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									125 Honeysuckle Ct.
Greensboro, NC 27408

May 31, 2008

Mr. Nathan Johnson
Recruiting Coordinator
ABC Company
2613 First Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205

Dear Mr. Johnson:

As a recent graduate of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, I am
excited to begin a career in sales. I feel that my skills are a perfect match for the
Sales Representative position available at ABC Company. After attending a recruiting
event at my school and meeting with Nancy Schultz, a member of your sales team, I am
even more convinced that ABC Company is the place for me.

This past summer I participated in a sales training internship program at a large
pharmaceutical company where I gained first-hand sales experience, interacted daily with
clients and learned from other salespeople. I was involved in the entire sales process
from beginning to end, from gathering company knowledge to maintaining customer
satisfaction after a sale had been completed. With my strong people skills and ability to
understand the unique needs and concerns of each individual client, I increased sales by
7%. Furthermore, I expanded our customer database by 12% through reaching out to
new demographics and developing new selling strategies.

My previous experience and enthusiasm for sales would bring even more success to the
ABC Company. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and the
Sales Representative position, and I plan on calling you at the end of next week. Please
feel free to contact me if you have any questions before then. Thank you for your time
and consideration.


Anthony Turano

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