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                                                        Salesforce Integration –
                                                         It’s not just for IT any longer
   The CRM system contains one of the           integrate with back-office systems and other
most important databases in any enterprise.     applications soon surfaced— just as it had
But to effectively deliver that information     with traditional premise-based CRM               DATA LOADER CASE STUDY
when and where it’s needed, the CRM             systems. While Salesforce Administrators
system must integrate with back-office          could manage their CRM systems, they
systems and other applications. This requires   lacked the proper tools needed for
something more sophisticated than “swivel-      integration. They had to hire an outside         An international technical services
chair” integration where someone swivels        consultant to do the work, or it was back to     company wanted to boost the
back and forth from terminal to terminal to     the IT queue.
manually capture and enter information                                                           productivity of its remote offices
between systems.                                NOW INTEGRATION IS ON DEMAND                     and build deeper customer
   In the past, CRM systems were on-            Informatica has changed all of that.
premise and owned and managed by the IT         Leveraging 15 years of experience as the         relationships through Salesforce.
organization. Sales and Marketing users         leading independent data integration             The company needed to maintain
historically depended on IT to perform          market leader Informatica has developed
integration or make changes, writing custom     the industry’s first true SaaS integration       the existing level of integration
code and/or leveraging their EAI or ETL         offering that is extremely easy to use and       between a customer quote
enterprise integration platforms. This          cost-effective. Salesforce integration – it’s
demanded technical skill sets well beyond       not just for IT any longer.                      application and SalesLogix, while
the range of line-of-business users.               Informatica addresses the three critical      at the same time migrating to
Integration was hard, it was complicated        areas of Salesforce integration: importing
and, frustrating for Sales and Marketing        data into Salesforce, extracting data from       Salesforce—and they needed to
users, and it was time-consuming, placing       Salesforce, and bi-directionally synchronizing   complete the migration within a
their CRM projects in a perpetual IT queue.     Salesforce data. And as you see later, also
                                                the fourth critical area, data quality.          two-day window!
   Software as a Service (SaaS), and
Salesforce, came along and empowered
business users. These truly user-friendly       IMPORTING DATA INTO SALESFORCE
                                                Setting up a Salesforce CRM system is            The firm chose Informatica On
systems enabled Sales and Marketing to set
up, implement, operate, and administer their    relatively quick and straightforward. But        Demand Data Loader Service due
CRM systems with minimal help from IT.          getting all the existing account, contact, and
                                                                                                 to its superior database access
As business users began to scale up their       product information into the system may
CRM systems, however, the need to               not be as easy. Pulling data from a legacy       and automation features. Data
                                                                                                 Loader also removed the resource
                                                                                                 requirement for internal data
                                                                                                 synchronization with Salesforce.

                                                                                                 Following a six-week analysis and
                                                                                                 integration rollout, the company
                                                                                                 moved from SalesLogix to
                                                                                                 Salesforce within 48 hours. Data
                                                                                                 Loader enabled direct database
                                                                                                 access to synchronize account and
                                                                                                 contact data from SQL Server into
                                                                                                 Salesforce in a “set and forget”
                                                                                                 production environment.

The Informatica On Demand Data Loader Service provides a simple, yet powerful, visual
mapping tool to synchronize Salesforce data with back office databases and applications
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                                          CRM system, consolidating information            enterprise. What most Salesforce
                                          across various back-office systems and           administrators need is a simple, intuitive
    DATA REPLICATION                      databases, as well as a myriad of                way to replicate Salesforce data to import
                                          spreadsheets, mapping the data, the field        into the systems inside their firewall.
    CASE STUDY                            names, data types, and field lengths                Informatica’s Data Replication Service
                                          between the old system and the new               streamlines the often complex tasks of
                                          Salesforce system may seem overwhelming.         mapping Salesforce account, contact,
    A data security solutions company     Migration is something administrators only       opportunity, and lead data to the structures
                                          do once, and they need to get it right the       of SQL databases, file systems, or even
    wanted to create an on-demand
                                          first time. With the right tools and services,   Google Spreadsheets. Once mapped, the
    dashboard for sales information.      a properly executed data migration project       Data Replication Service automatically
                                          can make all the difference in the success       transfers Salesforce data to those back-
    The data needed to be reliable
                                          and adoption of the new CRM system.              office databases inside the firewall—a
    and available in a timely manner.        Informatica’s On Demand Data Loader           simple, set and forget approach to an
    The company wanted to avoid a         Service, a data migration and import tool,       oftentimes repetitive task. The Data
                                          streamlines complex mapping processes,           Replication Service frees business users
    solution that was difficult to run    decreasing the risk and minimizing the           from reliance on the IT organization to
    and configure or involved             errors inherent in data migration projects.      copy or archive Salesforce data.
                                          At the same time, the solution reduces the          The simple Web-based interface allows
    custom coding.                        costs of data migration projects by              users to transfer Salesforce data into a
                                          streamlining data discovery and information      local file or database for reporting,
                                          review, improving business-IT collaboration,     forecasting, and scorecarding; archive data,
    After considering available           and incorporating proven best practices. In      including custom objects and fields; and
    options, the company                  addition, direct integration with popular        back up data to comply with internal or
                                          SQL databases, file systems and Excel            regulatory requirements—all from their
    implemented the On Demand
                                          spreadsheets simplifies data importing from      Web browser. Users never have to worry
    Data Replication Service from         legacy corporate databases.                      whether their data was captured for archive
    Informatica. The service is              The Informatica Data Loader Service           and backup. Changes to the Salesforce
                                          makes it easy to map source and destination      schema are automatically detected and
    AppExchange-certified and             through a wizard-based visual interface.         incorporated, ensuring that information
    requires no hardware or software.     And existing maps from Salesforce Apex           is always up to date.
                                          Data Loader can be imported and reused              Business analysts and CRM
    It replicates data in both full and   accelerating time to results. It also has the    administrators can create as many separate
    CDC (changed data capture)            ability to apply expressions to the process,     replication groups as they want and run
                                          such as concatenating separate first and last    them on whatever schedule they prefer. For
    extract mode.                         name fields or separating city, state and zip    example, new customer orders can be
                                          codes into seprate fields, avoiding the need     replicated to the manufacturing system
                                          to massage data in Excel or another              hourly, new opportunities can be replicated
    The Informatica solution was able
                                          database before importing. See Migration         to the BI data warehouse every four hours,
    to replicate Salesforce data          case study sidebar.                              and the entire Salesforce database can be
                                                                                           archived daily.
    through the corporate firewall
                                          EXTRACTING DATA FROM SALESFORCE                     Because the Data Replication Service is
    with just a Web browser. A full       Managing Salesforce CRM data can be a            on demand, there is no software or
    copy of sales data was available      complex, labor- and time-intensive               hardware or cumbersome appliance to
                                          process, yet it’s a necessary effort because     install, maintain and manage, easing the
    within minutes of signing up for      that data drives the rest of the                 administrative burden by avoiding upgrade,
    the service and executive             organization. Whether transferring new           platform support, and compatibility issues.
                                          orders from Salesforce to Accounting or          New fields can be quickly and easily added
    dashboards were in full production    ERP systems, moving new opportunity              without reconfiguring the service, saving
    in less than one month of the start   data to the data warehouse for analysis, or      time and effort. Handling large data
                                          archiving Salesforce data for compliance         volumes can be reduced by limiting capture
    of the project.                       and security purposes, replicating               and transfer to changed records, further
                                          Salesforce data is crucial to the overall        easing administrative burdens. See Data
                                          success and adoption of Salesforce by the        Replication case study sidebar.
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SYNCHRONIZING SALESFORCE DATA                   Salesforce administrators. While most
Keeping Salesforce CRM data synchronized        organizations care about the quality of their
with the rest of the company’s business         data, CRM systems have been an inherent
                                                                                                DATA SYNCHRONIZATION
systems can be a complex process. Along         weak link in overall data quality partially
with managing a myriad of data, Salesforce      due to manual data entry, the constant          CASE STUDY
administrators typically must deal with         changing of data, and the wide variety of
multiple data formats and structures and        data import sources, formats, and content.
different system interfaces, while meeting          Duplicate leads, accounts, and contacts
the varying data needs of many different        waste valuable marketing and sales cycles       A large pharmaceutical firm
groups. It’s important that CRM data is         as sales reps may post activity data (calls,    wanted to drive down IT costs by
both consistent and timely across many          emails, etc) to independent duplicate
applications and systems. As CRM data           records. With data in two or more places,       moving its CRM system to a SaaS
drives the organization, getting new order      it’s easy to end up with inconsistent or        environment. Highly sensitive and
data to accounting or manufacturing is          conflicting data leading to costly mistakes
critical to a smooth operation. Keeping         or embarrassing errors. Incomplete records,     important medical data needed to
account data, such as names, addresses and      for example, a record with an email address
                                                                                                be migrated from a custom-built
key contacts in Salesforce synchronized with    and phone number but no mailing address,
a corporate master database is important to     become problematic when a lead becomes          J2EE application to Salesforce.
assure sales reps have the latest and most      a sale and the critical shipping or billing
accurate information at their fingertips.       address is missing when the record is           The firm searched for a solution
Equally important, external financial,          replicated to the accounting system.            that would allow a phased
business, and market data need to be            Inconsistent data, such as an improperly
imported and kept up to date to improve the     formatted part number, produce similar          integration, supported by known
overall performance of the sales team.          problems when later transferred to an ERP
                                                                                                technology now and Web services
   Informatica On Demand Data Loader            system for processing, further delaying
Service provides bidirectional                  order processing. Data Quality is a major       when they were ready.
synchronization between Salesforce              problem that often starts with the CRM
accounts, contacts, opportunities, and leads,   system and can lead to poor user adoption.
as well as custom fields, and back office       And quality issues don’t just impact the        The company chose a Data
databases and files through a simple, “set it   CRM system. Incomplete or inaccurate
and forget it” Web-based environment. The       data can proliferate like a virus throughout    Integration solution from
Data Loader Service syncs Salesforce            the enterprise once systems are integrated.     Informatica to migrate the highly
CRM data between databases and file                 Informatica has also developed an on-
systems, to do such things as import new        demand solution for data quality                customized and hard-to-maintain
sales leads or update shipping records,         assurance. The Informatica On Demand
assuring that critical business information     Data Quality Assessment Service for             legacy CRM data to Salesforce.
is consistent, accurate, and timely to          Salesforce minimizes the risk and costs of      Master data was then
guarantee business continuity.                  populating ERP, accounting, and other
   The Data Loader Service is easy to           business applications with inaccurate or        synchronized across Salesforce.
deploy, configure, and maintain. There is no    duplicate data. The Data Quality
software or hardware to install or support,     Assessment Service puts Salesforce
and the intuitive, drag-and-drop, Web-based     administrators and business analysts in         The project was completed on
interface and integration wizard are easy to    control of data quality processes. An
                                                                                                time and on budget, providing an
set up. Out-of-the-box database connectivity    informative and easy-to-use dashboard
eliminates the need for hand coding to          presents a complete picture of overall data     integration platform for sensitive
access or manipulate dataset records.           quality and an automated scheduler
Integration processes can be run nightly,       enables trend reporting to highlight            medical, patient, and employee
hourly, or down to the minute with the          problems as they occur so as to be              data that can be used across
built-in scheduler. See Data                    corrected quickly. Problem records are easy
Synchronization case study sidebar.             to identify, extract, cleanse and upload        applications as well as data
                                                back into the system. With no hardware
                                                                                                warehouse analytics.
BEFORE YOU MOVE IT—CLEAN IT UP                  or infrastructure to install, organizations
Next to data integration, data quality is       can focus on resolving data quality issues
typically the biggest problem area for          and not on system maintenance.
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    An insurance firm wanted to
    increase the productivity of its
    agents with the help of an on-
    demand CRM application. The firm
    needed a low-cost method of
    updating data from multiple
    systems into Salesforce from
    proprietary back office systems,
    sales lead systems, and others, and
    it had to have minimal impact on
    the firm’s IT group. It also needed
    to improve data quality and enrich     The Data Quality Assessment Dashboard displays metrics about Salesforce data such as
    data with Geocode information to       top issues and assessment scores, as well as ongoing trends.
    aid in sales call planning.

    The firm surveyed the market,
    selecting both the Informatica On         An intuitive dashboard, accessible             Data Loader, Data Replication, and Data
    Demand Data Loader Service and         anywhere through a Web-based browser,             Quality Assessment Services together into
                                           tracks quality metrics and quickly                the Informatica On Demand Data
    Data Quality Assessment Service
                                           identifies duplicate, incomplete, and             Integration Suite. Each Service in the Data
    for Salesforce. The combined           inconsistent records for extraction, cleansing,   Integration Suite operates independently to
    services provide common data           and updating. The dashboard lists top data        accomplish a particular set of tasks and
    synchronization routines across        issues in Lead, Opportunity, Contact, and         together they address every step from initial
                                           Account objects, and delivers trend analysis,     migration and data loading, replication and
    multiple disparate backend
                                           providing actionable proof and real-time          extraction, data quality assessment and
    systems and consolidates, cleanses,    validation of data issues within the Salesforce   cleansing to complete bi-directional
    and enriches all required data         database. The dashboard offers choice of          application synchronization.
    imported into the CRM system.          action to mitigate errors and can run                All of the Informatica On Demand
                                           automatically for ongoing monitoring to           Services are true web-based services offered
                                           measure, track, and sustain data quality          on a cost effective monthly subscription
    The Data Assessment Service            improvements over time. See Data Quality          basis, just like Salesforce. Free trial accounts
    identifies duplicate data, validates   case study sidebar.                               are available at
    address information, and checks                                                
    for completeness of data. The          DATA INTEGRATION SUITE                            Integration isn’t just for IT any longer.
                                           As the tasks described above occur in
    company is also able to enrich         virtually every Salesforce implementation,        Don Nanneman, Senior Director of Marketing,
    data with Geocoding information,       Informatica is now offering a complete            Informatica On Demand
    and assures data consistency           ‘suite’ of admin productivity tools to address
    through common data                    the complete data integration lifecycle. It’s     Learn how Informatica On Demand can help
                                           no longer necessary to use a PC based             your company address the complete data
    synchronization routines across
                                           import tool from one vendor, an on-premise        integration lifecycle.
    their backend systems.                 synchronization appliance from another
                                           vendor, and a separate data quality tool from     Visit: for
                                           yet another. Informatica has bundled its          more information.

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