; Important of education for your childrens
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Important of education for your childrens


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									Education in formal educational institutions recognized by the state
educational institutions is something that must be done.

Whoever the person should attend at least 9 years old until graduating
high school. Perhaps you would question whether the actual function of
school education.

The higher the education level achieved by one's school, the better. The
benefits and functions of learning in schools and higher education, among

   1. Academic Ability Ability Train Children
      By train and hone the ability to memorize, analyze, problem
solving, logic, and so forth through school education, it is expected
that someone will have a good academic ability. Can distinguish between
people who are not school and yangberseolah in academic ability.
Remember, the future which we live will be more difficult, so it takes
struggle, hard work and science.

   2. Galvanize and Strengthening Mental, Physical and Discipline
      By requiring a student or student to come and go in accordance with
the rules in effect on school education, could indirectly enhance one's
discipline. With a tight schedule so schools that force a student to
learn continuously, it will strengthen the person mentally and physically

   3. Introducing Responsibility
      The responsibility of a child is learning, where parents or
guardians who provide a living. A child who is performing their duties
and obligations by either by following a diligent school education will
make the proud parents, teachers, siblings, relatives, and others.

   4. Build a Social Life and Social Networking
      Number of friends who go to school together will broaden a student
of social relations. By following the formal school education, did not
rule out the possibility in the future will form a business network with
fellow friends, which among others already know and trust each other. By
having friends, then social needs that are basic human needs can be met

   5. For Self Identity
      Graduated from a school educational institution, typically will
receive a special certificate or diploma recognized that we are the
people who educated, have good quality and reliable. When juxtaposed with
people who are not educated in an office job, then the average of the
akam terpelajarlah get the job.

   6. Means Developing Self and creativity
      A student can participate in various extracurricular programs
complement the academic activities for teaching and learning to develop
talents and interests in a person. More and more have the expertise and
creativity, it will better the quality of a person. School and college is
only as a mediator or self-development tool, while changing one's self is
the only one's own.

infact in some countries to pursue education take a very long time.

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