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                   San Bernardino
                     & Highland
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   4       publisher’s note                    5   personalities of our time                                       26 punch lines
           Christopher Theodore                    The 39th President of the United States                                  The price of gas, and communication
                                                   has been quite busy since his term in                                    between couples is grist for the humor mill
   6       letters                                 office. Catch up with his life and                                       this issue...with a few quotes to boot.
           Our readers write                       outlook in this Amy Goodman interview.
                                                                                                                   28 double take
   7       verbatim                            10 cover story                                                               Study these two “identical” photos to find
           Quotes of note                          Building A Movement                                                      the 8 differences between them.
                                                   Many Americans, including 93-year old
   7       numbers                                 story author Grace Lee Boggs, believe
                                                   that we are at one of the great turning
                                                                                                                   30 who am i?
           Figure facts in the IE                                                                                           Guess the historical personality profiled in
                                                   points in history in regards to the
                                                                                                                            this short bio and you could win a $50 Gift
                                                   survival of humanity, our values and our
   8       take a stand                            environment. Can someone build a                                         Certificate and a cool Reader T-shirt.
           Local residents describe the most       movement to restore vision and purpose
           fascinating person they know            to our immobilized citizens? Can
                                                   anyone? A look at Mahatma Gandhi and
   16 calendar                                     Martin Luther King, Jr., men who built
           Local happenings for September,         movements against “insurmountable”
           October and November                    forces, are a good place to start in                                         Publisher Christopher Theodore
                                                                                                                                Business Development Director Hajnalka Nagy, Ph.D.
                                                   answering these questions.
                                                                                                                                Creative Director Pete Theodore
                                                                                                                                Operations Director Cheryl Smith
                                               14 dangerous unselfishness                                                       Administrative Assistant Sonya King
                                                   If you can spare a few minutes to                                            Account Managers Crystal Meses, Bruce Phillips,
                                                   change the world...we have a mission                                         Bryan Woolf
                                                   for you. This feature includes a report                                      Graphic Designer Paul Willhite
                                                                                                                                Staff Writers J.F. Herrera, Joel Hagstrom, Wilma Rueda
                                                   from an IE resident who has accepted
                                                   such a mission.                                                              Noble Media, Inc.
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                                                                             publisher’s note
                                                                           T        his     Reader

                                                                           Martin Luther King, two men
                                                                                    celebrates Gandhi and
                                                                                                                     comes with a price - it demands
                                                                                                                     that we put ourselves in the place
                                                                                                                     where change can happen.
                                                                           whose lives radically transformed             Gandhi recognized that an
                                                                           how we think and changed the              exploitive economic system would
                                                                           world. The exciting challenge their       be brought to a halt through small
                                                                           lives offer us today is presented in      choices in his own thinking and
                                                                           our cover story by Grace Lee Boggs,       behavior. Martin Luther King told
                                                                           a 93-year old Chinese-American            others, "We have come to value
                                                                           who for over 70 years has been a          things more than people. Our
                                                                           community worker in Detroit,              technological development has
                                                                           Michigan. She establishes her             outrun our spiritual development."
                                                                           humility early, saying, "I have three         Perhaps what is most frustrating
                                                                           pair of glasses, two hearing aids, very   to us is that we have set our sights
                                                                           few teeth but most of my marbles.”        too high - we have thought that if
                                                                           What she does not mention are the         we cannot do something that
                                                                           thousands of lives she has helped         changes everyone, we might as well
                                                                           transform for good by her                 do nothing, or do less than give of
                                                                           community-building work which             ourselves totally. What the story by
                                                                           has spanned seven decades.                Grace Lee Boggs reminds us is that
                                                                                What researching this Reader         our transformation of the world
                                                                           taught me is the importance of            around us, in precisely the direction
                                                                           reflecting on and sharing one's own       the world needs, comes from going
                                                                           story and one's own experience            to that place that will change us. We
                                                                           when we relate to each other. Too         cannot do it by thinking the same
                                                                           often we think that our lives pale in     things or doing the same things.
                                                                           comparison to others. In truth, we            She says, "People are aware that
                                                                           are the hope, we are what                 they cannot continue in the same
                                                                           everything is depending on - you,         old way but are immobilized
                                                                           me and everyone else.                     because they cannot imagine an
                                                    11/30/08.                   People like Gandhi and Martin        alternative. We need a vision that
                                                                           Luther King talked about change           recognizes that we are at one of the
                                                                           coming to the world through self-         great turning points in human
                                                                           change. Each of these three               history when the survival of our
                                                                           transformed the world through the         planet and the restoration of our
                                                                           change that took place in their           humanity require a great sea change
                                                                           own lives which shows a way that          in our ecological, economic,
                                                                           we too, can dramatically alter the        political, and spiritual values."
                                                                           course of events, our friends' lives,         Gandhi and Martin Luther
                                                                           our families, community, nation,          King were not born with the
                                                                           world and history, even when our          answers, nor do I believe were they
                                                                           circumstances appear to us to have        born destined to change the world.
                                                                           made us powerless. Self-change            One breath at a time, one choice at
                                                                                                                     a time, they changed themselves
                                                                                                                     and the world. Revisiting their
                                                                                                                     stories, we hope, renews your faith
                                                                                                                     in your capacity to change yourself
                                                                                                                     and the world.


                                                                                                                     Christopher Theodore

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  personalities time                                   OF

    “I work every year for at
 least a week with Habitat
  for Humanity. We’ve done
 this for twenty-four years,
             my wife and I.”

                                            Jimmy Carter. 39TH U.S. PRESIDENT,
                                          NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER, HUMANITARIAN

N        oted journalist and author
         Amy Goodman sat down
with former President Carter at the
                                          had I known as much as I know now,
                                          just a tenth as much, about what
                                          actually goes on among those
                                                                                                                        11/30/08                    11/30/08

Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia.        families and in those little towns and
Jimmy Carter is the thirty-ninth          villages that are so sadly neglected
President of the United States. He        and so much in need.
                                                                                            Offer expires 11/30/08.
served from 1977 to 1981. During
his time in the White House, he           AG: If you had known, what would you
helped negotiate the Camp David           have done differently?
Accords, which secured a lasting          JC: I would have increased greatly                Offer expires 11/30/08.
peace between Israel and Egypt. After     my - using my voice as president to
leaving office, Jimmy Carter and his      publicize the plight of these people,
wife Rosalynn founded the Carter          and I would have been much more
Center, which, among other things,        effective, I think, in inducing the
monitors elections around the world.      Congress to appropriate foreign
In 2002, Jimmy Carter was awarded         assistance money.
the Nobel Peace Prize.
                                          AG: President Carter, Iraq.
Amy Goodman: President Carter, can        JC: Yes?
you talk about what the Center is and
what you’ve been doing for this quarter   AG: Your assessment?
of a century?                             JC: Well, I’m not an expert on Iraq.
JC: Well, the Carter Center’s work is     I’ve never been there. I despised
really an extension of what I found to    Saddam Hussein, because he
be of interest when I was president:      attacked Iran when my hostages were
to work on peace and human rights,        being held. As you may know
environmental quality, alleviation of     President Reagan established
suffering, things of that kind and        diplomatic relations with Saddam
dealing with the plight of the poorest    Hussein after I left office. But I think
and most destitute and suffering          the best approach that I have seen -
people on earth. We now have              and I’ve studied it very carefully - is
programs in over seventy nations,         the Baker-Hamilton Report. And I
and, not surprisingly, about half of      think that, as far as I’m concerned,
them are in Africa.                       without        any          substantive
                                          modification, that’s the best
AG: When you were president, did you      approach to the Iraq question: to
have any idea you would be doing this?    begin an orderly withdrawal; to
JC: Well, I really expected to have a     marshal all of the surrounding
second term, as you may have              countries, including Iran and Syria,
surmised. But, no, I didn’t have any      to help with the orderly regression of
idea about this. I wish I had...I would
                                                                                                                      11/30/08                   11/30/08
have been much more productive
                                                          CONTINUED ON PAGE 25

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                                                                               To Charles Monaghan from                                                 Thank you Reader Magazine for
                                                                          Calimesa (Letters, May June July                                        asking people to reflect on what it is
                                                                          2008); the interview with John                                          that they are accomplishing or
                                                                          McCain was completely appropriate.                                      endeavoring to accomplish in this
                                                                          Nowadays, more people are                                               life! (Cover Story: How Will You Be
                                                                          becoming involved in politics after a                                   Remembered?, May June July 2008)
                                                                          time       of    minimal     political                                  It is not always the most fun thing to
                                                                          participation. The magazine simply                                      take responsibility for the impact
                                                                          may be a better way to keep                                             that you are or may be making on
                                                                          involving the public, especially since                                  others lives and on issues that impact
                                                                          it is free. I support Obama but do                                      the whole community, but we must
                                                                          not believe featuring McCain was                                        live our lives with open eyes and
                                                                          "inexcusable and wrong." Next time,                                     strong voices. I know one simple
                                                                          maybe The Reader should include                                         thing and that is that I want to be
                                               Valid with this ad only.   both sides of an issue.                                                 remembered for creating joy in the
                                                 Expires 11/30/08.
                                                                               Belgica del Rio                                                    lives of those I come into contact
                                                                               Redlands                                                           with. And this is not such a difficult
                                                                                                                                                  task because it could be
                                                                                                                                                  accomplished with a kind smile for a
                                                                               I enjoyed reading about local                                      stranger. Thank you for using your
                                                                          young lady Meghan Cochran-Yu                                            powerful voice in the community for
                                                                          and her “dangerous unselfishness.”                                      bettering all of our lives!
                                                                          The term was used by Dr. Martin                                               Erica Fischer
                                                                          Luther King Jr. in his “I Have                                                Banning
                                                                          Been to the Mountaintop” speech
                                                                          and as he stepped out from what
                                                                          was comfortable activism, Meghan                                            I'm disappointed! Stephen
                                                                          is also this kind of character. Our                                     Colbert (Personalities of Our Time,
                                                                          family thanks her for what she is                                       May June July 2008) profits from
                                                                          doing and thanks her family for                                         the apathy and confusion of the
                                                                          instilling in her the values and                                        American public at large. This man
                                                                          morals to use her life this way.                                        is not someone to be heralded for
                                                                               Wendy Chang-Lo                                                     upholding free speech - his form of
                                                                               Highland                                                           free speech is hurtful to our unity
                                                                                                                                                  and is unpatriotic.
                                                                            ADDRESS LETTERS TO:                                                       Dan
                                                                            10 E. Vine St., Suite 206                                                 Grand Terrace
                                                                            Redlands, CA 92373
                                                                            OR EMAIL:

                                                                                                  Call for more information. Exp. 11/30/08   Call for more information. Exp. 11/30/08


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verbatim                                              Professional
                                                   Accounting Services
                                                                                         TAX Consultation
 "Gangs, when trying to attract new               for BUSINESS CLIENTS               for SMALL BUSINESS
    members, target youths with few                         as low as                 for a limited time is now       Number of felony charges against Adam
  interests who aren't engaged in the
                         community."              $250/mo.                                  FREE                      Aleman, Assistant Assessor in Bill Postmus'
                                                                                                                      Assessor's office. Aleman, 25, was arrested
              - Detective Doug Monte                                                                                  on six felony charges of falsifying
  of Banning's Gang Resistance Education                                                                              documents and destroying public records.
      and Training Program-Camp (GREAT)                                                                               The Board of Supervisors have asked Mr.
     explaining why he is involved in giving                                                                          Postmus to appear before them.
 junior high school kids an alternative that
                  local kids are flocking to.                                                                         696,027
                                                                                                                      Number of additional square feet of retail
                                                                                                                      and residential space in the second phase
   "Things move glacially slow, but I                                                                                 of expansion of Redlands' Citrus Plaza. The
    can look back and see the change                                                                                  County Supervisor's Board approved a
                       we've made."                                                                                   general plan amendment, allowing the 51-
                    - Lynne Patalano                                                                                  acre center to expand to 118 acres and
  Beaumont resident and teacher who is a                                                                              include residential use, including 231
 member of RESULTS, a 20-year old, grass
   roots Inland Empire group dedicated to
                                                                                                                      apartment homes.
     ending worldwide hunger and poverty.
   Lynne was in Washington DC with other                                                                              $1 BILLION
     RESULTS members in July to lobby for         O   Small Business Advisors        O   Financial Statements         Amount to be spent on the children's
      funding of a bill to prevent infectious     O   Tax Planning / Preparation     O   QuickBooks Advisors          hospital in Loma Linda. In the last two
  diseases and prolong the lives of people        O   Accounting / Bookkeeping       O   Business Development         months Loma Linda Medical Center has
         with AIDS in developing countries.                                                                           either opened, broken ground or announced
                                                  O   Payroll Processing Service     O   SBA / Loan Application
                                                  O   E-File
                                                                                                                      partnerships with other medical groups for
                                                                                                                      five other facilities stretching from Colton
                                                                    ALL WORK GUARANTEED                               to Murrieta.
                                                         1175 Idaho St.     O   Suite 202   O   Redlands
                                                  909.307.2323          O

                               Gwen Karger

            "Happy and embarrassed."
                     - Barney Karger
 Grand Terrace resident describing his late
wife Gwen's probable reaction to know that                                                                            1,600
     Grand Terrace's newest park has been
    named in her honor. Gwenn Karger, who
                                                                                                                      Number of solar panels being installed on
        died in March 2006, was a 47-year                                                                             the roof of the four-story Jerry L. Pettis
     resident, who raised four children and                                                                           Memorial VA Medical Center in hopes of
participated in the Grand Terrace Woman's                                                                             cutting the Loma Linda hospital's electricity
  Club, the Girl Scouts, the swim team and                                                                            bill by at least $60,000 a year.
                other organizations in town.
                                                                                                                      Number of years
"If we're going to reduce the balance of
                                                                                                                      since the last
    the deficit, they've got to cough up."
                                                                                                                      high school was
                     - Rikke Van Johnson                                                                              built in Colton.
   San Bernardino Councilman reflecting on
     the need for police and fire department
     budgets to be reduced. With the budget
 deficit pared to about a third of its original                                                                       MILLION
   size, the San Bernardino City Council will                                                                         Cost of the new
 turn to the toughest debate so far: whether                                                                          Colton high school
to help fill the remaining gap with new cuts                                                                          which includes a
          in the Police and Fire departments.                                                                         cafeteria, a performing arts area, 96
                                                                                                                      classrooms, a library, a grass football field
                                                                                                                      with a dirt track and parking.
     "I think it would be a good idea."
                    - Mahatma Gandhi
             when asked what he thought of
                        Western civilization

WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET                                                  AUG SEP OCT 2008               READER MAGAZINE OF SAN BERNARDINO-HIGHLAND 7
                                                                                  take a stand
                                                                                Who is the Most Fascinating
                                                                                Person You Know...
                                                                                and Why?
                                                                                Interviews by Wilma Rueda

                                                                                  Stephanie Kramer

                                                                                  My mom is one of those people that
                                                                                  can start from first thing in the morning
                                                                                  and never stop. She never runs out of
                                                                                  energy. She works full-time as a nurse, takes care
                                                                                  of my grandma, my brother and always has food on the table. She ties
                                                                                  everybody together. No matter how much she has on her plate, she
                                                                                  won’t take out her stress on you. I’ve never seen her be mean to any
                                                                                  person or judge them in any way but at the same time she’s not afraid
                                                                                  to tell you if she disagrees or disapproves of your behavior. Even with
                                                                                  me, no matter how many times I’ve messed up in my life, she accepts
                                                                                  me and doesn’t treat me any different. She’ll talk to me when no one
                                                                                  else will. She really is the perfect mom.

                                                                                                                                 Ian Caldwell

                                                                                                                                 Hugh Hefner comes to
                                                                                                                                 mind. He started as a small
                                                                                                                                 business owner, he created
                                                                                                                                 this magazine. He came
                                                                                                                                 from nothing and now he’s
                                                                                                                                 surrounded by gorgeous
                                                                                                                                 women. Who wouldn’t
                                                                                                                                 find this man fascinating!


                                                                                  My daughter Joyce has been an art
                                                                                  teacher for 22 years. While she was
                                                                                  married and taking care of a baby, she
                                                                                  was going to college full-time. That’s not
                                                                                  an easy thing to do. In fact, she still
                                                                                  keeps in touch with some of her students
                                                                                  she had when she first started teaching.
                                                                                  She recently got her Master’s degree and
                                        Valid w/coupon only. Not valid with
                                          other offers. Expires 11/30/08.
                                                                                  I’m so proud of her.

                                                                                                                                           CONTINUED ON PAGE 9

8 READER MAGAZINE OF SAN BERNARDINO-HIGHLAND                        AUG SEP OCT 2008                                           WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET

                                                                                PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD!
                                                                                                                 Aesthetic Skin E NLaser
 Michael Cicconi
                                                                                                                 M E D I C A L C    T E R
 Beaumont                                                                                                                         Steven E. Hodgkin, MD & Associates
                                                                                                                                             BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST
 The actor Gary Oldman because he is
 so versatile. He plays every role, every
 character in a unique and different way,
 more than any other actor that I’ve
 seen. You don’t know it’s him because                                                                        • Moles
 he’s totally immersed in the character. If                                                                   • Skin Growths
 you take a look at your Denzels and                                                                          • Skin Cancer Specialists
 your Brad Pitts, they really just play the
 same role in the same way over and
                                                                                                              • Cosmetic Procedures
 over again. Gary Oldman is incredibly                                                                        • Microdermabrasion
 talented and he never gets the                                                                               • Cellulite Treatment
 recognition that he deserves.                                                                                • Massage
                                                                                                              • Facials
                                                                                                              • Eyelash Extensions
                                                                                                              • and more!
                                Kelly                                                                                                                                  Call
                                Fontana                                                                                                                           today for
                                Karen is a woman I know from a                                                                                                a skin cancer
                                Mommy group that I belong to. At first                                                                                      check up or to
                                I thought, she just ran the group but in                                                                                   discuss any skin
                                fact, she’s also a family and child                                                                                              care need.
                                therapist. When I first started going, I
                                discovered that you could ask her any
                                kind of question or advice about any                                            415 Orange St. • REDLANDS • 909.792.0001
                                subject. Things that you worry about as
                                a first time mom, like what to do when
                                your baby’s crying in the car and you
                                don’t want to respond in a way that will
                                damage or traumatize them. Karen
                                offers a lot of good insight.

 Nicholas Whitford
 At Riverside Community
 College, I had this Psychology
 professor, Dr. Romano, that
 did not look like a typical
 professor. On the first day of
 class, he walked in wearing a
 shirt that was buttoned only
 at the top, a white t-shirt
 underneath, handle bar
 mustache and I thought, there’s
 no way this guy is teaching this class.
 But when he began his lecture without
 looking at the book, I was amazed. He told
 these stories and theories that I still remember and live by to this day.
 He took a group of his students on a trip to the Grand Canyon and he
 walked and talked with us the whole time. He talked about looking at
 the people in our life as a pile of rocks. Each one that we meet is like a                                                       11/30/08

 rock that we add onto our pile and as life goes on, the pile gets bigger
 and bigger. Some rocks are jagged, some are smooth, but we have to
 learn to deal with them, to cherish them. I look up to him and would
 like to teach like him one day.

WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET                                              AUG SEP OCT 2008                                                                     READER MAGAZINE 9
                                                                                                         cover story

                                                            by Grace Lee Boggs

           Mahatma Gandhi did it. So did Martin Luther King, Jr. They           survival of our planet and the restoration of our humanity

           built a movement and changed the world. Today, Americans             require a great sea change in our ecological, economic,
           cry out for change as our institutions and values decline and        political, and spiritual values."
           our global citizenship is compromised.                                   Can America embrace such a vision? Who will build the
               Grace Lee Boggs, author of this issue’s cover story, says,       movement for change? Must we wait for a leader like
           “People are aware that they cannot continue in the same old          Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. or can it be any of
           way but are immobilized because they cannot imagine an               us? Ms. Boggs’ article examines these two historical figures
           alternative. We need a vision that recognizes that we are at         to help you determine just that. The nonagenarian has long
           one of the great turning points in human history when the            asserted that “We are the leaders we’ve been looking for.”

   10 READER MAGAZINE                                        AUG SEP OCT 2008                                          WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET
                                                                                            Anybody who still thinks you can’t

A       s I approach the age of 93,
           with three pair of glasses,
two hearing aids, very few teeth
                                             an advocate of radical revolution. In
                                             1964 King won the Nobel Peace
                                             Prize for his leadership of the civil
                                                                                            buy happiness...

                                                                                            hasn’t met
but most of my marbles, I am often           rights movement. In the 1950s tens
asked why I haven't been burned              of thousands of African Americans in           our clients.
out by so many decades of                    Montgomery, Alabama, inspired by
community work. I think it is                his vision of the "beloved
because I believe so passionately in         community,” had carried on a year-
the power of ideas both to enlarge           long, non-violent, disciplined and
and to restrict our imaginations.            ultimately successful boycott,
     I became a movement activist            struggling against dehumanization
more than sixty years ago when, after        not as angry victims or rebels but as
receiving my Ph.D. in philosophy, I          new men and women, representative
discovered that there were no jobs for       of a new more human society. Using
Chinese-American                woman        methods        that      transformed
philosophers. In those days even             themselves, they triggered the human
department stores would come right           identity and ecological movements
out and say, "We don't hire                  which over the last forty years have
Orientals." So I joined the March on         been creating a new civil society in
Washington Movement initiated by             the United States.
A. Philip Randolph in 1941 to                    What is largely unexplored is the
demand jobs for blacks in the defense        tremendous leap in King's thinking
plants, and after I discovered the           after his encounters in 1966 with
power of the black movement to               black inner city youth in Chicago. As
change blacks and the country,               a result of these meetings, King
decided to devote the rest of my life        recognized that neither integration
to being a movement activist in
the black community.
     In the early 1950s I met and          ...a revolution that would be

                                                                                       Artistic Mastery of Cosmetic Plastic & Laser Surgery
married Jimmy Boggs, an                    non-violent but would rapidly
African American auto worker,
                                          begin the shift from a "thing-
                                                                                       California Surgical Institute
labor-community activist and
writer who was born and raised            oriented” society to a "person-
                                                                                           Board Certified Plastic Surgeons - American Board of Plastic Surgery
in a little town in Alabama and                   oriented” society."
who was fond of saying that his                                                                                                            DO NOT BE MISLED!
ideas came from living through                                                                                                               Make sure you select a surgeon who
three different epochs: Agriculture,         and the career opportunities opened                                                                is Board Certified by the American
                                                                                                                                                    Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Industry and Automation.                     up by the civil rights movement or                                                                       Check your doctor at:
     Beginning with 1968, Jimmy              Black Power met the needs of a whole      O   Virtually Pain Free Breast Augmentation   O   Liposculpture
                                                                                       O   Umbilical Breast Augmentation             O   Eyelid Surgery
and I felt that we had to go beyond          new generation of black youth. As a
                                                                                       O   Advanced Tummy Tucks                      O   Arm Lift
"Protest Politics" and concentrate           result, King began to project a new       O   Body Sculpting after Gastric Bypass       O   Buttock Implants
                                                                                                                                                                 DO NOT SETTLE
instead on projecting and initiating         kind of radical revolution, a             O   Ear & Nose Enhancement                    O   Brazilian Buttock Lift
                                                                                                                                                                   FOR LESS!
new ideas and new forms of struggles         revolution that would be non-violent      O   Face, Brow & Neck Lift                    O   Hair Transplant
                                                                                       O   Latest Techniques in Chin, Midface        O   Laser Hair Removal
that involve young people especially         and would rapidly begin the shift              & Cheek Implants                         O   Cosmetic Dentistry

                                                                                                Complimentary Consultations
in exploring in theory and practice          from a "thing-oriented” society to a      O   Vaginal Reconstruction (Tightening)       O   Botox / Microdermabrasion
the new forms of Work, Education,            "person-oriented” society." "When         O   Labial Reduction (Labialplasty)           O   Zyderm & Cosmoplast Collagen
                                                                                       O   Skin Rejuvenation & Chemical Peel         O   Radiance & Restylane
Community, Citizenship that have             machines, computers, profit, and
become possible and necessary in the         property rights are considered more
wake of the rebellions of the 1960s.         important than people," he said, "the
     The eruption of the Black Power         giant triplets of racism, materialism,
                                                                                                              Beverly Hills O Brea O Riverside
movement and the urban rebellions            and militarism are incapable of being

                                                                                                             Ontario O Upland O Woodland Hills
had a similar impact on Martin               conquered."                                                                                                              Financing -
                                                                                          Saturday                                                                    No Money
Luther King, although few talk about             Warning that material growth         Appointments                                                                    Down (oac)
this because it is much easier to honor
King as a civil rights advocate than as                                                www.CaliforniaSurgical
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WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET                                                     AUG SEP OCT 2008                                                               READER MAGAZINE 11
                                                                                                       “BUILDING A MOVEMENT” CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11

                                                                                                     had been made an end in itself and          emerge from both your successes and
                                                                                                     that our scientific power had outrun        your setbacks. This was also one of
                                                                                                     our spiritual power, King said              Malcolm's great strengths - and
                                                                                                     repeatedly, "Enlarged material powers       Gandhi's.
                                                                                                     spell enlarged peril if there is no              In his civil rights years King had
                                                                                                     proportionate growth of the soul."          drawn mainly on Gandhi’s ideas of
                                                                                                     We have "guided missiles and                non-violence. After 1966 he still
                                                                                                     misguided men."                             emphasized non-violence but he
                                                                                                          King also worried that the             began to draw more on Gandhi's
                                                                                                     integration won through the civil           profound critiques of Western
                                                                                                     rights struggle was giving birth to a       civilization.
                                                                                                     black middle class who would be                  In 1888, when he was 19 years
                                                                                                     preoccupied with individual                 old, Gandhi's family, like most of
                                                                                                     upward mobility. He deplored the            ours, wanted him to succeed in the
                                                                                                     way that educators were trying to           system. So they sent him to London
                          11/30/08                      11/30/08                          11/30/08   instill middle-class values in black        to study law. Eager to justify the
                                                                                                     youth, noting that "it was precisely        sacrifices his family was making on
                                                                                                     when young Negroes threw off                his and their behalf, Gandhi tried to
                                                                                                     their middle-class values and put           transform himself into an English
                                                                                                     careers and wealth in a secondary           gentleman. He signed up for a
                                                                                                     role" that they made an historic            dancing class, bought himself a silk
                                                                                                     social contribution. He called
                                                                                                     for new programs that would
               REDLANDS                          SAN BERNARDINO                                      involve young people in "self-          "Every nation," he said, "must
              9 W. Redlands Blvd.                 1185 East Rosewood Dr.                             transforming and structure-                now develop an overriding
                 909-335-9396                          909-796-7227                                  transforming" direct actions
                                                  702 East Highland Ave.                             "in our dying cities." and for           loyalty to mankind as a whole
                 YUCAIPA                               909-882-4456                                  "new forms of work for those            in order to preserve the best in
              33540 Yucaipa Blvd.                 510 West Orange Show                               for whom traditional jobs are
                 909-790-0790                          909-889-8848
                                                                                                                                                their individual societies."
                                                                                                     not available."
                                                                                                          "The work which improves
    FREE Entrée! FREE Dinner!
   Buy one entrée or any full meal & receive Buy one dinner or any full meal & receive
                                                                                                     the conditions of mankind," he
                                                                                                     wrote, "the work which extends
                                                                                                                                                 hat and spent ten minutes every day
                                                                                                                                                 before a huge mirror, watching
    another FREE of equal or lesser value!    another FREE of equal or lesser value!
    Not valid with other offers. Exp. 11/30/08    Not valid with other offers. Exp. 11/30/08
                                                                                                     knowledge and increases power and           himself arrange his tie and parting his
                                                                                                     enriches literature and elevates            hair in the correct fashion. In a
           Denny’s is committed to providing the best possible service to all
             customers regardless of race, creed, color or national origin.                          thought is not done to secure a living.     passage from his autobiography,
                                                                                                     It is not the work of slaves, driven to     amazingly similar to the one in
                                                                                                     their task either by the lash of a          which Malcolm X describes pouring
                                          Dining Quick Pick™                                         master or by animal necessities. It is      lye on his kinky hair to make it as
                                                                                                     the work of men who perform it for          straight as any white man's, Gandhi
                                                                                                     their own sake and not that they may        writes: "My hair was by no means
                                                                                                     get more to eat or drink or wear or         soft, and every day it meant a regular
                                                                                                     display. In a state of society where        struggle with the brush to keep it in
                                                                                                     want is abolished, work of this sort        position."
                                                                                                     could be enormously increased."                  However, after returning to India
                                                                                                          He also began projecting a new         with his law degree and finding it
                                                                                                     concept of global citizenship. "Every       difficult to make a living, Gandhi
                                                                                                     nation," he said, "must now develop         decided to try his luck in South
                                                                                                     an overriding loyalty to mankind as a       Africa where there was a sizable
                                                                                                     whole in order to preserve the best in      community of Indian workers
                                                                                                     their individual societies."                imported to do the menial work
                                                                    Not to be combined
    $5 OFF! anymore. $20
            order of
                                                                    with any other offer or
                                                                    discount. One coupon
                                                                    per visit per person.
                                                                                                          In making this leap, King
                                                                                                     exemplified one of the most
                                                                                                                                                 below the dignity of Europeans. As
                                                                                                                                                 he experienced racist violence against
                                                                                                     important qualities of Movement             himself and witnessed it against
    Valid in participating Pat & Oscar’s only.                                                       leadership: openness to the new
  To advertise in The Reader magazine, call 909-335-8100                                             contradictions and challenges that
                                                                                                                                                                CONTINUED ON PAGE 15

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                                            Expires 11/30/08   Expires 11/30/08

WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET   AUG SEP OCT 2008                                         READER MAGAZINE 13
                                                                               altruism in 15 minutes or less


                                              #1      Iraq – A “Disastrous” Crisis Five Years On
                                                                                                                           Congressman Jerry Lewis
                                                                                                                           1150 Brookside Ave Suite J-5
                                                                                                                           Redlands CA 92373
                           BACKGROUND: "Despite claims that the security situation has improved in recent                  Tel: 909-862-6030
                           months, the human rights situation is disastrous," Amnesty International says in its  
                           report, titled "Carnage and Despair: Iraq Five Years On." The International
                           Committee of the Red Cross, in a report titled "Iraq: No Let-up in the Humanitarian               Congressman Joe Baca
                                                                                                                             201 North “E” St Suite 102
                           Crisis," writes, "Despite limited improvements in security in some areas, armed
                                                                                                                             San Bernardino CA 92401
  violence is still having a disastrous impact. Civilians continue to be killed in the hostilities.”                         Tel: 909-885-2222
  From 2003 to 2008, how has life changed for the Iraqi people?                                                    
       15% regularly cannot get enough to eat.
       70% are without adequate water supplies (compared to 50% in 2003).
       28% of children are malnourished (up from 19% before the 2003 invasion).
       92% of Iraqi children suffer learning problems, mostly due to the climate of fear.                MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Urge your local elected
       Over 2 million people - mostly women and children - have been displaced inside Iraq.              representatives to demand a plan for ending the war
       And 2 million Iraqis have fled the country as refugees (mainly to Syria and Jordan).              in Iraq because it starts with you and your voice.


                                              #2      Thailand – Violent Revolution
                                                                                                                      Samak Sundaravej
                                                                                                                      Prime Minster of Thailand
                                                                                                                      Thanon Nakhon Pathom, Dusit
                       BACKGROUND: Insurgent groups continue to unleash brutality on Buddhist civilians               Bangkok 10300 Thailand
                       in southern Thailand to demonstrate their power and weaken the credibility of Thai             E-mail:
                       authorities. “Retaliating against government abuses does not provide any excuse for killing
                       civilians. Leaders of the insurgency need to rethink their tactics, which are alienating       Ban Ki-moon
                       public opinion, including in their own community.” - Brad Adams, Director of the Asia          Secretary General, United Nations
  division at Human Rights Watch                                                                                      P.O. Box 500
                                                                                                                      A-1400 Vienna
  MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Write Samak Sundaravej, Prime Minster of Thailand, and urge him to protect the                   Tel: +(43-1) 26060-4666
  citizens of southern Thailand. Write Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the UN, to address the needs of the          Fax: +(43-1) 26060-5899
  most vulnerable civilians - those displaced from their homes and communities - and call for an international        To e-mail, visit
  deployment to help stabilize the region.                                                                  

                                                IN ACTION!                    Building Orphanages in Sudan and Ethiopia
                         BACKGROUND: There are an estimated 6 million orphans in Ethiopia, many of
                         whom lost their parents to AIDS. The number of children living on the streets of
                         Ethiopian cities is around 160,000, and is expected to grow. Most of these kids have
                         no choice but to become child laborers, beggars or sex workers to survive.

                         MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Octogenarians Lee Theodore (father to the Reader
                         Magazine’s publisher and creative director), and his wife Barbara are working to help
                         these children receive shelter, nutrition, health, education and protection. The
                         Theodores traveled over 20,000 miles by air and then by Jeep over desert roads to
                         aid the establishment of a new pre-school for over 300 children. The local
                         community responded by naming of the school building in Lee Theodore’s honor.
                             Severe drought has ravaged the area for three years, requiring that the water used
                         to mix the concrete be hauled in from many miles away. As a result, building
                         progress is slow. Theodore noted that despite conditions where people live without
                         much of anything, their faith remains strong. “People expressed their love of God
                         and thankfulness to Him for what they have,” he reports. “We came home
                         wondering how we in America will be judged and are reminded that ‘To him who
                         has been given much, much will be required.’"

14 READER MAGAZINE                                                    AUG SEP OCT 2008                                         WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET

Indian workers and blacks, he began           between Needs and Wants, so that
to identify with the most oppressed,          we/they would end up being enslaved
conquered his feelings of inadequacy          by the temptations of material wealth
and his fear of the system, recognized        and luxuries, a form of bondage he
the moral bankruptcy of those in              considered even more cruel than
power, and separated himself from             physical enslavement.
their values.                                      For similar reasons Gandhi
     In this process, which continued         rejected Western strategies for
after his return to India, Gandhi             revolutionary struggle that depend
created a new form of struggle based          upon constantly agitating the masses
not on physical violence but on the           and increasing their anger, militancy
spiritual power of truth and love and         and rebellion. Struggles of this kind,
developed personal habits, such as            he said, can only end up with
celibacy and vegetarianism, that              political leaders who are preoccupied
enabled him to experience the                 with prestige and power and with
freedom and power that come from              states dominating rather than serving
self-discipline. He also arrived at           society.      The     struggle     for
amazingly prescient critiques of              independence from Britain, he
Western civilization and Western              insisted, should not be mainly a
strategies for revolutionary struggle.        struggle for state power but should
     The main reason why Western              revolve around going to people at the
civilization lacks Spirituality, or an        grassroots, encouraging them to
awareness of our interconnectedness           transform their inner and outer lives,
with one another and with the
universe, according to Gandhi,
is that it has given priority to              The purpose of education,
economic and technological                  cannot be mainly to increase
development over human and
                                               the earning power of the
community          development.
Advanced technology has made               individual or to supply workers
it possible for people to perform           for the ever-changing slots of
miracles but it has impoverished
                                                the corporate machine.
us spiritually because it has
made us feel that who and what
we are is determined by outside               helping them to think for themselves
forces. Traditional societies lacked our      and to create self-reliant local
material comforts and conveniences.           communities based on Work that
But individuals had more Soul, or a           preserves rather than destroys, Skills
belief in the individual's power to           that encourage cooperation rather
make moral choices, because these             than competition, and Education
societies valued the community                whose goal is the building of
relationships which they depended             community rather than increasing          Offer ends 11/30/08.
on for survival.                              the status and earning power of the
     Because modern societies,                individual.
capitalist or communist, are                      When Gandhi was developing
committed to unlimited growth,                these ideas and organizing these
Gandhi anticipated that they would            struggles nearly a hundred years ago,
eventually become so gigantic and             they seemed idealistic and far-
complex that human beings would               fetched. But as I reflect on the last
be reduced to masses, dependent on            century and recall how it began with
experts, serving machines instead of          high hopes in mass production, the
being served by them.                         Russian revolution and in Third
     Moreover, the abundance created          World struggles for political
by pursuing unlimited economic                independence, and ended up with
growth would make it almost
impossible for people to distinguish
                                                             CONTINUED ON PAGE 21

WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET                                                      AUG SEP OCT 2008                   READER MAGAZINE 15
                                                                         SEND YOUR EVENTS TO:

                                                                         september                                   SEPTEMBER 22 1ST DAY OF FALL
                                                                                                                     Autumnal Equinox (night/day equal length)

                                                                         SEPTEMBER 1           LABOR DAY             SEPTEMBER 26
                                                                                                                     San Bernardino County Museum Guest
                                                                         SEPTEMBER 1                                 Lecture Series
                                                                         “Spider’s Web” by Agatha Christie           Russell Kaldenberg – Historic Fort Coso
                                                                         Redlands Footlighters Theatre               7:30pm-9pm
                                                                         8pm                                         Info: 909-307-2669 or visit
                                                                         Info: 909-793-2909 or visit       
                                                                         General Admission - $14
                                                                         Students - $10

                                                                         SEPTEMBER 11
                                                                         Somerford Place Guest Lecture Series
                                                                         Dr. Paul T. McMahon of LLU Behavioral
                                                                         Medical Center
                                                                         “Difficult Behaviors in Dementia Care”
                                                                         Info: 909-793-9500 or visit
                                                                         On-going speaker series educating the       SEPTEMBER 27
                                                                         community about important issues            Family Fun Day
                                                                         affecting seniors and their loved ones      “Growing Up Californian”
                                                                         FREE                                        San Bernardino County Museum
                                                                                                                     Experience life in the 1800’s, make butter,
                                                                                                                     dip a candle, make an adobe house
                                                                         SEPTEMBER 13                                11am-4pm
                                                                         23rd Annual Historical Glass Museum         Info: 909-307-2669 or visit
                                                                         Open House                        
                                                                         Refreshments and Silent Auction             General Admission - $6
                                                                         Info: 909-793-3333
                                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 28
                                                                                                                     Apple Butter Festival and Craft Fair
                                                                                                                     First Lutheran Church of Redlands
                                                                                                                     Enjoy over 30 vendors of handcrafted works
                                                                                                                     Info: 909-793-2267 or visit

                                                                                                                     ALL WEEKENDS
                                                                                                                     Oktoberfest at Lake Arrowhead Village
                                                                                                                     A wunderbar for the whole family at Lake
                                                                                                                     Arrowhead Village. Enjoy authentic German
                                                                         SEPTEMBER 18 – 21                           bands and dancing at the only FREE
                                                                         19th Annual Route 66 Rendezvous             Oktoberfest in SoCal. Noon-5pm
                                                                         Cali’s largest cruisin’ classic car show    Info: 909-337-2533
                                                                         Info: 909-388-2934 or

          Offer expires 11/30/08.   Offer expires 11/30/08.              SEPTEMBER 20
                                                                         Annual IE Heart Walk
                                                                         Fairmount Park in Riverside
                                                                         Info: 909-424-1670 or
                                                                         Walkers must raise a minimum of $100 to
                                                                         receive the Heart Walk T-shirt

                                                                         SEPTEMBER 20 – OCT. 19
                                                                         LifeHouse Theater                           ALL WEEKENDS
                                                                         Thursdays- Saturdays
                                                                         7:30pm                                      38th Big Bear Bavarian Oktoberfest
                                                                         Info: 909-335-3037                          Enjoy live bands direct from Germany,
                                                                                   bratwurst, and beers from Munich at the
                                                                         Ticket Prices: $6-$17                       highest elevation Bier Garten in the United
                                                                         Group discounts available                   States
                                                                                                                     Info: 909-585-3000

16 READER MAGAZINE                                            AUG SEP OCT 2008                                            WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET
OCTOBER 3                                 OCTOBER 7
Savor Historic Downtown Redlands          18th Annual Veterans Car Show
Enjoy a self-guided tour sampling local   Jerry L. Pettis Veterans Hospital
eateries and caterers                     Loma Linda
6pm-9pm                                   8am-3:30pm
Info: 909-798-7548                        Info: 909-350-9816
General Admission - $15                   FREE

OCTOBER 4                                 OCTOBER 9
“Celebrating 80 Glorious Years”           Somerford Place Guest Lecture Series
San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra         Alzheimer’s Educational Forum
presents A Tribute to Frank Plash         6pm-7:30pm
California Theatre of Performing Arts     Info: 909-793-9500 or visit
Info: 909-381-5388 or visit               On-going speaker series educating the             community about important issues
Ticket prices range from $10-$50          affecting seniors and their loved ones
“Emperors & Heroes”                       OCTOBER 10 – 12
Redlands Symphony Orchestra               29th Annual Redlands United Church of
University of Redlands Memorial Chapel    Christ Art for Heaven’s Sake
8pm                                       Featuring over 50 local artists in a big
Info: 909-748-8018 or visit               variety of media.                  Info: 909-793-3520 or visit
Ticket Prices range from $15-$45
Troutfest! Fishing Tournament             OCTOBER 19
Big Bear Lake                             45th Annual Community Parade & Fair
909-866-5796                              in Loma Linda
                                          Loma Linda Academy
                                          Over 30 vendors. Come out and see the
                                          floats, blimps and local marching bands
                                          Info: 909-799-2828
                                          FREE                                                                                  11/30/08.

                                          OCTOBER 24
                                          San Bernardino County Museum Guest
                                          Lecture Series
OCTOBER 2 - 5                             Peter Sadler – Wildfire in Chaparral
Stagecoach Days in Banning                7:30pm-9pm
ol’ fashioned hoe-down! PRCA Rodeo,       Info: 909-307-2669 or visit
carnival, food and beverage garden,
live entertainment and local art.         FREE
Info: 951-922-3242 or visit                      OCTOBER 31 HALLOWEEN
                                          OCTOBER 31
                                          Trick-or-Treat Downtown
                                          Children’s costume contest and
                                          enjoy Halloween tales both
                                          silly and spooky in Ed
                                          Hales Park
                                                                                           Must bring this ad. Exp. 11/30/08.
                                          Info: 909-798-7548
   OCTOBER 4 – 31                         FREE
   “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”              OCTOBER 31
   Celebrate the season in Oak Glen       Halloween in the
   with square-dancing, apple-bobbing,    Village
   pie-eating contests, pumpkin-          Big Bear Lake
   carving, and enjoy Washington          Info: 909-866-0630
   Irving’s timeless story.               FREE
   Fridays 7pm – 10pm
   Saturdays 6pm-9pm
   Info: 909-790-8463 or visit
   General Admission - $29.95
   Children (3-12) - $24.95                     CALENDAR CONTINUES ON PAGE 18

WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET                                                        AUG SEP OCT 2008                                              READER MAGAZINE 17
                                               FROM PAGE 17

                                          NOVEMBER 1
                                          “Musical Trailblazers”
                                          Redlands Symphony Orchestra
                                          University of Redlands Memorial Chapel
                                          Info: 909-748-8018 or visit
                                          Ticket Prices range from $15-$45

                                                 NOVEMBER 1, 2 & 8, 9                     NOVEMBER 11 VETERANS DAY
                                                 28th Annual Harvest Fair
                                                  Old west festival with country music,   NOVEMBER 23
                                                  crafts, chuckwagon cookin’, cowboy      Annual Community Tree Lighting
                                                   camp, mariachi & folklorico            National Orange Show Events Center
                                                      Info: 909-384-5426 or visit         5pm
                                                             Info: 909-888-6788
                                                                   10am-5pm               FREE
                                                                General Admission - $5
                                                         Children under 7 - FREE          NOVEMBER 27 THANKSGIVING
                                          NOVEMBER 1-18
                                          “Perfect Wedding”
                                          A Farce by Robin Hawdon
                                          Redlands Footlighters Theatre
                                          Info: 909-793-2909 or visit
                                          General Admission - $14
                                          Students - $10

                                          NOVEMBER 1 – 23
                                          “Sarah, Plain & Tall”
                                          LifeHouse Theater
                                          Thursdays- Saturdays at 7:30pm
                                          Info: 909-335-3037 or visit
                                          Ticket Prices range from $17-$6, Group                             Palm Springs
                                          discounts available                                                Aerial Tramway
                                                                                                             First car up at 10am
                                                                                                             weekdays and at 8am
                                          NOVEMBER 4 ELECTION DAY                                            weekends & holidays.
                                          It’s everyone’s responsibility to vote!                            1 Tramway Road
                                                                                                             Palm Springs
                                          NOVEMBER 13                                                        General Admission: $21
                                          Somerford Place Guest Lecture Series                               Ages 3-12: $14
                                          Caregiver Resource Fair                                            Info: 1-888-515-8726
                                          Please call for more information                                   or 760-325-1391
                                          Info: 909-793-9500 or visit
                                                  Arrowhead Queen Boat Ride
                                          On-going speaker series educating the           Mississippi River-style paddleboat with
                                          community about important issues                narrated tour of Lake Arrowhead.
                                          affecting seniors and their loved ones          Daily 11am-5pm. Info: 909-336-6992
                                          FREE                                            Adults: $12, Seniors/Kids 3-11: $7.50

                                          NOVEMBER 15                                     Hot-Air Balloon Tours
                                          “Romantic Escapades”                            60 to 75-minute
                                          San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra               flights at sunrise
                                          California Theatre of Performing Arts           over the Temecula Valley.
                                          8pm                                             Prices start at $120 per person,
                                          Info: 909-381-5388 or visit                     reservations required.
                                                   Info: 800-965-2122
                                          Ticket prices range from $10-$50
                                                                                          Orange Show Swap Meet
                                                                                          Every Sunday at the Carnival Lot, Gate 4
                                                                                          San Bernardino. 7am-3pm
                                                                                          Info: 909-888-6788

                                                                                          Live Improv Comedy Night
                                                                                          Every Sunday at the Coffee Depot in
                                                                                          Riverside. 8-10pm
                                                                                          951-222-2263. Admission:$5

18 READER MAGAZINE              AUG SEP OCT 2008                                               WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET
                                              March Field Air Museum
                                              9am - 4pm everyday

                                              Colton Agua Mansa Museum
                                              2001 East Agua Mansa Rd., Colton
LOCAL MARKET NIGHTS                           909-370-2091
Fresh produce, food, vendors, entertainment
almost every weekday evening:
                                              RIVERSIDE DOWNTOWN MUSEUMS
   Big Bear Lake                              Special programs in various disciplines.
   Tuesdays 8:30am-1pm. 760-247-3769          First Sunday of the month. 1-4pm. FREE
   Lake Arrowhead at the Village                 Riverside Municipal Museum
   Fridays 5-8pm. 909-337-2533                   3580 Mission Inn Avenue
   Loma Linda on Barton Frontage Rd.   
   Sundays 8am-1pm. 909-799-2800
                                                 Mission Inn Museum
   Redlands on State Street                      3696 Mission Inn Avenue
   Thursdays 6-9pm. 909-798-7548                 951-788-9556         
   Riverside in Downtown                         UCR/California Museum of
   Wednesdays 4-9pm. 951-715-3439                Photography
                                                 3824 Main Street
   San Bernardino in Perris Hill Park            951-827-1012 |
   Tuesdays 5:30-9:30pm. 909-886-7288

   Upland in Downtown
   Thursdays 5-9pm. 714-345-3087

   Yucaipa on the Boulevard
   Fridays 6-9pm. 909-790-9092

Colonial Chesterfield Riley’s Farm
12261 S. Oak Glen Rd., Oak Glen                  Riverside Art Museum
10am-5pm | 909-797-7534                          3425 Mission Inn Avenue                               951-684-7111
Edward-Dean Museum of Decorative Arts
9401 Oak Glen Rd., Cherry Valley
Oak Glen School House Museum
11911 S. Oak Glen Rd., Yucaipa                French Film Screenings
909-797-1691                                  Coffee Depot, Riverside First Wednesday of
                                              each month at 7:30pm. FREE
Gilman Historic                               951-222-2263
Ranch & Wagon Museum
1937 W. Gilman St., Banning

Malki Museum
11795 Fields Rd., Morongo Reservation
951-849-7289 |

Lincoln Memorial Shrine
125 W. Vine Street, Redlands
909-798-7632 |

Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum
5500 University Parkway, San Bernardino

  San Bernardino County Museum
  2024 Orange Tree Lane

                                                   CALENDAR CONTINUES ON PAGE 20
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                               live music                                  Sinfonia Mexicana
                               & dancing                                   Big Bear Lake
                               Arthur Murray Studio Redlands               Performing Arts Center
                               1st Wednesday of every month: Enjoy a       909-866-4970
                               FREE Sample Class, Supervised Practice
                               Session and an additional FREE 40 min.
                               private follow-up lesson to schedule        golf
                               Starts at 6:45pm FREE                       Green fees vary depending
                               Come by yourself or bring a friend along.   on the season, time of day,
                               Come enjoy a sampling of the most popular   and cart rentals. Senior rates
                               dances in a fun group setting.              available. Call for more information.
                               Info: 909-793-8140
                                               Redlands Country Club
                                                                           Private club. Lessons available via member
                                                                           referral. 1749 Garden St. 909-793-1295.

                                                                           Crafton Hills College
                                                                           11711 Sand Canyon Rd., Yucaipa

                                                                           San Bernardino Golf Club
                                                                           1494 S. Waterman Ave. 909-885-2414.

                                                                           Shandin Hills Golf Club
                                                                           3380 N. Little Mountain Dr.,
                                                                           San Bernardino

                                                                           Calimesa Country Club
                                                                           1300 S. Third St. 909-795-2488.

                                                                           Fairmont Golf Course & Learning Center
                                                                           Golf Clinics: Juniors - 8am, Seniors - 9am,
                                                                           Ladies - 10am. Free Lessons, $5 ball
                                                                           charge with unlimited balls in class.
                                                                           Riverside. 909-838-4383
                               Cafe Sevilla                                Empire Lakes
                               Downtown Riverside                          11015 Sixth St., Rancho Cucamonga
                               Tango Dinner Show - Fridays 7pm             909-481-6763
                               Flamenco Dinner Show - 6:30pm Saturdays
                               and 6pm on Sundays                          El Prado Golf Courses
                               Info: 951-778-0611                          6555 Pine Ave., Chino. 909-597-1753
                                                                           Eagle Glen Golf Club
                                                                           1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy., Corona
                               performing arts                             951-278-2842

                               Redlands Symphony Orchestra
                               Memorial Chapel,                            running groups
                               University of Redlands
                               Info: 909-335-5202                             Loma Linda Lopers
                               or                    Meets every Sunday at 6:30am
                                                                              Drayson Center
                               Calif. Theatre of the Performing Arts          Loma Linda University Campus
                               Home of the San Bernardino Symphony            Info: 951-906-8745 or
                               Info: 909-885-5152
                               562 West 4th Street, San Bernardino            Chino Hills Panthers
                                                                              Meets for fun runs and track workouts.
                               San Bernardino                                 Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
                               Civic Light Opera                              All abilities are welcome.
                               Association                                    909-393-2000

                               San Bernardino Valley Community
                               Concert Assoc.

                               San Bernardino Art Association &
                               Sturges Gallery
                               780 N. E St., San Bernardino

20 READER MAGAZINE   AUG SEP OCT 2008                                           WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET

the       de-industrialization     and      and plans. Learning, must be related
devastation of cities like Detroit, the     to the daily lives of children and
collapse of the Soviet Union, and           must engage their hands and hearts
seemingly endless violence in post-         as well as their heads.
colonial nations, I believe that                Especially in this age of rapid
Gandhi’s critique of Western                social and technical change, it is
civilization, which was also King's,        not something you can make
can help us build a 21st century            people do in their heads with the
movement to create post-industrial          perspective that years from now
societies in which governments              they will be able to get a good job
derive their power from self-reliant        and make a lot of money.
grassroots communities.                         Some children may accept this
     The 9/11 terrorist attack was a        regimen. But those who feel most
terrible crime against humanity but it      acutely the contradiction between the
was also a wakeup call, challenging us      hopelessness of their daily lives and
to take Gandhi's and King's critique        the abstractness of school "subjects"
of Western civilization seriously. As       will create so much turmoil inside
Wendell Berry pointed out so                and outside the school that teachers
perceptively in his Thoughts in the         can’t teach and no one can learn.
Presence of Fear, written a month               That is why it has become so
later, "We can no longer accept             urgent that we rethink how children
uncritically the belief that economic       learn and the purpose of education.
growth and technology are only              We are not going to solve this crisis
good... We now have a clear
inescapable choice. We can
continue to promote a global                “We can no longer accept
economic system of unlimited               uncritically the belief that
free trade... but now recognizing
that such a system will have to               economic growth and
be protected by a hugely                  technology are only good... “                            Serving the Inland Empire
expensive police force that will
be effective precisely to the
extent that it degrades the freedom         with more money, more computers,
                                                                                                      FOR 22 YEARS
                                                                                                    - LOCALLY OWNED -
and privacy of the citizens of every        new buildings or new CEOs. To

                                                                                               Alpine Shutter Craft
nation. Or we can promote a                 achieve the miracle that is now
decentralized world economy which           needed to transform our schools into
would have the aim of assuring to           places of learning, we need to tap into
every nation and region a local self-       the creative energies of our children             CUSTOM INTERIOR WOOD SHUTTERS
sufficiency in life-supporting goods."      and our teachers. In this connection                   - LIFETIME WARRANTY -
                                            we have much to learn from the
                                                                                                 BEST QUALITY, SERVICE, PRICES
How do we build a movement to               struggles in Alabama and Mississippi
meet this challenge?

     One place to begin is with the
                                            in the early 1960s.
                                                  In the spring of 1963 the
                                            Southern Christian Leadership
                                                                                               WE WILL NOT BE BEAT!
crisis in our schools. That is where I
began after the Detroit Rebellion
                                            Conference led by King launched a
                                            "fill the jails" campaign to desegregate                $100 OFF!
more than thirty years ago. The
purpose of education, cannot be
mainly to increase the earning power
                                            downtown department stores and
                                            schools in Birmingham. But few local
                                            blacks were coming forward. Black
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of the individual or to supply
workers for the ever-changing slots of
                                            adults were afraid of losing their jobs,
                                            local black preachers were reluctant to
                                                                                       SQ.FT!      Get Solid Wood Shutters for LESS
                                                                                                   Than What Others Charge for Faux                    INSTALL
the corporate machine. Children             accept the leadership of an "outsider",                  and Vinyl...Call Alpine First!

need to be given a sense of the             and city police commissioner Bull
unique capacity of human beings to          Conner had intimidated thousands
shape and create reality in
accordance with conscious purposes                                                       
                                                            CONTINUED ON PAGE 22

WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET                                                     AUG SEP OCT 2008                                                       READER MAGAZINE 21
                                       “BUILDING A MOVEMENT” CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21

                                     of people. Facing a major defeat,             bring about a "mental revolution"
                                     King was persuaded by his aide,               reading, writing and speaking skills
                                     James Bevel, to allow any child old           were taught through the discussion of
                                     enough to belong to a church to               black history, the power structure and
                                     march. So on D-Day May 2, before              the need to build a Movement to
                                     the eyes of the whole nation,                 struggle against it.
                                     thousands of school children, many                 In 1963 and 1964 the main
                                     of them first graders, joined the             struggles were for desegregation and
                                     movement and were beaten, fire-               voting rights. Today our struggle is to
                                     hosed, attacked by police dogs and            rebuild communities and cities.
                                     herded off to jail in paddy wagons                 What we need to do now is to
                                     and school buses.                             begin engaging our children in
                                          The result was what has been             community-building activities with
                                     called "The Children’s Miracle."              the same audacity with which the
                                     Inspired and shamed into action,              civil rights movement engaged them
                                     thousands of adults rushed to join            in desegregation and voter
                                     the movement.                                 registration activities thirty-five years
                                          All over the country rallies were        ago. Classes of school children from
                                     called to express outrage against Bull        K-12 should be taking responsibility
                                     Connor’s brutality. Locally the power         for maintaining neighborhood
                                     structure was forced to desegregate           streets, planting community gardens,
                                     lunch counters and dressing rooms in          recycling waste, rehabbing houses,
                                     downtown stores, hire blacks to work          creating healthier school lunches,
                                     downtown and begin desegregating              visiting and doing errands for the
                                     the schools. Nationally the Kennedy           elderly, organizing neighborhood
                                     administration, which had been                festivals, painting public murals. The
                                     trying not to alienate white Dixiecrat        possibilities are endless. This is the
                                     voters, was forced to begin drafting          fastest way to motivate all our
                                     civil rights legislation as the only way      children to learn and at the same time
                                     to forestall more Birminghams.                reverse the physical deterioration of
                                          The next year as part of                 our neighborhoods. It is a wonderful
                                     Mississippi Freedom Summer,                   way to nurture the desire of children
                                     activists created Freedom Schools             to be of service and provide
                                     because the existing school system            opportunities for children with
                                     (like ours today) had been organized          different talents to make a difference
                                     to produce subjects, not citizens. To         and win the respect of their peers and

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22 READER MAGAZINE         AUG SEP OCT 2008                                             WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET
elders. By giving children a better      society in the places and spaces left
reason to study than just to get a job   vacant by the disintegration of the
or to advance their individual upward    old, about evolving to a higher
mobility, it will also get their         humanity, about Love of one another
cognitive juices flowing. Learning       and of the Earth, not Hate; about
will come from practice which has        Hope, not despair; about saying YES
always been the best way to learn.       to Life and about becoming the
And just imagine how much safer          change we want to see in the world.
and livelier our neighborhoods would
become, almost overnight!
     As I witness and participate in
this excitement and contrast our
visionary efforts to rebuild Detroit
with the          multi-billion-dollar
megaprojects of politicians and
developers that involve casinos,
giant stadia, gentrification and the
Superbowl, I am saddened by their
short-sightedness. On the other
hand, I rejoice in the energy being
unleashed in the community by our
                                         Grace Lee Boggs is an activist, writer
human scale programs that involve
                                         and speaker whose more than sixty
bringing the country back into the       years of political involvement encom-
city and removing the walls between      pass the major U.S. social movements of
schools and communities, between         this century: Labor, Civil rights, Black                                   11/30/08
generations and between ethnic           Power, Asian American, Women's and
groups; and I am confident just as in    Environmental Justice.
the early 20th century people came
                                         Born in Providence, R.I. of Chinese
from around the world to marvel at       immigrant parents in 1915, Grace
the mass production lines pioneered      received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from                 11/30/08
by Henry Ford, in the 21st century       Bryn Mawr College in 1940.
they will be coming to marvel at the
thriving neighborhoods that are the      In 1992, she helped found DETROIT
                                         SUMMER, a multicultural, intergenera-
fruit of our visionary programs.
                                         tional youth program to rebuild, redefine
     That is what revolutions are        and respirit Detroit from the ground up.
about. They are about creating a new

WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET                                                      AUG SEP OCT 2008              READER MAGAZINE 23
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   24 READER MAGAZINE                              AUG SEP OCT 2008             WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET

American forces; and to let the Iraqi      I’ve criticized sometimes the policies                                                 expert on bird watching or to make
people know in advance that                of presidents, first President Bush and                                                furniture or to do different things, or
Americans will not be continuing as        President Reagan and President                                                         to get involved in benevolent affairs.
an occupying force, but that the           Clinton and President Bush. But I                                                      I work every year for at least a week
Iraqis could control their own             have never criticized a president. I                                                   with Habitat for Humanity. We’ve
economics, including oil, their own        don’t have any doubt that he’s a                                                       done this for twenty-four years, my
military, and they could control their     deeply religious man, he’s very                                                        wife and I. And on many occasions,
own political affairs.                     sincere. And my hope is that he will                                                   among the four to five, six, seven,
                                           continue in the next months left in        that that’s what the Carter Center has      sometimes 10,000 people who join
AG: The drumbeat for war with Iran         his term to open up avenues, say, to                                                   us as volunteers for a week, there are
                                                                                      been able to do.
seems to be building in Washington, D.C.   resolve the North Korean problem,                                                      people even older than I am. So I
Your response?                             which seems to be making progress                                                      think there’s a good opportunity for
                                                                                      AG: Your plans for the future and
JC: I think that would be a horrible       now, as he’s become more flexible,                                                     serving your fellow human beings in
                                                                                      recommendations to people who, like
mistake to start a war with Iran. And      and that he’ll have the same flexibility   yourself, entering - well, now you’re       benevolent ways. And sometimes
my own belief is that we should be         toward other areas, including Syria        about to be eighty-three, your thoughts?    even an older person can just go to a
negotiating with Iran on an equal          and Iran.                                  JC: Well, you know, it depends on           place like Grady Hospital and
basis and openly, instead of isolating                                                any individual’s mental and physical        volunteer maybe two afternoons a
Iran and having a war of words, both       AG: Of what are you proudest?              capability - I’ve been fortunate so far -   week just to rock premature babies or
from Tehran and also from                  JC: I think the espousing and              and also what they think is best. I         something like that.
Washington, that just exacerbates the      implementation, in many cases, of          wrote a book about this a number of
tensions that now exist.                   basic human rights around the world        years ago that pointed out that after       AG: And how is Rosalynn?
                                           and raising high that banner so that       retirement there are unprecedented          JC: Well, we have survived pleasantly
AG: Your assessment of President Bush?     many others could follow our               opportunities for the expansion of          sixty-one years so far. We’re going on
SC: : I know President Bush. I admire      leadership. To the extent that we have     one’s life, to learn how to speak           our 62nd year, and we still get along
him in many ways. And I’ve never           been successful in some of those cases,    Spanish or to learn how to paint a          quite well. That’s the best thing that
criticized an incumbent president.         not enough of them, I’m very proud         picture or to learn how to be an            happened to me in my life.

WWW.READERMAGAZINE.NET                                                    AUG SEP OCT 2008                   READER MAGAZINE OF SAN BERNARDINO-HIGHLAND 25
                                                              punch lines
                                                                             The Price of Gasoline vs. Printer Ink

                                                            Not our typical fare for this feature, but presented in humor to ease the pain
                                                            of your next trip to the pump. These examples are not to imply that gasoline
                                                            is cheap; it just puts it into perspective with some other liquids we
                                                            commonly buy.
                                                               LIQUID            SIZE       PRICE           COST/GAL.
                                                               Coffee           16 oz.     $1.80         $14.40 per gallon
                                                               Gatorade         20 oz.     $1.59         $10.17 per gallon
                                                               Brake Fluid      12 oz.     $3.15         $33.60 per gallon
                                                               Vick's Nyquil     6 oz.     $8.35        $178.13 per gallon
                                                               Pepto Bismol      4 oz.     $3.85        $123.20 per gallon
                                                               Whiteout          7 oz.     $1.39         $25.42 per gallon
                                                               Scope            1.5 oz.    $0.99         $84.48 per gallon
                                                               Evian             9 oz.     $1.49         $21.19 per gallon (for water!)

                                                            Now hold on to your hats...if you think gasoline is expensive, take a look
                                                            at the cost of liquid in an inkjet printer cartridge:
                                                                Printer Ink       1 oz.    $34.99      $4,478.72 per gallon!

                                                            Gas at five bucks a gallon isn’t looking so bad anymore. But if Hewlett-
                                                            Packard and Epson start making cars, we might really have something to
                                                            worry about.

                                                                                        Quotes on the subject...
                                                              “The use of solar energy has not      “A city that outdistances man's
                                                              been opened up because the oil        walking powers is a trap for man.
                                                              industry does not own the sun.”        - Arnold Toynbee
                                                              - Ralph Nader
                                                                                                    “Restore human legs as a means of
                                                              “A pedestrian is someone who          travel. Pedestrians rely on food for
                                                              thought there were a couple of        fuel and need no special parking
                                                              gallons left in the tank.”            facilities.” - Lewis Mumford

                         Husbands vs. Wives

          “A Few Words”                            “No Words”
A couple drove down a country               A man and his wife were having
road for several miles, not saying a   some problems at home and were
word. An earlier discussion had led    giving each other the silent
to an argument and neither of          treatment. Suddenly, the man
them wanted to concede their           realized that the next day, he would
position. As they passed a barnyard    need his wife to wake him at 5:00
of mules, goats, and pigs, the         AM for an early morning business
husband asked sarcastically,           flight. Not wanting to be the first to
"Relatives of yours?" "Yep," the       break the silence (and lose), he
wife replied, "in-laws."               wrote on a piece of paper, "Please
                                       wake me at 5:00 AM." He left it
         “Many Words”                  where he knew she would find it.
                                                                                        Valid with this ad only. Expires 11/30/08.
    A husband read an article to       The next morning the man woke
his wife about how many words          up, only to discover it was 9:00 AM
women use a day compared to            and he had missed his flight.
men: 30,000 to a man's 15,000.         Furious, he was about to go and see
The wife replied, "The reason          why his wife hadn't wakened him,
must be because we have to repeat      when he noticed a piece of paper by
everything to men.” The husband        the bed. The paper said, "It is 5:00
turned and asked, "What?"              AM. Wake up."

                          Quotes on the subject...
                                                                                        *with 499 minimum purchase. Valid with this ad only. Expires 11/30/08.
  “The most effective way to           “Love is blind but marriage is an
  remember your wife's birthday is     eye-opener.”
  to forget it once.”
                                       “Only two things are necessary to
  “God made man before woman to        keep one's wife happy. One is to
  give him time to think of an         let her think she is having her own
  answer for her first question.”      way, and the other is to let her
                                       have it.” - Lyndon B. Johnson

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                                                              double take
                                                              Cover story author Grace Lee Boggs suggests that movement for social
                                                              change will begin in our schools. The classroom pictured has already
                                                              seen quite a bit of movement and change. Can you find the 8
                                                              differences between the two “identical” photos?

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         C3: More able table. D2: Shelf esteem improves. D6: The tide turns.
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                                                              who am i ?
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                                                              to Good luck!

                                                                   One day, while at work in a coal mine, I happened to overhear two
                                                              miners talking about a great school for colored people somewhere in
                                                              Virginia, a school called Hampton. In the darkness of the mine I
                                                              noiselessly crept as close as I could to the two men who were talking. As
                                                              they went on describing the school it seemed to me that it must be the
                                                              greatest place on earth, and not even Heaven presented more attractions
                                                              for me at that time. After several more months in the coal mine and a
                                                              year and a half working in the home of the owner of the coal mine, I
                                                              started out for Hampton.
                                                                   By walking, begging rides both in wagons and in the cars, in some
                                                              way I reached the city of Richmond, about eighty-two miles from
                                                              Hampton. When I reached Richmond, tired, hungry and dirty, it was late
                                                              in the night. I had never been in a large city and this rather added to my
                                                              misery. I was completely out of money and being unused to city ways, I
                                                              did not know where to go. I must have walked the streets till after
                                                              midnight. At last I became so exhausted that I could walk no longer. I
                                                              was tired, I was hungry, I was everything but discouraged.
                                                                   I came upon a portion of a street where the board sidewalk was
                                                              considerably elevated. I waited for a few minutes, till I was sure no
                                                              passerby could see me, and then crept under the sidewalk and lay for
                                                              the night upon the ground, with my satchel of clothing for a pillow.
                                                              Nearly all night I could hear the tramp of feet over my head. Many
                                                              years after that the colored citizens of Richmond very kindly tendered a
                                                              reception at which there must have been two thousand people present.
                                                              This reception was held not far from the spot where I slept the first night
                                                              I spent in that city, and I must confess that my mind was more upon the
                                                              sidewalk that first gave me shelter than upon the reception, agreeable
                                                              and cordial as it was...Who am I?

             Expires 11/30/08.


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