Benefits of Jogging

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					Running or jogging is a good way to improve overall health. Not just a
good cardiovascular workout, but also help to strengthen muscle tone and
beat someone. Well, some of the benefits of jogging is to burn calories
and fat, increase cardiovascular strength, improve digestion, ward off
depression, and strengthens all the muscles and increase bone density in
the legs, hips, and back.

Like most things, the more often you run and also the higher intensity,
the more benefits you will gain. For example, in a study of the
individuals who ran more than 50 miles per week will have more total
cholesterol is good and experienced much greater loss of body fat,
triglyceride levels, and the threat of heart disease than those who ran
less than 10 miles every week. Also, runners who ran more than it will
decrease high blood pressure by almost 50%. It may also runners are using
drugs to lower cholesterol or blood pressure.

It has also been recorded during recent years that the excessive running
or jogging could be at risk of becoming strained to the knee and ankle.
However, this can often be avoided with good running shoes in accordance
with the type of foot.

So if you want your body to benefit from these exercises, walking or
jogging is a great way for you to perform. Hopefully useful.

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