeth, the                         statically speaking, with the alveolar                      posterior tooth line is suitable even for
statics always play an important part. In                     ridge corresponding to a curve of Spee.                     the most difficult centric jaw relations.
every individual patient case it must be                      From a labial point of view, their
determined which problems are to be                           occlusal     surfaces    are     aligned

10      VITA INFO 3.09

Fig. 1: Productivity to the power of four! With the control
pad VITA vPad excellence you can operate up to four firing
or combined pressing units.

   At the IDS 2009 the firing system                          pressing furnace can be operated with                  Firing units
VITA VACUMAT "New Generation" with                            the control panels VITA vPad comfort                   Both firing units feature an innovative
a modular structure was presented. The                        and VITA vPad excellence. The official                 firing technology with many useful
components presented included the                             market introduction will take place in                 utility and monitoring functions, so that
ceramic firing unit VITA VACUMAT 6000                         October 2009.                                          consistently high-quality firing results
M, the three freely selectable control                                                                               can be achieved. The features include,
panels VITA vPad easy, VITA vPad                                                                                     for instance, the automatic cleaning
comfort and VITA vPad excellence as                                                                                  program, an integrated function for
well as an attractive range of                                                                                       avoiding the formation of condensation
accessories. Now further modules and                                                                                 in the insulating material, power
possibilities for combination have been                                                                              protection failure, automatic temperature
added to the system.                                                                                                 adjustment at the start of every
                                                                                                                     program as well as permanent
For instance, the VITA VACUMAT 6000                                                                                  temperature and vacuum monitoring.
M is available as from immediately in
two different design finishes: the user                                                                              The automatic storing of firing data
can choose between the model with the                                                                                serves the purpose of quality
furnace casing in a stainless steel finish                                                                           management, and is useful for distance
and an elegant, anthracite painted steel                                                                             diagnosis and customer service issues.
finish. Furthermore, the combined
pressing unit VACUMAT 6000 MP has
been added to the system, and is
likewise available in the two design
                                                              Fig. 2: The combined pressing unit VITA VACUMAT 6000
finishes mentioned. The combined                              MP with an anthracite painted finish.

                                                                                                                                         VITA INFO 3.09    11
                                                          and outstandingly ergonomic use with a       laboratory, so that it can, for instance,
                                                          colour touchscreen and photo viewer.         be made to correspond to the ceramic
                                                          With only three clicks, the user selects     materials being fired with each particular
                                                          the desired program and initiates the        ceramic furnace. For easier distinction
                                                          firing process. Furthermore, these VITA      of each furnace when several furnaces
                                                          vPads enable easy multiple furnace           are in use, the magnetic number set
                                                          operation of up to four furnaces with        supplied with the furnace (numbers 1 to
                                                          only one control panel. Thanks to the        4) can be used. Furthermore, the white
                                                          2GB photo viewer of the VITA vPad            side panels are also suitable for use as
                                                          excellence, patient images can be            a surface for making notes. Besides the
                                                          displayed, processed and stored directly     two large built-in object trays, additional
                                                          at the workstation. It is even possible to   separate object trays are available for
                                                          create different user accounts, so-          increased flexibility at the workstation.
                                                          called "user profiles", with individual
                                                          program settings and favourites, when        Advantages:
Fig. 3: VITA VACUMAT 6000M in an anthracite finish with   required with password protection. The       The innovative concept of the New
VITA vPad excellence.
                                                          programs can then be used also by            Generation allows flexible individual
                                                          colleagues,      but       the     stored    solutions and is economically efficient
Both firing units feature a space-saving,                 parameters cannot be altered. The user       to the highest degree thanks to its
ergonomic, modern design and are                          profiles can be transferred simply via       modular design. The user chooses only
equipped with an LED status display                       USB stick to other VITA vPads comfort        the modules which he currently requires
(LED bar) that can be easily read from a                  or vPads excellence.                         and can add further components
distance. The current operating status                                                                 (furnaces, control units and accessories)
can be likewise determined with a                         The integrated "intelligence" of the VITA    to his system at any time as required. In
choice of three (freely selectable)                       vPads offers assistance when entering        this way, the laboratory has a furnace
acoustic signals. The variety of different                or altering firing parameters. Invalid       system at its fingertips which is
sounds available makes it possible,                       entries are automatically corrected and      optimally adapted to its own individual
even when several furnaces are being                      the user informed. All program               requirements, and with a decisive
used simultaneously, to give each unit                    settings can be simply and easily            economic advantage compared to
its own clearly distinguishable "voice".                  altered on the touchscreen. It is also       traditional ceramic furnaces.
                                                          possible to perform all the programming
Furthermore, the combined pressing                        on the computer and transfer this
unit offers freely selectable pressing                    subsequently to the control panel.
programs for all press ceramics                           Mouse and keyboard can also be
available on the market, and is suitable                  connected. The PDP (Personal Data
for the use of different muffle sizes. The                Protection) function ensures a backup of
automatic recognition of the number of                    all settings, which, if necessary, can be
inserted press pellets ensures                            transferred to another control panel
additional safety for the user.                           using a memory card.

Control pads                                              Accessories
All VITA vPad control panels are                          The furnace can be equipped with side
characterised by a unified operating                      panels in a choice of six colours (in VITA
concept based on self-explanatory icons                   VM shades, dark grey and white), which
and is suitable for intuitive operation by                are magnetic and can be easily attached
every user. The control panels vPad                       to the furnace. In this way, the firing
comfort and vPad excellence offer a                       unit can be colour coordinated with the      Fig. 4: VITA VACUMAT 6000 M in a stainless steel finish
particularly wide range of possibilities                  rest of the interior design of the           with VITA vPad excellence.

12     VITA INFO 3.09
   A current study by Dr. Helen Haddad              dimensions of colour, namely value,
et al. (fig. 1) demonstrates that women             chroma and hue.
have an advantage when it comes to
tooth shade determination.                          After     sufficient    training,     the
                                                    participants were required to sit a final
The influence of gender and                         test as a basis for the evaluation. This
experience                                          consisted of a total of 15 exercises, in
The object of the study was the influence           each of which the three dimensions of
of gender and degree of experience on               colour were to be correctly determined.     Fig. 3: Toothguide Training Box.

the success rate of shade determination.
A total of 614 test subjects from 15                Result                                      Comparison
universities in 9 countries aged 18 – 47            For each of the test subjects, the sum of   A study conducted by Donahue et al. In
years participated in the study. This               all deviations between the selected and     1991 reached the conclusion that men
comprised 305 women and 309 men,                    the correct shade sample were               did not demonstrate a significant
and 319 students of dentistry as well as            determined. The lower the value, the        tendency to a more unified shade
295 dentists and dental technicians. In             more precise was the shade                  selection than women. In a study
order to rule out colour vision                     determination. The result was that the      published in 2006 by Curd et al., gender
deficiencies, Isihara tests were carried            female test subjects generally achieved     and also experience had no relevant
out.                                                a higher success rate than the men. The     influence on the success rate. The
                                                    shade determination results of the          current study contradicts the studies
                                                    students, however, were not significantly   mentioned above by demonstrating that
                                                    less accurate than that of the dentists     gender definitely does have an
                                                    and dental technicians.                     influence on shade determination. The
                                                                                                studies agree on the conclusion that the
                                                    Furthermore, it was confirmed that the      degree of experience is irrelevant.
                                                    TT and TTB make specific training in
                                                    colour perception possible. By means of
Fig. 2: The learning software Toothguide Trainer.
                                                    future studies, the potential of such
                                                    training will be further examined.
Training and examination
The participants were prepared for the
experiment by means of a general
lecture on dental shade determination
and an introduction to the learning
software Toothguide Trainer (TT) and
the Toothguide Training Box (TTB), s.
figs. 2 and 3. Whereas with the TT
images of shade samples of the shade
guide VITA Toothguide 3D-Master were
compared on the computer monitor,
with the TTB real ceramic shade
samples can be examined under
standardised daylight conditions. Using
both of these learning instruments,
shade determination is performed in
three steps according to the VITA                              Fig. 1: Dr. Helen Haddad.

system 3D-MASTER and the three

                                                                                              Fig. 5: Access to the patient database.

                                                                                              ShadeAssist relating to the diagnosis
                                                                                              depicted on the tooth contour. The
                                                                                              summarising of individual diagnoses to
                                                                                              reports makes it possible to gain a quick
                                                                                              overview of treatment progress in a type
                                                                                              of "collective folder". A detailed
                                                                                              description of the software functions (in
Fig. 1: Print preview of report on bleaching.                                                 German and English language) is given
                                                                                              beneath the menu item "Help".

Fig. 2: Photographic diagnosis.                 Fig. 4: Creating a new diagnosis.             Fig. 6: Creating a new report.

    Loss-free communication of all              The     basic    version      will    be
relevant information on the tooth shade         available for download free of charge as
is a decisive factor for the correct            from       Autumn       2009       under
reproduction and the material selection
for the fabrication of dental restorations.
For this reason VITA Zahnfabrik has             With VITA ShadeAssist (XP, Vista), dental
developed new software for optimum              diagnoses can be easily documented,
shade communication: VITA Shade Assist.         processed and prepared for sending to
                                                the dental technician or patient. It can be
                                                organised into any number of separate
                                                patient files and printed out, e.g. the
                                                results of shade determination with the
                                                VITAPAN classical A1 – D4 or VITA
                                                Linearguide 3D-MASTER shades, the
                                                results of measurements taken with the
                                                VITA Easyshade Compact, text comments
                                                as well as digital photographs and
Fig. 3: Photographic diagnosis.                 diagrams compiled with the aid of VITA

14      VITA INFO 3.09
                                                             such a way that the entire range of                        User-friendly
                                                             tooth sizes is covered with a minimum                      Thanks to the innovative setup concept
                                                             number of tooth moulds. This permits                       easy centric, even beginners can easily
                                                             lean stock-keeping with a high degree                      achieve an optimum occlusion almost
                                                             of economic efficiency. A range of                         automatically, resulting in high
                                                             twelve upper and five lower teeth sets                     productivity and patient-oriented
                                                             is available for the anterior area, and                    quality. This is possible on account of
Fig. 1: VITA MFT is the all-rounder among the denture
teeth.                                                       three sets of upper and lower teeth                        the preabraded occlusal surface reliefs
                                                             each for the posterior area.                               for minimum horizontal shear forces,
   One for all and all for one!                                                                                         specially moulded cusps for ideal static
The multifunctional tooth VITA MFT is                        Aesthetic                                                  alignment and many other details. VITA
suitable for complete denture                                VITA MFT is a highly aesthetic and                         MFT can be set up quickly, easily and
prosthetics, implant prosthetics,                            reliable tooth with an excellent                           precisely according to all occlusion
telescopic and conus constructions,                          cost/benefit ratio. It is the only tooth                   concepts.
attachments, model casting prostheses                        worldwide which so closely follows                         The true-to-life anatomy of the VITA MFT
and interim solutions (Fig. 1). This tooth                   nature's example. A lifelike play of                       anteriors, the approximal contacts of
was developed for all indications in                         colours is guaranteed by the true-to-                      which are situated with a slight palatal
response to the wishes of customers                          nature, three-layer buildup (Fig. 4).                      shift in the area of the incisal third, enables
from all over the world using state-of-                      Opalescence, luminescence and translu-                     easy setup with a natural, organic effect.
the-art technology (Figs. 2 and 3). In this                  cency enhance the natural light reflection                 The slightly broadened tooth necks facilitate
way optimum results with regard to                           which is achieved by means of the richly                   not only a nature-identical setup of the
form and function are achieved, so that                      nuanced, individually designed mamelon                     teeth, but also permit age-related
choosing VITA MFT will bring                                 structure (Fig. 5). Also details such as                   interdental design. A slightly convex
advantages in every respect.                                 the whitish shaded incisal areas ensure                    design of the labial surfaces ensures a

Fig. 2: The development of VITA MFT takes into account the   Fig. 3: The high degree of aesthetics is achieved, among   Fig. 4: A completely natural appearance is created by the
wishes of customers from all over the world and...           other things, by a three-layer buildup.                    richly nuanced play of colours comprising opalescence, lumi-
                                                                                                                        nescence and translucency.

Compact assortment
The VITA MFT product range is                                the outstanding aesthetics of VITA MFT
distinguished by its well-designed,                          (Fig. 6). The selection of moulds and
clearly structured and economic                              shades guarantees individual design to
assortment. The colour spectrum ranges                       suit each particular patient. The mould
from the eight most frequent VITA                            L37LN (Long Neck), for instance, was
SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades, plus                                developed especially for the reproduction
information on the best match to the                         of specific periodontal characteristics
corresponding VITAPAN classical A1-D4                        such as occur, for instance, in partial
                                                                                                                        Fig. 5: The nature-identical design of the palatal surfaces
shade. This enables an accurate shade                        prosthetics. The lifelike effect of the                    conserves the phonetics and the accustomed tongue sensati-
                                                                                                                        on. At the same time, the whitish incisal areas enhance the
selection according to both shade                            denture teeth thus contributes to an                       aesthetic effect.
systems. Furthermore, empirical studies                      overall natural appearance, and results
have shown that the width of an upper                        in acceptance of the restoration by the                    harmonious design of the palatal surfaces
anterior teeth set generally lies                            patient within the shortest space of                       which helps to conserve the phonetics,
between ± 40 and ± 50 mm. Thus the                           time (Fig. 7).                                             the accustomed tongue sensation as well
scaling of VITA MFT was adjusted in
                                                                                                                                                     VITA INFO 3.09             15
as enhancing the lip contour. The VITA                             efficient setup almost automatically
MFT posteriors are distinguished by their                          according to easy centric (Fig. 8). The
preabraded functional occlusal surfa-                              cuspal design leads automatically to the
ces, which minimise the horizontal                                 correct centric relation.
shear forces and ensure the ideal static
alignment in the lower jaw. The                                    Feedback
optimum cusp-fossa design of the                                   "We are delighted that VITA MFT has
occlusal surfaces ensures a safe and                               been so well received to date by dental
                                                                                                               Fig. 7: easy-centric – the ideal cuspal design leads
                                                                   technicians at all presentations and        automatically to the correct centric relation.
                                                                   training sessions all over the world. The
                                                                   feedback from the users is extremely
                                                                   important to us, and shows that with
                                                                   the development of VITA MFT, we have
                                                                   produced just what the customer
                                                                   needs!" as Eva Kerschensteiner and
                                                                   Urban      Christen     from     Product
                                                                   Management/Development in the
Fig. 6: The lifelike effect of the denture teeth ensures patient   sector VITA teeth are very pleased to
acceptance of the dental restoration within the shortest
space of time.                                                     conclude.

                                                                   VITA Zahnfabrik supports dedicated
                                                                   dental technicians in this by offering
                                                                   made-to-measure training:

                                                                   Ceramic Foundation Courses and High-
                                                                   Class Aesthetics in the VITA VM Concept
                                                                   with VITA VM 7 / VITA VM 9 and VITA
                                                                   VM 13
Fig.: VITA training courses are planned – for further infor-
mation please contact your VITA sales representative or
                                                                   Complete Dentures Courses with VITA,
                                                                   PHYSIODENS, VITA LINGOFORM and
    Especially in economically challenging                         VITA MFT Teeth
                                                                                                                                                                      728E/41 – 1109 (4.1) Sma

times, it is essential to position oneself
on the market through outstanding                                  Interested? For further information
performance and quality. In order to                               please contact your VITA sales
succeed in this goal, ongoing further                              representative or send an e-mail to
training is a tested and tried method.                   

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