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									                                1268 Penn Avenue                                                   Phone 610-374-4097
                              Wyomissing PA 19610                                                   Fax 610-372-8119

                              Autumn                      GET READY TO
                                                           BUNDLE UP!
                                                    Good Dental Hygiene and Your Overall Health

                                                                   We all know by now the importance of proper oral
                                                                   hygiene (OH), in keeping teeth and gums healthy, but
                                                                   did you know that good OH is essential to your heart
                                                                   as well? Poor OH causes periodontal disease, an in-
                                                    flammation and infection of the gums and tissues supporting teeth.
                                                    Periodontal disease starts silently with the buildup of dental
                                                    plaque, a sticky colorless film caused by bacteria. When allowed to
                                                    accumulate, plaque becomes noticeable and extends below the

                                                    gum line, attacking the tissue which keeps the teeth in place.
                                TO THE POINT!

                                                    Bleeding gums, loose teeth and bad breath can signal the begin-
                                                    ning of periodontal disease. This same bacteria which produce in-
                                                    fection in the mouth can get into the bloodstream causing a higher

                                                    incidence of coronary artery disease.
                                                          Studies have also uncovered a link between diabetes and
                                                    periodontal disease, which makes blood sugar levels
                                                    hard to control.
                                                           Pregnant women with periodontal disease are
                                                    seven times more likely to give birth to pre-term and
                                                    low birth weight babies.
                                                          Proper flossing and brushing and regular dental
                                                    checkups significantly reduce the risk of periodontal disease.

                                                                We know that some parents
                                                                are unhappy with us for re-
                                                                 minding their children to improve
                                                                 their oral hygiene. Good oral hy-
                                                                 giene isn’t just for looks. Our doc-
                                                                 tors and staff recommend regular
                                                                 brushing, flossing and using MI
                               Get to Know Us…      paste to keep teeth healthy. White marks
                               Contest News…        aren’t pretty. Decalcification and plaque are                           u
                               Future Fantastic     what happen when teeth aren’t cared for prop-
                                                    erly. Let us know if you need an oral hygiene          Who does
                               Finished Fantastic
                                                    refresher course, we will happily review              this Fantastic
                               What’s new…          brushing and flossing but it’s the patients’         Smile belong to?
                                                    responsibility to keep their teeth clean.                 See page 6
                                                                        July, August, September
                               SYDNEY LOBB!
                           I am a slim 72 1/2 lbs.
                          Sydney guessed exactly and won a        $100 HYGIENE CONTEST WINNERS!
                              gift certificate to Target!
                                                                   How well have you kept your teeth
                     SMILES IN MOTION:                                      and braces clean?
    WE PICK UP YOUR CHILD AT SCHOOL FOR                           If you score an “A” and no repairs are
    APPOINTMENTS! ASK US HOW! SERVING                             needed, you’ll earn a ticket which is
    BERKS COUNTY SCHOOLS AND COCALICO!                            entered into the drawing. Each
                                                                  month we draw one ticket.
                                                                  The winner receives a $100 gift card!
           FREE BRACES???
                                                                        July Winner
                                                                      Logan Hamilton

                 YOU COULD BE
                   A WINNER!
   Have you been seeing ROG magnets dis-
  played on car bumpers lately? You could be
    the lucky winner of free braces. Place an
    ROG magnet on your car. If your car is
   spotted by an ROG staff member, you will
       receive a $25 Target gift certificate.
   Of the twelve monthly winners, one lucky                           August Winner      Colby Geisinger
   family will be randomly chosen to receive                           Edwin Torres     September Winner
                  free treatment!

                            ROG MAGNET CONTEST

        July 2010 Winner:                 August 2010 Winner:                   September 2010 Winner:
    Chris tagged the Mowrers’            The Fries Family’s Pontiac      Ellen tagged Kathy MacDougall’s VW
at the baseball playoffs at Conrad        Montana was spotted by         at the new Cocalico Cat and Gingham
 Weiser East elementary school.           Kim in Sinking Spring.              Dog and Vet office in Denver.
Isabella Abrams
Frank Ackerman
                     Lauren Fox              Hunter Reeser                Sniffles,
                     Kayla Galloway          Justine Reppert
Danielle Altman
Alex Ames
                     Richie Garcia           Rachel Richards              Sneezes,
                     Derek Gerhart           Mateo Rivera
Evelin Arroyo        Laura Guinther          Nicholas Rothrock            Coughs…
Amanda Arters        Jennifer Guldin         Joseph Rozzi            School is in session and
Johan Baez           Derian Haas             Meredith Ryan           along with that health
Kiana Baldwin        Andrew Harris           Natalie Salata          issues
Benjamin Baldwin     Robert Heck             Sulema Sandoval         abound. If
Hunter Barnard       Lindsey Hecker          Lunisol Sandoval        your child
Gregory Becker       Nicholas Hope           Miranda Santiago        is in the
Kayla Beeman         Kendrick Hubbell        Philip Satz             contagious
Chad Behle           Alex Jablonski          Kyle Schaeffer          stage of an
                     Ethan Jenkins           Dylan Schreiner         illness,
                     Haley Keller            Jenna Schumacher        please be kind to your
                     Ben Kerkeslager         Tommy Shaffer           child, to other patients,
                     Benjamin Klein          Sabrina Shollenberger   and to our staff. Please
                     Tyler Lechner           Steven Sievers          reschedule your appoint-
                     Damian Lee              Clayton Siminski        ment.
                     Rachel Levan            Brodie Skrocki
Emily Bleiler        Sydney Lobb             Darling Soto
Morgan Boone         Timothy Lord            Kyra Spitko
Kelly Brennan        Anastasia Mammarella    Genevieve Starke
Chelsea Brennan      Austin Manmiller        Mya Stitzel             If you are unable to
Collin Brooks        Nicole Marabella        Emily Stratton
McCale Butto         Sophia Marshall         Ryan Swavely
                                                                     keep your appoint-
Jada Carwll          Julia Matos             Natalie Sweigart        ment, please call ahead
Adam Chaffe
Byanka Chavarria
                     Nick Matteo             Michael Tauber          to reschedule. Not
                     Kayla Matuszak          Daniel Tiffany
Colleen Ciabattoni   Madeline McDevitt       Ryan Tilney             cancelling will result
Michae Collins       Alex McRae              Guadalupe Tinoco        in a $45 missed ap-
Jesus Cortez         Emely Melo              Joseph Tirado
William DeMarco                                                      pointment charge.
                     Neve Miller             Tyrese Torres
Jocelyn Dialectos    Tyler Miller            Harrison Tuckman
Stergios Dikos       Katherine Minyettys     Jessica Turco
Sarah Dunn           Anmarie Misterkiewicz   Justin Ulrich
Kiara Eisenhower     Abigail Moore           Michaela Vallonio
Scott Eisenhower     Amanda Mountz           Jacob Waltz
Kameswari Emany      Che Murray              Izaak Weaver-Herrera
Howard Engel         Haley Myer              Madison Werner
Michael Faust        James Naylor            Julianna Whalen
Matthew Ferchalk     Aaron Nelson            Matthew Whitmoyer
Briaus Fernandez     Kelsey Nestro           Veronica Wilson
Janelle Ferrara      Stephanie Nye           Donald Wonnie
Vincent Filippini    Emily Opel              Christopher Wounderly   Please note that your
Precious Filsaime
Cody Fink
                     Megan Osika             Jing Zheng              insurance will NOT
                     Maureen Perez
Todd Fiucci          Rafael Pichardo                                 cover this cost.
Madison Flatt        Julianna Pierdomenico
William Fleming      Mike Pitorak
Ashley Foltz         Kylie Redcay
    Get to Know Us!
                                              Welcome Jessica Moss!
                                     Are you doing a double take lately? No you aren’t
                                  seeing double, ROG welcomes Jess, alias J.Mo or Lit-
                Farewell to       tleZ. Daughter of Carol, longtime Chair5 assistant, Jess
                   Emily          is a recent Oley Valley HS and Berks Tech grad, Jess
                 ROG bids fare-   will be working with Tracey doing sterilization, xrays,
                 well to Emily    and operatory duties. An avid Flyers fan, when Jess isn’t here or at
                 Bansner, who     the Wells Fargo Center, she’s shopping!
                 has gone back
                 to school at               Welcome Nicole Snyder!
                 Drexel Univer-   We have a new ROGette in our midst! We welcome
sity to earn her BSN, Bache-      Nicole, a Schuylkill Valley grad, who also earned a
lors in Nursing degree. We        Dental Assisting certification from Berks Career and
wish her best of luck. We miss    Tech. Nicole lives in Leesport and when not work-
you Em! Come back and visit.      ing, or planning her 2012 wedding to fiancé, Ryan,
visit.                            she loves scary movies, craft shows, and just relaxing with family.

                Reading Hospital 5k Charity Run
Samantha Adam           Rachel Garraway      Samantha Morris        Dylan Young
Saba Ali                Matthew Gibson       Samantha Moser         Abby Zeller
Marina Azzarello        Mallory Glasmyre     Adam Myers             Kendra Zemeski
Andy Berger             Brigitte Gleason     Tiffany Nickerson
Eileen Beyer            Gamaliel Gonzalez    Sarah O'Boyle
Julie Bihl              Matthew Goodman      Sean O'Brien
Brianne Blankenbiller   Peter Griffiths      Brian Ochs
Florentina Boicu        Brandon Grim         Yajaira Olivares              REMEMBER:
Rachel Boyson           Jeremy Grossnickle   Victoria Owens           *NO GUM!
Zachary Brown           Lauren Hafer         Karen Oxholm             *NO ICE CHEWING!
Destin Brown            Diamond Hancock      Catherine Oxholm
Vanessa Brown           John Harkins         Christopher Pachuilo     *NO HARD OR STICKY
Nathan Calder           Debbie Hartman       Drew Parese             CANDY!
Colleen Cameron         John Henninger       Ryan Paris               *NO PENCIL CHEW-
David Causa             Patrick Herbert      Lance Parmer            ING!
Courtney Christ         Tucker Hess          Megan Peifer
Sean Clark              Mallory Hiester      Nolan Perugini           *AVOID PIZZA
Tatianna Colon          Tim Hilbert          Wade Phillips           CRUST, BAGELS, HARD
William Conlin          Brent Himmelreich    Matthew Pietrobono       PRETZELS!
Amanda Coombes          Hali Hoch            Zachary Post
                                                                      *SLICE HARD FRUITS
Ryan Cordes             Laura Hritz          Abigail Pressimone
Robert Cordes           Paige Huber          Tyler Quillman          INTO THIN SLICES!
Katherine Correa        Ronald Jamison       Celia Reber              *COOK HARD VEGE-
Daniel Cortes           Gregory Jaworowski   Trish Reidenhour        TABLES FIRST!
Noah Creswell           Alejandra Jimenez    Dakota Reinert
Kristyn Cusmina         Natalie Keller       Abby Resnick
Griffin Daly            Emily Kemmerling     Dominic Reto
Jared Defrees           Gabriella Kerber     Alyssa Riccione
Nicholas Dennis         Cindy Kerkeslager    Alex Riegel
Alexa Derr              Jay Kerkeslager      Heather Roche
Marlene Diaz            Connor Killian       Izabella Rodgers
Emmanuel DiCasimirro    Jordan Kissinger     Iris Rosario
George Dietrich         Adam Kondraski       Jayne Roth
Jordan Dietrich         Shannon Kozik        Kathleen Rowan
Kirsten Dimovitz        Allison Krall        Emily Sadowski
Lisbeth Ditizio         Mackenzie Kroekel    Alyssa Sassaman
Mara Dominguez          Joshua Ku            McKenzie Shannon
Giuliana Doria          Aaron Kulaga         Taylor Smith
Julia Durinzi           John Kusnierz        Elizabeth Steffens         THERE WILL BE
                        Alyssa Lerch         Hannah Stertzel            A $25 CHARGE
                        Cathy Leymeister     Eleanor Surhoff
                        Margaret Lilley      Evan Thornton                    FOR
                        Sara Lincoln         Sierra Torres               HABITUALLY
                        Jose Luna            Nathaniel Tricarico
                        Laura McCanney       Thao Vu                        BROKEN
                        Paige McClatchie     Andrew Wasmuth               BRACKETS!
Sarah Ellington         Brandon Melones      Alexa Wawrzonek
Zachary Ernst           Frank Melvin         Shannon Weaver             Your insurance
Jay Fisher              Scott Merz           Brandi Welker              will NOT cover
Bailey Formicone        Steven Messner       Ashley Wenger
Sonya Foster            Jessica Miller       Courtney Wilkins
                                                                           this cost!
Nicholas Frey           Erika Miller         Caitlin Woytko
Jamie Fries             Jeff Missimer        Bethany Yoder
Levi Garcia             Jordan Moore         Molly Yoder
Evealease Garcia        Abigail Morelli      Olivia York
                 John Robert Harwell
                                                                                A lovely future
                                              Jones                             fantastic smile
                                                                                                        Th e

  Max Farrara, Facebook                                       ’ “C
                                                                   EK”    Haller’s
                                                         CE O
Fantastic Smile winner of a                        A PIE                 fantastic       Kyle, Olivia, and Batzini
       Flip Camera!                                                        smile

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