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									Valuing the Presence of the Military in Our Community
         Curtis B. Charles, B.Arch., S.M.Arch.S, PhD.
             Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,
                      Fayetteville State University

             The National HBCU/MI Conference
                February 2-4, 2009 Atlanta

                 BRAC Eleven Counties

The BRAC Regional Task Force represents eleven counties that are planning

and preparing for the significant impact on our communities due to the

changes that will occur from the BRAC 2005 actions and other growth at Ft.

Bragg and Pope AFB. Over the next five years Ft. Bragg will see additional

gains of over 20,000 military and civilian personnel and their families.

                                                                    BFAC RTF
   Ft. Bragg is growing to more than 73,000soldiers &

   Direct impact is over 25,500 active duty military,
    spouses, civilians and on post contractors moving
    to region

   Regional Population Growth
    ◦ Projecting 40,000 additional people by 2013
   19,200 jobs will be created as a result of
    growth at Fort Bragg
    ◦ 4,024 active-duty military jobs; 2,146 military
      civilian jobs; 1972 embedded contractor jobs;
      1,000 private defense contractors; PLUS

    ◦ An additional 11,044 jobs will be created in the
      local economy to support increased population
      and military spending
            Fayetteville State University BRAC Planning Committee
            Division of Academic Affairs
            Dr. Jon Young, Interim Provost & Vice Chancellor
            Dr. Curtis Charles, Committee Chairman

                                                       Academic Affairs        Special Assistant to       Chief of Staff
Military Education                                                                                                             FSU Subject Matter
                                FSU                    Cross-Curriculum          the Chancellor       and Vice Chancellor
 Dr. David Allen                                                                                                                    Experts
                          Outreach Centers              Representatives         Dr. Bertha Miller     Dr. Thomas Conway

                                                    Dr. Assad Tavakoli, Dean                                                   Dr. Adegoke Ademiluyi
                       Entrepreneurship Center         School Business &                                                               Chair,
                                                                                              Community & Government           Government & History
                       Dr. Mohammad Bhuyian                Economics
                         Endowed Professor                                                             Affairs
                                                                                               Emily Dickens, Director         Dr. Terri Moore-Brown
                                                    Dr. David Barlow, Dean                                                              Chair,
                            Idea Factory                College of Arts
                       Dr. Mohammad Bhuyian                                                                                         Social Work
                                                         and Sciences                         •Cumberland County
                         Endowed Professor
                                                                                              Workforce Development           Professor Ulysses Taylor
                                                    Dr. Leontye Lewis, Dean                   Board                                    Chair
                     Fayetteville Business Center     School of Education                                                           Accounting
                            Floyd Shorter                                                     •Cumberland County
                           Director/Lecturer                                                  Business Council (CCBC)
                                                    Dr. LaDelle Olion, Dean                                                      Dr. Bogdan Czejdo
                                                                                                                                Endowed Professor,
                                                        Graduate School                       •Fayetteville Business and
                     Small Business & Technology                                                                                 Computer Science
                                                                                              Professional League
                        Development Center
                                                        David Camps
                              (SBTDC)                                                                                              Dr. David Gray,
                                                     Sponsored Research
                             Greg Taylor                                                                                        Intelligence Studies/

                                                                                                                                Charles Fergusson
                                                                                                                               Contracts and Grants

                                                                                                                                  Dr. Sarah Frantz
                                                                                                                            English & Foreign Languages
   Economic and Social Impacts
   Workforce Impact/Employment Opportunities
   Regional Housing Assessment
   Infrastructure & Public Works
   Public Safety & Emergency Services
   Schools and Education Requirements
   Transportation (roads/rail/air)
   Medical, Health, and Social Services
   Hospitality Industry/Quality of Life
   Compatible Land Use & Sustainable Development
   Regional Engagement (Communication and Coordination)

  Develop innovative education and workforce training programs to meet requirements of emerging
  defense industry clusters

• FSU was awarded a $1.5 Contract to partner with
  the Army to offer an accredited Masters of Social
  Works @ Ft. Sam, Texas
• Intelligence Studies (Approval pending; Minor/Certificate in process)
• Homeland Security (Program, Minor, Certificate, in process)
• Environmental Studies (Program, Minor, Certificate, in process)
• International Studies (Program, Minor, Certificate, in process)
• Public Administration for Rural Communities
    (Program, Minor, Certificate, in process)

   Establishes a physical location and “focal point”
    for defense and security programs, education,
    workforce, regional planning and sustainability.

   Provides a “clearing house” for Defense &
    Homeland Security programs.
                                 NC Center for Defense Innovation
      “Homeland Security, Intelligence, Technology, Workforce, Sustainability”

FSU: Business Development;                 FTCC: Workforce/ i3D (8CCs)     All American Center for Workforce
R&D/D&HS                                                                   Innovation
                                           - i3D Virtual College Center
- Defense Intelligence, mgmt &                                             - Educational Programs
                                           - Virtual network with other
security programs
                                           CC’s & Universities             - HUB- FTCC: Community Colleges &
- Electron Probe Microscope                                                Universities
                                           - Enhanced Training and
- Idea & Innovation Center                 Simulation                      - Pipeline for Workforce
- Small Business Development               - Military related curriculum   - Defense Business Association
- Connections and linkages with            - Technology Connection
                                                                           Partnership for Defense Innovation
other universities
                                           - Military Business Center
                                                                           - Defense Security Technology
                                                                           - Federal Wireless Lab
                                                                           - Technology Connection
                                                                           - USASOC requirements

                                                                           Center for Regional Planning and
                                                                           - Sustainable Sandhills
                                                                           - Sustainable Fort Bragg ?
         *Photo of Biotech Center in RTP used as an illustration
                                                                           - Environment and regional planning
Fayetteville State University BRAC initiatives

   Electron Microprobe grant and installation (Dr. Singletary)
   Business intern program (Dr. Tavakoli)
   Entrepreneurship programs (Dr. Tavakoli)
   Proposed Homeland Security program/curriculum: (Dr. David Gray)
   Proposed Intelligence programs/curriculum: (Dr. David Gray)
   Current Department of Defense related projects: (Mr. David Camps)
   Government Relations (Emily Dickens)
   FSU Contact for Research Advisory Group: (Mr. David Camps)
   Regional Growth interests: (Dr. Charles)
   Agriculture and sustainable development initiatives: (Dr. Ademiluyi)
    ◦   Environmental sustainability conference
   Workforce Demonstration Program: (Dr. Charles)
   Social Resources Action Plan: Dr. Moore-Brown
    ◦   Department of Social Work
   Military Education on Base: (Dr. David Allen)

FSU and BRAC RTF have agreed to collaborate on the following initiatives:

   Collaborate with Dr. Singletary to promote the Electron Microprobe project,
    and seek additional funding.

   Collaborate with Dr. Tavakoli to develop business intern programs for FSU

   Collaborate with Dr. Tavakoli to develop Entrepreneurship programs for rural

   Collaborate with Drs. Ademiluyi and Gray in the development of a Homeland
    Security degree, or certificate program.

FSU and BRAC RTF have agreed to collaborate on the following initiatives:

   Collaborate with Drs. Ademiluyi and Gray to review and give input as it relates
    to the Intelligence Studies program.

   Collaborate with FSU to compete for Department of Defense related projects.

   Collaborate with Dr. Ademiluyi on agriculture and sustainable development

   Collaborate with Tavakoli, Jackson and Shorter to assess the Economic Impact
    of BRAC on Minority Communities in the 11 Member Counties.

   FSU would develop an index of the capabilities of all FSU faculty members and
    forward to the BRAC RTF leadership team.

      Modules –                               FSU Subject Matter Experts –
1.    K-12 education:                         Dianne White-Oyler, Leontye Lewis, Hicks
2.    Workforce and Higher Education:         Jon Young; Curtis Charles; David Allen
3.    Transportation:                         Adegoke Ademiluyi
4.    Information and communication:          Nick Ganesan
5.    Public safety and Emergency Services:   David Gray, Travis Bryant, David Allen
6.    Social Services and Child Care:         Terri Moore Brown, Gillis-Olion
7.    Health Care:                            Phyllis Morgan; Daniel Okunbor; Akbar Aghajanian
8.    Hospitality:                            Ben Minter, Assad Tavakoli, Emily Dickens,
9.    Cultural Resources:                     Harmon Watson, Thomas Hennessey
10.   Land Use Planning:                      Adegoke Ademiluyi
11.   Housing:                                Emily Dickens, Rudolph S. Cardenas, Curtis Charles
12.   Water, Wastewater, & Solid Waste:       Rudolph S. Cardenas
13.   Marketing/Communications:               Jeff Womble, Marsha McLean, Khalid Dubas, Mohammad Bhuiyan
14.   Municipality Partnership:               Wendy Jones, Emily Dickens, David Camps, Ngozi Kamalu,
15.   Economic Development:                   Floyd Shorter, Assad Tavakoli, Inder Nijhawan, Greg Taylor, Maurice
16.   Environment:                            Juan Ma, Daniel Okunbor, Jay Blauser
17.   Leadership Development:                 Thomas Conway, Curtis Charles, Angela Revels-Bullard
18.   Community Development:                  Richard Ellis, Emily Dickens, Floyd Shorter, Melissa Barlow

           What started as a BRAC project has
        developed into a “Community Development
FSUis partnering with BRAC Stakeholders to provide education resources to all military personnel and
dependents to assure their global competitiveness, personal and professional success in the 21st century.

FSUis partnering with BRAC Stakeholders to increase access to higher education for underserved regions,
underrepresented populations, and non-traditional students.

FSUis partnering with BRAC Stakeholders to be more actively involved in solving North Carolina’s public
education (K-12) challenges.

FSU is partnering with BRAC Stakeholders to be more actively engaged in enhancing the economic
transformation and community development of the 11 counties and the state as a whole.

FSU is partnering with BRAC Stakeholders to improve the health and wellness of all people in the 11
counties and the state as a whole.

FSU   is partnering with BRAC Stakeholders to address the state’s energy and environmental challenges.

FSU is partnering with BRAC Stakeholders to become more directly engaged with and connected to the
people of North Carolina, its regions, and our state as a whole through University outreach initiatives.
Valuing the Presence of the Military in Our Community
         Curtis B. Charles, B.Arch., S.M.Arch.S, PhD.
             Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,
                      Fayetteville State University



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