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                      Quick Tips: The Cov Lett


       etters are critical sinc they can set you apart from many othe applying for
Cover le          c           ce       n                              ers      g
the sam position. If written well, they can clearly and conc
      me                               y                               al      u
                                                            cisely revea who you are
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and why you may be the bes hire for t   the company.

                         over Letter
Rule # 1: Always Send a Co         r.

      • A good co           can differentiate you from others. It can a
                over letter c                                                  NCE
                                                                      also ENHAN
      your resume.

Rule # 2: Get Per

      • Address your cover letter to a specific pe
                y                                                    ould be
                                                 erson. The person sho
      whoever is in charge o hiring fo the department tha you are interested in.
      w                    of         or                   at

                           extra work, but it clea
      • This might require e                                        mitment an
                                                 arly shows your comm        nd
      enthusiasm for the job Addressing the per            eir
                                                 rson by the name gets their

Rule # 3: One Page Only.

      • Be concise in your cover letter Get to the point. Ov
                 e                    r.                   verwriting will get the
                 tention, but not in a g
      person’s att                     good way.

                  erson who you are, w
      • Tell the pe                             on                 d
                                     what positio you are interested in, and with
      w                    nization, an why.
      what part of the organ          nd

                             xtract all unnecessary or superf
      • Perfect the letter. Ex                    y         fluous language. This will
      show that you give great attention to detail which a p
                 y                                                             will
                                                            potential employer w

Rule # 4: No Typ

      • Take the time to pro
                 t                                        ng.
                            oofread for grammar and spellin Perfect the letter.
      The cover le
      T                     ur                            u          fective
                 etter is you first chance to show that you are an eff
      co         tor.

Rule # 5: Use a Professiona Email Address
                P         al

      • Do: firstna        ame@carrie

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                          e                   d
                        The Cover Letter Cont.d

     • Don’t: par

     • A playful and fun em          ss       e
                           mail addres might be wonderful for you and your
      riends, but it can send the wron message to a pote
     fr                              ng       e        ential employer.

     should you say in a cover lett
What s        u                   ter?

                h                    with the co
     • Describe how you would fit in w                  e        man.
                                               ompany. Be a salesm

                e.       e           express your feelings Enthusia
     • Be sincere Don’t be afraid to e                   s.       asm and
                f                    et
     eagerness for the position can se you apart.

                a          sk
     • Don’t be afraid to as for an in          The worst that can happen is tha
                                      nterview. T                              at
                d                                an                 ou
     you are told “no,” but it could also create a opportunity for yo to meet a
                mployer fac to face.
     potential em          ce


               siastic in yo cover le
     • Be enthus           our      etter.

     • Make it memorable!

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